Big Brother 13 Episode 26: Week 9 Nomination Show Tonight

Big Brother 13Big Brother 13 episode 26 arrives tonight and should bring with it lots of entertainment. We’ll get the doughnut HoH competition from Thursday played out, Pandora’s Box returning, and then the nominations. Lots to see on tonight’s BB13 show.

If you can’t wait for Julie Chen and company to deliver the latest BB13 news then you can go ahead and take a peek at the HoH competition results and HoH nomination spoilers. Pandora’s Box made another appearance this weekend too and that should make it in to tonight’s show. But wait, that’s not all! The Power of Veto competition has already taken place and we’ve got those PoV spoilers too if you want all the latest Big Brother 13 spoilers.

Don’t forget, Wednesday will feature a surprise eviction for the HGs. It won’t be live though. The HGs will be competing Tuesday and Wednesday for the next HoH and Veto before Thursday’s live eviction show. Then by the end of Thursday’s show we’ll be down to our Final 3 HGs of the season as they battle it out in the 3-round HoH comp.

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    • I’m so proud of Rachel. What a tremendous player she is. Certainly one of the best five ever IF NOT THE BEST! GO BIG RED!

      • I only like Rachel cause she Jordans partner! Before they were alone people hated Rachel, now people want her to win. Well Jordan has talked to her through out the game so she wouldnt stick her foot in her mouth and go home.Jordan became a good influence on her.I do believe Rachel would have already be gone if her partner brendan was still in the game.I am still going for Jordan but if she cant win I hope Rachel does.

  1. I can’t wait to see Adam’s reaction to Tori Spelling coming into the BB house as well as Jesse interacting with Rachel in Pandora’s Box.

    • Adam was thrilled to death ! he loved it ~ Tori told him she is going to name her son Adam and she kissed his giant yellow rubber ducky, he even said she could have it, the HG’s got a 3 minute shopping spree from Tori ~ except Rachel got to watch while oh Jesse came in her HOH room and wanted to give he all kinds of things like protein drinks and pictures ~ Rachel she wanted to get new cloths. Adam got clothes and shoes and Jackets to. heard the girls got some things for Rachel. i hope Rachel wins the 500k she’s been fighting since day 1 and i hope Jordan gets the 50k maybe Adam will get the America Choice 25k ~ it would be great.

  2. Adam would be making a HUGE mistake to NOT use the POV and get rid of Jordan. He will not win against either of them and stands a far better chance against Porsche/Kalia. Why is it year after year, no matter how BIG of a fan a contestant claims to be, poor game decisions get made? Why do the contestants feel like the complete strangers they met a few months ago are their ‘friends’? I think production purposely (not complaining) finds the most week and feeble emotionally wrecked whack-jobs to be on for good television. It is fun to watch, yet painful to see the same morons (different shape) make the same poor decisions every season! Everybody is too afraid to make the big moves to get ahead!!

      • I don’t think Adam has a chance no matter what he chooses to do with the veto. The only chance he has to win any $$$ is to be in final 2. He will wind up with $50k if he can get there. The only way to do that is to use veto and vote out Jordan. Rachel can’t play in HOH next week then they can vote her out ( unless she wins veto ). Then he has to win final HOH. Very Very slim chance for him to win any $$$. He truly doesn’t deserve it anyway. Biggest floater ever in BB.

      • I think the only one he could win against is Kalia. And he seems determined to get rid of her so the best he can do is second place.

        Personally I think Rachel and Jordan will cut his throat at 3rd place. Jordan will win again in this scenario.

    • If he uses the veto, it only benefits Kalia, not himself. It would be a big move for her. She is pathetic, crying “it’s not fair”. Can’t wait to see her walk out that door.

      • I so agree. Bye bye Kalia. Just watching BBAD, I feel so sorry for Adam being trapped by kalia & herconstant flapping gums. She is either eating or talking or eating & talking at the same time.

      • I agree just finished watching it now
        feel sorry for Adam he had to endure her going on and on not even understanding that every argument she made benefited only her Thats what happenes when u keep on talking she contradicted her self a million times

      • Not true. Adam will never beat Jordan or Rachel if he makes it to the end.

        He could beat Kalia or Porsche in final 2 but he’s stupid and will go with Rachel and Jordan instead. He will be lucky to get third place with them.

      • Agree. I started to record BBAD so I could fast forward K’s blabbing and eating (which unfortunately occurs at the same time.). Adam should tell her to BACK OFF or at least shut the H… up.

      • she is pathetic, she’s doing all the things she complained about others doing. For some reason, she’s convinced herself she’s better than the others, (all of’em), and it’s not fair for her not to win. Beeen doing alot of P bashing as well.

      • Kalia is trying to con vice Adam that he does not have a chance against the alliance is
        Of Rachel and Jordan except what about kalia and portias alliance. Does af
        Dam t
        Rely think he would really have a chance with them. Kalia is alway talking about how kind d
        She is.Really!!!! Sa
        He does not know what bein kind means because she too is a back stabber.

    • It does seem like Adam has stars in his eyes when he thinks about Big Jeff. But, I disagree that he has any better chances of winning if put up against Kalia or Porsche. I think their wins will put him to shame. The only way I think he could win is if he was against Jordan and Rachel liked his game play. I think she will vote for who has been the most strategic. Plus,

      If he’s against Rachel, he probably won’t have much of a chance. But, I don’t really see the odds better for him against Kalia and Porsche. Out of the four, JJRB, I don’t really see them all voting for Adam. I feel like Rachel will probably vote for Porsche definitely and Kalia probably over Adam. So, his best chances are to stick with Rachel and Jordan and hope they pick him over the other.

      What the heck, go for broke, and say he might win HOH and get to choose. LOLOLOL!!! I can’t even type that with a straight face! : )

      • K is a backstabber. After every deal she has no intention of honoring it; but expects the other person to honor it. K is out for herself and is using every twig she can grasp at. GO HOME ALREADY

      • Adam has not caused or said anything mean to anyone of the HG’s ~ the only thing i heard him say, when Brendan and Adam was outside talking and Brendan was asking Adam if he would vote for him to stay ~ Adam said to Brendan ” man you make my head and stomach hurt ” and then Adam got up and went inside. that’s the only thing he has said and that’s not even that bad, IMO he not a mean player and maybe he does have something up his sleeve ~ we will all see it unfold.

      • Maybe so, lol! : ) But, I doubt it! I don’t think I would want to. But, just because I may not want to doesn’t take away from the fact that Adam hasn’t shown a winning performance during any of the HOH competitions. Just my honest opinion.

        I like him as a player and I would probably like him more if he hadn’t flip-flopped early in the game. I don’t have the live feeds, but from what I have read, he doesn’t seem to spend a lot of time working out. I commend him wholeheartedly for losing weight and coming on the game. But, he’s in love with Big Jeff big time and it goes a little more than just a bromance.

