‘Big Brother 18’ Eviction Prediction: Who Will Be Voted Out Tonight?

Ready to find out who will be voted off Big Brother 18 tonight as Paul and Michelle face the eviction results reveal? With just four votes up for grabs the pair won’t have much room for error when it comes time for the DR decisions.

Michelle and Paul face eviction on BB18

Paul has been working closely with Nicole and Corey all week while Michelle has been working closely with her mattress and pillow all week. Which move will offer safety and which will provide a restful slumber? Find out tonight on CBS! Or just keep reading.

Michelle has not yet asked Nicole or Corey about the vote. Let that sink in. We’re now hours away from the vote and Michelle has been on the Block since last Friday. Aside from her trip to see Nicole’s HoH reveal on Thursday Michelle hasn’t bothered to go upstairs and ask a simple question. Sigh.

Meanwhile Paul was in on the plan to go up as a pawn to help Nicole secure her target’s eviction with Michelle leaving and now they’re just steps away from making that happen. Overnight things got even more final when Corey offered Victor his BB Bribe to make sure Michelle would walk out that door. Victor accepted the deal and now Michelle has one vote against her. Add in Corey’s vote and we’ve got our tie with Nicole ready to say goodbye to the failed snake charmer.

James and Natalie don’t know this exchange of Bribe and vote has happened as James continues to promise both his allies that Nicole and Corey are with them and wouldn’t vote out Michelle. James hasn’t bothered to confirm these beliefs but rather has relied on his gut. Bad gut. Bad, bad gut.

Michelle suggested overnight that she expects to be evicted and she should be anticipating that move. Remember that Michelle stood up and called Nicole a snake and has reminded everyone how former targets revealed Nicole was betraying them and could not be trusted. Michelle has also openly stated Nicole as her target so not only is this move by Corey and Nicole to be expected but it’s also a smart move for their game to get out a vocal critic who has won comps and could do it again especially in a narrowed field of competitors.

By the end of the night I’m expecting Michelle to be voted out 2-2 with Nicole breaking the tie. If James and Natalie find out the real plan then it’s possible they’ll flip their votes but aside from doing Nicole the favor of keeping the blood off her hands there’s not much point. And why would they do her that favor anyway?

The pressure will be on at the next HoH competition which we might get to watch on the Live Feeds (get your Free Trial now) as it could be three against two with the sides facing off for the next week’s control of Big Brother 18. What do you hope to see happen tonight? Share your thoughts below!


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    • Michelle should be po’d @ James. If she would have had any backing last week and James would have agreed to vote out Dingus, as Michelle really wanted to put her otb, Dingus would have been gone. James knows best. haha

      • Or irritated bowel syndrome! Take your pick…they’re both not good to be suffering from! :-)

      • I blame Meech. If she would have threatened Natalie with putting James OTB instead of Victor, maybe Victor and Paul would have her back and Nicole would be in jury.

      • Either her or Corey… But Michelle chose instead to believe the lies Paulie of all people told her and stabbed Paul & Vic in the back! That is why I have no sympathy for her…none at all.

      • Let’s look at what everyone is saying here and apply this to last week’s eviction and Jury Battle Back. Keep in mind that the results would more than likely be the same as they were last week.

        If they voted out Corey, then Paulie would have been back in the house since Corey was the third one to fall in the wall comp.
        If they put Nicole on the block instead of Corey and voted her out, she not only would be the winner of the Battle Back but she might even still be the HOH and or the POV winner. The reason I said MAYBE HOH is because it would have been James that sent her out and the HOH came down to them two and I doubt he would have given that easily.
        If for some ungodly reason Paul didn’t save himself last week in the POV, he would have won the Battle Back.

        We can blame who want but at the end of the day, James, Natalie and Michelle only have themselves to blame this week.

      • I read on Jokers where Michelle mentioned last night about not being able to put Dingus otb because James wouldn’t vote her out, so Michelle didn’t get “No Satisfaction”. That will bug her for all eternity probably.

      • True, I really doubt James would have voted her out and the fact that Natalie pressured her to put up Corey is the other main reason. Michelle can blame everyone this season all she wants but she should have played a more better game than go after people the way she did. Kudos to her for figuring things out as well even though none of that is or was ever going to help her at all.

