Big Brother 13 Live Feeds: Week 9 Saturday Highlights

Another crazy Power of Veto day on Big Brother 13. We had a surprise turn of events when the one player I figured would not want to win did exactly that. Go figure. Now that the Veto is over we’re entering the campaign phase. There was already a lot of that on Saturday and I’m expecting even more on Sunday.

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Big Brother 13 Live Feed Highlights – September 3, 2011:

9:30 AM BBT – HGs up and discussing the upcoming Veto comp. Jordan and Rachel discussing scenarios. Kalia talking to Adam about if he’ll use the Veto if he wins.

9:50 AM BBT – Rachel asks Adam if he’ll use the Veto. He says, “no.”

10:00 AM BBT – Porsche talking to Adam about a Final 2 deal.

11:30 AM BBT – Rachel and Jordan discussing how to play the competition if it turns out to be OTEV.

12:15 PM BBT – Kalia says if it’s OTEV then she’s ready to fight with other HGs for the named items.

2:25 PM BBTLive Feeds are back. Adam won the Veto.

2:30 PM BBT – Adam and Kalia talking. He’s pretty much telling her he will not be using the Veto. He’s upset that she blabbed about their F2 deal and that she didn’t vote to keep him last week.

2:45 PM BBT – Rachel and Jordan agree that Kalia should go this week in case questions are the next HoH comp.

3:40 PM BBT – Adam confirms to Jordan he will not use the Veto because it’d put her in danger. Adam says he’d keep Rachel over Porsche at this point. Jordan isn’t convinced of that. Both agree if it is a F3 w/ Porsche that either of them would take the other over Porsche.

6:15 PM BBT – Adam, Jordan, and Rachel talking game. They all agree Kalia needs to go next since she’s so good at the questions.

8:00 PM BBT – Kalia says she’ll destroy Shelly (verbally) at the finale show if she was retelling all their private conversations.

9:10 PM BBT – Kalia tells Porsche she voted against Adam last week because Rachel and Jordan misled her just before the vote. Wow. I didn’t like that plan at the time, but Jordan and Rachel made it work for them after all.

9:30 PM BBT – Kalia is working Adam hard for the Veto to be used. She is telling him not to turn on his alliance with her and Porsche.

10:15 PM BBT – Now Kalia moves on to working Jordan to keep her. She’s telling lots of scenarios where she feels Jordan can win in the F2 and that she’ll need to keep her to win. This is followed by lots of crying. Lots.

Is Kalia’s goose cooked? Certainly seems that way. She’s got until Monday before the Veto ceremony seals the fate of either Porsche or Kalia. Then after that she’ll have even less time to get ready before the surprise eviction is held.

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  1. Definitely! Kalia’s goose is cooked.

    I am certainly enjoying the order of those departed: Dani, Shelly, and Kalia to follow.

    With Dani’s arrogance in the jury house, “her” alliance should join her in toto.

    • Yes, it is so great to watch the over rated Judas take another hit. It’s too bad that Dick had to go so soon. He would have kept the original alliance intact till about now, and we would have the great finish that CBS figured we would when they put the cast together. God, I hope we never see Judas on the show again without her daddy. What an idiot. GO BIG RED! WIN IT FOR BOOKIE!

  2. Adam is not playing the game , AT ALL! , it’s time for him to step up and make game moves. Does he not realize that he’s playing for second place anyways? Worst big brother player EVER! he’s just to star struck and doesn’t want jeff to blow up on him. Douchebag!

      • Adam is playing the game for himself, He’s doing it his way, why does he must take Kalia and Porshe with him to the final 3? U just never know that Adam might win the jury’s votes if he goes with Jordan or Rachel or whoever is in the final 3. It’s close to the finale, it’s time for everyone to work their own way to get to the final 2, win HOH, win veto…

      • I thought he was a dude. The ladies in the house have more ba??s than he does. The smartest thing for him 2 do is take P/K with him 2 the final. He has a better chance of winning towards 1 of them. He will not win next to R/J. And R already told him that she wants J in final 2 with her. So why would u not try n get rid of J. If R wins in the final 3 she would take him cause she knows she has the votes. No blood on her hand for getting J out.

