Big Brother 17: Nomination Anticipation In Week 3

There are two new sheriffs in the Big Brother 17 house as Austin Matelson and Vanessa Rousso take control of the nominations and prepare for this week’s Battle of the Block.

Big Brother 17 HoHs Vanessa & Austin
Big Brother 17 HoHs Vanessa & Austin – Source: CBS All Access

With all the power on one side of the house and even more so in a tighter pair subset of that alliance we won’t see any conflicts in their planning or overall goals for the week. Yes, once again the BotB is simply an oversized HoH with double the noms. “Fan favorite,” folks.

Flashback on your Live Feeds (Don’t have them yet? No problem. Get the Free Trial now to start.) to 3:30AM BBT Cams 1/2 this morning and watch the final decision making between Vanessa and Austin as Liz sits in on the talks. Yes, Liz is back in as of an overnight swap.

Austin has mentioned be he would like to see Jeff or Audrey, but they have little to gain right now from evicting Audrey so she’s out. He’s interested in getting Jeff out as they’ve had a repeating theme of opposition over the past few weeks.

Vanessa wants James or Jeff out because she doesn’t talk game with either of them, they’re obviously on the other side (see first issue), and they’re piggish in their treatment of women in the house. She has no use for them so one or the other has got to go.

Nomination plans stand now as Austin will put up Jason and Meg. Vanessa will nom James and John. They hope for John to throw BotB and keep Vanessa in power.

Austin had promised too many of the ladies that they were safe this week, so his options are limited. Vanessa is going with James as her upfront target because Jeff is “too squirrelly” to be on the Block from the start. So does that mean Jeff is really the target? No.

Flashback to 3:42AM BBT as Vanessa explains she’ll take out James, but if James comes down then she’ll go for Jeff. Jeff is her backup Backdoor plan and not her main target. She’ll be happy for either of them to go, but that’s her current order of priorities.

As one of our readers was quick to point out, what if Jeff is picked to play Veto, wins it, and saves James? Yeah, Vanessa, what then? She hasn’t floated an alternate plan, but this is an interesting situation.

Should Jason and Meg win BotB and their safety then they can not be renom’d. If Jeff and James win safety through the Veto then all four of the “other side” HGs are off the table and she’ll have to go elsewhere. Right now she has no other major targets which makes me think we’d say goodbye to Audrey. Not the end of the world for either Austin’s or Vanessa’s game.

Of course that’s a lot of stars aligning and while it could happen the simplest path ends with James being evicted this week. Nominations are still a few hours out so we’ve got time to see changes in the plan, but at least for the first round of noms this looks pretty solid.

If you were HoH this week, who would you put up on the Block?



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    • I actually quite like Shelli, although the weeping in last nights episode seemed waaaaaay too fake. But I agree that Jeff is annoying

      • I’d hoped they’d backdoor Clay, and watch him squirm more. He’s seems so full of himself, more so when he’s around Shelli and acting like he’s in charge when in fact he never has been yet!

  1. Tbh, I actually think Shelli’s HOH week demonstrated what the producers wanted BOB to be like. BOB still has a really bad reputation and emotionally I hate it as a fan, but the rational part of me says we should always give BOB a chance

    • I think the first week was better. I’m not a fan of people throwing competitions, especially when winning provides a week of safety. I think we will get to see a good BOTB when two opposing alliances are sitting in HOH. I was really hoping James and Austin would win, I think we would have seen it then.

    • I HATE the BOB twist because the HOH will always try to play it safe and a player has to rely on someone else to save their own life even though the other player could throw it. It ruins BB. If they bring it back next season I’m done with the show, only reason I stuck around last season in terms of gameplay is because Derrick knew how to work it to his advantage.

  2. I’d have put up Jeff and Jackie just to see how well they really do compete in this game than they did in TAR. BB is so much different that TAR, which they’re coming to realize too.

      • I didn’t see that season either, but was told they’d lost at the beginning of BB with a flashback of them in TAR and how badly Jeff was at navigating, as well as how bossy he was even if he was horrible at taking charge. He talks way more than he performs! hahaha

      • That was one episode where he was bossy like that. For the most part he seemed like a nice guy. Jackie was actually more bossy, but there was another team with a female that was even more of a word that rhymes with witch so she came off likable in comparison. I believe her name was Haley and thank god BB picked J&J instead of her.

      • Her name was Haley and she was one of the most annoying people to ever grace reality tv. Every time she opened her mouth I wanted to reach through the tv and smack her.

