Big Brother 18 Popularity Poll – Week 5

Our latest poll is open for this week’s Big Brother 18 popularity contest where you can vote up your favorite Houseguests of the 2016 season. We’ve also got our results from last week so we can make our new rise and fall comparison of the summer.

Big Brother 18 Memory Wall featuring Houseguests

Once again all sixteen Houseguests are here in the poll so even if they’ve been voted out you can still support your favorite.

With all the craziness of Monday’s secret room twist I lost track of our popularity poll so we’re a few days late, but we won’t miss this week’s installment of votes.

We’ve got our results from the last round of voting and sure enough James continues to dominate the top position by a huge lead. He has more than twice the votes of the next Houseguest, Nicole, with Frank just a few percentage points behind her. Da’Vonne is the lowest ranked Vet in fifth place with Paulie in between her and the rest of the returning players.

The new top ranked true newbie, a non-returning player or a sibling with built-in fan base, is Paul and he’s in seventh after climbing one spot. Speaking of climbs the biggest improvements this week go to Tiffany with a four-rank raise, Glenn with three-rank increase, and Frank climbing two spots.

The biggest drops this round go to Corey and Zakiyah who fell three spots each along with Bronte who dropped two spots to be second to last.

And just as James has been the top spot each week the bottom scraper yet again is Jozea who has kept his last place streak alive all season long. Impressive.

Check out the full results below and then be sure to scroll down, vote for your current favorite Houseguest, and then scroll a little more to tell us why you made that pick.

Big Brother 18 Popularity Poll Results – Wk 4 vs Wk 3:

  1. James Huling – 32.1% (+0)
  2. Nicole Franzel – 15.1% (+0)
  3. Frank Eudy – 12.8% (+2)
  4. Paulie Calafiore – 8.6% (-1)
  5. Da’Vonne Rogers – 7.0% (-1)
  6. Tiffany Rousso – 6.1% (+4)
  7. Paul Abrahamian – 4.5% (+1)
  8. Natalie Negrotti – 3.4% (+1)
  9. Corey Brooks – 3.3% (-3)
  10. Zakiyah Everette – 3.2% (-3)
  11. Michelle Meyer – 1.3% (+0)
  12. Glenn Garcia – 0.56% (+3)
  13. Bridgette Dunning – 0.55% (-1)
  14. Victor Arroyo – 0.53% (+0)
  15. Bronte D’Acquisto – 0.28% (-2)
  16. Jozea Flores – 0.13% (+0)

Vote here to support your favorite Houseguest for Week 5 of Big Brother 18.



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  1. OK folks, I just had this thought. Just bear with it and then see what you think.

    What if EVERYONE had the round trip ticket in the envelopes? Think about it, no matter who would have been sent home this week would be guaranteed to come back. There still could be a double eviction and two people could leave next week since there is only 8 weeks left in this season. First one going home, then the second one to jury with NO CHANCE of a returning juror. Just a thought and it may be out there but EXPECT THE UNEXPECTED.

    • I thought about that too!
      Production really want Frank ewww to stay

    • That definitely sounds possible.
      Was there ever clarification on how long the twist would last? I know that they had a certain amount of time to find it, but are they going to just keep opening envelopes until the roundtrip is found?

      • 4 weeks. But them talking about ripping open their envelopes is crazy. There is trips, cash, special powers. That would be crazy. I heard they were number and I wonder if production told frank what envelope # to pick. Hmmm.

      • They said it was good only for the next 4 weeks so, the next 4 evictions which means if that is true, nobody can be evicted for the next 4 weeks! Looks like an impossibility to me! Why would they do that?

      • From what I understand, there is only one round trip ticket. The rest are one way tickets. Once the round trip ticket is revealed then the rest should become null and void. I didn’t hear anything about other prize’s but I have been wrong before.

    • More believable if no one has the round trip ticket. Production will just tell Julie who they want back in and she’ll say SURPRISE!! you won your way back in!!!. That’s if she doesn’t show us when she opens it. Maybe she will have the ticket with her and switch.

      • Yah I seriously doubt all of them are round trip. Paulie already said if Frank comes back on Thursday they should all open theirs to confirm no funny business.

      • But that is just Paulie being paranoid. If there are other prize’s then they will lose out on those and I doubt any of the HG’s would be willing to void a chance for a prize if there are any.

    • If that is the case then, nobody would be evicted for the next 4 weeks! Highly unlikely. More than likely, Frank is going to be evicted.
      He has a very slim chance of getting that Boomerang Ticket if at all!

      • I think he was saying that everyone had it and only the first evicted would get to use it.

      • I forgot to say that after whomever comes back the rest of the tickets would be void. But I get what you are saying.

