Devin Shepherd
Devin Shepherd – Big Brother 16 Houseguest

Devin Shepherd
Age: 26, turns 27 on 9/9/14
Hometown: Santa Barbara, California
Living: San Antonio, Texas
Occupation: Former Professional Baseball Player/Motorcycle Sales Manager – Harley Davidson
Marital Status: Single

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Devin Shepherd – Big Brother 16 Interview:

Devin has an uphill battle ahead of himself this season. He wants to play with integrity. Uh oh. If he sticks to that plan I may be talking to him again soon.

Devin Shepherd is a former ball player having played for the Cardinal’s A team in minor league. He retired a few weeks after his daughter was born and considers her the light of his life.

I had a great time talking with Devin and he’s definitely a very friendly and happy guy, but I’m worried he could paint himself in to a corner if he’s not willing to involve some deceit in his game on Big Brother 16.

The good news is he’s ready to win from the start and wants to get ahold of that first Head of Household competition. No throwing that one for him.

We had a long interview, even though most had to be cut due to time constraints, but I’m curious to see how much talk of his daughter he applies in the house as it was a major part of our conversations. Could he team up with a new Team Mom this season?

Watch Devin Shepherd’s interview with Big Brother Network to hear the rest of what he had to say including why you should root for him on Big Brother 16.

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