      • I agree. Michelle calls herself a super fan. That’s a joke. Last night she’s telling Natalie that Nicole should march down here from her HOH room and tell me who’s going home. Can’t wait to see that cry baby leave. She’s no super fan in my book. Anyone that lays in bed for 20hrs a day doesn’t deserve to be in the house. And she’s filthy too. Eats food all the time in bed and throws everything on the floor. Disgusting.

      • Hahaha! I’m old too Willie, but I would have at least hauled my bootie up those windy stairs at least once to see if there was a chance I was going home… Ya know what I mean? :)

      • I totally agree! Besides, she’s only watched about half of the seasons so IMO that doesn’t qualify her as a super fan! Yes, she really is a pig! I’ve never seen her washing any dishes or helping with meals either. I wonder if she’ll start bawling when Nicole tells her to Get A Steppin’ ? Such a disappointment.

      • Nicely put, Willie! Thank goodness Corey didn’t leave last week or we all would be watching more Paulie Calafiore and his obnoxious comments and behavior, and I don’t know about the rest of you, but I would almost poke my own eyes out and tear my ears off first!! lol! Figuratively speaking of course! ;) But seriously…who here would have wanted Paulie back in the house??

      • Ahahahaha! He shouldn’t have given her false hopes either. What a stinker. But I kind of like James being in the dark about what’s to go down, don’t you? hahaha

      • As a superfan, or just anyone playing the game, she should know that she should at least try to talk to Nicole or Corey, who casts a vote. Regardless of what James says, she has no one to blame but herself.

      • To be fair…Nicole would of won that jury back competition and got back in the house, but James probably would not have given up the HOH so fast because he would of been afraid she would come after him for revenge.

      • Actually, I don’t think it would have been Nicole who would have been voted out last week if Michelle had nominated her, it might have been Corey and then we would all be forced with more Paulie!! UGH! So, I for one, am glad that did NOT happen!!

      • The three of them should have been wheeling and dealing last week. They had a lot of power and didn’t know how to work it.

      • Actually, if Michelle had just had the guts to do her own thing and honor the F3 deal P&V had made with her, it’s possible either Nicole or Corey would have went home last week instead of Vic b/c think about it…

        Let’s say Meech had nominated Nicole and Nat had nominated Vic…then Paul would have won the veto and pulled Vic down, Nat would have had no choice but to nom Corey…and that would have left Nicorey OTB together come eviction.

        However, just to play my own devils advocate here… It may have worked out since Michelle did not nominate Paul that Natalie might have and then it all would have worked out exactly as it did last week, however, Michelle would still be in a better position b/c Vic & Paul would not be so mad at her. Either way, Meech has no guts and no game–she needs to go!

  1. James has no responsibility for Michelle’s game or game play. He told her to go and talk to Nicole. She instead laid in bed and complained she didn’t want to. She wants everyone else to plead for her. I mean come on..this girl is suppose to be a super fan. Since when do you leave your game life in the hands of someone else?

    • Oh she definitely should have done that herself, but James spent days telling her not to because it’d be better for her to let him handle it which he never ever did.

      Yes, terrible move by Michelle, but the move of him telling her to talk to them came after days of explicitly advising her not to.

      • I agree with you about James telling her not to campaign was very wrong. They all had to see it was bad move. Even when Corey was on block next to Vic..James came and talked to them. This time there was none of that. Watching Nat/James/Michelle this past week just totally blew my mind. At least Nat was trying to say Michelle needed to talk to Nic earlier. I will give her credit for that. James I’m totally disappointed in!

      • James’ whole week just doesn’t make sense for his game or his “nomance” .. It seems like he’s depressed or numbed by all the flip flopping and whining and crying and emotional stress. IDK, but he doesn’t seem in the game at all.

      • He looks constipated lately too! Geesh! He should have watched his season and picked up a few cues as to what mistakes not to make again – giving false hope to those who he has absolutely no control over their outcomes as he seems to think. Like he really has that kind of power.

      • James is too busy soothing Natalie to worry about the game. That girl is too high maintenance. If James knew what was good for him, which it’s pretty obvious…he does not, he would run as fast as he can. But, alas, he’s thinking with the wrong head again.

      • He also seems to think he has AFP in the bag, so he just isn’t trying. It’s so dumb.

