Big Brother 16 Double Eviction Prep: Derrick Moves His Pieces In To Place

Big Brother Houseguests are preparing for the upcoming Double Eviction this week and while they don’t know for sure, Derrick is feeling especially confident about its arrival and has been working hard to grease the tracks.

Derrick Levasseur on Big Brother 16
Derrick Levasseur on Big Brother 16 – Source: CBS

On Tuesday Derrick made his rounds in the house talking with the expected F6 Houseguests about best next steps for “their” game while pushing his angle and working to convince them of what needed to be done.

With Nicole as the anticipated eviction there will be five players left to compete in the first HoH battle of the night. Christine, Cody, Derrick, Frankie, and Victoria will all have a shot to win and Derrick wants to make sure each of them are pointed in the “right” direction.

Talking with Caleb and Frankie yesterday Derrick was sure to mention to both of them how secure of a supporting vote from Victoria would be for them and how foolish it’d be for them to evict her over someone more uncertain, like say, Christine.

In a follow up discussion later on Tuesday, Flashback to 3:07PM BBT, Derrick is sitting with Caleb explaining how much better a F4 of the guys plus Victoria would be for their game. What an easy week they’d have in that situation, suggests Derrick. Frankie joins them and all discuss the noms pairing should be Christine and Victoria with Christine being evicted.

Meanwhile inside you’ve got Christine and Cody talking down about Frankie. Christine is actually crying over worries that she’s been tied to Frankie and the guys are plotting without. Both say they want to get Frankie on the block and send him home before Victoria leaves. I wouldn’t be surprised to see Christine, should she pull off the HoH win, put up Frankie alongside Victoria.

Derrick sits down with Christine much later in the night. Flashback to 11:35PM BBT for their talk. Christine asks if Derrick would put up Victoria. He says he has to, but then adds that “as far as going after [Victoria], it might be a waste, ya know.” Christine says she’s been thinking about the money vs their F5. “You don’t have to convince me,” says Derrick in regards to sending Frankie home over Victoria and breaking up their F5 plans.

In a late night talk between Derrick and Cody, Flashback to 1:29AM BBT 9/3, Cody says Christine would definitely put up Frankie while Frankie would most likely put up Christine. It’s tough to tell which direction Derrick is trying to point Cody in as he tells him concerns on both possible targets. Cody may not be open to suggestions though as he firmly states he will put up Frankie.

As their conversation continues it appears that Derrick is making sure Cody wouldn’t vote out Victoria over Christine in case they’re paired on the block (as he’s discussed with Frankie). Derrick also pushes Cody to avoid putting Caleb up as a renom if Frankie came down because he suggests Caleb might stay and Victoria would go then Cody would be stuck with one angry Caleb. What I think Derrick is really doing is making sure that if Cody noms Frankie but Frankie wins Veto then Cody puts up Christine. This way Derrick can make sure to get out either Frankie or Christine no matter what scenario plays out.

Right now it looks like Derrick has Frankie and Caleb convinced that Christine should be the target in the DE. Caleb can’t nominate, but he’ll be able to vote. Then he’s got Christine thinking that someone other than Victoria should be the one to go and he knows she’s none too happy with Frankie right now. Lastly he knows Cody is set to nominate Frankie as well and wants him gone over Victoria.

All that boils down to Frankie and Christine are primed as the main targets in Thursday’s Double Eviction. It will depend on which side of the target-divide wins HoH and then we’ll go from there.

Which Houseguest would you rather see evicted in the second round on Thursday night? Christine or Frankie? Share your thoughts.


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  1. It will be a slap to Derrick’s face if he and Victoria will be on final 2 but Victoria wins it all.

    • Not in this universe. She is a smart choice to take to final 2 because there is NO way she’ll win. She’s a waste of space.

      • I think it is all according to whether the jury is bitter and what Nicole decides to tell the jurors to sway them toward her view. Truthfully, even though she told Derrick she would be advocating the jury vote for him, I don’t know if we viewers know how she really feels. She also told Victoria that she would vote for her and indicated she would tell the jury to, also. Then she says Frankie has had the best game. Although, I think she despises him. I’m honestly not sure how she would vote. I am fairly sure that Cody or Christine would not get her vote and therefore she would try to steer the jury away from that scenario. Have no idea where Caleb stands in Nicole’s thinking process.Puzzling, but I do think her opinion will hold some validity in the jury house.

