‘Big Brother 18’ Live Feeds Week 11: Thursday Night Highlights

No mysteries for the HGs over Victor’s targets but James wants to see if he can stop Natalie from going up with him as he prepares for a talk with Victor.

11:17 PM BBT – Nicole says no one has ever gotten under her skin like Michelle did. Paul thinks Michelle could have gotten aggressive if she was pushed enough.

11:19 PM BBT – Corey talks to Nicole and Paul about how James, Natalie and Michelle waited until 30 minutes before the eviction to ask for Michelle to stay.

11:29 PM BBT – Nicole talks to Paul about how before the live show she told Natalie she was keeping Paul. She said Natalie flipped out and wanted to go get James and Corey to talk about it.

12:05 AM BBT – Victor is back from DR with his HoH room key. Everyone goes up to check it out. His letter is from his dad this time.

1:05 AM BBT – James wants to talk with Victor. He tells Victor he knows he’s going up on the BLock and wants to be sure to talk to him first. James reveals he and Natalie had a F4 deal with Nicole and Corey as well which is why he voted to evict Victor last time. Victor says James and Natalie used them to do all their dirty work.

1:10 AM BBT – James is telling Victor that Natalie doesn’t deserve to go on the Block because she wanted Victor to stay but didn’t have a vote. Victor tells James she would go on the Block by association with James. Nicole and Corey walk in and break up the talk.

1:20 AM BBT – Victor lets Nicorey know James revealed that he and Natalie had a F4 deal with them. Victor says it doesn’t matter now.

1:25 AM BBT – Victor tells Corey that James was trying to get him on the Block next to James instead of Natalie going up but he promises he’ll stick to his word just like Nicole and Corey did last week so they don’t have to worry.

1:40 AM BBT – James tells Natalie she should be fine this week and he convinced Victor to make him the target instead of her.

1:45 AM BBT – Natalie tells James she will use the Veto on him if she wins it and he can’t stop her. She says James is her best friend and soulmate. She wants him to win the game.

1:55 AM BBT – Victor goes to talk with Natalie in the London room. James leaves. Victor promises her she is not his target and she thanks him for letting her know. James comes back in and Natalie lets him know that James is the target this week and she’ll be the target next week.

2:00 AM BBT – Natalie tells James they should never have gone against their deal with Victor and Paul. James admits she’s right. He realizes this is the first time all season that he’s openly been the target.

2:45 AM BBT – Nicole doing her usual worrying and fears she could end up a pawn and on the Block this week. Corey calms her fears and says Victor already warned Natalie to get ready for the Block.

3:15 AM BBT – Paul and Victor are still awake. Paul is upset that Michelle stole his pelican inflatable. (An audience member reported production rescued Pablo, but he clearly hasn’t been returned yet.)

4:50 AM BBT – Natalie and James laying around and talking. Natalie telling James it makes no sense for her to stay this week if she’s just going to follow him out next week. James counters that she has a better chance of recovering in the game and moving on.

There should be no surprises on Friday as Victor sets up his noms with James and Natalie going to the Block. From there the pressure is on for the Veto and then we’ll see if any of these promises to save the other will happen or if the noms are locked down. What do you hope happens?

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  1. So James and Natalie are going to be bitter -_- and vote for victor if he is in final 2. I wish they would vet out bitter people in casting!

    • Not sure what james/nat mindset is but i would vote for vic in f2. Not for bitterness but bc he deserves it over nicole.

    • You have it backwards my friend. In what world is Nicole more deserving of this win than Victor?

      • She’s never been evicted, she’s never been nominated, she’s gotten two of her targets out. JMO

    • I don’t think there is any way you can predict whose going to be a bitter juror and who will vote based on game. That being said, Victor, I believe, deserves to win over Nicole. Who is to say they are being bitter, the guy is about to nominate them.

    • I don’t think they are bitter…They both know that Victor fought hard to stay in the house.. Nicole has had an easy ride…so far…lets see where she is at the end of the week…BB has a way of upsetting the best of plans…

      • Just curious why you think she’s had an easy ride? Her name has been TUTB more times then I can count. Everytime someone got evicted they blamed Nicole. Which I found very funny. She’s been a target from day one and has never been on the block. She’s played a great game also.