        But, honestly, don’t you think he gives up a little too early, instead of digging in and hanging on during challenges? We are talking about 500g’s.

      • Adam says hes still too fat for the endurance compitions. I know my body and what it can & cant take. He knows hurting himself just to lose could cost him later,like the donut game,if he took out his back earlier on he could have never even come near second place. I cant wait to see what he did to win veto.

      • @TK sorry somehow my reply ended at the wrong spot it was at insider. your comment was cool. sorry dont know how it came at you. again sorry for the misunderstanding.

    • I guess I am in the minority but I think Adam will definitely win against both Jordan and Porsche. I think that the hardest win for him would be to be up against Rachel because she has played a really great game.

  3. I don’t understand why Adam is so distrustful of Rachel. If it wasn’t for Rachel, he would have been evicted. She had his back many times just as Jordan and Jeff had. What has Kalia or Porsche done for him except that the fact they are newbies?

    • He is competing with Rachael for Jordan’s loyalty. They are both counting on her to take them to the final 2 and she can only take one of them.

      • Counting on her??? I love Jordon, but she has to win a competition first before she can take anyone to final two. If I were Adam, I would be sucking up to Rachel for final 2.

      • @ amy. I agree, rachel is really focused right now. I have no doubts she will win the FHOH and get to pick who she’ll bring with her.

      • Adam owes it to Rachel that he got to meet Tori Spelling. I would have rathrr have spent the time locked in a room with Jesse!

  4. Really is Adam really freakin dumb or just acting? can’t say i want him to win but even more so I wanna watch Jordan the retard and Rachel the freak show walk out that door! Does he honestly think he has a chance to win siding with Rachel and Jordan? If he does he is as stupid as Jordan!!! run Farrah Run while you can…

      • He has a better chance against p\k than r\b but he’s not the brightess player. If he dosen’t use it than I hope p wins and puts him up. He dosen’t deserve to play let alone win.

      • Adam’s only real chance is against Jordan. I think he knows that. Rachel is gonna win. I CAN FEEL IT! GO BIG RED! WIN IT FOR BOOKIE!

    • Deborah2705 why do u want to call Jordan a retard? Some of her conversations with people on how to act and with Jeff about the game hasnt sounded retarded. I just believe she has been closed off from the world. Her parents were probably over protective. But her good hearted social game and her hoh win does count.

    • Excuse me Deborah that freak show is a killer contestant,shes pretty up front too, she needs Adam for the vote Kow & Porky would run him out on a rail. they are Backstabbers from start to finish

  5. whose more annoying rachels voice or chens voice worst year ever.havent watched 4 whole shows yet this year just read the spoilers and move on,woo hooo survivors coming

  6. Love it! All the HGs are working out EXCEPT — you guessed it — Kalia. She’s lounging and eating.

    BUT! She’s not talking! LOL

      • Ok…I don’t like Kaliah that much…but what else is there to do but to eat, sleep and chat…when there is no Technology in the darn house!!! Come on give the girl a break!!! damn!!

      • @andy~

        Kalia deserves no break!

        All she’s done all summer is “take a break”.

        There is work out equipment. She could and should use it.

        There is also a game to play. God gave her a mind, she shouldn’t disgrace God’s gift by defiling it so; she should improve her mind and behavior. What a perfect place to face the reality of herself and employ new social skills that she is OBVIOUSLY lacking.

        And, for what it’s worth, Kalia IS pretty, but she is so foul in mouth and behavior she is disgusting to lay eyes on.

      • If anyone NEEDS to exercise, Kalia is the one who needs it the most. She is so lazy and disgusting. I agree she has a pretty face, but everything else about her is fugly.

      • LOL, cd. Isn’t she a piece of work!

        Watching her makes me want to burn my furniture just to ensure no one in my family sits around like she does.

        Didn’t her mother teach her not to talk (and fart) with her mouth full?!

        Her mother really should have taught her NOT to talk at all.

      • I so agree with you, Dan. If she was taught manners, she certainly left them OUTside the house. Disgusting!

      • bahahahahaha, you want to burn your furniture. That is by far the funniest thing I’ve read all day, thank you.

      • Dam get off Kalia’s back!! What the hell they suppose 2 do? Wish 1 of u were on there so we could see all the things u would do LOCKED down in a house????

      • @Keish~

        So, you advocate farting, eating with your mouthful, being arrogant and rude over bettering one’s self with what is available, such as a backyard with a pool and exercise equipment?

        You must have missed watching the feeds where EVERYONE — including ADAM — was working out: jogging, walking, lifting weights, while Kalia sat on her duff eating and watching.

        Yes, Miss Kalia is a great role model who deserves a pass. NOT!

        She is an example of what I DON’T want my children to behave like.

      • Kalia seems to think she’s in shape! In the “real “world”, she goes to spinning class, does Pilates, runs, never eats after a certain time, etc. That’ts funny because I do all those things and I’m in pretty good shape- so I guess if she did all those things coming in she’d be in pretty good shape too, no? Adam has lost weight, Rachel is strong and in incredible shape. Jordan is tiny and doesn’t seem to have good upper or lower body strength and Porsche is on the cusp. Kalia’s arrogance about “being in show buisness” is a joke. She honestly thinks this will advance her career! She made fun of Rachel crying all the time and it seemed that her tears were falling on deaf ears. Adam basically told them it was up to them to get themselves off the block. He won’t use the Veto. I love seeing Kalia sqirm! Guess she made a huge mistake trying to vote him out last week and that is really really bothering him.His original alliance was with the Vets! Remember they let him name them “Adam’s Angels”? Kalia is delusional! So happy to see her cry herself to sleep. They have lots of exercise equipment at the jury house, so maybe she can get back to her old ” routine”! Rachel is as close to Janelle in comps as you can get- though that’s a tall order, but she is a dynamo Go Rachel!By the way, I don’t judge someone’s physical appearance, but when you seem to brag about your athletic ability ( and well everthing else), it’ going to come back to haunt you. Sorry!

  7. Surprise surprise! Guess who’s eating while everyone else is exercising? Yeah, KALIA. She never stops eating OR talking. Sheeeesh

    • Kalia has exercised – I think she knows she is going so what’s the point now?

      In the veto Adam won, Jordan who is always exercising came in last. Porche 2nd, Rachel and Kalia 3rd or 4th. Just saying.

      • Are you suggesting that since she has accepted she is losing BB, she should go ahead and continue to eat, be offensive and vulgar?

        I give Dani and Shelly credit for never giving up even when the writing was on the wall. Kalia simply sits around in every way . . .

      • The point would be, to get into shape whether in the BB house or not. It’s a way of life. The others already know that.

      • How did I manage to forget about the dog. I bet that’s why she’s been eating and yacking so much: no dog to abuse.