      • I think Nicole won’t have much sway with the jury. Zach and Jocasta have already said Derrick deserves to win.

      • That was before they were in jury with Hayden, Nicole and Donny. I have a feeling they’ll know who America’s Favorite Player is and will lean towards what Donny says when all’s said and done! I’m hoping the jury is bitter in that regard, but I also feel they’ll listen to reason more so being out of the BB house than they were able to convey living in it. A little pampering goes a long way at the jury house! LOL

      • I agree, I’m starting to see that Derrick may be playing for second place at this point. Everyone is going to be bitter and figure out they were played by him. Especially if Frankie makes it to the jury with Donny and spills the beans. Also, maybe it will make future BB players try a different strategy. This whole play Dan’s game is getting boring.

      • I agree cause she has won more comps than he has even though they were basically gift wrapped for het.

      • Donny told Jocasta while they were in the house that Derrick was the kingpin, which is why she started talking to him. She told him she wanted to win but would be happy if she made it to jury.

      • But they don’t know everything that’s happened in the last few weeks. Anything can change.

      • Just from the updates I read yesterday it now seems that Nicole blames Cody for being the backstabber that turned on Hayden and got him evicted. It’s been awhile and I don’t remember whether it was Derrick or Cody that got cold feet first but Nicole told Derrick and Vic that she would go after Cody and Christine if she stayed.
        It’s getting confusing now, is Nicole just saying that to Derrick because she knows he’s really running the house or is this reality for her in the BB house?
        Maybe tonight we’ll see DR sessions that indicate what Nicole is really thinking.
        At this point I’m just hoping for a Pandora’s box so Nicole will survive another week.

      • It could happen and may happen. Would surely change up things drastically. I’m with you, as I expressed, about not being clear about Nicole’s true position on much at this point.

      • Nicole is young and being ostracized by the group – then good cop Derrick arrives and is nice to her. It’s very possible under these circumstances that Nicole is as emotionally dependent on Derrick as Victoria is. I doubt Nicole has a chance of seeing through the master manipulator Derrick.

      • I think Nicole is doing everything she can to butter up whoever she is talking to. She doesn’t want to get evicted tonight.

      • She may win. Everyone may think ok they drug her to the end let’s vote for her and I hope that happens. They’ve been using her the entire game it would serve them right if she wins.

      • Absolutely would love that scenario if it were played out that,a police escort to the winners circle.

      • The producers would probably bring Dr. Will back to tamper with the jury as they did last year to prevent Ginamarie from winning in order to prevent this from happening.

      • You really think Donny would vote for Victoria over Derrick. Come on, you have to respect Donny more than that.

  2. It will be a slap on Derrick’s face when he and Victoria are nominated in the 2nd eviction, on Thursday night .. Ha !!! :)

      • I would agree with that, derrick’s soft spoken way of getting in everyone’s ear is amazing. he is on a new level for BB players.

      • Derick was trained by the taxpayers to deceive people and to get them to trust him. He was an undercover cop. He had to be good at conning people into committing crimes so he could get them arrested and get himself promoted. From the looks of it, he’s a pro. I wonder how many people he talked into committing crimes to advance his career

      • Obviously Derrick has a lot of practice playing the good cop against the evil HOH Caleb bad cop.

      • Well, that has always been my point about Derrick. Why would BB think it was ok to put someone trained into the house with such a HUGE advantage? The others not knowing who he is has had a huge deficit. I think it would be extremely unfair for him to win. That’s like planting an expert into any kind of scenario and see who does it better. Real fair.

      • Like putting very buff people in the house against weaker or older competitors? Or smart against dumb? Everyone who comes into this house has different strengths and weaknesses. It’s not unfair, it’s part of the “social experiment” aspect of the game.

      • Steve W: Your comment sounds like it’s written by a bitter, repeat offender!! People would still be as happy with the way Derick has conducted his game even if he were a cashier instead of a police sargent!! Good, strategic moves while in the BB House should be rewarded – after all, that’s what the game is all about.

      • I agree. For a second, I thought that if Frankie won HOH he would nominate Derrick with Cody bc he is close to him. However, I think this is why Derrick has never pushed to see Christine go bc Cody is close to her as well, and in a case where Cody is nominated, I think his cuddle buddy will be next to him.

      • Matt, What channel is the football game tomorrow night? (Please don’t tell me CBS, because the game starts at 8:30 pm, here on the east coast.)