      • I think Adam is playing it very smart in keeping to his word and his alliance. He knows that if he turns on Jordan and Rachel now that he will lose their jury votes along with Brendon’s and Jeff’s votes, and he made a reference to that last night when he was talking to P and K outside, if they are all in the jury and that would cost him the game and the money if final two is either Adam with Kalia or Porsche.I even see a very possible scenario of him taking Jordan and Adam still winning because they do not want to give it to someone that has already won the game. The toss up for me is if it is Adam and Rachel because some jury members do not like Rachel and might give it to Adam just for that reason, but have to say at this point Rachel deserves it. Here is hoping that it is J/R/A in the final 3. Actually like all three of these players and J and A have great social games and even Rachel’s social game has come so far after Brendon left and this woman is fantastic in the physical competition.

      • Really what the f is wrong with him he needs to use veto on one of them up goes jordon and they are rid of her next rachel. wtf did u want to be on the show for I can think if of a million places to vac for the summer wake the f up and play for your self. God I wonder if he sucks at life too!

    • Like I said before…now all of the sudden its a big move? Jordan is sucha “floater” and kalia is a “good competitor” but it would be a big move for adam to get rid of jordan over kalia? Adam go rid of brendon. That was a big move in the dani fans eyes, but now that “team dani” stands do benefit, he’s a p**** if he doesn’t do it? No he’s playing SMART, why would he flip on jordan? He has no reason to and in his eyes, jordan is a weak competitor, everyone thinks he’s floated, I think jordan is the only person he’ll beat in F2

      • I agree Jordan is a floater. They all sit and talk trash about “The other floaters” and them not winning anything. What has Jordan won? She won HOH because they gave it to her. If they keep her in and she goes to the final 2 she will win again. Adam needs to use his head and man up and kick her out!

    • Adam is starstruck but he is not a dummy (well, almost)…but even he knows that he is #3 whether its with Jordan/Rachel or Kalia/Porsche but he is sticking with the alliance he began with and stuck with (except for a half-week of weakness after the chaos of the double eviction) Adam’s only shot is Adam himself winning the HOH or the Veto…If Jordan somehow manages to win HOH she will put up Adam and Porsche and then if Adam wins Veto, I think he takes Rachel…but if Porsche wins Veto she takes Adam. Rachel MUST win that Veto. No ifs ands or buts….

  3. Adam is a moron! What is his final plan? Does he really want to go to the final 3 with Rach and Jordan? He is an idiot and the wrost player in BB history.

      • Without her daddy helping her, Judas might be the worst player in BB history. She threw away a shot for 500K for a chance at a showmance with a HG who is likely gay. GO BIG RED! WIN IT FOR BOOKIE!

  4. Adam is making a HUGE mistake not using the pov! He has NO CHANCE at final 2 with jordan and rachel! He definitely has a shot with kalia and porshe! If he was smart he would vote out jordan because if he doesn’t this week, he loses the game…. Who chooses these idiots to play in this game? ohh and Kalia didn’t have all these deals, she just had her/dani, then her/porshe/adam….. come on adam get a brain!

    • How can you predict that he has no chance to the final? Didn’t he won the veto? He said he will try hard to win the HOH and veto to get himself there, even if he is in the final with Rachel or Jordan or Porch,he can still win, if not first, he could win second, U just never know who the jury will case their votes on.

  5. Wow, Adam is a really stupid player. You’ve got a chance to take out a player who will almost definitely win if she’s there is the final 2 and he’s not. I Thought he was a fan of the game and maybe understood how to play? I guess maybe he’s too much of a fan that he wants one of his favorites to win over him. Again, if this happens, it proves how he has done absolutely nothing but float through. He may not like or trust the others, but J will definitely beat him in the end and they’ll be down 4 after this. So, no time to be stupid here.

    • oh no not adam. he’s still giddy about actually being on the show. he’s the biggest fan but doesnt know how to play. aint that something? lol

      he wouldnt pull the trigger on a big move either unless jeff told him to (if jeff was in power) or… never.

