Big Brother 16: I Think The House Broke Caleb

A big plan came together Monday on Big Brother 16 when the Veto Ceremony created an opportunity to put a surprised target on the block and move one step closer. Suddenly the plan’s self-appointed leader developed buyer’s remorse which brought even more drama.

Caleb Reynolds hangs his head in despair
Caleb Reynolds hangs his head in despair – Source: CBS

Big Brother fans who had been following along this week knew the target was Amber and the pieces were coming together to make that happen. The most interesting strategy aspect came when HGs decided to not only convince Caleb to pursue this plan, but to make him believe it was his own.

Without completely rehashing the entire situation, Caleb felt spurned as HGs informed him of the seemingly obvious: she’s not in to you. So Beast Mode Cowboy decided he’d “scare” Amber back in to “her place” by getting her up on the block and then sit back and watch as she rushed to him for rescue. That was seriously his plan.

After Monday’s Veto Ceremony Amber did not run to Caleb. Instead she talked with Frankie and asked him to let Caleb know she wanted to speak with him. When Caleb heard this he refused saying people don’t “request him” and she’d need to come to him. Instead Amber went outside and spoke with Nicole & Victoria with a few mentions of needing to work together.

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That conversation was the ammo the guys needed to take their next step after convincing Caleb that if she ran to other HGs to form an alliance they’d know she “couldn’t be trusted.” Caleb’s decision to refuse to speak to her gave them the chance the needed. Nice work, Caleb’s ego.

Now for where things pick up. Jump to 2:55PM BBT 7/28 to find Caleb and Amber in the Hive. Frankie joins them and things get rolling. Amber initially stays, but as soon as Caleb starts to question Frankie on the things Frankie told him about Amber blowing up their alliance. Frankie halts the conversation and asks Amber to leave. She does. Amber walks right out while saying she hopes to hear the truth later. Oh, Amber.

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Caleb calls in Nicole and Frankie is holding his breath as Caleb is going to question Nicole on what Amber said to her and whether or not she really wanted to go on that date with him. It really seems to all go back to that date for him. Nicole perfectly covers for Frankie and they send her out.

At this point Frankie does not hold back. He lays in to Caleb’s emotional side and hammers him with the reality that Amber does not like him. She does not like him. Amber. Does. Not. Like. Him. Caleb sits with his head down cradled in his hands as he hears it over and over. It’s a tough moment for Caleb and can’t be easy on him.

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Caleb stumbles outside and plops down on the couch. He doesn’t move when Diary Room repeatedly calls him. Finally he gets up and shakes hands with Derrick and Frankie and then goes inside. Derrick has to get caught up by Frankie.

Back from the DR Caleb goes around campaigning for Amber. He talks with Derrick and then Hayden. Caleb tells Hayden it wasn’t supposed to go like this and he feels terrible for having created this situation. (He didn’t, but they’ve convinced him otherwise.) Hayden basically tells him that it’s too bad, but Amber has to go home now. Caleb says he really thought the plan would work and Amber would come running to him. He doesn’t know where this went wrong.

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Caleb feels fully responsible for this plan that was hatched around him and then implanted in his mind as his own. He doesn’t understand what’s going on because he never knew. Amber is set on the path to eviction and his carefully fabricated role in the house is tearing apart.

Later on in the night HGs began placating Caleb and Amber by promising votes and support. They both think she’ll be staying, or at least Amber hopes it while Caleb is convinced of it. Thursday night will be a shocker with the 8-1 vote if things carry on down this path. I think they will.


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  1. Maybe they should do something that they did in an earlier season (can’t remember which number season it was) where they offer a large bribe to a contestant to leave the game.

    • HUH?!?!?!? Why in the world would someone assume that? Caleb is a narcissistic, ego-maniacal jerk! It’s a good thing that she isn’t attracted to him. She’d wind up the victim of abuse (either physical, emotional or both.) He’s got all of the classic characteristics of an abuser. No one should have to go through that. But to assume that she’s gay, which would be fine if she were, just because she doesn’t like him, is irrational.