        Kind of amazing she didn’t take Rachel’s stuffed dog in effigy.

      • OMG what the heck is wrong with all of you? You are so NASTY! Why do you have to make fun of someones’ weight ,eating habits? whats that got to do with anything? This is just a game and it’s just pittyful the way you peole are acting!! What do all of you look like? you can talk so smart your sitting behind a screen where no one can see and you can feel important, what a bunch of low life’s! if you can’t say anything nice then don’t say anything!! Leave the girl alone. I’m so ashamed to think your American’s !?

      • @ppjackson~

        You read like a hater.

        Anyone who CHOOSES to put herself on NATIONAL TV, on BB no less, where — BY DESIGN! — there is no privacy and EVERYTHING is subject to scrutiny;


        a person behaves as Kalia does;


        a person admits to committing crimes — animal abuse — again, on NATIONAL TV;


        that person is fair game.




        Please, dear Lord, DON’T let Kalia be on Biggest Loser next — we don’t want to see anymore or hear anymore from her, but Animal Cops is okay!


      • @ppjackson – HYPOCRITE

        ppjackson says:
        September 4, 2011 at 10:31 pm
        ya right!! Rachel really looked cute tonight while she was watching everyone else getting the free clothes. and who was taking a shower tonight? Rachel always looks dirty and more like a flussie every day those shorts she wears or its sweat pants, real cute!!

    • Surprise, Surprise guess who’s making fun of Rachel execising while they sit on their fat @$$es? Yes, Yes Kowlia & Porkyia!!

      • well Dan, sounds like you are a very hateful person, you must have alot of problems of your own, thats why you like to rant on & on.

      • @ppjackson~

        You have no response to the content of my post? You want to attack the poster rather than debate the post?

        Well, doesn’t seem like BB is of much interest to you.

        I dislike Kalia as a player and as a person. Period. You offer no challenge to that, no reason why she is a good player or likable.

        Moving on . . .

      • @Dan, I have never received an intelligent response to counter me from any fans of K/P. I have asked many times why people think Kalia is so effing wonderful and they never say anything.

    • Dan & cd, can u believe people thinks K deserves to win! Wow I can see people giving her the money for eating her way through big brother. Well D would give her girl toy a vote! Lol!

  8. Adam has been doing nothing and watching other people’s strategies for way too long to come up with a strategy of his own now. Its just a matter of who he caves in to first. I hope he sides with Rachel/Jordan!

    • I think Adam is underestimated. He clearly has had a strategy: NOT offending anyone and NOT burning bridges. That is invaluable in this game.

      Even when Dani was having her temper tantrum with Adam because he was very kindly honest with her, when she spewed and insulted him, he maintained his integrity and kindness and attempted to keep that bridge from burning, too.

      • Gotcha Dan!!! Dont say nothing else about Jordan! If you say Adam is misunderstood then I know for a fact Jordan is!

      • I got you again Dan! If you think adam desrves it for being calm,then J deserv#s the money plus some cause could hear her talking game and winning 2 times comps.

  9. On my schedule list for the shows on my dish network the last date that is listed for BB is 9/8
    Could this be the final show?

  10. Kalia is watching the girls run saying “Oh my gosh. An d they’re off! Dunt du dun.”

    As if it’s a horse race. My word!

  11. Maybe Adam’s strategy all along has been to slide to the end until he needed to win – He needed the POV to control the game and he did. It would not shock me if he now wins HOH – in the last one did you see him – I was waiting for him to sit down an start eating donuts – no one is that bad.

    he wins HOH this week he still gets to compete in the final one. He will take Jordon or Porche to the end with him – why – I like Jordon – but I am on the jury – why would I give it to her a second time? I will not. And if I am right about Adam he played brilliantly – only the next HOH will tell us if he has been blowing the comps up until this last POV.

    Rachel is the only one he cannot beat – I predict if he wins HOH he will put up Porche and Rachel – That leaves Jordon to decide – that could create real hard feelings in the jury room.

    • DITTO…maybe Adam is the best gamer in the house!!!…for someone doing nothing( maybe his strategy)…he sure got far. BUT… GO RACHEL…PLAY YOUR HEART OUT….I’M ROOTING FOR U!!!

      • generally, I would not mind if Rachel wins – while she has brought a lot of the hate on herself – she has been so abused for two seaons I think it is remarkable she has survived.

        But on noms – Rachel an Brendon can forgive Adam for nominating her (assuming he wins HOH), but they would never forgive Jordon for voting her off.

        If I am right about Adam it will be a brilliant play

    • I agree. He did not need to win. Winning would have put a target on his back. He did not seem sincerely sad about losing. And now that he has no choice he is winning. He has watched all the seasons and I think he has some stratagies up his sleeve.

  12. So ive been trying to figure out who among the entire cast of this terrible season deserves to win. This is what ive come up with.

    Daniele doesnt deserve it. She made a dumb move when she was in a great position, probably out of boredom.

    Kalia doesnt deserve it. Of the people TRYING to strategize, she is the dumbest. She blew her hoh for no reason and assumes everyone will keep their word but her.

    Porsche doesnt deserve to win. Shes been underrated this year as a competitor but has zero strategy or social game.

    Keith and Lawan dont deserve it and the reasons should be obvious.

    Dominic and Cassie dont deserve it, they formed the least effective alliance in bb history and were painfully naive.

    Adam doesnt deserve to win it. He has played badly and pathetically and let several opportunities pass him by.

    Shelly doesnt deserve to win it. You cant be the master manipulator AND the honest mom. She made her lies stand out more.

    Jordan doesnt deserve to win it (but didnt deserve thelast one either). Still cant compete, relied on Jeff for the social game and production for the bailouts.

    Jeff doesnt deserve to win it. For the second time he went after all the bigger threats, and for the second time it made him a target. You cant have a 5-6 person alliance stay to the end, Jeff. People can sense a pecking order.

    Brendon doesnt deserve to win. He plays like a bully and even with 2 chances barely made jury.

    Rachel doesnt deserve to win. She has needed 2 production bailouts to stay in the house, has always stunk at strategy, and always makes herself a bigget target than she needs to be.

    That leaves Dick. He played a great half week and there hasnt been ONE smart game move since he left. Give him the 500k now and end this special olympics season asap before it damages the franchise more.

    • Right they put the first 3 evictees into sequester just in case Rachel were up for eviction. It is all coincidental, if someone else had won hoh and the nominations were different then I wonder what people would be saying. My goodness, people act as though BB has never thrown twists in before.

    • ur life is so exciting you took that much time to write a post in a blog. someone needs a hobbie.

    • @ Mark,you don’t know what your writing about.K should win for most farts completed in one season and there’s still a few weeks to go,and if you take in to consideration all the food she has been able to stuff into that yapping mouth of hers then she is a real winner.GO KOW GO !!!

