‘Big Brother 18’: Paul Sees Final Four Showmances Closing In

Paul and Victor are starting to come to terms that it looks like they’ll be split up this week on Big Brother 18 and that’s left Paul with no choice but to start planning around that issue. Last night he sat down to open up about what he sees ahead.

Paul Abrahamian plans around obstacles on BB18

We caught a late, late night camtalk session with Paul as he described the imminent dangers and the long term troubles he expects to face with the remaining Houseguests.

Flashback to 3:57 AM BBT as Paul settles in to the lounge for some strategy talk.

Paul opens with the awareness that if Victor goes this week then he’ll be trapped with two showmances plus Michelle who he considers to be “literally useless.” He sums Michelle up as “can’t win comps, isn’t loyal, loose lips, destructive. Can’t do anything with Michelle. So just cross her out of the equation.”

Michelle is doing so-so in this position, but she’s had a messy game for sure. Making matters even worse for Paul is that she wants him out. Yes, Michelle wants Paul out to leave herself with two showmances. Yikes. Considering Paul and Victor wanted to keep Michelle for their F3, where at least she’d have a shot at winning her way to F2, this week didn’t go as well for her as it could.

Paul says that at this point his best bet is to try and keep Michelle there for his F2, so at least he thinks he has an option and she’s part of that long term plan. He might want to tell her that at some point before she gets the chance to send him out.

“So it’s pretty much me against four and that sucks,” says Paul. He expects to go up on the Block against Michelle if the showmances win HoH and it’ll be him versus three of the four showmance members in this next HoH. Well, him versus those three plus whatever happens with this returning Juror. If Paul gets Victor back that’d be huge for his game and will pretty much wipe out this week plus the added bonus of them having one less competitor in the HoH comp thanks to Michelle’s Co-HoH.

Paul is expecting this next Care Package to be a major player in the game. He thinks the last one will be a game changer since they’ve been building each week, but actually we know it’ll be pretty mild and more of a prize for someone else with the $5K giveaway. But Paul is so set on this being big that he thinks it could be an HoH takeover and he’s considering not trying to win HoH in hopes that’s what the ACP is and he wins it. Double yikes. That’s a huge risk and one we know won’t pay off.

Looking past this eviction, which Paul again suggests is most likely the end of Victor, he knows he needs to get this showmances split up. “That leaves me with better odds for the following week,” says Paul regarding knocking out either James, Natalie, Corey, or Nicole. Even then he says it will be tough and he hopes for a possible rewind week or even a returning Juror with the chance of Vic coming back.

Aside from that Paul knows the other HGs are likely going to gang up against him and then he’s last chance will be to win another Veto. Without possibly Victor winning this upcoming Jury Battle Back and a power shift against the showmances I do think Paul will end up having to win out. He has a strong win record and the HGs know he’s persuasive. I doubt they’ll want to risk keeping him around even if it’d help break up the showmances, something apparently only Michelle might be interested in doing at this point.

Yep, Paul’s in a rough spot. Do you think things will turn in his favor this week or was his game over once Natalie decided to flip on the F5 and go for him and Victor this week? What could be Paul’s best path through the weeks ahead?



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  1. I hate to keep repeating this, but James and Nicole are cheating. See the thread on that, including document proof that they are breaking rules.

    No more advancing the game without fixing this collusion issue for real. Those two need to be expelled. Now.

    • At the very least BB needs to make an announcement on what really was said. Vs the spin Nic/James are trying to downplay

      • An announcement will NEVER happen, nor will any punishment. The reason BB made such a big deal about James and Nic making their big retraction on camera was for their own liability. They covered their own butts from someone crying “foul” by making them say it out loud and with everyone around. Just a hand slap is all there will be.

      • I think you may have just summoned a demon with whatever it is you wrote, Cyril ?

      • Then this game has fallen into disrepute and I have to really truly start thinking about if I’m going to continue following it. If I just wanted to be entertained by a bunch of BS I have plenty of other options that are of much higher quality than BB.

      • If this game “has fallen into disrepute” over promises to share winnings or other cash/gift payoffs, it did it back as far as BB10 when April tried to bribe Dan – and probably before that.

      • That also has been discussed to death in the other thread on this subject. Please, go read it for more detail.

      • I’m wondering how they’re going to handle the bribe ACP next week. Aren’t you just a tad curious too?