      • Frankie might. Last night Frankie was planting seeds in Caleb’s head telling him Derrick has made final 2’s with everyone. If Frankie doesn’t go before Derrick he may go after him.

  3. Cody would not nominate Frankie, should he win HOH … look what happened last week, when he had all the Power ??

    • I think that’s why Derrick is in his ear already. Cody wouldn’t have time to second (and third) guess himself.

      • Wouldn’t it be funny if Caleb won the second HoH?? He would have the same amount of time to think as he did this past week…LOLOL He’ll be putting up Victoria alongside Derrick and hope she goes before Frankie, Christine, Cody or Derrick! I say Caleb got lucky winning this week’s HoH with the DE on the heels of that since he doesn’t work well with time restraints! :-)

      • I would think Caleb puts up Frankie or Christine alongside Victoria before he puts up Derrick. They won’t think as much about a replacement nomination if someone “wrong” wins the Veto, not when they’re rushed like that. If he has to re-nom somebody like Derrick or Cody if Christine/Frankie/Victoria win Veto, they’ll just push to vote to evict the remaining initial nomination, and just hope amongst themselves that nobody flips their vote.

      • I was thinking further in the game if Caleb stays safe after the HoH that won’t last long! LOL I’m thinking Derrick could very well win this next HoH (it’s a mental game) and put Christine and Frankie up…Frankie goes home and then Caleb takes next HoH and puts Christine on the block with Victoria, getting Christine going home. It could happen, right? I know, probably wishful thinking on my part!

    • In a double eviction, Cody is tenfold more likely to pull the trigger on Frankie. Frankie won’t have nearly enough time to complain about it to Cody, and if all goes to plan, he’s out the door before he even has a chance to sit down and talk to Cody, or to attempt to blow up Cody’s game or throw him under the bus in retaliation.

  4. Derrick is the smartest player of all of them. I hope the dumb dumbs don’t figure that out.

      • And Nicole and Hayden too….Donny’s already conveyed that to the two of them before they both were evicted back to back.

      • Yes he did. Too bad Nichol didn’t listen him. Hayden would not have been BS and she would not have followed. Nichol listens to Derrick.

      • She really didn’t have much of a choice left once she re-entered the house and then seeing her only ally leave before her again. She needed to find someone to trust in, even if it was fleeting. Just sad it didn’t work out to her advantage.

  5. Derrick would be best served to throw this HOH. He gains nothing by winning it. He’ll have to piss off Victoria and can’t vote to keep her if the Detonators decide she should go. Let someone else do his dirty work. If he happens to win though, he’d need to nominate Frankie and Christine. That’d be a big boy move as he calls it.

    Go Derrick! Guy is a G.

    • That would be the stupidest thing he could do. You don’t throw any comps this close to the end. People can turn in a second with all the backstabbing and paranoid people. You’re never for sure safe.

    • Every time you post you refer to Derrick like he is a god?How many comps has he won again?His social game is pretty good but besides that he hasn’t impressed me much.Makes the girls cry and is scared of any blood on his hands.

  6. Hands down Frankie needs to go!!! I’ve watched every season of BB…two years of BBAD(where you learn what “really” goes down) and I have NEVER disliked a player as much as Frankie Grande!!! He is disgusting…it has nothing to do with being gay or straight either…it’s a character/entitlement/basic decent human being thing IMO. In fact him saying America not liking his play was a “gay thing” is rediculous!!! I think Frankie being gay allows him to get away with A LOT more…hanging and groping all over the guys…talking to and about women like he does…please!!! If that was a straight man doing that to all the girls “production” would step in for sure. With that being said…I really don’t think any of these people have a clue! Hard to watch the game be played so bad by everybody…brainless…no guts…no big moves…yawn:(

    • You ain’t seen anything. BBAD is watered down. They know it’s on. Live Feeds they think only the cameras mounted are filming. Derrick told them last night that cameras are filming behind all the mirrors. Frankie didn’t believe him at first. That has been way worse.

      • So Frankie thinks that when they were in the Fire room that he was safe making those “rape” comments? OMG..tooo damn funny…when the visible cameras are rolling he’s performing but when off, his true character comes out? hahaha

  7. I don’t know how he’s doing it, but it’s amazing to me that no one (well except Donnie) has figured out that Derrick is pulling every string in that house. I’d probably rather see Christine go on Thurs because she drives me nuts, but Frankie leaving would make me just as happy.

