Big Brother 17 Recap: Episode 13 – Audrey Blows Up Her Game

Shelli doesn’t want to have to do this to Audrey, we learn. She still doesn’t want to be the one to send Audrey and is brought to tears over it. Shelli doesn’t understand why Audrey can’t just stick with them and why is she putting them in this situation. Clay even tells Shelli that if she doesn’t want to put Shelli up this week then don’t do it. He will win next week and do it.

So at the 90s-themed veto ceremony, James is out first. Shelli is the next person out after deciding to throw it. Meg is out next, leaving John, Jason and Vanessa. John and Jason both mess up on the next round, making Vanessa the Power of Veto winner.

And as if everyone didn’t have enough of a reason to go after Audrey, she decides to to to Shelli’s boy Clay and start a fight with him. Clay takes the latest spat with Audrey to the HOH room so she decides to join the discussion so she can let Shelli hear both sides of the story. Oh, and Vanessa is there too. So after the battle with Clay, one with Vanessa ignites that basically seals Audrey’s fate.

At the veto ceremony, which Audrey chose not to attend, Vanessa uses the veto on Jason, and Shelli names Audrey as the replacement nominee. So there’s no point in me saying either John or Audrey will be evicted Thursday night. Audrey will be evicted Thursday night.

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  1. So if I’m understanding this re-cap correctly, they show nothing of the locked in DR hours and the dramatic delay of the Veto ceremony? – Interesting. I wonder why. CBS must have a reason for making that decision.

    • I’m not so sure why it didn’t make it to their edit.. I think the storyline is just broken. They didn’t get the result they want. You think that’s dramatic? Maybe we’ll see part of it tomorrow?….Audrey possibly returning to the house is dramatic. lol

      • It just doesn’t make any sense. If it’s the first time it’s ever happened in the history of the game (spending that many hours in the DR, missing a Veto meeting by choice, being allowed to eat as a HN, being allowed to sleep with the lights off, being allowed to sleep on the floor) it’s certainly worth showing on TV. Haven’t seen the ep yet so my apologies for commenting about it. It just feels a little mysterious. The material they skipped seems kind of powerful.

      • Oh I get you. They’re probably scrambling on how they would approach this. They can make her look like a “b” too……and how do you follow that to make it interesting for the viewers?.

      • At the same time, the “ganging up” was still justified just because Audrey’s lies has caught up to her and we saw how she tries to flip it to them, washing her hands off from the blood.

        It was bad gameplay that ended up biting her bigtime.

      • (We know it’s justified)The question is, did they show that ganging up was justified. Was the edit a true depiction of what’s going on? Do we want to see footages of her violating BB rules?..What else are they gonna show tomorrow about Audrey?

      • They didn’t show the big house meeting with everyone, except Audrey. That happened before PoV comp.

      • Playing devil’s advocate (no pun intended), I think it actually DOES make sense that CBS has spun it this way (and this isn’t the first time)… Let’s take a quick jump back in history to the infamous season #15 with all the racists, sexists, elitists & homophobes in the house. Were they all equally guilty? For the most part YES (watching the live feeds was baffling), but the edit for tv singles out Aaryn (the Barbie doll) as the main villain. So much so that they yank the normal audience rules for her exit interview… Why wouldn’t GinaMarie, Spencer or Amanda receive such treatment? Simply put, it didn’t fit the CBS agenda. It was enough to say Aaryn was guilty and the rest were collaborators from CBS’s perspective. This isn’t accurate to what actually happened, but it got the desired effect – Aaryn became the focal point for all that was bad in the house that season. It was a ratings winner…. So why spin the Audrey thing this way? Because it’s CBS’s gamble that it’s bad ratings (and PC press) to say their beloved ratings booster is guilty of being a horrible person.

      • You are 100% correct about the Aaryn racism thing. Not to at ALL make it sound acceptable but after seeing the things that Amanda said that same season that were completely ignored by CBS (because Amanda was an exciting “watch”) I was stunned.

      • Yes, that was the season I went from not only knowing that heroes & villains are ”edited” that way, but I also lost a lot of respect for Julie Chen that season who hand picked who she would go after (even bringing her case against Aaryn onto the view, which is fine, but why not mention the others?)

