‘Big Brother 18’ Live Feeds: Nicole Reveals Real F2 Plans

Nicole has spent the past week coordinating plans with Paul to get to the Big Brother 18 F2, but those plans might not be for the both of them anymore after what we’ve been hearing with possible spoilers in Nicole’s whispers tonight on the Feeds.

Nicole tries to look herself in the mirror

After days of Nicole courting Paul’s Friendship it looks like the party is over. I’ll admit the whole thing never made much sense as Paul was hellbent on blocking James from F2 because he didn’t like him, but Nicole saying she’d rather “beat the best to be the best”? Well, it seemed fishy for a reason.

Flashback on your Live Feeds to 5:30 PM BBT 9/20 Cams 1/2 (get the Free Trial now).

Nicole is alone in the Lounge as Paul has just been called to DR, likely for his comment about a side bet for how their F2 Jury votes will turn out. She was busy telling him how much he’ll beat her by while he disagreed. So what comes next shouldn’t be a surprise.

“Oh my gosh, this is going to get hard. Crap, I don’t know. What do I do? See, it’s like I would have taken my ride or die. Absolutely. I would have taken Corey no matter what,” says Nicole before going on to count votes. She’s going through the Jury for if she’s sitting next to James, not Paul. She counts off Corey, Paulie, and Victor as her first three votes “for sure.” Paul returns and her counting ends.

Jump forward to 6:06 PM BBT as Nicole sits alone in her corner bed spot. She whispers that she can’t beat Paul, doesn’t have a chance sitting next to him, and even she would want to vote for him. Nicole also whispers that she wants to keep “him as unprepared as possible.” Presumably here she means James so he doesn’t prepare a speech as he hasn’t done so yet. This fits with why she’s been dodging him so heavy all week when he’s tried to ask her about getting to the end together.

Move forward a few more minutes to around 6:12 PM BBT to hear Nicole whisper, “He knows I’m not taking him. He’s not dumb. I don’t think he’d take me so I don’t know why I’m feeling guilty.” She says this just after Paul has walked through the room. This also wouldn’t make sense for her to be referencing James since he won’t be playing in R3 and doesn’t have the chance to not take her to F2 anymore.

So there we go. Paul has to win his way out with a fourth straight comp win or he’ll most likely be cut a step shy of the F2. Should he win then I do expect him to still take Nicole as he has no idea she’s making these plans. If Nicole wins instead, then I expect her to flip on her F2 deal with Paul and take James instead. Betraying deals is what she’s been doing all season and she must know it so it’s strange that she can’t figure out the “snake” comments, but it’s also her much smarter move here. I don’t think she can beat Paul, but if he’s bitter this could be a problem.

Later on, around 6:50 PM BBT, Nicole is counting votes again for her being up against James. She says she’ll need Victor and Paul’s votes to beat James. Victor was mad at her for the betrayal, but he was also getting over it by the time he left. I wouldn’t be surprised if he was still willing to vote for her. Then considering how much Paul dislikes James’s game I wonder if he’d have such a hard time voting for James that she’d still get his vote.

What do you think of Nicole’s latest strategy sessions? Is she just doing this for the cameras or is she really planning to flip on Paul and take James instead? It seems like she speaks louder when she says things like not knowing what to do than when she’s actually discussing taking James.

Do you want Nicole to pull off that R3 win and cut Paul and what do you think he’d do if that happens? Would she still have his vote? Share your thoughts below as we get ready for Wednesday night’s season finale of Big Brother 18!

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      • We won’t have to see her finalizing any decisions like this since Paul’s going to beat her in Round 3 and without him even knowing what her plans are, he’ll take her anyway to F2, but he’ll beat her in a 5-4 jury vote! hahahahaha That’s what I think will happen. So pfffft to Nicole and her selfish ways! :-)

    • I tolerated Nicole for this entire season. She has been flipping on people, and doing what she needed to do to get to the final 2. That being said, she has played a sloppier version of Andy’s game and that’s not a compliment. Everyone hated Andy for the way he played, did he deserve the win? Yes. Does Nicole against James? Yes. Does she against Paul? Hell no. For some reason I think Nicole would end up beating Paul in f2, I don’t know if I’m the insane or the sane one at this point but I’ve been counting all week and Nicole wins in any scenario at this point. At this stage though, I cannot stand Nicole. In two or three years I’ll look back and say okay, she played a good game and she deserved the win she got. But as of now I absolutely, unequivocally, undoubtedly hate Nicole.