    • Mark you are nuts! Evil Dick was a loud bully his self and some think Jeff was a bully standing up for himself, but evil dick was a true winner! And he has won before like jordan. He ran all over people in the worst way possible. He did things I think bb should have through him out for.All he did was say he wanted to be in an alliance this time and then he left.He dont desrve crap.

      • dick didnt get to F2 just on game play remember wasnt it Eric who had to vote for america wich kept him and Dani in the game remember the twist that season the houseguest almost got him voted out america saved ED & D

    • Kudos to mark!!!!!!! U r brilliant!!!! These people keep talkin about strategy & game play & who deserves to win. U people know that there was absolutely NO strategy or gameplay that deserves even $1.00!!!!

  13. Porsche and Kalia are sticking to Adam like he’s glue. Funny how the power shifts and some of the HG’s go shifting along right with that power.

  14. Is there any previous houseguests that were more disgusting and repulsive then Kalia? I’ve only seen BB8, 11, 12, 13?

    • I have watched all the seasons and there were alot of idiots in every season! dont remember what one but they used to giv alot of alcohol out to the HG, I am guessing that it was 3 or 4th season. anyway one of the guys was trying to makeit w a female hg and they were drunk and he threathened her w a the kitchen. he was escorted off the premise right away. that is why they limit the amt of alcohol on the show at least i think so. another season it was the one w ex’s on it. one guy went nuts so abt his ex makin out w hg and s*** hit the fan. he apologized but had to leave the show too. there has been alot of idiots on the show.the last few yrs 5 maybe is where its calmed down som. u can watch any of the BB seasons on youtube. there is a guy that has all of the seasons on it. and they are great to watch. u hav to ck out the very first one though. it was soooo different as they really didnt know what to do, or how HG would react as noone had ever done a show like this b4. so be sure to ck it favorites are the 1st one, season 2 w Dr Will and Boogie, and the season w the twins switch. I love Big Brother and will continue to watch no matter what. TG for dvr’s! SHO2 after dark and the live feeds!!!!

      • I love BB too! I watched season 8 on youtube and plan to watch the others. Of course, wanted to watch that one right away when I saw Dick & Dani on this season. Oh, I hated Jessie from 11, and also I could not stand Amber on 8. But Rachel rocks!! She is way better without Brendon.

      • Karen the guy on youtube’s screen name is BBfan76, I’ve watched some of the old seasons. I would say my favorite one thus fr is season 10 when Dan won. I think by far he was the best player to ever win it. Dan played the game from beginning to end and received all of the votes from the jury members eventhough he screwed over most of them there. Dan was the one that was originally called Judas by Jerry because he voted Jessie out.

      • BeachMama, ou gotta watch season 10, it was great and it was the originally season Jessie was on. That is my favorite season.

  15. Does Adam really think with R & J in the final 3 he has a chance?? Oh wait..what has J done this summer? So in the Jury House..whos votes do you think he would get if it were he and R??

    • Tf you seem to think comps is the only part of the game! If R had to depend on her social game she wouldnt win nothing.Same goes for J when it comes to comps. I believe they have saved each other.I know you have heard Jorda talk game and save Rachel and others a– by telling them how to act. She told Jeff to call a meeting about Dani that eventually sent her home. So Jordan has earned her another first place position.

    • @TF If Adam’s is F2 w/Rachael he would lose. Even Dani would give Rachael her vote as much as she dislikes Rachael, she would respect her game of winning comps. & surviving w/all the targets on her back. So Rachael would have Brendan’s, Dani, Kahlia & yes even Porsche vote IMO, only vote Adam would get is Jeff & Jordan’s & possibly Shelly’s since she dislikes Rachael as well but unlike Dani she won’t respect her gameplay. So that’s 4-3 Adam loses. I don’t see Adam winning next to anyone at this point IMO

      • Yes, I agree Jan13. I think in the Jury house Shelly would be torn..even tho she doesn’t like Rachel. Game play goes to Rachel I think. And Not, I wasn’t trying to be mean-I personally just don’t think J should be there. Yes, she is so sweet but I just don’t see her doing much all summer-not just comps. I’ve said it before-she accuses everyone of exactly what she has done/not done, I still like her just don’t think she is a good gamer. I don’t like Rachel but I think she plays a good game. I think it should def be Rachel in F2. My gosh I can’t believe I said that…lol!

  16. If Kalia learns one thing from this experience, please let it be to STFU! Wait, two things.. shut up and please, please DONT SPEAK WITH FOOD IN YOUR MOUTH!

  17. Come on people give k a break. Yes she eats and t
    Ks a lot, but she can win and I hope she wins. J has won onetime let’s. Give it to someone else. Be happy.

    • @Kayme1 Kahlia had her breaks. The problem w/Kahlia is she yaps too much & by doing that she alienates ppl. Hell she’s even throwing Porsche her best buddy under the bus now. Why would Adam even believe or take her word for anything when she’s throwing her only ally Porsche under the bus now??? And maybe you don’t get live feeds but I do and I counted how many times she usted the word “Like” and contradicted herself. You don’t endear ppl. by non-stop badgering of them…you only tend to make them more than ever want to get rid of you. She is just plain dumb! Just like she was dumb following Dani like a lap dog. There is plenty to do in that house like other’s posted way before she even got into this position, yet all she does is sleep; eat; & watch everyone else in the house (even Adam) walk & exercise, and to make it worse make fun of all of them while they are doing it! At least the rest of them have done their share of cooking & cleaning. All Kahlia does is eat, sleep & talk gross & disgusting! She deserves all the ugly comments since she brings them on merely by running her mouth!

      • I could not stand watching her try to be just like Dani. I liked Dani, but we only needed one of her, that was plenty.

  18. wayne: please look up your spellings before you use them; bookie is someone who places your bets for money; i think the correct spelling for rachel’s pet name is bukie!!!!! The point being it is not bookie!!

    • Oh dry up!

      If you pay attention, everyone has been spelling it the same way “Bookie”.

      What does it matter?

      Reads like you’re just looking to pick at posters rather than discuss the game or the players.

      • Please note that is not me. I didn’t even know who Bookie was until I came on here a couple of weeks ago. Are people allowed to have the same name on here or because lower case “m” is it allowed?

      • Yes, Maggie, apparently it IS allowed. Perhaps you’d prefer to make your handle more distinguishable.

        Personally, I don’t care if there are 20 “Dan(s)”.

    • Maggie, whatis wrong with spelling it “Bookie?”. Lots of words in our language have 2 different meanings.

  19. dan: Not really. When you read the sentences that people write it makes them sound pretty stupid when you put in a word that means something entirely different from what they typed in there. And it does matter if you want people to understand what your saying and your meanings. The people you’re talking about are just following suit because they can’t spell it either. So there!!

      • What is everyone Engish majors now??? come on lets talk BB not this crap! just call her Big Red if u cant remember her name its RACHEL just saying!

