Big Brother 18 Live Feeds Week 6: Monday Daytime Highlights

Veto Ceremony Day brought us more drama as Paul finally admitted to part of this week’s plans with the renom target learning her fate, but does she know what’s really in store for her? She will soon and the house could start to divide over it.

Nicole is exhausted on Big Brother 18

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Big Brother 18 Live Feed Highlights – Monday, August 1, 2016:

9:30 AM BBT – Some of the HGs have been up and moving around the day.

9:50 AM BBT – Zakiyah mentions to Nicole that Da’Vonne kept suggesting her name (Zakiyah’s) to Paul as an alternative renom. Zakiyah wasn’t too happy about that.

10:05 AM BBT – Zakiyah whispers to Nicole something about her and Paulie being together in the bumper car last night but says no one knows. They were up to something (around 6:15 AM BBT), but it’s hard to hear her.

10:25 AM BBT – Paul lets Da’Vonne know that she’ll be the renom. He leaves and she says to the camera, “game on.”

10:30 AM BBT – Michelle tells James that she thinks Paul is lying about just testing Da’Vonne with the renom. She’s upset that she didn’t use the Veto last week under the promise that Bridgette would go next.

11:40 AM BBT – Feeds return from Veto ceremony. Da’Vonne was renom’d.

11:45 AM BBT – Zakiyah lies to Da’Vonne and says she thought she (Zakiyah) was going up and didn’t know Da’Vonne was the plan. Day says she knew it was going to happen. Zakiyah advises Day to lay low and don’t make the situation bad for her.

11:50 AM BBT – Paul upstairs with Nicole and Corey. He’s frustrated and feels like he’s taking heat for doing what he thought he should. Paul is again suggesting he’s not to blame for this week’s events since he’s not voting.

11:51 AM BBT – Paulie is downstairs with Bridgette and sounds like he’s assuring her things are going to plan.

12:00 PM BBT – Da’Vonne has arrived upstairs to talk with Paul. Paul is making excuses and says he’s being made to feel like the bad guy after trying to do what he thought was right. Day says she would have never done that to him and didn’t think he would do it to her. Paul tells her that unless people are lying to him Bridgette is going home.

12:04 PM BBT – Paul telling tell she’s up because he trusts her more than Michelle, even though Michelle volunteered. Day tells him she picked him for her team and promised him she’d never put him up and she meant it. Paul says in his mind it wasn’t him putting Day up but picking her to work with him at getting Bridgette out. OK Paul.

12:14 PM BBT – Paulie tells Nicole that Day might blow up on her. She says she’s going to avoid Day.

12:27 PM BBT – Corey tells Paulie after Day is gone they can coast through the game (because Day has been such a threat?). Paulie says they need to get Zakiyah or Michelle out next week.

12:30 PM BBT – Zakiyah says she will push for Bridgette to go since  that was the plan all along.

12:35 PM BBT – Paulie says Michelle is more on his radar now after how she’s acting about Da’Vonne being on the block. Paulie calls the guys a firing squad and says they’re going to line up all the girls and take them down (yeah Paulie, be proud of yourself for taking out girls who aren’t even trying to play the game. Who is this guy?).

12:41 PM BBT – James wants Da’Vonne to know she’s going home but Paulie tells him Paul does not Day to know she’s the target.

12:44 PM BBT – Z tells Michelle she doesn’t think Paulie will turn on him (just minutes after he gave the guys permission to take her out).

12:59 PM BBT – Da’Vonne pulls James in the storage room and asks if the vote is flipping on her. He says no but people are concerned about her freaking out for no reason. She asks him to let her know if she’s the target. Day asks James to tell Natalie she’s not mad at her for them laughing at the veto ceremony.

1:06 PM BBT – Paul and Nicole are trash-talking Michelle (Nicole has zero loyalty). Paul says he’s going to express his anger so Michelle knows he’s mad at her. Nicole says she caught Michelle in a lie over Day mentioning Nicole’s name.

2:02 PM BBT – HGs are put on outdoor lockdown so BB can fix something in the house.

2:18 PM BBT – Day asks Paul if he thinks Natalie really likes James. Paul says he doesn’t think it’s going to last.

2:29 PM BBT – Outside lockdown lifted.