      • Vanessa done the same thing last year and I don’t think they even warned her! But I would be saying anything to win think about it and realize you would probably use it as a strategy too!

      • It is an unenforceable promise which is nothing! I remember an asian guy in Survivor who made a deal with a black guy named Dreamz that if he won the next immunity, he will hand it over to the asian guy. That was the deal and the asian guy gave the truck he won to Dreamz and he did not honor his promise!
        What I have not seen is someone promise their jury vote considering everyone winds up in jury now. That would be quite a bargain chip but, unenforceable as well!

      • But there was no ‘hard slap’ bc they way Nic//James explained it was not what they were doing. Ie. nice gifts vs the Winner is going to give the other 3 of us $10 k each

    • There has been plenty of houseguests in the past who bribed other houseguests. Vanessa, Dr. Will, Boogie. James and Nicole aren’t the first ones.

      • This is not the same. and it’s been discussed to death in the thread on this subject. Please, go read it.

      • It is the EXACT same. Those houseguests broke the same rule in the same way as Nicole and James. I’m beginning to think you are just a huge victor and Paul fan and no logic is entering your brain…

      • It is the same but BB has not properly addressed it at any time which may be why HGs continue to break this rule.

        I don’t think it matters much in the game but rules are rules. Enforce them so the fans have no reason to question the integrity of the game.

      • It is the same. Just like returning players have often had pre existing plans to team up. That is the danger of mixing vets with news. Tough luck.

      • The only one discussing it to death is you and to be quite honest, I am sick and tired of hearing about it. Let it go, nothing will be done to either one of them.

    • Then they need to evict paulie because he lied on his application to get on bb.

    • There was talk of collusion but, no actual cheating. It may have been suggested by the producer herself to create drama. How can there be cheating when the producer shut it down? Remember too if there was cheating, Big Brother would be charged by the authorities! There is already a precedent previously on another game show which is why there are rules. LIke Big Brother lawyers will allow them to be charged by the government for cheating? And why would James and Nicole talk about colluding with all the cameras on them and audio to boot? If you are a crook and trying to commit a crime, will you record it on camera? That would be utterly dumb.
      The only rational explanation is Big Brother suggested to James and Nicole to talk about collusion to create controversy! They got what they wanted based on the reaction of viewers.

      • Ummm.. There is an article on this very website that has the exact time stamps of exactly when they did it. And then I came along and provided a link to the actual big brother contract and rules where you, yourself, can read paragraph 43 on pages 14-15 with your own eyes.

        You’re speculating, I’m stating a fact that has already been proven. The only question on the table is what is CBS going to do about it? A slap on the wrist is not enough. What will the house guests who are victims of this do when they find out about it after the”game” ends and they learn that they never actually had a chance at the half a million from the gate? You can bet your bippy there’s going to be lawsuits. A simple disclaimer statement is not going to change that.

        Please, go to that article and read it for yourself. I’m not responsible for your remaining uninformed if you don’t.

        The fact is, it happened, it’s well-documented, the rules absolutely have been broken, it has been pointed out on a silver platter for all to see, exactly where it is stayed in their own contract text, and it’s all very very obvious that there is a very serious collusion and disrepute issue on the table that is still not completely resolved, if you simply go look at the record. :)

      • You are talking about the house guests doing this on their own which nobody really knows if the producers put them up to it. If that is the case, how can you convict anyone based on an act that they did on inducement by the producer? Whether they have a contract and what that contract states would be irrelevant if the producer put them to it! Why would anyone purposely put themselves at risk in front of TV viewers where everything they say is recorded! If the producer induced them to say these things and a lawsuit is filed, do you honestly think it would stand in court or Big Brother itself gets sued and pays big bucks? Their contract is irrelevant to the discussion of the producers put them up to say it! Maybe, that is the reason that Big Brother is not making a fuss over it!
        Here is one more simple example why there was no cheating. If I planned to rob a bank and bought a gun, mask, car and drew plans but, then, thought better of it and decide to scrap it, was there a crime committed? For there to be a crime there has to be action!
        In this case, if Big Brother allowed Nicole and James to continue talking about collusion and did not stop it then, there would be cheating and even Big Brother would be liable! The fact that Big Brother put a stop to the talk means there is no action!

      • NO! FFS please stop it. Go to the article and read it. The timestamps that give more than enough to prove this are given. Go into the feeds yourself and look.

