Big Brother 18: Nicole Flip Flops Again On Taking Out Da’Vonne

Nicole Franzel can’t seem to make up her mind with what to do about Da’Vonne Rogers, a fellow Vet HG on Big Brother 18. One day Nicole trusts her, the next she wants her out. Now we’re back at the latter in a talk yesterday with Frank.

Nicole Franzel flips again with Frank Eudy

Speaking privately with Frank we watched as Nicole expressed long standing concerns with Da’Vonne and Frank continued to try and build their trust between each other for what needs to be done next.

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Nicole is telling Frank that she’s worried about Da’Vonne. Actually she just hints around at who it is since she’s worried about saying Day’s name out loud. Nicole is that fearful of plotting against her.

Frank says if they’re going to get Da’Vonne out then it needs to be done fast because if she discovers it was them and then gets to Jury it’ll damage their chances at winning.

Despite what’s been going on around him Frank remains unaware and suggests that Da’Vonne probably wouldn’t put him up. He asks Nicole what she thinks about that. Nicole lies and dodges the question. She knows Day wants Frank up and out.

Frank also tells Nicole that Da’Vonne told him at the start of the season to go to Nicole and propose a F2 deal to block Nicole from trying to make one with James. Nicole speculates Day might have wanted her own F2 with James instead. Frank counters that Day was more concerned Nicole would be the “New Meg” and cause problems for them down the road. Nicole says she won’t be anyone’s Meg and she’s here to play.

Nicole is on board with targeting Da’Vonne and getting her out soon. In fact, Nicole says she’s been worried about Da’Vonne since Day 3 in the house. She is cautious though and adamant that Frank not include her name in any talks with other HGs when proposing this idea.

Nicole isn’t sure how to best get Day out, but Frank says he knows. Roadkill. He wants to use the secret nom to make this happen. Frank believes he could get numerous HGs to use the RK nom against Da’Vonne if it’s not one of them who wins it.

Interesting comment here from Frank. He says he was getting worried about Da’Vonne but then she came to him with details about Tiffany being after him. Remember that the whole Fatal Five plotted against Frank but then Day lied and pitched it to Frank as something that Tiffany was doing on her own. Frank says this suddenly changed his perspective on Da’Vonne and he thought he could trust her. However, when he saw how upset she was on not getting HoH this past week he became very suspicious as to why she needed that power this round.

As an interesting takeaway from Nicole’s side of things, this entire conversation is an opportunity for her to tell Frank what she knows. That Day wanted Frank out and she lied about Tiffany. Of course the problem with telling Frank that is she was in on the FF and would be implicated as a result. There’s so much Nicole could confirm regarding Frank’s fears, but she doesn’t. Instead she continues to linger in the middle with the chance to pivot to which ever side takes action first. Or maybe she lingers long enough to get burned by both sides when they realize what she’s been saying and doing.

What do you think of Nicole’s continued back and forth on her Da’Vonne stance? One conversation she’s fearing Day and the next she regrets having ever doubted Day. One of these weeks she’s going to have to make up her mind. Which way do you think she will finally settle on going?



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    • Exactly. I really liked Nicole until this past week. She seemed quite confident, but now all of that is out the window.

    • Well, I agree she probably won’t win. But her saying things to Frank is not her flip flopping. It is her lying to somebody everyone is secretly targeting.

      I mean, she could tell Frank that she trusts Day and wants to keep her to the end, but that could leave Frank wondering where HE stands.

  1. Eventually she will have to take out Da (unless she wants an F2 with her) so it’s a matter of when not if. I think it’s smart to first test the waters but I don’t think that is what she is doing. I think she is flip flopping. For her to talk about Da with Frank, knowing how she feels about Frank, seems like she is fishing for intel. IDK.

    • Not if Day takes out Nicole first. I really wanted Day and Nicole to work together being they’ve played BB before. But Nicole is so starry-eyed for Corey, it will never work with her and Day. And I think or hope Day is beginning to realize not to trust Nicole.

