Big Brother 18 Live Feeds Week 3: Tuesday Daytime Highlights

Tuesday started out with Houseguests trying to decide which way to shift their votes and nothing seems final just yet for this week’s Big Brother 18 eviction. Before too long the HoH camera was out and the sun was shining just right for a day at the pool.

Bridgette has her HoH camera

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Big Brother 18 Live Feed Highlights – Tuesday, July 12, 2016:

8:00 AM BBT – Tiffany is up and wandering the house doing some cleaning which desperately needs to be done.

9:15 AM BBT – James is up and Tiffany talks with him about the vote. She tells him Frank won RK. James acts surprised. Tiffany promises James she’d be a strong asset and they could work together. Tiffany feels good that she has four solid votes and needs only one more. She’s asking lots of questions and he’s doing his best not to lie or tell her the truth.

9:35 AM BBT – James reports back to Day that Tiffany thinks she has four votes. Da’Vonne says they need to stick to the plan and get out Tiffany so they can focus on Frank next week. If they don’t get Tiffany out then Frank will know things are falling apart and he’ll be alert to their plans.

9:45 AM BBT – James says he’d vote to keep Tiffany if they had enough. Da’Vonne agrees. Michelle is there and seems to be going along with the plan. Day worries that Nicole and Corey might go back on any promises to keep Tiffany.

10:05 AM BBT – James wants to talk with Nicole and Corey to see what they can make happen. Day says she’ll get Tiffany to go Nicole and work on her.

11:20 AM BBT – Frank and Bronte are relaxing outside chatting about the house and HGs.

11:50 AM BBT – Frank explaining the Double Eviction to Bronte. She’s getting lots of details from his season and his frustrations with Dan.

12:15 PM BBT – HoH camera has arrived.

12:50 PM BBT – Powerpuff girls taking underwater pics.

1:45 PM BBT – Lazy day by the pool for these HGs.

1:55 PM BBT – Tiffany checks in with Nicole to see if she still has the numbers. It’s hard to hear but Tiffany thinks she’s still safe.

1:58 PM BBT – Nicole is worried about Corey being on slop. He’s not eating anything and is only drinking coffee.

2:51 PM BBT – Tiffany asks Paulie if he’s heard anything about the vote. He tells her nothing since what he heard initially. She tells him that James, Michelle and Day will keep her. She says it makes sense that Nicole and Corey will keep her. And she implies that Paulie would keep her since they’ve been on the same side. He says “yeah.” She wonders if she should talk to Frank. Paul tells her it’s her call. He says Frank doesn’t talk to him about what his voting plans are. “He’s so sketchy,” Tiffany says.

2:53 PM BBT – Tiffany tells Paulie that if they keep her she’s another person to go after Frank next week. She tells Tiffany that whatever those guys want she’ll do. She’ll do anything they say.

3:32 PM BBT – Da’Vonne telling Michelle that she told Tiffany to socialize but she decided to clean instead. She said these people are going to send her home. Day wants to keep Tiffany now. She said she told Tiffany to go to Nicole to ask for a sympathy vote so that she could have enough votes to stay.

3:44 PM BBT – Day asks Michelle when it became OK in Big Brother to have a showmance. They talk about how crazy it is that everyone is OK with all the showmances and think it’s cute instead of a threat.

3:57 PM BBT – Tiffany tells Day that she talked with Paulie and that they agree to vote out Bronte. She asks Day if she should believe them. Day just sighs. Tiffany asks Day what her gut tells her. Day said she doesn’t know because last year people looked her in the face and told her they were keeping her and only Audrey and Jason voted to keep her. Day asks her way HER gut feeling is. She says she hopes she can trust them.

4:00 PM BBT – Tiffany asks Day about how she feels with Corey/Nicole/Z/Paulie. Day says she feels like she’s on the outskirts of that one.

4:03 PM BBT – James asks Paulie if Tiffany is who he wants to go home. James asks because they decided on her because she was going after Fran but now that’s not an issue since everyone wants Frank out. Paulie says yes because Tiffany could blow up the game of Paulie, James and Corey. James said he wanted to make sure the target is Tiffany for their own reasons and not Frank’s reasons. Paulie says stick to the plan: Tiffany then Frank.

