Big Brother 17: Austwins Set A Trap For Vanessa – Update: Austin Springs The Trap

All Big Brother 17 season Vanessa Rousso has been working hard to line up deals, create confusion, and position herself securely against eviction. Now with just six players left the fruits of her labor are starting to be exposed to her former close allies.

Julia Nolan is shocked by what she learns about Vanessa Rousso
Julia Nolan is shocked by what she learns about Vanessa Rousso – Source: CBS All Access

Overnight we heard talk from the Austwins as they realized Vanessa likely had final deals with John and Steve, but today their talks went farther to show how deeply rooted Vanessa had become through their own alliance and may still give them time to do something about it.

This afternoon Liz and Austin started talk through their trust issues with Vanessa. You can Flashback to 1:27 PM BBT 9/8, but note that the Feeds time is currently off real time by about 13 mins so these times are noted as what appears on the Feeds’ time stamp and may change later.

Liz wants to know if Austin trusts Vanessa because she’s suspecting Van’s actually playing both sides of the house. Liz and Julia had this talk last night when Austin wasn’t there so she’s catching him up. Liz admits Vanessa made a F2 deal with Julia and Austin says Vanessa expects everyone to take her. Yep, and she nearly pulled it off (and she still might) if it hadn’t been for those meddling kids and their dog!

Julia arrives around 1:42 PM BBT and the discussion continues. She also admits to Austin that she has a F2 with Vanessa and he confirms that he also has a F2 with Vanessa. Julia says Vanessa started talking it up framed as what they could do together if Liz wasn’t around anymore.

Julia and Austin continue to share details and confirm that they don’t trust Vanessa and need to do something about it. Austin believes all these deals are bound to backfire on Vanessa both with them and then with Steve and John taking each other over Vanessa if she doesn’t win her way to the end.

The twins return to the topic they’ve debated all week: which one of them should go. Now we’ve known it won’t really be up to them and they’re starting to see that light too. It gives them an idea though. Julia wants Liz to stay saying there are just a few weeks left and Liz is the better competitor, true. Since Vanessa has framed this as a choice for the twins to make they’ll go to her, tell Vanessa they want Liz to stay, and then see how she handles it. If Vanessa goes back on the deal then they’ll consider that “open season” to go to John and tell him everything they know.

Julia gets excited over the idea. Flashback to 2:04 PM BBT as Julia tells Liz and Austin that if she’s going on Thursday she wants to “blow s**t up” and reveal everything she can. Well it might not be the best idea to wait that long. Last night while the Austwins were discussing their distrust for Vanessa we heard similar sentiments from Steve who wanted to talk to Austin and disrupt any remaining trust he had with Vanessa. So while the twins want to talk with Austin it’s Steve they should probably be chatting up.


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  1. Now they are starting to think…set her up and see if she honor’s her …you girls decide who should go home and I will go with your decision routine.

  2. Anybody else catch Austin saying “spoon-uh” on last night’s BBAD? As if it wasn’t bad enough that there were two morons in the house ending every sentence with -uh, now there’s three.

  3. It’s about time, I hope it’s not to late to get Vanessa out, I hope she doesn’t win. I haven’t liked her from the beginning.

  4. Uh oh…Vanessa is facing (2) 2 person teams…smells like eviction next week for her. I’m not sure her fantastically strategic mind or manipulation tactics will help her this time…I hope she pulls it off…GO VANESSA!!!

    • All she has to do is win Hoh. Then she’s safe. If she doesn’t win Hoh, she will most likely win the Veto. Vanessa can do it! I’m pulling for her to win this!

      • Yep, I knew it, I guessed right!!!

        Jasmine, you are so right, that’s all she has to do and I’ll go a step further, I wouldn’t doubt if she did it.

  5. I’d like to say,” it’s about time”, but we’ve heard em all figure her out but end up chickening out. someone please take Vanessa out

    • The only way I see this happening is if JMac wins HoH, puts up Austin and Vanessa and hope Van doesn’t win Veto. At least she’s OTB first. If Steve or JMac win Veto, they can keep the noms the same and evict Van. There’s really no other way as trying to BD Van may not work…any other scenario will ensure that Austin or Liz/Julia (depending on who they evict this week) will be evicted instead next week. Plus we’ll know for sure next week if JMac and Steve really are working with Van to get to F4 or not.

  6. CBS has rigged in Vanessa’s favor. CBS has a new poker show coming out, where Vanessa is gonna be the host.

      • The better question should be, Why would you believe an unconfirmed rumor on the internet? And from the people who give us the supermarket rag “The Globe”.

      • Yes, I did. It’s an UNCONFIRMED RUMOR on “Celebrity Dirty Laundry”. Not the bastion of journalistic integrity. Do you really believe everything you read on the internet? If so I gotta a bridge for sale… It’s cheap.

      • Cool. I’ve always wanted my own bridge. I’m glad it’s cheap cuz I can’t afford much. Thanks

      • I think you’ll like it. It has a fresh coat of gold paint. Plus it’s a toll bridge, so it pays for itself!

      • Wait a minute, you didn’t say that originally, I’d like to put a bid on that. Do I have to believe the “Poker Face” rumor too?

      • If you only type in “Poker Face” it’s all about Lady Gaga.

        If you type “Poker Face Vanessa” however, then you get what your’e talking about.

      • So are you saying Lady Gaga’s “Poker Face” is about Vanessa? I’ve never really listened to the words.

        If you type in “paranoid big brother contestant” you get Audrey, I swear no lie!!!

      • I typed in paranoid big brother player and I got a whole page of results about Vanessa. lol. Google brings up different results for different people though.

      • Hate to break it to you, but CBS’s poker show is already a done deal.

        ” “Poker Night in America,” announced today the signing of a broadcast
        agreement with CBS Sports Network. The agreement will bring the
        cutting-edge poker-themed television show to a national audience for the
        first time. The series will run for 26 consecutive weeks, starting on
        June 29th, 2014 at 10:00pm Eastern, 7:00pm Pacific.

        The Sunday night weekly broadcasts will run from June 29th to the last Sunday in December.”

      • It’s not because of Vanessa though like many people think. They probably already had that in the works months before BB17 premiered.
        Seriously, all these Vanessa conspiracy theories are giving me a headache.
        I want Vanessa to win even more now so all you haters can eat crow. (I will not be eating crow if she doesn’t win, simply because she would still be the best player this season, win or lose).

      • only if she donates every freaking penny to charity the bitch is already worth millions she does not need a dime otherwise i hope she gets hit by a subway train.

      • And you know how much Vanessa is worth? How?
        I read she is in financial trouble, that is why she applied for the show.

      • I agree !! Seems all reality shows that have winners have conspiracy theorists. Vanessa, love her or hate her, has played the best game. The others have been idiots to keep her and I have found their stupidity most enjoyable !!
        Producers can only manipulate the players so much but they don’t make the final vote. The houseguests nominate, vote to evict, and the jury picks the winner – period. So you haters have only the houseguests to blame if Vanessa wins !! They have allowed her tears, her manipulations, and even her lies to get her this far – not CBS !!