      • He was! LOL Mike has been known for that as I’ve observed and been a mainstay of BB network for some time!

      • I’m sorry that I didn’t read it as sarcasm. Reading it as a regular comment struck the wrong chord with me. It’s good to know that you didn’t really mean it. :)

      • I don’t think you owe anyone an apology, I liked your honest and intelligent response.

      • Caleb is not all those things in the real world Why do people have to go overboard now a days and label and hate others You think he is an abuser!!! Really wow

      • I agree, a lot of the things Caleb has done were egged on by other HG. They also feed him a lot of false hope. He only repeated what many had said to him. EX: She doesn’t want a showmance, but she really likes him. He was told that by Frankie and several others the first week of live feeds. They also told him she was playing hard to get. They didn’t realize how naïve he was or the way he was raised. And I mean by the way he was raised that you treat you wife like a queen, hence the reference he’s the king and she’s his queen. His parents are probably happily married.

      • Caleb calls her his queen but treats her as if she is property and expects her to be grateful for the honor. He told her she didn’t need to be the convos about the game because she didn’t need to know anything but to just sit back, shut up and let him handle everything. He has thrown things in her face, has watched every move she makes and ranted about how she should be grateful to him for all the things he done for her. The guys knew they could feed this obsession even though Amber told them she didn’t want a showmance or anything outside the house. Derprick being a cop would know that feeding an obsession like this can be dangerous for the woman but he didn’t care. He used it to his advantage.

      • I don’t know if he has actually abused anyone, yet. So, I didn’t outright call him an abuser. What I said was that he has the classic characteristics of one. I say that from his actions and words inside AND outside of the house. Whether or not he turns into one will be determined by him getting some serious help after the show and whether or not he can learn from said help. People that have studied and/or been the victims of narcissistic, aggressive behavior know what I’m talking about.

      • Red you are correct in saying that narcissism and abuse to come together, but so do many character traits (from my years of being a professional counselor I can tell you that people who are prone to overstatement and large emotional reactions are also prone to being abusive, but again, this doesn’t mean every person who overstates something is abusive – it just means statistically they’re more prone to being that way). As for Caleb? I mean you could be right, he may very well end up on the front page of the local news for some form of abusive action – but – until such time happens, I can only assure you it’s a lot safer (and healthier) to refrain from those type of professional diagnosis. Heck like I said, I have no idea what this guy is truly like outside the house – he might be the worst person on the planet, or he might be the world’s most sincere gentleman. I do know that people who hope to analyze a person’s character on a reality show (that is edited 200x over) is probably not wise…

      • I’m not gonna label him as an abuser, but his demeanor inside the house, honestly is out of the norm.

      • I’m concerned when a guy thinks a woman needs to be scared back in to “her place.” That comes across as controlling, which is a signature behavior of an abuser. I hope his mother sits him down and has a talk with him when he gets home.

      • Well said Snow… I have been saying this over the past couple weeks as many times as I could, but it’s hard to change the polarized society we’ve become. Now don’t get me wrong, I don’t think Caleb is all that stable either, but at the end of the day, it’s quite the overstatement to label him with a criminal accusation of being an abusive person.

      • One can be abusive without breaking the law. Since you are a therapist you should know and acknowledge that. Caleb has been abusive in the BB house to Amber. We’ve all seen it. What part of “no means no” is not clear here?

      • I hear your passion for sure, but maybe it’s best to refrain from labelling a person as an abuser (this is a criminal accusation and is being thrown around haphazardly). Is he socially awkward? For sure. Creepy? Most would agree on that too (though some people find that form of persistence romantic)… but to go waaay beyond those titles and call him an abuser is overstatement to the extreme don’t you think? I was kinda hoping for Caleb to leave before Amber personally.

      • I did not call him an abuser. I said that he has the characteristics and potential to become one, but Nowhere did I ever call him an abuser. In fact, I’ve stated a few times that I am not calling him that.

