Big Brother 13 Live Feeds: Week 7 Wednesday Highlights

Everything was all about Adam today in the Big Brother house.  He is the swing vote and has played both sides as well as any floater can.  With his inability to take action and go against Jeff, the fate of Daniele is pretty much decided.  Once again floaters are making their way dangerously close to the finals with only Jeff and Rachel left to compete.  It’s time for Porsche to step it up and win something and send Jeff out the door behind Daniele.

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Big Brother 13 Live Feed Highlights – August 24, 2011:

10:35 AM BBT – Dani, Adam and Shelly in the backyard. Dani is trying to convince Adam to make a big move so he wouldn’t be remembered as the guy in the elf costume. Adam is scared of Rachel winning HoH and putting him up.  Dani says she, Porsche, Adam and Shelly and her final four. She says they are all there to write Jeff a check.

11:15 AM BBT – Rachel and Adam shake on getting Dani out this week and on a final five deal with JJ and Shelly.
11:30 AM BBT – Dani back to talking to Adam about his vote.  Says her dad will love him if he keeps her.  He says she had a chance to play veto. Dani agrees but said she thought Jeff would keep her safe like he promised.  Sounds like she threw the comp.  I hope she’s not that stupid.
1:40 PM BBT – Porsche is now campaigning for Dani to Adam lol.  She says as  long as Dani is around she is the biggest threat.
2:20 PM BBT –  Adam tells Jordan he hasn’t changed his mind on voting out Daniele.
3:20 PM BBT – Adam is telling Jeff everything that’s been said to him by Daniele.  Told Jeff not to worry, he’s still with them. They can’t wait until she is gone tomorrow. He also says Kalia and Porsche want to work with him.
6:30 PM BBT – Jeff tells Jordan that Adam is driving him crazy asking so many questions. Doesn’t want Jordan talking to him about a final five deal because of Adam’s dislike for Rachel.
7:00 PM BBT –  BB gives the hg’s a game to practice for the one of the next comps. No one really does well except Jeff who is the first one to get the ball into the hole.
9:30 PM BBT – Rachel has been hiding items of Dani and Porsche’s because she thinks they are the ones who have been taking things around the house.  Dani mistakes her acting sneaky and thinks she received a pregnancy test from the DR.
10:30 PM BBT – Dani says Adam is the worst game player ever.  She says her eviction speech is not real nice and has two different ones planned out.
11:00 PM BBT – Porsche is really good at the game given by BB.  Jeff is worried and Shelly says he has no faith in them.
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  1. I have the biggest complaint today. Here in NC tonight’s live show will be delayed until 2 am. Not because of an Earthquake, tornado, or hurricane….A darn Carolina Panther’s preseason football game. Really? Does anyone in NC or SC care about watching the Panthers anymore? They won two games last year and lost fourteen. Why?????????????????????

    • HAHAHA… sorry that really sucks!!! I feel bad for you, because Newton is going to change anything for the panthers… We will keep you updated!!

      • Thanks for the sympathy. I have just started watching this year, and was so looking forward to the double eviction night. I guess it could be worse.

    • Stinks for your bb delay. Here in Pgh. we have an affiliated station where if the Steelers are playing we are able to watch BB on that station live! I’m sure ppl will keep you all posted if ya needed it!

      • Even worse than I originally thought. It won’t be on Friday 2 am, it’s freakin Saturday at 2 am. ARGGGGGH! Well, I will watch it, but I will be here first thing tomorrow to see what you guys got to see.

    • That is why up in the NORTH we do not do have games during BB – just the president interrupts the last 15 min of the show. Told you all us yankees are better!

      Oh and FYI Dani is going home tonight.

      • If not me, atleast a ball game interest someone. The president, well that would be worse. You can keep him up NORTH with you.

    • Someone correct me if I’m wrong, but aren’t Panther preseason games on ABC and BB on CBS? Don’t think they will conflict with each other…

      • Not sure about ABC showing Panther’s games, but in Greensboro, NC CBS local affiliate WFMY is carrying tonight’s preseason game.