      • He’s depressed because he’s aware Natalie is not that into him. He and Meech discussed this. I read also James was ignoring Natalie and then she comes to get into bed with him.

      • Yeah, I agree he’s depressed. I saw James talking to Michelle on the live feeds…really depressing. James is finally starting to realize Natalie is unwilling to discuss any kind of relationship outside the BB house. Plus I think he is finally starting to see that whenever he tries to initiate any kind of physical contact–like a kiss–she totally turns him away. It’s really kind of sad, because It’s so obvious James really likes Natalie, but the feelings are not at all mutual. I almost feel sorry for James, but really…c’mon, how is it everyone else sees this, but he doesn’t??

      • He’s too close to the situation
        Last night Natalie is trying to figure out Paul’s network and his status. She’s trying to cozy up to him. What a sleezeball.

      • Yeah, I have really begun to dislike her. I will be oh-so-happy to see her (and her whiny voice) gone. :)

      • I don’t feel sorry for him. He is a grown man. If someone isn’t into you. FACE it. He denied it. To HIMSELF. That’s dumb. Sobeit. Cost him his game. And if that twit wins. His self respect

      • I agree. As I said I almost…but I don’t because he should have known better. He did the exact same thing as he did last season, the only difference…this time he got a little farther while being (unbelievably) more ignorant! Go figure!

      • Well, you know, when you like someone and hoping they are interested in you, sometimes you tip the scales in your favor and it really doesn’t help when that someone who knows they aren’t interested in your in that way has their own agenda and gives you mixed signals! However, enough is enough James, get over it.

      • Agreed. James really likes her. It’s obvious, but it’s also obvious she doesn’t quite feel the same. Has anyone really ever looked at her face when James makes a move to kiss her?? She kind of cringes. Just watch…it’s sad.

      • Or maybe for some reason he expects Corey to approach him and try to bribe him to vote out MIchelle. That is the only thing that would make the most sense in this weeks game. We all know Corey isn’t going to do that but maybe just maybe that is what he wants Corey to do. We know how much James loves those green backs.

      • I think Jamesie was setting Michelle up to deflect the attention to him and nat. He’s doing everything to protect her and her game. He’s not even thinking about himself.

      • I think James actually wanted her gone and that is why he did that. I bet he wanted Natalie to himself. He probably knew or suspected how the vote would go. I think he came to the conclusion that Natalie would pick Michelle over him (girl power). Having Nicole evict Michelle keeps the blood off his hands.

    • she cried just like Tiffany and she was evicted! But I wonder if Nicole evicted Paul what would happen, I think it would be great because they aren’t gonna have another chance

    • Paul is a threat to anybody who wants to win. If he is in Final 2 he is a slam dunk winner.

      • I upvoted you for being hopeful but I wouldn’t call it a slam dunk if he sits beside Victor.

      • It would be a nail biter considering both boys have went from Jozea’s lackeys to strong players

      • Paul would crush Vic. Or he should. because the huge difference is that Vic is Paul’s lackey and Vic has been evicted twice.

      • The only thing is some people vote personal. So who does the jury like more Paul or Vic? That’s if they make it to F2.

      • Not really. Vic has made a lot of smart moves even without Paul. He made amends with his former enemy Natalie and has become less of a douche.

      • I agree even though I would like to see Victor when, if Paul makes it to the final two he’s a shoo-in.

      • When they showed the jury house the jury members kept saying Paul was running the house. So as of right now I see Paul beating Victor but it defiantly would not be a slam dunk as of right now.

  2. Have to say, it’s almost incredible how bad James is at this game. To the point where I was feeling bad for Michelle for a while. Yeah, she’s a superfan and all that, but she also has a vet (who didn’t do THAT bad in his season) constantly telling her that the best thing she could possibly do is not talk to Nicole about the plan.

    Stopped feeling bad when Michelle started saying she had “too much pride” to talk to Nicole, but even then, that was after DAYS of James saying “No, say nothing and do nothing because my gut says so.”

    • James pretty good at this game. It not James’ job to babysit Michelle. he is responsible for her own game. James doesn’t care. He and Nat are safe. James is in top 6. that is pretty good though he is in trouble next week. He has made mistakes but so has everyone else. Yea even the probable winner Paul has made mistakes.