      • Not disputing what James and Nicole said. That is irrelevant to the discussion! The contracts are irrelevant to the discussion. Here is an actual court case already decided! Dave Hester vs A & E and the judge ruled that producer, A & E had creative license to do as they please! Big Brother can do as they please because there is already a precedent decision to back it up! Don’t agree with what Big Brother is doing, too bad! They have carte blanche authority to do as they please under the term “creative license”.
        Why do you think Big Brother is putting up all these twists at their whim? And if James and Nicole violated their contracts per you allegation, what is stopping Big Brother from enforcing it? More likely, they are zipping it because they induced the talk between Nicole and James so, cannot wipe their hands clean! In Season 8, Jen ate even when she was a have not and got one extra penalty vote.

      • Court? People lie on this show much or ever? Precedent for lie and deciet for stated intention and opposite action taken? Lil bit. “Mister Huling, did you offer to buy gifts or give cash?” “Yes”. “Why did you say these things?”. “I was lying to manipulate. No money changed hands. No gifts were given.”. Case dismissed/not guilty/ no damages awarded, not even in civil court. Some butthurt report forms filled out in angry red crayon? Maybe. But i take it the ACP $5000.** bribe money is not illegal? Bottom line, this is show business. Reality shows, i feel, are guidlined, to some degree, and the producers can bestow money upon anybody they choose. Any doubt that advertizers on this site are ecstatic over this controversy? Page views equal addvertisements seen equals revenue from advertisers. This is Business. Show. Business. Is there a custom butthurt report form for bb superfans?

      • They talked about it they didn’t do it. Which by the way numerous other houseguest on several seasons have done the same thing.

      • If there is no action then, all it is, is pure talk. Talk does not mean anything. I can promise like 100 people to give them $1 million a piece knowing full well I do not have $100 million to give so, can anyone hold me to that promise? No, they can’t because there is no way that the promise can ever be fulfilled! It is an impossibility!

      • I agree. People don’t like someone and since there not a target for eviction they feel like maybe they should be kicked out.

      • You’re clearly not caught up on the whole story and all of the evidence. Even talking about it is actually in violation of rule number 43 of big brother. Please, every time you post without reading that other thread and its entirety you are only hanging yourself more and more.

      • Exactly. They briefly talked about gifts to the F4. And liked production made them say they’re not doing it. People are making such a big deal about this. How many times in past seasons they’ve talked about buying each other gifts if they win.

      • It wasn’t brief. There was more than one conversation spread out over a long period of time.

      • I think your desperation for your favorite player(s) is showing. This stuff has been going for 18 seasons.

      • I agree with everything that you have said. You have brought up several facts and examples to LOGICALLY back it up. At this point, you are wasting your breath trying to have an educated debate with someone who is clearly obsessed with this utterly ridiculous “scandal”.

    • I agree with you Now occupy. They came into game and have ratted out every move that was made.

    • So many people have talked about giving each other some kind of a gift. People are making too big of deal about this. And winners have bought gifts for some of the houseguests before. No big deal. They’ve let it happen several times before on other seasons.

      • It wasn’t some kind of gift. They were talking actual dollar amounts. Please, go back and read the proof that is posted.

    • Oh please…every single season someone trues this Vanessa, Amanda, Rachel etc. They shut it down…..I seriously doubt they would have went through with it.

      • The proof of this has already been posted. Timestamps and flashback links and even the Big Brother contract and rules itself. This time, the corruption has been legitimately exposed. The only question now is what is CBS going to do about it?

    • Its surprising that James and Nicole would not know the rules – or maybe they did. It seems to me BB has been lax about punishment for violations of this rule and perhaps that’s why HGs seem to “forget” it every season.

      Last year when Vanessa was making promises nothing happened.

      In any case, it won’t make a difference. Who would trust James anyway? Twice he made deals in front of the house and broke his deal immediately afterward. This season he has broken deals with Paulie, Frank, Paul and Vic. If Nicole trusts James to pay her money, good luck with that.

    • This is not the first time on BB. There is no way they expel the players. They called them into the DR and told them they can’t do that. That’s all you get.

      Plus, expelling them from the game would be stupid. What game would you have left then?