      • You posted something from 2014, about a show called “Poker Night In America” that will enter it’s third season next year on CBS Sports. The “new” show that Vanessa is rumored to host is called “Poker Face” and on regular CBS.

        Your overall point still stands about her being rumored to host a show, but you mentioned an entirely different one. It’s ok though, we all misread things at times.

      • I saw that you guys were talking about Poker Face, so I didn’t actually misread. But there is nothing official from CBS about that show. Only the one that has already aired. The rumours about PokerFace are from Celebrity Dirty Laundry and nowhere else, so until I see something that confirms a CBS show called PokerFace, then I find this one hard to believe.

      • She applied to be on the show. I think your just reaching for reasons as to why CBS is “rigging” for a certain houseguest. It happens every single season.

      • I will get to the bottom of this. This happens every year…I’ll talk to Alison Grodner tonight.

      • I love how people say the game is rigged simply because their favorites have gone home or because the person they don’t like has gotten out their favorites.

        I don’t think the show is rigged at all. Cbs can’t help how lacking the house-guests games are compared to Vanessa.
        I mean, you do realize that she is a poker player and a game theorist? She is a strategic player at all times. Surely, that has something to do with why she is still there, not because the show is rigged.

      • She’s been burned once before, but luckily it was only minor burns. She recovered. And I have high hopes that she will recover again.

    • I second this. It might not come out in their favor every year, but there are subtle hints from past seasons where you can easily point out when a clear winner has been backed against the wall and a new twist is entered in that played in that HG’s favor. Yes there are laws in place to prevent such fraudulent activity, but that doesn’t mean it’s not heavily concealed. On the other hand, this has actually been a pretty dull year contestant wise and I gave up rooting for anyone very early in the season. Most boring season yet for me personally. I’ve actually stopped watching and use BBN to stay up to date. Keep up the good work, guys.

    • So yo, Yo. Could you explain just how CBS has rigged a show where the players have the final vote ?? I would really like to know how they do that without the players having a major role in that. And then please tell me how they keep all the players from 17 seasons never talking about the “rig”.

    • They already had Poker Night on CBS Sports Network last year that ran for 26 consecutive weeks. So it’s not exactly new.

    • No disrespect poker life is not what it used to be and she ugly as a host plus have no kuff she will put everyone down on her show if she doesn’t get her way no likes bullies

  7. Omg, it took them long enough. They probably still won’t do anything about Vanessa. They act like they’re scared to death of this chick. Why?

      • you think? I was hoping she felt safe enough to throw this one for fear she needed to win F4 HOH.

      • I get why Austiwns are a little weary about approaching Steve or JMAC with this, but they need to talk to one of them. I would put my money on JMAC, although I am still not sure if he is really WITH Vanessa or playing her. Any thoughts? Seems like Sreve is also on to Vanessa.

      • idk either regarding the WITH van. surely JMac doesn’t buy”everyone hates van in jury”.

      • They’re all catching on. I don’t know what took them so long to compare notes on her having a final 2 with everyone. I said two weeks ago if she keeps playing all sides she’s going to get burned. I hope it happens this week. Watch her flip out like she always does when someone is against her.

      • I’m hoping for that too. That’s what she was planning to do but if she gets wind the Austwins are on to her she’s going to try to win it.

      • and that’s a big “IF”. they seem to talk too much this season and spill info they should be keeping to themselves

      • There will be 5 still left after Thursday so even if she wins POV she doesn’t decide who goes. There will be two votes.

    • I don’t know why either they should be scared…so she blows up and starts the fake tears…and everyone is against her routine..tells her to take a cold shower and a pack her bags.

    • I think we can scratch, them doing anything the twins just ate. As soon as they sit at a table with food in front of them everything goes blank.

  8. Vanessa plays the way BB is played…lie,cheat,steal…whatever needs to be done!! I’m sure Dr. Will would approve and even Dan G.

      • Yes he would have…he would seen her non stop talking and overplay of the game..and got her out week 3!

      • Once she pulled odd the 8-0 vote that got Shelly out, I became a fan of Van’s. The other HG’s are finally catching on (too late maybe).

      • I do appreciate the fact that JMac did say he felt bullied by her. I’m hoping others will admit it after the show. Of course, if Vanessa won, that would make it more difficult for the HGs to speak out.

      • Omg, you’re acting as if she put guns to these peoples’ heads…”that would make it more difficult for the HGS to speak out.”
        As if they are getting abused or something…
        how dramatic can you be?
        This is a game. If anything, Vanessa might just be condescending sometimes, that’s it. I don’t consider that bullying.
        All these house-guests knew what they were getting into. They are going to be pressured by others and feel stressed out. That is the name of the game and it has happened season after season.

      • I don’t think he’s floating at all. He’s playing with the cards that he has. He won his way back in and is still there. I think he’s playing a smart game.

      • Saw article re: Les Moonves career @ CBS.He does not consider the BB casting great this year. States 5 or 6 disappointments. No kidding.

    • I don’t remember will or Dan verbally attacking/cussing people out like van has. she is pretty harsh.

      • absolutely agree. you should walk into these type of games prepared for the worst-lies, cheats, bad attitudes, meanness, etc. I always find it funny when people are shocked they’ve been lied to or manipulated. I did feel bad for Steve, but I give him kudos-he handled it well

      • But it’s not against the rules for her to do that. If it was, they would’ve told her. Vanessa is doing nothing wrong. She is playing the game to the fullest.
        Vanessa’s harsh. Evil Dick was harsher.

      • Man-oh Man Evel Dick was cruel. He would find that Achilles heal in your character and verbally beat it with a stick.I think people give him more credit, because a lot of his points were actually valid. But gheez the venom.

      • So he was way worse than Vanessa has ever been! Yet, people are calling Vanessa the anti-Christ…seriously? All because she is playing the Big Brother game?

      • You must be new to this. Season 14, I was a Dan fan.People were fixated on the the fact he swore on the bible then went back on his word.There were actually posts that Karma was going to get him, and he was going to hell, Oh yes Karma was gonna get me too for supporting him ( I thought Christians weren’t supposed to believe in Karma). It’s really easy to get worked up over this show (I’ve done it too) You just got to remember,in the end, it is just a (unfixed) game.

      • Yes, it is just a game. But some of the people who are on this show, their reputations have been tarnished because of how they were on the show. Vanessa is not deserving of all this hate. Once she’s off the show, some people are only going to see her as she was in the game. That is not right.

      • Yes he was cruel, but he owned his game. He did not act like he was this great man of integrity whose word meant “everything” to him.

      • Yeah, I’m one of the few saying “Go Vanessa!”
        I’m just trying to get some of these people on here to see that Vanessa is not a bad person, she is just playing the game. Some of the behavior on Dick’s season suggests that he is that way in real life.

      • Well, I am not cheering for V. IMO, she has few redeeming qualities, BUT she is the “best player” of this season. And, if she can stay in the house, she deserves the win.

  9. I’m surprised it has taken these dim wits this long to figure her out. I also doubt anyone will actually make a move against her. I know the producers manipulate these players via the diary room and it feels like this season they have used their powers to keep Vanessa around. It doesn’t help that these are by far the worst group of players I have ever seen.