  3. Michelle should have stopped listening to James –AFTER he was wrong about the Jury member coming back, AFTER he and Nicole had to make their ‘public’ statements about not bribing each other, AFTER she saw Paul and Vic spending so much time and studying together with DD and most improtantly because James is dumb at this game!

    • I wouldn’t say he is dumb at this game but I will say he does play it his own way. Whether it is the right way or the wrong way only time will tell. I think he is looking or trying to look down the road and then try to play according but the problem is he is blind.

  4. Last week Michelle and Natelie screwed up their game by taking 2 strong allies Paul and Victor and nominating them. If the girls would have gone after Nicole and Corey then the guys would have been loyal to them instead of joining up with Nicole and Corey

    • To be completely fair, they wouldn’t have known that either Vic or Paul could have come back by the end of the week, and either of them is a strong contender to win. But I do agree. They would have rode with James and Nat until the end, all they did was make themselves targets.

  5. I hope Nat/James/Meech DO NOT find out what is really going to happen tonight. I want to see the expression on James’ face, it will be classic! I want to see what kind of look Natalie gives James, should be great. But, most of all, I want to see if Michele panics and runs and puts her special dress on, over her clothes, during a commercial break! Did she not do that one other time?

    • james has ruined all the blindsides this season…i hope he is sitting there shocked, he deserves to be blindsided

    • I think that James knows that Michelle is in a hopeless situation and that he understood it about 2 nights ago. He just hasn’t wanted to state it to Michelle outright. He has hinted it to Natalie, but because he misadvised them for most of the week, he doesn’t want to deal with the fallout.

      Michelle is ultimately responsible for her own mistakes, especially during her Co-HoH when she dropped her budding alliance with Victor and Paul, failed to nominate Nicole and started listening too much to Natalie and James.

    • I’m sure she will wear something that she has stolen from the other HG’s, to stick it in their faces, much like she did with Tiff.

      • I think she should wear that bordello top Nicole had on last night with that nice safety orange witch hat. Oh, yeah, and don’t start coming your hair now, silly girl. Bed hair. Perfect.

  6. I seem to remember VIC telling Natalie to never beg someone to give her HOH, you have to earn it. Well last night VIC was telling his alliance to throw it to him. What is the difference?

  7. For everyone’s game they should evict Paul. I believe he will win this thing and has pretty much kept it clean while getting everyone out! He deserves to win. Michelle doesn’t do much for the game so she could easily be taken to finale 3 just bc she isn’t a strong competitor. Just my thoughts!

    • I think Nicole wants that spot for herself and that’s one reason she needs to get rid of Michelle. Plus, Nicole probably is tired of hearing that Michelle is coming after her and is going to evict her since she already has a lot on her mind.
      What’s so hilarious about the situation is that Michelle could probably beat Nicole if they were in the F2 and Michelle never thought of that.

    • Exactly, why would you keep someone around who you know you can’t beat in the end. If Michelle leaves Nicole in my opinion wasted her HOH.

      • Not wasted at all IMO — Brrriiinnng, Brrriiinnng, … Hey Paulie – it’s for you – it’s Michelle – she’s coming for you!

  8. I wished they don’t tell James or anyone about Meech eviction. Can we just have a true blindside for once this season?

    • I would love it. Maybe the feeds would get exciting. This entire season there’s only been a few times where the feeds were so good I didn’t want to turn them off. Other then that….boring.

  9. i think that Nicole really is a snake. she refused to accept the bribe cause you know she doesn’t have the crap inside her to let michelle go. Vic and Paul are strong players and can get dingus and her brain-less ass toy out. She won’t tell James cause she doesn’t want to stir the pot between her and James. ( if she has to break a tie tonight, she will keep michelle and let Paul go, why???? cause Victor and Paul are the dynamic duo that can get all their asses out. Nicole is scared, that’s why she goes back and forth between Paul and MIchelle. I have a feeling that she’s playing Victor and Paul. If Paul goes home, i hope Victor wins the HOH and sends her and her boy toy home. If she sends Paul home, then James’ worries and fears of Nicole backstabbing them are all gone. she wants to keep that peace between her, her boy toy, mouth breather and the “gnat”.
    I wouldn’t even consider James a player in this game anymore, he’s just a mouth breather that’s pussy whipped and dominiated by an idiot that should have been gone along time ago.
    AND why does Nicole always have that constipated look on her face all the time???? i can’t stand her whining, talking thru the nose, nasally voice. i just want to smash my telly when i have to see or listen to her.

