Big Brother 13: Brendon Villegas Interview

We caught up with Brendon today to get his thoughts on Big Brother 13.  I think he’s totally real with his answers and I’m pleasantly surprised. I was happy to see him go out with class last night.

Chloe – Why  didn’t you work with Daniele and evict Adam instead of Dominic?

Brendon – Because I knew that Daniele wanted Dominic there to work with him and I didn’t trust that she would keep Rachel and I over Dominic, especially after she wanted to betray our alliance so early on.

Chloe – Who would you like sitting next to Rachel in the final two?

Brendon – I would really like to see Jordan sitting next to Rachel in the final two, because Rachel fought very hard to get there and I know no one will want to give Jordan half a million dollars again.

Chloe – Which cast do you believe was better between your two seasons and why?

Brendon – I definitely connected with more people from this cast and enjoyed it more.

Chloe – What is your biggest regret in regards to the game?

Brendon – Not being able to make it with Rachel to jury.

Chloe –  You often told Rachel to not engage in arguments, but would then join her in them with other HG’s.  Do you regret not following your own advice and avoiding those confrontations?

Brendon – Absolutely, I wish I had not been so confrontational at times but the problem with me is that anytime anyone starts to personally attack Rachel I will always come to her defense.

Chloe – Besides Dani, who do you feel betrayed you the most?

Brendon – I do kind of feel betrayed by Shelley because we had gotten really close and I  wanted to trust her in the game. But before I left, I know she said something to Jeff that I had told her in confidence which reaffirmed for me that I couldn’t trust her in the end.


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      • if you vote bookie it will be a wasted vote. because rachael will most likely be evicted and he will throw the comp for her.
        Vote Dom let then really worry when he comes walking back in to play with dani after calling all the newbies spineless… And I am sure he would want to give some pay back to jeff…

    • Men who think she would give them the time of day are voting for her. VOTE BOOKIE & SAVE THE SHOW!

  1. I know some people think ill of Brendon, but he is steadfast and I really do want him to come back. I keeps Rachel grounded. He is a bright man and he loves his women. Unfortunately he might not get back in beause women are jealous of rachel and not vote for him. He deserves to be back. I HOPE AMERICA VOTES HIM BACK. Cassi was alright but Brendon offers more.

    • Jealous of Rachel for what??Her brain LOL or maybe her inability to control her emotions,think I could find a better person to be jealous of.I won’t vote for Brendon because he is with her and she has some issues.If she wins he needs to get her some help with the money!

    • I don’t know what make you think that women are jealous of Rachel. I for one am not. I do howevery find her very irritating because wines all constantly when things don’t go her way. She is a terrible player on her own. I will be very surprised if she is not at least nomminated this week. If the others have any brains at all they will send her packing.

    • I will not vote for him because of him. Nothing to do with Rachel..who BTW is a clown. Jealous of what? She is the jealous one who sent all the females home she could during her season so she would be the star in her mind. I do not care who comes back, but to assume people are jealous of her makes you a clown too : )

    • I don’t know a single woman that would be jealous of Rachel that’s the most insane thing u could say. Brendon doesn’t love her one bit if he did he wouldn’t have been doing what he did with that Molly. He treats Rachel like she’s an idiot and with no respect at all. He wants everyone to be nice to her and yet he can’t even be nice to her for more than 2 mins. No ones jealous of Rachel I mean I guess maybe u could be or why else would u even think that. But I can bet u don’t even have anything to be jealous of her about. People wont vote him back in cuz he’s mean to people and she is too when he’s around

      • Although my name is Molly, I would like to stress that I am not “that Molly”!! I was shocked to see that was her name. Hadn’t heard that before. I also find it funny that Rosemarie A Hoyt’s comment says “and he loves his women!!!” I think she meant to say “woman” as in Rachel. Too funny. I am still sick about that girl having the same name as me. :-(

      • Oh yeah, I forgot to agree with you all that are saying “who would be jealous of Rachel”. She is very insecure and always whines when things are not going her way. I guess that Molly name really bothered me more than I thought!!!! :-)

    • I like Brendon also..The few times he lost his temper was to defend Rachel, or when he felt that people that he could trust, back stab him. I think outside the house he is a relly nice guy. Rachel should be lucky to have him.I like her also, she is just a little too emotional. Brendon and Rachel are good competitor. but Rachel should not be playing this game.Its too hard on her heart. She forgets it is just a game.

