‘Big Brother 18’ Live Feeds: Drinks Come Out But Did The Truth Follow Too?

You’ve got to watch what you say in the Big Brother house which makes drinking a potentially dangerous situation to be in especially when you’re this close to the finish line. So what happened when you mixed booze with this season’s Finale 3?

Nicole Franzel takes a sip on BB18

After a good round of drinking and fun for the F3 we saw James head inside to grab some pizza leaving Paul and Nicole alone to start ranting and raving over James and his efforts to be dragged on to F2.

Flashback to 10:15 PM BBT 9/18 Cams 3/4 to find Paul and Nicole alone in the hammock both with a wine filled glass in hand and a little bit of tipsy-ness to go with it.

Paul starts by telling Nicole how James told him if he (Paul) takes him to the F2 then Paul is a sure win. Nicole says James is trying to tell her the same thing but believes that if either of them takes James then James will win over them.

Nicole retells Paul about her conversation earlier with James where she went down the memwall and marked off Da’Vonne, Bridgette, Michelle, and Natalie as four votes in his favor, just to start, if she took James to F2. Now I’d disagree with some of those, but that appears to be what Nicole thinks at this time.

Nicole says she thinks she can get Michelle’s vote over Paul since he called Michelle the c-word. There’s also her concern that Natalie’s extended stay in the Jury gave her enough time to sway others in his favor and she doesn’t want to go against that. She again suggests that James could beat her if she takes him to F2.

Paul cuts in and wants Nicole to know that he’s not taking Nicole to F2 because he thinks he can beat her but because he wants her in F2 instead of James. Like I’ve said repeatedly, Paul seriously does not respect James’s game this season and won’t let him get near any prize money in the F2. Paul tells Nicole that he does think his chances are better against her than against James as are hers against him than James.

As Nicole continues on telling him about her talks with Corey she’s giving Paul a lot of credit. Paul says that worries him because he fears she’s going to suddenly decide that she can’t take a risk of having him with her at the end. Nicole counters him saying she’s of the mindset “to be the best, you have to beat the best, and I think Paul is the best. That’s my motto.” She’s said that phrase before in talks with Corey so this wouldn’t be a new stance for her. Personally, I’d gladly take a win over Victoria instead of going up against Derrick any day of the year, but $500K is $500K to me!

Nicole says that even going up against “the best” as she says she considers Paul to be, she does think she has a chance against him. She lists off Michelle and Day as potential flip votes while again suggesting James would start out only needing one more vote.

Then comes another potentially revealing moment. Nicole tells Paul that if she took James and lost to him she could never forgive herself, but if she takes Paul and loses to him then she’d be willing to admit that she’d have voted for Paul too. Hmm. Interesting. “I’m not going to lose to someone who I don’t think deserves…” says Nicole as she trails off. “I would never take [James] because if I lost to him I’d be pissed,” she adds.

The pair starts to loop around as Nicole goes back to her talk with James earlier and the votes he has in his pocket to start. Both again agree that their best shot is to go to the end against one another rather than James before James comes back a few minutes later.

The dynamic between these two seems very genuine and is convincing me more and more that Nicole is now planning to take Paul just as Paul has been planning to take Nicole to F2. Watch how she’s been talking with James versus these sorts of talks with Paul. If Nicole is lying here then she deserves an Oscar along with the Big Brother 18 crown which I do think she’d get if she took James, but not Paul.

What do you think of the exchange here? Is Nicole pulling the wool over Paul’s eyes even more than we’d seen before or is she being sincere in this exchange saying that James doesn’t deserve a seat in the F2? What do you think will happen when the final HoH is revealed?


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  1. Think we can believe Nic as of this moment but who knows what she’ll be thinking 2 days from now?. This being locked up together and waiting certainly seems to be playing on her more than the other two. Nic and Paul is the scenario that I would prefer with the 3 available choices we have but wouldn’t surprise me if doubt sets in before finale night.

  2. Truly hope she is sincere and takes Paul.

    Imagine the backlash on social media if she took underserving James?