      • yes in fairness here’s what you wrote:

        She’d probably wind up the victim of abuse (either physical, emotional or both.) He’s got all of the classic characteristics of an abuser.
        So yes you didn’t directly say it – but if somebody shared these same words about you, wouldn’t you feel that its close enough to making the accusation? My gut instinct tells me you’d react the same way to these words that most people would and interpret them as a criminal accusation that is being stated with authority… Again, please don’t get me wrong, I actually agree with you that Caleb shows some patterns that are creepy, but going beyond the description of creepy and into criminal isn’t something we should do lightly.

      • There is a difference between stating an opinion that someone has potential for something and stating that they actually are something. I stand by my belief that he has the potential. I also stand by my statement that at no time did I say he actually is one.

      • I strongly agree with you. I think Matt S is confusing an opinion with an accusation of a crime. That is my opinion.

    • That is without a doubt one of the most ignorant comments I have seen on this board over the years, and trust me, there have been some doozies!

  2. OMG!! What a megalomaniacal narcissistic douche bag ASS!! (and I don’t use that phrase lightly).

  3. I can’t believe this. Caleb is so stupid. Hopefully this plan they made makes Caleb dig his own grave.

    • I believe he’s half-way buried into it already! Next week should prove interesting when he totally loses it and the game and the rest of the house will once again capitalize on that…use him some more to get themselves further in the game then possibly backdoor him, even thought I feel Zach should go next…he’s just an accident waiting to happen next!

  4. Both Amber and Caleb need to go! They still do not have a clue. Imagine,
    Amber has been put on the block how many times by your so called alliance? She should have figured out a long time ago that her alliance is targeting her. Caleb is just as dumb, how can he even think he is in charge when the alliance has put Amber on the block multiple times and he was never HOH! Why does he even think he can influence the other alliance members?

    • That’s what makes him so delusional and clueless. Remember he also believes he’s still in the Bomb Squad alliance that we know has already formed into the Detonators!

    • Caleb has more issues than just being dumb. He did this to punish her. Last night she told him the guys never talk to her about game. He told her she doesn’t need to know anything and it was her fault for not just sitting back and doing nothing in the game. He truly thinks she is a piece of property.

    • He thinks he can influence their game for the same reason that he thinks he can walk on to a MLB or NFL team or even play professional soccer even though he has never played in his life, mommy convinced him that he is the most wonderful thing in the world and is capable of anything. In one word, narcissist.

    • And the fact that Frankie kicked her out of the room the minute he thought Caleb was going to spill the beans, should have been a huge “HELLO” to Amber. These people are the dumbest i’ve ever seen on this show. And stupid Nicole keeps covering for people that have zero loyalty to her.

      • I wish Nicole would catch on to Ratina..but, I don’t think she will..before it’s too late. C’mon, Nicole,, you are supposed to be superfan..put the pieces together!

      • How many times has Nicole been told about the alliance, yet she does nothing except whine to Hayden or Christine about her clothes, being a have-not or Vic flirting with Hayden.

      • She does have some doubt about Christine after Zack asked her how much does she trust Christine. Nicole just needs to find out a little bit more and I think then she will stick to just Hayden.

    • You didn’t hear. Beast-mode-cowboy runs the alliance. He’s the King of the castle!

  5. He is going to feel like such a fool when he sees how stupid he looked on tv. There goes any future tv roles for you Cowboy! Nice Job!

  6. I can’t wait to see how Caleb reacts Thursday night when Amber has to leave. Maybe he will stand in front of the door and insist she profess her love for him before leaving, or stand in front of the door and refuse to let her leave, or he will want to leave with her. I will be surprised if something doesn’t happen.

      • I really hope it’s not one of those HOH’s where the guy or girl loses their “love,” although in this case, Caleb’s love is totally all in his head…and they come out in an endurance comp and kill it and then take revenge on the ones who got them out. That seems to always happen.

      • Frankie and Derrick seem to know how to handle Caleb. Don’t be surprised if Caleb is on board to vote Amber out on Thursday. I hope not, because more than seeing the look on Amber’s face Thursday, I’m looking to see the shock on Caleb’s face.