      I mean, what is it you are so worried about? The integrity of an already non random game? Contestants are not paid the same, are given all sorts of enticements to do various actions, and production has heavy influence in the results, by choosing comps, choosing twists and when and how they are revealed, and by their interaction with players in the DR.

      • The only houseguest who got expelled that I can remember was that girl who threw her mic pak. Besides damaging property or physical violence what else can they be expelled for?

      • They have had 3 players expelled. 2 for violence and 1 for damaging equipment and not following rules.

      • They’re worried about the “integrity” of a game based on lies and deceit. Makes sense right?

  2. As far as I can see, Michelle is in a glorious position.
    No one is coming after her, yeah she will probably be a pawn but never the target.
    At this point, the couples will want to target the other couples so she’s a vote that is needed. All Michelle has to do is just follow the leader.

    Of course she is volatile so she will probably shoot herself in the foot, but if I was in her position, i would have made this work to my advantage.

    • I agree. Michelle is in the best position in the house right now. I think she is locked for final 4. It would be in Michelle’s best interest if Victor was evicted. That way she can have Paul all to herself. Paul is a big target and like he said will take her to the final 2. (Which Michelle should NOT do because she will lose).

      Also Michelle would be between two showmances. I know that people want to make it seem bad like she will go out in 5th place but that is false. With two showmances in the picture, James/Natalie and Nicole/Corey will be forced to go after each other instead of Michelle. Michelle is alone in this game and there would still be another couple in the game. Also James and Natalie said that they want to take Michelle to the final 3. I think Michelle is in a great spot right now.

      • Michelle would be better off if Da or Bridgette does not come back into the game.
        Paulie as well because he might target her (though i see him targetting James and Natalie more)

        Michelle has to do like Vanessa and split up the couples, chances are Corey will win the HOH, then she will have to get rid of James, then hope Nicole doesnt win the HOH so she could get rid of Corey…it will be difficult especially considering the POV but she just needs to ride wherever the power goes.

      • I think that no matter what Michelle would be in a good spot. Day and Bridgette will be willing to work with Michelle. If Paulie comes back than I can see him targeting James and Paul.

      • They all need to be sent to jury because all they did was float behind James and Nicole. These two were close friends before the game. James even told this to Natalie. They made up a plan to rat everyones game out.

      • I remember him and Natalie agreeing that they want to keep Michelle until final 3. I think it happened earlier in the week but I can’t remember the exact day. I know that James has said that he rather have the showmances in the F4 but whatever Natalie wants, than James will agree too. He has been playing that type of game.

      • She wouldn’t “lose” at F2, she’d wind up $50,000 richer than every other HG except Paul.

      • The likelihood of Michelle winning anyways is pretty slim. The only person she would maybe have a chance against would be Nicole…. I would say Corey but people might actually give him credit for his competition wins in the DE. Michelle could have a good argument but she would have to present it well, no matter how hard she tries she would still lose against Paul, Victor or Nat

      • And, James Michelee is in the me because as Paul said, she is useless and nobody wants to waste an HOH on her.

    • Glorious and safe are not the same.

      She is at high risk of a silver medal game even if she stays safe, and once there are fewer targets she will be in pawn territory, which with her personality is dangerous.

      • Nothing to sneeze at, but that is her upside. Victoria had a shot at 50k.

        Name another player right now who has next to no shot at the top prize? From an expected value standpoint, Michelle may well be in last.

    • Have to disagree with ya a bit. It all depends on which showmance is in power. If it’s Nicole and Corey, they will definitely evict Meech if given the chance since Nicole is afraid of Meech coming after her. I can see her lasting longer with Nat and James, but no way with Nicole and Corey.

    • James has told Natalie privately that he wants Nic & Corey as the other half of their F4. Natalie wants Michelle to stick around though. So not everyone wants to keep Michelle and she may quickly become disposable.

      One (of *many*) possibility: Paul & Michelle go up after James wins HoH. Paul wins Veto. Nicole goes up. Does James tie-break against Nicole or Michelle?

      • That’s a good question. Because he’d definitely want Michelle out but would he go against Natalie to save Nicole?

      • That’s a great question. Of course, she told him that she would never vote him out. But she is so adamant about her females not being evicted. I don’t know if that is just on her watch or anytime. I’d love to see her have to choose, also. Personally and sadly, I think she would keep James.