    I just hope she’s not that stupid to keep Michelle and if she does, I hope Michelle wins the HOH and puts her and her boy toy on the block.

    • Are you watching the show? Nicole will never in a million years keep Michelle. She wants her gone that’s why she told Corey to give the bribe to Vic to vote her out. Even though Vic would never vote Paul out she just wanted to make sure. Michelle has been throwing Nicole UTB for weeks and she’s been Nicole’s target ever since Nicole won HOH.

  10. Michelle is now threatening to blow up Nicole’s game as she exits the BB house if she is evicted, but her pride won’t let her talk to Nicole about her situation.
    Cry me a river Michelle.

      • Haha! Plus, Michelle has already ‘blown up Nicole’s game’ numerous times and it didn’t work then either.

      • Like Crystal said What game??? Nicole has only been playing for the last week…Calling her a snake was not blowing up her game..

      • You know, I suppose we could spend the day stating numerous things that was said by both of them to prove one point or another – but I’d rather just enjoy myself here rather than debate something endlessly.
        I always enjoy your comments littlefly :D

      • Oh she’s been playing all season. Just because you don’t win every comp doesn’t mean you’re not playing. She’s thought out every single move and hasn’t stopped talking game all season. This is her second target she is getting rid of, she’s stays out of the drama. She knows exactly what she’s doing.

      • so was i, nicole slept most of the season away because she thought she was going to summer camp…michelle…there are just no words idk what that girl was a superfan of but it wasn’t big brother…

      • No that would be Michelle. Nicole got up in the morning and didn’t sleep all day. That’s why sometimes she was sleeping earlier then some of the others. Just because 3 or 4 of them are laying around in bed doesn’t mean they’re not talking game. Which they are. When your locked inside there’s nothing much to do. Michelle on the other hand is sleeping 20hrs a day. She gets up eats and goes back to sleep. And that’s even when everyone is in the backyard.

      • Has Michelle even talked much game? Now that you mention it I can’t remember M. ever doing this – I suppose she was too busy making mean remarks about other people in the house.

      • she was to busy whining over other people’s game play to actually come up with her own…

      • Exactly, and as I have said before…when she finally did have an offer for a F3…she turned right around the next week and nominated one of her alliance members!! And the reason for this about face: because Paulie said so… Sounds to me like Meech is the one who might need a cracker!

      • If Frank had stayed he would’ve been a big help to her but I’m beginning to see why Frank preferred Bridgette. Michelle’s emotions are all over they place and she can’t think clearly.

      • Absolutely! She had a stalker girl crush on Frank! The ENTIRE reason she hated on Bridgett so fiercely is because she was jealous of the attention Frank paid to Bridge. She even admitted this! Do you remember? How ridiculous is that?! You do not hate someone because they’re better friends with your crush…as a matter of fact, that is exactly what weird Jen did on season 8 to Danielle. She hated on Danielle b/c Nick liked Dani better.
        Ugh to both Jen & Meech, as well as their petty games!

      • I don’t know it I’ve ever seen anybody play a purely emotional game as Michelle has been playing.

      • No, she really hasn’t. There were two people who actually offered her a deal for F3 first…and guess what she did to them–she betrayed them by nominating one of the three!! DUH! Can she really wonder why she is going home??

      • well now we all know meech likes her food…but nicole and corey just took sleeping to a whole new level…that’s just my opinion though..we all know what they say about opinions :)

      • Yep, that is what I said about a month ago, the girl sleeps 20 hrs a day, gets up and eats for 3 hrs.

      • I don’t see how she keeps her figure – her metabolism must be running rampant all the time.

      • She is young, that is her biggest secret and I think she is bulimic. I know the signs, I use to be one myself. It is very easy to hide, even with cameras. She has used the excuse of being sick for throwing up, which I didn’t believe for one single second.

      • You’re very observant to catch that – I didn’t even notice. If she’s throwing up everything she’s probably vitamin deficient and this might explain some of her volatile behavior.

      • And her face, it is very bloated, while she maintains a very thin figure, that is another sign.

