‘Big Brother 16’ Spoilers: Week 2 Veto Ceremony Results

The latest Big Brother 16 spoilers with Veto Ceremony results are in for this week. Sign-up for Live Feeds now and watch the HGs plot and plan for Thursday now that they have the final nominations.

Power of Veto competition on Big Brother
Power of Veto on Big Brother – Source: CBS

Leading up to today’s meeting the house was rattled back and forth and targets shifted and deals were made only to be broken shortly after. Even just before the Veto meeting the HoH was causing waves by telling one nominee their deal was off. Wow!

Read on to find out the latest Big Brother spoilers and discover who is now on the block.

This week’s Veto winner, Devin, used the PoV on Brittany and Zach was the renom.

HGs are going nuts in the house. They’re saying this was the craziest Veto meeting they’ve ever seen. Apparently five HGs were yelling at the same time.

Now Pao is saying she didn’t throw the comp & they’re lying. Meanwhile Hayden revealing that Devin told him & Nicole that Pao was throwing it and he then threatened them to stay quiet. Everyone knows. It’s going crazy! Turn on your Live Feeds or grab the Free Trial now & see what we’re seeing.

Do you think Devin made the right choice for the Veto renom? Devin had promised both Paola and Brittany they would be safe, but he couldn’t make both of them happy on that front. Which of these nominees would you like to see evicted next? Zach or Paola?

Jump on your Live Feeds now to watch the house react. Don’t have the Feeds yet? Get your Free Trial right now and see what other fans are watching right now.


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  1. heres hoping paulo leaves.
    as long as zach avoids further self destruction then he should be safe

    • Yeah, people seem to like him (more than PowPow) with his personality and competitiveness. Even though Frankie seems to be really trying to convince everyone he has to/wants to go, Caleb & Co want him to stay until Jury. And Brittany will vote to keep him. All he has to do is breathe and be lovable Zach whom even V is now cuddling. PowPow will be gone. And Devin’s troubles will begin.

      • Zach went up because Devin wants him gone. Things have changed quite a bit in the house and things are very chaotic right now. Zach apparently completely outed the BS to virtually the entire house and Frankie is secretly leading the charge to get him evicted. Lots can happen in 3 and a half days though. Zankie is over.

  2. So weird. In light of his new and sudden crush on Brittany, he obviously made that choice with his lust and not his head.
    I was hoping in the end that he would keep his word and save Paola and replace her with Victoria. Victoria should be going this week. She’s is not playing much game.
    Obviously he doesn’t expect Zach to be voted out, so he must be doing it to make him sweat. Paola is the most likely to be voted out (I think), and she won’t be able to get back at him for not keeping his word. Will make for good feeds in the few days.

    • I don’t mind if Paola pounds sand and leaves, especially for throwing the comp. I have zero respect, especially when you and another house guest life is on the chopping block. She made the worst mistake in buying what Devin was selling. Plus, there was no logic to the deal.

      • I’m not sure she actually threw the comp – I think she’s just that dumb.

      • I’m sure she just said that just to save face. She could’ve just done nothing, like Nicole, and they still would’ve lost since Britt couldn’t see anything with those beer goggles.

      • I agree Paola needs to go. She hasn’t done anything. Then they need to target that lunatic Devin! I sure hope Zach has the votes to stay. I really like him and Cody. I didn’t think I would in the beginning but I really like them. I think they’re both down to earth people.

      • I didn’t think i would like Cody and Zack either, but the two of them working together would be nice.

      • They’re thrashing Amber on the feeds. That’s too bad because I think Amber is a victim and got mixed up in this mess against her will.

      • I do not pity her. She made the choice, no gun to her head, Intimation is part of the game. She is a grow up woman who could have made better choices. Her saying all I want is a letter is good enough was her choice.

    • OMG you are so right about lust. He brought her pickle’s and told her if they got married she wouldn’t have to have more kids cause he had a child,

      • Absolutely creepy…I do not understand. This coming from a guy calling her paranoid, twisting words, oh and keeping your enemies closer. Koo kookie chew…Sometimes you feel like a nut, sometimes you just are.

    • He makes me sick. Last night he was saying him and Brittany would make pretty babies. He’s a psycho.

    • Yes. He did what he accused Caleb of doing (w. Amber).
      I agree PowPow will likely be history. Last I heard, Caleb wants Zach to stay and as “leader of this alliance” he has spoken.
      So Brittany didn’t give some speech after she was saved? I thought she was planning to blow their minds or something like that?

    • He absolutely wants Zach to go…Zach has screwed up several of the BS members games.

