Big Brother 18 Live Feeds Week 4: Monday Daytime Highlights

Veto Meeting day arrived for the Big Brother 18 Houseguests as they got ready for the next round of Drama. Da’Vonne was ready for her close up and the petty arguing didn’t take long to follow. We’ve got days of this ahead of us so settle in.

Da'Vonne Rogers on Big Brother 18

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Big Brother 18 Live Feed Highlights – Monday, July 18, 2016:

9:14 AM BBT – Nicole & Corey appear to be getting physical with handy work under the covers. Cams 3/4.

9:30 AM BBT – HGs are starting to get up for the day.

9:35 AM BBT – Zakiyah tells Nicole she’s falling for Paulie, but they still haven’t kissed.

10:15 AM BBT – HGs lounging around and chatting as they await the Veto meeting. Not much going on but HGs are up and active.

10:50 AM BBT – Frank expects a returning player along the way this season.

11:50 AM BBT – Feeds are back from the Veto comp. Da’Vonne has been renom’d as the RK nominee. Corey used the PoV on himself.

11:55 AM BBT – HGs discussing Da’Vonne’s behavior during the meeting. Day told Natalie the two of them looked beautiful as a dig at Tiffany. Day also whipped her hair at Tiffany to try and hit her with it. Day says Frank was expecting a bigger reaction out of her, but he’s not going to get it. (The week is young.) Day, Michelle, and Zakiyah are talking loudly and rudely about Tiffany while she’s outside.

12:00 PM BBT – Tiffany wants to complain to DR about Day whipping her hair to hit her. Frank doesn’t think they’ll do anything.

12:20 PM BBT – HGs outside sunning by the pool. Everyone is relaxing.

12:45 PM BBT – Tiffany sits with Frank and Bridgette to go over possible votes. Frank says he wants to try and get Michelle’s vote. He wonders if they can get 7-1 for the votes. Tiffany says if Frank can do that then he’ll have earned her vote if he makes F2.

1:15 PM BBT – Tiffany feels frustrated that she played a clean game. Frank blames Da’Vonne for Tiff’s troubles. Tiffany confirms she complained to DR about Da’Vonne whipping her hair at her.

2:25 PM BBT – Bridgette compliments Corey and what appears to be something going on with Nicole. Corey downplays it and says nothing is happening with Nicole and they’re just friends.

2:30 PM BBT – Zakiyah is upset about Natalie being around Paulie. Natalie asks Paulie if he’d date Zakiyah outside of the house, but he isn’t sure. They discuss past relationships and each knows someone the other dated.

3:15 PM BBT – Michelle is upset with James. He said he’d talk with everyone while she wanted to shun the outsiders. Michelle took offense and ran away to another room. James went and profusely apologized for making her feel bad.

3:45 PM BBT – Michelle suggests to James that Natalie is flirting with guys for votes. He’s hearing that Natalie called Corey sexy. James is feeling awkward about Natalie and feels like she’s withdrawn.

3:50 PM BBT – Nicole admits she has a huge crush on Corey and she’s met her dream man.

4:10 PM BBT – James thinks this season is a lot harder than last and HGs aren’t as nice to each other.

4:25 PM BBT – Da’Vonne says Paulie studied Vanessa’s game and can predict what Tiffany is going to do next as a result.

4:30 PM BBT – Natalie is upset with James for not coming to talk with her sooner about things bothering him.

4:40 PM BBT – James is disheartened and talks with Paulie about the talk he just had with Natalie. James thinks it’s over.

4:45 PM BBT – Tiffany asked Bridgette to tell her things the other HGs have said. Bridgette discusses how she wears sunglasses inside. Tiffany exchanges what she’s heard of Bridgette too including how Michelle doesn’t like her and thinks she’s fake. Neither are too happy with their fellow HGs.

Things are calm at the moment after some heat following the Veto meeting. The real drama this afternoon was with these relationship woes, a low priority on the Big Brother scale, or at least they should be. Hopefully we’ll get back to the campaigning side of things soon.

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  1. The week is still young and I feel DAY won’t keep her composure too much longer. Being OTB can be stressful and many a good player was sent home due to their paranoia while OTB,

  2. I really dont like tiffany, but it was uncalled for for Day to ehip her hair at her. Day you started the drama with your paranoia. And tiff, for crying out loud (pun intended), stopppp whining and crying.