      • That’s not completely fair I don’t think, Matt. These shows are produced. Blaming Julie Chen for making those decisions might not be entirely fair. The way you make it sound is like it was some purposefully planned thing by Chen to single out Aaryn. I’m sure the more-likely possibility is that producers of BB made that decision to focus on Aaryn and single out Aaryn due to the public’s online reaction to it and because Chen is herself a Minority. Also, I realize it’s probably just a typo but it wasn’t The View. It was CBS’ version of The View. (The Talk.)

      • Ah yes The Talk, (the View, the Chat, the…etc). lol…. No but seriously, I do think you are correct in saying that Julie’s role isn’t the final decision, but she is the ”talent” of the show who would get a final say in whether she does something or not. Her interview with Aaryn was vastly different than her interviews with Spencer, Amanda & GinaMarie. Her portrayal of Aaryn on The Talk was also going beyond the confines of just Big Brother. Now do I ”blame” Julie for being po’d at Aaryn? Certainly not! Coming from a somewhat divergent background than my cultural surroundings, I know the sting of racism first hand. BUT… One wrong doesn’t condone a second wrong.

      • I think that Season 15 was more a matter of censoring than editing. A primetime, network show couldn’t broadcast GinaMarie comment about “n—-r insurance” or Spencer joking about another contestant being a pedophile who likes to have sex with little boys.

      • True, they may not have been able to broadcast what they did and/or said but they do control the ”image” that people have. Same season example: Amanda says: (paraphrased) ”Wish there were some Puerto Ricans to come do the lawns here or something, that’s all they’re good for.” But was this comment enough to get her a silent audience with boos, jeers, and Julie asking if she regrets the image she portrayed? Did Julie talk about this comment on ”The Talk” with other celebrities? When you sign onto a reality show, you give them the right to portray you under their agenda, not one’s own agenda…. :)

      • Right, my daughter only watches the show. I read this stuff and watch the show, the stuff I tell her makes her and me wonder why the show is a different story then what I read about. The show stinks compared to this stuff, and alot of it comes from people who watch the live stuff. Come on BB make the show what we all wait to see, not this blog that we run to for the excitement.

      • I think you’re all reading too much into this. If BB shows the 8 hr DR meltdown and subsequent self-sequestration then they literally have nothing to show at the lead in for Thursday’s eviction. We all know better, but if you only watch the 3 shows a week you may have the impression that she’s pulling a Dan and still has a shot. CBS didn’t even show her cheating on the sleeping or eating rules, so this was all about keeping the 3 times weekly viewer engaged and guessing.

    • The spin I saw on the episode was everyone was ganging up on Audrey. Her DR cuts were during her missing time or the few times she emerged from the HN room and were all poor me everyone hates me. If you are someone who only watches the show on tv and not the feeds, reads blogs or BBAD you would think the other hg are just horrible to her.

      • Did you feel that way? I was watching it on my laptop. I have to watch it again on TV. ..maybe you’re right.

      • I felt thats how they made it look. I know they couldn’t fit all the stuff that happened in tonights show but they seemed to edit out most of the trouble she caused in the past couple of days but left in things that made it seem everyone was just out to get her. I didn’t like that they left the comment in about everyone in the house would vote her out if she was out up being compared to mob mentality. Its not mob mentality, its she’s burnt everyone in that house and they are just done.

      • RHAP always have good analysis about their editing on where they want to go. They try to be balanced and listen to what people are talking about in social media…we’ll see tomorrow if they will show the “evil Audrey”

      • No way! After reading your comment about them making it look like Audrey got ganged up on I went in expecting it to possibly be true. But after watching it I couldn’t disagree more. (Said in a friendly manner!)

        They showed her saying: “That never happened” when Clay told her he was angry because she asked him if Shelli was going to backdoor her then showed the actual clip of her saying exactly that.

        So it struck me as yet another example of how she lies to manipulate those around her. (The same thing happened earlier in the season when she claimed someone said something they never said.)

        They (CBS) were INCREDIBLY kind to her by completely skipping all of the drama she caused.