3:02 PM BBT – Paulie trashing Zakiyah saying she thinks she has him like her puppy dog. He says he won’t let her sleep in his bed anymore. He says he will shake Z and Michelle up before the next HOH so they won’t be able to win. Paulie is being pretty terrible right now about the girls. He’s feeling high and mighty again about getting out girls who aren’t even really playing the game.

3:10 PM BBT – Corey says he’s bothered by how much Michelle cares about Da’Vonne being up (oh, sorry she cares about an ally being nominated, Corey).

3:15 PM BBT – Nicole agrees with Paul that the other girls are being sketchy (because Nicole is playing the guys’ game now). Nicole says she’ll hang out with Z and Michelle to see what they’re thinking and bring back the info to the guys.

So it sounds like Da’Vonne is toast this week because what Paulie wants, Paulie gets. Not only are the guys doing everything Paulie says, but so is Nicole, who seems to have forgotten how girls fare at the end of the game against guys.

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  1. I wouldn’t say Day isn’t playing the game. If not for her, Frank and, probably, Tiffany would still be around, or atleast not have become the targets that they were. Her craziness over Frank put an end to the original big alliance.

    • The only chance day had was to align with Frank. She is not in a showmance and cannot trust Paulie. Her and Frank could have done damage. Unfortunately, Da threw Frank under bus and James and Nicole were not playing BB

      • Frank threw himself under the bus as much as she did. He played way too aggressively too early on, doing things like making F2 deals with everyone in the house. It was only a matter of time before people compared notes and caught on. And once they did catch on, he had tunnel vision, focusing on Da’ (who can’t win comps) and ignoring real threats. Even after his eviction, he thought Nicole, of all people, was running the house and that Paulie was a close ally. People here seem to love Frank, but he only has himself to blame for his eviction.

      • I was rooting for Frank but as much as I hate to admit it, you are 100% correct on Frank’s game play. Now with that said, had he teamed up with DAY, Tiffany and Michelle along with Bridgette, they all would have gotten further than the rest.

    • However, it put her front and center in people’s minds. Not a good thing. She doesn’t know how to lay low. She hated Tiffany because of Vanessa, and blew up on Frank with the playful slapping on the rump. I hope she’s out

    • But Tiff and Frank weren’t against her until they realized she was the reason they were going after each other. She was in a good spot, it was dumb gameplay because now only 2 or 3 people in that house trust her.

  2. I definitely think after getting Day out the guys can coast. Day is the only one who knows the guys can take out the girls one by one .
    1) Natalie is lovely and can read the house but doesn’t win anything.
    2) Zakiyah is a moron who will sacrifice her take for Paulie
    3) Michele is not lovely and can read the house but will be the next target
    4) Nicole is a moron who is basically playing for Corey and Paulie at this point
    5) Bridge will be a Paulie devotee after this eviction

    So yes, getting Day out is important to Paulie . She is the only one who might suggest taking a stand against him.

  3. For the first time ever I’m happy Nicole is a flip floppity flooper, she’s hella annoying but Dayvonne should have left weeks ago, GOOD RIDDANCE!

  4. Nicole is such a disappointment. For someone who has played the game she is being very stupid. Then again, all the vets have played horribly…2 played too hard too early and the other 2 are on bachelors in Paradise.

  5. I think Day has the return trio envelope. Someone else posted this earlier that the poster said Ochos Rios but had the Eiffel Tower on it. Ochos means eight. Day has envelope eight I believe.

    • I kinda hope that info is correct. I want Da gone but then I don’t because I know if she comes back she would find out that Paulie was the one who was leading the ambush for her eviction and that could get very interesting next week. It could lead to the most exciting week in the house so far this season.

    • I wouldn’t mind if she was the one to come back and wreak some damage in the house and against Paulie.

      • nooo what would be awesome is if Zakiyah has the return trip…lmao.. Can u imagine the chaos that event would create..???

      • Z isn’t playing the game, So what can she cause if she has the return trip ticket.

    • I read somewhere that Victor has 8. I don’t know that for sure though. I didn’t go back and try to find it on the feeds.

      • I don’t use Joker’s as much as I should. Are we sure it’s Day who has 8 then? I feel like you do about it. I’d like to see her go, but I wouldn’t mind seeing her come back and hopefully wreak some havoc!