  7. Caleb needs to realize that Amber isn’t one of the “country hens” that he is use to have swooning after him and it is really eating him up inside. His claiming he is the “King” and she’s his “Queen” only makes him look more pathetic than he already is. His “good old boy” routine may work for him back in the sticks but “your not in Kansas anymore Toto”! Swallow your pride and move on dumb ass!

    • You sound very condescending The way you talk about country people is spoken like a true open minded liberal that you are And you think he is a bad person? Your foul disgusting words are 1000 times worse

      • I’m not condescending…hell I’m one of those “good old boys”. But unlike Caleb I’ve learned that “no means no”. I don’t think he’s a bad person just acting the fool. When infatuation becomes obsession…then you’ve crossed the line.

      • Sorry Snowstorm, but you are just as bad, if not 1000x worse than you claim Luke to be. Where do you see “open-minded liberal” in his post? Looks like he was just stating his opinion to me.

  8. I would feel some sympathy for Caleb, but then I think of him throwing a pillow at Amber in the middle of the night and I realize that he deserves this. Like the classic Greek myths, Caleb is a man being crushed by his own hubris. He strutted around the house, thumping his chest and bragging about all the power he had in the house, while the true power holders let him inflate his own ego. Come Thursday, he will realize that not only could he never save “his girl,” he can’t even save himself. Most likely, he has two weeks tops left in the house.

    You could say the house broke Caleb, but really he allowed it to happen with his own arrogance.

  9. Caleb is playing right in to BB producers hands. Who wants to bet that Thursdays HOH comp is an endurance? What a way to freak the rest of the house out. Everybody will be freaked out except Donny and Jocasta because they are the only 2 who had nothing to do with the plan to get rid of Amber. I’m betting Zach and Nicole will be put up. They haven’t had a true strength and endurance since the first comp. Of course with all of them that have lied to his face the last couple of days who knows who he will put up.

    • I wish it would happen that way but I think Caleb will just bend over and kiss everyone’s butt while saying he’s in charge.

      • That could happen as they always manage to talk him down but if it’s a dble eviction (won’t be endurance then) and he happens to win, somebody’s out quick before they can reach his mind.

      • It won’t be double eviction. They always tell the viewers when a DE is coming up because those are always the must watch shows of the season.

      • I agree I don’t think it will be DE either. I think that will happen next week.

    • the problem with endurance comps in BB history has always been that big meathead guys like caleb end up not doing well at all in them. they are due for the “stand on a ledge and hang on to a bar behind you” endurance comp, and well, small guys like Donny and smaller women seem to excel at those endurance comps.

      • That’s right, it’s the guys with a lot of upper body mass that typically fail in those.

    • I don’t think he will have a chance to put anyone up. He’s the one that will be going up. It’s been proven that the guys that are all muscle usually are out first. Just because he won the first one people think he will win again. But the endurance comps are all so different. If it’s the leaning wall one he will be out sooner then later.

  10. Not sad to see Amber go, but i REALLY hope Caleb is next in line… What a narcissist and ya can’t help CRAZY! Send him packing!

  11. The sad thing about this is the fact that Amber being removed this week (as opposed to later in the season) is largely due to the way Caleb wears his heart on his sleeve for her. If he had treated her as just another houseguest and not fallen for her, Amber would probably have lasted longer. (Not much longer mind you, as she has not really done anything of import with regard to her game. Her biggest move was to try to start the too-late girls alliance and it is obvious how much good that did for her.) Caleb’s infatuation ruined her chances because of the way it affected his gameplay with respect to what he had to do for his alliance. And how he played “with” his alliance has, in turn, ruined his own chances to go farther.

    • She made the same mistake Joey did and the same one Donny did last night. They talked to Christine the squealer. Watch for Donny to go as soon as no more TA. The only reason he is still there is because Derrick and Frankie want the money from TA.