        It’s amazing how much they manipulate the end product presented.

      • Yes, somehow they thought a nice family song and dance show was better than what was really going on in there. WHY BB Where’s the Beef?

      • I’m not defending Audrey here, but she in fact didn’t ask Clay if Shelli was going to backdoor her, she asked if she was going to put her up as a replacement. Same thought and meaning, but not same words.
        Where I’m going with this is she wasn’t technically lying, Clay was. In Audrey’s mind she didn’t say those words and that is what she said to Clay, “I didn’t say/use those words”. And Clay kept insisting she said backdoor. Audrey was splitting hairs, but she wasn’t really lying. She couldn’t come right out and spill what she actually said, because she also knows that was what she intended and either way it still proved what Clay was saying, in that she was being unnecessarily paranoid, ungrateful and her constant talk of game was hurting her. If she would have just copped to it I think the situation could have been manageable, but she insisted on playing the victim, not acknowledging that she put herself in this situation and continued to lie about her actions and attempt to manipulate the words of others. I can’t really feel for sorry for her. She is getting what she deserves, but I also hopes she gets the help she needs if she really needs.

      • I agree with ditzydale. The editing was very biased so that anyone just watching the show (Wed, July 22) would feel great sympathy for Audrey. On the other side of the coin, the producers gave Shelli a break, too. IMO, Shelli is not a sweet angel. She has a mean girl streak in her. Just watch her facial expressions and you will see her face turning red, squinted eyes, tight lips…need I go on? She gets this way when confronted by others, if her game is threatened, or someone says something about her boy toy! Back to Audrey’s bad behavior these past days, the producers could have dropped about 6 of those useless dances by Whackstreet and told a little more story about “delays by Audrey.” The whole episode (except when James’ chemical bomb went off—ROTFLOL) left a bad taste in my mouth. Oh well, I’ll get over it.

      • I’m inclined to agree with you Karlene with almost everything you’ve said. The one edit I would add is that I see Shelli as being emotional instead of mean. She has sweet moments, then extreme sad moments, then as you said extreme evil princess moments… She’s a pretty gal who grew up living no doubt with extreme expressions being her norm.

      • I have to say I find the extreme dislike of Shelli puzzling since she seems like a nice, girl next door type to me. No doubt she has a temper like everyone else in the house but I agree with you that she is a very emotional person – not that there’s anything wrong with that.

      • lol not for now, but emotionally charged people tend to do poorly when they’re not in control, so let’s give it a few weeks until the final 6 when she has to battle against her ”friends” in the house….

      • Shelli puts on that evil grin when her pouting/crying gets a protective response from Clay or when she gets what she wants.

      • Oh Cyril you’ve been around as long as I have… you know they can spin a character however they want if they have enough footage (and they do for Audrey). It looks like they will take the Caitlyn Jenner ”I’m a victim of everyone” approach because in this case sympathy will garner more ratings than anger (like they did with Aaryn for example)…

      • They never did show the evil side of Frankie on the show and there was plenty of footage for that, too!

    • You betcha the Producers have a reason for that…it’ll all play out tomorrow on eviction night before they start the HoH comp! Everyone likes a good drama and reveal of “whatever happened to so and so than what wasn’t revealed to anyone, including us”!!!

      • Early on, they made the takeover theme out to be a big part of the season, so they are using it to their advantage; to take up airtime, less time for negative Audrey drama.

  2. Shelli crying in the diary room and to Clay was too much for me. My sister who watches to even said “Is she for real?” Smh

    Anyway, Shelli doesn’t care about Audrey or her friendship (if she did then she could always not nominate her) she cares about what people will think of her Because she nominated for eviction BB’s first transgender houseguest. Shelli is now just doing damaging control. I know she’s faking because on the feeds when Vanessa said she felt sorry for Audrey, Shelli was like “yeah well she’s made her bed now she has to lie in it.” I’m not saying I disagree with Shellis statement but it’s very inconsistent with the way she was behaving about putting Audrey on the block on tonight’s episode.

    As for Clay, he doesn’t even pretend to care how Audrey’s doing. Yeah she may have said she’s coming after him and Shelli, but ultimately it was Shelli and Clay who have evicted her. And Clays caused plenty of trouble and has lied thoroughout the game too. He has no right to judge others.