So later in the day Tiffany’s nerves got to her and she started campaigning a bit. She seems to have Da’Vonne on her side now, but it’s not clear what everyone else is actually thinking. Things should be interesting the next couple of days.

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  1. I’m kinda apathetic about this season. Tiffany annoys me because she sounds just like her sister Vanessa and I really don’t want to watch another season of paranoia. But the rest of the cast has failed to capture me. Right now I don’t care who advances and that’s not good.

    • Tiffy might be annoying to watch if you have feeds, but I don’t and am getting info from BBN and Jokers. So far, I haven’t been aware of Tiffy exhibiting any more paranoia than anyone else and not as much as some. She hasn’t annoyed me much because she hasn’t done much of anything period.

      • She really isn’t that annoying on feeds. It’s Natalie, Bridgette and Bronte that are more annoying! LOLOL

      • That’s is now big brother is protrain them girls .did you see the interview with natalie and Jeff before she came into the house a sweetheart and made her this flirty bitch

      • I never put much weight on what contestants say before they enter the house. That all changes quickly! LOLOL

      • Honestly at this point Tiff sleeps a lot and it’s
        The 3 PPG’s that are most annoying to me!

      • I don’t have the feeds either but I really grew to dislike Vanessa last season and Tiffany reminds me so much of her. The mannerisms, the speech, the stupid hats, etc. so when she shows even a little paranoia it brings me back to last season. Probably unfair of me but I don’t think BB did her any favors by bringing her on right after her sister. Vanessa was too polarizing.

      • I felt the same way and would be very leery of Tiffy if I was in that house. I think it is warranted. Tiffy definitely hasn’t advanced to the Vanessa level of annoying and I’m not sure she is even capable of that.

    • I’m really having a hard time investing in this season. I have watched from the time BB began, but this season isn’t working for me. Very disappointed – I don’t like all the vets back in, the 3 insipid giggling girls in there. BB please give us a chance to miss them before bringing back. Also, could you find 3 girls who don’t giggle hysterically and squeal constantly.

      I can’t even watch After Dark

      • I thing high school is a little mature for them … the squealing, giggling, baby talk is just painful.
        I was watching some of the BBAD the other night & listening to Brigette stroking Frank’s ego was so exaggerated “Oh you’re right Frank” “You’re a beast Frank!” “You’re so smart Frank” etc, etc, etc … Barf
        And, don’t get me started on Natalie & James … “You’re just SO mean” as she pouts & bats her fake eyelashes.

      • ROFLMAO…okay, middle-school then! hahaha Frank was showing no interest in Bridgette’s stroking either…he just kept talking game the whole night with her, and she was just a “yes” woman the whole time!

      • I know! Bridgette is so stinking dingy, she reminds me of a 5th grade girl. It’s uncomfortable to watch at times for me, especially when she’s with Frank, ugh! I cannot believe these girls are in their mid-20s.

      • I too am disappointed but it’s not the first time. Lol. I don’t like when they bring vets back either unless it’s an “All-Star” season. The funny thing is I have watched every season, except the first one, and I have absolutely no memory of Frank and when they said he was fan favorite I was a little concerned. I haven’t sustained a brain injury that I know of so I will attribute it to early onset BB dementia.

      • Don’t worry. He didn’t make an impression on me, either. And I binge-watched the old ones (more recently than when they aired).

  2. Even if the HGs decided to save Tiffy, next they would have to decide who to evict; something else they wouldn’t agree on. I don’t see any scenario, presently, where Tiffy will not be evicted.

    • Maybe but even DAY is starting to realize the implications to the alliance if Tiff stay’s. I still think Tiff will walk out the door this week and Frank will walk next week and be the final person to fight in the Battle Back. Which could Day’s downfall if it goes that way.

    • Nic is the hold out, who is connected to Corey and connected to Paulie, then she has a F2 with Frank. He’s not gonna take her, he’ll take one of the dumb girls. To be honest, after watching 3 episodes, Tiff looks more trust worthy than the Vets. lol

      • I totally agree with that. I think Frank will be Frank’s downfall if he can’t beat those that now want him out.

  3. IMO.. the biggest mistake BB made was forcing houseguests into teams, then whole winning team being safe from being put up on the block!

