Big Brother 12: Week 8 Sunday Live Feed Highlights

I actually thought the Big Brother 12 HoH competition they showed Sunday night was pretty cool.  I felt bad for Ragan though, he’s always right there in second place and it looks like his luck is running out.  A pretty lazy day all around for the hg’s but there was a little game talk and they received the last of the 3 punishments which all turned out to be duds in my opinion. 

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Big Brother 12 Live Feed Highlights – August 29, 2010:

11:00 AM BBT –  The hg’s are finally stirring around, Britney is complaining (yes most everything she says is bitching about something as I’m sure you all know) about being woken up by Enzo and Hayden talking last night.  Says she wished she had slept in the other bedroom. 

11:42 AM BBT –  Brigade members in the backyard talking about how both Ragan and Britney need to go.  They think Brit would win in the final 2.  I’m thinking they’re right since she’s the only one left who has actually done anything in the game.  Hayden and Enzo say she needs to go before Ragan but Lane is trying to talk them out of it because he thinks Ragan would win being the first gay guy in the finals.  Hopefully there is still a glimmer of hope for Ragan to stay around.

12:15 PM BBT – The HoH room is locked and no one knows why.  Hayden said “they” told him the room wasn’t ready yet.  We find out a little later there was something wrong with the door and it needed to be fixed.

1:56 PM BBT –  Backyard lockdown while they fix the HoH door not much talking.

2:39 PM BBT –  Enzo has finally figured out why he won the pov comp, are you ready for this?  It’s because he wore a new pair of tennis shoes.  He says the curse was broken because of a new pair of shoes.  I mean this guy is freaking amazing, don’t you think?  He is just so smart and has played so well it blows my mind.  (I hope you all know how very sarcastic I’m being)

2:57 PM BBT – Enzo is once again making fun of Ragan during the pov comp.  Something about him yelling “oh my God! Did you see that?”  As much as Enzo has ripped on this guy I sure can’t wait to see the episode Wednesday night.  I mean my gosh, I don’t see how Enzo has the right to say crap to anyone for playing bad.  He’s the king of awful!

3:20 PM BBT – Talk turns to religion and evolution.  Lane and Hayden do not believe in evolution and get upset when people say we come from monkeys and Lane says he was planted here by the big guy and did not evolve.

4:00 PM BBT – Lane asks Brit if next week she wants Enzo out and she says definitely.  Lane is asking which one of them wants their family interviewed on tv, trying to figure out who to put up as the replacement nominee but neither wants to volunteer and Lane isn’t saying.

5:00 PM BBT –  Lane has Brit in another choke hold that she loves because she is laughing and Enzo’s been at the kitchen table for awhile making something. 

6:12 PM BBT – The hg’s have to dance every hour when the music comes on and it is quite funny.  Definitely worth going back to watch.  This is the last of the punishments for Lane opening pandora’s box. 

7:05 PM BBT – Brit and Lane laying in the HoH bed talking about how Enzo doesn’t need the money because his wife makes a good bit and Brit is really making a strong case for Hayden by saying that he was suppose to be an MLB player and instead will now have a hard life.  She’s also trying to make a case for herself. 

8:20 PM BBT – Brit and Lane still talking and she wonders if she is still engaged.  Lane says she likes girly guys and she says she likes guys who will sit around and tell her how pretty she is.  I’d say Britney’s pretty vain.  Come on girl get a grip on reality.

9:40 PM BBT –  BIG NEWS, you may need to sit down for this…Britney is on the elliptical.  Wonders never cease.

10:45 PM BBT – The hg’s have moved on to their favorite topic of conversation…Rachel.  You know, Rach should feel honored that she has so much power over these people lol.  As much as they STILL talk about her I think they’re totally infatuated with the girl.

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I think Lane is at a loss on what to do right now for the pov ceremony.  He’s worried if he puts up Brit that Enzo and Hayden will vote her out over Ragan but if he doesn’t put her up he will for sure show them he wants to keep her over the brigade

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  1. I understand that Enzo-bashing is in vogue, but has anyone played a better social game? In the competition for jury votes, he is the only hg to be on good terms with both major factions of the house (Brendon/Rachel and Lane/Hayden/Matt) as well as possibly a vote from Kathy.