    • Actually Tiffany started the drama with her paranoia. After finding out that Victor was going to nominate her after winning the Roadkill comp, she immediately became paranoid that her alliance was using this as a backdoor option. Her alliance had enough of her paranoia and that’s why they want nothing to do with her. Da’Vonne was just first on the bandwagon to want to send her home.

      • True, i had forgotten. But Day should have let things slide and let tiffany destroy herself.

      • I agree with that, but I don’t blame Day for being paranoid. She knows how dangerous of a player Frank is. She just didn’t want him to get her first. She should have waited until after Tiffany left.

      • I think Tiff’s emotional meltdown after the Victor RK nomination, the other HG’s decided they couldn’t put up with another season of that type of histrionics and would withhold info from Tiff in the future which led to Tiff being somewhat shunned.
        Without info Tiff couldn’t continue her or Van’s manipulative style of playing BB and I’m sure this made her furious.
        Plus, after watching Van last year I can understand why the others were leery of her.

      • I agree with most of your post but I still don’t think it’s fair to judge Tiffany based on how Van played the game. No one seems to be comparing Paulie to Cody and he made it to the final two.

      • Well no, it isn’t fair to compare Tiff to Van – but if I were in the house with Tiff I’d probably be doing the same thing. For the HG’s that did watch last season with Van I can see why they would think Tiff was much more dangerous than Cody/Paulie.

      • I guess it’s hard as a viewer to see how a house guest might think. I would view Cody as dangerous only because if he didn’t brink Derrick to the final two he may have won the game.

      • If only Cory had been more of a greedy person he would never have brought Derrick to the finale.

      • For me, Paulie seems to be playing the game a lot harder than Cody ever did.

      • Paulie probably had a lot of people tutoring him on how to win BB while I don’t know if Corey has even watched the show before. Let’s just say Corey has a lot of room to grow.

      • I meant that Paulie is playing a harder game than his brother Cody did in his season.

      • Sorry, I see now that you were talking about Cody. Paulie is playing a whole lot harder than Cody and he seems to be brainier as well.

      • But it was the week before that Day started stirring the pot, turning Frank against her and her against Frank.

  3. This road kill twist is killing me… Why in the world would you out yourself as a competition threat for HoH when you can’t control nominations? The person who was HoH last week’s best friend went home. If you’re HoH, your closest ally shouldn’t be going home. That’s not how Big Brother works.


    • You’re forgetting that Bridgette had the opportunity to save her “best friend” last week, but didn’t. Bridgette had the full power to save Bronte last week and she didn’t. Her fault, not the roadkill’s.

      • He didn’t really take any gamble at all. He wasn’t sorry that Bronte went home; that made Bridgette more dependent on him and took away one of her Spy Girls alliance members. Frank isn’t dumb,

      • What do you mean? It was very clearly stated that Natalie would have been put up in her place. Either way, the HoH was screwed. How exactly is that the fault of the HoH?

      • I’m happy you like it. I just think it interferes with the game way too much. It’s just too powerful.

      • I agree, I’ve always been a purest myself, I prefer as little production interference as possible and while I feel that the Roadkill is definitely better than the MVP twist (at least they have to earn the power now) I still feel that this, the BOB, the Teams, etc. They all do nothing more than make the game more saturated. I disagree with the notion that it shakes things up, and would actually suggest that it does quite the opposite.

      • Exactly. For three seasons in a row now we’ve had 3 nominees and there is ALWAYS heavy repetition with the same people nominated every single week as placeholders.

        It does NOT shake things up. It makes the HoH scared (and rightfully so) to nominate real threats because there’s a good chance the third nominee that a random person nominates will go home. You want crazy shake ups? Give the HoH the sole power of nominations and see just how crazy things get. This show remains on the air IN SPITE of Allison Groder, not because of her.

      • So during this upcoming HoH competition on Thursday, are you going to be watching on the edge of your seat excited for a power shift? Or when someone wins will you just sigh and think, “It doesn’t matter anyway, since Road Kill is coming up. The HoH doesn’t really control what happens this week.”?

        And what about nominations? Two people get nominated in this long, drawn-out, super intense ceremony. But it doesn’t matter. Because Road Kill is coming up.

        Not trying to be aggressive. I’m genuinely interested in your perspective. I fail to see how this shakes things up. It seems to have the complete opposite effect. The HoH is completely neutered and the anonymous Road Kill winner holds all the power without having to get their hands dirty and avoiding any confrontation in their nomination.