  4. This season is so boring. The so called BB Twists are actually making the show too predictable. No one cares who wins because people are throwing comps left and right to keep Frank in control. The DR sessions seem coached & rehearsed. The show is looking scripted. Wait! Any minute now Frankie will come waltzing in and we’ll have to endure another Ariana concert. Yawn.

    • I’m all 4 shakin it up! I’d rather Bronte go. That would make Bridgette and Natalie weaker. Plus, one less PP giggler. :D

      • i hear ya. i dont hear her tho. i havent been bothered by them yet. theyd have to show more on tv. i just go by the posts.

      • That’s all that the feeds showed…feeds aren’t showing four areas of the house either when they’re all scattered throughout. They’re mostly focused on two angles in two rooms where those girls are usually congregating! LOLOL Tiffany is the more quiet one so far. On BBAD it showed mostly all of Frank and Bridgette for a good portion of it. I’m thankful I had feeds where I could switch to a different conversation going on, even if that was a bit gag-worthy too! At least I got a bit of variety shall we say instead of one long boring session! :-)

      • I will be glad when they get Bronte, Bridgette the tickle monster, Natalie, Paulie, Corey, and brainless Nicole out!

  5. Gosh it’s boring cast. I’m not having fun watching bbad. Oldies are annoying this season.

    • I have to disagree, it might not be a cat fight a minute, but this is better than the largest alliance just picking of people in a prearranged order. (Although, people do seems to be going in a pre-arranged order .. LOL)
      The teams are the reason the Vets were not the first to go.

  6. I don’t see any have nots. Is there have nots this season. I hope not. I hope the end the have not tradition or go back to pb and j for have nots.

    • They do have have nots. Poor Corey’s stomach was hurting the other night b/c of drinking coffee and NOT eating his slop (we think). I think this cast is more entertaining than not, but I think the teams and having 3 noms for eviction really hurts this show. Maybe they’ll drop those 2 things soon!!

  7. I can’t say I have a real favorite this year, but I also don’t have one/any that I really Hate either. Last year it was Vanessa, Liz & Austin (in that order on my “Eww, I can’t stand you list”.
    I do have a preferred order of eviction list though:

    • So basically you’re wanting the final 4 to be Nicole, James, Corey and Paulie? 2 vets and 2 newbies?

      • Now this is depressing … I don’t want to see any of them win either! LOL
        The last contestant I really enjoyed seeing in the Winner’s Circle was Ian from BB12. Derick from BB14 really deserved his win, but his road to glory was pretty boring. Steve from last year was good, especially against the final line up.

      • Ian won in BB14, Derrick won in BB16..LOL I’d like to see a girl win this season, just not Bronte, Natalie or Bridgette! LOL

      • I’m sure your right, I think I was going by the actual year, not the episode year. (If that makes sense)
        I’d like to see a woman win too, but out of the females available Tiffany would be my choice, and she will never make it that far. I think she is getting bad rap because of her connection & similarities to Vanessa, but I don’t think she shares her character.

      • Year would make sense, yup! I’m in agreement with you on Tiffany when comparing her to her sister. They’re only similar in the way they speak and their expressions. That’s it!

      • Agree Kim. Tiff is paying for being Van’s sister. If she was not – she would just be a floater or back-bencher.

      • Ugh, I don’t want those 4! Corey doesn’t need money (I don’t think).. I want James in F4 or better.

    • Why don’t u like Bronte. I think she is smart. Did u see anything that I might have missed?

  8. They’re starting to get resistance from the men. James is down with saving Tiffany but wants to send Paul out rather than Bronte. Paulie is against the idea completely. I don’t think Corey has thoughts in his head other than dicks so who knows what he’ll do.

    Ugh, Paulie is being annoying trying to shut this down. He clearly got game tips from Derrick on how to eliminate the joy from the house on particular matters. I have no idea why he’s so afraid of Tiffany. She does not have Vanessa’s misting powers. Zakiyah seemed like she folded immediately trying to pitch it to him. Gurl, I know his abs are beautiful, but think for yourself!

    • James is becoming too attached to Natalie…that’s the only reason he doesn’t want Bronte to be evicted. Bronte is Nat’s “buddy”! Game wise, it would be better for James’ game to get Bronte out or she will end up being his downfall when it comes down to Nat, Bridgette and Bronte ganging up on him. J/S

      • Ugh. Tiffany adds nothing to the feeds. Bronte’s actually pretty fun.
        Natalie’s going to be so sad. James probably won’t even give her the heads-up.
        Day must be evicted next week.

