Big Brother 15 Episode 9 Recap: A Backdoor Plan Unfolds


Big Brother 15 might see a legitimate backdoor after Wednesday night’s episode after a plan from start-to-finish worked exactly as planned.

The episode picks up right after Helen nominated Aayrn and Kaitlin for eviction. Helen tells us that Aaryn is her target at the moment, but if given the chance, she might have a bigger fish to fry.

Helen meets with her allies to talk about the plan to backdoor Jeremy. So names start coming out about who the MVP should nominate because they don’t want that third nominee to be Jeremy so he has a less of a chance to play veto. Helen suggests Spencer, but Amanda and McCrae are all about Howard being the third nominee.

Spencer and Helen meet and Spencer spills his guts about the Moving Company alliance, hoping to secure his safety with Helen by showing her he’s ready to be honest and loyal. So now she knows Howard lied to her. Spencer tells Howard that so now he has to work on his own safety.


And once again, we find out Elissa is is MVP for the week. And the rules are the same. She has to secretly name the third nominee and we get a Xanax-laced Diary Room from her that sort of makes me want to jump in front of a bus.

Elissa again reveals that she’s MVP to everyone, so McCrae and Amanda tell Elissa that she “HAS TO” put Howard up. Elissa really doesn’t want to do that, though.

Speaking of Howard, he finally decides to come clean with Helen and he does it in front of most of the others. He turns it on nicely and actually pulls out some real tears from Helen this time. Well-played, Howard.

Elissa decides to speak to Helen about the MVP nominee and how important she is to the group. Elissa isn’t thrilled that Helen didn’t talk to her about who she was going to nominate yet they all want Elissa to do what they want with her nominee. Helen and Elissa decide that Spencer might as well go up since that third nominee won’t be the person going home.

The group gets back together and Amanda and McCrae are all HOWARD HOWARD HOWARD and Elissa is all N……………O………….N………..O……….T……….H………oward.

It’s time to find out who Elissa nominated. And it’s not Howard, it’s Spencer.

And the they pick the veto players. Joining Helen and the nominees are GinaMarie and Candice. The Jeremy backdoor is a go and everyone knows it.

But not so fast. Kailtin plans to win the veto and not use it. And she gets to GinaMarie to try to convince her to not use it if she wins.

At the veto competition it’s a memory/still competition and everyone kind of blows at it except for Kaitlin. And she wins veto. That’s a near-Head of Household competition win and now a Veto win. If she gets her head in the game without Jeremy or Aaryn, she could be a contender in this game.


So then Kaitlin has to decide whether or not to use the veto. She considers not doing it, but she finally realizes that would just be ridiculous. So she uses the veto and Jeremy goes up in her place.


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  1. Don’t take me wrong, I like her, but Elissa is no Rachel, that’s for sure. Xanax-laced ! LOL

    • What’s the show’s tagline? Expect the unexpected. Elissa and the other HGs expect Elissa to keep getting MVP. Time to shake things up a bit.

      • If everyone can decide on one person to vote for MVP instead of splitting the votes then maybe Elissa won’t get it. I’d like to see Judd get it.

      • I suggested Judd previously, but Cyril pointed out that he is in an alliance with McCrae and Amanda. Candace was also mentioned. I don’t know maybe it’s just me, but I am becoming very bored with this season. I can’t even decide on who to root for and that has never happened since watching since the first season. We have a long time to go yet and I haven’t seen any great game play by anyone. Everything seems to easy and it may be because of the MVP twist which I am not a fan of.

      • There is no great game play because the racism and bullying has taken over the game. Until the undesirables are still in the game, this game cannot return to normal. The best way is still to evict Jeremy, Aaryn, Gina Marie and Spencer. If they all get evicted, there will be 9 house guests remaining with lots of game play they can engage in! Better is if we get a double eviction week then, two of the undesirables can get evicted at once! That would save one extra week for better game play.

      • I think if Elissa wasn’t in the house & it was all new, fresh people with no relations to any prior HG’s it would have been a good twist. Better luck next time BB.

      • I agree Jillith. I think that was what caused a lot of problems in the beginning with some thinking it was not fair because Rachel would have a ton of fans and it turned out to be true. Many of the others just started to use her and her MVP status to get out who they wanted to. If I remember correctly it was Amanda who suggested using Elissa because of the MVP.

