Big Brother 18: Counting The Votes In Week 6 [POLL]

It’s time for Da’Vonne Rogers to start getting worried about her chances this week on Big Brother 18. Well she should have started worrying days ago, but the clock is seriously ticking and a quick vote tally last night should have really put the fire under her feet.

Michelle and Da'Vonne count the votes

Sitting down with Michelle and Zakiyah the three of them went through who would for sure be voting to keep Da’Vonne over Bridgette. It was a short discussion.

Flashback to 12:44 AM BBT 8/2 Cams 3/4 to listen in on their talk.

Natalie has just left the bathroom when Michelle asks Da’Vonne if she knows how Natalie will be voting. Da’Vonne expects Natalie to “vote for her friend,” that being Bridgette. Michelle is frustrated and doesn’t understand why Natalie would do that. Why wouldn’t Natalie do that?

Zakiyah says she wants to know how everyone is going to be voting, then suggests they know how it’s going to go. Heh, yeah, Zakiyah and Michelle do know, but they’re not warning Da’Vonne like they should. Da’Vonne responds to Zakiyah, “I thought it was going to be no question. Then all of a sudden I’m hearing…” Danger, Da’Vonne. Danger!

Zakiyah reassures Day saying “me and Meech for sure.” Well that’s only two of the four you need for a tie this week or of the five you need to make it a sure thing. Zakiyah’s list ends there. Da’Vonne nervously laughs. Zakiyah says she wants to figure it out “because people are flaky.” Wake up, Da’Vonne!

Day adds that James will vote to keep her, she’s certain of that. I’m not. Michelle advises Da’Vonne to go and talk to James to see if she can also secure Natalie’s vote along with his. Day asks Michelle who is she concerned about not voting for her to stay. Michelle doesn’t answer that but instead offers that she knows Paul wants her to stay. Well that’d be great if it was a tie, but do you really want to rely on Paul going against his guy allies?

At this point I don’t think Paul would tie-break in Day’s favor. He’s explicitly said he doesn’t want things to come to a tie and that’s my guess as to why he wants to avoid it.

Michelle continues to mislead Da’Vonne and says that everyone she’s talked to has said they want Bridgette out. This is not true. Zakiyah says they’ll check around make sure because if the group went against Da’Vonne then she’d be upset.

Guys come back in from outside with their loud, crashing voices and that breaks up the talk. After Paul passes through the bathroom their talk resumes.

Zakiyah starts counting votes again and still only gets to three including James. Michelle again promises Day that everyone has told them they’re voting out Bridgette but then says no one tells her anything and she sees the three guys whispering all the time. Sounds like a lot of covering her own behind here and Zakiyah is doing more of the same too. I really don’t get why neither of them won’t just tell Da’Vonne the truth. She’s being targeted, the votes are against her, and she needs to start working the house NOW for any chance at staying.

So how are the eight votes looking to go this week? Right now I’m expecting James to actually go against Da’Vonne along with the rest of the guys. He knows the house has tilted against Da’Vonne and he has to retool his game and get closer to the guys. If he knows Day is going with or without him then he’ll adapt to be part of their numbers.

James, Paulie, Victor, Nicole, Corey, and Natalie are most likely voting out Da’Vonne. Extremely likely. Then on the other side we’ve got Michelle and Zakiyah voting against Bridgette. Michelle might decide to go with the majority, since she knows it’s going to happen, but there’s no love lost between her and Bridgette so I wouldn’t be surprised for Michelle to still vote against Bridgette.

Unless something big happens between now and Thursday, like say Day’s allies alerting her and she does a hard press to flip things, then we should get ready to see whether or not Day has that Round Trip ticket on Thursday night.

What do you think of the house’s plan? Good move or bad timing to get out Da’Vonne this week?



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  1. Day for sure is outta there. Her social game has been non-existent. She’s often sarcastic & rude to the others when she does choose to socialize. Hope they don’t tip her off,Will be such fireworks going off when she has to walk out the door. Bet nobody gets a hug. Am on day #3 of getting the feeds. Still feel dirty watching them! Is this normal?

    • Considering how little she tries to fake liking people, I can totally see her just tossing her hair (assault with a disgusting weapon, btw) and walking straight out without a word. I don’t know if she would actually blow up or just be super cold to everyone. I’m leaning toward boiling inside but being totally cold outside.

      • She’ll want to be cool when she speaks with Julie and the fans so I think she will keep it under control. She may call out folks on her way out but not by yelling or anything. She may have the r/t ticket so she may hold her tongue in case she returns. IDK.

      • I wonder if thats whats behind this round trip ticket thing, to keep them under control in some way

      • Assault with hair, give me a fricking break! Honestly I can’t stand her hair, it would look much better shorter and without all the fake hair, but come on.

    • They never seem to go through with the blindside, though. They may wait until Thursday lock down to tell her, but I’d bet they tell her before live voting. There always seems to be a lot of chatter right before the live show.

  2. “I really don’t get why neither of them won’t just tell Da’Vonne the truth.”

    Really? Really?!? Have you not ever seen how Day plays the game? Well, it’s apparent Michelle & Z have, and that unlike the recapper, they know full well if they give Day any indication she might be going home, she’ll go off like a loose cannon, taking down anyone and everyone in her desperate, flailing, angry attempt to stay, quite possibly (likely?) blowing up their games in the process…

    Day cares about one person and one person only, herself. She has shown time and again that she’s more than willing to throw people under the bus just to stir the pot, even when she doesn’t need to save herself. So of course they’re hiding what they know from her, because if she’s willing to do that when she’s relatively safe, just what do you think she’ll do when she’s threatened?