      • Thanks for helping out on that. I only based my opinion for the little I saw…but now, seeing him on BB it just seems he doesn’t ever shut up…LOLOL Jackie is just beginning to understand how BB game works, so I hope soon we’ll see that bossy side of her come out after she’s won over the hgs with her quietness! She does observe a lot, I’ve noticed. hahaha

      • Not really. They were the only two out of the “blind date” couples that seemed to have hooked up. They worked well together except for one time when he didn’t listen to her and she blew a gasket. He seemed a little immature, but so did she.

      • To answer your question: No. Jeff’s behavior was not objectionable on TAR. In fact, he was pretty boring and Jackie was the one with the bigger personality. Go figure. There was one small incident where Jeff told Jackie to stop talking because they were arguing during a task and she freaked out on him. That’s the clip they showed at the beginning. But that’s the only remotely objectionable thing he said on that season.

  3. At least thanks to this post and some comments I now understand why they dislike Jeff. I wonder if they will show any of it on the tv broadcasts. I hope they have a main plan and a back up and think through the possible scenarios.

    • I don’t think John will throw another BotB, even if he tells them he will, since he already did that the last time, but we’ll see. He’ll probably agree to it once he sees what kind of game it is.

  4. Everyone just assumes John is going to throw the BOB every time. I hope he realizes that and actually decides to win it so they can just leave him alone. Poor John :(

    • I like John and Steve and do not really see them doing anything bad to the other house guests but, it seems they are now considered perpetual pawns in this game? What is up with that? Nominate someone else.

      • I think it is because neither has really made any true alliances up to this point. John’s only alliance is Shelli and Clay, or at least he thinks it is. And Steve made an alliance with a single person, Vanessa. Both would be better served to start an alliance with Becky and Jackie since they don’t have a real allegiance to anyone either.

      • I agree, I like Steve also and I wish they would put someone else up that has not been on the block yet, geeze.

      • Yeah that would be great. Break up the duo of Clay and Shelli, and well…Jeff is just a “pig.” Get rid of some of the bigger threats. Clay and Shelli against Jeff and Jackie would be great. Or one on each side..Clay and Jackie against Shelli and Jeff..guarantee to get one of the duo’s broken up.

      • I like Jackie, but Jeff is getting on my nerves and these people need to wise up and put Clay and Shelli up.

      • I dislike Steve. He is so paranoid and doesn’t seem to be paired up with anyone. I find him quite annoying.
        John is so funny and I do hope that he actually starts playing the game.

  5. Has there actually been piggish behavior from James and Jeff? Is this real or conjured?

    • Real, although I think James is more from being awkward around pretty girls and Jeff from being full of himself. I also think that both are doing it to “fit in.”

      • I agree with what you’ve said redroses, except for the ‘fit in’ part. Perhaps they’re just trying to impress each other?

      • Oh my gosh…I was thinking the same thing earlier, that Jeff thinks he is at some big frat party!

    • I wouldn’t say it if it wasn’t. I’ve watched beyond any healthy limits of Feeds and hear plenty of comments and behavior from him. James is right up there with him.

      • Did anyone see the TMZ article about Jeff’s inappropriate behavior in bed last night?

      • Lights on, Liz in bed next to him, I don’t think that’s what happened.

        But it is Jeff so if anyone was going to do something like that…

      • I just read it and TMZ showed the clip and it’s pretty clear what he did and he did do it. The evidence is there. Even BB went to fish at one point. And even if he pretended he did it it was still disgusting and inappropriate and he is a risk to Julia and the rest of the girls in the house! He should be kicked off the show.

        Turns out the twins didn’t have to worry about James

        it was Jeff!

      • She didn’t. She had her back to him the whole time and a blindfold over her eyes, probably trying to block out the light. Then he pretended to wipe something off her shirt instead of something on her shirt. Not sure how CBS should handle this.

      • WOWSER FL, I didn’t know the horrid details!!! Thanx for enlightening me. But, the fact remains, she laid there and let him. Otherwise she would have confronted him and told him to stop.

      • I don’t think she knew what he was doing. If he was pleasuring himself, he was pretty stealth in doing so. He carried on a conversation with her the whole time and she just laid there with her back to him, not right against him, with a folded bandana over her eyes.

      • Yes. It looked like he was touching himself under the covers while they had a conversation. Then when he supposedly was done, he wiped the back of her shirt and told her she had something on her shirt and it was sticky. Again, I watched the clip and could not confirm or deny that he did anything, which is why I don’t really know what CBS should do about it.

      • He’s disgusting! I understand better now why you’re saying you don’t really know what CBS should do about it. Well, I hope they do something ~ If I had my way, he’d be out the BB door sitting in the gutter.