    • @maggie~

      Clearly you are neither a vocabularist nor a grammarian; perhaps you’d do well to stick with the game.

      If you wish to take issue with Wayne, why not argue against his support of “Big Red”?

      Who do you support?

    • He’s called Bookie because all he does is read BOOKS and study. Rachel confirmed that awhile back.

      • Going to post this again in case you missed it the first time.

        Please note that is not me. I didn’t even know who Bookie was until I came on here a couple of weeks ago. Are people allowed to have the same name on here or because lower case “m” is it allowed?

      • Psst, BillMc, I don’t think you’ll get anywhere with maggie. (She can’t even spell her own name, to wit: “lowercase ‘m'”.)

        Anyway, BillMc, who are you rooting for?

      • @Maggie (capital ‘M’)~

        I had a Dan (lowercase “d”) impersonator, too.

        Don’t worry about it.

      • I’m for Rachel all the way, Dan. She’s played a great game this season (much better than last) and I believe if she can survive final 4 eviction, then she will win the final HoH… But she had better work harder than she ever has in that final veto comp!

      • I’m with you, BillMc. I hope Rachel wins; Jordan, too. I’d like Jordan and Jeff to win two awards, so Jeff for America’s choice.

        Why? I like them both. I read, I don’t know if it’s correct, but sounds like Jordan, that she bought her mom a house. I just like people like these two.

        Rachel has earned a win. But, I’m happy if, in any combination, Jeff/Jordan and Rachel/Brendon, aka “Bookie”, win all.

        I want to see a few special awards:

        Dani: Meanest and most selfish.

        Shelly: Biggest liar and most delusional.

        Kalia: Most disgusting and lacking manners.

        Adam: Just plain cool and likable.

        Evel Dick: Most missed.

      • Porche is not worth a mention.

        The prizes are only for those deserving.

        What has she earned? Muffin-top award? Blech! That should NOT be advertised by Porche or CBS or this site.


  20. Wow! Laugh of the day: porsche just told kalia she can beat adam and rachel in endurance…lmao. aren’t you the same Person who just didn’t beat even kalia in an endurance comp?

  21. Anyone else think that, if he doesn’t use the Veto, Adam will then become one of the most hated houseguests in the history of BB?

  22. Rachel just keeps taking the new clothes like she is entitled ewe she is such a dirty girl i would burn them after she was done with them!And Jordan is kissing Adams ass and making him feel the same way Jeff made Shelly feel. its not the Rachel & Jordan show but Dumb and Dumber would be more suitable if it were, I hate watching the show this year because it becomes more and more evident that CBS has had a hand in all the decision making for dramatic effect! I also hate CBS as a result!

    • And who broadcasts the show? And whose show is it? And, who cares what you think? Why, CBS of course, for the first two questions and nobody for the third. Why are you even watching?

    • You say Rachel is dirty!! Kalia and Porsche hardly ever shower, and Porsche has worn the same damn outfit just about everyday this summer. Kalia always looks like hobo. You have lost your mind. Rachel usually dresses and does her makeup, she knows she is on tv and tries to look cute all the time. Porsche hair is always greasy looking.

      • ya right!! Rachel really looked cute tonight while she was watching everyone else getting the free clothes. and who was taking a shower tonight? Rachel always looks dirty and more like a flussie every day those shorts she wears or its sweat pants, real cute!!

      • @ppjackson~

        So, whuddya think of Rachel as a player?!

        Is the only bit you’ve watched is Rachel working out wearing her workout shorts? Perhaps you like watching her more than you care to admit.

        Hmm. Just sayin’.

      • Oh, sorry Kalia bathed one time this week after she got all gross in the hoh comp. Rachel is gorgeous to me and I love the clothes she wears (most of the time). Kalia is the one always in sweats, I guess just moving from the bed to the couch is exercise for her, and her curls are when she shovels the food to her mouth. You need glasses lady.

    • There u go again nasty Deborah2705! I talk some trash about people I dont like but u take it to another level. And u dont know what u are talking about. Jordan and jeff was partnered with adam for a long time.She didnt just start talking to him! She has always talked to him. pay more attention!

  23. HGs have been lying out by the pool. Rachel just got up and asked Kalia “Do you think my butt is getting as big as yours?” Wow.

    • Porsche has a big masty floppy booty..she walks around with her muffin to out cause she is under the falsee assumption she’s got like a j:lo or kim kardashian booty. Does anyone remember the beginning of the season where she said she’s always the best looking girl wherever she goes?! Lol. She must go to some pretty atrocious places.

    • Now Kalia is asking Rachel if her (Kalia’s) shirt looks like a pregnancy shirt.


      If she thinks the clothes she’s wearing make her look pregnant, maybe she should consider what is UNDER that shirt — and I doubt there’s anyway that bod would be PG on BB. . . NOT even if Keith stayed.

  24. Adam does not have a chance to win against Rachel or Jordan. He would do better to try to take Kalia or Porcha to the final two—if he even has the chance.

  25. Adam talking to the camers, going over events and days. Says “day 67 adam does not use the veto, day 69 pray to God Kalia goes home”…

    • @Vet fan…so do we all lol. Also do you also get a sick feeling that Jordan isn’t doing much of anything to help Rachael? I mean why would she be even thinking of keeping Kahlia? Only because she wants to break up Adam & Porsche because she wants to go F2 w/Adam. I’m a Rachael fan so I’m getting this really ill feeling that Jordan will agree to get rid of Rachael (which would make Adam happy) & go F3 w/ Her, Adam & Porsche & knowing if Adam wins the final 3 comps. he will pick her over Porsche? That would really be nasty since Jordan has been saying all the time that she doesn’t care if she wins $500k, so if that’s the case why isn’t she working w/Rachael. She looked pathetic in both dummy & donut comps., like she wasn’t even trying. She didn’t even look too thrilled to see Rachael win HOH. Is it just me but I have a funny feeling she’s not going to do anything to win next HOH for Rachael’s sake to reciprocate the favor & will just allow Adam or Porsche to win both HOH & POV against Rachael because she wants Rachael out next knowing Adam will pick her for F2 & she will do the same. Anyone else feel like this could be Jordan’s secret plan? I’m praying Rachaell wins the next POV to save herself because she has no one not even supposed Jordan on her side. So much for America’s Sweetheart if that’s true, than she is no better than Shelly IMO

      • Jeff told her to take Adam to the final 2. That is sad because he wasn’t there to see Rachael save Jordan

      • I agree!!!! The only reason Jordan is being so nice to Kalia is she wants her vote. That is also the reason she is being so nice to Adam. She needed Adam to save her but she is counting on their vote in the end. She wants Adam and Kalia’s vote.
        Rachel is not my favorite but she deserves it more than the others. .Jordan will screw her badly if given the chance. Rachel is pretty smart. I think she realizes it also. I noticed last night Rachel was renewing her relationship with Porsche.