    • You’re a doof. Women aren’t jealous of her, they are disgusted by her. As they are disgusted w/Brendon. Early on when he was on BB the first time, he seemed pretty intelligent then he started hanging w/Rachel and totally went downhill from there. On BB this time he kept “defending” Rachel and just continued to look like and idiot. I vote for Cassie to come back. She will give Rachel and run for her money.

    • Most of these women won’t admit it, but I agree they are jealous that Rachel has Brendon. Basically, they like Brendon and just don’t like the fact that Rachel is with him. Sorry ladies, but that’s her man.

  2. After watching this guy on the feeds this summer, all I can say is good riddance. He got a really good edit on the show, most of the time he looked nice was after talking down to Rachel and trying to calm her down like she was the emotional one.

    Can’t wait to see Rachel on her own.

    • Ok. Maybe that wasn’t on topic. I actually want Brendon to come back because I am rooting for JJ, and He will help them the most. Everyone knows that Rachael won’t help anyone with her gameplay. I have to give it to her though because her ability to win is pretty good.

      • I feel the same way…don’t care very much for Brenchal but if Jeff stays and Brendon comes back they will be a strong alliance and I want to see Jeff and Jordan make it far.

  3. I liked Shelly at first, but this woman is turning out to be cut-throat snake! She lies so easily. I do not trust one bit that she will keep her alliance with Jeff and Jordan. I am sure that big mouth Kalia will put up Rachel and Jeff, I pray that Jeff stays, I think he could really wreck some havoc in the house. I think that when he finds out Shelly can’t be trusted, he will get just a little angry!!

    • I know I too liked Shelly in the beginning and thought she would stay loyal to Jeff and Jordan but now I’m not so sure. I hope everyone catches on to what she is doing and she goes up on the block sooner than later.

  4. Rachel was right when she said “I changed so much and yet everybody still hates us”. I happen to like them, a little too heavy on the tears at times but they play agreat game. Too many people in the house tore them down personaly I dont blame Brendan for defending Rachel. She came back from last year more fun hearted and less vindictive. She turned back to being vindictive against the people who were targeting her personality, and who could blame her. Like
    jeff said shes like a bug in your ear always wanting to talk game…. gee.. uh..isant that why your all play a game? But people wanted to target them for how they were acting, like she said, who am I going to jump on if I win. And two people getting ready to get married usualy are lovey dovey.

    • Changed how?The only reason she seemed nicer was because she had a few people riding her coat tails & a fairly stable alliance from the start the irony is the only person who liked her was Danielle .When she is winning she is the bitch who is better than everyone else but when she is losing everyone hates her

      • I think living with Bredan and getting away from LasVegas has made her super dependant on Brendan. She seems bipolar or manic. With winning everybody was complaining about thier sex life since they had the HOH room, but upon losing NIAGRA FALLS and she was taking him with her. Id like to see Rachel lose the veto and get voted out and have her fight Brendan to stay in the house. Only we know she’d give it to him without a fight. Then if he didnt win his way to the end at least they could both vote for Jordan to walk away amillionair just to show people the real power of the vote

  5. I’m so thankful that Brandon is gone. I have lost all respect for him for his behavior. Also, it is not the Brendon and Rachel show. I actually would fast forward through when they were on because I just could not stomach them. They are ridiculous and act like children. The say things about other people but they turn around and do the same thing. Rachel hit it on the head last night..everyone is going to hate her even more this summer. Unfortunately, Brandon has gotten caught up with his crazy woman and he is guilty by association.

      • YEAH send them home then sleep thru Kalias never endig mouth, at least Dani got a preview of what shes going to put up with this week. And Im glad Dick said dani isnt playing a good game, hope shes out soon too

  6. Totally agree about seeing Rachel in the house without Brendon. who knows maybe if Brendon hadn’t been in BB12, people might actually like Rachel more.

    i can’t wait till Brendon finds out that Dani was actually on their side. lots of people try saying how Dani betrayed Brenchel, but she didn’t, they betrayed her. ya she wanted Jeff out, not Brenchel or at least not until they betrayed her by being little rats and running to jeff. it’ll also be nice when he finds out the whole rumored plan to put up Brenchel to replace Dom and Adam(when Dom won veto) was Jordans idea. Daniele WAS the only looking out for Brench

      • Again I’ll say it-SHE’S PLAYING A GAME. Maybe if the vets came in house without thing they could bully and threat the newbes(just because they were there before) I would root for them,But they didn’t and now they have to work with the newbes or find out how to win hoh and veto. sorry I don’t care about them

  7. I want to see Dominic back in the game but if that doesn’t hapeen my dream scenario would be for brenda to come back and have to battle his newly evicted fiance to get back in the house.