      • Adam is not a stupid player, he’s doing what he thinks is best for himself. Everyone plays their game a different way, why does everyone expect them to throw someone under the bus to get to the final? This is not how I would want someone to win that 500,000. I would rather someone to work their way to the final.. win competitions, get themselves there because they earn it to be there, they work for it. Adam is playing it smart, he does not want blood in his hands, he wants to play the game the right way.

      • U R so right Sunflower Adam is not dumb at all and he does know what he is doing. He is laying low and making smart simple moves. Im for Jordan to win, but if she doesn’t Im for Rachel or Adam. Def. Jordan, Rachel and Adam need to be top 3

  6. Kalia was so angry and completely desperate last night it was high-larious

    How’s that humble pie taste Kalia?

    • OMG! It was so hilarious watching her beg Adam! I can’t believe she thought he was actually in an alliance with her, lmao.

  7. For Adams sake, he does need to listen to Kalia and use the veto. The odds are better for him in F2 with a newb than with J or R.

      • Hope A keeps the K and P on the block and K leaves. I am so tired of her voice it rakes on your last nerve. She is still lying and will cont. I wish A would have asked R and J if they switched and voted for S out instead of him. Then they could tell for sure the real liar.

    • His odds are the basically the same either way. Why should he help Kalia, what has she ever done for him besides annoy the crap out of him and everyone else.

    • If he puts out Jordon then he loses 4 votes in the jury house if Rach goes out too. Dani already said she hopes Adam is next in the jury house so there is another vote he will not get. Adam is in a hard spot right now but if he is thinking about jury votes he will not use the pov. Rach deserves to win over all of them. She was a huge target the whole time but she is still there fighting. Best one in the house.

  8. I cannot believe that Kalia is just now worried about those so called “Private conversations” at this stage of the reality they were not private because we were listening and they were being taped…If all the HG’s (especially Rachel) watch the tapes in their entirety then there will be no outside friendships after the show is over…Kalia Dani Porsche Shelly and at times Adam were all involved in malicious belitting talk ..I am still not convinced that Kalia is the one that needs to go..Porsche is also a threat and is closer to Adam..we shall see..

      • Agree. Funny when S was telling R how she could hold her “diamond ring” I told my friend they were all talking in the begging how none of them brought real jewerly to the house. I cannot believe they (houseguest) did not remember. Soooo Happy s is gone. Thought it was real funny when Julie said what wall was S going to use to say sorry for lying.

    • Porsche is good at competitions so, could win HOH next week. She should be the one to go! She is the biggest threat to Jordan and Rachel if she survives this week.

  9. Cow + Parrot = K I can’t take it any longer
    starting to fling myself against the walls.STFU cowbird!!!!!

  10. I am glad Adam is sticking to his guns about not using the Veto…… I am sure he won’t use it the same way I was sure he wouldn’t vote to eep Dani. Once I seen he could not be swayed by Jeff to keep Brendon over Shelly, I knew he was head strong about his decisions. It is time for the last nails to be put in the Team Dani coffin!

  11. sad to say it because she has played a damn good game competition wise, but kalia is about as gone as the NFL preseason. rimshot please and thank you.

    trying to get adam to go against the power especially now when kalia/porsche’s side wont have the numbers next week is not dam near impossible, it is impossible.

    so as much as rachel and jordan complain about floaters this and floaters that (ironic for jordan to make such claims), i want competitors in the end, lets fight it out, yea rah rah rah floaters gotta go, guess who they got working with them? not a floater, but THE floater.

    but im done being annoyed with adam. he is what he is, and he will do what he’s always done and float his happy a** right to final 3 where he is evicted.

    then we have jordan and rachel in final 2. im fine with rachel winning, she kinda deserves it, and hopefully after this season we never have to see her or brendon again. i would be pissed if jordan won, but same thing with her. hopefully its the last time her or jeff ever are in that house. ever.


    • If Rachael wins this season she be qualified to be in the next allstar show. Jordan is already qualified because she won a season. I believe we will be seeing both of them in the next allstar season. I just hope they will have to come to the house without their boyfriends next time.

      • They both said they will. Never come back…however I think rachel would. Jordan said sh only did cause jeff wanted to.