      • Well if that’s case I hope Rachael or Porscha is F2 because if Rachael doesn’t win the 500K at least she’ll get 50k. Don’t think Miss Jordan is as sweet as everyone thinks if she’s going to screw the one person who got her this far & that was not Adam but Rachael!

      • Jan, Jordan is 100% on Rachels side. I guess you don’t watch live feeds or BBAD. She was talking to Adam and asked him are you sure you will pick Rachel over Porche to stay next week if you have the power. She is trying to make it to the end with Rachel. And she came in second in the HOH doughnut comp.

      • dont worry R fan I dont blieve jordan will go against Rachel, unless her hands could be clean. Im a J fan but she can only get second place. I would LMAO if she won!

      • dont worry R fan I dont blieve jordan will go against Rachel, unless her hands could be clean. Im a J fan but she can only get second place.

  26. I have a question….I was just checking to make sure BB was on tonight, and the MDA telethon is on all night. It doesn’t appear that they will be showing it later either. Just curious if it’s only in my area, or everywhere? I would think everywhere, but no one else has mentioned it.

  27. Looking at, and listening to COW-lia is like somebody scratching their fingernails on a chalk board! They need to send her grazing out the door.

  28. LOL!

    Kalia just said in reference to Adam using the POV on her, “I’m good with the gab. That’s what I do.”

    She’s competing with Shelly for the “Most Delusional” prize.

    Maybe Kalia and Shelly should watch this season on DVD together — with a psychiatrist!

  29. This is what bothers me about Kalia
    She is complaining that she is on the block because she is such a good player people view her as a threat
    Kalia ou took Jeff out for the same reason if ur are all of that then you should understand why

  30. Kalia reminds me of a little kid who doesn’t get her way
    Last week when JR were on the block she could’ not be more indifferent to their fate but now that the shoe is on the other foot she cant for the life of her understand why they would not keep her
    Kalia they are sending u packing because with you gone there is one less person standing in their way is part of the game and also finally they dont have to listen to u anymore
    Adam will not use the veto on u because u r driving him bonkers

    • @ellablue..I like db idea. I think A,P,J,R should all run up to HOH room & lock the door until Kahlia leaves & then if I was the Jury members after watching the cip she brings on her eviction tell Kahlia to go outside & look at what’s in the pool & the minutes she goes out lock all the doors & windows!

  31. She cant even stop talking when she is by herself she keeps on going like the everlasting bunny on the battery commercial

  32. so this week, none of the HG knows that there is an eviction on weds night right? so one of the HG goes on weds, then there will be a HOH comp, and a nom. and a veto and a vote out all on weds and thurs right? so 2 ppl will be gone by thursday. and that will leave 3 ppl competing for final HOH right?that will hav to be on sun if the last day is next thurs the 15th os Sept. wow it doesnt seem like its almost over already. wow, cant wait til weds show when the HG find out! It could be a all girl final 3 it would be the first time I think. Maybe the best HG win!!

    • Well the wed show will be taped on Tuesday Matt said last year they took the 24 live feeds down for 24 hours
      and the last day is Sept 14 after survivor premiere
      AS HOH and veto julie never said anything about it but my guess is it will go down that way

      • soooo Hopefully that means that Kalia will be out TUESDAY NITE..but we won’t see it till Wednesday nite…If she is really leaving I can go a day without the feeds..If that is what it takes to get her out then I will suffer..

      • I don’t know….u can use remote to check ahead or check TV Guide listings..If they are gonna cut the feeds then they may cut that too..

    • @Karen There is no show next Sun. A show this Wed. and Thurs. and the final on Wed. the 14th. Have no idea how they will work it.

  33. Jordan is possible the WORST and BEST player of Big Brother

    Reasons she is the worst:
    1. She does nothing but ride coatails
    2. She can’t win competitions on her own
    3. Her IQ is below 10
    4. She is dating Jeff

    Reasons she is the best:
    1. Never lies,backstabs,or steals
    2. Becomes bestfriends with everyone
    3. She is never considered a threat
    4. Everyone will vote for her at the end


    final 2 outcomes
    adam vs jordan: jordan wins
    rachel vs jordan: it can go both ways
    porsche vs jordan:jordan wins
    kalia vs jordan: jordan wins

    people are crazy if they think jordan can’t win -_-

    • And u have no problem with Kalia’s voice???? Which is much more annoying than Rachels laugh..

    • It has not been a good season. If I wasn’t a big fan, I would have tuned out. Next year, please be all new contestants and think about the twists more.

    • Out of who is left I say Rachael is more than shown she should get the $500k. She has been the target of the entire house & still managed to get to this point by winning comps. She is her own alliance. If she can’t win the $500k I at least she is deserving of the $50k. She is annoying & irritating at times but I don’t know how she has pulled herself up this season has made me her fan

      • R sticking around is not her doing! Have u been watching this season? Cbs deserve credit and the players deserve some. They have not voted R out because each one thinks they could beat her in final two.

    • If you don’t care about this season then why are you on here all the time talking about it, just saying.

  34. MDA Telethon is on in our area. It has been frustrating…between football and the telethon we are stuck watching BB at 1:00 am. thank goodness for DVR! By the way, last week was one the largest audiences in BB history…so I wouldn’t be so quick to judge this as the worst BB in history. I thought it was pretty entertaining!

  35. OMG…watching the show right now on CBS and I can’t tell you how much utterly irritating and disgusting Adam is. Oh she kiss my duck blah blah blah Tori Spelling. I never thought they where such hopelessly stupid ppl on earth, but seeing adamn again 2nite proves there are. He was a complete waste of a cast member this season.

    • Yes. Julie Chen announced last Thursday that this Wednesday would be an eviction show. It won’t be live though. Then by the end of this Thursday’s show the Final 3 HGs will be competing to be the last HoH and move on to the Final 2.

      • i forgot how does a double eviction works? so someone goes home Wednesday, then a HOH comp, Nomination and eviction right on Thurday, no veto in a double eviction?

      • @Matt (BBN) did the other house guest get to know Kalia and Porche recieved 5k each from the Pandora Box ? just wondering, i have not seen it mentioned, if not that needs to be announced?

      • Does this mean that someone will be voted out before the Wednesday show, and if so, would we find out when it happens?

  36. I wish the producers would tell the contestants that when they repeat something the producers want them to say they don’t need to yell it. The microphones will pick it up in their normal volume.

  37. this lady who has the power of this “house” is no more than the witch who tried to put Hansel and Gretle in the oven, the old lady who sold the poison apple to Snow White, and even the Witch of Oz who terrized Dorothy. I do hope that the players will rise up and over power her. Goodness is the right of all lives. gramma

    • hasn’t happen yet, but everyone kinda knows what is gonna happen, Adam is too far up Jeff’s a$$ to make a move against Jordan

  38. Shelly would still be in the house right now if she hadn’t betrayed Big Jeff.

    Watching Kalia be completely desperate and beg Rachel is so satisfying. Hey Kalia how does that humble pie taste?