    • I’ve noticed that as well, its anti Vanessa week until they hit the diary room and somehow targets change to someone else over something very stupid and talks about evicting V stop. if it comes out that this show is scripted, I won’t be watching next season, so far it feels that way and many have stopped watching already, I just hope they don’t cast a millionaire to buy everyone off again.

      • I have pretty much stopped watching as well. I read this site to stay updated on what’s going on in the house and have no real desire to watch it anymore. If next season has a similar cast I won’t be watching either.

  10. It seemed these people where at a summer camp relaxing not staying in tune on what was going on…and as soon as someone farted everyone had to know…they lost sight of why they were really in there for.

  11. Its certainly fun to see them catch on to Vanessa but we’ve actually been here before. Liz & Austin both had the chance to get V out & they were too scared. I imagine they’ll give in to V again. AND, if Vanessa catches on to all this, she’ll fight even harder. It’s better for the house if they continue to make her feel safe & then attack.

    • I see your point–but the circumstances are different this time. The finish line–and the 500k–is in sight and Van wasn’t really playing both sides as blatantly as she is now. I think someone shows some cojones and boots her at F4 or F3

  12. Now their starting to figure out what a back stabber Vanessa is,should back door her ASAP,but will they get a chance to take out the man she devil,hopefully Vanessa doesn’t win hoh. The olny problem is I still can’t stand dirty Austin and the evil disgusting twins, go jmac u can do it.

  13. With the info why not set a trap. Go to steve and Jmac and tell them Van just told them to vote out Julia so they would have 3 strong players, and that whatever of the 3 of them win to put up john and steve, and then if 1 of them wins veto, they will just vote out the other…and can them make it to final 3 as long as the remaining of john or steve don’t wine the following week.

    Done & Done.

  14. What a bunch of winers! Van is the only one that has played the game as it should be. If they were to stupid to figure it out that is on them. I hope she does win as she is the only one who has worked for the win!

      • It’s not bullying. It’s the game.
        How do you recall Evil Dick’s behavior. If you call Vanessa a bully, he’s worse than she will ever be.

      • JMac said he felt bullied. Bullying is never a game and it should never be explained away or excused.

      • She’s not a bully. You still didn’t answer my question about Evil Dick. Don’t ignore that. You ignoring that question just tells me that I made a good point. And don’t put it on the fact that it’s because of his name that he acted that way.

      • Jasmine, you are a very pushy person, and I’ve noticed it before. Vanessa is the HG that I am speaking about who JMac said bullied him. Now, if you wish to address this subject in a less aggressive manner, without trying to tell me what to do, I would be more than happy to give you the definition of bully from the online dictionary.

      • I’m not being aggressive. If you’d like…I could be.
        But I asked you a question about Evil Dick and you didn’t answer it. I know we’re speaking about Vanessa, but I brought up Evil Dick to get you to see that he is more so a bully than Vanessa. You’re acting as if there was no point to why I brought him up.

      • Evil Dick has nothing at all to do with this season and your intention is VERY obvious. I’m just a little smarter than you to fall for it. I have too many miles and experiences to play with you, Jasmine , when there is such an important issue being made light of by immature adults.

      • But do you realize that this is a game?! Anything she does in the game should not be surprising. These people are told that in order to survive, they will have to outwit one another. Outwitting one another entails lying, manipulation, forming fake alliances, keeping secrets only to expose them later, telling others what to do…do I have to go on…or do you get the big picture?… because clearly you don’t.
        You don’t even know me to compare your life to my life. So, does your experiences deem your values more important than my values?…you have more knowledge simply because you’ve lived longer? Not necessarily the case. Just like you don’t know Vanessa to keep saying that she’s a bully, she’s a bully, she’s a bully…This is not an important issue in this game this season because Vanessa is not bullying anyone. We can argue all night, honey. But knowing how you’ve commented on my posts in the past, you’ll probably just stop commenting.
        Yes, Vanessa, probably intimidated Johnny, maybe her demeanor made it seem like he should do what she wanted or else…but people get pressured like that all the time…in the game of BIG BROTHER.

      • Vanessa BULLIED JMac, Jmac used the word, bullied. That is different from being manipulated. You walk all around it…intimidated, demeanor made it seem,pressured…without saying what JMac said…bullied. Bullied..Bullied..Bullied..Try to confront the truth and not condone the lies.

      • You can say she’s a bully all you want. Doesn’t mean I will ever agree with you and I will make it known that I don’t. So, for lack of a better term, there’s the dilemma.
        However, I should probably consider that we might have different views on what bullying is. You see Vanessa telling John to do something as bullying…I just see it as playing the Big Brother game.
        But really, can you explain to me exactly what she ‘did’ to John that made him seem like she was bullying him…tell me…exactly…

      • I could give a rats ass whether you agreed with me on anything. What I’m saying is a human being said he felt he was being bullied. Instead of responding as a mature adult, you proceed to undermine and excuse her tactics, drawing in a poster pal to help your cause. Just the type people that need to be put in a boxing ring and let you go at it

      • Getting snarky, are we? Cursing…from KSJB? That’s a first. I’m affecting you….
        Don’t you realize that John referred to him and Vanessa as enemies all season…but the show and the live feeds did not show that they were beefing all season…yet John worded it that way….he could’ve just worded it wrong.
        But whatever…John was not being bullied. End of story. Vanessa did not throw his clothes away for no reason. Vanessa did not dunk his head in the toilet. Vanessa did not call him unnecessary names.
        Vanessa did not physically abuse him.
        Once you realize what bullying actually is, come back and chat with me.

      • I think I’d do well to keep my “chats” between mature, people who understand the seriousness of bullying instead of those that use it to further them selves in life.

      • Well, stop commenting if you want the chats to be between mature people then. You want to talk about being the bigger person. Do me a favor and not reply to this post.

        Signs of a white flag…

      • Every time you immaturely post the lie that Vanessa is a not a bully, the white flag has been removed. I will say exactly what I have before about her bullying tactics. Those who have been bullied deserve advocates.

      • And you’re forgetting that I told you that I have been bullied before? Or will you waive my right to be advocated for simply because I don’t think John was bullied? Based upon my definition of bullying, he wasn’t. I feel I’m right. You feel you’re right. We both are actually bringing up a good point. Too bad millions of people don’t read this BB blog.

      • Jasmine, when it comes to JMac, what you nor I think means nothing. It’s the person who felt bullied , it’s their thought and feelings that are to be heard. IF HE(JMac) felt bullied then he was.

      • Well, he wasn’t.
        Can you believe that we’ve been on here arguing for almost 2 hours about whether or not Vanessa pressuring Johnny mac to do something (or else)…is bullying or not?

      • You’ll never be able to change the fact that Vanessa bullied JMac. It’s out there. Check the law about bullying. Vanessa is a bully, no matter what you say, JMac says she bullied him and a lot of people who watched would attest to the facts.

      • The only one on here constantly saying that Vanessa is a bully is you!
        And I think Vanessa isn’t a bully, no matter what you say. You can’t even show any proof.
        I will feel bad if J-mac is being bullied, but from what I’ve seen, he is not.
        He probably saw it as bullying, but he was probably just embarrassed that he was again manipulated by her.

      • Jasmine you protest too much and against the wrong thing. Do you not understand how you are undermining your own integrity here?