      • I only know what was posted here about Da having #8 and that appears to be speculation. I’m not sure.

      • Thanks so much :) I’ve seen it all over the place here but I wasn’t sure if it was confirmed or not. I don’t get to spend as much time on the feeds as I’d like to, my kiddo keeps me running.

      • Priorities; they are only young once. Any chance I have to have my grandchildren over for the day, nothing else matters. I can always catch up on BB.

      • Exactly! She is growing up fast and I enjoy every minute with her. Hopefully I can make a BB fan out of her in a few years. Thanks for setting me straight :)

      • Doesn’t sound like you needed any help and that is one lucky little gal with one attentive, loving Mom. It’s hard to believe there are so many children with no one to love them. So many adults are missing one of life’s greatest blessings, and children suffer,

      • Thank you! I’m definitely the lucky one. I feel awful for the poor little ones who don’t get the love they deserve to have. It breaks my heart. It was nice talking to you today, I hope you have a good night :)

  6. I think it is a great thing that Da’vonne doesn’t see what we do. On the day of eviction she would have punched Nicole right where it hurts.

  7. This week is such a bummer. I feel like Day is the only vet that I like better now than in her original season and now she’s going out. James has traded in the war paint and is timid as a lamb, and who knows what the heck Nicole is doing.

  8. So am I the only one that thinks Nicole is the new Christine? Anyways, as much as I would like to see DAY gone (I have made no bones about that for awhile now), I think she needs to stay to take out Paulie. Once he is gone, then the house will have to play their own game because then no one will be in charge.

    • Day has played a stupid emotional game. If the vets were loyal to frank, they coast to final 4. This is suck a weak minded group that 1 Person has basically taken over to the point where people are doing things b/c they don’t want to make Paulie mad. Just give him the 500K

      • Agree. Day made a huge mistake as soon as she got in the house saying she was going to pretend to be with the vets but take them out one by one. Huge mistake. If they had been true to their alliance they’d all still be together as the teams twist made it possible for the vets to know what was going on all over the house.

  9. Paulie really needs to go. Between him constantly telling people what to do, morphing into Paul, and now his shenanighans towards Z, he’s coming across as a hugely unbearable douche.

    • Z is like a barnacle, she has attached herself to Paulie, and he is going to need a knife to scrape her loose.
      I hope they end up in the jury together, with him running & her stalking! LOL

      • He hasn’t told her that she is a leach and to stay away from him. I’m sure if he did she would do it and cry about it and probably spend the rest of the game talking about him and wanting the Jury members to kick her out of there as well.

      • To be fair, most of the house seems to be into Paulie, judging by how they follow his every order with puppy dog eyes.

      • She said the other day that she wants to have his babies and she hopes that his family likes her. This girl is pathetic.

      • OMG! Where’s the barf bag?
        I can only imagine how both families are reacting, knowing both sides.

  10. I’m still watching, but interest is waning big time.
    Quite frankly, I am not rooting for any of these HG.
    I do have some I dislike more than others (Day, Z, Michelle, Paul & Paule), but no one I would really like to see win. I guess I will go with Bridgette, since she is the underdog.

  11. The conversation on Jokers is disgusting. Paulie is so unlikable and such a double, this game will start once he is gone. He’s a nasty piece of work and so cocky and sure that no one will ever challenge him. It’s definitely not fun to watch, but listening to him on Jokers is 10 times worse. He is one of the biggest liars ever. I get it that it’s BB, but ewwwww,

    • My hope is that after Day is evicted, the other girls grow some lady balls and realize they need to flip the house against Paulie.
      It would sure help if one of them could win HoH though, but I’m not holding my breah…

      • Your girl options for a flip are Natalie ( not a snowballs chance) Bridgette (bum ankle and knee) Z (not a snowballs chance), Michelle (maybe) and Nicole ( blinded by love. She will never turn on Corey)

  12. I don’t like Zakiyah. She comes across as she is entitled to be in the game and that she is safe due to Paulie no matter what…I do not like that she calls other HGs floaters when she can’t even swim…That girl is gonna be in a bad way when she finds out what was said about her behind her back by Paulie…I can feel somewhat sorry for her.. but not totally…Zakiyah has made a fool of herself and let Paulie use and abuse her with America watching…Her life outside of BB is gonna be a bit harder to live after she finds out the truth.. the sooner she gets evicted out of the house (not cause of bad game play) the better for her spirit and mind cause I got a feeling somebody in the jury house will tell her the truth…

    • “I do not like that she calls other HGs floaters when she can’t even swim..”
      This is a great line …. This makes her a SINKER, not a floater, right?