      • I definitly think Hayden has played a better social game than Enzo.. plus he has at least won two HOH’s.

      • Enzo is on good terms with everyone b/c he hasn’t won anything! He’s King Floater.

        I’d love to see Britney go up on the block and go home, but it won’t happen. Ragan is the only one I’m rooting for. This season is SO boring, and Britney and Lane are just gross to watch.

        I miss Rachel. She was interesting and fun to watch.

      • I agree again, again and again. This group was lame-o.
        Right on Rachel being interesting and doing the game.
        Brit has got some major small girl attitude and thinks the most of herself.
        I do like Lane but was out boyfriend-who would want her back????

    • Has anyone in the history of the show played a better game socially? Many, many people.. And no, Enzo has not played that great of a game socially. There’s more to it than just not ruffling feathers.

      • Enzo has gotten on the nerves of many of the viewers, I suspect that he has also gotten on the nerves of the house guests. He has broken the rules and even his alliance members are starting to get annoyed with him. His only hope would come in a final with him against someone more annoying than him who has won less than him, hmmmm that would be nobody.

    • I agree, Enzo is the only thing that keeps us laughing. Ok, he’s not sophisticated, obviously hasn’t branched out or traveled much, has horrible table manners but he loves “wifey” and baby. He is trying and after finally winning POV everyone is saying he cheated. Since I haven’t seen the comp I can’t comment other than to say that the producers have credibility on the line and I hope would not let cheating like that happen. Some of these blogs are as bad as the ragging that goes on in the house. I like the show, the game is interesting. When it gets down to the final 5 it does get boring. Production needs to step in and make it interesting both for the fans and the HG’s. Do you think the producers read any of this????????

  2. PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE… Put up and backdoor Brittany, it’s that vein chicks time to go. I can’t wait until all of them get out of the house and see the disgusting things she said about everyone. She’s such a weak, vein, disgusting excuse for a human being.

      • yep..although many posters here seem to think she is the “hottest or one of the hottest chicks” ever in BB…

        she is a 2 bit hooker

      • yes that would be great..i wish the boys would do that to her i dont like the way she talks about every one,,,like rech and bren,,kat,she needs to look at herself….she thinks she is the best just wait and she what she think after the game,omg

      • she reminds me of some bar flies who I used to slide George Washington’s into their g-string attire while sipping a cold beer

      • Britney is pretty, and at first I thought her comments were funny, but seriously…I can not stomach her anymore! All she does is talk about Rachel, and flirt with Lane. It sickens me. That boy is drooling over, and the whole situation between them makes me want to hurl.

        Please BB, get a group of people that are not “super fans” next time, so that it’s interesting. All these people care about are how famous they are going to be, which is actually pretty funny!

      • So everyone is saying is that if Rachel stayed you could stand her? I am so sure, Britany is just doing what everyone does in the house. Last year it was Natalie. Or how about all of the Jeff and Jordan Haters, come on really give the girl a break.

      • Well I’m happy to see that other fans have finally realized what a “mean” girl Britney is. She acts like a spoiled brat. Her Nick will have his hands full. Could Nick be made up with her family playing along. May be she faked the enagement — never mind, she’s too stupid for that.

      • AGREED!!!! She is not hot… she looks like a Pug with her alien eyeballs… and what makes her the ugliest is her personality and her weak minded way of thinking…

    • well said she is very good at personal attacks of other hg if anyone says anything to her she cries then they feel bad so no one says anything to her….the brigades best bet is to get rid of her before brit..

      • How do you think Bratney would have acted if she was treated the way Rachel and Brendon were treated? She is ugly on the inside. I know people have said this is a game and you are suppose to lie? I don’t think so, you can bluff but when she told Brendon she would not put him up if he didn’t put her up and he stayed true to his word and she went back on it showed what she is. To make matters worse, she then lied that Brendon had been gunning for her and that was why she nominated him for eviction after he didn’t put her up for eviction. Does that make sense? It makes sense only if you are deceitful and a liar.