    • As far as I can see…and not very far as that…by some definition as used on this site…there are no more floaters left in the game. Everyone that’s left has won a competition.

  12. Just wondering folks, if Jordan had not won before would so many feel differently about her winning this year?

    • i dont care if she has won it before… she doesnt deserve it this time because she hasnt earned it…

      • I have to agree with you. Even Rach has worked hard and tried, been a far better game player than J (pretty much everyone in fact).

      • I agree with sparky and Annie T. I don’t think Jordan deserves it this year either. Just because people like her should not be a reason for winning.

        She came in last during this veto comp. Porche came in second and Kalia and Rachel either 3 or 4th. She had Jeff and his army pull her through while he was there and now she is depending on Rachel.

    • Probably not, and I doubt she will win again. I think this is going to be Rachel’s last and final HOH, and her last week. Jordan may make it to the final 2, but the jury members won’t give her the votes just because she did win before.

      • I think Rachel will win again its not her last week ,even if she cant play hoh wed, she can play for the veto , rachel is a strong player. i also think she is going to make it to the end. Adam wont use the veto ,cause he will keep jordon safe , thats how big jeff wants it

  13. I think the reason it doesn’t matter to Adam what jordan and rachel told him, is because he believes in voting for who you want to vote for. Just as he voted for Jeff to stay. I think he feels, she should have voted for him no matter what rachel and jordan were doing.

    • I agree that Adam does what he wants. He said when Kalia didn’t vote for him he was hurt. He also said he was hurt when Jeff thought he didn’t vote for him when Jeff left. If Jordan doesn’t take him to F2 do you think he will use the same logic and not vote for Jordan? Just wondering?

      • That’s a good point gail. I do think if jordan is in F2 with rachel, adam will vote for rachel regardless. But I also think if it happens that way, jordan won’t be the one to choose. I think rachel will win FHOH assuming she survives this last eviction.

  14. a lot of you might not like it but adams best move would be to use the veto whoever goes up against rachel or jordan in F2 will lose adam uses it on porsche jordan goes home and rachel cant even play in the next hoh get her out then it will be adam porsche and kalia F3 adam atleast would have a shot he should definatley use the veto.

    • His odds are the same either way. Why should he help Kalia, she sucks, shes annoying, and she never shuts up.

      • I dont think Adam cares for KorP as people. I think he wants to be seated with two good people not two trashy characters

    • Kalia and Porsche will evict Adam if he makes it to final 3 with them. With Rachel and Jordan, he stands a better chance at final 2.
      Jordan has a deal with him for final 2 and Rachel given a choice who to take to the finals will choose Adam over Jordan because that gives her the best chance to win!

      • I disagree. Rachel and jordan will. Take eachother…kalia and porsche will too. I think adam os trying to end up in F2 with porsche and jordan.

  15. ADam is saying that k and P is following d plan, but if he doesn’t use veto this week he following j and r plan. He is also saying that if he get HOH he will let r and j pick who goes home. He is not playing the game. He is playing r and j game.

      • @rick what does that have to do with game play? Do you get the live feeds? This eating thing is just ridiculous. R eats just as much as K and P. I see so many people comment about K and P. J and R gained weight during their seasons. Even R said she had to lose 20 pounds before coming into the game as she had put on so much weight. If you don’t like K and P fine, but eating has nothing to do with it.

    • Thats because he is playing it smart, K & P are liars they’ve shot everybody in the back in the name of DANI. Rachel & Jordan are upstanding players, who could blam him for wanting to play it to the end with winners. think back at how he used to look at S/P/&K, I dont think he liked them much

  16. yeah, sorry, not interested in watching the rest of the season. jordana doesn’t deserve to win since she rode on the coattails of jeff and if rachel wasn’t so emotional, i would root for her. it’s nice that she’s toned down since brendan left, but this season just sucks now

    • If you have watched all season I can’t believe that you would bail now…you mean you wouldn’t even tune in on finale night to see who won?