  8. no 1 is jealous of that irritating manipulative cry baby emotional train wreck we call rachael i used 2 like brenden until he got with that whiny witch she brings out the worst in him and rachael is

    • All of my friends and co-workers who watch say the same thing that they hate her and her whining. She can cry on a dime but not shed a tear and she always makes sure she’s side glancing at the camera to make sure they are looking at her. My feeling is go away. You are not famous…your pathetic.

  9. Brendon thinks he is so intelligent, but his English grammar is awful. Just in this interview, “…she would keep Rachel and I…” Honestly, a PhD candidate with inadequate English skills is disgraceful.

  10. I do not understand why people want JJ to win this game?? I think they are sweet and adorable too, but they have done nothing to deserve to win this game. They really are not great players in this game. They try and let everyone do their dirty work and slide on through. I despise how Rachel and Brendan act like children when things are not going their way and how Brendan talks about everyone like a 12 year old school girl but I would rather see them win then JJ. At least they are good competitors and deserve to win the game. Dani, Dom (if he comes back) and Kalia (maybe if she keeps showing herself as a good competitor) also deserve to win. Shelly is a rat and two faced and a liar. All she talks about is how everyone is a floater and they don’t deserve to be there. All she has done is clean since she got there. I cannot think of one notable thing she has done since she got there. And I know she loves her kid but that kiss shoot thing she does after she votes to evict is the more annoying the Rachel. I hope she goes home over everyone. Please Rachel stop whining to maybe I ca tolerate you for another week so Shelly can go home!!! Did anyone else scream for joy when Kalia won HOH last night!!! TEAM DANI!!!!!!

    • Shelly talks a good game about this and that and doing the right thing for her kids and such but she has done nothing but stab everyone in the back. I can’t wait to see how she justifies herself. Your right about the kissing thing at the end…ridiculous. I was jumping up and down last night too when Kalia won because of Porsche had won I would have been done too. She is useless to no end. I have nothing to say about her but then again may be that’s her game plan to be useless.

    • Kalia deserves to win are you serious. Jordan was friends with her from day one and Kalia stabbed Jordan in the back. She was floating from one side to the other until she got caught and called out by Brendon. So how is she any better than Shelly? Not that I want Shelly to win either. Also Jordan has won 2 comps and Jeff has come in second on a lot of the comps. He’s a competitor. So I say go Jeff and Jordan.

      • Ladybug… JUMPed & screamed would be an accurate description of my reaction. ;) @ Karen… Jeff’s a bit of a character, himself. Not exactly Americas ‘good guy’ as I think you’d like to believe.

  11. I just want to say, I really liked Brenchal in their last season (mostly because I don’t like watching folks get bullied), but after watching them this season, I’m completely turned off and can see why they have so few fans. Ironically, I did NOT like JJ in their last season, but like them a lot more now, probably because they are paired with Brenchal.

    Here are the issues I think many including myself have with both couples:

    1) They seem to feel ENTITLED to rule the house and win. Basically, they’re all self-entitled bullies.

    2) They’re hypocrites who fly completely off the handle if anyone plays the game besides themselves. Does everyone in the house not have a right to play?

    3) Any game move against them is taken as a personal attack and attempt to “break them up”, as if this game has ANYTHING to do with their relationships. Even Jeff attacked someone for targeting him because “he knew I came on this show to spend the summer with Jordan”… Now what has that got to do with the price of bread is my question?

    I reckon what Danielle is doing is spot on. This game is about winning money by being the best player. Nobody has a monopoly on this, everyone has a fair shot. And if someone in the house can’t accept what this game is all about, or only came on the show to be with their significant other, then they need to step aside so others can go for the freakin’ money already. I for one find it sickening to watch JJ and Brenchal order folks around as if the only purpose of the other house guests is to help them win money. WTF… Not in my world.

    • I couldn’t agree more. This show has been ridiculous so far. I can’t believe how much the vets think they can bully and play the game but nobody else can…the sad thing is that Daniel and Dominic were the only ones attempting to play and if tattle tales…like Shelly weren’t such doormats we’d see more ppl playing the game. Why wouldn’t you want the vets out? Jeff and Jordan may be nice and everything but in my opinion if you’ve been on this show once you already had your chance. I would certainly break up the couples first. You would have to be stupid to assume that if you were in an alliance with two couples that they would take you very far. I literally jumped for joy when Kalia won. I really want Cassie to come back because I couldn’t believe how terrible Rachel and Brendon made her out to be. She was actually the nice one and Rachel was the one being mean to her. Plus Brendon talked down to her and it seemed to me that he might be a bit of a woman hater or controller. I hope Dani makes it far and Lewon starts to play the game! Get Porchea and Shelly out…they are way too big of brown nosers!!!