      • Me either. I wouldn’t blame her if she got the big kitty.
        $500K = $500K or else why even play?
        That’s like giving up your game for someone. Why?

        But selfishly, I’d like to see her & Paul in F2.
        I like their games better and I wanna hear Paul’s F2 speech.

    • I do believe that James would at least have 3 votes, Michelle, Natalie, and Bridgette (Even though Bridgette is about female power, I am not sure she would vote for her, since I think Natalie would convince Bridgette otherwise!) I do believe that if Nicole votes off Paul, Paul might be bitter to vote for Nicole, but… Paul didn’t like James game, so IDK. If Nicole is in the finals, she would have Corey, Paulie, and Z, and even Michelle, if Paul is in the finals with Nicole, so I would think that Paul is kindof in a tough spot no matter what he does! Day would vote for Paul first, then Nicole since James didn’t help Day out during her eviction week!

      So here are my votes of who I think would vote for who:
      Day- Paul, then Nicole
      Z- (whatever Paulie does, so…) Nicole, then Paul
      Bridgette- James, then Nicole???
      Paulie- Nicole, then Paul
      Michelle- James, then Nicole
      Natalie- James, then Paul???
      Victor- Paul, then Nicole
      Corey- Nicole, then James

      Paul- Nicole
      James- Nicole
      Nicole- Depends on her Pre-Game agreement, but what the feeds are showing, it’ll be Paul, but it could be James???

      So, Paul vs. Nicole 3-6???
      Paul vs. James 4-4 with Nicole as a tie???
      Nicole vs. James 6-3

      So, I really think Nicole is going to win, if she does make final 2, but I also thought that Natalie was going to win BB11, but Jessie and Lydia blew that up, so you never know!!!!

      • It’s sure looking that way and thanks for your analysis. Truly!

        Although, we, BB superfans are hoping that Paul wins!

      • I make my own reality shows, so I understand the analysis part of it. I agree. I am a BB superfan and I really want Paul to win myself. I liked James and Nicole on their own seasons, but I don’t like them this season. Paul and Nicole has played the best games, but if Paul as ANY shot at winning, he might just need to take James to the final 2, but you never know til finale night!

      • True! Paul does deserve to win on many levels. Unlike Nicole and James, this is his first time.

        Unlike Nicole and James, he didn’t have production influencing the show for him.

        Unlike Nicole and James, he has played the game from day 1.

        Paul for the win! We can definitely hope that good wins out this season of BB!

      • Natalie has already said that she’s voting for Nicole to win, unless she’s up against James. Natalie wants a woman to win in the worst way… any woman at this point.

        I think Day will vote for Nicole.
        She’s mentioned a few times that she respects the game that she’s playing & once you’re out of the house, a lot of the emotion gives way to rational, logical thinking (and since Day has been in there the longest, she’s had PLENTY of time to think, lol).

        Also, by now Day has definitely been told that Paul WAS in on the plan to nominate / backdoor her & that he wasn’t actually blindsided (like he said he was), she knows that his goodbye message where he was feigning in disbelief that she was evicted was all BS & not only that, he was actually lying to her the whole entire week, as the plan from day 1 of Paul’s HOH was to backdoor/evict her. If we know anything about Day, she’s very prideful & she wont be happy about being humiliated by this little plan conceived by Paulie’s & Paul.

        In Nicole vs. Paul, I have Nicole winning 6 to 3 & even if we take out Day’s vote, I think she’ll still win 5 – 3 (to my utter dismay).

  3. I hope NICPAU overthink everything and big time choke so James can get to F2 just to see those two pissed. Paul thinks he is so superior to everyone in the house or meets outside of the house that he makes me want kick his ass. I wouldn’t do it because he is so much smaller than me, but I would be tempted. I hope his pampered little butt goes back to live at Mommy’s house with less $$$ the better.

  4. For me personally, I don’t believe anything Nic says until it actually comes to fruition. She did sound like she was being sincere but I can’t trust it 100%. She has had a habit all season long of going back and forth which annoys me to no end. I’m hoping for more booze tonight, makes them much more entertaining and it seems like it helps Nic bring down some of her inhibitions, all the better for Paul to see who he is really dealing with, Ms Fruitloop Dingus.