      • Nevermind, I looked up the Panther affiliates, It’s on CBS in Greensboro and Winston Salem. It’s on ABC or FOX pretty much everywhere else in the state. I will be okay since I’m in Raleigh…

      • i just realized it because they are playing the bengals who even worst than carolina – i don’t we are seeing it until 11:35 pm

      • u could watch on youtube after it over on tv, just type big brother 13 and click on big brother episodes. The guy who loads them on there has every BB seasons to date

    • But when they are winning your the type that say you have always be a true blue fan.
      They don’t need fans like you.

  2. From what people told me about the live feeds last night, this is the big brother to watch. Some major stuff went down last night.

      • Dude, Rachel did some crazy damage. Read the next article down. Start on page 5, Leo, Vetfan, leb,lol, and flyonthewall gave the play by play. It’s beyond awesome.

    • I find it hard to believe that Rachel will flip and vote to keep in the person who was responsible for evicting her man (not once but twice).

      • After last night, if Rachel gets to the final, she deserves the money. I’m not a Rachel fan, but man that girl’s got skills.

      • I agree…if Rachel flips..she does deserve the money..she must realize Jeff threw POV for Adam so that Danielle could get out Brendon…Danielle was just playing the game…but Jeff stabbed Brenchel in the back..he wouldn’t help them to try to sway voted either..he wanted Brendon out but wanted his Jury vote so he let Danielle do the dirty work…Rachel also is starting to see where she sits with J/J..not as close as she thought..

  3. Same thing happened Sunday in NY/NJ for a Jets game. This is worse though because Thursday’s a live show….lucky for us the Jets vs Giants game is Saturday,

  4. Adam’s going to get bashed mo matter what he does. As for all this “floater” and what’s he done talk?…what exactly has Shelly done besides play both sides? Or Jordan for that matter….

    • I couldn’t agree more. Actually, truth be told, Adam has done a helluva lot more than Shelly. The only thing Jordan has done is “win” 1 HoH (and that was handed to her by Jeff & Brendon. I’ll be glad when all Shelly’s lies are exposed & she’s shown the door. How is she going to explain her calling Rachel a liar about making a final 3 deal with them when it’s shown on finale night?! Somehow I think they’ll show that just to see what she says or how she’ll try to explain her behaviour. I also would love to see her explain why Rachel isn’t allowed to talk about her but it’s ok for her bash Rachel behind her back! Oh & one more thing I’d like explained…WHY CAN DANIELE STEAL & HIDE RACHEL’S PROPERTY, But when Rachel hid Daniele’s sh*t the BB Police (aka DANIELE’S FRIENDS IN PRODUCTION) made her put it back?! Apparently what’s ggod for the goose is NOT good for the gander & that is total horse shit.

  5. So far the TV schedule will show it up in MN. I’m just hoping there isn’t network cut in for Obama or Gandfi sp? doesn’t surrender today. I will be sooooo Pissed off!!!

    • wow – that is SO selfish/american of you – i love big brother just as much as the next person, hence the reason I am on this site…. but to hope against world peace so that we see the episode is a little much. Believe me, if the episode is bumped for that reason… I will be glad to miss/delay seeing BB for the evening. PS – he has more or less surrendered the country already by fleeing. This man is a monster.

  6. God I hope Jeff goes home tonight on the second eviction.I don’t care who wins as long as Jeff or Jordan don’t win.Jeff kills me because all he talks about is how good his word is when he lies as much as everybody else and Jordan has done nothing this season.Dani has won as manny comps than both of them put together and she didn’t even get to compete to week 4.I guess thats why they are afraid of her after she keep them safe the last two times she won HOH.

    • What is your problem with Jeff? He’s the best player in the house and Daniel is the biggest jerk since her DAD. The stealing episodes make that totally obvious. GOOD RIDDENCE to BAD DANI!!!