      • The twist itself is fine. Having 15 strangers, and then 1 person with a built-in fan base is the problem. Ideally MVP should have been like HOH. You can get it one week, you’re not eligible the next.

      • Sorry artyom didn’t see your post, but looks like we feel the same way about the MVP. I agree one week you can be eligible and then someone else gets it just like the HOH. This way MVP seems more important than the HOH.

      • I voted for Jessie this week… and will do it again next week.
        Jessie is the floater on the house. She didn´t get into any alliance. So it would be fun to see her jumping around trying to find out who to put up.

      • Jessie sounds good to me too. Everyone just needs to vote for the same person so Elissa doesn’t get it again. I mentioned Judd but if everyone wants to stick together and vote Jessie I’m game. She’s sweet and yes it would be interesting to see what a floater would do. but I thought you can’t vote until after tonights live show?

      • I was referring to last week :D (since that was the one that got the results yesterday)
        this week only opens after today show.

        This week i will keep my vote.

      • And the koolaide in Vegas, that Rachel is serving, per her twitter account that America is lapping up

      • i imagine that either howard or candice may end up with mvp next week, i doubt they will topple elissas voting block but i think they would have enough votes for the producers to just hand it to them without too many people asking questions, plus the producers seem to want to keep howard safe.

      • See this makes the most sense to me. If you are upset that someone in the house is making racist remarks then give the special power to one of the people at the receiving end of those remarks.

      • Not really sure where Howard’s loyalties lie. For one thing, he and Spencer are still pretty tight. He also had ties with the racists Aaryn, Gina Marie and Kaitlyn because of Jeremy. What I cannot wrap my head on is why Howard who was subjected to racial slurs by Gina Marie, Aaryn and Kaitlyn was still pretty close to that group. Remember too that Spencer was also one of the biggest racists in that group! He also voted to evict Elissa when the Moving Company already gave up on Nick. On the trust basis, Howard I think needs to mend a lot of fences and he has to stick to his word. He has been busted more than once, so, if he wants to stay in the game, he needs to make amends.

      • Someone else might win MVP this week. The percentages of the others are going up. Helen got 17% this week which was 2nd highest. I am inclined to vote for Helen again because I do not completely trust Amanda, Andy, Judd or McCrae not to do something stupid like try and take Elissa or Helen out. There is still Aaryn, Gina Marie, Spencer and Kaitlin of the undesirable 5 group even if Jeremy goes. Helen cannot play for HOH this week so, getting the MVP will give her some leverage even if she is not HOH. My interest is keeping the alliance intact atleast, until all the undesirables are evicted from the house. One way to encourage that is leave the alliance splintered into 3 possible groups which keeps everyone on their toes and hopefully, prevents anyone from doing anything stupid like fracturing the alliance by voting to evict one of their own!

      • You can try, but why bother. That’s my thoughts with this twist. Isn’t Elissa the player that RR hated . . a Floater. She does nothing, they give her MVP, then she does what others want.

      • Elissa got a lot of sympathies because of Aaryn, Gina Marie, Kaitlyn, Spencer and Jeremy bullied her. And she was targeted from the start just because she was Rachel Reilly’s sister. A lot of viewers wanted to keep her safe. She probably would not get MVP if they stop going after her considering she is not even a very good player of the game.
        Amanda and McCrae should stick to the plan and get Aaryn, Gina Marie, Spencer, Kaitlyn evicted. Targeting Elissa would get her more votes for MVP.

      • Are you kidding? Helen has proven herself a mean girl bully this week, just not allied with the other mean girls, can’t wait for her to go home. Thankfully her play this week has put a much larger target on her.

        Was going to vote for someone else this week for MVP but if Helen or Howard are the alternatives will stick with Eliissa. Just wish she would quit blabbing it when she wins, she’s hurting herself. Those people are not her friends, she needs to think for herself, she started to do it this week, hope she continues.

        How about Judd

      • I will not vote for Judd because he is with Amanda and McCrae’s group and they might just do the stupid thing and try and evict Helen and Elissa even though, Aaryn, Gina Marie, Spencer and Kaitlyn still in the house assuming Jeremy goes tonight. That group has talked about evicting Elissa which is one more reason Elissa will get more sympathy votes. I do not get why they keep targeting her when they know a
        good part of the viewing public likes her because compared to the others in the house—-she is not a bad person. I hated the way the racists and bullies targeted her and voted for her in the 2nd week. I’ll vote for Helen because she needs to stay in the game as a counter weight to Amanda’s group. The Alliance needs to stick together until all the racists and bullies are evicted! Majority of the viewing public want it including me!