  5. Judging from what we know about Nicole. Nicole might decide to throw part three so she doesn’t have to deal with all this!

    • Dont worry she’ll sober up. I doubt that shed do that, shes worried about being beat by James and thinks a fight in the finish just might matter to the jury

    • I think she has covered her bases with James in case she wins.
      She has been weighing pros and cons and lowkey letting him know it might be “better” for her to take Paul because James has too many jury votes and would have Paul’s and Victor’s, too. Not that I think he would but I feel she has been laying the groundwork so he isn’t too bitter of a juror against her when she takes Paul and by stroking his ego like that, she is maybe hoping she’ll get his vote, too?

  6. i just don’t know if I believe Nic. I think she’s playing Paul, and very well. She’s just making sure she’s got all of her ducks in a row. But Paul could very well be playing Nic as well. I think they are both crazy to not take James to ensure a win in F2. However, it would be a long shot, but James COULD win – I just can’t see it though.

    • Me too, the girls in jury wont want to see her get laid and payed.
      Then theres Paul who already has life layed out for him.
      James could win, but he has to get to the end first.
      Dont kill the messenger

      • Haha laid and payed. Hilarious! Yeah, didn’t really respect some things she did, but I still think she deserves the win over James. James acts like he could give a crap about anything.

      • Money makes people wear some pretty dark glasses. No matter what they get paid its why should that one get more than me?

  7. hope Nicole is the next to go!!!!!!!! She played her game in the corner bed with forrest gump aka Coreyyyyyyyyy!

  8. I could be very wrong, but I too am starting to believe Nicole because she has been really kind of mean to James both to his face and behind his back. I also agree with another poster that Nicole may just throw it to Paul so she doesn’t have to decide, and gets a vote from Jamjaes. I thought the jury was not allowed to talk game in the house.James kept Nicole, so what did he do to her this past week for her to be so horrible to him? What did I miss?

    • Nicole has said that she’s very upset that james is still in the game instead of Corey; like a lot of people Nicole does not respect James’s game and neither does Paul.
      Paul has complained that he’s having to do all the work with no help from James so he doesn’t want to take I’m to the end.
      Paul and Nicole both feel the same way about James ‘do nothing’ strategy.

      • What the hell do they want James to do? They both promised him an F2 deal, why would he need to do anything. They never offered to throw a comp to him to see what he would do. James did throw A comp to Nichole. James does not impress me as a ass kisser, although Nic/ Paul does appear to be. James put trust in them and shouldn’t have and he will have to live with that decision it will cost him $500k. But somehow I think James will be fine. I think if Nichole looses she will need therapy for about a year.

      • And everyone promises everyone something. They covered their bases in case of some miracle that he won a comp that he would take them. James in the last few weeks since Natalie left has been very cocky on the feeds. He thinks he’s got AFP wrapped up. He thought until last night he didn’t have to do anything because he for sure was going to be taken to F2. And he’s very cocky when he talks to the camera saying to America you are getting what you wanted your boy is going to be in F2. His head grew 3 sizes since Natalie left.

      • Why don’t she complain to Paul since Corey was his choice for James to vote out??? That is soo dumb anyway.. don’t the idiot realize that if Corey had not been voted out she would have been evicted??? Nicole can be soo dam dumb at times.

      • Let me edit my above remark so it’ll be a little more clear.
        Nicole is angry that James is still in the game instead of the more deserving Corey. Not that she wanted James to vote her out instead of Corey :D

      • I understand what u were saying.. but Nicole is playing BB and has to take the bad when it happens and the good when she can manage it…
        If she would put the blame on Paul instead of James or even make it a 50/50 decision she would sound less bitchy and whiney ..