      • I know..but I think she should keep big Meech. For her game, I hope she can see the potential of having all girls F2 of this season, and still have a choice of going with James F2…I just can’t force myself to root for Nic/Corey. I just can’t….Christmas Corey?.omg!

      • I would bet the holidays won’t be “The Most Wonderful Time of the Year” for Dingus, more like a “Blue Christmas”. Doofus will be off to “Deck the Halls” without Dingus . She’ll have a lot of “Silent Night”s and “Baby It’s Cold Outside ” that time of year in Ubly. Fa La La La La La La La La.

      • I really can’t get behind Doofus and Dingus in the F2 either. Doofus winning would almost be a travesty of Andy Herron proportions.

    • Disagree. Big Meech is in a pretty poor position here, because she is not in the middle of two showmances fighting for power, but the 5th wheel in a f4 showmance alliance. Also, Paul is still around and Meech could always be the backup if James and Corey come down with the couples having full control of the vote. She should have opted for sticking with a team that would have to ignore her as they targeted each other. No guarantee James and Nicole break this alliance and even offered bribes to make it to the end of the game with each other.

    • Disagree, She lost an ally. Vic/Paul plan to take her to F3., and she can also swing back to James/Nat. Now she lost that option.This move benefited the showmances that remained untouched, which is James’s goal from the start….if you’re cheering for the showmances, this is good for them….but not for Meech

  3. I think Paul needs to mend fences with Michelle and promise to take her to F2, in essence creating a third showmance. It’s a longshot without the help of Vic, but it might hold off the inevitable for a week or so. However – any of the women winning the battle back could easily change the course dramatically.

    • It would be interesting. I initially assumed if Da’Vonne came back, she would work with James… but if Paul told her about the showmances, I think Day, Michelle and Paul would become a threesome.
      Bridgette would likely work with Natalie and Zakiyah would follow Nicole I think

      • I don’t think Bridgette would want to work with two showmances, especially, if I remember correctly, she mended fences with Paul. She wanted to nominate Nicorey during her first HOH, I think if she returns and gets power (two big ifs), she’ll target them again. I think she’s smart enough to realize Nat would choose James over her.

      • But she and Natalie have been best friends since day one, it would take a really good argument from Paul to break those two up!

      • She and Natalie grew pretty far apart after Brid got close to Frank then Nat got close to James. Especially since Bridg went to jury. I think she’ll realize that Nat will pick James over her.

    • If anyone but Paulie comes back those showmances are screwed. Victor will be out for blood. Da and Bridgette will be after Nicole. Z is a wildcard but she can’t win a comp to save her life so..

  4. Poor Paul :-( Really, really hoping V gets back in. And really hoping Paul does win HOH and/or Veto. Fingers crossed for him.

  5. Really feel bad for Paul and blame production 100%

    They allowed two veterans – Nicole and James – to bribe other HG. They knew they were wrong.

    Although production is prolly focusing on Paulie to come back, Vic truly deserves to win this season

  6. Odd and not funny that the four involved in the cheating “bribe” scandal are still in the game and currently supporting each other. That speaks volumes.

    • Shocked that production has allowed James and Nicole to continue in the game after their bribe scandal.

      So disappointed at how production has provided an unequal playing field.

      • I’ve been watching Big Brother since season one but I have to tell you this one takes the cake. The support that they are getting from production is astonishing and at a whole new level.

      • But, remember that DR told Nat to team up with NIcorey, so why should this be surprising?

    • It sure does :(

      I cannot believe that production has so little value attached to the reputation of their own franchise.

  7. Well, Paul wouldn’t be in this position if he didn’t turn his back on Paulie. So really he has no one to blame but himself.
    I find it hilarious that just last week Paul and Victor were so confident and arrogant and talking so much crap… and now they’re screwed. Crazy how quickly things can change in the BB house.

  8. While I’m not crazy about Paul I would prefer to see him and Vic, if he can battle back, in the final four rather than the showmances. The only person in the showmances who has come close to playing the game is Nat. James, Nicole and Corey are just dead weight. And Michelle is this year’s Victoria. Like them or not I prefer to see game players make it to the end.

      • These 2 showmances are really bad and have ruined BB for me this year. Why did players let them get so far? Usually showmances are first to go.