      • I didn’t bring up integrity. You did. And I really don’t care. I just want to have the last word. But you’re putting up a good fight! Kudos!
        I’m standing up for what I feel is the right thing. I don’t believe in my heart of hearts that Vanessa was ‘bullying’ John, regardless of what he says. I’m sorry if that somehow means I’m protesting too much or undermining my own integrity. Whatever.
        Sorry, I just don’t see it the way you see it.

      • Jasmine, I’m really having a difficult time following you. Maybe it has something to do with the fact that it is late here, I have to be up at 5:15 am to have my husband to the hospital, so I’m going to bed and if you want to continue this tomorrow afternoon, I’d be happy to. For now, have a great night.

      • You can’t win with her. I finally ignored her the other day. She loves the BULLY Vanessa and God help anyone that says a negative word about her.

      • You TOLD me to ignore you? Was that before or after telling me what and what not to comment on. Jasmine, you may be trying to portray a bully, but my bully, you will never be….ever.

      • Which is really funny, I’m not really on this board to incite any negativity, as some other poster put it a couple of days back. I genuinely love this show. I genuinely like Vanessa.
        People liked Vanessa before, I’m just confused as all get-out as to what changed. She started to rise above the pack weeks earlier and now people want to boo hoo and cry foul.

      • Jasmine, I can’t say I agree with your admiration of V, but you have as much right to cheer her on as others do to rip her up.
        And, I admire the fact that you keep such a positive attitude when people give you grief about it.
        Have fun kiddo, and don’t let “the bullies” get you!

      • Thank you…I consider that a compliment. No one ever wants to be called a bully. Imagine how Vanessa would feel when she gets out and she sees tons of people on the outside stating that she’s a bully time and time again.

      • She should realize that people saw a side of her that was a bully. One HG admitted it on the show and I think more will after the show. She needs to knows.

      • It wouldn’t surprise me. There are stories, comments from players. All you have to do is be willing to look and except the truth. And yes, I am known for my great sense of humor, but there is much more to me.

      • Just like there is much more to Vanessa than what you think you see on the television screen or the computer screen. Just because one person felt ‘manipulated’, not ‘bullied’, doesn’t mean that is what you use to then perceive someone else. You do realize that Vanessa and John are supposedly working together now? He probably doesn’t feel bullied anymore or maybe he’s just a masochist, let you tell it.

      • Bullying Definition. Bullying is unwanted, aggressive behavior among school aged children that involves a real or perceived power imbalance. The behavior is repeated, or has the potential to be repeated, over time. Both kids who are bullied and who bully others may have serious, lasting problems.

      • Now does that definition describe Vanessa at all? I think not.
        She is powerful in the house simply because she’s smart enough given her skills as professional poker player and a game theorist.

      • Why are you telling me? Read the post Philly Cat posted with the definition A few days ago. It was Vanessa to a tee. And I don’t know where you got this but it’s not just school age children and it’s not the definition in the Websters dictionary.

      • Oh no..I can’t …I’m not gonna respond. I’m a shy person. ….we’ll just talk about her.’re bad!

      • It’s a game!!!! The bullying comment from JMac was not him complaining, just trying to gain ground with Vanessa and not letting her get away with that….or just wanted her smarten up.

      • He felt bullied and said so. He was being bullied and that was his reason for complaining. Why would you try to make something light of bullying? That explanation is a disgrace, Tim, and you should be embarassed and also should apologize to anyone who has said they were bullied and were later, harmed or died because someone made light of it.

      • Tim, you should also be embarrassed about beating your head against that “brick bully wall” that KSJB has erected in the BB house, and should apologize for not realizing that every harsh word that passes from someones lips is a form of bullying!

        Yes, we should all join hands & bow to each other’s will!

      • Kim, you are sounding like you could be one of the bullies behind the middle school that cause a lot of hard living for some children and go off with your buddies to laugh about it all. Those type people usually are very immature at even older ages.

      • Oh Boo Hoo! Someone disagrees with you, and that makes them a bully?!
        Pull up your “big girl panties” & get on with your life!
        Did you answer my trophy question yet? LOL

      • Kim, say what you mean, but respectfully. You simply have not made a complete statement worthy of a response. You’re a follower with a very dim light.

      • Stop telling me what to do!
        Stop trying to bully me!
        Yes, I said it, right here, right now. “I feel bullied”
        So, according to your logic, it must true, right?

      • Are we back to the “big bad bully” BS again?
        As I said before, these are not a bunch of little children in the school yard, and V is not calling them fat & taking their lunch money.
        When they signed up, they should have known what to expect upon entering the house. And, if they can’t stand up to one skinny middle-aged blonde they deserve to go home.

      • I agree! KSJB doesn’t fully understand the concept of bullying, obviously. She’s just clearly anti-Vanessa, meaning Vanessa can cough…and KSJB would go “She’s such a bully! Why is she coughing?” That aforementioned statement makes no sense, but KSJB would make sense of it.

      • So, now you’re ganging up? Kind of like bullies do? What does that say about you now, Jasmine? No wonder you excuse Vanessa’s behavior and adamantly defend her.

      • I’m not excusing her behavior because I don’t consider what she’s done in the game bullying.
        I’m not ganging up on you. You’re just clearly confused about the concept of bullying. I have been bullied before. I know what bullying is. Vanessa is not a bully.

      • We’ve been through this bully talk before and I even posted the Websters Dictionary definition of bully which fit Vanessa toa tee

      • I wish I knew how to post the definition of “Narcissistic Personality Disorder” because Vanessa fits that to a tee as well!

      • Well, she can be that way in the game of Big Brother. It’s allowed…whether you anti-Van people want it to be or not.

      • plural bullies
        1 archaic
        a :sweetheart
        b :a fine chap
        2 a :a blustering browbeating person; especially :one habitually cruel to others who are weaker
        b :pimp

      • “So, now you’re ganging up?”

        If more than one person disagrees with you, that’s means we are ganging-up to BULLY you?
        Please feel free to retain all you’re own thoughts with no threat of physical or verbal harm.
        Do you mind if I ask you an off-topic question?
        (I hope it won’t be too intimidating for you.)
        Do you think all the kids in Little League should get a trophy, or just the winning teams?

      • Oh Please, I give up …. LOL
        You need to put a penny or two,on the arm of your stereo. The needle is stuck in your broken record!

      • I don’t own a stereo. And I will adamantly defend anyone who feels they have been bullied. If it makes you feel great and important to give bullies an out, IMO, that’s a good sign of lack of integrity on your part.

      • Sigh, thanks for your input KS, but we are at an impasse. If you believe that everyone who ever got their feelings hurt, or was persuaded to follow the plans of another has been bullied, than you don’t know what it is to be Really Bullied.”
        That’s why the world is full of so many “cry-baby pee-pants. My cousin has a daughter who cries about being bullied all the time, when quite frankly, the girl is spoiled rotten & obnoxious. No one but her mother wants to spend time with her for valid reasons.
        People can make all kinds of excuses about why they fail, but it is ultimately up to the individual to stand up for themselves when they feel bullied.