    • Sorry but no. I usually agree with you but I am really having a hard time watching Victor on BBAD. First he wears that dumb animal hat, then last night his hair is in pigtails! Just can’t handle it. Then there is Paul who seems to talk game 24/7. The guy just never seems to shut up.

  2. Day is pulling the strings just like her season. I wish everyone would compare notes on her lying a$$. She is either sleeping or running her mouth and stirring up the pot. Same game as last time. Did none of them watch her antics and remember that if her lips moving she’s lying.

    • Most people are aware actually. There are just bigger targets at this exact moment. I believe Paulie’s hit list over the next 4 weeks is Bridgette, Da’Vonne, Nicole, and either Victor or Natalie. I’m assuming either Day or Nic goes next week. Just depends who’s in power because both of those girls are gunning for each other big time.

    • Everyone is lying in that house!! How is she different from Nicole, Corey, Paulie, James and Paul??? Should she just sit back, say nothing and expect to win the game? Isn’t BB about lying and backstabbing???

      • I wish she could have put her personal emotions aside and really rally and team up w/the opposite side and look who is the head honcho and go after Paulie. Once Paulie goes the others will fall.

      • So do I Tee, because at the beginning of the season she was doing so well and had such a great social game but then she started hating Frank and wanted to break up the vets.
        I can’t believe Paulie is even believing her lies now. I haven’t caught up on Jokers so I don’t know the state of the house today.
        No doubt by now Frank will be staying and Bridgette will sing her swan song to Julie tonight.

      • I have to agree. I would love to see her go but she knows what she is doing but it will bite her

  3. Laughing. James laying on Paul bed and says smells like bo. Come to think of it, I’ve never seen the guy shower.

    • I’m not sure. The only one’s I can recall off hand is #1 is Bridgette, #10 is Paulie, and I think #6 is Frank. I may be wrong about Frank’s though.

    • If you flashback to just after feeds came back from Secret room everyone was holding their envelopes and talking about them. Go back to Monday around 6-7pm pst I think.

      • Well I don’t have the feeds so I was hoping someone remembered.
        I think the #8 envelope is the winner.

      • On one of the poster clues in the BB house the Spanish #8 was on one of them- ocho isn’t it?
        Plus 8 is supposed to be a very lucky number along with 7.

      • Somebody mentioned that one of the clues translated is 8 rivers.. Ocho Rios They thought maybe that #8 ticket is winner best I can find out is Bridgett has 1 Nicole has 12 Frank has 6 Paulie has 10 and Victor has 4 not sure about the rest

  4. Who are these Nicole fans ? Her gameplay sucks, her personality sucks, her showmance sucks. I really want to know what people are liking her over.

  5. Paul acts like he’s running the show, then he talks to Frank, or Brigette, then he runs to everybody like a little kid, and lies through his teeth. I wish one of those people would tell him the only reason he is still in the house is because he is the easiest one to get out!
    The reason he hates Frank so much is because, Frank knows he is full of it , and Frank dosen’t like his stupid catch phrase. Hey Paul I can’t wait for the END-SHIP of your game.

  6. I should probably vote Frank but I’m voting Bridgette because of Michelle/Paul’s treatment to her. (i don’t really even like her that much lol) Bridgette is basically the new Tiffany in terms of getting trashed on

    • Brigitte doesn’t socialize with these people. She spends most of the time smeared and trashing others with Frank.

      • Bridgette definitely is horrible at the game because she lets Frank control her LOL but idk, I just wanted to vote a different way this time. This’ll likely be the only time I vote Bridgette ever

    • I’m voting Frank, he came to play BB and he played it. He was the highlight of BB, if not for him we would of seen another show of the Walking Dead behind Paulie.

  7. James at the top of the Poll? I voted for him as favorite player last time, but come on, this season he stinks!

  8. Nicole at the top. Why? Along with Zakhya, Brigitte and Paul, she is one of the most annoying people in that house.

      • lol. I only see her touchy feely, never any reciprocation from Corey. I wonder why?

      • I have made that assumption since the beginning of this season. It is not just his mannerism, but the way he loves Victor rubbing him down and he loved getting really up close and personal with Frank and Paulie. Not so much anymore since they are both busy with their whiny girls. If this turns out to be a fact, I will feel so bad for Nicole. She is already heartbroken after Hayden dumped her.

  9. Sigh. Even though he’s shot himself in his own foot, (as well as the feet of his allies), my favorite is still Frank. I have a lot of respect for how hard he plays, and how hard he tries to remain loyal.

  10. Funny, Natalie on the feeds this morning picking stuff off the floor, and picks someones kleenex off the floor, and says disgusting somebody’s boogers are all over it, and she says she will have nightmares about it, but she dosen’t wash her hands after carefully picking it up?

    • According to Jokers she washed her hands like 5 times during and after cleaning.

    • Unlike Z whom I’ve never even seen showering. Natalie is always washing her hands or showering and that’s on BBAD.