    • Rachel has nominated Kalia and Porsha for eviction Adam won POV and Kalia will be evicted next God willing

      • What a complete gentleman Adam was after that sticky horrible HOH compition he let all the females in the house use the shower while he sat around feeling like hell,way to go Adam. I think his talk with Rachel was honest I guess we’ll see, I hope Rachel hangs in there on the next two evictions, GO Rachel

      • While, I would have preferred Porsche to go first, Kalia going is good enough for me! Hopefully, Adam does not use the POV then, Kalia goes. Porsche, Jordan and Adam for the crucial HOH. Rachel should try and win POV because that guarantees her safety!

  39. So…what’s this crap about vets against newbies that Porshe was talking about? There hasn’t been a newbie alliance since they sent Keith out the door! It was Vets against Dani. Since Dani is gone and those two girls are running scared, they start up back this newbies against vets crap to save themselves. If Dani was still there, they wouldn’t be talking about newbies!

    • Porsche was on team vet when Rachel evicted her partner keith and got her a golden key. Then she floated over to team dani when she took power and then by default porsche had to team up with kalia cause she was the only person left to float to after dani was gone. In truth porsche hates Kalia and would never had partnered with her if she had had a choice

      • To me, on AD it looks like p makes a disgusted disagreeable facial expression everytime K opens her mouth!!! K makes Rachel look like a princess. Rachel should take K to f2 to have a clear easy win!

    • Kalia started off making a final 2 deal with jordan on team vet but then she floated to Dani as well. Now she would also love to be able to float to Adam but its too late Adam has already found a port in which he can weather this storm.

  40. Can’t stand Jordan!!! she has done nothing in this game but trying to be cute for America. She shouldn’t be on a competition show like this one… she rely on everybody to win challenge for her. Wake up America what do you see in her and the bully Jeff that I don’t see? America hates all houseguests that go against these 2… ridiculous!!!

      • ashanti I guess Ill be the first American to see it your way.Jordan is a waste space on this show.If Rachel is stupid enough to take her to the final 2.Rachel you can just put another 500.000 in Jordans hand.

    • This is not a sweet personality contest. We don’t want to watch players like Jordan anymore. You seem to be a nice person but at this point, We want to see competitors. It’s time to join your gay boyfriend. Goodbye Jordan!

      • If Jeff is gay, he’s gay. Other gay men have been on BB and out , not down low ( acting straight ). The only non gay thing I saw Jeff do was ask Sheldon to make out. Now that really goes to the gay side, right? It would make a great love story if J/J were really in love.

        Now the best couple is Rachel and Jordan. They really compliment each other. I love watching the way they interact together!!!

      • IsJeff is gay?  Other gay men have been on BB and out, not on the down low ( acting straight ). The only non gay thing I saw Jeff do was ask Sheldon to make out. Now, that really goes to the gay side instead of non gay side, right?

          It would make a great love story if J/J were really in love. 

        Now the best couple is Rachel and Jordan. They really compliment each other. I love watching the way they interact together!!!

    • ashanti I have bee asking

      ashanti, I have been asking people to explain to me why they like jeff and jordan all summer. I just don’t understand. I agree with you that there are a lot of people who hate any houseguest that go against them. I am glad that this season is almost over.

      • It’s not so much liking J&J as it is disliking all the other loser newbies they had. S, K & P are lazy, lying, sacks o’ crap.

  41. What you all fail to realize is that Rachel is playing for 2nd place(so said Rachel). She knows most of the house-guests hate her and wouldn’t likely make her win…that’s what she thinks anyway…why shouldn’t she…they were all horrid to her. Jordan has been the only one that is nice to her. That’s why she’s taking Jordan to final 2 with her if she makes it. Her logic is…If I’m not going to win the 500K who would I want to have it instead of me…Jordan. I can’t fault her logic. I would’ve done the same thing. Just listen to her good-bye messages to the jury. She’s playing for 2nd place. I just hope that if she makes it to final 2,the jury forget their hatred or dislike of her and judge her by the competitions she won and the turn about in her relationship to others. As a matter of fact, Jordan should say, if they both make it to the end, please give Rachel the votes….she really deserves it more than me. She has been carrying me since Jeff has left. I was like an albatross around her neck and she is still standing….GO RACHEL….GO FOR THE WIN!!!U R THE BEST!!!

    • Really! Why would anyone give 500,000 to Rachel? She’s only been half way nice the last 2 weeks and she’s had more lives in this came then anyone else. SORRY but If I was in the jury house who ever is next to her would get my vote. And Dani won’t give her -her vote no matter what. Adam needs to use the veto but he thinks his on vaction and just letting others play. At least p\k (don’t care for them) are trying to play. And yes Jordon hasn’t done alot but she dosen’t get on pp’s nerves. I’v said this before but if Rachel wins – there won’t be a wedding-she’ll be back in vegas before B knows what happened. YES get mad but you know it’s the TRUTH. just saying.

      • Yes…Ziggy1 really…you seems to be one that’s very angry. For me, it’s only a game. Some of you are taking it too personal. Like you all have something invested in it away from time. I’m talking about Rachel the gamester. I don’t know what she does out it in the real world, but it seems as if you do…like knowing what she’ll do with her winnings if she won. So much hate for someone you don’t know…oh, I forget, you do know her or else you’re the fortuneteller….just saying.

      • It’s for the reasons above that I am so grateful you aren’t in this game, ziggy1. You have exposed yourself as a personal voter, which I have little respect for. If the kind of people you appreciate were the majority of the competitors this season it would be less of a competitive reality show and more of a Miss America Pageant.

      • Get over it! Danielle has long been booted out and cannot win that $500,000! She made her bed and she got to sleep on it! Choices have consequences and even Adam knows it does not suit him to trust Porsche and Kalia who are big backstabbers and liars! Go Adam with Jordan and Rachel to Final 3! And I hope the decide to evict Porsche instead of Kalia because Porsche is more of a threat competition wise.

    • Where did you hear Rachel make a jury speech for 2nd place. Are you sure it wasn’t a game move, to look not over aggressive? Also, to make the other hg’s take her to final 2 boosting thier ego to think they will win 1st place.

      It’s like telling everyone I have no chance of winning next to you, so I would be a sure bet for 2nd place and you will win.

      To me this game and strategy, not giving up to win 2nd place.

  42. Okay, Adam hits a new low for me. He has been working out in back yard with Porsche in his infamous red shorts. He decides to take a shower and he puts the dirty, sweaty red shorts back in the dresser with his clean clothes without washing them, YUCK! I’m surprised that he even put on new underwear. As much as he wears those shorts, you would think he would wash them from time to time. I would vote him out just so I wouldn’t have to smell or see those red shorts again.