      • Part of the problem for Nicole is that she hated to see Corey evicted by the least deserving male in the house, sort of like when James evicted Victor.
        It leaves a bitter taste in the mouth.
        Since Nicole is human I expect she whines and complains about as much as you are doing right now :D

      • Do u have an issue with me answering or commenting on your post??? This is the 2nd time that u have made a remark that indicates u might not want to debate or discuss the show with me.. As the season is over in 3 days it really doesn’t matter

      • Simmer down littlefly :D I’m just teasing you a little bit that’s all.
        I have no problem with you at all, if I did I’d block you.

      • Strange …because she and Corey had no problem breaking up the other duos. She can blame Paul for Corey’s demise. And she and Corey drew first blood between Paul/Vic. James saved her butt. No one would have been playing the game if they let any duos get to the end.

    • She was very nice to him when they were talking about if she would take him to the end. She was telling him pros and cons if she takes him. She’s never been mean to him. And as far as things said behind his back every single person in that house has talked crap about everyone behind their backs.

  9. Boring season ever for me! Sorry but the person who should have won is Victor…. none of what’s left deserve to win but it is what it is……. ?

    • Vic was evicted three times. He was only good at comps and had no understanding of the game. He put a big target on his back. I wouldn’t say he deserved to win, although I hope he wins AFP.

      • Ummm didn’t you just put out there that Vic didn’t understand the game?? If so, then why is he Americas Favorite PLAYER??
        To me that means how he played the game as a whole. I don’t think Vic had a strategy; he just won comps that were meant for physical attributes. ??

    • Disagree. Paul has actually put in work
      This season and deserves to win, unlike the other 2 left in the game. My ideal F2 would be Paul and Vic – with Vic coming in 1st but it doesn’t always work out the way we hope!

      • Really victor, he’s gone he’s has three tries more tries then anyone he couldn’t win it mattered and Paul carried him through most of it. Not only does Nicole deserve to win but she lets faced played the best game James and nat through there game in the toilet and hardy ever one but Nicole only got put on block once I see her as the best player and she carried Cory and Paul her Hoh used wisely and won comps when she needed them Nicole is a great player…..

  10. I hope Snacole does whatever is worse for her game. Can’t wait for her to lose one way or another. Anyone FTW except Snacole works for me.

  11. Paul just told something his Dad said that is very similar to what I have heard my 80 yr old Mom say, that she would give anything to see her mother again. It broke my heart when my Mom said it because parents don’t live forever. Then Paul proceeded to say, we should value them. Nice.

      • Was lucky enough to spend the first 47 without ever missing a Birthday,Thanksgiving or Christmas. Then got blindsided

      • The end always comes as an unwelcome surprise…must thank God for each day and make it count

      • My grandparents died before i wasever born my parents were both orphaned as young teens,all i can do is visit their graves,now my parents are gone too.

      • No sympathy, please, but my Dad has been in home hospice for almost a year. Just saying that to say this, I’ve had 60 years with him, I count each one as a blessing.

      • You’ve been given the opportunity to tell him how much he means to you which is so important. You didn’t ask for sympathy but you and he are in my thoughts.

      • Much appreciated! :)
        Don’t see you often but every time I do, I wonder how you and angel girl are doing.

      • It’s hard to find the time to pop in here on a regular basis, but I try!! With the oldest two in school now there’s so much to do and keep up with, then the toddler keeps me on my toes and my sweet angel baby keeps me busy too… So I don’t get to get on here as much as I’d like to but I’m glad I was able to catch your comment about your dad. Baby girl is doing amazing!! You need to find me on Facebook or Instagram if you have either of those so you can actually see her beautiful face!

      • I don’t do any social media of that nature, but my husband is on FB.
        FOUR..4..children? Nicole, you have impressed me for some reason. Something I can’t put my finger on, but I think you are a special person and mother. Maybe it’s because I love children, and my grandchildren delight my heart. Happy to hear you are all doing so well. Take my words to heart, this is the happiest time of your life. Enjoy each day to the fullest! Best of everything to your family.

    • I’ve lost both of my parents, much too soon for me and he is soooo right on this count, I would give anything to see them again, It is bringing a tear to my eye. :(

    • That is so true. Watched a bit of the Emmys last night and Julie Louis Dreyfuss sp? in her acceptance speech said that she was so glad that her dad who just died on Friday liked her show Veep because his opinion was the one that really mattered. Every time something really good happens in my life, I always regret that I can’t share it with my parents because their pride in me mattered so much.