      • Of course. I was just taking Nic’s POV for that statement in response to Matt’s question about what do we think about Nic’s flip flopping. I don’t really care either way.

    • Day is getting to be too powerful in the house and I think Nicole should take her out while she can. But can she get the necessary votes to do this? I don’t think so.
      Maybe Nicole should bide her time before informing Frank of what’s going on; she needs to see who will win HOH first.
      I’m surprised Tiff hasn’t caught on to the fact that Day is just using her for now. She’s so isolated though I suppose she doesn’t have a choice but to rely on Day.

    • I think DAY is too tunnel visioned to realize her best kept secret weapon in the house is Frank. It keeps the target off her and he can help her get close to the end if not the end. DAY taking Frank to F2 will result in a win for DAY but hey, that is just my opinion.

      • Frank already practically took over Brigitte’s HOH. I would hate to see what would happen if he won HOH. Get him out while you can or it can be the Van situation all over again.

      • REALLY! your gonna compare Frank to Vanessa? There is no comparison, Frank isn’t hiding behind sunglasses, crying, or going off on a tantrum when things don’t the way he want’s nor is he the mastermind behind season. He has yet to display any sign of paranoia so how can you compare him to Vanessa.

      • Calm down! I only meant that Vanessa was able to cause alot of damage by not being voted out earlier. Frank is annoying and should be voted out sooner rather than later.

      • It would be Dumb to get rid of Day. She has won nothing! Frank, Nicole, Paulie are all bigger threats than she is.

      • Although I upvoted you on this, make no mistake that DAY is just a big of threat in the house as the ones you named.

    • Its all moot until you get a new HoH or RK winner anyway.

      Until then it pays to sound out everyone about as many potential not you targets as possible, as long as you do it with more subtlety than Frank and don’t get people defensive.

    • An f2 with Day is probably the best bet for Nicole. Every loves her, she certainly more social than Day. Other than Zak, or maybe Tiffany, at this point I don’t think Day would get the votes to win. Even if Day is more strategic, the newbies are so clueless about the nuisances of big brother they would vote by personality and give it to Nicole. Frank we know holds grudges so even if he thought Day played better he would never vote to give her the money.

  2. This is what Da and Nic have in common: They fluctuate a lot. I know it’s not easy and paranoia abounds but just saying.

    • In Nicole’s new alliance with Corey, Paulie, Zak and Day, she is outnumbered 3 against 2 so she’s wise to keep her options open.
      Maybe spending so much time with Day in the house she has noticed things about her that make her very uncomfortable having Day as an ally.
      I’m a Nicole fan so I’m glad to see she isn’t blind to Day’s shenanigans.

  3. Nicole is still playing season 17, except she’s traded in Hayden for Corey. This is why Nicole won’t win.

      • LOL…I can’t keep up with who was on what season like most of you guys. Always amazed by the memory most people have of comps, players and the such. I guess I should verify my facts before posting, huh?!?!

  4. Nicole is so indecisive. Is she sticking to this F2 with Frank..or was that a real thing to begin with? Who is Frank’s true F2 and who is Nicole’s? Nicole is too wishy washy for me. Once again, she has a showmance..which she said she absolutely was not going to do this time around. Frank helped to blow up Tiffany’s game just like Caleb did with Amber in Nicole’s season.

  5. I think Nicole has reason to worry especially on how fast Dae turned on Frank I hope her and frank stick together an

  6. I wanted to like Nicole but she’s being such and idiot and flip-flop all the time. All of the returning Houseguest suck. Right now the only players I can stand are Paulie, Corey, Z and Mitchelle.

  7. Nicole needs to spill her entire pot of beans to Frank. He is 1000% better to have as an ally than Day. Tiff needs to go this Thursday and Day the next.

    • Totally agree. Might as well as get rid of Day and keep Frank. Franks a bigger target. As long as a bigger target is in the house, then you are safe.

      • These annoying women will change their minds every week and all will be taken out by Frank. He needs to go next week if he doesn’t win the comps. Frank is trying to keep Zakiah since she has no chance of winning this game for final two.