      • You are correct. The question is really when will Christine wake up to the fact that she is being used? The alliance of her, Nicole and Hayden is largely like a bull walrus wallowing in the sun off on an island – having no effect on anything else in their world.

      • I think Christine is hoping to get to final 5 and then make a deal with one side of the Detonators or another. Its not a horrible move, since she would be valuable for either Zankie or Derrick and Cody to have a solid 3 vs. the other 2.

      • Christine is a dumb stick. She should know that once, you are put on the block that you are at the bottom of that alliance and expendable! Has she not been watching how Amber was being put on the block repeatedly? Her best bet is to be loyal to Nicole and Hayden and keep that alliance. Then, target the boys of the Detonators, Frankie, Zach, Derrick and Cody if she win HOH. I do not understand Big Brother getting house guests who do not know how to play the game. They should have Dan and Mike Boogie screen possible house guests then, we may have better players!

      • If she tries to make a move using Hayden, he will run to guys and tell them. Hayden seems to be in on most of the conversation the Detonators have. I think she can wait until they turn on each other, which they will do soon. Not to mention, she could be coasting to $50k, she is very beatable in the end for someone like Derrick or Frankie.

      • Do not know where Hayden’s loyalties lie because he has not really made any moves. True, that he has been hanging with the Detonators but, I do not think he has been taken into the alliance yet. Even if he was, he would be stupid to think that he has anything good coming out of it because he is at the bottom and would be the most expendable. The problem with waiting is you get evicted before you know it! Helen and Judd made that mistake last season when they had multiple chances to evict Amanda but, passed on it! End result is Helen and Judd got evicted much sooner than Amanda who was their target! Judd got a 2nd chance but, still trusted the same guys who booted him out and got evicted still a 2nd time! Dumb moves all around!

  12. hahaha and I guarantee that next week there is ONLY one HOH… and it’s gonna be beast mode cowboy.. and he is gonna be PISSED OFF!!!!! there will be a casualty from the detonators…

  13. In defense of Caleb, I keep thinking back to the time when she ran and jumped into his arms. She may not be into him, but she is giving him mixed signals. I personally like Amber and I don’t care for the way most of the house is getting her out. Just back door her and vote her out. Not play with someone’s even if it is Caleb’s emotion. Just like Britt I feel sorry for her. Go Donny, Hayden F2

    • I think about her jumping into his arms as well. She may have pushed off his advances, but she never told him outright that he didn’t have any shot with her.

      • She shouldn’t have to, a man should recognize when to man up and give up. If he wasn’t such a delusional weirdo, he could have developed a sincere friendship with her that could potentially had an opportunity for future success. But he wants what he wants right now. In one of his pre interviews he said his success in the game would come from having all the girls in his back pocket, yet hes clueless to how women think. He may know the ‘right’ way to treat ‘his’ lady, but you have to actually win the flirting battle first. he has no Game wha so ever. Lol and it kills him that its just so easy for cody rub her back an tickle her.

    • Yeah, I like the game (gameplay, villains, heros, etc) and so far in years past, it seems that most of them do return to friendly terms after the show – like a family. But these two recruits tug at my heart a little (Caleb & Amber). I feel bad her game didn’t stand a shot though I don’t know how great she would have done otherwise. Caleb.. IDK – It’s too sad for me to have as much fun as normal. If I knew he’d take it in stride (tensions in the house are high for everyone on the outs) after the show, I’d feel better.

  14. If Donny were smart, he would pull Amber aside Wed night or Thursday morning and tell her this was the plan all along. That he tried to save her but everyone told him that would only make him a target. I think in a private setting, Amber would tell Donny everything about the alliance and who he can and cannot trust. If he could get her to promise not to tell anyone he told her about this plan, I think he would be sitting in a great position. He would have safety from TA and also the knowledge of just how he could beat them.

    • I like that idea. I would hope she knows he isn’t part of “them” and she would be mad enough to do it. I doubt he and she will but I really like that idea. Maybe if she KNEW she was going home with no shot – but not from Donny. Otherwise, she’ll tell the alliance, “Donny said..” Great idea though!