  3. Zack really Devin!. You have shown you are not loyal, nor are you playing with integrity, you are NOT a truthful guy (just plan shady). I do not want another tear out of your eyes, you are evil narcissist, who thrives on drama and control ( curious how you can turn on the water works)… The playing for my daughter and the 80 minute long conversation with Brittney and playing for the children, was a of air (you blow hard) and made my ears bleed. Do know this Brittney stays you are on the block, Zack stays, you are toast. Your goose is cooked. Seriously, you could pick Jocasta or Victoria who are paper weights, and you said you don’t like floaters…floaters be gone. those two must be on a beer run or out doing the shopping for the house..Seriously.

      • What? lil ol me. Yes…i am fired up…someone get me a drink ha ha…

      • I’m right there with you Emma. Just because Zach doesn’t want to play Devin or Caleb’s game he’s on the block. And Frankie he’s another friggin snake. I hope Team America gets to pick who the alliance votes for and they vote Paola out. Frankie told Devin he’s voting Zach out.

      • Frankie has bothered me since day one. He talks to much and in his own way thinks he runs the house. A two faced drama queen…who loves to play to the cameras.

  4. Zankie…..nooooooooo! Their friendship was one of the things that hooked me into this season.

    • I do hope Frankie does help out his bro- mance. On the live feeds he has run the bus over Zack…so we shall see.

  5. Zach rubbed me the wrong way since his introduction video. I don’t care for either of the nominees though I’d prefer for Paola to get evicted.

    • I didn’t like his video either. But watching the feeds I really have changed my mind about him. I really like him. And I’m also glad he blew up the BS.

      • I don’t have access to the feeds, so I only know of him from the episodes/ live feeds recaps from this site. I’ve warmed up to him since the beginning of the season but he’s still in the bottom half on my favorite HG list.

        Edit: He blew up the BS alliance? If this leads to the definite resolution of BS, he might become my favorite (after Donny ofc).

  6. I am anxious to see both Devin AND Frankie evicted from the house. They’re both all over the place, full of themselves, and NOT to be trusted in any way. I’m disappointed that Frankie is a part of Team America…he’s not worthy !

    • Don’t understand how Frankie got voted to be part of Team America… But at least he’s playing the game, I suppose…unlike some other people (Victoria, Jocasta, Nicole).

      • Wait, who’s his sister? Oh, you mean Ariana Grande, which he might have mentioned in passing once…or a million times. I actually had to google her…

      • Most people here had to google her. She has 16.3 millions followers on Twitter. Just take 1%, that’s over 16000 votes. Not saying that’s what made the difference. But maybe ….

  7. Gotta say, so entertaining this season—and for the right reason (not like last season)!!! Despite not liking Devin, I’m glad to see Britt off the block. Apart from Amber, she’s the only other strong female in the house. Hope they get rid of Paola so we REALLY see some craziness next week when/if Zack stays (though I don’t like him too). Seriously considering subscribing to the live feeds after all these years of never subscribing…!

  8. Sorry to those Big Brother Fans that only follow BBUS, but Devin reminds me so much of Paul from BBCAN2 only because Paul was a Houseguest I hated so much for his game play. DEVIN’S THE SAME THING!

  9. I cannot wait for Wednesday. CBS needs to move their schedule to Sunday, Tuesdays, and Thursdays. Because the 3 day stretch between Sunday and Wednesday feels like 10 days…

    I really hope Caleb wins the next HOH to keep this drama and entertainment going. Devin’s HOH is probably the most entertaining HOH in a LONG time.

  10. Great, Britanny and VIctoria are safe.
    Now Zack gotta go.
    And Britanny needs to win HOH next week. Wish Victoria could win the 2nd …But Donny will be fine… and Devin will be safe also

  11. Would like to see Derrick and Brittany win. Don’t think Nicole can win and sure Victoria couldn’t.

  12. I think Pow Pow should go simply because she is of less interest as a houseguest than Zach is, I think it’s safe to say that Pow Pow is what is known as a “floater”…

  13. NOOOOOOOO. Zach is my favourite! I’m hoping he has the votes to stay and I think he does.

    But anyway, apparently Frankie told Devin to put up Zach, I’m still confused over this…

  14. I’m sorry, wasn’t it Devin who said “we never ever ever ever ever” put up someone from the bomb squad? Well that didn’t last long!!
    I also found it amusing he was calling Brittany paranoid, pot kettle.
    He also appears to have the worst case of short term memory loss I’ve ever seen, he appears to forget something he said the very second it leaves his mouth. He contradicts himself from one breath to another.

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