    • Frankie sees it. There was a convo on the hammock the other night on BBAD that leads me to believe this. Derrick and Frankie were discussing F2 and Derrick said he hadn’t done much for the jury to vote him to win. Frankie said something along the lines that Derrick has been running things and has had influence in every eviction. Derrick played along as if to not think that was so and that the jury would not see it that way. I’m just hoping that Derrick sees that Frankie knows, and sets his pawns up to take out Queen Frankie.

    • I was saying that about Ian 2 seasons ago…not due to any annoying or disgusting comments but due to the annoying rocking of that hammock he did too much of! LOL

  8. As much as I dislike Frankie, I kinda want him to win HOH so he will put up Cody and Derrick. Just to make the show a bit more unpredictable and less boring.

    • But Frankie will make it more interesting if he gets put on the block and told he’s the target to go home unless he can take himself off through a competition and then told any campaigning is useless to save him. Remember how he comments about panicking whenever he has to compete?? Maybe this time he’ll mess up!

  9. If Victoria and Derrick made final 2 and I could vote id vote for Victoria cause he too sure he will win.

    • He should win. I don’t think he’s too sure though. He is nervous about the jury seeing what all he has done. He has compared his situation multiple times to that of Dan in season 14. Dan played the better game, but lost. I think Derrick is afraid of this.

      • He is nervous more so if he doesn’t have Victoria beside him then…and only if that happens can he be confident to say he’ll win because Victoria hasn’t won enough in social and competition together to garner a win from the jury! The jury will have enough playback info to make that decision! :-)

    • I’d do it to send a message to future players not to drag dead weight to the end. That’s what a few teams did on TAR last season; at the end the useless team did one challenge well and sent home a team that got them through most of the season. I hope people learned the lesson.

  10. Are we ever gonna see Derrick sitting on that orange chair? If he’s in the F3, they should ask themselves..”Am I gonna win 500k sitting beside this guy?”..Imagine if he gets evicted during that time…that will be memorable.

  11. If Caleb wins no way is he going to put up Frankie, he said it befor fame befor game and I think he thinks Frankie’s sister can further his career that;s why he didn’t backdoor him.

  12. I really want Frankie to go, but I think it would be kind of funny if Frankie won HOH and put up Christine and Victoria and then Christine won POV. They would then probably evict Victoria which would really mess with Derrick’s game.

    • Let that kind of game begin I say! Talk about eating crow….and I’m not talking about the kind “Victoria” encountered in her infancy! LOL

  13. This reminds me of a little joke –

    A married woman, a virgin, and a hot nurse walk into a bar…

  14. Man, it really is incredible how well Derrick has controlled every aspect of the game. One of the best.

  15. I have disliked Frankie all season, but now that he is on the bottom I would LOVE for him to win HOH and nom say Cody and Derrick. He has the balls to do it, I just hope it happens!

    • Guest the only person in the house who would do that is being evicted tomorrow – NICOLE. The rest of these wimps and Victoria won’t.

  16. Derrick is playing stupid now, and he will get BD. The remaining HG want to be in the F2 too. They are lying too and what he wants to hear. Sometimes you just have to sit back observe. You start parnoid that is when the BD come and bite you in the butt. I think Zach found that out!

  17. I hope Derrick suffers some sort of illness and thus renders his game null. He is the poorest excuse of a “floater” that the BB house has ever seen in sixteen seasons.

    • I’ve seen posts on this site that were racist, homophobic, and illegible but this probably takes the cake for the official worst post of the season. There are no words. I can’t. That hurt my soul.

    • HUH???? definition of floater = ‘a person that goes back and forth where the power is’ —- ah — Derrick is the power!!

      • A “power” player accoding to you, that has won ONE competition, and decidedly choose to swear on his own daughters life in order to create havoc against America’s favorite player, Donny. I don’t need to post flashback times and such since you have already convinced yourself Derrick is the “power”. But just today he promised directly to Nicole that he is “the good guy” comparing himself to Tony the cop, Survivor’s last season winner saying:

        “I would never play dirty and swear on my family nor my daughter like that guy Tony did. It’s just not me.”

        It is 100% clear he has let his undercover radar come to the surface and from that mistake, his true colors have thus shined right on through.