      • This just confirms one more thing as to why I don’t like him…a lot of talk and very little action that counts that is! hahaha

      • And thinking of using Meg again? Why? She’s just funny and querky. Because they Know she’ll be safe. That’s BS. Put some “life” into the game, put Shelli up against her honey Clay, Shelli should have played HER game herself, she was HOH, not Clay, when John saved himself, she should have taken her chances and put Audry up against Davonne! That would have shaken things up a bit!

      • I don’t think I would make it very far in the game because I think the total opposite of the houseguests and apparently a lot of people here.

        I’m voting to keep targets in the house, not likable pawns who would likely win over me if they made it to the end.

      • I probably wouldn’t last long either. Because I wouldn’t be scared to make big moves, and if I got HOH I certainly wouldn’t be allowing someone else to make my decisions for me! I liked Shelli before she “coupled up” with Clay. Now they both irritate me. And Audrey? She would have gotten muzzled during the first few days! And I would have locked Jeff and Clay both in seperate closets, and thrown away the keys!

      • I’m pretty sure you’re my Big Brother spirit animal because I literally feel the exact same way about everything you said, especially the part about Shelli.

      • I’d like to see Vanessa put up Shelli and Austin put up Clay so either way one of them is on the block.

      • Well Da’Vonne said that Meg would be the beautiful next wee if she stayed. :)

  6. Austin is the one I’d really like to see go home this week. But, that aint gonna happen. My next fav targets are Becky and Jackie who have brought absolutely zero personality to the game this season.

  7. I’d like to see one of the clueless duo put Jeff and Jackie on the block together. I think Jackie would lose BoB for the two of them. If Jeff doesn’t win POV, send him packing!

    • I would love to see a battle of the block of Clay & Jackie vs Jeff and Shelli! Now that would be interesting lol

  8. I was a Vanessa fan until she aligned with the King & Queen. Just hoping that Jason and John are not evicted this week. Shelli is so damn fake..I hate her.

    • I agree! Vanessa is a coward and so is Austin. Their nominations prove they were too scared to nominate Jeff up front. And I hope James and Jason stay his week and next week but if they don’t I can’t wait to see Vanessa, Austin, the Guliana Rancic looking twins, and Shelli and Clay battle for power and betray each other! I used to like Steve but he’s just a floater and he thinks he’s so smart about the game yet he didn’t figure out the twin twist. He’s just a Big Bang theory wannabe. Sorry to sound so harsh but these people are playing this game too personally. As for John he’s the most immature and simple acting dentist I’ve ever seen!

      • I actually like Audrey over most of the house. She is like a better version of Amanda. I can’t stand the ”king and queen”, I don’t like Steve for the same reasons and he seems to be like Ian and I couldn’t stand him, Jeff is a pig, I like Jackie actually, Vanessa and Austin should not be going after the same people that always get put up they should break up Clay and Shelli, Jason thinks he is the baddest bitch in the house, James is better then Jason. Everyone is just irritating.

    • I think Vanessa’s aligning with them is good for her game. I think Clay and Shelli will always be targets ahead of her. She just can’t let them get to the end together, as both would choose each other over Vanessa. I’m curious about how real Vanessa’s alliance with Steve is.

  9. So last week Shelli and Clay promise John is her throws BOTB then he will be in with them and safe. Now Vanessa and Austin are hoping to convince him to throw it, and I’m sure promise him safety. I hope he brings up the fact that he helped their side out last week and they need to find another pawn for at least a week.

  10. Clay and Shelli would be my choice for nominees… especially Clay. Watching those two talk like they control everything and acting like they are the center of the universe really got old.

    • It was pretty annoying to watch. I never had a problem with Shelli until she let Clay run her and her HoH and now I dislike them both equally.

  11. I really dislike BotB and all of the “throwing” of it. Hope this is the last season for it..who in the heck said it was a fan favorite?

    • I think BotB would be WAY more interesting to watch if opposing sides always won HoH.

      • It would still suck because those opposing sides will still play it safe. Remember it almost requires you to put up weak players so they can lose and you remain in power. Then you might or might not get the chance to get rid of your target with a backdoor. This structure makes the game boring. People blamed Derrick for the season being boring but I liked his game. I blame this twist for making the game boring.

    • I think because both would be in danger of going home if they ended up on the block at the end of the week.

      • I know but wouldn’t miss Shelli if she was voted out. her fake tears last night did it for me. Sick of seeing them trying to use John.

      • I would love to see either Shelli or Clay go home. I’m not much for showmances on BB. It takes away from the game play. I much prefer to see people play based on strategy than with their emotions.