    • Since both my parents, all of my Grandparents and one sibling has moved on from this world. I can honestly say that NOTHING is the same anymore. There will always be a empty spot in your life and as you grow older it does get a little better but it never goes away. In the words of the great JOE DIRT, ” You got to keep on, keeping on”.

      • I think it’s just a big ol’ facade he puts up… a defense mechanism.
        Maybe he puts on the mean, “I don’t give a f@ck” attitude to keep people at arms length, just until he knows that he can really trust them?
        It’s possible that he’s been hurt in the past & now he has a “get them before they get me” attitude?

        All I know is, when that boy lets his guard down he is THE sweetest & most sensitive guy in the house (with the exception of our Puerto ?? Rican Sensation!) and this is coming from someone who DESPISED Paul the first half of the game, lol.

        ? Disclaimer: I’m not a psychiatrist in real life, I only play one on BB chat boards.

  12. Has Nicole been playing a trustworthy, truthful game so far? In my observation, she hasn’t played it that way. She has used the opposite method, the course of trying to be cleverly deceitful. So why would she start being honest and forthcoming now? She might just win the game by acting as a “snake” who keeps saying that she never did anything wrong.

    Whatever works for her, but hopefully, she will lose the final comp to Paul rather than getting to decide who stays and who goes.

      • And she’s still lying to herself about her and Corey running off into the sunset together and making babies.

      • Hahaha hahaha hahaha, he may. He’s not trustworthy either. Only when vic showed interest did he suddenly change his attitude

      • I don’t think Vic would have really been interested at all if he was aware of all of the undercover extracurricular activities that was going on. I don’t think sloppy seconds would be his thing.

      • I think Corey genuinely care for Nicole. He stated several times that a long term relationship he was in ended before he came in the house. I’m sure he’s not ready for another one, but who knows.

  13. Nicole’s speech….touting she was the master-mind over Corey, really? That alone will cause giggles on the jury. And it comes off as a diss and stab at Corey. Michelle will never vote for Nicole, particularly with Natalie and Victor in her ear. Put your big boy pants on Paul! Take James to F2 and prove your destined to win $500k.

  14. I suspect she is only 99.9% sure Paul is taking her so she wants to clobber that other .1% by emphasizing that James would beat them both, whether or not she really believes that.

    I think at this time that both Paul & Nic are planning to take each other to the end.

    • Lol For that reason, I’d like for Paul to win Round 3 so I would get to (for sure) see James in 3rd place. I think Vic & Corey would be delighted to see Nic & Paul in F2.

    • I hope Paul realizes that he needs to win round 3 and not leave anything to chance. My boy is smart but sometimes I do have to wonder….

    • I wonder if Paul is spending all week just hedging his bets just in case Nicole wins F3. Maybe he’s just playing the fool right now and actually plans to blindside her if he has the chance, AND he’s smart enough not to share his intentions with ‘mom and dad.’ This could be possible, because Nicorey blindsided Vic after lying to the Sitting Ducks all week.

    • If Paul had won the last HOH that Corey did, he would have put Nicole and Corey on the block. He stated that. Corey beat him to it. Paul and Vic were simply outplayed.

  15. I went over to Jokers and took the poll, with unexpected but interesting results. In a Paul vs. James F2, I have James beating Paul 5:4. In both a Nicole vs. James and a Nicole vs. Paul F2, I have Nicole beating them both, 5:4. Then I checked general poll results, and although everyone says Paul deserves to win, virtually each individual result column total agrees with me. Odd, because even though I think Paul should win, based on poll results, I don’t see it happening.

    • Yup, posted that yesterday. Nicole beats both of them. Get ready for the Paul lovers to hate on you.

      • Thanks; I’m glad it’s not just me. I’m not a fan of Paul’s aggressive play and obnoxious mouth, but I do think he deserves the win. I’m just not so sure why anymore.