    • I can’t handle her. I thought maybe she had SHRED of decency and loyalty until she started bashing her “friend” Ragan. I finally realized she just HAS to make fun of someone at all times.

      • haha.. I have noticed that. But I actually laughed out loud as Ragan grabbed a table so he could bend over slightly to shake his ass like a stripper. My comment in my head was “And he hates Rachel why?”

      • **********lost vision in both eyes with Ragan bent over a table shaking his hips******

        why do I torture myself

  3. lmao@ am I still engaged

    what a dumbazz

    nice posts usual…love knowing what these caged rats do after hours

  4. this is crazy,… why can’t they see that they will lose against Britney or Regan,…..if he does not put Britney up,…she or Regan will win.

      • Ragan or Brit do not have the Jury votes if they go against a brigade member

        the brigade will stick together so that means they are down 3 votes already

        you do the math

    • Man, I don’t know why they all don’t want to bring Enzo with them! He can not win Jury votes. He’s too much of a floater, and he went as far as he did b/c of Matt. Actually, Lane and Hayden are there only b/c of Matt too.

      Just end this season now. If I see Britney shaking her skinny booty in front of Lane one more time I will vomit.

  5. Bratney, go sit in a corner and pick those @ss fat filled lips some more and then go pack and leave, PLEASE! Also, are you still engaged? Not if that nick guy has half a brain in his freaking head!

    • I agree. I am so sick of watching her pick at herself. She really thinks she is something else. I could see the wheels turning when she was talking with Hayden about how much money Lane has. I so hope they get rid of her but yet I don’t think she would get the jury votes so maybe it would make sense for them to keep her around for the final 2 and go against her. I think if Hayden goes against her he would win the jury votes and Lane as well. Maybe that is why Lane is playing her. I think Ragan’s time is almost over. I can’t understand why Ashli Rae keeps feeling sorry for Ragan and sympathizes with him when she is so against Brendon and he had nobody on his side after Rachel left. I think Ragan showed he is much nastier and meaner than Brendon ever showed. I so hope Brendon wins America’s Favorite!

      • They’re all playing each other…it’s a game. Ragan and Brit both have to go just so we don’t have to hear/watch them any longer. PLease get rid of them.

  6. i loved the punishments. i mean thats another thing i love about BB, they dont have to be serious all the time. these were like humorous punishments obvi.

    i hope enzo can maybe piss off or on the members of the brigade, and lane will final 2 with brit.

    if i was in the house, i would want to take her to final 2 because she would only get the 50k. nobody would vote for her because she played the game and we have seen (last year lydia, jessie) that just because u play an excellent game doesnt mean u “deserve” to win. the jury with that bitch rachel, dumbass kathy, dumb dumb brendon and the brigade voting for each other leaves only matt’s vote in the air.

    if brit would make it to final 2 i dont how u couldnt vote for her but fairness isnt what always works in the jury.

    lane might put up enzo. HOPEFULLY, then brit can be safe, win HOH send home enzo. POW!!!

    • so far in the game the only who i think “deserves” the money besides the obvious choice of brit is ragan, and hayden. lane is on the fence with me. i mean im always wondering and its a fine line between “how hard did u fight?” type of thing.

      lane nor enzo have had to fight AT ALL to be in the game and just floated on everyone. but at the same time isnt that good gameplay? i guess it is, but its very weak and i dont rele respect that as much as someone like a brit or even a brendon who won things and made smart moves. well brendon didnt make smart moves lol.

      i want someone in the final, well actually both who won shet, made moves, manipulated when they had to, etc.

      i hope by some way the final 2 is brit and ragan. ragan would win and brit would 2nd place. but just like with season 11 the real winner at least to me will be second place.

      that is ofcourse assuming ragan doesnt win out.

      go brit/ragan! yee

      • Marcus next to rachel Brit is the most vile person to have been a hg on this show and Ragan is not much better. I used too like Ragan but after seeing the true Ragan he is not a good person. Why do they have to talk about other people the way they do? Hmm just saying.

    • He can’t put up Enzo he won the POV I am with you and it seems we are the minority I want Lane and Brit in the final two.