      • You’re probably right. Amber doesn’t see the writing on the wall. Maybe Donny should tell Jocosta who would be more likely to tell Amber, hoping if she overreacts that will insure Amber goes home.

    • Donny is not that smart obviously. How can he not know about the Bomb Squad at least? Didn’t Devin tell him and the other house guests before he left? That should be enough. Also, he has been on the block multiple times—-who put him there? It is pretty obvious who are in an alliance without anyone having to tell you if you just use your head. Donny also talks too much to the wrong people which puts a target on his back. Silence is golden. Shut your trap and just listen. You only talk game to people you can trust!

      • If you were Donny, would you believe the Bomb Squad still existed? Amber was part of it, but is going home this week. He is getting closer to putting the pieces together, but not quite there. Not to mention, who the hell is he going to work with? Nicole is in Christine’s pocket, Victoria is in Derrick’s pocket, Jocosta is constantly sick or on the block, Hayden is pretty much a member of the large alliance and Caleb thinks he is running the alliance. Not a lot left to build an alliance. As boring as it has been with the same people in power, they have done a good job keeping everyone else just close enough to feel like they are part of something.

      • If I was Donny, that is what I would have known which is the Bomb Squad. Take note that the Detonators is the same group of people minus Caleb and Amber. Donny’s mistake is he blabs too much. When Nicole took him on the side to tell him of the plan to put both Caleb and Amber on the block, what does Donny do? He blabs it out to Jocasta and Victoria in public view! He did not even have the sense to take them into a private setting?
        That is why Nicole put Donny up and trust issues kept them apart. Now, Donny has no alliance to speak of.

      • Donny is smarter then he lets on. He sits back and watches and listens. He’s also pretty good at comps. If he wins HOH I think he would target Caleb, Christine and Frankie. If any one of them win POV one of the others go up. He had already said that Derrick and Caleb run the house.

      • That remains to be seen. I think he blabs too much for his own good! He has conversations with the alliance members like they will tell him anything? He should be striking up alliances with what is left meaning Jocasta and Victoria. I don’t think he has figured out that Zach and Frankie are part of the alliance. All he has said is he believes there is a huge alliance. Team America is the only thing keeping Donny safe because Derrick and Frankie want those $5,000 checks coming.

  15. I don’t agree with some of the posters suggestions that Caleb would be an abuser, but I do agree that he is creepy and has quite the ego. I think that derives from him being young, in love and immature about the whole thing. Let’s not label the guy as a beater but we can definitely say he is a creeper based on his behaviours on the show… I think Zach’s ego is the worst out of all the guys! He may not be creepy but man oh man he is a jerk and I hope he gets evicted next week!

    • I think people get that idea about Caleb because of his thinking with putting Amber up on the block. He hoped that by scaring her with eviction, she would run to him. It is a really messed up way to further your relationship with a girl you care about so much. And it does come off as controlling and mentally/emotionally manipulative.

      • Yea, and then hits her in the face with a pillow while shes sleeping? Then brags about saying he ‘Smashed!’ her with it while sleeping. Thats something a scorned wife would do to her husband, not a kid with a ‘crush’

    • Re. Caleb: I’d certainly go with ‘immature’ over & above everything else. If you fall in love in a few days; well…that’s self-evident. His behavior has been kind’a nutsy.
      Zack appears to be; yes; a jerk. Someone who grew up spoiled with zero consequences. Incredibly, that hasn’t really hurt his game all that much.

      When the stars align, he will probably unintentionally self-evict based upon his history. Those other guys will play him right out the door.
      …Unless he’s a lot smarter than he acts. He is a little hard to read.

      • I think they guys will blame Zach for Amber’s departure. Giving a mean speech during POV ceremony will help place the blame. Caleb will target him and whichever doesn’t win the necessary competitions will go home.

      • I get the impression he has mostly been manipulated into that position. Caleb will certainly blame him–the rest seem to be in on it. They will-at least-pretend to blame him.