      • Agree. I don’t consider what Vanessa has done bullying at all. She can be confrontational but not a bully. I work at an elementary school, I deal with bullies every single day…Vanessa is no bully..I think she has played a great game and deserves the win. But, if she keeps Liz..I don’t think that will happen, since Austin is setting her up right now..Why is it okay for Austin to have a F2 with Vanessa, F2 with Liz and I think a F2 with Steve..but, Vanessa can’t have F2’s with anyone? That is part of the game, or so I thought.

    • I disagree. There are all types of strategies and how each winner every season got to the end has been different. I personally think Steve has played a strategic game. He’s thought through the moves and talked game when needed. He’s just been more subtle about it. Believe it or not but staying under the radar for half of the season is a strategy.

  15. Vanessa is on the same level as Derrick and If she was not nominated she would be better then him because she is much more open and abrasive about her strategy yet everyone else still trusts her and cant get her out.

    Derrick’s strategy was to secretively work with everyone and evict anyone who caught on

    Vanessa’s strategy is to openly make deals with everyone and evict anyone who does something about it.

    Vanessa would do better in allstars because people know she is open about her game where as derrick would be an early target because he is secretive about it.

    • Yes, that’s what I’m saying. Imagine if everyone found out about Derricks’ strategy before hand. He would’ve been out the door immediately I think! Recall Brian season 10, this dude had alliances with everybody week 1, but they caught on quick and evicted his ass!
      These house-guests haven’t done that with Vanessa because she’s so convincing! You want to believe her and then once you realized that she played you, you aren’t even that mad about it. You want to get her out, but you’re scared of what she can do to your game.
      Vanessa is already smart, but she’s smarter than the haters on this board give her credit for. I always see comments that say that she’s no Derrick. But her game is slightly different from Derrick’s seeing as people have already found her out, yet they aren’t doing anything about it. That shows you Vanessa’s awesome game play. I mean, how amazing is it that you can manipulate people knowingly, yet you’re still in the house. I love everything about Vanessa’s game. I pegged her as the winner right from the beginning. I knew she was going to be one to watch. I’m happy she is still there and I hope that she can make it to final 2…and hopefully…WIN!

    • Vanessa has played very well, and she is the wolf amongst these sheep to be sure. But before you go about comparing her to past players, let’s see if she can actually win it first. The way things are lining up, if she wins it she will have deserved it.

      It’s also easy to say everyone knows what Derek is about, but they’d know what Vanessa is about to. Annoying people attract more attention than quiet players, and when everybody’s a good player the targets will be numerous. I’d bet on a quiet mastermind over a divide and conquer type. The guy who stayed loyal to his first teammate will win more allies than the girl no one could trust.

      • But who is the person that stayed loyal to their allies this season?…silence…
        Because no one stayed loyal to anyone this season except for the twins, but they don’t count ’cause it’s obvious they were always going to be loyal to each other.

      • Austwins, goblins, Steve until she got involved with them.

        Her strategy in large part is to set everyone against each other. More of an Andy style, she’s just alot better at it it. But it will only get you so far, she’s gotta switch gears now ftw.

    • She’s no Derrick for one reason in particular, the genius of his game play was that he got people to do what he needed done with them thinking it was all their idea. They never even looked at him as a threat.

  16. This game is rigged , look to Amanda, she was supposed to be “firiends” of one of the producers, then Rachel who they basically gave her the hole competitions to her… Can somebody remember more fishy seasons…

    • I have not seen Rachel’s season (13). I started watching it a couple of months, going into it completely blind, not knowing who won. Then a couple of days after I saw the first three episodes, I get a freaking spoiler from the Cbs site no less, when it said up top: tune into the live feeds to see season 13 winner Rachel talk about whatever…and immediately, the excitement I felt watching that season was wiped out. I haven’t watched any more episodes of that season since. I couldn’t stand Rachel in season 12. How the heck she won season 13 is beyond me.
      I was so careful to avoid spoilers since the season already happened, but the minute I wasn’t looking for a spoiler is the minute I got spoiled. Darn it.
      But I have no doubts that that season could’ve been rigged. They probably wanted Rachel to get redemption because she was a hideous character in season 12.

      However, in Vanessa’s case, I want her to win. She’s my favorite. So I might be biased as to whether I think the season may be rigged for someone like her to win.
      But I don’t think they rig any seasons, to be honest.

    • Amanda didn’t win anything, not even McCray’s heart. Of course if you ask me, that wasn’t much of a prize anyhow ;)

    • Hah, you even referenced the Amanda fake story which wasn’t true as your back up that this latest repeat fake rumor is true?

      Say, would you be interested in investing in a very nice bridge? I can get you a really good deal on it.

  17. They act like Vanessa can’t make final 2 deals with everyone. This is part of the game twins! They could’ve done the same thing.
    Remember Brian season 10? He had alliances with everyone in the house that first week, though the house-guests (not including Dan) figured it out real quick and evicted him. Thank goodness for the house-guests, cause he would’ve wiped out a bunch of house-guests had he stayed.

    Vanessa wiping out a bunch of people I am more than happy with, however.

  18. If is true CBS is coming with a new poker show and Vanessa wins it is no doubt this game is rigged
    Besides isn’t it true couple weeks ago when she won HOH it was JMac the one supposed to win, apparently Vanessa sat on the placate or something???

  19. Really Austwins ? You think Vanessa is playing both sides? Duh she’s been doing that sense day one ! Gosh they dumb !

    • And that right there is one of the reasons Vanessa deserves the win. People have known of her manipulating ways for weeks, yet no triggers have been pulled to evict her. She came close, but was able to convince everyone it was in their best interest to keep her in the game. She didn’t get a single vote to evict when she was up on the block. Whether people like it or not, Vanessa’s a fantastic player. She is the only one that deserves to win, based on over-all game play. People would just have to get the sticks removed from their behinds so they can vote accordingly.

      • I have to agree. All these people now saying the show is rigged for her to win. If so, are the producers then sweetening the pot for the other players to just act dumb? I mean really. I suppose they could rig competitions and such in Vanessa’s favour, but can they really truly rig the other players dumb ass thinking to the extent that it is dumb ass thinking?

      • These people on here are haters! They just can’t accept the fact that Vanessa is still in the game because she is a good player!
        Nothing is being rigged!
        You remember Vanessa’s most recent HOH win? The one where they had to hang on to the swinging poles while getting slapped by the hand? Of course you remember…well…anyways…I thought that James had that competition in the bag (since he’s good at endurance comps, whereas Vanessa hasn’t shown much strength in that department) I did not think that Vanessa would win that one but she did. If anything, I thought that competition was rigged for James or one of the other boys’ to win. Boys simply do better in physical comps than girls.

        And people have to keep in mind that anything can happen from now until finale night. Vanessa might not win, which would be a tragedy considering she is, undoubtedly, the best player this season.

      • Vanessa gets evicted this week unless she wins HOH or POV. Everybody is onto her. If she wins HOH or POV we will again and again hear how it is fixed. Ridiculous. I’m not a fan of hers, but I don’t believe it is rigged for her to win.

      • Even if she doesn’t win HOH, I don’t think she’s going home. And not because it is fixed, but because she is an expert at playing the house. She has been exposed at least twice before and come through.