    • I agree with that poll. I have predicted that Nicole or James will beat Paul.
      I do want him to win it, but the jurors didn’t even mention Paul when discussing the remaining players and who may get their votes.

      • I noticed that too. I feel Paul deserves it and was interested to hear what the jury thoughts were… Until they literally didn’t even mention Paul… That told me a lot about their thoughts!!

      • I noticed that too. I feel Paul deserves it and was interested to hear what the jury thoughts were… Until they literally didn’t even mention Paul… That told me a lot about their thoughts!!

  16. Paul has now admitted how wealthy his parents are.
    Hmm, I can hear Nicole’s wheels spinning already.
    BTW, how did Becky rate being at the Emmy’s last
    night? Maybe she’s in town for the BB finale but still

  17. Somethings going on in the house right now. Dingus read a card announcing BBOTT and they are watching the TV monitor. Anyone know what BBOTT is?

  18. So if Nicole is really going to take Paul to the final two if she wins part three of the HOH, what happened to the pre-season alliance her and James made? Could it have maybe been an untrue, unproven rumor? Hmmmm.

    • Actually, it could be that CBS has gotten so much backlash from all of the fans who are very disillusioned about the speculated interference and manipulation that they realized their plans for Dingus and James to be F2 just wasn’t going to pan out to their advantage. They definitely have the ability to alter their desired outcome and in this case, the fans might have been just the factor to cause that to happen. We’ll see.

    • I don’t see why Paul thinks that taking a girl who jurors believe won 4 comps and has been sliding to the top slowly by playing with everyone will be a good person to take. The jurors haven’t seen James do anything besides follow Natalie around like a puppy and supposedly throwing comps.
      Although I, as a viewer believe that Nicole or James could beat Paul. He doesn’t know that and taking James is the smarter move for him. Paul is just butter kissing because James is out of the game and Nicole could win it. If James would have won the 2nd HOH he would have been smooching him instead.
      I do like not knowing for sure, but I think it will be James that he takes, unless Nicole wins.

      • He’ll win to either, but it would be very hilarious to see James beat Dingus. Still looking for Paul to win, if production allows it.;)

      • Nope! I respectfully disagree & hope that production keeps with the original plan! That is Nic & James duke it out for the win!
        Paul goes home & gets another clothing company curtesy of his papa; just like his first clothing company.
        Although it will probably be a company that sells beard products!

      • Hey, tinkiepoo! If we go with your desired outcome, it would be hilarious to see James beat Dingus. We’d both win. :D

      • The only thing that would aggravate me is if James wins. He has Natalie, Michelle and Bridgette for sure. He only needs two more. James was very well liked. I think Nicole beats Paul for sure. She would have Corey, Paulie, Z, Day, James and Natalie. The only sure vote Paul has is Vic. But maybe Vic is working the jury.

      • Truthfully, I have never even thought about who will vote for who. I’ve read other’s opinions, but with these jurors, it’s impossible to predict, so I haven’t wasted my time to do so. Because in all honesty, I believe it is all up to Production.

      • Much like Vanessa. As I just said in a comment that fans can make a huge difference in the outcome if Production hears all of the backlash about the possibility of interference. They feel pressured to change up their plans sometimes.

      • Indeed – Paul needs to get over his personal bias – however well founded it may be, and hoo gurl it’s well founded – and make the game move of the season by evicting Ssssssnicole!!!

      • I agree. I think he’s hedging his bet with Nicole, but still will take her although I think he loses no matter who he takes. I know this is a long season, but after Vic left the first time Paul was all alone. He went to whomever was in power and gave them information about the other side of the house. The HGs caught onto this and weren’t happy. There were many comments that Paul was the Andy rat of BB15.

      • Michelle and Paulie knew Nicole was the real rat of the house, but I don’t think many of the others suspect it. Pulie will give her his vote cause she use to tell him everything the girls talked about.
        Michelle told Natalie and probably Brigitte knows.

      • I don’t think that Paul would kiss up to James even if James had won the 2nd part of the HOH… Paul really doesn’t want James in that F2 whatsoever. He doesn’t like or respect James’ gameplay and his throwing comps left and right and doesn’t feel James deserves anything.