  17. The one thing about Adam is he sticks to his guns
    Nobody not even Jeff could sway him to keep Brendon
    same for Danny and now is Kalias turn
    I dont think hw will use the veto unless he has fooled everybody

    • I agree on that ella. I respect the fact that he does what he wants to on votes. Even when I dont think his decision is wise, I admire that he stands by his decisions.

  18. I just don’t understand Adam’s moves during this game. I know he loves Jeff and therefore Jordan, but he always hated Rachel. That part of the equation makes no sense. Jordan struck a F2 deal with Adam. He is either going to get played by Jordan when she takes Rachel or is Jordan going to end up taking Adam? If all the newbies end up in jury who do you think will win top prize? I know Rachel says she will be happy with 2nd place, but that goes against her nature. Everyone loves Jordan in the house.

    Very disappointing season and if Jordan does win the top prize or even Rachel it goes against his nature of saying he wanted a newbie to win. I just never liked the whole concept of this season. Vets against the newbies. Should have been All Stars.

    • Adam only pretended to join the newbie alliance last week so Kalia would STFU and leave him alone.

  19. If Adam doesn’t get rid of Jordan and use the veto
    on Porche, he will never get to the final two. But
    even if he somehow managed to get to the f2, he would still lose with Rachel or Jordan at the end as the other one. He simply would not have the jury
    vote. He might if it is Rachel, but not with Jordan. Shelly, Brendon, Jeff, and Kalia will all
    vote for Jordan and that is all he needs. Kalia
    might even vote for Rachel if Adam is at the end with her. Either way,he is going to have to rid
    himself of Jordan and his star crush on her to get
    to the end. He has gone where he thought the votes
    were up to now. It is time for him to make a vote
    for himself.
    I still think Rachel deserves to win the whole thing, but do not think Jordan deserves any money.
    She has not earned it.
    Once again, just my opinion with no malice toward
    any player.

    • I agree Rachel as worked for it since day one
      she has been the target and she is still in it
      Go big red

    • Second place is not so bad. Adam still makes $50,000 at a minimum if he makes it to final 2. Which is a lot more considering he will not make anything if he sticks with Porsche and Kalia. Those two are stuck together like glue! They will never take Adam to Final 2 because they figure that if they wind up in Final 2, one of them will win $500,000 and the other one will win $50,000 which is a very sweet deal!

  20. If Adam doesn’t use the pov he’s an idiot. This is his chance to finally make a big move in the game and earn some much needed respect as a player.

      • Adam should use it but on Porshe. She is the only who would remotely pick him in the end. Jordan is not going to take him. She took Natalie because she knew the other players didnt like her except for stupid Jesse no one would even have voted for her.

  21. It doesn’t really matter what Adam does since I agree with previous comments in that he’s only fighting for second place. He’s pretty much on par with the “Meow Meow” from last season. Unless he turns around his physical play, any one of the other hgs are going to beat him.

  22. If Adam leaves Jordan in the game he will never make it to second place. RJ will choose each other.
    Jordan may decide to really play for the first time this season if she thinks she is really going
    to be beaten by Adam and it is the final three. I
    am still concerned about this extra eviction and
    how that will play out. I am afraid Porche or Kalia
    which ever is left will be evicted one right after
    the other with the extra eviction. Adam has only
    one chance and if he doesn’t take it now, he will
    go no further in the money circle.

    • Is it possible that Adam really thinks if he
      plays his part in putting all of the newbies
      in the jury house they will vote for a newbie?
      Not. It is hard to figure out where his head

      • @BeachMamaOBX he could win final HOH, but he will have to take either J or R with him. If he takes J who do you think the jury will vote for. Both have been nice. A won 2 vetos. J won 1 HOH and 1 lux. comp. Very even and I think he is banking on the fact that Jordan won before and they would chose him. Who knows at this point.

  23. First of all, I am rooting for Rachel to win it all. But I would like to say that I think it is ridiculous that no one even considers the fact that Adam could win the final hoh comp. Everyone keeps saying he could never make it F2 if he doesn’t use the veto. You wanting him to use the veto and equating it is his only chance for F2 is dumb, you are only saying that because it benefits that annoying Kalia. STFU already Kalia!