      • Gosh, too bad BB doesn’t keep a record that we could check which contestant spent the most time in bed or spent the most time sleeping.
        Otherwise it’s really hard to prove which is the laziest. :D

      • Well its debatable as Nicole was in bed for the better part of the summer It can’t be said she spent all her time “sleeping”… .But Michelle did sleep and sleep and sleep some more..

      • If it makes you feel better I think the majority of the HG’s have spent a whole lot of time in bed.

      • this season convinced me not to waste anymore money for lf, i don’t want to pay to see fish and sleeping hg’s

      • Did it used to be different in other seasons on the feeds? I’ve never bought them mainly because I don’t have the patience to watch someone sleep :D

      • I’ve had the feeds for 3 years and there is always 1 or 2 HG’s that sleep the season away. Zach slept all the time, so did Johnny Mac. But this season we have a LOT of sleepers and they don’t make it up when they aren’t a sleep with entertainment value. At least Zach was entertaining.

      • When I was their age I could sleep 12 hours a day but I don’t know how they can sleep more than that. I hope they don’t develop bed sores lol.
        Are you enjoying the feeds anyway?

      • Eeehhhh, they have been pretty boring for the most part. I will probably cancel them after this week, there isn’t any reason to watch when you can just read about it. I will watch the online season though, kind of excited to see how BB handles this.

      • Lucky you!! I’m a lifelong insomniac, so I am simply jealous of people that can sleep that much.

      • Now that I’m older I’m an insomniac too – must be all those years of working night shift

      • So true! Seems to me that Nicole has been quite successful in getting rid of everyone who was coming after her…Jozea, Day, Frank, Bridge and
        now Meech! Am I leaving anyone out? Gnat needs
        to be next, IMO! Fingers crossed for one of the right guys to win that HOH tonight!!

    • Yep that’s what she’s been saying. But funny thing is she has nothing. She said she’s going to say she’s not loyal and blah, blah, blah. Nothing that hasn’t already been said about everyone. I can’t wait to see her interview with Julie. Julie: Michelle you’re a super fan and you know this game so why did you stay in bed for 20hrs a day and not campaign? Michelle: My pride Julie.

      • HAHAHA! I wish Julie would say that, Michelle needs to come to grips with why she failed as a BB contestant.
        Once Michelle enters the jury house I imagine all the gals are gonna gather around and bash Nicole all day and all of the night – you know how catty some women can be, sigh.

      • Julie asks the good questions about game play so I’m sure Michelle will get asked something like that.

      • I’m sure the audience will want to know the method to Michelle’s madness.
        Julie is always polite though which I respect.

    • I thought she did that on the DE week? And, felt so sorry when she was saved by Nicole/Cory? Ha !!! :)

  11. Linda Ronstadt once sang a beautiful song “Love Has No Pride”.
    She needs to record a new version of that same song except change the title to:
    “Greed Has No Pride”.
    I suppose Michelle just isn’t greedy enough for this game.

  12. I don’t think Nicole and Corey really care if Vic or Paul bets them, I think they’re keeping them because they don’t want to see James and especially Natalie win. They’ve been closer to V and P all summer and had rather be left in the house with them than Nat and James.

    • Nicole has said that she would much rather be in the finals with Vic and Paul because she doesn’t think Nat and James are worthy opponents and she wants to compete against people who are more deserving than them.

  13. It’s s shame that BB wasted a space in the house this season with Michelle Meyer. She has been one of the most horrible players I can remember. No campaigning AT ALL this week..none! She kept wanting James to go do it for her. I don’t know why producers gave her a shot. Let’s see if after she’s gone tonight..HG’s start noticing items are missing! From those outbursts she had last night…I think Michelle has some issues.

    • Was she hiding some things or taking them from the other players. I missed the memo on this one.

      • There was an article on BB Access yesterday that HG’s items are missing. If you remember..James lost his hoodie and found it wadded up in Michelle’s bag..Paul has lost his $300 pair of sunglasses. Day was missing items before she left..She took one of Tiff’s shirts and wore it on the live show after Tiff left thinking it would be hilarious if Tiff just happen to be watching..Natalie mentioned last night that her HOH slippers are missing..you should go to the BB Access and read the article..I am not sure what the link is. The site said that she may be taking things to sell on e-Bay when she gets home.

      • She also had a pair of Paul’s pants yesterday and said she was taking them home with her. Let’s just hope we never have to see her face in the BB house again.

