Big Brother 16: Will ‘Big Brother Rewind’ Send Anyone Home?

The Big Brother 16 Houseguests know something is going to happen Wednesday evening, but they don’t know what exactly. Heck, we don’t even know for sure what’s going to happen when the Big Brother Rewind twist hits the house.

Big Brother Rewind button
Big Brother Rewind button – Source: CBS

As soon as the HGs hit the button the countdown clock appeared and it was quickly worked out that the timer would hit zero at 5:35PM BBT on Wednesday. Then last night the HGs were greeted with a message on the living room screen: “The Next Live Show Begins In 48 Hours.”

So what will happen on Wednesday? Normally we expect an eviction with the live shows, but ever since we knew the clock would run out right in the middle of the show it started to change what I thought we’d see that night.

I love Double Eviction shows for the chaos and rushed excitement. My hope was we’d see the Rewind hit and all the comps redone in that hour just like with a DE. That won’t happen if the Rewind doesn’t take effect until 35 minutes in to the show especially not when that’s just about when Julie reveals the vote.

On Wednesday what I’d expect is the vote to take place, Julie announces the results that will surprise no one, and then stops Victoria from leaving. The HoH comp that would normally be held with three people (F4 minus the outgoing HoH) will just get an extra person (Victoria) and we’ll do the whole week over. Ugh.

It’d make for a strange timeline for the last episodes though as we’d then go in to the final week and a half with five HGs left in the game. We’ll have to see two go home next week to make room for the F3 at the finale. I’m sure they’ll work it out.

So instead of seeing Victoria voted out on Wednesday, remember the shows shifted nights, she’ll stay and we’ll do the whole week over. Maybe the guys will have better luck going after Frankie this time around or maybe he’ll just win both comps all over and it was a totally waste. Ugh again.


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  1. I think you’re probably right, but this seems like a huge risk for production. Can you imagine the nightmare scenario of Frankie winning both comps and we just have to relive this awful week of Frankie’s reign of exasperating obnoxiousness? Production has to know that people really could turn the channel if that happens.

    That said, if it’s a rewind, what are the chances the comps are exactly the same from last week, maybe giving others an edge over Frankie this time around?

  2. From another thread, it was posted that the President will be giving a State of the Union (or alike) Speech during Wednesday primetime now .. so, would this just mean the start of the BB Live Show being pre-empted to 5:35pm ??

    • Production has probably already informed him in DR … Ha !!!
      Yeah, yeah … I know, I am not allowed to talk about Production !!!! :)

      • OK, you two…you know production has nothing whatsoever to do with the outcome of this game, especially when regarding their star employee, er, contestant- Frankie.

      • Derrick is Victoria’s and Cody’s Big Daddy, Frankie is Caleb’s Big Daddy, production is Frankie’s Big Daddy( hopefully Big Daddy is ready to turn his back on the little son of a…gun).

  3. I’m afraid you might be right. But truthfully, replaying a week with the same final 5 and having nobody be evicted just sounds… really, really boring. It would be a fun twist if it turned into a fast paced HOH/Veto/Eviction, but if it is just another boring week of little to no strategy when the lines have already been drawn… yawn.

  4. big brothe rmissed the boat should have had the returning person automatic hoh and that would have been a game changer

    • it should have been first person to hit the button is calling it a “game” and will be evicted. Slow motion , hd cameras zooming in… yes… yey…. it was frankie first… bye frankie. (this way production could just pick the hg they want evicted!)

  5. They should have a quick HOH and evict someone this week otherwise, one more week wasted on a very boring season of Big Brother so far! Just when the evictions are starting, this idiotic twist is put in to waste one extra week? I am getting fed up with these gimmicks like the talk of flip flopping of votes and talk of big game moves without anything really happening!
    Thanks to this blog because if I know nobody is getting evicted this week, why even bother watching that episode on tv?

  6. When they have a DE there is plenty of time. I think someone is going home Wednesday and then it’s final four. I don’t understand how you think 5 will be left. There will be an eviction. Unless I’m reading your article wrong.

    • Matt, I think is saying that there might not be enough time. If so, another week wasted for nothing! I am bummed out if we have to wait another week just so these guys end up evicting poor Victoria!
      I am hoping you are right.

      • That’s what I mean. There’s time when they have a DE. Julie said live eviction so I think someone is going. They will play a quick HOH, nominations then play POV then vote.

  7. Julie may stop the game before the vote and have this schedule play out for the next week:
    9/14: Nominations
    9/16: PoV and Eviction
    9/17: HOH, Final Nomination, Final Veto, Eviction
    9/21: Flashback episode with Part 1 of Final HOH
    9/23: Finish Part 1, do Part 2
    9/24: Finale with Part 3, and all that shenanigans.

  8. In the recap to last Thursdays show Julie said the vote will come to a halt, the two nominees will come off the block and the entire week will be rewound. Do they usually vote half way thru the show?

  9. I think this was a bad move on the part of BB, the could have potentially destroyed somebody’s game. Derrick and Frankie are both extremely lucky they didn’t make a big move. As long Cody isn’t fake-voted out, everybody’s game has been preserved. It really would have been a shame at this point to see Derrick’s game ruined at the press of a button (that he didn’t even want pressed).

  10. Let’s hope that the networks don’t decide to have a BEFORE the Presidents speech, “chat fest” on Wednesday night. Their “PRE-round table discussion” could start at 8:00 pm or 8:30 pm. That’s happened before.

  11. I would prefer it if this article is right, that the vote will be revealed before the twist is, but unfortunately I just don’t see that happening. This show has become consistent with, in my opinion, dropping the ball on handling how they reveal things to houseguests, and so often I feel they could’ve done it in much more dramatic ways that would actually cause more shock, than how they choose to do them. Revealing the vote first would actually be a good move, and lately I don’t have faith in production to pull off the good move. I have a feeling they’re going to stop the voting before the voting even begins. Something like “Normally you’d be about to cast your votes to evict”…(cue houseguests already diminishing their shock, because they already know that won’t be the case this time)…”but this week, there was that whole big button you all decided to push”…and so on and so forth.

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