      • I think Frank needs to be evicted next week. He’s becoming a bit overconfident shall we say?

      • Everyone is bending to Paulie’s will for some reason and Nicole just told Corey she doesn’t want to piss Frank off. Um…k.

        Now Nicole is saying she wants Day out next week and that she wants to tell Frank that Day tried to flip the vote? What the shady hell? Honestly, I really can’t with Nicole this season. Her whiny entitlement is getting on my nerves something fierce. She is the classic “I’m a female who must only be surrounded by men and get out all other women” type of player. I basically stanned for her in BB16 and now I want her to feel the block really badly.

      • Hard to believe she’s going along with yet another teammate of hers being evicted rather than someone else that’s on the block on another team. Even Corey tried to talk sense into her, telling her she should want to keep her teammate, Tiffany. I think her giddiness over Corey is getting in the way of sensible game play.

      • This is fundamentally the same problem Nicole had last time she played. She kept getting screwed over by dudes repeatedly and ignored all of the warning signs about it. She is weak willed and threatened by other women for the most part. But it’s gone into overdrive this season. She actually said she would rather do Frank’s dirty work than Day’s. WHY?! And does Nicole honestly think her plan to get out in front of the “get out Frank” idea to Frank will fly with everyone else in the alliance? She is in for some hurting if she keeps this up. Like, stop trying to play BB16 Christine’s game.

      • I agree. Bless Nic for telling him with Bronte gone, Nat will get closer to him. Nars said she wants a girl to win and those 3 are taking each other if, somehow, they trip and fall into the F3. Hypothetical of course. Lol

      • James did admit to Nicole this afternoon that he thinks Nat like Corey to which Nicole was basically like “duh”

    • I am not watching the feeds, just following on jokers – but I don’t see why Paulie is being so adamant. And all the comparisons to Van. She is her sister, true, but there is no comparison – but Van played a great game. Tiffany is not.

      At this point last year, Van had Austin and the twins locked up. She had Shelli and by association Clay. And she also had Steve. She was a strategist and was the prime mover of her alliance. Tiffany has done nothing and the way that Paulie is making her out to be the boogeyman (boogeywoman ???) indicates to me that something else must be going on for him, even just a personal dislike of Van (from his bro?? or derrick).

      • It’s puzzling that he seems this way about her when his brother or Derrick didn’t even play in Van’s season. Hate he’s making comparisons, which is tending to cloud his judgment than the actual reality in front of him. She poses no threat..period.

      • He talks a little too much, brags about Derrick’s advise all the time. His strategy is so visible, he’s making himself a target.

      • He’s butthurt because Tiff almost ruined his HoH last week by trying to win veto even tho she had been promised safety.
        He said it to Paul around 4am this morning.
        Saying Tiff is like Van doesn’t make any sense, since would Paulie like to be called Cody 2.0?

    • Zak is just another tag along waste w/no brain! Paulie wants to be Derrick so bad! Paulie always talking like his brother was the best player in BB history but we all know he was the player that made the most horrible, dumb move in all of BB history!

  9. My favourite season was when there was a guy name Justin and girl name Dana lol.
    I still love Justin. He played with such integrity that I can not forget. I wonder whatever happened to him. I can not forget that season.

      • I miss those early seasons. There was still a certain innocence about the game and most of the players were recruited for their genuine likeability. There also weren’t all these stunts and twists to try to keep the game fresh – a much slower pace but you still enjoyed watching to see how relationships would develop from epi to epi. I remember the first time the back-door move was devised and used – I think it was bb5? Dude thought he was safe when he didn’t get nominated – think his name was Jason – and then BAM the look of shocked realization on his face when he got put up after one of the noms was taken down.

      • Omg yep I remember that epi. It was really something.
        Oh how I miss those early bb shows.
        Justtttttin. Where are uuuuu.
        I looooooove u. ❤️

  10. Why are people afraid to go after Frank? It’s like BB14 all over again. Are people that afraid of him? He may be a comp beast but at the same time if you back door him you’ll get him out. Heck the only people who succeeded getting Frank out were Dan and Ian. (Is Frank still bitter at Dan? Gag me)

    I honestly feel like Frank is the guy you wanna get rid of, but he never goes away. If people actually used their heads, they can get rid of a strong threat. How hard is that to comprehend?