      • I agree you must get the veterans by breaking up the couples. and I hate showmances. It is no place for BB.

    • I love you! my word exactly. well said. I hope you sign up to go on the next season. I dont think that nasty JJ should have any chance to win and I am totally angry with CBS for allowing them to return for a free trip.


    • Everyone knows that BR need to grow up. They are definitely made for each other. but who gives a $%#!. Play the game! WIN HOH. WIN VETO. Get people to vote with you. Get the money! PLAY the F…game. I am so tired of this couple $%8!

  13. OK folks think about it? The comment that cassi was not good at comps is true. Therefore, she may never make it in the house if she has to compete with the person evicted. So, it will be a wasted vote if she cant win the comp that will get her back into the house. While Dom, was the strongest competitor of the newbies and has a better shot of winning comp against the evicted hg.

    • I would have to agree…I like Dominic and Cassie but Dominic would have a better chance of winning if it’s a physical challenge.

  14. A vote for Brenden is a complete waste to go back in the house! If Rachel is the one to go home this week, he will just let her have it to go back in the game!

  15. How can anyone say Rachel/Brendon play a great game? All they do is win, which is great, but it isn’t the end all be all. They play a TERRIBLE social game. Which is why they are in the positions they are in. I love how Rachel tells people, “Bad gameplay”, “you just have bad gameplay”. Guess what you ugly witch, Jordan’s left toe has more gameplay than you do. She at least won her season. And people like her. Guess what, its tough to vote out somebody who you like and isn’t a threat. But when somebody is a threat to win, you better be nice. Otherwise people will hate you and get you out, i.e. Rachel/Brendon.

    • I love it!!!! They always say how everyone has bad gameplay when they hear of something they didn’t come up with! They have a terrible gameplay. It’s obvious they are spoiled rotten and feel entitled to get their way so when it’s not happening they whine. Although…they might be a good person to go to the end with because nobody would want to vote for them to win.

    • How can anyone say that Jordan won her season. It was one of the most boring seasons ever. She won bc she was told what to do and Cute and dumb. WOW If its thats easy then pass my puppy the money. I agree that BR dont have a social game but they have personality. It may not be a personality that you enjoy but they bring some type of entertainment and game play…something to talk about. JJ are so boring and you can tell that Jordan doesn’t want to be there. She didn’t want to be on Amazing Race either. Good doggy. Sit doggy. They are all show for the cameras. Jeff rarely touches her otherwise. Jeff totally rules her. and he is so disrespectful. I just wish a strong male like Dick was in the game to put Jeff in this place. I want Dani to win. I want Adam and Portia to go home next. Double elimination! YES!

  16. wayne,i vote for bookie all most 2o times, what did you think will j/j vote to keep rachel in the house over porche,and what if rachel win veto ,i hope rachel wins and kalia backdoor,backstab evil dani and she is evicted

  17. Glad to see him go. He can go ahead and get a head start on therapy while Rachel is still playing. They can join each other soon.

  18. I think with Brendon gone, Rachel will be MORE emotionally stable. I know that sounds odd, but Brendon really messes with her mind. He tries to calm her down and motivates her, but within minutes he fuels her insecurities and gets her riled up against her fellow houseguests. He controls and filters her every move and conversation, then scolds her if she has a conversation without him present. I think rachel will have the time and peace without him to think more clearly and focus on the job at hand.

  19. if rachel focus to win the veto that way she is save,i know they all gunning for her but i hope she win veto and evil dani i dn.t wona see her ugly face

      • no kidding…nutz…Dani is way cuter and a way better person…she’s not evil…she’s just playing the game. Shelly is evil too…just quiet about it. That is what the game does to you. Jeff and Jordan are sweet but they still have to sorda make deals and go back on them and be wishy washy…just nice to keep you from wanting to vote them out and it seems to work for them. I do like JJ but it just annoys me that she’s already won and the two of them have done lots of other things to make money since they’ve been on the show.

    • I would love to see Rachel get her head back into the game.And show everone that she can do this without Brendon. I think that Dani had it made in the begaining of the came. She should have waited and ride on the coat tails of the rest of the vets. But she let her heart get in the way and messed it up. I would love to she Dani go out the door..Even though I dont like her father, Evil Dic played a better game. Rachel Stop with the emotional rollercoaster your on, and play the game..Remember it is just a game. And take out Evil Dani….You can do it.