      • Right!!! People underestimate the power of Vanessa! This is just too exciting how this game is being played out. I just love this show!

      • That was awhile back though. There are too few people left in the game now for her to BS her way out of it.

      • You may be right. I think it depends on whether Steve really is a star player or not. We shall see.

      • She was exposed to the people she had a deal with. they believed everything she said. They thought they were working with her and nobody compared notes. Now they’re comparing notes. She’s going to be a big target. I’m hoping she doesn’t win HOH or POV.

      • That’s what I’m saying. People won’t be crying that the show is rigged if Vanessa gets evicted. Once she’s gone (if that happens) they’ll be cool as cucumbers. They just simply want her gone!

      • I’m not her biggest fan, but I do think of all the people left in this house, she is far outplaying any of them. Hell, she is the only one really playing. I had high hopes for JMac earlier in the game, but not so much anymore. I also think Steve is playing, but in a much quieter way. It has gone to come down to those three battling it out or I may just scream that the game is rigged for the Austwins. I mean, how else could those dumb dumbs have lasted this long. And yes, I include Austin in that. I occasionally see people singing his praises as a good game player, but I just don’t see it.

      • Vanessa is not playing better than JMac and Steve. Just because you don’t understand their game play doesn’t mean it’s inferior…after today I would have thought people would have finally acknowledged that. This is a game and you can not predict people’s reactions in your own circle let alone with a bunch of strangers. There are different ways to approach this game…Vanessa’s in your face approach in direct contrast to JMac’s subtle tactics.

      • Survival can become a challenging task in the wild – especially if you’re smaller or slower than your possible predators. This is why many animal species have developed different ways to camouflage themselves throughout the course of evolution. Ways to camouflage differ depending mostly on three factors: the physiology and behavior of the animal, then those of the predator and the environment, in which the animal lives and hunts its food. Blending in with the environment is the most common approach.

        Then kaboom!!

      • On what basis are you saying I don’t understand their game? I see what their game is. I just don’t think it’s as successful. When I said that Vanessa was the only one playing, it was intended as hyperbole. My bad, I suppose, for being a bit chippy, so I guess it’s fair that you did not understand how I intended that comment. Steve is potentially an interesting opponent to Vanessa, but I don’t think JMac’s subtle tactics are working that well for him at all anymore. He just finds himself less in Vanessa’s cross hairs as he’s become more useful to her in taking out another target.

      • It’s probably better if you don’t tell people to “chill”. I’m sure you didn’t mean anything bad by it, but it comes off a bit condescending and we try to be really nice to each other on this website.

      • I agree. JMac is playing a very smart game. He’s been up on the block and been a target for weeks. Got evicted and won his way back and is still there. Just watch he will make it to the end.

      • If Vanessa doesn’t win then she is not the best player of the season. The winner will be the best player of the season.

      • Not necessarily true. Jordan won season 11. There was no way she was the best player that season. She was a floater who just got lucky. She won like 3 comps. towards the end, but there was no way she deserved to win that season.
        I liked her more than Natalie (I couldn’t stand Natalie)…but she didn’t really deserve to win. I’m happy a girl won that season, however.

      • You don’t think that this game is 50% luck? Being a floater is a strategy by the way. You would think that after all these seasons that players and viewers would get that by now.

      • And, lets not forget she played the dumb blonde angle, to the hilt. (Although, I don’t think it was much of an act.)
        Jordan had an awesome social game as well.

      • But what is the better game? Being a floater and making it to the end or being someone like Vanessa, who took risks, manipulated left and right, and still made it to the end? You tell me…
        I’m not saying that Vanessa’s going to make it to the end, but she is almost there.

      • The better game has the bigger gain. Vanessa is going to have a stroke and end up with haters. JMac is keeping his blood pressure down and is further ahead in the game of life.

        Either one can bring home the big bucks.

      • In the scenario that I put forth, both of these players made it to the end…now…which one has the better game?

      • You must only watch the show. Do you watch the live feeds? if so, before people started dropping like flies due to evictions, the purple room is constantly being show. That was Meg and James’ most popular hang out spot.

      • I watch the broadcast shows and just a bit of BBAD. I don’t have the feeds. I saw Meg and James hanging out in the have not (dental chairs) room alot.

      • I have an open concept purple kitchen/livingroom and a lime green dining room. It’s very refreshing. I feel right at home when I see the purple room.

      • I have some aubergine on the walls too as well as grey cabinetry. We could start a decorating blog…lol.

      • That’ll never happen. The original ants have spawned lots of offspring, the offspring have spawned many many many times. It seems BB has given up on trying to eliminate the lifetime permanent residents.

      • Wow, brave! I always love stuff like that when I see it in someone else’s home, but I’m too chicken to do it in my own.

      • Everyone says that but I say “it’s only paint”. I had the walls painted a nice taupe but found it too boring and changed it six months later. Put the right accents in there and you’ve got something pretty impressive. Whatever you like…do it!

      • I used to be braver when my husband could change paint colors for me, but now he has dementia I’m on my own, and one thing I’m not is a painter!

      • I got divorced from two husbands…I hired a painter. Sorry about your husband, my mother had Alzheimer’s.

      • It’s never too late to learn Sandy. I miss my painting days ~ arthritis keeps me from doing some things I loved to do. One day at a time …

      • Wowser~ love it Murphy! I have more purple clothes than any other color. Years ago my bedroom walls were a lovely shade of lavender.

      • Don’t feel bad, Cuddles! I didn’t notice it either and I also love purple.Of course, I’m the kind of person who goes somewhere I visit all the time and says, “When did you guys change that?” They always say something like, “Oh, two years ago.” I guess I’m not the brightest bulb any more. LOL

      • I’m just the opposite Sandy ~ when something changes, I’m usually the first to notice. Wherever you look in my house, you’ll see lots of purple, including, but not limited to wall hangings, hair brushes, bed sheets, curtains, pillows, throw rugs, refrigerator magnets, etc. Have you read “When I am an old woman I shall wear purple”? ~ I’ve been wearing purple/lavender clothes since I was a teenager. Now I’m an old lady and my love for the color purple hasn’t diminished.

  20. It took a while, but who would of thought that it would be Julia’s brains cells that flicker to the idea, Vanessa has been lying to them all this time.
    Who said blonds are dumb, well at least slow.

      • It might have something to do with their environment, I mean they were raised in party central (Miami) where all people worry about is how hot they look in a bikini. I’m generalizing though.

      • Probably dirty blonds on the twins, I doubt they have dyed their hair on the show, going on several weeks.

      • Yeah, I only think they aren’t natural blondes, because when Liz won HOH, there was a picture of her when she was a wee little girl…and her hair was brown.

      • If that is true, then they will need to forfeit any winnings, for violating the fakery clause of their BB contract : )

  21. They are still stupid enough to let Austin off the hook about his deal with Vanessa. Or are they?

  22. Van is the swing vote so she is choosing who goes home! I’m glad that Austwins is pressing her to show her loyalties. Bouncing Liz is probably the best play for her but she can’t push all of the blood of onto Steve. I hope that Julia wins next HOH and tosses van up on block

  23. 6:06 PM Vanessa ended the earlier convo with Julia by saying, “We will see what Steve says, and I’ll vote the way he wants.”