  16. Caleb’s been placed under the BB microscope and what we’ve observed are numerous traits of an abuser. This is just a partial list I’m about to give but after seeing it can you still say he isn’t or can’t be an abuser? Rigid gender roles, controlling behavior, unrealistic expectations, quick involvement, blame-shifting for their problems, cruelty to animals and jealousy. (there is a video showing him beat an animal to death) We’ve seen all these signs in Caleb. I think to downplay them is a huge mistake.

    • But we have never seen him put his hands on any of the women. I think its dangerous to throw some of these labels out there. There are some men who might have some of those attributes that would never put their hands on a woman. I think there are also men out there that exhibit none of those traits that you listed, yet have put their hands on a woman. I think he has been told his whole life, like a lot of other 20-somethings, that everything they do is gold and anyone would want to be friends or in a relationship with him. He thinks very highly of himself, but to jump to labeling him an abuser seems a little harsh.

      • I guess it depends on what you consider abuse. Is it just physical or can it also be emotional? Both can do major damage. Just ask a woman who was trapped in an emotionally abusive situation but he never laid a hand on her. Once you’ve been instilled with fear from either situation it’s NEVER good.

      • Who fears him? They all think he is a laughing stock for trying so hard with Amber. Certain labels can stick to someone even if they don’t apply. Until I see him emotionally, physically, or mentally abuse someone, I will reserve judgement.

      • I didn’t say anybody feared him. I said women who have actually lived through those circumstances will have fear. Whether you want to see it or not Caleb does exhibit those traits.

      • If you feel comfortable putting a label on someone that has not done anything yet to deserve that label, then more power to you. I’m not going to label him as an abuser, because he hasn’t abused anyone that I know of.

      • My ex exhibited the same characteristics that agr8wrld listed about Caleb. Beyond the verbal attacks, he also shoved me to the ground, threw a 4×4 block of wood at my head, threatened to shove a pen up my nose into my brain and pointed a loaded gun at me, but according to you he wasn’t an abuser, because he never put his hands on me. Did he really need to strike me to get that label?

        Also, as I stated before, I didn’t call Caleb an abuser, because I don’t know if he is or not. But, I 100% believe he has the potential to be one, unless he gets professional help.

      • How did he shove you to the ground without putting his hands on you? It doesn’t have to be a strike, be it a punch, slap, etc, to count as physical abuse, which is what’s implied by “laying a hand on” someone.

      • He ran into me with his shoulder hard enough to make me lose balance and fall to the ground, but he didn’t use his hands. He was careful not to use his hands, because he had witnessed his dad doing that. Even if he hadn’t shoved me, everything else added up to abuse.

  17. This season is starting to suck. All of the house guests with their one-sided voting is getting old quickly, What kind of BB house really thinks they can all just work together like best friends. I hope Caleb wins the HOH after Amber goes home on Thursday, just to shake the house up a bit, and get things running like a real season of BB is supposed to be.

    • I would actually like to see Donny or Jocosta win. I think Caleb will still listen to whatever lies Frankie and Derrick tell him. I’m guessing they would paint Zach as the target and let Caleb and Zach go after each other.

      • Which one is Jocosta again? Oh Yeah, the one with no game, and no drive, and no backbone. If she is relying on Jee-sus to help her win this game, she’s going to end up in a Devil of a fix!
        Go home floater & take Victoria with you.

  18. I sooooo cant wait to see their faces when she gets shoved out the door!

    That is, as long as Frankie doesnt make it his job to tattle on everyone, the little shite.

    • Sounds like it’s the worst-kept secret in the house. I think they all know.

  19. simple CBS solution: If Amber does not get evicted get this week Production will tell him he needs to step back and take stock of his actions. That is the way it usually works and the viewers are supposed to be none the wiser unless Caleb decides to broadcast it to the house.

  20. Derrick, Frankie and josh have to go next but none of them have the balls…. Yes Balls to make it interesting !!!!! Boring boring season.. Come on this is big brother not summer yoga camp!! Whoever cast this season should be fired cause all of the players have the personalities of walnuts!!!!!

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