    • I about died when she said Natalie was a floater as if she herself isn’t, girl please, she needs a reality check fast

    • He talks and downgrade her to everybody then he goes and do what he did in the bumper car! She is pitiful because when he does holler at her and makes her cry the only thing she does is smile and call him “bae” or say “coach bae got me together.” Her mother must be reeeaaal proud!!

    • Sad part is, she can’t wait to visit him after the show ends. But what a sad commentary it will be when no one will date Paulie but airhead who want to get ahead, excuse the pun.

    • It’s about time we stop feeling sorry for women and let them have the accountability for their actions.
      I’m sure z will survive.
      She is enjoying Paulie.
      His tight butt and 6 packs. ?
      Z is taking a full advantage of Paulie’s hot body.
      He is a looser!

    • She has been so nasty to the other women though, it’s hard to feel sorry for her. Not to mention the pad incident, which was all her. Bye.

  13. Paulie is adapting Paul’s persona. lol He’s beasically becoming him. Same hair style, they even have uniform, tank tops. I guess they wanna be seen how close they!…and why does he wanna be Paul? It should be the opposite…who wants to be Paul? Ha! Paulie is weird.

    • Paulie is so desperate to have The Hitmen Part 2 going on. Someone should probably remind him how that worked out for his brother.

    • Paul is disgusting. That hideous beard. And all those back zits he had Michelle squeeze out. Yuck. I long for the cast of bb3 or bb6.

  14. Let’s see how this works out having all women, angry and pissed off, as the jury deciding your fate Paulie. They will vote for Frank over you and he’s not even an option.

    • Most jurors seem to put their bias aside by the time they make it all the way to finale night, though. They recognize the players for who they are and what they’ve done. The longer in jury, the more likely they are to vote for the best player, despite any bad blood. The HGs who vote with bias are usually the Final 3rd evictee.

  15. A lot of people here hating on Paulie and I agree his game play is messy and nasty. But thanks to him we won’t have to see that slimy, grimy, big mouth, nasty, hypocrite da no more! :-)

      • Hell no. She’ll just be gloating and lording it over everyone. Her DR sessions are all ready intolerable.

      • I think you are correct, since D doesn’t win anything. The girls will be so scared of her, especially the coward that is Nicole.

  16. Paulie hurt his knee from the frat house rough housing. Maybe it’ll impact his HOH game.
    I love my bestie Karma!!

  17. These people are making me so angry with their stupidity and their mob mentality. I have never seen this much idiotic players in a season. I really really really really hope Nicole leaves under Victor, Paulie, or Paul’s HOH so she can look foolish again.

  18. I really really hope see Paulie being evicted one of these days, he used to be one of my favorites the first weeks, but now he’s a nightmare! These people needs target him soon!
    Some weeks ago Bridgette wasn’t my favorite, but bah! I hope she can make so far, right now is the only one I can stand, out of her maybe Natalie, but to be honest I feel that she’s not making anything important on the game; for me the remaining houseguests are a big mess in this point of the season.

  19. Paul is so stupid!!! Paulie will pick Z (the only reason Paulie says it’s ok to take out Z it’s because that’s what Paul wants to hear) over Paul any day simply because Z is a floater and Paulie will have a greater chance of winning against Z. Nicole will pick Corey over Paul any day. Paul is a strong competitor but Corey? Come on, he’s just plain stupid! Paul is at the bottom and all he is doing is making these showmances stronger!!!!

    • That would be a good plan on Paulie’s part if he could pull that one off. Paul would really feel like a fool!

  20. What a crappy season this is turning out to be! Paulie is just a jerk…he is so conceited. How in the heck is this guy related to Cody? BB just needs to go ahead and stop wasting our time and make out the check to Mr. Ego Paulie.

  21. Da isn’t that much fun to be around or watch. I figured she would be one of the first 5 to be evicted. Any of her phony loyalty has worn thin and she isn’t strongly aligned with anyone. She will be an easy out.