  19. Last season most of the comments on this website were about how much we despised Vanessa and we didn’t want her to win, but it seemed as if she was. Thankfully she got evicted.
    I hope this season with all of the negative Nicole comments and how some of us think she’ll win it will get the same outcome and she gets evicted.

    • Right. But remember the “production has this rigged for Vanessa to win because she has a new poker show on CBS.”

      • lol. I don’t remember much of the comments last season, but this is the first time I hear that is rigged and watching some of the comps made me wonder if they were.
        Jame sand Nicole knew each other before the show, so it would have been smart of them to make a secret F2 deal.
        Did any of the HGs mention that because Nicole is always talking about it and she can’t read our comments. How can she guess that America thinks they have an F2 deal.

      • Every season the rigging, production favoritism comments come out. I think it depends on if your favorite is about to be evicted.

      • I actually think my favorites were helped by production as well. Victor, Natalie, Michelle winning the package and coincidentally not picking Nicole. The only time Natalie was taken out of the equation was when she started to bad mouth James.

      • ROFL!!!

        OMG, yes! I do remember. And then we all got to laugh in the faces of the conspiracy theorists.

    • Nicole’s eviction would be EPIC!!! Paul just needs to win next round and then conquer the well deserved disgust he has for James’ game play and we’re there!!! Paul for F2! Paul for the WIN!!!

  20. I am sorry folks but I do not see what everyone is saying here. A: Someone has to win Finale HOH and we all know it won’t be James. At this point, that is all we really know for sure.

    B: If Paul wins the Final HOH, honestly speaking Nicole has a 50/50 chance of going to F2.

    C: If Nicole wins Final HOH, James has a 50/50 chance of going to F2.

    Out of all the assessment’s that have been given s to who has who’s vote, what we do know is that each of these three people has at least one vote each. James=Natalie, Paul=Victor and Nicole=Corey. After that, the votes are up for grabs. I could go on with who I think has who’s vote but at this point it would be repeating myself and quite honestly, I hate to repeat myself of who I think has the votes from jury. I think the votes won’t come as the F2 expect the votes will go. Should we find both Paul and Nicole in the F2, I think we will see a bitter jury but they will try to show their best foot forward as they vote. I am waiting to see who is in the F2 and who will win myself before I comment anymore on their game play.

  21. No matter what she says – I still think Nicole will take James because she knows she can win the $500K against him.

  22. James just said on live feeds that he botched it and that he knows Nicole and Paul are going to take each other to F2 because he (James) didn’t get enough blood on his hands this year.

    I hope you’re right James, I hope you’re right!

    • What she should say that would put everyone on the spot without alienation of votes would be to say, despite you all being told I was a sssssssnake, I was permitted (underscore ) to stay in the game. I thought I was dead on eight occasions, lol, how you like me now????

  23. What did Nicole do that was sssssso bad that some on here ‘loathe’ her so much? She played the game & played it well considering she was a target from the get-go!
    Paul played a loud & obnoxios game; that’d be attributed to his ‘personality!’ There couldn’t be much strategy in being yourself & he was also a rat! He went with whoever was in power…. It obviously didn’t go unnoticed as he was a very replaceable house/guest being on the block some 6x’s. He was often plan B!
    James played low-key & ended up getting to the final 3….. I personally think that he & Nicole had each other’s back & influenced whoever was in power to shift their plans. It worked both ways cuz Nicole also, secretly, had James’ back IMO.
    Ya, ok ok…. James was like a ‘puppy-dog’ at best and yes, that was awkward but hopefully he’ll get that spring back in his step when he wins the 1/2 mil.
    Paul can go home & get more money from daddy then move out with Victor his new BFF…..
    As far as Nicole, can she move on after her new nick-name & the loss of a Texan stud? Hmmmmm…..
    But seriously, wth has she done other than play the game? The moral of this game is to win & she is well on her way to get some solid votes from a jury that thinks she’s a snake…. I hope either her or James slithers into the F2!
    Go vets!