      • I’ve always thought BB has been rigged to a certain degree, but this year they aren’t keeping a very good lid on it and FINALLY people are starting to realize that production does have a hand in what goes on with BB, I have no doubt about it. I think it started around season 7 and slowly became more steady. Now this is just my theory, don’t know if it is true, but come on BB, let the show be a little more organic, pretty please?

      • Oh God, I hope the others realize that those 2 need to be gone sooner rather than later, but I doubt people are going to catch on. Too bad. I really wish for a Paul win, but I doubt it will happen after this info has come out. Here is to hoping! :)

      • Agreed. This is their only chance to stop this. There’s no way to cover this mess up past Thursday and once the other houseguests figure out the degree of the scandal there may even be lawsuits.

        This is bad. I’ve seen some truly terrible stuff over the years watching Big Brother but this takes the cake. I’ve never seen production so deeply involved before. I saw them cosign things and I saw them look the other way and I’ve even seen them influence things but I’ve never seen them drive this the way that they now do.

      • This has scandal written all over it if CBS doesn’t decide to act.

        Production has to do something because the longer they allow James and Nicole to continue the more viewers they will lose.

        People are going to stop watching Big Brother.

      • Yes, this year it is so clear as a bell that they can practically do nothing about it without admitting to it. They are in quite a pickle I would imagine. But then again so is Nicole. She’s into Corey’s pickle.

  9. Paul and Vic – we are rooting for you.

    Production has purposely tried to sabotage every ones but the two showmance couples games.

    America sees that now

    • Couldn’t agree more, although I do think production will gear the competition to come back to be in favor of Vic. Production likes Vic, and Paulie is in the doghouse with the BB powers and I’m not sure any of the others can compete against those 2. We know Da will NEVER win a competition and Bridge, who knows….

  10. Right now: cam4, James and Nicole are in the kitchen trying to cover their tracks by trying to talk fake game. It’s clearly obvious that they are lying badly and that they are terrible actors. Nicole can’t lie to save her life. James’ arrogance is also showing. I’m wondering if production manufactured this conversation as a way to create distance between what they really are up to? I am so disgusted right now. I’m truly truly disgusted.

  11. OMG, I hope Paul realizes he does need to fight for the HOH this week at some point otherwise, buh bye Paul, which I don’t want to see. Meech is such a useless player, she eats and sleeps. I really thought this girl would bring some drama and good game playing later on in the game. She is a complete dud!

      • I truly hope so. And do you have any links to any information on that because I would be fascinated to read it? Please send, if you would be so kind, to my name at gmail thank you.

  12. An open message to Big Brother production:

    Please stop rigging the show in favor of the two showmances. Michelle, Natalie, Nicole and Vic have all admitted how production influences their moves on the show.

    Also do the right thing and eliminate both James and Nicole for bribing the HG. Not only is this unfair but unethical.

    You are misleading all of us if you continue to rig this show.

    • Then let’s hope they fix this James and Nicole scandal for the Integrity of the game so that we can continue to love it.

      They got caught. There is no sweeping this under the rug. Production needs to do the right thing. And they need to do it fast before any more game moves are made.

      • Last night I started reading about past BB Hg’s with similar violations. I came to the conclusion that penalty’s are discretionary. They’re not gonna kick them out. Those kind of talk are against BB rule and they’re being discouraged not to do, but no Hg’s has ever been penalized for that offense…I’m sure Productions have their reasons as to why it’s not a big of a deal…

    • One can only hope. I did just watch in the last hour James and Nicole alone in the kitchen having a very fake conversation that was obviously acting and not actual game.

  13. Which is worse….production interference with suggestions on who players should align with or James and Nicole wanting to share a little if they win?

    • When those things COMBINE, such as in this case (if production does nothing more about it)

  14. I am so disappointed with this season..I always look forward every June to the start of my favorite show..since season one. This year, IMO, has failed on just about every level to keep my interest. Bad players, returning players, no really good twists…way too many showmances this season…Nicole and Corey have just been way over the top with their sexual frolicking and terrible game play. This season has not been a good one. I am looking forward to BB19…it can’t be any worse that 18.

    • OMG Never ever say something “can’t be worse” because it will be. I agree it is the worst season I have seen. However I do think Victor and Paul have caught on a bit to the game. Hopefully Vic gets back in and they can pull out a F2.