    Translation: I will convince Steve to tell me who I want to be voted out and I will vote that way!

  24. Vanessa will eventually get evicted and then throw a tantrum saying something is wrong in the game just like she does in poker:

    My favorite Vanessa poker tantrum

    Background: Vanessa loses an all in hand. She has a pair of 6s and loses to 3 Qs after a very poor read by her.

    A member of the tournament staff was a witness to this hand and said that Rousso had to table her cards because Liviu was all in. Rousso was not particularly happy with this rule that had been enforced for quite a while now at tournaments all over the world.

    “I don’t have to show my cards!” Rousso snapped at the floor staff right when he pointed this out to her.

    “Call the floor over!” Rousso added as her cards were almost tabled and turned back down again.

    “I am the floor,” the member of the floor staff responded as some players chuckled.

    “That’s bullsh*t!” Rousso added as her cards were turned over. Rousso showed J 6 and that left the rest of the table astounded.

      • LOL, that’s a joke right? Oh, a Van Fan. Never mind. That’s a guess, please don’t get bent out of shape if you’re not.

      • With Big Brother, I’m always bent out of shape. This game is a mind-f***, not just for the house-guests, but for us losers on the outside.

      • It’s a only a tad serious when the person I like, who has no doubt played the best game, is being singled out as the anti-Christ for no apparent reason other than playing the Big Brother game.
        Vanessa is experiencing the game…for now…this is her life. For you to say that she’s taking it too seriously?… it is serious in a way for her. She wants to win. She has this mindset that she didn’t come on this show and last this long just to lose. She’s taking it serious, as she should.
        I don’t need meditation. I’m only like this with Big Brother. There’s just something about this show.
        It’s cool if it’s not like that for you.

      • Are you Vanessa’s twin but Liz/Julia got the nod over Vanessa/Jasmine? Lighten up.

        Why is it some people defend their favorite HG and pull stuff out from nowhere… anti-Christ, this is her life. She wants to win, the others don’t?

        I say she takes it too serious b/c it’s 24/7 with her until she reaches exhaustion, she wears me out just watching her, listening to her… it’s not healthy, she needs a vacation, that’s my opinion. I think she’s still grieving over ex and she’s depressed and took on Big Brother too soon, that’s my opinon.

      • It’s impossible for me to be her twin. I’m not tense. I don’t need to lighten up.
        I’ve seen comments that have called her the anti-Christ. That is a harsh statement to make about someone who is simply playing the game.
        When I said that she wants to win, I did not say that the others didn’t.
        You would take it serious too if you were in the house. She’s going to get a vacation when the show is over. It’s only been 3 months.

      • Thing I see is if there isn’t a death eminent or lies to be spun someone to burn or manipulate she’s just stare-eye dead. Usually in the kitchen just catatonic looking. Needing that burn is her thing. Cool, but not for me. I’d like more of a personable real person inside her. More To Life. But ye they all want the win for sure.

      • Jasmine always get her panties in a twist with anybody who is anti-Vanmessa. It’s probably Mel.

    • This proves to me that her personality is real and not just because she is in the BB house playing a game. This woman has serious issues, but knows how to manipulate very well until she gets caught and cries like a baby.

      • That is why I don’t support her, she is too emotional to be anywhere near the league of Dan or Will of great BB players. also bribing other HG’s with money isn’t exactly playing the game lol that is just an entitled idiot using their position outside the house and not their in game strategy to advance, which is really boring to watch, I hope CBS learned from this season.

      • Les Moonves said this week that there were a number (4 or 5) of houseguests this season that were a disappointment. And he signs off on them!

      • source: http://www dot vulture dot com/2015/09/leslie-moonves-on-20-years-at-cbs dot html

        There were two big brother questions

        Q And yet you’re still involved on a micro level with a lot of decisions. I’ve heard you stillplay a role in signing off on the cast for Big Brother …

        A By the way, this wasn’t a great year for casting on Big Brother.

        Q Early on, the cast seemed pretty promising!

        A I agree. Usually you have one or two disappointments. I think we had five or six disappointments. Another discussion.

      • He said six disappointments, so it is hard to know exactly who. Clay and Audrey are guaranteed disappointments. So, there are 4 left. My guess would be Jeff because they expected him to be well received coming off of the amazing race. Jason because they expected more from him, but I’m not sure about this because he was well liked. He could be that 5 or 6 question. Then Liz and Julia because the twin twist was huge in season 5 and they were probably expecting something similar. This season it had pretty much no impact (it had an impact on the game, but not the twist. It was basically they just added both from the beginning.) I personally have more than 6 disappointments this season, but these are what I think CBS’s disappointments would be.

    • I believe it. Look how she acts in the house.the minute things don’t go her way she yells at people, starts fights and throws temper tantrums.

  25. Johns a sap. A big sap. I think anyone in his ear or face can convince him of anything and that it was his idea. Easy mark. Austwins should hit him saying he’s a fool for keeping Vanessa as she will win in jury over him period and Steve will protect him. So who’s a bigger threat me, Julia or Vanessa? I mean “John these are not the Droid your looking for:.

      • I’m really torn here. Not sure if Austin should go first or Vanessa should go first. I think Austin is the bigger threat to win comps. He can pull it out (well, you know) when he has to. Jokers saying they are continuing to make bs deals with Vanessa. If I were a betting gal (actually I am) I would put my money on Vanessa leaving next time around.

      • Yep, I think putting Austin and a twin up is a weak move. He needs to show the big guns that he’s confident and can’t be bamboozled…will give Steve a boost as well.

  26. It’s just true about how he’s played, folded and flipped and lost once. I want competitive spirits. That’s all I meant to say. He’s a wonderful boy most deffinately though.

    • I actually find him the most interesting to watch…I said interesting, not exciting. He’s a good boy.

      • I do like him as a guy he’s cool, laid back nuts in a good way in DR and dope beard but he has long dry mind numbing spells.

  27. I think there is something we can all agree on. They are now eating their Chinese food and we don’t have to watch the Austwins spewing and chomping and flapping their full mouths with garbage talk…at least not right now.

  28. I hope that Austin confronts Vanessa about playing all sides of the house and I hope that he does this in front of the twins.Then Vanessa can remind him how he went on in the HoH room to her and Steve (not sure if JMac was there too) that he was now playing for himself, that he had no problem with Liz going as long as he ‘ didn’t have to nominate her or be the deciding vote. Love to see the twins’ reaction to that revelation. You just know that Vanessa will bring out that nugget of info is she’s cornered.

    • Austin is playing the whole house too. Except Jmac. and he’s talked about it. Isn’t that a good game move? Being protected by all sides? I think that it’s a strategy. So far it’s worked for both of them.

  29. Sorry Mat.. you lost me when you said, “it is going to be a fun few weeks”.. it hasn’t been fun for most of the season..

  30. Just read an article on Celebrity Dirty Laundry , RUMOR is that Vanessa is going to win as she is going to have a show on CBS called Poker Face Mmmm maybe CBS knows that we are all on to them and decided they had to change things up a bit because everything that has been happening is so obvious!!!