  24. I think that Paul is the most deserving of the 3 and if he wins the final round of the competition then he’s got it in the bag. James has a few votes, but so does Nicole- lets not kid ourselves. If Nicole’s strategy is to take Paul to F2 based on merit, then that’s the wisest choice. But, she’ll come up short. She might have a better chance taking James. I don’t think James, at this point, will win the big prize no matter who takes him. Paul has fought for his life throughout the whole game, so there is no one else who deserves it more than he. I can’t wait to watch nonetheless!

    • Unfortunately, I see the votes going in the other direction (and nobody wants to see Paul win more than me).

      Here is my prediction from a post I wrote earlier.

      Votes FOR Paul
      * Victor – DEFINITELY

      * Bridgette – PROBABLY (the only thing concerning me here is that Bridgette is a proud feminist & Paul has been pretty disgustingly misogynistic this season (still love him tho). Just based on that she could very well still vote for Nicole).

      * Michelle – PROBABLY (yes, Paul called her the C word, but Paul’s that’s already been squashed. Paul has already apologized & has been forgiven by Michelle & Michelle also apologized & admitted that she was wrong for sticking her nose into a conversation that didn’t involve her).


      Votes FOR Nicole
      * Corey – DEFINITELY
      * Paulie – DEFINITELY
      * Zakiyah – PROBABLY (if Paulie votes for Nicole so is Z)
      * Natalie – PROBABLY (Natalie has already said that she will vote for Nicole to win for a number of reasons.
      1) Natalie definitely wants a woman to win… that means ANY woman.
      2) Natalie has learned that PAUL was actually the one who created the nickname “FT”, not to mention that he’s been disrespectful to her all season (as he’s been to pretty much everyone, that’s Paul!). However, Natalie as we know doesn’t ever let anything go.

      * James – PROBABLY (also for a number of reasons)
      1) James will follow whatever Natalie does, like a good little boy
      2) Nicole & James have pre-game history & that supposed pre-game alliance together
      3) Both James & Nicole have connections to Derrick’s father (I believe he’s their manager).
      4) If Paul DOES win the final HOH comp to determine who he brings with him to the final 2 & if he not only fails to take James like he promised (Nicole never promised) & then Paul also shit’s on James in his speech (like Paul’s promised) James will be a very bitter, emotional voter.

      Even without counting Day’s vote yet, that’s 5 votes to 3 right there in favor of Nicole. Let’s count Day’s though….

      * Davonne – PROBABLY (for Nicole) reasons are…
      1) Over the last few episodes, production has intentionally & purposefully showed us Day’s commentary specifically on Nicole’s game play alone… nobody elses.
      2) Day has mentioned each time that now that she’s out of the house, she respects Nicole’s game play .
      2) by this point, Day has become all too aware that her buddy Paul (who’s HOH it was) was totally in on the plan to nominate & backdoor her! Paul WASN’T really blindsided, like he made himself appear to be after she was voted out & Paul WASN’T really blindsided like he said in his goodbye message to her. Do you know who WAS really blindsided? DAY & she won’t forget that! If we know anything about Day, hell hath no fury like a woman scorned. She’s extremely prideful & will be livid when she finds out that everyone (but Meech & Z) were in on this little master plan set in motion by Paul & Paulie’s & that she’s been humiliated on national TV.

      So, with Davonne for Nicole that would make it 6 to 3 for Nicole & without Day, 5 to 3 for Nicole. Either way, I can’t see where Paul would win.

      I really hope I’m wrong & Paul pulls through. Maybe I’m missing something & just not seeing it?

      Good luck Paul! :(

      • Bridgette is a phoney feminist. I never believed the bad hype about Frank, but the HOUSE did — and Bridg the so-called feminist was all about Frank.

      • She’s clearly a feminist opportunist.

        When the opportunity is right for her shes a feminist, when it’s not ideal timing or it includes/effects someone she cares about, she conveniently forgets about all of her high horse ideals.

  25. Nicole is stupid…she loses to BOTH. She has a better chance against James, but has no shot. Drink up, baby, cuz yur done! Play Bachelorette next time!

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