‘Big Brother 17’ Spoilers: Week 3 Veto Ceremony Results

The latest Big Brother 17 spoilers are here for the Power of Veto Ceremony with the outcome settling who would be the final nominees this week to face the eviction vote.

Big Brother 17 Power of Veto medallion
Big Brother 17 Power of Veto medallion – Source: CBS

After a nearly unbearable day and a half of listening to Vanessa drone on about what she was doing and why she was doing it we’re just glad to have that over. No more 45 min speeches to uninterested passing by Houseguests. Phew.

John McGuire won the Power of Veto, again, and used it to save himself, again this week. That meant a vacancy on the Block needed to be filled and Vanessa was in charge of that decision.

Just as she planned, Vanessa renom’d Jeff to go up against James. If the vote were held right now then Jeff would be evicted and we’d all move on. He’ll have a few more days to fight off eviction, but something major will have to come along for that to happen.

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  1. J-mac is killing it….hope he doesn’t burn out his winning prowess and leave some for the end?….cause I think his going to be the default pawn of the season.

  2. So long Jeff, you over played your stay and your Audrey side got the better of you. Of course, if you tried to campaign to the right people you might get a reprieve but I seriously doubt it.

    • The dude doesn’t have an off switch. He talks so much he forgets most of the things he’s said. He could have done well in this game if he could shut his yapper on occasion.

      • I as well as most of everyone else agree’s with you on that. At least I hope they do.

    • I think every player is so damn wishy washy…they make an alliance one minute the next they are making a deal with someone else…..very alliance happy. This group is the worst with this. I do agree Jeff over played his game …big time.

  3. I wonder if Jeff even knows he’s up on the block as a replacement nom…dude didn’t even know there were two HoHs. Geez.

    • That cracked me up! Even if you’ve never seen an episode of the show before to know about how the BotB works… He’s there. Living it. Every day. COME ON BRO!!

      • Yeah I cant understand how this gets by a player in the game!!…..did he leave the yard when the competition was going on?? was he napping? what?

      • Seriously! He should have just stuck with The Amazing Race. I thought he’d actually be a competitor at first but…. Nah.

  4. We’ve been throwing fits about Vanessa all weekend, but make no mistake…she’s doing the Lord’s work by getting Jeff out. He’s calling the backdoor scheme to get rid of him a “bitch move.” Hypocrite.

    I hope Vanessa finds a way out of this mess she’s made for herself and gets far in the game. I also hope she never wins HOH again.

    • Its only a bitch move because its happening to him! if it was someone/anyone else he would be cool with it.

  5. This has been a interesting season but enjoyed last summer so much more,they had more fun together than this bunch and lord there is not a Derrick among them,so many of them came on like gang busters in the first week or two and way overplayed their hand before they should,for me not one real standout so far..Jace?,what was that all about,a poor man’s Zach?,that was too painful to watch..hep.

  6. I’m glad JMac won, I just wish they’d stop using him as a pawn. Use someone else. What happens when 1 day they use him as a pawn, he doesn’t win veto and people decide, hey we better get JMac out cause he’s so good at these comps.

  7. John does it again! He’s making it clear, he’s the one to beat at comps, whether he loses, or wins!

      • I agree, I’ve been referring to her as Victoria 2.0. She’s the attractive girl who sucks at comps and can just skate her way through til the end.

  8. Vanessa becoming HOH was probably the worst thing for her game. I was really starting to like the way she was playing, but she just self destructed. So glad Jeff is the target, but if you want to make it far, unfortunately you have to pull a Derrick sometimes and be incredibly boring by re-noming the one person everyone hates (Devin/Audrey).

  9. I can’t believe Vanessa is afraid to put Audrey up because it would make her look bad with the lesbians, that’s such a crock, Audrey in a trans gender not a lesbian. I think Vanessa is as nuts as Audrey. I hope Johnny Mack wins this thing

  10. Not to digress, but I could NOT believe they sent home Da’ over Audrey! So disappointed.

    • I think she blew it by getting overly confident after winning the last laugh twist. But I seriously miss her, Mama Da’s DRs were just the best!

      • I agree. And I also think she bad some bad choices about the three people who couldn’t vote.

      • She also sucked at the competitions. I miss her too, but her game play wasn’t very good.

  11. Jeff is such a fool. He has been the house flake this season turning against nearly every person within days of aligning with them. Bye, bye, ya dope.

  12. I hate have nots. It is cruel. I hope big brother get rid of this cruel tradition of have nots.

    • It’s not cruel when there’s an actual competition to decide who is have and have nots but yes, when it’s just the HoH getting to pick and choose have nots it ventures into cruel territory (e.g. Aryan’s gang frequently making Candace and Elisa have nots for the weeks.)

    • BBCAN has a solution to help the have nots. They regularly through food parties, like bringing in pizza, wings, etc. All HGs are allowed to feast at the parties.

  13. I thought once the ‘twin’ twist was revealed, there would be no more opportunity for both of them to enter the game. Guess she had to be evicted for that possibility to go away.

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