    • CBS can’t fix it. They can craft the game to her advantage, but they can’t have a pre determined winner. Game shows are heavily regulated after the 21 quiz show scandal.

    • I remember when Chris Moneymaker came out of nowhere and won the World Series of Poker back in 2003, which sort of kicked off the latest/current infatuation with poker, along with the online poker stuff, before the US gov’t. shut down the websites. My question is, hasn’t the poker thing, at least poker on TV, ‘jumped the shark’ already?

      I can see watching some of the WSOP, or at least the final table each year, but all the other shows, does anybody really watch them like they did 5 or 7 years ago?

      It’s seems like the ‘new poker’ is the daily fantasy sports-contest services, especially with sites like DraftKings and FanDuel blowing up.

    • Just like when the show was rigged for Amanda Zuckerman because she was friends with Allison Grodner, right? Last I checked, Amanda was evicted.

  31. They should chill, let Vanessa think she is safe so she throws the hoh competition, then take her out.

    • Problem is with her paranoia, Van’s always on alert even when she’s safe. They chill she’ll get more paranoia and start interrogating & she’s relentless, she’s goes until someone caves, she could get a guilty statement out of Mother Teresa and she’s dead.

      • Oh I like what you said there about if they chill she gets more paranoid, hit the nail on the head with that statement!

    • Disagree. She won’t throw the HOH or anything but a tantrum at this point. It’s time to use her paranoia to the max by confronting her as a group and spook her enough to screw up her HOH chances. They would all have to agree and do it together so as not to set someone up as a target. They would simply take their chances that if she does win HOH they are equal targets and of course everyone gets to play in the veto. They will just have to bet on whether or not Vanessa can beat them all. Will never happen but it’s a strategy.

  32. Come on, you knew this was going to happen eventually. Vanessa was playing these people right in front of each other. It had to come out. And its not over yet, wait until the twins fill JMac on in the other final 2 deals Vanessa has with them. Then the final 2 with Steve will come out too. This stuff always comes out eventually. Vanessa has been playing like a cross between Jeff and Audrey. She’s been reckless with her deals and discussions.

    Now, as the article correctly questions, will anyone do anything about it? Vanessa is going to try to win this next HoH for sure. My guess is she realize the HoH for final 4 is pointless. Its better to win the veto because the veto holder that week decides who goes home.

    What they should do is follow the plan to put each other up then use the veto to create an opportunity to put Vanessa up as the replacement thinking she is a pawn. Then just vote her out unanimously.

    • I agree with you, all except on the final 4 HOH thing. It’s still not pointless, because a veto win, while being a powerful thing that week, is not any sort of guarantee to be banking on for anyone, right? if you don’t win HOH and lose the veto too it’s a 50% chance you’re out the door come eviction…and if you win final 4 HOH you are guaranteeing your spot in the final HOH battle. (cause you obviously get to play for the final HOH with the other 2).

  33. It’s simple, take out strongest player. Liz should go this week and then remaining players should gun for Van next week. She is good at comps, is persuasive and has played best game.

  34. If van is in final 3 and doesn’t win last hoh then whomever takes her to final 2 is a fool.

    • Just the opposite is true really,she is the most polarizing player in the house and would be foolish not to have her sitting next to you in the final two,she will have a difficult time to convincing the others that have been like road kill to her to now turnaround and hand her 500,000,so the other person sitting next to her would be crazy not to take those odds going into the final two.

  35. So now looks like it’s all the remaining houseguest against Vanessa; if she could be evicted the next week it could be great.

    • I love how everyone knows austin is irrelevant. You think he has no power in the outcome. 12 evictions and the things everyone hates about him have nothing to do with why he broke a big brother record. It wasn’t luck. So people why is the filthy beast, in a showmance, with a twin of a 2 chance winner still here. Fucke!&!s smart. If u knew.

  36. Do you all seriously think Van and JMac will vote to keep Liz over Julia? That would be a waste of an HoH for Steve as it would defeat the purpose of not only splitting up a romance, but also getting a better playing twin out.

  37. oh my word. i just read that van gave austin and liz 3 conditions she needs before she votes for Liz….no front door nom and if she is a backdoor, then promised votes to stay, if steve or jmac is on block she gets to choose who goes, and 1- Something meaningful that has yet to be discussed, “Not front door… and If it’s one of them and her with Steve/jmac in the final 3 and they win final HOH they have to take her.

    WOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! could they be that stupid?
    surely they can see that this is a win win for vanessa and just tell her what she wants to hear and then throw her butt up on the block at first chance.

    • Fo-sure, they are agreeing, yes maning, of course we got u, and when she left they said “fuc $! That bi $!ch were never sticking to that bs. V is burned so it was her just throwing g a I’ve got nothing to loose deal at them.

      • Vanessa herself has said that deals made at this point are useless. She is very calculated in getting these guys to agree to accept her deals (that everyone knows are meaningless) because she can throw them in everyone’s face when they get broken. Remember, she has always set people up so she can have “reasons” for screwing them over. It’s a desperate measure at this point in the game and a bit pathetic. Shows that is she a loose cannon and is counterproductive to her game.

  38. if you ask me all the hate speak toward Austin is just as bad as racism…all he has done is help take four people to the final six…people saying he smells when nobody on here can smell him…i cant wait till he wins this game and shoves it in your face

    • This is nothing at all like racism. In fact your comment is an insult to those who are victims of racial discrimination. The smelling bits are ridiculous comments but taken from what his own tv “girlfriend” is saying. The fact that he has admittedly dumped his former girlfriend on national tv is a bit stinky though. People are equating the two…again, his choice.
      As far as comments about his appearance, they are all his gimmicks to promote his career…he wasn’t born that way, he has a choice. He is a very intelligent man so he knows that he will get called out on his Judas image…he lives for it! He would hate it if it went unnoticed and not included in his self created hype.
      Whether or not he wins is irrelevant.

      • He deff does it on purpose. You are on the $. The whole racism business guys and gals is a bit much. Let’s not go there. In fact I hate, when people go there (pardon the pun.)

      • Me too. There is enough tension in the world without making things up. I live in an area where racial tension is minimal (southern Ontario)…we aim to keep it that way. I will comment on someone’s differences when the intent is to draw attention to them…fill your honker with nose rings and I might make a comment but if your face happens to resemble Mr. Bean’s then I won’t go there…well I guess I just did…but they are sooooooo meeeanuh.

      • Well the show takes place in LA so the cast should be beautiful. If your not blonde and beautiful or tan and ripped, your garbage. Welcome to the tech, media, age of 2015. Brains…..not important. I want to see more more more fine people!!!! (Please)

    • Austin is just being judged by simple minded, monkey see monkey is pov’s. It’s poor to comment on an individual’s entire being based on what we’ve seen. Let the kid grow his shitt $!y beard. Jesus

  39. It cracks me up when any time two people are talking that paranoia sets in and it’s assumed they are plotting and planning someone’s demise. Most of the conversations are boring and have nothing to do with the game. Pot ball anyone?…ooohhh, aaahhh, must be a plot.

    What they should be looking for is a major change in behaviour like when suddenly Austin is spending much more time with Vanessa than under the sheets with Liz. I believe they caught on to that one.

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