      • I agree. I am still not happy Elissa is playing the game, nepotism in the BB house so sucks.

      • Nepotism has been going on for a while, remember Evil Dick and Danielle? They were cast together in the house the same season. Also, cast were other pairs or lovers. We saw Willie Hantz last season. Danielle, Jordan, Jeff and Rachel ended up playing a 2nd time their season. Mike Boogie, Dan Gheesling, Janelle and Brittney last season all were brought in. Yeah, there is a lot of nepotism but, Big Brother will cast who they want! Even last season, the newbies did not know how to play the game which is why they brought in the veterans.

      • Yes, you are right! I really appreciate your comment, thank you. I just have such tunnel vision with not wanting another Rachel/Elissa Reilly playing. The fan base that Elissa has is not of her own merit, playing the game. Just, not fair if you think of a good twist to throw at the HG’s, and Elissia keeps getting MVP for the wrong reason. It should be game play not pre established fan base choosing MVP voting. I am not the producers so, I will move on. The HG’s better open their eyes soon, cause that girl is going to win it. If she does it is on them.

  2. Well we found out why Elissa chose to nom Spencer instead of Howard. I give Kaitlin some credit for realizing that keeping herself in the game was more important than keeping Jeremy.

    • For once a girl in a showmance decided to play the game for herself. I’m not a Kaitlin fan at this time but I do give her kudos for that.

    • For Kaitlyn it means more monies because they get paid an allowance each week they are still in the Big Brother House. You get eliminated, you lose your allowance. Add to that the episode where they have monies in the tens of thousands, trips, etc. are used as enducements to lose POV then, it all adds up. There is also America’s Favorite Player with a cash prize. Do not remember how much it is. Was it $20,000 or more?
      It is in every house guest interest to say in the Big Brother House as long as you possibly can! Not using the POV would have gotten Kaitlyn evicted! They will still target Jeremy the following week so, it would have been a very bad move on her part!

  3. Helen has caused me to ban the phrase “bigger fish to fry”. Ugh! PLEASE let her drop that from her conversations! But i’m glad Elissa went with her own choice and not McCraes and Amandas. It’s time for her to start playing her own game….if she has any.

    • I agree…I wanted Elissa gone in the first week but now I’d like to see her play the game. But I don’t want her to get MVP again. It’s a little boring with the same person getting it. But I am glad she made her own choice who to put up. Amanda and McCrae are nothing but bully’s. Everything they accuse everyone else of doing they do. Amanda has a big mouth and I would like to see both of them nominated and see what she does then.

      • I like that idea! Amanda and McCrae on the block. If Amanda won veto, would she sacrifice herself for McCrae? And who would be first to get thrown under the bus…besides Howard? Something tells me there is a long list of road kill in that girls future.

      • If the 2 of them were on the block together Amanda would pull herself off for sure. Especially if she finds out McCrae really is a pizza delivery guy.

      • I don’t like Amanda’s tactics, the way she talks to people if it doesn’t go her way. There’s some people she’s targeting that I like. MVP is the best equalizer to a rouge player like her. I just hope McCranda doesn’t get it.

      • I think Elissa & Helen are both getting a little ”high on the hog” (as the saying goes). I’d like to see Judd take the MVP (or HoH). I wouldn’t put Amanda in the same tactics boat as McCrae, he seems to let her do most of the talking and bullying.

      • I want Judd for MVP also. And Helen trying to control everyone. She told GM if you get HOH you have to nominate who the house wants and she told Aaryn the same thing. Duh does she not know these people are supposed to be playing a game for themselves and what will help them get to the end.

      • Matt I so agree with you regarding both Elissa and Helen. I do like Judd and as I posted above I had previously suggested we vote for him. Cyril pointed out that Judd was in an alliance with Amanda and McCrae so Candace was suggested. At this point I don’t know who to vote for or if it would do any good against Rachel’s army of fans.

      • Don’t worry, I think production is starting to show us how power is making some people’s heads a little big (Elissa, Helen, Amanda). Aaryn or Kaitlin need to go next, then it’s back to ”game on” in terms of who is with whom and what strategies need to come into play… I could go with any of Judd, Candice or McCrae to win the MVP.