    • You said it. I still feel Adam has a good chance at that Final 2 with either Rachel and Jordan. You never know how it will turn out when it is down to Final 3 and the HOH chooses who to have in the Final 2!

  24. All of your guys’ “logic” behind adam using the veto is that he will never beat jordan and rachel in F2. But then you all say jordan can’t win anything right? So based on your theory, its safe to assume you think rachel will win the final HOH(I def think she will)and there is no way she’ll take adam over, say its adam porsche and rachel in F3, why would rachel take adam over porsche?all of the opinions are based on one thing, “team dani” fans wants adam to use the veto…jorchal fans want adam to not use the veto. “Team dani” fans think jordan Is weak and can’t win anything, they also think the same of adam, while they think kalia is a pretty good competitor as well as porsche and rachel is obviously the strongest competitor. So why would adam want to take porsche and kalia to F 3? If jordan. Is so weak and easy to beat, why not take her? There is no guarantee rachel will survive next week did you ever think maybe adam is trying to end up in the F3 with jordan and porsche? Not jordan and rachel? I think this is exactly what he thinks as the endurance comp is first in the FHOH, I believe adam thinks that. Him and porsche will last the first round, with jordan being knocked out and all he has to do is make it to questions and he can beat porsche or jordan hands down..however he knows he won’t beat. Rachel in endurance and is scared he’ll lose to kalia in questions. I think this is exactly adams plans. Therefor he will not use the veto, doesn’t need to because jordan is also voting out kalia.

      • I just made a comment saying that I think A wants to go to F2 with Jordan. Two are going this week. We know it will be Kalia and then either Rachel, Jordan, Porche. So if Porche goes he is still in F3 with Rachel and then has to win final HOH and chose either R or J. He said to Jordan he would give the power of chosing to her. She said she would chose him if Porche were in the mix. She did not say she would chose him if Rachel were in the mix. If he truly gives Jordan the power he is out completely. If Jordan does pick him over Rachel and they both get to F2. Who do you think would win? They are both nice, and have won the same amount of comps.

        Back to your scenario. If you think Adam wants to go with Porche and Jordan to F3 why not use the veto to save Porche right now? If Porche comes down Jordan will go up as a pawn. Adam will vote Kalia out and even if Porche votes to save Kalia it will be a tie and Rachel is the tie breaker to save Jordan. Same outcome. Doesn’t matter as far as Kalia is concerned.

        The bigger question is how the extra player goes? If Adam’s veto has more power and he gets to chose between Rachel, Porche and Jordan.

      • @ gail. How would it be rachel porsche or jordan? Adam is in perfect contention for also going home after this elimination. Adam is not exempt from the next elimination just. Cause he won this veto. However I do agree he wants to be in F2 with j

      • @vet fan I only meant if Adam’s present veto ended up having more power than we know of. If it kept Adam safe and he had to chose from the remaining 4. If it has no extra power then he would be in the mix. We just don’t know yet how the extra HG is going to go.

      • Yeah, we do not know yet. But that’s almost as silly as thinking lawan would come back as is not going to give adam so much power, just winning a veto. However I am very much so under the impression that the onle HOOH comp left will b the final. I do not think this week will play out as a ff or anyting like thatt. I think it could get very interesting. I still stand to my though in that it will be 1 comp(facemorphing) and whoever has the slowest time gooes home.

  25. I think he will use the pov and remove Porshe, he can win against either of those two,he wont win against R/J. I never wanted Rachel to win weeks ago, but she is a smarter,nicer person without Bookie, he brings out the worst in her, and she’s emotional around him. Im actually rooting for Rachel to win, out of the players left she deserves it the most..GO RACHEL!!!!!!

  26. Why is everyone saying that A is playing other’s game
    I don’t why I think that maybe he has been doing it on purpose to keep the target of his back and that maybe he has thrown comps as well and then when it’s final 3 he will show his all and can argue his game when JH votes; so maybe choosing RJ side is because he has a better chance J cis she won before and R probably most in the JH don’t like her much
    What do u think guys? Maybe he’s super smart and we don’t know it
    Surprise surprise at the end! We never know!!!