    • I guess Tori Spelling didn’t bring any shorts for that pandoras box that Rachel opened. Too bad, Adam could use some clean ones.

  43. Jordan has done NOTHING this season.
    All Rachel does is accuse PK of sleeping through everything but at least Porsche and Kalia have 4 clutch competition wins. Jordan won a single HoH given to her by Brendon and Jeff.

    I don’t understand why America loves Jeff and Jordan. Jeff is a total ass who is just treating the show like his vacation with Jordan and takes every good strategic move so personal. Jordan just acts nice to everyone and does absolutely nothing. Yeah, she’s a nice person, but that doesn’t mean she’s a good player.

    I’d honestly be happy with Porsche or Rachel winning, and wouldn’t mind Kalia either.

    Adam and Jordan are AWFUL though.

    Praying Adam smartens up and realizes keeping Kalia and Porsche are his ONLY chances at having a CHANCE at winning this game!

    • Agree with pretty much everything you said, but Adam has 0 chance of winning against anyone that’s left. It honestly doesn’t matter what he does.

    • Adam just won veto, if it is used or not semi big move. SAFETY
      Adam happens to also win HOH, big move. SAFETY
      Adam is able to pull of next veto win, Very big move. SAFETY
      First thing done, second thing would be nice, third thing is a must.
      “IF” he can string some wins, he will be in final three.
      “IF” he the makes it to final two, then the end of the game power moves will give him the WIN.

      Maybe, Maybe, Maybe, Maybe, Not probable BUT Maybe.

    • Exactly, look how everyone who was evicted went out,with class except for Jeff,no class,then look how Jordan acted when Jeff left, sorry peeps,again no class

      • NOT a Jeff fan at all and I hate defending him, but the other evictees had time to mentally prepare themselves for exit. It happened so fast for Jeff and he didnt have time to prepare himself to exit with “class”. I would have done the same thing.

  44. So, Porsche is promising Rachel to keep her safe next week when she fully intends to evict her the following week if she is still there! That is why I believe Porsche should be evicted ahead of Kalia. Both of them are not to be trusted but, Porsche has followed Danielle’s lead in being nasty and a big liar too! Hopefully, if Kalia gets evicted that Porsche does not win HOH and it is Adam or Jordan who wins it! Preferably Jordan because Adam might flip as Porsche has been manipulating Adam like a fiddle. Atleast, if it was Kalia staying, Adam does not trust Kalia which means he has more of an incentive to be loyal to Jordan and Rachel.

    • Richie…wouldn’t you’ve done the same thing if you were in the game? Lie your ass off to get further. They all can’t be Jordan who will tell the truth because she has nothing to worry about since everyone else is taking care of her. The others have to fend for themselves. I’m no fan of Porsche since Rachel is my favorite, but a girl got to do what a girl got to do to stay in the game.

    • Adam needs to save Porsha that gives him some help in next comp.

      They can still vote out Kelia, or split vote and have Rachel evict Kelia.

      Or vote out Double sweet Jordan and have three against Rachel.

      Moves at the end speak loudest to the JURY.

      • Adam is the ONLY one who can make the next MOVE in the GAME. Will he use veto on Kelia, Porsha, or no one?

    • Sure, lying is part of the game but, at this point in the game, who do you trust? With 5 people in the game, the person not to trust the most is Porsche, Kalia, Adam, Jordan and Rachel. So, Porsche should be booted out because she could be trusted the least at this point. Next would be Kalia. Adam is slammed as a floater but, he is probably more trustworthy than Porsche and Kalia. We will know soon enough when Adam uses or does not use the veto.

  45. Btw JP Jordan was not just given the HOH.There was no guarentee Jeff or Brendon were going to hit that ball better then Jordan did. To beat her, they would have had to make a really good shot. She had the number 3 place I think.Everyone was having trouble going into the water.But doesn’t matter anyway.They just wanted one of their aliance to win.Funny how you people run Jeff and Jordan down.Maybe everyone likes them,Because they don’t backstab as much or lie as much as the rest.Everyone is going to lie to get ahead in the game,but you are entitled to your opinion.GOOOOOO Jordan .

      • Please Rick, either you or I must change our log-on name. I am a J,J and R fan all the way. I don’t want other posters to get any other vibes from you.

    • I actually think most people praise Jeff and Jordan and trash Kalia and Porsche more. I think both Kaila and Porsche have had to fight more to stay in the game than Jordan has, as Jordan has simply floated through the weeks. Jordan has just been under the radar because everyone has been targeting her other alliance members more.

      • Jordan joined an alliance at the beginning of the season and stayed loyal to it all season long. This is the opposite of a flaoter. Kalia and Porsche didn’t become targets in this game till Dani left. Really not until after Shelly left. Porsche had a golden key until she floated to team Dani from the vet alliance.

      • Porsche was one big floater. She floated to where it suited her. When she was with the veterans, she took the golden key from them. Then, she aligned herself with Danielle after Danielle threatened her! She floated with Danielle then, and was safe as a result! You would think that if someone threatened you, you will go after that person! Yet, Rachel who was a friend to Porsche was betrayed by Porsche numerous times. And she cannot make a decision on her own. After winning the POV, she decided to not use as Danielle would have wanted! LOL

    • I agree steve Jordan beat Cassi Dom Lawon danielle Shelly Potsche Kalia and Adam to win that HOH. Just because Jeff and Brendon may have thrown it does not mean they would have won. Relying on your alliance to win a comp is still winning the comp. There is more than one aspect to this game and anyone who relies solely on their ability to win comps on their own is doomed. She came in 2nd place in the Hoh kalia won fast forward week. She also guessed David Hasselhoff. And she won the final 3 part hoh at win her season.

    • Did you hear her talk about all the car accidents she has been in. She said she does not pay attention very well. Surprise surprise!!!

    • Please refer to previous message about being “rick”. This rick would love Rachel to win the $500,000!!

  46. Does anyone know how this non-live eviction works? Will someone be voted out before Wednesday, when it airs? And if so, will the feeds be on for it?

  47. Gosh, maybe Adam should just tell Kalia he will use the veto so she will shut up and leave him alone for 5 minutes, but then really not do it. K&P have no problems doing that to people. At this point, I would have yelled at her to leave me alone, your going home.

  48. OMG I think its totally out of line calling Porsche a whore, that says a lot about you, it’s a game, you are a puppet. Rachel sat there last night and bragged that she kissed any boy she could get her hands on when she was 13,you might wanna rethink about that remark.

  49. I think Rachel should win. She deserves it. She is so strong in all the comps. As for Jordan, she is a loser. She has won almost nothing. If not for Rachel, she would have been gone a long time ago.

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