      • I read that too. She definitely stole Tiffany’s shirt because she laughed about taking it from Tiff’s bag and wearing it on a live show! She has priors for shoplifting as well… Hell, even Evel Dick is jumping on the bandwagon and calling her a thief!! Someone needs to set up a checkpoint and have Michelle’s bags searched before she leaves the BB house.

      • Interesting but not justfied that it was her. Things come up missing all the time but you might be right on this one.

      • Production really should remind her hiding things for fun is one thing, but taking them with her would be stealing. I think if they know about it now, they should deal with her and not wait and let her take things with her that do not belong to her. Wonder if she’s a kleptomaniac or a thief who wants to sell them on Ebay??????

      • That is what has been speculated, she will sell the stuff on Ebay, who knows, she might just throw it away. SMDH

      • Wasn’t Michelle crying about her sisters taking and wearing her stuff? She said she didn’t like people touch ingredients her stuff.

      • Yep and she made a big deal about Paul touching her stuff, when in fact he was looking for stuff of his and he found it. So Michelle needs to get things right in her head and go for some therapy.

      • Maybe Michelle doesn’t want anyone touching “her stuff” because they will find the things they are missing.

    • I keep hearing about her stealing from the other HG! This seems so surreal to me. How can production allow this kind of behavior to take place? I don’t understand it. If she is actually taking other people’s belongings, it seems to me she should be removed from the house considering theft is a crime in any state…and it can even be a felony, depending on the value of the item taken! This type of bad behavior is worse than even Paulie’s behavior and I find it utterly ridiculous now that Michelle had the nerve to call him out when she is a little klepto!

      • They see everything the HGs do and allow her to do it. I wish I knew what’s in that contract those people have to sign. Watching the show and being there is a great way to figure out how much production is really intervening in the game. I don’t get how no past cast member has ever sued.
        If I go there to play for half a million and find out that the producers choose favorites and find ways to get rid of the rest, I would be the first one in court.
        I think that may be a reason why BB Mostly casts young impressionable people.

    • HG’s have already noticed their stuff is missing and a few of them have caught Michelle red handed.

      • Michelle just laughed it off, like no big deal. It was strange and it seems like something she has some experience with. She acted like she it was as normal as could be.

  14. I’m amazed and the passivity, and balls of James/Natalie/Michelle this week, not even going to talk to Nicole/Corey, who they’re supposed to have an alliance with.

    Not that I thought they deserved to win, but they definitely deserve the asskicking they’re going to take tonight.

    • I’m beginning to think that James had a deal with Nicole and he really feels secure in the deal and didn’t want Paul and Vic to really see him with Nicole. That is the only thing that really makes sense. I think Michelle needs to go because with the sleeping, crying and eating she is showing signs of classic depression. She needs to get out that house.

      • Certainly it has been greatly discussed that Nicole and James have or had some kind of alliance that started from like Day 1 (or before) … what it is or if it still exists, I don’t think anyone knows. Frankly, I don’t think either one of them are smart enough to have orchestrated such a deal or reliable enough to maintain it.

      • I was thinking more of a quick conversation that may have happened after she won HOH. Or when we got fish when they were talking about money in the back yard. They both knew that was against the rules and the quickest way to have the feeds cut.

  15. I used to — but that nomination where he flung the beads at the girls and then cruelly laughed in their face when they were upset. Nope….cant support that in any way.

  16. Honestly, if Nicole doesn’t pull the trigger on Paul tonight she deserves to be voted out next. There is NO way she and Corey can beat Paul and Victor in final four, with James and Natalie they are fairly equally matched. C’mon Nicole! C’MON!

    • I don’t think they care! They just picked who they’d rather see win if they can’t! She knows that James and Nat will go after Vic and Paul instead of her and Corey.

  17. Michelle, ranking right up there with BB17 Audrey for stupidest things to do during an eviction. Seriously, Paulie may have cried and moaned and trash talked his way through the week, but at least he did some campaigning. Michelle’s done essentially NOTHING! Her cousin put up more of a fight than this!

    Why did they recruit Michelle, anyway? They couldn’t even advertise her as being a former HGs family member, considering how hated Christine was. Surely there was someone else they could’ve cast.

  18. Sorry James but if the only secret weapons you have in your back pocket are Meech and Nat you’re screwed! What a dumbass!!

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