      • Nicole was lucky because she played in a season with more invalidly trusting people than any season ever before. They took every word each other said as scripture, and Nicole did as well, she just stabbed all of them in the back in the end. The thing that bothers me is that she is taking ZERO accountability for her actions. If I played the game Nicole played I would tout to the jury that I had made all of them trust me and then stabbed them in the back, all while lying in a bed with my showmance for 90 straight days. It’s like how Jordan played a great game in BB11 when you look over the moves she made to get to where she got, but when one actually watches the season they’d realize she did none of those things for strategic reasons whatsoever. That’s why Jordan isn’t considered a good player. Nicole has played a great game looking back but she has not been able to take any accountability for what she’s done. She was lucky in the same way Derrick was lucky, he played on a season with people who didn’t know what they were doing at all, she played her second season on a season with people who had no ability to tell if others were lying or not.

  1. Insanity.
    I think Nicole will be taking James, so she is just giving the BB producers some footage to use tomorrow.
    Paul winning is the best scenario, but will they let him fairly win.

  2. Paul needs to win the last comp to ensure he has a chance. He should know by now that he can’t trust the snake.

  3. I can’t say I’m too happy with this but, this is a good move for Nicole. No way would she defeat Paul in a F2 scenario so this is her best move for her game and if she does it, kudos. I would much rather see Paul win, but Nicole winning would be decent I suppose. If James wins this season I will probably put this as the worst ending of all time LOL

      • I know but, James will get monies either way. Chances are good he has already won AFP and that $25,000 prize with his legions of fans voting and now, he will luck out and win another $50,000 2nd prize for not doing anything at all!

      • You are wrong Richie. He did a lot of bad for his game things, like dry humping on Natalie for days on end and pranks that ruined his game with Vic & Paul. Paul is the kind of verbal abuser that would really give James the business outside of the house.

      • I don’t think he’s getting it this year. His game sucked and he was boring as all hell this year. I really think AFP is going to Vic

  4. honestly i’ve been team nicole this entire game. paul and victor we’re my other picks if she didn’t make it. these past few days with her and paul teaming up has made me so happy because paul DEFINITELY deserves one of those spots in the F2 more than james. i will be soo upset if she takes james over paul. james even told her that he would win against her. she is being so naive thinking that paul and victor would vote for her after another betrayal. victor is obviously all about loyalty. i wish she weren’t so delusional. team nicole or not i’m praying for paul to win that final hoh so he can ensure his spot. he deserves it!

    • I used to think James was laying low so he could make it this far but now I think he is out of shape. He would have never walked on himself at this point. I think Nic taking James at this point (if she wins final HOH) is the smartest move she could make. Who deserves to win, blah blah blah, That ship sailed. But if Nic takes Paul shes asking for $50 Grand over $500 Grand IMO

      • i think her chance against paul is slim mainly based off of their speech preparations, but votes wise she loses to james because he is more liked by the girls in the jury house. at least some of the girls dislike paul as well so she would stand more of a chance against paul. i don’t know. man paul must just be that good because he has convinced ME that it’s 50/50 with the two of them there together. I just don’t see her having paul or vics vote either. who knows, though. she’ll probs change her mind 10 more times before the finale haha

    • I think Paul would ultimately be understanding and concede that it’s a game and she played to win.

      • No no no at this late in the game Paul will be pissed over getting screwed not only out of 500k but second place 50k with no cooling off period. No chance Snacole gets his vote IMO

      • I think Paul would hate her for the rest of his life like he said, and that this would be a wake up call for him regarding the real world…

      • Amen! The real world isn’t like his mommy’s big house were he gets catered to his every whim and they tolerate his harsh tongue because he is their pampered son.