  15. Paul needs to stick with Michelle even if she is horrible at comps. She is a vote in the house for whomever he may want out. She also will be alone and fighting against the 4.
    Paul should not throw any comps from now on or he will get evicted. Winning is not always guaranteed regardless of how good of a competitor he is. Victor didn’t win Veto and he is better than Paul. I will vote for Paul to win the package and hopefully Victor comes back in the house.
    Maybe I should vote for Victor again just in case he comes back.

  16. I understand that everyone is telling lies in the house, but for those who watch the feeds. who lies the most? I think Nicole, but I could be wrong. I do know that Paul always has some bs story about his life outside the house that sounds fake, but I mean who lies about the game.

      • i think they have a better chance at being kicked off for the disgusting living conditions they put that house in before poor vic got sick of it and cleaned up after all those grown people…

      • Ya’ll don’t remember when BB locked the HG outside to clean the house. Did it at least twice in one season.

    • Why does it matter who lies the most? This is Big Brother. The only thing that matters is if you get caught.

      If you want to watch people smile and say nothing of substance for the cameras, watch a Miss America pageant.

      • You are a jackass. If you don’t understand my comments, then move on. I don’t watch feeds so not sure who is lying to whom the most or at all, so I asked.

      • Whoa, I think you took my comment the wrong way. I didn’t mean any offense at all!

        Things like this are why I try and remind people that we are all Big Brother fans in the end and we have way more in common than we might think. There is absolutely no reason to treat people like this. If you disagree with someone, talk it out respectfully or move on. There is no reason for name-calling and getting personal.

        I really didn’t mean any offense in my comment and I’m having trouble understanding how you may have interpreted it to warrant a reaction like that. I made an attempt to try and understand you. Not sure why you lashed out like that.

      • lol. It sounded like you were telling me who cares?
        I just don’t really get what’s going on since I only watch BBAD and don’t know if Paul is the real liar or Nicole and James are making up stories about him to make him look bad. I know they all lie, but i think Nicole has been making up a bunch of made up stories to James to throw Paul under the bus.

      • Even if I was telling you “who cares” (which isn’t what I was saying at all) that doesn’t explain why you decided to react like that

        This is the appropriate forum to discuss things related to Big Brother. We share ideas here. That’s what this page is for. There’s no need to treat people badly just because they disagree with you on such trivial matters as a summer game show.

      • I didn’t. If you disagree with my opinion is one thing, but if I think that you are insulting me or being rude I will attack. I express my opinion about the show and that’s the only reason that I come here.

      • I guess you’re going to take the low road, then. I tried. Enjoy the rest of the season.

  17. I’m giving all my vote to Paul this week. It’s not much, but anything that can help him stay in the game..

  18. I hope Paul wins next HOH, Vic comes back, and there’s an immediate DE which Vic then wins. That would break up the showmances, and put the odds in he and Paul’s favor

  19. If it comes down to the 2 showmances, BB will be unwatchable.

    Michelle came on this show for the food. She certainly did not come on the show with a strategy. America gave her a huge advantage in the game this week by making her co-HoH and she tanked her game with it.

  20. I hope Vic won’t win Jury Battle Back… -_- I like him, but it’s boring that he keeps winning comps. I hope it will be a dart comp.

  21. james is such a moron he deserves what’s coming with the jurybb, just read what he said on joker’s

      • i just can’t with james and nicole anymore…he is a moron and she is at summer camp…i just can’t,
        if production was gonna manipulate things they could have chosen something better and maybe even within the very rules they set…i love bb since the first show and i will continue to watch it but i still say this msg board is far more entertaining…shout out to all of you and some seriously funny comments!!!! :D

      • He bet a buffalo nickel that there wasn’t going to be a jury buy back and another DE. He is so sure neither are going to happen he won’t even discuss the possibility.

    • The way things have happened, I am happy about the buyback. I wasn’t at first, but I want Victor back and to see the look on James’s face when he finds out.

  22. According to other news outlets. Fans are outraged over the preferential treatment Nicole and James are getting:

    There is a wide interpretation among fans about what took place during the conversations that Nicole Franzel and James Huling had in the BB18 house. As previously mentioned in these Big Brother 18 spoilers, no form of bribery is allowed in the game, so they really violated an important rule. When the producers stepped in, they also didn’t force Nicole or James to admit that they had promised $10,000 in cash. Are Nicole and James getting preferential treatment because they are fan favorites?