    • Road Kill is to counteract the team twist I guess. Since team twist provides team safety, so Roach Coach will decrease HoH power a lil bit if used wisely.

  4. I know Tiffany cries too much and almost hope she’s out this week for her own good. Otherwise she’s stuck with these people the rest of the Summer in the jury house.

  5. Someone needs to tell Nicole that.. well… she’s not exactly Corey’s type(if u get my drift, lawd hammercy).

    And he’s not even that hot. I mean, he’s tall and cute, but god, he’s got that permanent dumb face. Run away gurl. Run away.

    • Nicole I think is pretty good looking and a registered nurse to boot!
      She is a great catch for some goodlooking guy out there! I am sure there are guys trying to make her their girlfriend.

    • Have to disagree with you there… the dude’s really, really pretty to look at.

  6. – Sounds like the unicorn couple are on the rocks as far as relationship. Don’t see it improving.
    – Day is being more aggressive than necessary (why would you hit someone with your hair?)
    – As bad as I feel for Tiff, she played too much of a messy game, and didn’t keep her cool like Elissa did.
    – Nicole, there is a reason you lost- you got distracted by the sexy. Please don’t make that mistake again.
    – Michelle is turning more nastier and nastier by the second. (Christine 2.0, people?)
    – Paulie is letting the HOH get in his head (seriously didn’t you learn from Frank?)
    – While I still don’t like Frank or Bridgette, everyone else seems to make me like them a bit more.
    – Is Paul even in this game anymore? He seems to be taking a back seat.
    – And a minor complaint- why is no one interesting? We had great people last few years (Donny, Jason, Johnny Mac, Zach, Candice, Howard, and even Elissa). Seriously, why don’t we have interesting people? Heck even James is becoming bland like slop.

    • Haha. Agree on all points. I think things might get drastically more interesting with the return of the Battle Back winner and the end of team immunity. I hope Frank wins HoH and goes after Paulie and Nicole.

  7. Nothing against Day, inclusive -except for that non competitive attitude- I think that she’s a nice person out of all the game pressure, but why she returned? I understand that she’s a good tv character, but tbh as a player she’s not good at all, and definitely Big Brother have a lot of female houseguests with better gameplays, Daniele, Keesha, Elissa, Danielle R., Becky, Shelli (without Clay), Rachel (from BB6), Nakomis, Danielle M., Maggie, Jun, Shelly, etc, etc.

    • not to mention my favorite, Janelle.
      Yeah I actually had higher hopes for Day this season – I actually find her quite likable as a person, but she starting playing way too big way too soon and I have a feeling she will be out this week.

      • I thought that I wrote her name but for a weird reason I mistook her with one of the two Danielle’s hahahaha; but yeah, Janelle is by far one of the best houseguests.

      • Why did James return? He’s literally doing the same thing as last year. He had so much potential and then it fell down the drain for Meg. I don’t even think he tried to have any type of game plan this year. It’s really sad. He could be a phenomenal player.

        IMO Day has learned about 78% from her mistakes. She was doing so good but then she talked to Tiff about Frank. She should have KNOWWWWNNN she is too emotional and will react. She just got too paranoid 2 weeks too quick.

      • Let’s also mention the similarities between Meg & Gnat .. both peppy & friendly … both are not too bright.

      • I agree with you, I say, I don’t dislike James and I think that he’s a good player but like you say, he had a lot of wasted potential, and the same case, there are a lot of good male houseguests that I’m sure that deserves another chance or play again, Johnny, Shane, Steve, Ian, Dan, Will (could be interesting a season with both players), Derrick. etc. etc.

    • BB is not all about gameplay. It’s about good tv. Good tv means bad acting and plenty of drama.

      • You need sacrificial lambs to go out early.
        Coz they are easily manipulated.
        If all HGs are alpha males and females, not sure it’s gonna make good tv.

    • Elissa returning would’ve been awesome. I really liked her in BB15. It would’ve made more sense than bringing Day back too because Elissa was AFP in her season. Daniele Reyes also needs to return!

    • the returning players this year all seem like they were picked from fan favorites. 2 of them won fan fav, Nicole was in top 3, and I know day has always had a big following online from people who respect her gameplay and her as a person. she’s incredibly smart and knows the game even though she has gone too hard too soon. she reads people like an open book. everyone just talks way too much to way too many people for anyone to be safe or have “good” gameplay anymore

  8. I hope sooooo bad Day goes home Thursday. Obviously Frank and Bridgette are game and so are Corey and Nicole, how hard could it be to sway James?!?!