      • I hate Britney she stinks and is a liar. She didn’t play the game fair. Do you think it was fair that she lied to Brendon? They all lied to Brendon and that seems to be o.k. with everyone. There is such an unwarranted hate for Brendon yet all of these other people can lie and back stab and you all look the other way. You are just as bad as Ragan, Brittany, Matt, Lane, and Hayden.

      • I absolutely do think it is fair she lied. Did you ever watch Mike and Boogie play? It is all a game.

      • I prefer they “bluffed” their hand as in poker, instead of lying. Its a “GAME”; you are trying to win by what ever means you can: risks, lie, float, etc. Its not day to day life, its a “GAME”

  7. This really has been a boring season, Enzo gets away with breaking the rules and he is a horse’s azz to boot. Hayden has the hair but not much under it in the brain department and Lane didn’t even speak until a week or two ago. As annoying as Brit is she deserves to win more than those three and Regan deserves it the most.

    • I wish someone would explain to me why Ragan deserves to win? His only 2 wins were vetos when he was going home…he has done NOTHING but be a prissy lil whiner, jonesing for Matt’s gear, and taking make up and beauty tips from the other girls in the house

      • i so agree with No Eye Candy Ragan is i m sorry a bad human being and his pranks sucked he doesn’t even deserve the 20,000 he won he didnt do shit please Brendon should of won the whole thing. thanks

      • I can tell you why. He’s better at the endurance competitions than the rest of the guys. How many has he purposely thrown?

        He is more intelligent than the rest of the house. He studies and KNOWS his stuff. I was amazed at how much he remembered and knew from the ENTIRE season. He can recall everything from which house guests competed in specific competitions to which ones were out in what order etc. He even knows the order of the pictures on the wall and what each person looks like in EVERY picture. He actually cares about being there. He hasn’t had a strong alliance like the Brigade to get him through the game and has made it VERY far pretty much on his own.

      • ok, he studies alot. But he is a cry baby and whiner – can’t take much more of Rag and Brit. They act like Jr. High school. UGH.

      • ok Derric..good points

        how many HOH’s has this wizard won?

        if he remembers so well, why did he get owned by Hayden in that HOH?

        he will have plenty of time to put that knowledge to use in the jury house…

        he has only won 2 x when he was done…except the 3rd time, when he needed it, he was rolled by Bozo…

        Brendon made it quite a ways on his own didn’t he, and the difference is, the whole house was against Brendon, Ragan has slid most of the way

  8. Britney : “I feel really mature for a 23 yr old.”

    …lol. I actually like Britney, but that’s just funny.

    • rofl

      just because you aren’t barefoot and pregant yet, don’t mean you are mature

      nut I am sure she has the living in a double wide mobile home covered

      in some trailor pahk down their in Arkinsaw

      ya’ll com back now ya’ hear

  9. Lane has to realize if he puts Brit up, Enzo & Hayden will vote her out, then next week if Ragan wins HOH, Enzo & Hayden will convince Ragan to get rid of Lane. If Lane keeps Brit and she wins HOH next week he is safe, and if she loses, he is still safe because he can convince Enzo & Hayden to get rid of her, Its a no brainer for Lane DONT put of Brit this week

  10. Hmm and Lane just said to Britney “I already told Hayden that he’s going up.” We’ll see though… Mind you, I am just watching some random time from last night.

    • Unless Lane spills details of how he did the horizontal mambo with Brit, I don’t wanna hear any more of what “The Beast” has to say

      he is a “Clown”

      “That’s It”

      (I think I covered the brigade vocabulary didn’t I?)

      • sad…a trained monkey could have covered that

        I used to live In Joi-zey and I am pretty sure Bozo, I mean Enzo came out and filled up my tank a few times and squugeezed the windows…

        he reminds me of an Italian version of Cooter from Dukes of Hazzard


      • Big Brother of Hazzard

        Grodner as Boss Hogg

        Ragan as Roscoe P. Coltrane

        Hayden as Bo Duke

        Lane as Luke Duke

        Britney as Daisy Duke

        with Jerry as the special guest star playing Uncle Jesse

        THATS IT

  11. my stomach turns every time they put the camera on Britney. I am SO sick of watching her talk to the FREAKIN’ cameras every time the live feeds go on. Hearing her tell Lane, “I see where your loyalty lies” made my stomach turn. I have NO doubt she would throw Lane under the bus if the house majority said that’s the way they were going to vote to save her ass. I can’t watch this *itch anymore!