      • Da’vonne is definitely the bigger threat because she wants to go after the showmances.

    • I believe Frank would be slightly more trustworthy than Day too – and he’s targeting Corey not Nicole as he’s told the whole house already smh.
      Nicole should probably wait until the next HOH before she starts spilling the beans to Frank. She can be gathering damning information at present and see which way the wind blows. No need to show her cards so early.
      Nicole (and everyone else for that matter) should be nervous about the powerful trio of Day, Zak and Paulie.

    • The only ally Frank will have is Frank. He will dump Nicole like a sack of potatoes the first chance he get before going to the end with her.

      • I disagree. Frank knows he needs friends to watch his back, no one will take a vet to the end other than another vet. Day is clearly off her rocker and aligning with James is like aligning with a potato as he has no game play and is awful at competitions. I think it’s in Frank and Nicole’s best internet to keep to their F2 deal

      • Feel the same about James. He is one of the silliest to ever play. Hope he and Da team up and get voted out.

      • I disagree. Frank knows he needs friends to watch his back when he’s vulnerable for eviction. No one will take a vet to the end expect possibly another vet. I think it’s in Frank and Nicole’s best interest to keep their F2 going strong.

      • Unless Frank plan to take a weak player to F2, like say ummmm… I don’t know Zakiyah. Nicole is good as out the door counting on Frank to keep his word for F2.

      • So who do you think is the best F2 deal for Nicole? All of her other friends are weak, mentally checked out, or both.

    • Right?!! Like why is this even a question?! And why is she practically spilling her guts out to the worst person in the house?!!!! That’s like spilling to Jozea! She’s definitely feeling the paranoia now.

  8. I think Nicole wants to have a secret 4 people alliance and since Zakyah has Paulie and she has Cory, Da’vonne is out.

  9. Once Tiff stopped the emotional outbursts she’s been able to somewhat salvage her social game. Now she goes off by herself to cry where no one can see her; a great improvement and I’m impressed with Tiff for that.
    Does Zak remind anyone of the actress Angela Bassett?

      • It’s enough to make me think they might even be kin to each other. If Zak can act she needs to head out to Hollywood – gorgeous gal.

    • Yes she does… also Da’Vonne reminds me of the actress who played Tara in True Blood.

  10. why is she doing this after everyone is on the “get Frank out train”? This is going to get back to Da because nobody can keep their mouth shut in that house.

  11. Saying different things to different players is not indecision or flip flop.

    She has to keep Frank thinking she is still a trusting F2 with him. That means talking about other players you trust or could target.

    The two things to keep in mind are keeping her name out of it and not telling Frank he is in danger or Day wants him out. That means he is still her target, and that means anything she tells him is BS.

  12. there is so much back and forth w many decisions from nic, frank, and da. i’d like to think nic is hunting for info and playing frank, but she did mention to corey her concerns about da. i dont think she every intended to go to the end w da, but i think she should stick to the get frank out plan 1st

  13. I was really rooting for Nicole but now she’s confusing me… I loved her backbone and confidence in the first weeks, now she’s starting to lose those traits. She should be aware that Frank’s playing her, teaming up with Frank will just make her house target #2

  14. But here’s the thing…I think Nicole’s smart in now wanting to spill all her info. In season16 she relied too much on Derrick and Cody’s trust and told them all of her intentions. This came back to bite her when D/C flipped in the double eviction. They then used that info to get Christine to put her up and evict her. If she spilled all her beans to Frank now, the end result would be no different. She’s having smarter game conversations this time around IMO.

  15. Nicole is telling Frank this so if he goes home soon, he won’t blame her and thinks she didn’t want him out.

  16. Is Cory straight? He’s made some weird comments about other guys bodies so I was thinking he was gay up until this week w the showmancew Nicole.

  17. Day will never f2 with Nicole she wants to keep it a black thing with that other nooka that thinks her shat don’t stink…..boy do I hate da vonne’s big mouth

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