  5. While this is a good move for Nicole, she better pray that she can beat and evict Paul in R3, and the jury calms down and considers her gameplay the best. But the way I see it, if Nicole does win R3, and takes James, James will win, since he’s got Natalie, Bridgette, Michelle, Da’Vonne*probably, and either Paul and/or Victor. But if Paul wins R3, he wins the game.

    • Really don’t think Paul or Victor would vote for James, Paul has already said that he thought James’ play this season sucked and I think Vic will agree. Also, think Da’ will admire Nic’s game play and vote for her. IMO Nic beats James 6-3

    • Nicole would win over James easily. I think she will still get the votes. Victor will vote for Nicole. Paul probably will come around and still vote for Nicole because she played the better game than James. If Nicole takes Paul, then, she loses to Paul! This is for $500,000 and can change her life for the better!

    • Momma Braid said in the Jury House that Nicole has her respect so that vote is in her corner

  6. I’ve been saying this all day as I’ve been watching these segments go down on the feeds today…

    If she pulls this off, wins Round 3 and ditches Paul to take James, then there should be no doubt in anybody’s mind who deserves to win this season.

  7. I can’t stand Nicole because of the way she flip-flops. FOR GOD’S SAKE, EVICT THE PERSON WHO HAS NO BUSINESS IN F3, LET ALONE F2.

    • That’s exactly who she should take, the person who has no business being there. Remember the goal is to win 500k. She didn’t know most of these people 3 months ago. She has no allegiance to anyone but herself, as it should be.

      • Yep…but Pauls intense dislike of James is evidently blinding him to that fact.. I don’t think Nicole is thrilled with James at the moment but she knows he is the better bet for final 2 and a 1st place win.. Too many jurors blame James for their games being blown or getting evicted … Nicole or Paul would win if they take James..

  8. I understand why Nic is dithering about who to take if she is given the choice. She is not the most confident person to begin with and, as far as she knows, Da’, Bridget, Meech and Gnat would vote against her based on comments made by them while in the house. And then she has to wonder what Paul would do if she screws him. So James may look to her like he has the better chance to beat her. I don’t think so but she can only go by what was said in the house. More importantly though, I think she has been given some, shall we say, hints in the DR to reconsider taking James and not Paul.

  9. I had a feeling she would flip. She started working on Paul when he won the 1st round, building up the trust for F2 deal, in case Paul wins the final round…I don’t like it, but if she wants to win 500K, she’s not gonna do what Cody did. She has to take Victoria…I mean James…good play.

    I’m still hoping for a Paul win at the final round.

  10. I don’t find this decision of Nicole’s to be new at all but think it has been in her mind all along. She has swamped Paul and James with double messages, but she has too many justifications for keeping James and clipping Paul. She has some confidence that she can make James look like a loser to the jury and has been rehearsing it during the last few days with numerous dismissive remarks directed at him. It has been easy to demoralize him. And she knows that Paul is more of a risk for her to compete with for jury votes. There’s also the matter of Nicole and James and their publicly stated, mutually beneficial bribes to remember.

    It seems to me that her conflict has mostly had to do with her”image” and worrying that this will take a big hit if she screws over Paul, who has played a good game, in favor of James, who hasn’t received any accolades for his gamesmanship. She still has the hallucination that she has her nice girl image to keep intact. Insert the prolonged canned laughter.

  11. Nicole is in a terrible spot if we have to be honest. She either takes James, or Paul, but the votes are stacked against her I believe either way
    If she takes James, James will have Natalie, Michelle, Da’Vonne, Bridgette, possibly Paul, and possibly Victor
    If she takes Paul, Paul will have Victor, Michelle, Natalie, James, and Bridgette.
    Either way I don’t think Nicole has a very good shot at winning because to be completely honest, she hasn’t played a good game. It may appear she had played a good game, but the only game move she really did was save her and Corey from being nominated by Natalie and Michelle. Other than that, Nicole has just slid under the radar the whole game and stuck with the people in power when they needed to. You can argue stabbing Paul and Victor in the back and getting out Victor, but Corey made that game move, not Nicole. Nicole just was able to luckily survive due to there being bigger targets than her in the house. She is definitely no Derrick, because she did not work every single aspect of the game like he did to get where she is now. She just floated her way to the end and pulled out a couple of comp wins in the end