  2. Yes, Michelle possibly has many psychological issues besides being immature, vindictive, bratty, and catty. I thought her taking Pablo was very cruel. But… Dingus is worried that her mother didn’t say she was proud of Dingus. Now why would she be worried? Maybe because what Michelle said is true, that Dingus f**ked her way to the end. Conscience bothering Dingus a little? It should be, but I seriously doubt it.

    • She said “this is awkward” during her parents video message. You can tell michelle has some serious family issues lol….

      • She fake cried through the season..over stupid stuff..but, when her parents ares shown..stone face. This girl has problems. She will be one of the most hateful jurors ever. It’s like she thinks the world is against her and she acts out to get attention. She needs some therapy!

      • I think she said it looked like her parents were held at gunpoint on the video. They actually did look awkward but only in that they looked uncomfortable in front of a camera maybe. Then again, maybe they were scared to say the wrong thing to her – they have probably seen her wrath.

    • I heard on BBAD last night that Paul had told Meech he was gping to grab Pablo and toss into the audience. Looks as if Meech hijacked that idea AND Pablo. I hope production did get it back into the house tho.

      • I seriously hate her. She thinks she was being smart “calling out” Nicole but all she did was embarrass herself and show what a bitter, jealous sore loser she is. She’s an absolute child. Good riddance meech!

    • My question is why…why did she steal Pablo? Is she that self-centered. Does she want to be the center of the attention that much? I get that it’s just an inflatable toy, but come on!

      For someone who claims to be a superfan (whatever that really means) she was just the worst!

      • Attention, exactly, any kind she can get, including negative attention. It’s hard to feel sorry for her, although she seems to have serious issues that she needs help with.

      • The fact that she would act in such an extreme way on a live show makes her look a bit scary to me now. Bizarre loose cannon. I would stay out of her way if I was Nicole.

      • Definitely attention. She could not shut up last night. Rambled during her speech, rambled on her way out the door, even kept rambling after Julie was clearly concluding the post-eviction interview.

        I anticipate she will be very, very vocal in jury and on finale night.

      • She’s morally bankrupt & narcissistic. Needs to watch all the shows carefully when she gets home. Then get to a good shrink. As much as we all despised her, gotta still feel some pity for the girl! Kinda like we do for Paulie who also needs some lengthy couch visits with a good Doc.

      • Sadly, Paulies family didnt think he did anything wrong and actually got a BAD edit from CBS. WTF???? His family and primarily his dad will reinforce his views after show ends and he won’t get any insight or personal growth from this.

  3. James continues to be the most clueless player in the house.

    But I would vote out Natalie over James this week. James only wins endurance type comps and I don’t think the next HoH will be an endurance comp. Natalie is better than James at mental comps and I expect mental comps to come next – although we still have to see the slip and slide unless they did away with that one.

    • True. Either is a win and personally I want James to go but yeah Natalie is better at the majority of comps. I’m afraid if James stays he’ll float to the finale.

    • I would vote out James just in case there’s another wall-type endurance competition at some point, especially since production loves James so I wouldn’t put it past them to throw in as many competitions that favor his skill set as they can…

      • Agreed. And also, if by chance he floats to F3 the first comp they do is endurance. So I would just get rid of him now so I wouldn’t have to worry about him later. Paul, Vic and Nicole are pretty good at mental comps and could easily beat Natalie.

    • James has also won a couple crapshoots. I still want him gone though. His head is so far up Natalie’s butt he can’t see what’s going on right in front of him.

  4. Even though I am rooting for Victor, this is going to be a boring week.

    An extremely boring week.

  5. I really hope that once they get to Jury they stick to this plan “James and Natalie agree they’d vote for Victor to win over Nicole in the final two.”

    Da said in jury tape she would vote for P or V. Now at least one of them needs to get to F2.

  6. I’m sooooo glad Vic won!!! I don’t care what anybody says, that guy deserves to win (IMO LOL). I’m tired of peeps spewing that BS about him being out twice, blah blah blah blah.. He fought his way back both times & won the most HOHs while handling himself well this entire time! Nobody in that house even comes close to him… the next maybe Paul, maybe..

    • I agree with you. I don’t look at him getting evicted twice as a negative as much as I look at him getting back in twice as a positive. #TeamVic

    • I completely agree. Him getting back in twice just shows what a beast he is. He competed against four other people both times and won both times. It’s not like Vic was the only one given the opportunity. Plus the vets are on their second chance as well. Technically James and Nicole have already been evicted too.

