Big Brother 18 Masterminds: Revolution Discusses Fantasy Strategy

Jozea similarly only watched BB16 (guess they were short on seasons in sequester), but he’s well prepared too. He explains how he schooled Tiffany on Big Brother strategy when she suggested he’d do well not to name names or numbers when stating his expected vote support for the week. Jozea had told Tiffany about his “Secure Seven” which will be keeping him in the game.

As for Tiffany, Paul has big plans for her as he really, really doesn’t like her. His main issue with Tiffany is how she wears sunglasses inside and at night to hide her spying. Okay, I’ll give it to him that it’s annoying (and I wish production didn’t allow sunglasses inside since it hides too much emotion), but he wants to use it as his justification to nominate her. Paul says if they give him HoH he’ll turn the key, reveal Tiffany, says it’s because she wears sunglasses at night, and then turn the next key.

Jozea wants to see James and Nicole targeted because they’re the “masterminds” on the opposing side. Not that he’ll get the chance (unless there is a returning evictee and it’s him), but that’s where he’d set his sights.

Their talk goes on and on and is well worth the listen. Don’t have the Feeds yet? Grab the Free Trial and check out everything that’s happened with the rewind feature to go back to any time of any day and watch it again.

Let’s conclude with Jozea gleefully declaring “you know how comfortable it’s going to be running the house for weeks? You won’t have to worry about s**t.” He counts off the weeks of safety ahead for him and is confident they’ve got at least five straight weeks of security. Not only that, but he’s pretty sure some of the evictions will be two weeks part. Sigh.

Jozea’s eviction on Thursday will be very entertaining, but the guy is comedy gold and I’ll miss his delusions. Of course we’ll still have Paul’s fantasy tales, though I think he’ll do better at realizing his house is burning down around him and pivoting to a new approach. That’ll probably be based in Crazytown too so that should be fun.

What do you think of The Revolution’s strategy? It’s a one-two punch of winning & safety. Hard to argue with that right? Good times ahead on Big Brother 18!


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  1. “I was chosen from thousands of entrants, so yeah, I’ve obviously already won.”

  2. I love that “The Matrix” reference in the article…
    No, Jozea, we big brother fans declare that you’re not “the one” and should be ejected from Zion. Now I need to go take my blue pill and forget that you were ever on this show…

    • If we are lucky, then he will be the second one voted out and will be forgotten by all.

  3. Thursday has the potential of being the most dramatic eviction ever in the history of BB.

    • hey miss tenn.
      i need several camera angles. i want to see jozea’s face change colors and jaw drop(fabulous diva drama would be entertaining too), i want to see frank and james wink,-do the cool pointing thing as they say “gotcha”, and i want to see the faces of paul, victor, and that side w shocked looks, tears, and panic. thank goodness no storms are predicted here on thursday so there shouldnt be any interruption and it’ll b on the dvr for repeated viewing

      • It can be a silent audience or he can get booed at so badly even worst then Christiane got (season 16)

      • it’s a battle for me, sometimes I want harsh reaction to drop someone down a peg or two or get em back, but I try to choose a more merciful reaction. a silence is good enough for me when he is expecting a rock star reception

      • Either would be better than the audience being forced to clap, because we know if their is a huge applause, it will be forced.

  4. Well, the guy is more that delusional… There was that great moment when Paulie was there and Jozea was telling them the plan. The 3 nominees earing the plan where one of them is going out the door in 2 days… priceless.

  5. So torn… I want to see the drama of Jozea being evicted but I don’t want to see him leave the feeds…

    • i have thought of that too. i think w victor and paul left, we will still get good entertainment

  6. You don’t need to watch previous seasons to win the show. Just use the Force. Obi-Wan will guide you to a win!


  7. yes, they are a little south of sanity. i wonder what they will think after watching the show and reading comments. will jozea continue to think he is omniscient? will he lose make up clients if they saw his behavior on bb, or will he wise up a little and admit what a dope he was? i hope for the best, but i am enjoying laughing.

    • Make-up clients? Pffftt! Grammy host, movie star, motivational speaker, maybe, but no more make up artist for Jozea. ;)

  8. I have to admit Jozea is quite entertaining some of the stuff that comes out of his mouth smh

    • It is fun seeing somebody make a complete fool of himself without him having a clue.

  9. I really enjoyed the feeds last night but I found that I was clenching my teeth and feeling stressed over listening about how perfect they are. After all Jozea says everyone loves me here. These guys are so delusional.

  10. As much as Jozea has been entertaining us with his delusions, I’m happy to see him get the booth this week.

    The next few weeks pre-jury should be interesting as I expect the existing dynamics to scramble, allies turning on each other and plans get derailed when they least expect it and twists getting twisted in the house’s favors instead of production.

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