      • So you don’t like him, therefore he isn’t a power player?
        Dude. He has LITERALLY controlled every eviction since he’s been in there. You don’t need to win comps if people do what you want anyways…

      • I agree with you, he is not the one I wanted to win, but he also has controlled everyone in the house. And when he couldn’t completely control Donny, he made sure they got rid of him. He has had a way of making them all change their minds and votes. The rest are followers, he is not. His game plan is always been very clear. These are the stupidest players ever and should really feel stupid when they get out and watch this.

      • So then why have comps?Doesn’t make a hell of a lot of sense so if all his goons didn’t get comp wins,he could still manipulate their decisions?Nope you are wrong he is nothing more than a glorified advisor of morons who think he is helping them get closer to the prize.

      • exactly what Gellie just said, you don need to win comps if you control very eviction, and yes he has tried to convince all that he is the good guy, and he I very careful with what he says, he even admits this in the DR, and I haven’t heard him swear on his daughters life nor anybody else’s for that matter, but we all have our opinions and that was mine, and you are welcome to yours!

      • So is Dr. Will a power player in your opinion? After all, he didn’t win comps and lied to everyone in the house.

      • I agree. And Skankie is wise to him floating to everyone for final 2 deals. He even mentioned it to Caleb last night.

      • I understand what you are saying but it has been one sided all season. There hadn’t been a side to float back and forth to. Derrick is floating cuz he hasn’t had to win any comps. Just stay with his trained robots.

      • The reason Derrick hasn’t “had” to win competitions is because his social game is so on point. Why are people not realizing this?

  18. CBS needs to pull Frankie off the show for the way he has been sexually harassing and groping the male housemates.

  19. I’m just curious of what would happen if Christine/Frankie win HOH and the one who didn’t win Hoh wins veto. That would be interesting to see how it plays out.

  20. Hey Matt I’ve been searching for the feed time that Fakie said FU America about the “play” Can you give me a time stamp?

  21. How does the HG know it is DE tomorrow. Julie never revealed it last week. It is almost like nothing is kept a secret. Except for Derrick being a cop. But with these people, they are not going to think to much about it.

    • They don’t know that tomorrow is DE. They just know that there aren’t enough weeks left to get out HGs without a DE.

  22. No question Frankie needs to go. Then Christine if they can get them both on D.E great if not evict Frankie 1st. then Christine 2nd.

  23. I am rooting for Frankie to win HOH and put up Derrick and Cody. Without Derrick in the Big Brother House, it will become a free for all because now everyone has to make their own decisions on who to evict next! If someone manages to evict Derrick, that would be the biggest move of the season because they finally saw thru all his manipulation.

  24. Derrick is the best of all time, I mean socially destroy a girl who he has mislead since he even said hi to her,hide behind people who actually are playing all aspects of the game and join in on making fun of the one person your counting on delivering you 500 k.Wow just wow!I would have loved to seen him on any other season he wouldn’t have lasted til jury.Just my opinion let the hate begin:)

    • Derrick is who I was referring too!Even though Frankie is a real piece of work he has won comps aligned himself with alliances and hell even cleans and cooks.Derrick is just a pair of sunglasses that blinds the light but everybody likes to wear.

  25. Frankie needs to go. He is such a ill mannered guy. Just disgusting. But however I have said this before, I highly doubt production will allow frankie to get evicted if the hg’s get the chance or have the balls to actually do it. Frankie equals viewers b/c of his sisters followers and his aclaimed popularity with you tube. Frankie = Ratings. So I think when it comes down to him being on the block, Pandoras Box may appear or something like that. It’s a shame that this season went down like this, I hope these knub nuts read all the comments and realize that they are nothing but a big joke. If people are still following Frankie just b/c of his sister that is sad. That guy is a big FAKIE. The whole sexual comments he was making again Victoria was just plain SICK. Seriously. Derrick does have a good game, no enemies. and poor Nicole, I know it’s a game but she didn’t deserve to be treated so poorly. I still love Donny and hope he wins fave and rubs it in Fakie’s face. If I were these hg’s parents or friends I would seriously be ashamed.

    • Frizzle I like this. I think the same way. Frankie is a big loser, his sister is such a sweet girl, while he lurks in her shadow with his hand out. At one point they should have america vote for who they want to stay as I would vote Nicole. Team america was a joke, really that was their twist along with BOB. These writers have to come up with better material. Holla

  26. People need to stop with donny crap lol hes gone, hes not coming back and his word isnt going to have pull on jury votes. Besides that Derrick did nothing wrong to Donny, Derrick is there to win 500K not give it to Donny. People need to quit acting like Derrick owed Donny something.

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