  3. Why not Meech or Z? How have they never been on the block? Who do they think they are that they cant be put on the block? Derrick?

    • I think it’s Da’s smart mouth and attitude that got her on the block. Meech and Z are more than likely next on the list.

      • Yes it was her smart mouth and they know she starts stuff. Bad gameplay Day. Maybe BB will bring her back again for online version. Just keep putting her on BB

    • Their time is coming – girls better wake up. It’s going to be boys and Z. She’s the girl from Derrick’s season – I can’t remember her name

      • Victoria, the one that thought she was at Hebrew camp. Talk about a waste of space. Let’s get back to players that want to play, like Ian, Dan, Dr Will, Janelle and even Rachel. As much as I hated her, at least she was willing to get her hands dirty and play the game.

    • Meech and Z can do no wrong, they are a total waste of time and space. All we see with Z is her primping and preening for Paulie and Meech is a constant feedbag, the girl never stops eating. Nothing wrong with that, but she criticizes others for the exact same thing. Da can’t do one damn thing right Hell, if the Pope gave Da his seal of approval, people would still think she is the devil.

  4. So the only way to save this season is whack Paulie and watch the Hamsters run amok. And Dae’s the only one left with enough moxie to rally an eviction for Paulie. Great. BB better slip her the Round Trip Ticket, huh?

    • Day is somewhat perceptive, however she most certainly is not game smart. She has no possible way to “rally the troops” and evict Paulie. She has a trust deficit with most of the house. She can’t lead people that don’t trust her.

      Much like Danielle Danato the second time she played, Day messed up a “safe alliance” because her ego wouldn’t permit her to not be in the center of the house.

      • Yeah Frank freaked out her game using physical contact. She thought Nicole was flaky and untrustworthy. She was right. Of the hamsters left, she’s the only one the others would scamper behind in a move against Paulie. Which say not so much about Dae but the worthlessness of the hamsters.

      • I disagree that Frank caused Day problems. Day was LOOKING for problems. She was looking for reasons to have others evict people. She couldn’t keep her mouth shut.

        Don’t get me wrong, what Frank did WAS inappropriate. But if Day really wanted to get the better of Frank, she needed to USE him as a meat shield and as a person who could target players that Day wanted eliminated and then after four or five weeks, put the shiv in him.

        Revenge is a dish best served cold.

        However Day wanted to pit everyone against everyone and she wasn’t smart enough or a good enough game player to even remotely pull that off.

        She was in the middle of everything but basically couldn’t keep her mouth shut about anything (same as last year).

      • She has no game. She played too hard, too fast, and got people out who weren’t targeting her

      • Yes, Da wanted Frank to keep slapping her on the ass and call her a slut. I get what you are saying, but I highly doubt that was part of her game play.

      • Oh please she wasn’t upset about the physical contact. It was a ruse to get the others to turn against Frank. It worked

      • exactly she was grabbing his butt to and when he called her a slut they were all joking around and she called him a deusch and then he said slut just like the time she came out of hoh room and told frank to move his big ugly ass is what i thought and someone said she said feet and when frank said no shutup or something to that effect she ran downstairs crying and telling half the story

  5. I really don’t think Da has the round trip ticket. I think it’s PP. She’s a goner this week! Don’t really like her game-play or her personality on the show all that much. Basically she’s been nonexistent and anti-social the past couple of weeks. Sorry Mama Da but you reap what you sew.

    • I don’t feel sorry for her. Da was doing all that showing off when she voted out Tiff and Frank! Now they are throwing her out, and she does not have anyone in her corner.

  6. James is at the bottom of the pack with the guys probably even below Bridgette. It would be best for Jamies to form an alliance with Nat, Michelle, Zac, Nicole and Day. They would have the votes to save Day and Jamies would have better chance of making it to finale 2.

  7. I don’t know why people are saying #8 is the return ticket. But last night DaVonne said she had #8. I’m hoping she doesn’t. I want her and her bad attitude to stay gone.

    • One of the signs said “Ochos Rios Your Dream Destination” and Ochos Rios means Eight Rivers.

      • Ohhh. I sure hope it’s not the return ticket. Maybe she’ll win a trip somewhere. Just not back in the BB house. Lol

  8. I though Zak and Michelle convinced themselves last night that Day was staying. Did I just misread something?

  9. I don’t know why they won’t tell her the votes are against her. The Pauls always talking what they will say if she come up against them but still scared to tell her about the eviction. It does not need to be a blindside. Paul is stupid he’s overtaken by Paulie like everyone else and voting Da out does not help him. They should just speed up all the evictions and sign the check over to Paulie.

  10. Personally, I can see an argument for either player being evicted, but what I don’t like is that the entire house revolted when Frank played like he ran the house, but they have all just rallied around Paulie when he is doing the exact same thing! Paul is allowing Paulie to hijack his HOH just like Frank did to Bridgette and now I have no respect for Paul just as I don’t for Bridgette. Paul CLEARLY stated he wanted Bridgette out, but Paulie says he wants Da out and now look? This entire season is full of weak players…so disappointing…and the guy running things? He treats women terrible! What a pig! I much prefer his brother over him…

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