      • If they got rid of the MVP twist, a joke now. I wouldn’t care if Elissa was in the house and allowed to play.

    • I think that is the big question regarding Elissa – does she have any game play? I still hate the MVP twist because she keeps getting it and I really don’t see that changing. I agree with the comment made above saying you would need to shut Rachel’s Twitter account down. The game has become boring and predictable. I remember other seasons where it was very hard to blindside someone and a lot of strategy had to go into it. This season we have already had 2 and about to have a 3rd even if Jeremy knows this one is coming.

  4. Just curious: Why aren’t Helen and Elissa at home taking care of their children insteading of being locked in a crazy house for three months? What wonderful moms!

    • Parents get to try things too. Parents get to go out and make money as well. They have jobs to feed their kids and I am sure 500,000 could do a lot for their kids.

      • Winning a possible prize by spending 3 months on a reality show isn’t, IMO, working.

      • They get paid a nice allowance each week which I assume should be at a minimum in the thousands and maybe, going up to tens of thousands each time they last in the Big Brother House.
        The favorite player also gets like $20,000? (not sure of the actual amount but, it is still substantial). Then,
        there is one week where they entice the house guests to grab prizes instead of going for the POV. That would again add a lot of monies to their pockets. They may not get that $50,000 for being the runner up or $500,000 if they win they game but, they will still pocket some nice chunk of change if they stay in the Big Brother House!

    • I don’t think anybody here can answer your question. It’s their personal decision. Now,…if you wanna talk about BB game. I can help you.

  5. What’s with McCrae and the ribbons in his hair & on his wrists? Is this the guy someone referred to as an ALPHA male? He looks as if he belongs in a playpen. Amanda must be desperate for a showmance.

      • YES! Can’t wait till she’s out as HOH and gets less time in the DR. If she keeps on crying after every sentence the house will be flooded.

      • Thanks :-) As annoying as BB can be I look forward to it every year. I’m sure I’m addicted.

      • I know I am addicted and has been my summer pleasure since season 1. I do have to say this season has been the least enjoyable for me. I usually can’t stop watching the live feeds, but just turning them on now was too much for me. lol

      • More like puking over the feeds right now. These people make me want to take a Xanax right now.

      • lol Great description Jillith and we certainly had the same impression. I need to turn them off.

      • Andy just stated that “he feels everyone’s pain” referring to the fake audience watching the fake talk show. If he only knew the pain we are feeling right now! Why can’t I turn this off?!

      • Cyril I had to turn them on to see if I was missing something good. Is this what we have to look forward to? Helen and GM’s loud voice is giving me a headache. What is this suppose to be a pretend talk show?

      • That was part of her strategy, she cries to get what she wants. She said she does the same with her kids. Using the same tactics on others like Spencer. She is using her tears to make them see her as more human and more caring. Actually, that can work to her advantage. It is manipulation like Mike Boogie, Dan Gheesling or Will Kirby did during their seasons. Only difference is she uses her tears to gain sympathy and to make the others feel guilty!

  6. Everyone vote Judd for MVP this week & then when you are in the house I will vote for you :-)

    • Judd is in an alliance with McRae, Amanda, Andy and they might do something stupid to fracture the alliance by nominating Helen or Elissa. There are still 4 undesirables in the Big Brother House, Aaryn, Gina Marie, Spencer and Kaitlyn. The last thing I want is for the racists to stay in the Big Brother House while, the good guys get evicted for no good reason! For that reason, I am voting for Helen for MVP since, she cannot play for HOH this week.

      • Helen is an undesirable as well, just not a racist, would rather see Elissa again than her. Was going to vote for Judd, now I don’t know.

    • Judd is a toy for Amanda and Mcrae (well just for amanda since mcrae is a toy for her too).
      Voting on him, would give too much power to her… the only one that is neutral is Jessie.
      The little girl is on the outside of everyone. With so much fights going around, she is the only one that doesn´t have a team. Better than that, she would not go on Kaitlin and Aaryn cries or Alyssa plan.

      • Kind of like Jessie too. When Aaryn, Gina Marie, Kaitlyn and Jeremy were ganging up on her, she did not lose her cool and still stayed nice asking the mean girls and Jeremy to leave her alone. There is a lot of game play in this game left. I hope she ends up being a good player towards the end. Would certainly like to see what moves she makes.

    • Make that a near 4-week showmance. I know we’re only 3 weeks into the actual season but it feels like a full month already.

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