      • Yes. And, what about Enzo’s comments about Brendon and Rachel making ugly babies? Is Enzo about the ugliest thing you ever saw or what? His disgusting habits. I thought that was super mean. The only thing I can think of is that every one is jealous of Brendon and Rachel. At least Ragan gave Brendon some credit for staying in the game so long with a target on his back from almost the beginning. Ragan is in the position Brendon was in and now he sees it.

  12. and ummm Chen Bot…don’t sit there and reprimand the genius for using a word on the TV that the FCC says is allowable….

    the FCC makes the rules, not your Slanket Woman

    she was blubbering like a buffoon trying to tell Matt “why” he shouldn’t use that word

    ask your scripted questions Chenbot and stfu

  13. At this point I hope the final 2 of this B/B has a good speech for why He or She should be rewarded the money. I find it hard to determine who really played the game.

    • It sure as heck won’t be a good speech from Lane. He admitted he didn’t do well in school because his parents cared only about football. Sad!

  14. is he the worst looking penguin you have ever seen??

    good grief

    (yes I can say that I am sitting here at work with a sock puppet on…right Sock-O??

    right NEC :)

  15. I’m not even going to get my hopes up about Ragan staying bc that won’t happen. I think Lane actually really likes Britney & he says he’d screw her over but in the end he won’t bc he wants the door open if after this things don’t workout with Nick.

    I’m sure in her normal everyday life she probably is mature for her age but whn you’re stuck in a house for 60 days with people you normal could avoid what are you gonna do besides talk about them? As entertaining as those pool tourneys were….they do get old!

    I’m completely over Enzo– everything he does annoys me. I’m done watching him spin some conspiracy theory on why he can’t ever win. He talked abt Rachel being a baby whn she lost but he’s worse bc it’s never his fault for losing….it’s always something other thn he just wasn’t good enough!

    At this point I want Hayden to win, he doesn’t deserve it but at least the $$$ is going to somebody who actually needs the money…hints “$5,000 that’s more money thn I’ve made in 4 years!” Broke college student, I can relate to.

    • I can relate to the broke college student too… but to a point. Seriously, I went to college for 6 years, all four semesters, fulltime plus… working 30 to 45 hours a week.. and made at least 10 g’s a year. So if he couldn’t make more than a couple grand a year, that’s his problem.

      • I guess this is where never taking the SAT’s or a day of college paid off …the military was my salvation

        I have found another form of being broke that dont involve student loans…its called CHILD SUPPORT

      • But he played baseball so I’m sure he couldn’t work a normal job…scholarship $$$ was probably the only income he had OR he may just be lazy, what do I know. OR he may have a fabulous life & conning all of us

      • Roberto from the Bachelor who won’s Ali’s “love” was a baseball stud too and has his own card…and I dont see him singing the blues about $$$ he has a job

        so Hayden can stfu, man up, and get a job Spicoli wanna-be

        stop being a clown

    • Thanks, DC, for “getting it.” The two of them are practically living together in the HoH room and Lane has been proposing all sorts of post-show adventures she should partake in to get her away from Nick. Lane is highly unlikely to leave Britney vulnerable to a Hayden/Enzo double-cross by putting her up against Ragan.

      As I’ve been saying for four days, these two are so close they are practically a married couple. They are actually more comfortable with each other than most marrieds I know. They finish each others’ sentences and wrestle constantly.

      Nick still has not taken up the idea to invite E-News or Access Hollywood over where he can formally, on camera, renounce his engagement and bless her relationship with Lane.

  16. If they are going to disagree with evolution, they should at least understand what they are poo-pooing. Evolution does not state that humans evolved from monkeys, bimbos.

    • Ummmm pretty sure that’s how I learned about evolution…the picture of the monkey turning into a human. What kinda evolution did you learn about??