    • Shelli crying in bed with Clay was kind of creepy. Not a single tear was shed and when Clay told her not to worry about it, he’d win and put her (Audrey) up next week, the smile on Shelli’s face was chilling.

      “You’re so young and so easy to control.”

      She’s super creepy trying to come across as caring.

      • Meanwhile, what’s your take on Vanessa? Does Shelli seem to be a little more evil than Vanessa to you?

      • A studly young boytoy, 2-weeks (out of 4) as HoH, and being in the dominant alliance would make most people happy. ;) Let’s see how Shelli is when the heat gets turned up a bit later on in the season…

      • Yes, Matt. I would like to give the”real” Shelli a chance without that “studly young boytoy”. No one can play “their” game while striving for a showmance. It sways your judgement and the decisions made. That is why I personally have no respect for the showmancer’s game. But I’m beginning to dislike Shelli as a HG more and more on her own merit. It’s normal, I think, that a person would want to be liked. But her little poor Shelli doesn’t want to hurt any feelings, or Shelli wants to be liked by the BB audience act is not working with me. I hope she starts being her real self, because at this time, I don’t think she is.

      • It’s so ugly to watch someone “cry” without tears. The person sobs, speaks in a jagged voice, and makes the right facial expressions, but anyone can see that he/she is faking.
        This is why I never liked Rachel Reilly. She was a big fan of phony crying — sob-fests with dry eyes.

    • I’ve lived in the south all of my life and most women behave the same as Shelli does so I’m not understanding all the rancor and bitterness heaped on her. I find her very likable.

  3. Things that didn’t make the episode i wish that did:
    Night before veto audrey was in dr for 3hrs threatening to quit the show
    she was in it again day of veto for 5 hours again threatening to quit
    When she came out she had a mysterious brown paper bag.
    Austin was pissed because this left liz out of the house and he couldn’t creep on her.
    Vanessa straight up blew up at Audrey
    vanessa was plotting to get audrey out
    Clay Audrey fight was much worse and Clay said some bad stuff (nothing biased vs transgender or women tho)
    Audrey revealed sixth sense alliance, jmac throwing comps, and vanessa staging jeff fight to rest of the house, but only jackie and james seemed to believe her
    The whole house had a meetings sans audrey where they aired grievances about her and the sixth sense that was blown up, but mostly ignored.
    Audrey breaking HN rules

    • I think that this show is in serious danger of losing its integrity. There is just too much manipulation this time around. The show should always be an honest recap of what happened, not a total fictional rewrite.

  4. Someone needs to remind Shelli that Audrey isn’t a cancer victim. She’s not handicapped. Audrey is actually lucky because she was able to afford the surgery she wanted. Audrey is what she wants to be. Why Shelli is so concerned about evicting Audrey is a mystery to me.

    Or is it that political correctness has made us all crazy and has affected the way we think? Shelli seems so concerned about what people are go to think or say about her being the one to evict the transgender person. Yet the more Shelli tries to convince us how upset it makes her the more unlikable Shelli becomes.

    • I couldn’t agree more. This woman is infinitely fortunate to have the love and support of her family and the money to have had the surgery she wanted. Aubrey shouldn’t be treated any differently than any other contestant just because she’s transgender. I’m happy for her, but she shouldn’t be treated with kit gloves or as if she has a disability.
      She comes across as very unstable. It’s kinda of unsettling. If it was any other player in this season or prior seasons, they would have gotten rid of her already. Aubrey should be treated just like anyone else. By treating her like she’s made of glass, it somehow diminishes who she is and what she’s overcome.
      I don’t necessarily like Shelli, but I understand why she was hesitant to nominate her. Just think about all the bull she’s probably have to take from the politically correct police.

      • I don’t see why she would receive any negative reactions from anyone, especially the LGBT community. Audrey isn’t being evicted due to her sexual identity – no one seems to have a problem with that – she’s going home because she overplayed the game too early, and got caught in her multiple lies and poorly-executed Machiavellian strategy. She sealed her own doom by her failure as a player.

