Big Brother 15 Spoilers: Premiere Night Script Reveals Twist Details

Big Brother 15 premiere script

Julie Chen is revealing another round of Big Brother 15 spoilers this preseason, but this time we don’t think she meant to tell us quite so much.

On Friday, BB15 host Julie Chen tweeted an image on Instagram featuring part of her script from the upcoming season premiere this Wednesday. In the image all text from her lines except for seven words were blacked out: “floaters… you better grab a life vest.” Of course this familiar phrase comes from BB12’s Rachel Reilly and is part of this season’s theme of a “No-Floater Summer,” as is Reilly’s sister Elissa.

According to CBS, one of this season’s twists will involve viewers voting for a weekly “MVP” to be given some undefined special power. We’ve been given hints over the past few days and speculated it’d play in to this season’s “three nominees” twist, but now we’ve got even more to go on. Throttle back your expectations because while this little exercise is fun, I doubt it’ll shatter any giant mysteries. With that said, read on to see what’s been discovered in that image of the season premiere’s script from Julie Chen.

Over on Jokers, user “Pimpmikedizzle” shared some really great detective work done by another user “Lumpy.” In it the sleuths had managed to decipher additional lines previously unseen due to the black marker lines run across them and revealed what is the real core of the message.

Update: It’s been pointed out to me that Instagram user linds2931 had shared a lot of what was on Jokers in the comments section as well. So I don’t know the original source of some of the discoveries, but it’s considering not an impossible task all these users could have revealed the text independently. Sorry if anyone was slighted.

Wondering if I could uncover even more details I set to tweaking, enhancing, and looking at every which angle I could lean across the monitor. In the end I was able to contribute seventeen more words. The first two lines and final row were just too dark for me to make out no matter what sort of effects I applie. Maybe someone out there will have even better tools and eyes to continue contributing to the effort.

Here is the end result of our combined findings:

“…(?)eek there will be 3 nominees every week.

“That makes your chances of going up on the chopping block greater than ever before. As former Big Brother winner Rachel Riley (sic) would say ‘floaters… you better grab a life vest.’

Now the HoH will still nominate 2 house Guests for eviction. So I’m sure you’re wondering how the … person will be chosen. Well I’m not going to tell you…”

So what does this tell us? Nothing revolutionary, but it does confirm a few details:

  • The MVP of the week is going to start as a secret to the other HGs (unknown if they can choose to reveal, but maybe not based on this info).
  • The HoH is only going to nominate two of the three weekly nominees, something most fans had already inferred.
  • We vote for the MVP who then picks the third nominee. That means viewers are indirectly controlling that third nom. If we know how the HGs are leaning then we may sway our votes to get a particular player on the block. Fun!

Click the image below to see the full-size version. In it you’ll find pink text which is the content Jokers’ users revealed. Red text covers what I was able to add. Of particular note is the fact that CBS has Rachel “Riley” misspelled. It’s actually “Reilly.” I guess there are some non-fans in charge of typing up the scripts.

So what do you think of these early details coming out for Big Brother 15? Are you more excited for all the twists they’re cramming in this time around? Can’t wait to see how many of them actually work, something easier promoted than done!

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click image to see full-size

Big Brother 15 Julie Chen's premiere script


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  1. When will they reveal the picture of the houseguests entering the house? It seemed like in the past they would’ve had it done by now.

    • They’ve already said that won’t be happening. But maybe that’s a lie.

      I’m also wondering if they misspelled Rachel’s name purposely because that’s easier to read phonetically in the prompter. Of course, Julie would have to be a real dolt to mispronounce Reilly.

    • I’m thinking maybe the MVP chooses the third nominee? Or maybe just whoever is worst in the competition? That would def hurt floaters.

      • Wonder if the HGs will have to guess who is the MVP based on the nomination? Not sure how this will work because I thought I heard that they won’t know about it. Or maybe they just don’t find out until nominations or something. Whats your guess?

      • I believe the secret part is who is MVP. Production could reveal that to the MVP HG in the DR and then get his/her nomination & later reveal it to the rest of the house. The MVP would just have to be just as “shocked!” as everyone else to hide his/her role as the MVP.

      • yeah but some people who lost or threw comps were the best so that wouldnt be fair to make this season all about comeptitons.

      • Since when is BB fair? It’s supposed to be about the competitions. People who are bad at them or throw them are usually called floaters. This is the no floater summer, remember?

      • I agree…BB is not always fair. But sometimes a good player will throw a comp in order to not be seen as the “bad” guy or if they’re secure enough to know they will not be nominated. This puts the hard decisions (and the target) on someone elses back. Throwing them is not always about floating. It can be a strategy. It’s as much about using your head as it is about winning comps.

      • I agree with both of you, but even the people that want to throw comps, usually don’t aim to be the FIRST person off. Not usually, anyway. They like to hide in the lower middle.

        Honestly, I’d like to see them give the HGs more of a reason to do well at the comps. The ones that a lot of people throw end up being boring to watch.

        The twists help show who the good strategists are, because they have to be able to adapt in a clever way. So any twist is fine with me

      • Historically, BB is not all about winning comps. Dr. Will is not the best competitor. Dan throws a lot of competition. They’re not floaters but good strategists and maybe the two of the best player in BB history.

  2. I guess my question would be, since they are not told (initially) how the 3rd nom is chosen, will the actual MVP be told how and why they get to choose the 3rd nom? I doubt they would bring someone into the diary room and say “Ok, you get to choose” without telling them they have been chosen MVP by America. So a really smart and observant FIRST MVP is going to look around and try to figure out who is playing the best game and suck up in order to avoid the block. And most likely make some bold moves in order to be chosen MVP AGAIN. So being the very first MVP would have distinct advantages. I’m hoping it’s not someone that has to have an explanation of what MVP stands for or that advantage will be circling the bowl.

  3. So America rewards their favorite player with a chance to secretly nominate a third person… simply brilliant. Exactly how I would want to play the game.

  4. When do you think the 3rd nominee will be announced? At the nomination ceremony, the veto ceremony, or maybe even live on eviction night?

    • I like the way you think–on eviction night; would definitely make it have more impact!!!!

  5. For anyone interested (those of you who are bored and have time), adjust the color levels. I fiddled with it for a few minutes at work and was able to grab a few letters on the very top row and bottom row. Looks like it might say this season in the middle of the top line, but I’m not confirming that. But like I said, someone with some free time can play around with levels more to get a better view on it. Good luck!

  6. ready for this game to get started, I have been ready for months :) so HAPPY THEY HAVE THE APP NOW FOR TABLETS & PHONES: :) So I can watch while working 3rd shift!!!!

  7. Looking at that clip from the UK version, made me go to Youtube to watch it further. I have to say, I LOVE that they didn’t get all the contestants from a casting agency and that they seem like real average people. Plus I love their accents. I do however love American BB, but I may have to watch the UK one as well (or perhaps, instead).

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