Big Brother 17 Live Feeds Week 4: Wednesday Night Highlights

Audrey was once again the star of the Big Brother 17 Live Feeds Wednesday night, but not in her typical style of stirring up trouble

Audrey Middleton performs for the Live Feeds cameras - Source: CBS All Access
Audrey Middleton performs for the Live Feeds cameras – Source: CBS All Access

While still in the dark have-not room, we got a special private musical number from Audrey and then she presented the other houseguests with her own BB Takeover. It was nice to see her out and having some fun, but I have to admit, it was also a little scary.

Big Brother 17 Live Feed Highlights – Wednesday, July 22, 2015:

4:45 PM BBT – Audrey is up and out of the HN room. She talks with Jackie in the bathroom to get confirmation she’s going home on Thursday. Jackie says everyone wants her to come out and not worry about game talk.

5:00 PM BBT – Austin is trying to make the moves on Liz, but she’s trying to brush him away.

5:05 PM BBT – Audrey and Shelli are in the Lounge talking. This goes for over an hour and consists of Audrey trying to extract information and denying any wrong doing or accusations against her. Shelli gets upset, then Audrey gets upset. Rinse and repeat.

6:10 PM BBT – Shelli continues to talk with Audrey who mentions she won’t be doing press exit interviews and has set up a speech to give with Julie.

6:15 PM BBT – Fish cut off the end of their talk, but HGs later explain Audrey was called out by Big Brother for trying to use production as strategy. She had been hinting that she was told (by DR, but she wasn’t) that Shelli was making a big mistake.

6:20 PM BBT – Shelli is upstairs and very upset. She’s telling Clay all about her talk with Audrey.

6:35 PM BBT – James gets surprised questioning from Audrey after he goes in to the HN room and she’s upright. She wants to know why he flipped the info she gave him. (She was telling him the truth too.)

7:05 PM BBT – Austin is planning to throw a hinky vote to frame Steve as America’s Player.

7:15 PM BBT – Clay says if there’s no hinky vote this week then they know Audrey was America’s Player.

7:25 PM BBT – Steve asks Austin if it’s okay to tell HGs that Austin is his BD target if he wins HoH, but it wouldn’t be true. Austin agrees.

7:30 PM BBT – Julia is back. She comes in and Steve says hi and that everyone knows. He suggests she just admit it to everyone, but she’s not sure about doing that.

7:40 PM BBT – Steve tells Julia that Liz has been showmancing Austin. Julia brings up the fact that Austin has a girlfriend and says that’s not good. Julia isn’t happy about the thought of having to sleep in a bed with Austin.

8:15 PM BBT – HGs are playing bowling with grapefruits.

9:05 PM BBT – Vanessa asks Audrey why she won’t talk to her. Audrey says the medicine she’s on is making her fuzzy.

9:19 PM BBT – Audrey singing by herself in the have-not room. She’s changed the words around from the musical she, Shelli, Meg and Jason had done days ago.

9:40 PM BBT – Audrey comes out of the storage room in a blonde wig and yells “who is ready for a takeover!?” Then she pulls Liz up and tells her she’s the other twin. Everyone laughs and is happy that Audrey is acting light-hearted.

9:53 PM BBT – Audrey gets a stop that from the bathroom. HGs wonder what she is doing in there.

10:45 PM BBT – Austin tells Jason about the twin twist. And Austin tells Jason that he has feelings for Liz. Austin says that the other twin is named Julia. Jason thought it might have been Angela, which is another sister. Austin tells him that he wouldn’t mind someone targeting Julia because he knows Liz would take her over him. But his main goal is for them to both get to jury together (guess $500,000 isn’t important to him).

11:53 PM BBT – Julia and John are talking about Audrey’s antics. Julia says she was creeped out when she came out in the wig earlier.

1:15 AM BBT – Jason is updating Meg on what Austin told him about the twins. (Oops.)