  11. Sexual harassment
    Houseguest Frank Eudy was criticized by some for his actions regarding some female houseguests including Da’Vonne Rogers, Zakiyah Everette, Natalie Negrotti, Nicole Franzel, and Michelle Meyer. Eudy believed many of his remarks were jokes that were taken the wrong way by his house mates. Rogers complained to many house guests and never actually attempted to ask Eudy to stop. It also be noted that Eudy convinced Head of Household Bridgette Dunning to target Tiffany Rousso under the guise of game related reasons including similarities to her sister Vanessa who played last season; when the actual reason was that Rousso told Eudy his behavior was unacceptable

  12. 2:03pm HOH James and Natalie
    Natalie says Paul told Bridgette that Frank is campaigning.
    James – is Bridgette mad
    Natalie – she cried said I feel so alone
    James- that is what people are trying to tell her.. damn, Frank’s in this game for himself, he was using her
    Natalie – He was using her to get ahead.. he’s fine with throwing her under the bus
    James says Frank was using Bridgette as strategy
    Natalie – You give me good advice he gives her advice that makes her a target
    James – Next week should be real easy as long as Bridgette doesn’t win.. If Bridgette doesn’t win we have another week of coolness.
    Natalie – I’m going to try and win

    Natalie doesn’t think Nicole will try and win
    James says Da is going to try and win. James says Bridgette is going up along with whoever the house wants.
    If Da wins she’ll put up BRidgette and maybe someone she secretly doesn’t like. (Nicole)
    Natalie is scared to be going up as a pawn.
    James assures her she is safe.
    James – when I go missing.. I’m talking game. I’m in a room with people… (lol)

    James says she needs to keep her social game up and be good with everyone in the house in case he gets out and she has to fend for herself.
    Natalie – am I liked
    James – You’re a playful bubbly person

    Natalie – Nicole is playing Dirty and Corey does whatever Nicole does
    Natalie – I think theres an all girls alliance and I’m not in it.. I think there is

    James tells her Victor or Paul will be the general pawns.

    • Nicole has more of a game then Da! I am so over Da…..I am over Nicole also, but she seems to be playing more, and she isn’t as much of a bully!

  13. A little off topic, but where do they find these idiots. Turkey smells like it died at the original thanksgiving, no problem we eat it anyway. loFl

  14. I really don’t favor any of these guys. I haven’t had a favorite player since BB 16 and that was Derrick.

  15. Just missed my first episode of BB. In the beginning, I was not a Frank nor Tiffany fan. I kinda was favoring Paulie and Day believe it or not. I have had ultimate disgust for Paul right from the start and that continues. The game is now just crown a king, do what he says, let him/her have the money, and I’ll go to jury and screw while I earn a paycheck to party. I started favoring Frank and Tiffany because of their efforts to play the game. And, that is now over. I have no interest in watching a woman change a tampon and then stick her hands in the chip bag and a man that doesn’t shower or ever change his clothes. I wonder if these are the only people who applied to be on this show?? Anyway, my opinion!

    • Nope. Over 50K people apply to be on BB every year. Either online, or in-person at auditions. Despite the large turnout, CBS always fills the house with mostly recruits.

      • Well, I wished that they would do a super fan season filled with 4 (18-27); 4 (28-37); 4 (38-47); 4 (48-57). If it’s teams, put 1 from each age group with each team. Then, pick out 4 of the season’s winners and put 1 with each group. Whoever wins HOH can only save one person for safety but, not from their group. Whoever is chosen for safety cannot be chosen again. Then they all compete for Veto. Whoever wins veto can choose to use it for whoever is on the block including their selves or elect to keep that veto win for 1 save from eviction later in the game. If, however, they choose to hold onto to the veto, they are not eligible to play in the veto until it’s been used. Then, have RK comp. Whoever wins gets to secretly nominate who can’t play in the next HOH. If you tell you are the RK winner, then you will not be able to play in the veto comp because sometimes HG choose to throw the HOH. Just a thought. Lol!

      • 18 is too young. You have to be 21. Why not over 60 years old? Are you discriminating too? hehehe

  16. Wow..Paul and Paulie were feeling so threatened by Frank, it was sad. How are you going to get mad at someone for PLAYING the game? I can’t even believe what babies, they acted like. I personally hope (but seriously doubt) Frank stays and turns the house upside down!

      • Ding… on. Paul makes me sick. Can’t say I ever liked him. From the very beginning w Jozea thought they had it in the bag. Hahahaha

      • look where is placed on the memory would tell great story to ian and derek both won in the area!

  17. You know how we as fans all want them to make a big move inside the house?? Well why don’t we make a big move outside the house and vote Glen for America’s favorite player? I’m finding it hard to enjoy this season. Seems like everyone is real whiney and extremely catty. Just a thought

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