    • Davonne will vote for Nicole. She was already impressed with her game moves. She said so, in the jury house. Corey, Paulie, Zakiyah, Davonne, Victor will all vote for her. Michelle and Natalie will vote for James. Bridgette dislikes James so, could vote for Nicole. Paul will be initially pissed but, he will also, vote for Nicole. He still likes her over James! Against Paul, Nicole loses Victor’s vote and add Natalie, Michelle and James and it may come down to Bridgette deciding it and she probably will vote for Paul! Paul wins over Nicole! The last HOH will be crucial because the winner decides on who to take to Final 2.

    • She shouldn’t worry about making the decision unless she already knows what Production has in store for them. When she goes to DR, she’s working our how to win. I don’t believe for a minute that production will leave this to chance. They want a girl to be final.

    • I think Nicole wins no matter who’s next to her. Michelle and Natalie won’t vote for Paul. And Paul and Victor won’t vote for James. Nicole deserves to win. She’s played from day one.

      • Natalie has stated before she is rooting for Paul, and even encouraged James to work with him and Victor. She doesn’t like Nicole or the way she is playing the game. Michelle I can see being a bitter juror for the comments Paul has made about her, but her vote won’t really matter when Paul would have probably Natalie, James, Victor, Da’Vonne, and Bridgette

      • Natalie was rooting for Victor not Paul. She can’t stand him and already told James she would vote for Nicole over Paul. And James doesn’t like Paul either and I think would vote for Nicole. Michelle hates Nicole but hates Paul more. Guess we’ll just have to wait and see.

    • Backstabbing is part of the game, everybody has done it including Paul and Vic. She’s trying to win the game. Can’t fault her for that.

      • Nicole’s a coward. Knows james does not deserve 50k, afraid to stand up and away the jury. She also stated she’d rather go up against someone who has played the game. Liar. She’s acting like James is supposed to hand her the game a.instead of winning 9n her own.

  12. Actually the more I think on it, either way I think Nicole could win. If she takes James, I think she’d have Vic, Corey, Paulie, Zak, Day. Wouldn’t even need Paul. And remember the one evicted goes straight out, there is no time to discuss “betrayals” with the other jury members. If Paul takes her she’d have Corey Paulie, Zak, Nat, James and Day. The difference is if she took Paul verses him taking her. If she took Paul she’d probably lose James and Nats vote and Paul would win. She’s sitting pretty good!

    • I agree with you 100%. Regardless of who wins Pt 3/takes whom to F2, Nicole is in a great spot.

      Here’s *my* take on the jurors:
      Corey: If Nicole is in F2, his vote for her is a LOCK. If it’s Paul/James, James gets his vote.

      Paulie: If Nicole is in F2, pretty sure he votes for her. If it’s Paul/James, I think he votes Paul.
      Z: If Nicole is in F2, I think Nic gets her vote because of Paulie. If it’s Paul/James, I think she votes Paul because of Team Big Sister.

      Michelle: Girl is a Bitter Betty and would likely NEVER vote for Nicole, so I don’t think it matters who Nicole is with. If it’s Paul/James, I think she votes James for a lot of reasons.

      Bridgette: Unless she votes “Girl Power, ” she likely doesn’t vote for Nicole, either (if it’s Paul, he gets her vote because newbie & if it’s James, he gets it because of Nat). If it’s Paul/James, I’m not sure who she votes for – likely Paul.
      Day: Wild card right here. Day has been objective about Nicole’s game in her recent diaries from the Jury house, so I’d like to think she votes Nicole regardless. BUT. If Paul is up there, she could vote him because of Team Big Sister. If it’s Paul/James, she votes Paul.
      Vic: If it’s Nicole/James, Nic gets his vote 100%. If Paul is in F2, Paul gets his vote regardless.
      Nat: Tough to say what she’d do in a Nic/Paul situation. She loves her some “Girl Power,” but I could see her voting Paul because she feels bad for having betrayed him & Vic. If it’s Paul/James, she never cared & it’s James 100%.
      And the FINAL juror possibilities:
      Paul: He votes Nic because he’s stated over & over again how he doesn’t like James and his game. He’ll be PISSED to be onstage, but I think he could maintain objectivity.