    • John has a mind of his own and if he decides he wants to throw BotB, he will and if he doesn’t want to throw it..he won’t! Don’t think he is one to be told what they want him to do all of the time.

  12. I think that if Austin ends up as sole HOH, he might end up going after Audrey or Steve instead of Jeff or James. Austin clearly has a “bro” mentality and might be afraid to make waves with the other “bros” in the house.

    • If Austin gets his way, we’re going to have a miserable mix of The Detonators and the Brigade. Vanessa needs to keep him in line.

  13. Clay could use a reality check. He thinks he can run things. He pretty much made all od Shelli’s HOH decisions last week. Plus he’s a major backstabber who just plain talks too much. Even Shelli told him he would have to keep quiet last week. Wouldn’t break my heart to see him gone.

    • I agree. BB is really just a popularity contest where many of the people cast have not emotionally gotten out of high school. They need to start casting older people and bring some class and more maturity to the game.

      Actually I think the show needs an over haul. It’s the same thing almost every year with just a few new twists added. I would love to see Julie Chen replaced as host with someone like Phil (from the Amazing Race), Joe Rogan, and Joel Mchale! They are much more likable and interesting than Julie who is so fake and stoic.

      • I’ve been thinking Jeff Probst would be an excellent replacement for Julie. Julie stumbles all over the place in her blow-by-blow commentary during the comps ~~ Jeff’s skills as a host are far more credible and extensive. Yes BubbleSplash, I can also see Phil, Joe Rogan and/or Joel Mchale being more adept at hosting BB.

      • CBS/BB house basement (we don’t want Julie to see us), 4 am ~~ and I’ll bring the reindeer! (bells = reindeer)

      • Sounds good…but you’ll have to hold my hand—I’m a-skeered of basements, thanks to my big brothers when I was little. Rotten boys.

      • awwww, sorry about your juvenile bros skeeering you. I’ll be happy to hold your hand. Anything else?

      • A magic wand to make Joel fall in love with me? LOL! Nah, I think we’re good. As long as you don’t let me get a-skeered!

      • I love Joel !! R U sure you don’t want me to tell him all your wonderous virtues? I’d never let you get a-skeeeered ~~ just don’t let go.

      • I have to say i like you now Cuddles because you like Joel. Do you like the Soup too? :-)

      • Now? What took you so long?? Joel and The Soup go hand in hand ~ I love both of them!

      • I have to get ready for the interviews Sharona ~~ see you later! And don’t be skeeeered.

      • OMG!! So *Cy* … do you think Al would be able to keep up with the shenanigans during a BB comp? If he needs to sit and/or walk, I have a spare rollator in my car trunk.

      • Yeah, like that’s going to happen (Julie getting replaced). Remember that the Queen is married to the President (of CBS) I would love to see her gone too. She’s had her 51,000 minutes of fame!

      • Yes she is, however she is also married to the Chairman of the Board of CBS so there you go, she’s got it as long as she wants it. Or until they get divorced.

      • Those millions (nay, billions) of dollars of his, assure there will never be a divorce.

      • Julie is married to Leslie Moonves who is President and CEO of CBS. He also sit on the board of director. But the Chairman of the board is still Sumner Redstone, the majority shareholders of CBS. Doesn’t change what you meet, it’s just a precision.

      • Without Julie, there’s no Big Brother. Emma Willis, while she fits the role of host in the UK version fairly well, it’s hard to match to how great Davina McCall had done during her 10 years of hosting. Same goes for BBAU’s Gretel Killeen who is pretty much the heart and soul of the Australian version despite having since been replaced by three successors with unmatched levels of success.

      • In all honesty, Big Brother like many shows have run their course and seen their better days. Like American Idol, it’s time for Big Brother to call it quits. Changing the host won’t make any difference. Now, if they made a change in their “production crew” it might. I forget her name at the moment, but I believe she has to do with who’s chosen to play, I think her initials are AG but I could be wrong. There were major issues with her last season, you could hear her talking thru a device in Amanda’s ear. Amanda and McCray were disgusting!
        Audrey’s game play is kind of reminding me of Amanda’s, minus the cray cray flipping out..but we may see that if Audrey stays in the house too many more weeks.
        Jeff’s behavior is disgusting and unacceptable. What he did in that bed and wiped his hand off on Liz’s back, should have gotten him some kind of disciplinary action by Production, plain and simple.
        When even the ones who are 30 and over behave like hormonal 15 and 16 year olds it’s a little much.
        Audrey sits or lays around like a lump doesn’t ever help the others clean the house. She’s always pretty much wearing the same thing. When does she do laundry?
        The only excitement or movement you see out of her, is when she’s out lying and trying to cause trouble.
        This so far is the worst cast, and worst season. I couldn’t even say I have a player I hope wins this season so far. Everyone’s a follower, no one’s a real game player. The only one who was, was a major threat to these little babies, and they all made sure the True Game Player went home.