      • Manipulating is telling lies about Person A to Person B. Audrey is telling Person A that they are lying about what she said to Person A. And the way she is convinced she did (because even in Diary she continues to deny the allegations when someone calls her out) spells out to me that she actually fits the bill of a Pathological Liar.

      • lol… well let’s not confuse an actual psychological evaluation with our opinions, but yes, I agree she has many of the same signs & symptoms of one who might be deemed pathological…

      • I agree Audrey has been treated just like anyone else in the house. She lied to everyone. No one can trust her. Audrey had alliance from start with shelli even though Audrey claims no she is alone in game from day 1. Now Audrey hides out playing the poor me victim card, ignoring all the Have Not rules. On live feed tonight I saw Audrey come out dress as liz twin as joke. Every 1 lol. Liz hugged her . Afterwards Audrey stood as people talked then went back to her room instead of joining in.

      • Her doing the “is this my life/Shellie stabbed me in the back” was very creepy. Shelli didn’t stab her in the back, she reacted to a trouble maker.
        I’m not the biggest Shelli fan either, but. And later on I heard production say “Audrey stop that.” Wonder what it was?

      • I agree shelli said Audrey driving her nuts with the lies. Audrey playing game to hard from start. I did hear production say Audrey stop that too. Wish I knew what was going on. Audrey get to break the rules. I don’t know who said it but said maybe she is going through people clothes. I don’t know why Audrey would do that IF she did. How do you think she will go out? Victum, angry, not show up will she talk to Julie after?

      • I think that’s the 64 thousand dollar question, how will Audrey exit. I wonder if they will hold the eviction in the HN room?

      • With how uncertain Audrey has been, even going out to yard to pick argument with clay, I bet she doesn’t even know how she will go out. My guess quit before the live eviction, so she won’t have to answer any questions or see audience. Kinda surprised that the Transgender community hasn’t said anything sense she wants to represent them.

      • Big Brother has some very careful tap-dancing to do because they’ve gambled on portraying Audrey as the victim in a cruel world that hates her because she’s identified as transgendered… I might be the only one to say this, but I think it actually won’t be all that tough for CBS to find a way to discretely get her out without it being discussed all that much…

    • I think she is concerned because of what happened to the house guests last year. There was outrage over racist and sexist comments and several house guests lost their jobs over it. PC at it’s finest

      • I mean what’s there to worry about. Not one person has said anything bad about her being transgender so why they would be scared trying to get her out makes no sense. Then again some house guests like steve and Jason didn’t seem to have a problem of wanting to target her given the chance. It really seemed to be mostly just Shelli and Vanessa.

      • It’s probably hard to know how people will perceive you when your in the house. Some house guests are shocked when they walk out to booing and Mamma Day this season said she was worried she would be booed. This is the internet, you know there will be at least a few people who think she’s been targeted unfairly for being transgender.

      • I mean it’s cool to wonder how people will react to you outside the house but I know if I didn’t say anything about a person being a transgender or other things like that then I’m not gonna worry about stuff like that. I would worry about the stuff that I actually did say and do but I understand what you’re saying I just think a person would be risking their game a lot with that kind of thinking.

      • No one has treated her any different than anyone else in house. Even brought her food when she is a have not.. I haven’t heard anything about her being Transgender from house guests. If she lost her job after show that would be for different reasons.

      • Shelli clearly is not targeting Audrey because she is trans. I like this year’s HGs – no bullies, no racist or homophobic slurs, etc. Seems like a pretty good group. If “no one” can target Audrey, then just hand her the check and everyone can play for 2nd. No. Someone has to take her out (unless they are playing for 2nd). The thing is to treat everyone equally. If Aud wasn’t trans and was going hard in the house like she has been, she’d be targeted – like Devin, like Jeremy, etc, etc, etc. Trans are as fair game as heteros, bis, blacks, whites, hispanics, whatever… No bullying but it’s a game and we have to play “fair” (as much as you can in BB) and that goes for everyone.

    • Political correctness is destroying society. We can barely speak to each other anymore.