      James: I could see him still voting Nic because he knows he hasn’t done enough (especially lately) to secure his spot.

      I could be reading the jurors all wrong and I fully admit that, but at the moment, I think Nicole could win it all regardless of who she’s sitting next to. Remember, it only takes 5 votes and IMO, she has 3 of them built in from the moment she makes F2.

  13. I do not get PAUL RIGHT NOW! What is his obsession with him taking Nicole??? He is frustrating me so bad! Nicole is just NOW getting paranoid?? Why wasnt she concerned in the beginning?? Paul is selling them being F2 so relentlessly that I cant even watch. Its NONSTOP! Why doesn’t he know that he is ruining his game by overselling! Im so over these people. Screw it idc who wins. He is irritating the F out of me. Why is he even wanting to take Nicole. Production has to be involved because it makes no sense. No season 19 for me. Im done

      • lmao yep that’s Paul in a nutshell and Nicole is being Nicole…Flipping and flopping second guessing herself and being “snakey” ..If anybody can pull the wool over a persons eyes it Nicole.. I have said for 2 weeks the final 2 will be a toss up…I have no favorite to win.. best of luck to all 3

      • I know this but that isnt whats annoying me. It’s what he he’s saying. He’s making Nicole nervous about taking him , overselling

    • Production..Production..Production
      That’s why I’ve been saying that something is amiss here. Paul is smart and for him to take Dingus is out of character when he knows he would have better odds with James. He’s too intelligent to allow a personal dislike of James($50K) to come between him and $500K. JMO, but I’m thinking he might feel pressured and knows if he doesn’t convince production that he would take Dingus(he knows by now that she is favored), he has NO chance of making F2. Production can insure he doesn’t. Conspiracy #333. lol

  14. If you are trying to win that $500,000, you need to choose the one who pales in comparison to the way you played the game. In this case, it is James. What makes this a very damning choice is you are damned if you do and damned if you don’t. Either choice would have consequences. Paul probably will be pissed and he might just vote for James and in a tight vote, could swing and decide the winner! If Nicole picks Paul, she loses Victor’s possible vote because he will vote for his bro, Paul. Paul probably wins over Nicole although, I would not rule out a Nicole upset. The votes should be close in my estimation. Paul vs James or Nicole vs James and both Paul and Nicole wins easily over James because he has not done enough! James although, undeserving of that $50,000 2nd place prize will get it thru sheer luck and probably also, win that $25,000 AFP award too with his legions of fans voting!

  15. She was always taking James and we know that. Hopefully it won’t be up to her. I hope Paul wins the last round of HOH and make the smart decision to take James.

  16. Oh this is great! Definite best case scenario- Nicole wins round three, votes out that idiotic, arrogant asshole Paul, and James wins the money like he deserves. Paul should have never made it this far. I don’t see how you idiots like him or want him to win, he doesn’t deserve the title of anything. I seriously hope someone kicks his ass one day like he, and most of you idiots commenting on him here, deserve. <3

  17. Shame the next season isn’t on tv , it will be the first one that a lot of people won’t be watching

  18. I thought last night after this conversation she’d take James and posted it on another thread. But later on that night her and Paul were talking and it sounded like she changed her mind again. I really don’t know who she would take with her and I think they want it that way.

    • I did watch the convo between her ad Paul last night. It did sound like he sold her but I’m still not convinced. She said she didn’t want to make the same mistake Cody did on her season and live with it her whole life. But she was also paranoid that Paul flipped on her because James seemed happier. Maybe Paul promising he didn’t flip convinced her? Maybe not though. Tonight should be interesting.

  19. lol…Last time I checked, this was a game…So if Nicole realizes that the only way she can win the 500K is to take James, and that means she’s an idiot?? Wow, and like I said this is a game. So Paul is allowed to do whatever in his game-play but Nicole has to do certain things to make you guys happy..? Well I hope Nicole does win the the next part and takes James with her and she wins the whole thing – that would definitely make her an idiot, fruit-loop dingus, and a snake…!

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