  20. What has jeff done in this game so far?He could be called a floater as well he hasnt even com close in any of the comps so far.
    Dom need to get back in the house because preety soon a hoh will be all about speed and athleticism and jeff will be all over adam and the girls(including lawon) remaining

    • Jeff is a bully and taking control of the house only because he bullies. There are no strong males there. I love Dani. She is not scared of him. I wish Evil Dick was there. I am sure Jeff would not be acting this way

  21. did you see evil dani face only bones she look like an old lady ,she is the uglyestface one there now in bb,yhe oyher girls are pretty than even her dad doesnt look like.go bookie

  22. oops why is ma msg messed up like that,rachel more pretty than dani ,look at dani thin face and long chin you see her face bones,

  23. I am returning to explain some of the statements I made. I want Brendon to come back because he can support Jeff and Jordon, and they are the show. I am also upset about Danilles behavior-pay back time. I am not a fan of Rachel at all-i believe she has some issues. The last time she was on Big Brother I felt sorry for her, but not now. However, the network wants ratings,I think the network is going to show only what the networks think will get them the ratings. So I take what they show with a grain of salt. Love is blind. Not being jealous of Rachael, the replies,comments from the women “I am not jealous of Rachael” speaks for itself, why are you defending yourselves?
    Jordon and Jeff are a sweetheart of a couple, Jeff is nurturing and protective.
    I want Brendon back because the veterens need the numbers if any of them make it.

    • Nurturing??? are you kidding me. Jeff is so narrowed minded and ignorant. Have you viewed the tube and other clips of Jeff? WOW. Jordan needs to get some backbone, smarts and intelligence. He chose her bc she has none. Just go and see for yourself. This guy is disgusting. Think of what he said in his season about the women that he usually dates. They are nothing like Jordan, for sure. I want him off the show and Jordan will follow. Because she doesnt want to be there. Sweetheart by @$$. She is just a liar and backstabber too. No friend to Kalia at all. She has never played a strong game. She only do as she is told. maybe you like that sort of thing. hhhmmmm.

  24. The newbies from the onset were out for the veterens. I think the veterens add much to the show, and it is interesting to see how they handle things that are happening, it says so much about the public in general. To be honest I have missed a few shows and I do not watch after hours just what the network shows. However if you remember a few shows back America got to vote someone back in, the foreigner with his prayer blanket. He went back on the show and trusted the players again, and was voted right out

  25. vote brendon.he is smart and a really good competitor.dani needs to leave.shes backstabbing and untrustworthy.i know big brother is usually about that but she didnt even do it well.even her own father said that.i dont really like rachel but i think brendon is vote to send brendon back into the big brother house.

  26. At the risk of upsetting Rachel, I just gotta say that Brendan looked very sexy on his eviction night.

  27. yes and he was classy the speech,pple vote bookie back lov him though his smart than all hg,s

  28. The last standing should be: Rachel and Dani. This will be a show stopper.
    Jeff and Jordan are boring and useless. I dont watch the show for a showmance and they are there for a vacation to see each other..floaters. Jordan should have never won her season …for being cute and sweet…Only in America! Rachel is annoying and lack social play but at least she plays the game.

  29. We gotta vote for Dom!!!! Cassi (nothing personal, she seems fine) on the other hand will just go w/ shelly, and JJ and Shelly will betray and just let JJ win. I’m suprisingly indifferent to B/R (they antics are stupid, but I think they just need to go to couple’s counseling). Team Dani FTW

    • Shelly will betray Cassi (just to clear things up) so vote Dom back not Cassi.

  30. This game has got to Rachael and it appears that she is really getting mentally unbalanced. She needs to leave and forget about BB and get herself to a doctor. You have to feel some pity for the gal, she is unstable and unbalanced. Winning the money will not cure her problems.

    • Rachel is fine. I have met all types of people. She’s needy, throws temper tantrums and needs attention constantly. She doesn’t take criticism well either. She has a mind of a teenage that is stuck in a woman’s body. Just think of it this way… she hasnt killed or physically hurt anyone like I have seen in other shows. I am sure that she got worst after she formed the relationship with Brendan. She pretty much gave up her life for Brendan. The important thing to not is that she pulls it together better without Brendan.

  31. all brendan fans out there vote gor him to come back.we need all the votes to bring him back.come on people.we can do bookie.

  32. Since Dani won HOH. I hope she puts Jeff and Jordan up. She will divide the house for sure, if she does this. They will scatter like the rats that they are.

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