    • Not this week…Audrey’s proving she can work well with others now! LOLOL

      • Exactly! I’m liking this twin twist a lot more, even with it out before the required 5th eviction. Good they didn’t deny it after a good portion of the hgs found them out. Poor Austin hadn’t a clue and felt so embarrassed, thinking he was only dealing with Liz up til then. Day regrets having told Jason about her suspicions before confronting Liz first. I really was beginning to like her, more than I did Audrey. Now that Day’s gone, I’m beginning to like Audrey, even if I wouldn’t trust her as far as I can throw her..hahaha

    • Not this week. Clay is aligned with Vanessa and Austin so they’re not gonna feign any interest to target him unless he does something to jeopardise that alliance of theirs.

  14. When four people go on the block every week, HOHs will always go for the HG that is most expendable, and that never changes. That’s why the same people go up for BoB every week.

    Your FAN FAVORITE twist, everyone!

  15. I cannot figure out why no one is busting up the obvious pairs yet… If it were me I’d be targeting the stronger members of the couples.. Is: CLAY & Shelli… Liz ( she’s a twin and they know)… And JEFF and Jackie. I would rather be in an alliance with Jason, Steve and Vanessa with a final 4 deal than be involved with people who have already picked who they are taking to the end.

    • Jeff and Jackie are not a pair in this game. Jeff even said they should stay clear of each other.

      • I still would not want to be in the final two with them. Although I think Jackie will just float around til an alliance takes her out and Jeff has already made himself a target.

  16. The question is “Who would I put up”. OK I would put up Meg and Jackie if I wanted to retain HOH. I would put up James and Jason if I wanted to give up my chance to retain the HOH. Of course there is variables in this game that can and will be out of my control.

  17. Almost the whole house voted together. How annoying. I can’t stand Liz and Julia for voting De out. If Vanessa does not put Audrey up after clearly lying to her, then I wish her gone as well.

    • At least it wasn’t a unanimous vote the second week in a row. Plus, Shelli did go against the house consensus by targeting Da’Vonne over Audrey.

    • Yes just like last season, the whole house wants to spare people’s feelings expect maybe 3 people

  18. Am really sick of John getting put up every week. And the way Clay and Sheli disrespected him last week, to seriously ask him to not use the veto on himself. What nerve and disrespect. Won’t be sorry when they go.

    • How delusional or arrogant (I’m not sure which one – probably both) for Clay and Sheli to think John might NOT use the veto to save himself. That’s a surefire way to get on someone’s bad side. To even ask him about it is crazy.

    • That’s what they think. His DR says it he made them look silly and stupid.

  19. I wish John would have never agreed to be a pawn the second time and never threw the BOtB because now he’s going to be everyone’s “go to guy” but its his own fault. Hope he takes himself down, Him or Austin are the only guys I like in the house at this point

    • Johnny Mac is a twit. He is being used because he is usable.
      PS – Bro, use some of that spray tan, you look like a corpse!

  20. I honestly want Jeff out of the house after reading some of the comments in this article. I would like to see him expelled for unacceptable behavior.

    • His behavior is not even close to bad enough to get expelled. If the group in BB15 was not close to getting expelled having Jeff be close is laughable.

  21. Clay’s “shout out” to his family every time he vote is annoying. “hi daddy, hi everyone, I love you all” …STFU and cast your vote.

  22. Shelli & Clay…Clay needs to go. He has yet to show any strength other than using Shelli as a puppet. Why arr Vanessa and Austin trying to help the twins Liz & Julia…ugh so annoyed.

  23. shelli and clay, i hate them so much. I haven’t hated people so much since Rachel

  24. I don’t understand why Shelli and Clay are so obviously a couple. Don’t they know that’s usually the kiss of death? I don’t care how “lonely” you get, I’d keep my eyes on the $500,000 and avoid obvious partnerships like the plague.

  25. put up Audrey and liz === clay and shellie======= that way one of those go home -2 birds in one shot if its liz

  26. Shelli is obvious and mouthy. Clay is her boy toy. Cant stand Austin. Shelli and Austin, both need to go. Not sure Audrey knows what it is to be female. She thinks the gossip and lies are what women are about. Waiting for something good. So far, nada. Seems like a lot of intent to hurt people. It feels more personal than other years. Hope it is not. Each time someone throws the competitions, you know someone will be heading out the back door.

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