    • He was saying Dan’s Funeral didn’t work. lol Crazy! It was disappointing, he’s been busy bashing Dan G on feeds, while Dan has been a very cool dude on twitter rooting for him. So ridiculously bitter four years later. That’s one player you don’t want in the Jury.

      • Yes, since June, he’s basically supporting all the Vets. I’m not sure how he feels of Frank now.

      • Actually I read Dan’s website (I’m a fan, sue me) and he said that he and Frank are friends now.

      • I’m sure they’re cordial, since they’re both Vets., that’s why Franks attitude towards Dan on feeds were shocking. He hated most of the players in his season. Even Ian and Brit. I think he’s a friend of Boogie. I follow Dan on tweeter….he’s got interesting tweets of BB18

  11. Paulie’s butthurt because Tiff almost ruined his HoH last week by trying to win veto even tho she had been promised safety.
    That says something about him altho once he sets his mind into something he will pursue it till the end, that’s a good thing, I guess.
    The same thing cannot be said about Nicole, gawd I am really tired of her constant paranoia and flip-flopping.

    • Agree..Nicole is being ridiculous with her constant “you’re not gonna put me up, right? It’s OK for her to be paranoid and emotional..but, not Tiffany…Tiffany is paying the price for being Vanessa’s sister.

  12. You people don’t understand the way people ACT is not the way they are in real life example Boston rob rob on surviour was a backstabbber and a ass but in real life a nice guy

  13. Honestly, if the goal is to get Frank out next week then they NEED to stick to getting rid of Tiffany so that Frank thinks everything is going according to plan. We’ve already seen from Frank’s season that he typically operates well under pressure and pulls a win when he needs to. IF the vote comes back and Tiffany doesn’t leave, it won’t frazzle Frank… It will light a fire under his tail and make him fight hard for HOH verses him feeling comfortable going into HOH like he doesn’t NEED the win.

  14. After just reading updates on jokers I’m hoping that Frank goes to final 2 with Bridgette. These players have the attention span of a 3 year old. Making plans one minute then throwing each other under the bus the next minute. It’s not even logical.

    • I wasn’t team Frank, but now I’m all for Frank winning it all! Frank is the only one in the houz that wants to play the game! If Frank was not in the houz it would be even more boring. I guess they need to keep Frank for this living dead crew! Everyone, wants to lay up w/everyone and pass the_________(fill in the blank)

  15. I don’t like Michelle or z useless and big brother took a sweetheart like natalie in her interview with Jeff and made natalie this flirty bitch

    • What?!?
      Please explain Natalie’s forced personality transition.
      Do they make her giggle, squeal & cheerlead too?

      • I’m so sick of t he PP girls, they are all like little kids! Nat w/all the jumps and kicks, Bridgette w/that constant hyena laugh, and Bronte w/I have a big secret…I got good grades in school…I’m the nerd…whoa I want a man to look at me…constant complaining and racist remarks! I would have now packed my bags and told BB show me the door if I was in that houz!

  16. Nicole is a moron. Not necessarily because she doesn’t want to keep Tiffany but in general. This is her 3rd chance at the game and once again she wants to be the “cool” girl who gets along with all the guys. Her inability to learn never ceases to surprise me. So here’s to hoping she goes soon, though since she’s not a threat it’s possible she’ll be dragged along for a while

    • OMG! Great minds think alike! Nicole is a waste! She only comes to the BB houz to lay up w/whatever man that will speak to her. She wants to let other people play her game and think for her. I can not stand Nicole bcz she is a prime example of fraud, waste, and abuse! I will be so glad when this brainless girl gets to meet Julie!!

  17. Nicole said a relationship to her is more than a half a mill! WTF did she come to the BB houz to do? #IMDONE!!!!!

  18. Does it bother anyone else that Bridgette LOOKS like such a nice girl, but has a mouth like a truck driver?
    I don’t think the Sons of Anarchy said the f-word as often as she does.

  19. I am glad that James finally wakes up from Nataliland and plays the games. James, Day and Big Meech for Final 3! Paul can tag along to make F4, friendship rules!

  20. Common people be nice. These are real people u r talking about not some movie characters. ??????????????

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