  5. I heard Audrey say while talking with Shelli in the hammock room that she has been told that the audience will be kind to her when she leaves tomorrow night. She must have sat in that 4-5 hour DR session and told production how she wanted things to go when she leaves. I can see her doing that. Master manipulator. Said she was on ativan and had a terrible panic attack yesterday. The girl needs to go home and get some rest. Also, she said she is not doing press day. Wow..she is really calling the shots here!

    • My guess is why she gets to eat, keep lights off, do everything against the rules of have nots, and Big brother by skipping the veto meeting. Wonder if she will actually show up to be evicted out, hear her speach before she goes. Or if she changes her mind and quits before votes.

      • My guess is rules say they have to. So be short like bye, or you caused this to your self. Shelly will be nice .

  6. Hey BB “After Dark” try giving the house guests booze at the beginning of the show, it would be alot more fun to watch!

    • Has BBAD been interesting the last couple of nights. Have it recorded. Have no idea wether to waste my time watching.

  7. Was that Whackstreet thing punishment for them or us? That was pointless and painful to watch. The HG’s enjoyed it the first time for some unknown reason, and Jackie too much with the boob shaking in the DR, but as time went on they cared less and less and who can blame them? Why should they stop what they are doing or get up from sleeping to watch it.

    • It was actually pretty neat. The Backstreet Boys even RT’ed a screencap of their performance on their Twitter feed. :D


    • Agreed! I watch the show with my mom and her friend happened to be over and watched the first half of the episode with us. She’d never seen the show before and we were both legit second hand embarrassed about the whole Whackstreet thing. We were both like “I promise the show isn’t usually this cheesy!” Haha

      • That is kinda the way I felt when they kept showing them over and over and over..embarassed! I thought is was terrible..production had so much more footage better than that!

  8. Their (CBS) PC gamble on Audrey blew up in their face (unless the house guests decide at the very last minute not to vote her out). As it turns out people are people regardless of their gender, and Audrey the woe is me manipulator is no different.

  9. omg!!! It’s big brother they all lie some more than others,Audrey being transgender is not the issue at all,each and everyone of the house guests wants to win its not to protect feelings all the time if Audrey was hoh geez she would have to put people up to evict,she won’t hold back. Come on Its the way the game plays out. Lol , me or you -eventually they will be picking of their own alliance I think the producers of BB should have made Audrey go to veto meeting. Why the special treatment???

    • Yes, they should of…and if she refused…kick her out. Follow the rules cause what do you do when this happens again?

  10. Okay, sidetracking for a second but does anyone else find it pointless to have have-nots now? Like it doesn’t seem to be something they even address anymore and no have-havenot challenges so it’s just pointless to me.

      • …only if they replaced it with Kathy Griffin standing beside Victoria Secret models while Tom Brad throws touch down passes to each houseguest’s pet, to see if they win the ultra-platinum power of fubar allowing the winning houseguest to work on the production team to set up the next challenge and determine who gets to do what… ;)

    • Don’t let editing trick you on this one… Not having regular food for a span of 4-6 days is pretty tough on the body, mind & morale of people. I think houseguests come into the game more prepared than they’ve ever been before. And let’s not lose site of the fact that many of these houseguests are young, athletic, and fairly focussed on socialization and gameplay. We just don’t get the whining on the edited show portion like we used to, nor do they have houseguests who would be as bothered by it because of their age, stage in life, body shape, or mental toughness…

  11. Oh my gosh the most infuriating thing about this episode was watching Shelli bawling her eyes out over having to nominate Audrey. Ummm honey it’s Big Brother and nominating people to send home is part of the territory. It’s not Audrey was victimized she brought this entire thing onto herself. Play the fricking game and stop worrying about others opinion of you. My God I literally wished I could just snap her into place while watching the episode. Boo hoo!

    And why are they all SOOOOOOOO damn worried about getting blood on their hands? Uhh hello it’s BB getting blood on your hands is normal and makes the game more fun and interesting. This season seemed so promising before but now I barely have any interests.

    • I’ve been regularly yelling at Shelli through my tv “If you don’t want blood on your hands, don’t try to win HOH!” I can’t stand her whining about having to put people up!