    • I think Day is the only one left in the house that James really trusts. I feel like he knows Frank doesn’t tell him EVERYTHING. And even from the start James and Day said that they’ll be close. They both know they can’t have Frank in the end. Also I don’t think Day would backstab James. And Natalie SUCKS at the game so she’d be no help.

      • As much as Day has been annoying, Tiff is just waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay worse in my opinion. The only thing good is that she can’t win comps (I was so SHOCKED she won this RK hahaha). But she just overacts about everything and will literally make deals with anyone.

  9. They told Paulie about him talking about Vanessa alot as he told Da. Da said he only talked about her one time! #Girlbye

    • I think it’s just another one of her mood swings, bcz James always say she is so moody all the time. I think this time she was jealous of him touching other girls!

    • James has been hearing lots of whispers about Natalie, he’s getting upset but he doesn’t talk about it with Natalie, instead he’s discussing it with others. Natalie knows about it and is upset because of that.
      Who’s wrong who’s right? Stay tuned on BB Soap Opera!

  10. Just want to put this out there…my least favorite HG is Michelle but I fear we are stuck with her for quite a while as long as there are teams…

    • I was starting to like Michelle, but after watching a couple of her conversations with Z, and then her constant “I just HATE that girl, I changed my mind.
      Once the team angle is over, she might be gone sooner than you think. I mean who are her allies? Day & Z … Oops, Sorry!

      • She’s a sh*t starter! Her and Paul is just 2 peas in a pot, bcz both are strange and very very negative people!

    • Right now, my least favorite HG is Paul. I can’t stand that guy.
      I am not a f-word phobic, but he takes it to a whole new level. Plus, you can hear his BIG MOUTH no matter what part of the house they are showing. He’s always bragging about something, + he’s a ratbastrd.
      Bridgette is a close second. She looks like such a nice girl, but she has a mouth like a truck driver. I’m sure it impresses all her patients on the “traveling nurse” route.

    • I think Frank, Bridgette, Paul and Michelle have to be my least favorites as of now!

  11. I am a lil bit frustrated with Big Meech. She’s a mean girl who doesn’t like being called mean. So she cried and threw tantrum at James for calling her mean.
    That the same thing that Day and Nic do. Cry and throw tantrum. Z probably will do the same thing once she’s put on the block.

  12. I feel like I’m the only person that actually likes Da’ Vonne.

    But really, whether or not anyone else likes her is irrelevant to me. Negative opinions do not matter to me and are void of all consideration on my part. I like her

    And that’s all that matters to me :)

      • I am not afraid to voice my opinion, nor should anyone else be for that matter. Nearly every other fan I’ve met can’t stand her, but that doesn’t matter to me. I like her. :)

    • I’m a fan. I especially like how she’s making a clear effort to adjust and improve her game from last season, and at least half succeeding. She’s my long shot for the win. Though it’s getting increasingly more likely that her game is over at this point no matter what she does, unfortunately.

    • Yep. I think you’re the only one who likes Day. ;) I think I would like her at her church, but not in that house.,

  13. Did the lovey dovey a.m. feeds get cut out? There’s just that annoying music and the fish tank from 9:13 til 9:30 a.m. now. Unfair, CBS.

  14. I just love how all Paulie can talk about re: Tiffany is essentially how scared he is of her sister. Do you think he has nightmares about Vanessa?

    • I the picked Van for America’s favorite player! I think in his imaginary brain he is only playing the game w/her! He constantly talks about Vanessa, it’s getting so bad Tiffany need to sleep w/one eye open!

  15. They’re all being childish in their own way. That having been said, I’m especially disgusted by the way Michelle has been acting as of late. Every time that she talks about houseguests, it just comes off as petty and unnecessarily personal.

    I also want to reiterate that people are completely overblowing Day’s ability to play this game and her actions as of late are showing just how unintelligent and reckless she can be when she’s even slightly under pressure. She’s a grown woman (a mother at that) and she’s flipping her hair at people like a petulant child.

    I’m not saying Tiff is blameless, she has blown things completely out of proportion. But between Day, Z and Michelle, this is really turning into a mean girls situation (specifically toward Bridgette and Tiffany) and I honestly think it’s pathetic if you’re supporting that type of behavior.

    • I can not stand how Da, Zak, Michelle is treating Tiff. Nicole did apologize, but no one deserves that kind of treatment and I’m mad that BB let houz guest be bullied to this extreme. It’s a way of playing the game but somethings need to be nipped in the bud! Anyone that thinks it’s ok is just sick in the head!