  27. Haha, just got to the part on BBAD where Kalia is crying to Jordan, “it’s not fair, it’s not fair”. Seriously, that is her plea? She is pathetic.

    • Haha they all say that when not in power but when they’re in power then it’s: it’s just a game

      • You could not be more right. Kalia has not been that great of a competitor. She has gotten lucky with at least one of her comps and she does not know how to shut her mouth. That crying last night was pathetic. She wants Adam to follow her and Porsch, but the turns around and throws Porsch under the bus.

  28. Everybody says jordan isn’t trying and porsha has came in second, well jordan has come in second a few times herself and won hoh once and the hoff comp. And she wheels and deals I don’t care if she wins I really want rachel to win but jordan deserves a little credit. I also believe she really wanted jeff to win that’s why she didn’t care to try

    • True originally she didn’t come to win, she was helping Jeff but now is trying to go further cos it’s now her who’s left and not Jeff
      And Let the best win :-)

  29. Adam is an idiot and the worst player in BB history,
    along wit Enzo and the other 3rd place losers. What goes around comes around in this game. Jordan hides behind a smile and her golden locks. Porshe will win
    the next HOH and everybody’s plan gonna change.

    • The next HOH matters about as much as dick mattered to this season. I want rachel to win the game, therfore I want porsche to win the next HOH. There is only 1 vote next and the HOH doesn’t get that vote. Rachel may not get to play HOH but veto is the. Only important. Thing. As long as adam or porschee win the next HOH I’m good..that leaves jordan and rachel with a 2 to 1 chance on the voting.

      • The next HOH does matter as there is only Wed. with Kalia and someone else going. How the 2nd one goes is the big question? Thursday the final 3 battle it out for the most important HOH of the season. The following Wed. Sept. 14 with no show on Sunday is the finale. So even if you want Rachel to win it is an important HOH.

      • Unless the HOH also wins the veto…then everybody goose is cooked!! well Rachel’s that is. So she better put everything in the next VETO comp or else she’s going home.

      • @ gail…ASSUMING there is an HOH with 4 people left, the. HOH doesn’t matter. NEARLY as much as the. Veto does. Period.

      • @vet fan. Julie said on Thursday another HG will be sent packing. (We don’t know how that will take place). She then said leaving the final 3 to begin the battle for the most important HOH of the season.

        Yes, you are right if they hold another quick HOH, then veto like they did with Jeff to bring it to 3. I was using the scenario that we don’t know positively how that 4th guest will be sent packing. Sorry I guess I didn’t make myself clear.

      • In that case. Obviouusly I agree 100% . But no itt wasn’t very clear, I assumed you meant a F4 HOH comp. But you know what it was those exact words from Julie that leads me to belive there won’t be. A FF or De. I’m excited though! Everyone thinks the fortune teller is going to give some sort of power(sorry not this late in the game)I think she will deliver the msg of weds eviction along. With a “special twist” on. How there will be yet another on. Thursday. And how that whole thing. Will go down.

  30. Kalia deserves to go home after voting against Adam. She gets on my nerves,she’s talks too much and is so arrogant but Adam’s best move is to use the VETO and get rid of Jordan then the 3 newbies can get Rachel out. Adam has a much better chance against K & P in the final 3 If Adam was in the final 2 (w/K or P) I think JJ/BR/S would vote for him over Kalia for sure because jeff,Shelly and Brendon don’t like Kalia. I think Jordan and Rachel would vote with their boyfriends.

  31. adam is a stupid player ever.He is only in BB to eat burgers and steaks and drinks beers. At age 40 he reasons like a 3 years old child what a moron. He does not win endurances competitions eventough he is a man and almost weight 300 pounds. I don’t understand how he got the spot in BB. Do they do interviews before ? I will not watch BB again ever. Adam is here to kiss jordan’s butt. He has to do games moves. What a stupid moron

  32. Has anyone in all of Big Brother history ever made it to the final 2 without being in any kind of alliance, and not riding on the backs of others like Jordan does? I’m just curious if any player has made it all on their own.

    • They all have to have some alliance with someone, or why not just vote them off? You have to have at 1 person whom has your back, even its secret.