      • She’s an emotional gal… I think it’s fair to say we’ll be seeing more extreme emotions coming from her as the season rolls along.

      • You must be very young, Matt, and that’s a good thing, but “smell the coffee” – she’s fooling you.

      • lol…. I’m super duper old and a little wiser than I used to be. Your reply shows that you have some insight and an open mind – keep that up and you will be proud of yourself.

      • Thank you Linda, I will try to keep that in mind, but being young and uninformed is something I guess I’m good at… Good to know I can turn to you for wisdom when needed.

    • Why they feel that way, and whatever their reasons behind it…that’s their problem.

      • Me, too. I have known a few sweet-acting, emotional girls like Shelli in my day,and when things don’t go their way, you get a completely different picture. I’m reserving my final opinion until she is on the other side of things.

      • She talks about Audrey too much that she appears to be more concern on how she’s coming off with her edit than actually hurting Audrey’s feelings.

      • I honestly don’t a flip that she’s trans. She’s still a person isn’t she? And she’s playing the game too or did Shelli forget that this is BB where you get a prize and not a high school popularity contest. People may appreciate that fact that Audrey is playing a game, but at the end of the day I doubt people like her because she had painted herself as a conniving and vindictive liar. And that’s had nothing to do with her gender.

      • It kinda is a high school popularity contest. Nobody wants to be the person who puts the transgender up. They don’t want that harassment from the LBGTQXDABCDEFG community once they leave the house.

    • You’re right, Shelli’s crocodile tears are ridiculous. I don’t believe for a minute anybody has that much empathy towards one person but she doesn’t give a crap about the people she puts on the block.

    • Exactly…it’s the nature of the beast…why are you worried that you are sending her home…she’s screwed up her game..and now she goes home…you worry about your own game…you could be in that situation fairly soon and will that HOH have empathy for you?

      • Omg I wonder how much crying she’s actually going to do if Clay is nominated for elimination and neither of them were able to save him. I think her life would be over especially with how “emotional” she gets. Is she going to “volunteer as tribute” excuse my Hunger Games reference, and eliminate herself?

    • Keep watching – the second half of every season tends to be better than the first half… Just go through all the previous seasons on our forum chats and you’ll see we have the same pattern (we complain during the first half of the season then we change our tunes and become engaged in the second half of the season)… I personally would’ve liked Paola to not go early last season, but meh, that’s the way it is sometimes…

    • I think it’s all an act with Shelli and not a very good one at that … I think whether she is in the house or in the DR, she is playing to the audience. I think she might be one of the most narcissistic players ever – just like Jackie looking at herself with admiration at every mirror, Shelli looks at herself as always being successful at shining the “likable” light on herself which in her mind is a win-win.
      Talk about crocodile tears…. please.

      • Agree. I was exasperated last night watching all that, too. Shelli was worried before about Audrey being “America’s Player” so I’m sure the tears were for “just in case”. She always holds her words out for longer than necessary and I think it’s for more “likable” camera time, too. Thing is, if not for all that, I’d probably really her. She can win comps. Another thing that kinda irritates me is them wearing sunglasses in the HoH room. I don’t know if it’s “nomakeup day” or for the “cool” affect. I think if I went up there to talk to them and they kept shades on, I’d think…they were being shady with me. Ha! #whycantiseeyoureyes

  12. Whoops.

    “Clay even tells Shelli that if she doesn’t want to put Shelli up this week then don’t do it. ”

    Pretty sure you mean:

    “Clay even tells Shelli that if she doesn’t want to put Audrey up this week then don’t do it. “

  13. I think at the end of the day, BB took a risk with Audrey and they shouldn’t have. Trans acceptance is in its early stages and for someone who has probably been a victim often in her life, it only makes sense that she would fall into a comfortable victim role on the show. I can’t say Audrey’s behavior is right, but it is certainly understandable looking at societal context and how she has had to develop as a person through life. Forcing this stereotype to make CBS look good was asking for trouble in a game that weekly encourages ganging up on people.

  14. It’s a pity about Audrey and her emotional collapse. She has the brains to win this game and, at the start, seemed to have good instincts. Then, she went into an overly-aggressive mode, had no viable strategy, and fell apart.

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