  22. All HGs need to be evicted eventually, especially now approaching Jury, so it doesn’t really matter in which order, so what is the matter with “girls who don’t even play the game” gone sooner than others? Do they get special passes to stay till they finally can play the game and be evicted then?

  23. “Yeah Paulie, be proud of yourself for taking out girls who aren’t even trying to play the game. Who is this guy?”

    Seriously, Branden? Are you saying you’d rather see a floater win this season than a HG who’s actually playing BB??? I’d rather see Paulie get to the end than Natalie, Da’Vonne, or Z, who are basically this year’s biggest floaters (with Nat being the sweetheart of the house, though, I wouldn’t mind seeing her go a bit farther).

    Look, I love this site. I love the interaction between the fans in this chat. And I appreciate all the work Matt and Branden put in to bring us these updates. And I get that bias is a big part of this game. But trying to get through Branden’s articles lately is harder and harder. At least Matt keeps his bias subtle.

  24. Clearly, with the females left in there right now, we will not be having a female winner. *SIGH* Well, there’s always BB19… hopefully…the last female winner was in 2011.. that was 5 years ago. :/ Look, don’t get me wrong, in a season where there clearly aren’t strong females such as this one and BB16, I want a male to win. A part of me wants the most deserving hg to win. However, I do wish that the most deserving hg would turn out to be a female at least a little bit more than what it has been. There’s this crazy stereotype that women are catty and can’t work together, and all female hgs like this season’s ladies do is further this stereotype. *SIGH* I really want another Danielle Reyes, or another Janelle, or another Rachel.. hell I’ll even go as far to say I want another Vanessa. I’m just tired of women being slaves for the men in this game…

    • I agreed with you 100% until you said the Rachel thing (which actually made me gag a bit but that’s on me.) As a long time devoted fan this is the first season in years where I’m not following it closely. There’s no reason to. The females are playing like they’re all 13-years-old. I know people say the same thing each year but hopefully CBS will take a brave step next year and cast 8 people younger than 40 and 8 people older than 40. Have some of the challenges be mental, others physical so we, as a viewing audience, can stop being bored. It’s supposed to be a big “social experiment” but when your average age is 26 and they all act like they’re teenagers, where’s the experiment? I think one of these days CBS will finally take the chance with BB and be praised for doing so when they do. All/most of these women are embarrassing themselves. I think there are going to be a LOT of “I was edited badly” claims made in the Fall.

    • Well I think the women in bb18 are strong and able to compete but they seem like they need some kind of validation and boost from a male house guest. They are not trusting in themselves. Sad.

      • With the exception of Da, none of these little girls is strong nor would I consider one of them women. Nic and Z are so far up Paulie and Corey’s butts it is embarrassing, and Nat and James are clearly into themselves alone and don’t seem to care what is going on in the house. At least that is the way it seems to me. And then there is Paul, he can leave anytime soon, same with Bridgette, they are both non factors imo. :)

  25. How much you want to bet, that production made sure Da’vonne got the round trip ticket.

    • And a huge kick in the ass! With the exception of Da and Bridgette, since Frank has left, they think this is the dating game. Come on girls, kick it up a notch and start playing the game of BIG BROTHER. I purposely used the word girls because that is what they are, little girls with school girl crushes. The guys are getting the best of these little whiny girls. *finger waves

  26. Can’t wait to see her face when she get sent packing. But there is a big chance that she got the round trip ticket back home. I would love to see the next HOH put Day and big meech up again. Love to see her fake cry to America how BB houseghouse are so unfair. To be frank, she craziness cause more trouble than any one at this point. Her nasty attitude is so annoying to watch.

  27. Next winner has to put Corey and Paulie up with Nicole as a renom. That is assuming it’s not Paulie again. I hope victor attacks those guys for backstabbing him.

  28. Whoever writes these updates shouldn’t be putting their two cents worth. Let us make up our own minds about the houseguest. It bugs me. I’m surprised that every time Nat’s name is mentioned y’all don’t say “sweet Natalie”, “innocent Natalie”.

    Please, just reports the facts.

    • If you don’t like this blog, don’t read this blog. Just because the writer has an opinion, you are not obligated to follow it. Chill out.

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