    • If any of you can watch the feeds or bbad you will see that Dani is more than likely staying,whether she gets adams vote now doesnt matter because rachel has flipped and is now voting to keep dani,atleast so far thats the deal she has made but things can change…either way tonights show will be interesting!and oooh,like someone else stated in my opinion whomever stays or goes at this point doesnt matter to me but i pray Jeff is gone in the double eviction!

      • Rachel pretended to flip, then she went out and told jeff jordan and adam all about “the plan” and shelly being on danis side. She was in the HOH room with Jeff and there weren’t any feeds in there, when they came out jeff said “I’m very proud of your for coming to me rachel”.

      • What like Dani is a stripper? No I’m kidding. Yeah, I’m still nervous though. I keep thinking rachel better not vote to keep Dani. But then again, why would she evn tell jejo anything then?

      • What like Dani is a stripper? No I’m kidding. Yeah, I’m still nervous though. I keep thinking rachel better not vote to keep Dani. But then again, why would she evn tell jejo anything then?…

  7. The next big brother should be an allstars with one person from each show that would be a good show

    • No more allstars or previous HGs period. Just get the show back to the way it should be please. New HGs every season. See how things develop with “new” people only in the biosphere.

  8. Yes I care about the panthers but wished it was after the show I wanted to watch it but I thought it said 2am Saturday morning not friday morning

    • Darn you are right. Saturday it is. I do wish the Panthers a good season or atleast a step in the right direction. I just love the BB drama more.

  9. hope to see dani leave tonight. dont know why she has so many fans! i dont see why whinning and being soooooo mean is attractive. she is a mean girl and she acts like bb owes her something. like she seriously thinks kalia and everyone else should just go ahead and give her the check for 500k!!!!!!!!!!!!!! spoiled bratts are never cute no matter how old they are!!!!!!!!!

    • I enjoy watching her game play. I also have sympathy for the underdog which is exactly what she became when she broke from the vet alliance. Plus, she wins competitions. To me that shows toughness. She may be all the things you said but for the sheer entertainment of BB, I like her style.

  10. Ah one of the perks living in New Mexico,no teams to mess with BB.Now as long as Obama doesn’t mess it up!!!
    Shelly is going down big time and she should put on a good show when the house confronts her BS.

  11. if Dani goes home tonight im no longer watching big brother but i hope Jeff or Rachel goes home next it’s gonna get lame if dani goes home the show wont be fun any more and the vets will just get out the floaters Adam needs to vote how he wants to stop listening to Jeff he’s gonna flip on you next Jordan hasn’t done nothing this season she needs to go and why hasn’t nobody evicted Jeff he has $15,000 in his pocket i wish Dick would have came back btw im in SC and BB doesn’t come on until 10 cause of the pathners game who cares about that game

    • Just for interests sake, Dani won $50,000 in her season. Jeff’s $15,000 is not a good arguing point.

    • Just stand by your word. Don’t lie, your not in the BBH.
      Good bye, Adios, see you and just leave.

      Stick to your word!!!!

      GOOD BYE, GO, GO GO, GO.

    • Eye candy? She looks like the queen of the undead to me. Vampira like without the tatas. Don’t see it at all. Oh well, beauty is in the eyes of the beholder.

      • eye candy she is a puke with walking diseaeses feel sorry for the next child she screws since she possibly cannot get a man

  12. It’s funny to see people on here and in the Big Brother house talk about how awful Floaters are. Like how Dani is saying that if Adam votes her out, it will be a bad move and he will be one of the WORST players in BB History.


    For me there are three big objectives you need to work if you are in the BB House:

    1 – Your social game.
    2 – When to compete to win HoH and PoV.
    3 – When to sandbag and lose HoH and PoV competitions.

    In the season with JeJo where Jordan won, she did all three very well. She played an impeccable social game where she was used as a pawn at least twice and was not voted out because she was well liked in the house. Secondly, because of her social game and because she had Jeff, she didn’t need to win many HoH or PoV’s and piss off other people. She won when she needed to, at the end.