  33. No one is giving Adam kudos, and he very well deserves it. Going on to a game show and does absolutely nothing but lay back take in the scenes and actually might reach the end…Is the best laid plan ever!!!! Go ADAM !!! BUT I STILL WANT RACHEL TO WIN!!! GO RACHEL!!! U R THE BEST!!!

    • I give no kudos to someone who is wishywashy and goes with whoever has the power at the time, Dang, Rachel and Porshe have more balls then he does. GO Rachel!!!!

      • @ kathy..porsche did the same thing. The only ones who haven’t are jordan and rachel. Even kalia did when dani won her firrst HOH.

      • @vetfan, Porshe has been pretty loyal to team Dani when she flipped from Brenchel, she is now and has been committed to Kalia, Adam flips from week to week, big difference.

      • how. Does adam flip flop? He’s been with jejo since week 2 and has. Never strayed. For literally 2 mins he decided a F4 with newbies might be good. If he was such a flopper he wouuld use the. Veto this week to save p and k. Ill bet money that he does not.

  34. adam should not use POV. as much as i like jordan, she is by far the least likely to win final HOH competitions, so adam should take his chances against rachel and jordan instead of porsche and kalia in final HOH

    • also, since jeff, shelly, and adam would definitely vote for jordan over rachel, rachel might to adam to final 2 to have a better shot at the 500K

    • Here’s the whole thing about that. Everyone thinks jordan stays that means its adam against jordan and rachel in F2. What happens if jordan or rachel go home on thursdayy? There is. No guarantee its j and r in. F3 just. Because J wwill stay this week. I agree 100% though, using the veto benefits him in no way.

  35. Adam not using the Veto is the biggest mistake he’s going to make this game, and it’s what’s going to make a veteran win this season over a newbie.

    It’s crazy that he’d rather be BFF’s with Jeff and Jordan then try to win half a million dollars. Really an insult to anyone that’s been applying to Big Brother for a while. That he got in and threw it away for people that don’t give a shit about him.

  36. i think adam should use the veto on kalia and get Jordan out and then r he can win with kalia or p he wont win with jordan or r in the game he could win with kalia or p in the final 2

    • Adam is such a wimp he needs to take Kalia or Porsh down and get Jordan out.He will never beat Jordan or Rachel in the end.Either one has 3 jury votes already.J has Jeff Bredon and Rachel.Rachel has JEJO and Brendon.So if he is in the final two with either R or J he gets second place.If he gets Jordan out Rachel can not play for HOH next week he would have a good chance of winning the whole thing.I would rather take my chances going against Kalia and Porsha than Rachel and Jordan any day.

  37. Jordan and Adam to the end~~ Best set of floaters and very respectful and nice players. That is their game play and I love it~~

  38. After watching tonights episode I can see that the reason Adam won’t use the veto is because he is mad at Kalia. He stated that if Porsha wins the next HOH he would switch back to her. He really is aligned with Porsha. I still think it would be in his best interest to use the veto but since he won’t I hope that his plan works and Porsha gets HOH and she and Adam are able to get Rachael out and then Jordan. It won’t be easy and IMO not likely.

  39. If Adam goes to F2 with any part of team Dani he will not win. Jordan and Rachel will not vote for him to win and neither will Dani allow him to win against one of her team mates. Think about it, he has more to lose by using the veto. The ‘Dani” team will vote for him in F2 if he is up against Jordan or Rachel. I believe he needs to stick with Jordan and Rachel for a shot to win. I like Adam he is not a floater in my eyes, he seems pretty honest and doesn’t allow himself to be pushed around. He has a good social game.

  40. Rachel, Jordan and Adam are talking by the hot tub…. They think the eviction will be Thirsday…. Adam and Rachel are talking about all three of them wearing Jesse;s Continuisly Awesome tshirt for the next eviction…

    Isn’t it sweet how Porsha gave Rachel one of the new dresses Porsha got during the 3 minute shopping spree? LMAO!!!

  41. Rachel, Jordan and Adam in the hot tub talking about how Cassi told Jordan she got breast implants…. Apparently Cassi wasn’t even an A cup before the implants…. I would have never guessed…

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