      I just love Vic as a person, a competitor, and a player. Pulling hard for him to win! #teamVic

  7. Nicole wants to be the only girl left in the house so I think she will push for Nat to go this week. Nicole has people in the jury house that will not vote for her…Day, Michelle, Bridgette, maybe Z…I don’t see her winning.

    • That would be motivation for the others to take her to F2. I know Paul and Vic would take each other but if they wanted to be garaunteed the win, Nicole would be their best bet. I mean plus the added bonus of how pissed off meech would be if Nicole was there.

    • If she’s up against Nat I think she would have Corey, Victor, Paul and Paulie’s vote. Nat would have Day, Bridgette, Michelle and James vote. Zak would be a toss up. And if Zak and Paulie have made up I’d see Z voting for Nicole. She’d be smart to go to the end with Nat.

  8. What a waste getting Michelle out. She was never going to win. This season has been disappointing. Paul or Vic will win and though while deserving I do not like either one. Paul especially diary room sessions are annoying and loud. Too bad no one else was playing for the half mil

  9. paul and vic both want the 500k but i think they are willing to let the jurors decide which of them is more deserving, i think getting to the end with friendship was more the goal and for both to pick up some cash in the end, that’s probably why the talk of michelle sitting next to one of them at the end was never a consideration, #nevercared…they played the hardest they deserve to be f2

    • I mostly agree that they want to be F2 together and let the jury decide. But, Vic will care more about winning the $$$. Paul is maybe more interested in the publicity he’s getting for his clothes. I could me wrong though, Paul is definitely a wild card sometimes.

  10. I want James to go home sooooo bad. One he’s annoying AF, stupid, and a liar. Two he would go after Vic and Paul if he won HOH. Natalie is better at comps but she would definitely go after Nicole and Corey.

  11. if Pictor make it to the final together…. I believe Paul will win over Victor, but if Paul goes and Victor makes it to the end… Victor will most likely win.
    It’s going to be like Cody (Victor) and Derrick (Paul) at the end. Unless something drastic happens.

  12. Natalie shouldn’t regret evicting Victor. James however should regret giving the HOH to Nicole. That is the reason why they are in this position.

    • Nope because first Nicole wasn’t going anywhere and James was going to fall any minute. That’s the only reason he made that deal. If he could of stayed up he wouldn’t of made a deal. And she did keep both of them safe. Unlike James who went back on his deals. Second if they would of voted Corey out then Paulie would of came back and Nicole still would of been HOH and then she would of put James up. So he would of been a target even sooner. He screwed his own game by laying around in bed with Natalie all season.

      • Had James not told Nicole to squat down. Nicole would have fell. Nicole said on the feeds that she was struggling and when James told her to squat, she felt comfortable.

        If they evicted Victor and he won the buyback, James could have won that HOH and put Victor right back up on the block alongside Paul. Keeping Michelle, James, and Natalie safe for another week and putting them in a good position.

      • But she did squat down and she was good. She could of went for hours longer. So James was never going to win that HOH. And if they didn’t evict Victor like your saying Natalie should of regretted then Paulie would of been back. Like I said before Nicole would of still been HOH. They’d still be on the block.

      • My point is James messed up telling Nicole to squad. Also I think evicting Victor was a good move on their part. But James didn’t win the wall comp, so both Paul and VIc are still in the house gunning after Jatalie. That’s where they messed up. James not winning the wall comp.

      • I agree. James even said he never should of told Nicole to squat down because then she was good.

  13. If I were Victor and Paul I would make sure they target James this week, and Nicole the following week. And take Natalie to the final 3, and be loyal to each other, and than may the best man win in the final 2.

  14. Just curious where everyone is getting this Michelle saying Nicole eff’d her way to the end? Rumors? Social media? Because I rewatched the show 3 times in slow motion where Michelle is yelling and tried to read her lips. It didn’t look like she said that. Then I also have the feeds and rewatched everything after the eviction and Nicole said she said FLOATED her way to the end. So please whoever is starting these rumors give me a time on the feeds because I clearly didn’t hear that.

  15. In the end if Vic is the final 2, the Puerto Rican Sensation deserve to win. Who do you think will win America’s Favorite?

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