    In this year’s BB, I can definitely tell you that the only way Jeff, Rachel or Kalia (I already feel Dani will be going home this week) will make it to the end is if they either win lots of HoH or win the PoV when they are put up. Jeff is a very strong player and combined with Jordan, make a formidable team. Again everyone wants to get Jeff our since having a good social game and being a strong player usually puts a mark on your head. Rachel on the other hand has 0 social game and is somewhat good at comps. To many people hate her though because of craziness. IMO, she would almost be the perfect person you would want to bring to the end with you as she has only won 2 HoH’s (one given to her) and has done nothing else but be my psycho in the house. The more comps she wins, the greater her chances of being evicted. Kalia is in a similar boat to Rachel. She has won a comp and a lot of people don’t like her. If both her and Rachel cannot continue to win comps, they will both be out.

    I again think this season is going to come down to almost the same as Big Brother 11 where Jordan won.

  13. Oh and has anyone noticed how small Jeff’s hands are – you know what they say small hands, small …. LOL. Gotta bag on him since he put up my girl ;-)

  14. Jeff should have put rachel on the block keep dani she might be useful for later but if she come back Jeff is in danger should have put shelly and rcahel on the block

    • Dani has no loyalty to anyone in this game, as proven by her treatment of Kalia after the Veto ceremony. Keeping Dani around is dangerous to anyone. She’s a good player, and totally untrustworthy…

      • she already said she had no loyalty ashe came in to play a game not make friends she isn’t loyal to anything except bleaching her hair

      • Don’t worry Dani will not stay despite her threat that production love’s her so much they will quit if she is evicted. Ya thats logical danielle man that chicks dumb I can see why her father does not talk to her.

  15. Why are the newbies so afraid of JeJo? They have the best opportunity tonight to take the house back. If they vote to keep Dani, they will have some expereince on thier side. Then they can go after the other three. Jeff, has $15K, Jordan won so why would they keep these guys around? Does Shelly or any of the newbies really think they can win if they are in the final three with JeJo or Rachel? Make the big move, change the game and shock the crap out of those three by taking the house back. Step up newbies and stop being afraid to make a move

      1. Send Dani packing tonight.
      2. Win the HOH & POV (Porshe)
      3. Put up Jeff and Rach (Jordan as the renom)
      4. Lock the door so Dani does not get back in.

      • If the newbies flip the vote and Dani stays, they will have sent another one of their own packing, in favor of keeping a vet whose only allegiance is to herself. Go newbies!!!

  16. i dont know if anyone else caught it or not too last night but, why is rachel putting lotion on her stomach and stomach only i dont know but from my own experience i only did that when i was preg, i think bb should give her a test just to be safe….

  17. Tonight in tha double eviction tha newbies better back door jeff or just hand him an jordan a $500k check tonight

  18. i completely agree, i pray dani stays and she cuts of jeff’s head with veangance, he’s really annoying me, he’s the real devil in this game, and jordan just sits there with her many alliances because she’s liked, she’s just lucky in this game, really.

  19. Rachel didn’t put lotion on her stomach. It was sanitizer. She was trying to hide Dani’s stuffed animal in the back of the toilet after she found out that’s where they hid Brendon’s duck. It wasn’t working, so she had to take it out, but Shelly came in. Rachel put the bag with the animal under her shirt so Shelly wouldn’t see it, and then hid it in the fortune teller. Then the DR made her put it back, but Dani was in the kitchen. She hid it in her boots and put it back where she found it. Dani and Porsche looked, but didn’t see anything missing, so they started talking about how it must have been a pregnancy test. I’m still waiting for the DR to make Dani, Porsche, and Shelly give Rachel’s stuff back.

  20. If you’re not going to watch BB13 anymore you don’t have to tell us. Just leave and be GONE!!

  21. It is my birthday. Since either Dani or Kalia is leaving, I will sing….. Happy Birthday To Me.

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