      • did you not see BB15? Same thing, but this is tame compared to what went on there

      • Agree completely. What hypocrits. Last night Michelle was being so neurotic and paranoid, almost in tears over anyone thinking Tiff was telling the truth. I hope someone blows up her and Day’s game soon.

  16. If Day and Tiff would agree to cease fire and concentrate their effort to get rid of Natalie instead. Day can easily persuade Z and Nic that Nat is after their men, Corey will follow how Nic votes. And both Tiff and Day make a new alliance with Frank and Bridge.
    So they will have 5 votes to evict Natalie already and save their own asses.

    • That won’t work. Nicole would be too suspicious of Day. Even though ideally, that would be a great move for both of them.

  17. Everybody at this point is just really not likable at all! I seriously stopped liking Paulie after this week, Zakiyah and Michelle I don’t care for either. I have liked Tiffany this week, but her crying is getting a little unbearable lol!

  18. Day hid Tiff’s gorilla toy. Is this a kindergarten?
    And they have a Giraffe’s bday party and Tiff’s not invited. Great haha.

    • For Da it is! Now if Tiff would of did that to her she would of acted a fool! And that does not take much!

    • Day is just extremely unlikable for me at this point. Was it really necessary to hit Tiff with her extensions? I’ve been hit with braids before, and it feels like a slap in the face. And then Day decided to hide the girl’s stuffed animal! Day seriously needs to grow up. I hope she gets evicted on Thursday!

      • Apparently her emotions are controlling her actions,. I don’t think that she would like her daughter to see her act like a spoiled school girl

  19. Frank thinks he has the vote to get Da out, but he just don’t realize James, Michelle, and funky Paul will not make a move unless it’s ran by Paulie.

      • I can not believe not one of them have half a brain to do what’s best for their game! Paulie is so cocky and they are like little wimps under him. I hope James come out of his cocoon and pull a big move, but that’s asking a lot!

  20. Why is Natalia imitating the twins from.last year, Jaaaassmes! Uggghhh cannot take it.

  21. So during this upcoming HoH competition on Thursday, are you going to be watching on the edge of your seat excited for a power shift? Or when someone wins will you just sigh and think, “It doesn’t matter anyway, since Road Kill is coming up. The HoH doesn’t really control what happens this week.”?

    And what about nominations? Two people get nominated in this long, drawn-out, super intense ceremony. But it doesn’t matter. Because Road Kill is coming up.

    I fail to see how this shakes things up. It seems to have the complete opposite effect. The HoH is completely neutered and the anonymous Road Kill winner holds all the power without having to get their hands dirty and avoiding any confrontation in their nomination.

    • Don’t get it wrong, the HOH still holds more power than the RK winner. First of all, their safe from going up OTB. Secondly, they get to decide 2/3 nominees.

      Now I do agree with you that the HOH loses control due to the RK. It makes backdooring someone very difficult, especially if they end up winning RK and nominates a big target.

      However, I think once we have the returnee the game will go back to its traditional rules. I don’t think the RK or teams will be in effect for too much long.

    • She’s such a liar! She and Da have been spreading lies since the first week and no one suspects a thing about Michelle.

      • It’s key, but you have to be a good liar – quality, not quantity. From what I have seen, people who are able to avoid telling their truth without actually lying have the most success.

      • That’s the point. They justify their hating by saying others are lying when they have been the ones to spread the most lies.

  22. I don’t get Paulie thinking Tiffany’s game is the same as Vanessa’s. There are nothing alike. Vanessa was constantly playing, lying and strategizing with everyone and she was usually wrong in her assessments of the house. For the most part I think Tiffany was laying low and trying to fit in where she could. I never saw any strategy from her until she hooked up with Frank after almost being evicted. I think Paulie is giving Tiffany too much credit for game play.

    • Paulie doesn’t have any thoughts of his own. He’s so weakminded he is easily brainwashed by Michelle who is really really manipulating everyone in the house. It was Michelle that at the beginning began to make statements that Tiff was falling apart, that she was paranoid and unstable, that she had studied her sister’s game, and later that she had studied Audrey’s game. What??? Why would she act like Audrey? Audrey was ostracized. She didn’t come close to winning. Michelle is so full of crap but everyone is falling for it. That’s why she’s so paranoid and having fits. Her schemes are unraveling.

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