1:50 AM BBT – Jason grabs Shelli and tells her how Austin revealed Julia to him and how he wants Julia out so he can have Liz to himself in Jury. Vanessa joins the gossip party and Jason updates her on it too.

2:15 AM BBT – Shelli takes the info back up to Clay and lets him know what Austin was doing and how he’s going after Julia this way. Shelli says this gives them a target. Clay wants to let Julia and Liz know what Austin said.

2:45 AM BBT – Vanessa joins Shelli and Clay in HoH room to discuss the Austin situation. No one is pleased and they seem annoyed that he would make moves without them. Shelli suggests if they get rid of Austin then they can have the twins for themselves.

Austin had his “Operation Jason” and it certainly didn’t work out like he had hoped, but I’m not sure why he thought it would. Now both sides have a reason to target him and that could put Austin on the run this coming week.

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    • He is worse than Caleb. With Caleb, only one threatened his love for Amber. With Austin, all males are a threat.

      • EWWWW, YUCK! He is aware that Vanessa is not into males? Vanessa could tell him a million times and he would probably think she is playing hard to get. He can’t even take clues that Liz is just not that into him.

        I wonder if he wins HOH, would he get a letter from his GIRLFRIEND? If so, would he read it out loud? I am still wondering if she is real or someone from an alternate universe. or if she is Austin’s gf and not Judas’?

      • Liz is actively, overtly pursuing a shomance/flirtation with Austin. She may not be “into him” at all (let’s be honest; the guy’s ugly), but she’s being coquettish as a game strategy. Julia, however, can’t stand Austin and doesn’t want to hug, touch, or share a bed with him.

    • Maybe BB needs to do further research on the people they cast. One day they will get one that actually tries to do harm to someone over a situation like this. The people in the house need t feel safe from creeper’s like BM Cowboy and Austin. Last year Amber couldn’t even play the game because of Caleb’s stalking now Liz is going to be in the same boat.

      • Yes. And why doesn’t BB have a no-smoking policy? I know that people can’t smoke within the house, but it’s disgusting to watch them sit on the patio furniture and suck on cigarettes. Doesn’t that ruin the entire backyard for other houseguests?

      • Okay, then if they’re gonna have a no smoking policy, then they should also have a no alcohol policy. It might ruin the experience for those who don’t drink. They’re outside where the smoke isn’t bothering anyone. And from what I’ve seen, the ones who do smoke are being pretty courteous of those who don’t.

      • Caleb definitely ruined Amber’s game and that was unfortunate. Some of the guys that come into the house fixate on one female and it’s like they are in heat and must have them for their own.

  1. So Vanessa again is in a perfect spot, if Austin wins HOH she can throw Jason under the bus to him, and if anyone else wins Austin will be the target even though it really should be Vanessa. Have to respect her game, though I had hoped people like Jason were kind of on to her game. Strangely it seems only Jackie is suspicious of Vanessa, might be interesting if she wins HOH.

    • What is he thinking…it’s going to blow up in his face…he should know blood is thicker than water…i don’t see him in there much longer he is going to self-destruct.

      • I’m glad is self-destructing b/c I cannot stand watching him rubbing down Liz anymore. He is so gross and creepy. You are right, blood is thicker than water. Can’t wait until it catches up with him.

  2. I totally expected Austin to break his silence on the twins, but I think he spoke just a bit too soon. I’ve never liked him and have wanted him gone since the 2nd week. But he’s not nearly as big a target like Clay or Shelli are and if those other than who are in the sixth sense can pull off winning HoH, they should split up Chelli rather than Austin and Liz!

      • Not that anyone has said yet, since those that would view them as such aren’t in power and are holding back discussing it. But since Chelli now is targeting Austin, I’m going along with that! haha

  3. Ewwwww Judas, you are creepy! Oh, now I hope the twins make it in. Once they are both in, I think Liz will let him know how she really feels…. Should be fun to watch BUT may also be dangerous. The way he treated Steve for a saying a simple “good night” and a playful odd little brother “I love you” to her. He thought Steve was being disrespectful saying that to Liz especially with him right there.