  23. More fan backlash over production’s preferential treatment of Nicole and James:

    The mere fact that it appears the production team has given Nicole and James no real punishments for these actions isn’t sitting well with many fans of the show who have been paying close attention to the CBS live feeds. Every season, there are conspiracy theories about production trying to gear the show toward a specific outcome. With two fan favorites agreeing to bribe other houseguests with money and not receiving a significant punishment in the BB18 house has only fanned those flames. An easy solution could have been to make each a “Have Not” for the rest of summer 2016.

  24. This will be my last season watching bb. From Nicole and james deal, diary room coaching, showmances being the theme, the boring feeds, the battlebacks, I can’t stand it. Hoping Paul and vic all the way. I feel sorry for anyone only watching the edited garbage on tv.

    • Sadly we must agree with all your points. CBS needs to redeem itself before they lose all their fans. Julie Chen prolly isn’t aware of all this and she needs to know.

      This show also represents her.

    • Every season someone always says that, but the new cast is presented and we want to watch the first episode. Then we get hooked again.

      • I promise, I’m good on my word, I will not be watching again. I can’t. Forever I’ll just assume it’s manipulated and will not be able to consciously enjoy. Once paul and vic are out, I’m done.

      • Paul still has a big chance to win, and who knows if Paulie or Z don’t come back who the returning juror will choose to work with. Hopefully Victor comes back.

      • Every season, someone says that and they don’t watch anymore, too. I think this season was the end all for many. Who can blame them after this debacle? The fun of this season was BBN and the people I so enjoy posting with. The show, a waste of my time and very annoying. I will not be surprised if there are quite a few people who have been true and faithful fans of this show that will not be watching next season. BB is not the show it use to be that made me a fan for so long.

      • I definitely know I made the mistake of coming back. I started out not watching because of my move. Then out of wanting to veg, watched one and was back. I still have boxes to unpack

      • The reality shows started with a great idea, but found that viewers liked conflict and inappropriate behavior. Today they are mostly scripted to ensure that happens, so there isn’t much reality.
        Every season I am annoyed by the last people that are left, and this time is no different. For the second time, I am happy that the biggest threat which was Paulie is no longer in the house, but since it is scripted let see if he comes back to make for a better season ending.
        I hope not.

  25. this site and its comment section have become hard to read. the same people complain about the same thing over and over and over and over and over for days. i won’t give up on the show but i guess i will give up on this site. it’s not fun anymore.

    • I hate to say it, but I agree with you. Looking to move on to reddit for the summer season. Surprisingly, they are less inclined to go for the personal attacks and keep things about the game/strategy as opposed to talking trash about the houseguests and each other.

      Don’t get me wrong, I think Matthew and crew do a fantastic job, but so many of the commenters are under this mob mentality around here and the way they attack the houseguests and anyone that disagrees with them is kind of disturbing. The second the object of their aggression leaves the house they then set their sights on a new person to torment. They complain about the season from the beginning to end and then start it all back up in a year.

      It’s funny, some of these commenters rush over with their torches and their pitchforks the second they hear a houseguest say something personal about another person in the house, but some of the things I have read from these very same commenters are so nasty, so hurtful, so terrible, so mean-spirited… it’s hypocrisy at its best. They expect the houseguests to be 100% perfect boyscouts or Mother Theresa’s under a camera 24/7, while they themselves can sit back and say disgusting things back to them.

      I’m definitely not saying everyone is like this, though. You know who you are. And I’m by no means perfect. But the personal attacks around here are just so draining. I totally get what you mean.

      • I had to cut back on the commenting because of the same thing. People talk about HGs being horrible people and then make disgusting comments about them. The difference is these people are playing a game while they are saying terrible things about HGs’ character as if they know them personally.

  26. Paul will be fine. If Victor can win three comps to get back into the house, what’s one more. Vic will be back and either him or Paul will get ACP because Corey’s a lump on a log that no one enjoys watching

  27. Whatever couple goes to the final (and it probably will happen), and they take Meech, she will get “Victoria’d”, so she can float through the rest of the game. Everyone left knows she can’t win any comp, she is the slow turtle to take to the final 3, then evict her.

  28. Watching Paul beg America to help them is so sad, you poor little marter. I didn’t like him week one/two, then he changed things up and was tolerable for a few weeks. The old arrogant, narcissistic Paul is back and true colors are shining through! Yuck!

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