    What a dope! Doesn’t he know Jason can’t hold water?

  4. Austin is totally creepy, I don’t know how Liz can stand it! Also he has (Had) a girlfriend on the outside, very disrespectful that’s the kind of guy he is I guess…

  5. I doubt that Austin will tell Liz about his plan to target Julia right away, so I wonder how Liz will feel when she is approached by multiple people telling her that her showmance wants to ditch her sister?

    Also, I found Audrey’s little twin takeover sketch a bit desperate and awkward and it seemed everybody else did too because the talk quickly shifted away and Audrey retired to her dungeon.

  6. LOL at Austin, who obviously doesn’t know normal twin code. As soon as Liz gets winds of Austin considering plotting against her twin, it’ll be two against one, the twins against him. He’s a nincompoop.

  7. There is no Austin….Judas is real and he fooled us all..what a freaking bizarre cast….had a short conversation with about BB with a two friends after the show last night. we all came to the conclusion Audrey was trying to manipulate production and its all been an act….time will tell

    • Maybe….she thought she could pull a fast one on them too…she did to a point…a lot of rule bending.

    • She definitely was calling the shots during her 4-5 hour DR session the other day. I heard her say last night that production told her she will get a warm reception when she leaves..that she was not doing press day..they gave her ativan for her panic attacks. She told them she will do one speech..I don’t know if that will be with Julie or not. Guess we will find out tonight!

  8. Jason sure does have a big mouth I mean has he kept anything to himself? I think this is the second time I read Audrey getting the stop that from the bathroom. I have no idea what that is about and not sure I want to know.

  9. At first I felt bad for Austin because he was an early target (being that he was so close with Jace). But now, he is being so awkward – he should notice that Liz isn’t into him romantically.

  10. Austin, you idiot! You’re supposedly as big of a superfan as Steve and John, yet you play like you’ve never seen the game before! During your preseason interview you said that you were immune to showmances, because you have a g/f. You’ve done nothing but chase a showmance and get rid of the males that you think are a threat to your getting a girl. I sincerely hope that either you or the twins go next week, preferably you.

    • I think he’s goin before the twins do…it’s Shelli’s pet project to keep them safe…don’t know why…but she is.

    • I think he might have lied in his interview by the way he’s acting since he got close to Liz!

  11. Anyone notice how this power couple keeps having to consume their own alliance? Jeff, Aud and now Austin. Does anyone in this cast know how to play this game?

  12. Austin has a tunnel vision with Liz. That’s all he sees in the game right now. It’s bizarre.

  13. ~Claps slowly~ You did it again Austin. Once again you made the dumbest game move all for a girl who’s clearly just using you to get far and boy arent you making it easy to use! ^__^ Good Luck explaining all of this to your (imaginary) gf!

  14. 1. Bye Audrey
    2. Austin is a moron. Why would reveal your plan to a non-alliance member? Also nice telling Jason that you like the twins. Jason’s probably gonna use that info against you.
    3. Want John or Jason to win.
    4. My prediction to win is Shelli

  15. If Austin is such a big fan of BB like he says he is..he should know better than to go behind the backs of his alliance and run his mouth the way he did to Jason last night. Audrey is leaving tonight partly because of just that same thing. What does he plan on doing with Liz IF he gets to jury..this guy is creepy..I don’t think Liz feels the same way he does.

  16. I don’t know what it is about this season, but I’ve been persistently trying to come up with celeb-look-a-like for each of the HGs. A while back, I posted that Becky looks like Hilary Swank. Last night, I thought Jason looks like what a young Pee Wee Herman would look. Anyone else have any look-a-like ideas?

    • Clay looks like Ryan Reynolds and Shelli looks like Cheryl Tiegs when she was young!

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