    • Evolution states that humans evolved from a common ancestor, that was neither monkey nor mondern-day monkey, although that CA (common ancesotor) has similar features to a “monkey”, it is neither modern day monkey nor human. In fact if you go further and further back the organisms looks less and less like a primate or human. This is a common misconception. Note: this is not necessarily my beliefs just the what the scientific theory of evolution states.

      • The back hair is a what is termed a vestigial structure (structure that you have but no longer use) – likely to keep you warm and it was something passed on from your common ancestor.

      • Common ancestor being what though?……a MONKEY!! And we could debate this all day long but the one constent is that whn you’re in 8th grade learning abt evolution, in that text book is the picture of the monkey. It’s what people relate back to whn the topic is discussed. believe in God, don’t believe in God that’s a personal choice & belief that everyone has the right to choose or not to choose.

      • very simple…showing my age here..

        watch the Planet of the Apes,,with Roddy McDowell “playing” one of the apes

        there sure as hell ain’t much evolution there..he din’t need to spend much time in make up…lol

      • No the common ancestor is not a monkey. It would not meet the criteria of being a modern day monkey species. It may look physically similar, but there are more criteria than that to be considered the same species as a monkey. Evolution is a hugely mistaught subject, particularily in the US, often out of fear or misguided information.

      • PS dc… please note – I am stating the scientific theory of evolution – not preaching to believe it or not. My mantra is that KNOWLEDGE is power, and then make your own descisions about whether you believe or not. To state evolution means we came from monkeys is incorrect.

      • One other point is that evolution states “descent with modification” from a common ancestor, meaning many small minut changes gradually to a population over millions of years versus monkey –> human (presto!)

      • Barb..don’t take this wrong BUT..when you come in here with some superior intelligence level, and toss out words like mantra, and cliches like knowledge is power, is understandable to most, please note that a lot of the clones here don’t understand the basic game of Big Brother, let alone the biblical theories and ideologies regarding evolution.

        So my opinion would be you’re wasting valuable breath, and confusing the gerbil followers.

        I am wondering if you might be a scientist in disguise, with your knowledge..are you sure you’re not Brenchel???

      • I agree it does seem to aggrevate people, but then again noone really likes to be pointed out something when they are wrong, myself included, BUT in my humble opinion its what makes us grow in life. I have been/will be corrected many times and its not always pleasant, but I grow from the experience. On the other hand, you are right, it is an Internet chat forum. Maybe I am Brenchel… lol

      • put that pocket protector away Barb…we are still trying to figure out days of competitions, when and who has veto and HOH, who was nominated, who is doing who and what

        please, don’t feed the madness and confuse the lobotimized clones…lol

        science…ugh..I prefer history

      • I’m not aggravated…I’m just simply stating that whn learning the basics of evolution in school, it’s taught that we evolved from a monkey. So to call these people bimbos for having a convo based off of those learnings isn’t really fair. And I’m not saying you’re wrong, I’m saying clearly the convo wasn’t that intense if Ragan, Mr. Intellectual, didn’t take it that deep. That is all

      • @dc – I am going to let it rest after this (I promise no eye candy), but if you were taught humans evolved from monkeys, you were taught wrong. Humans AND monkey evolved from a common ancestor that was neither human nor monkey. I would hardly call Ragan Mr. Intellectual when it comes to Science anyway, just because he is a commicator does not mean he is factual about all he spews (and he spews plenty, that Ragan). Ask me about history, I’m hopeless!

      • Yeah…it’s refreshing to actually debate something of substance rather thn who’s a bigger liar Britney. Matt. Or Rachel

  17. haha all the HG’s are sitting around at the point I am watching saying that Evel Dick wouldn’t have imtimidated them if he was in this season.

      • Yeah. He was way worse than Rachel and they couldn’t handle her! But.. his daughter wouldn’t have been in this season, so that would have been the difference of how he even played the game.

    • OMG – and everyone comes down on Enzo. ED was the most disgusting person – language, life style, dirty old man. Get real people.

    • It’s tonight. I don’t think he will. I think he’ll go with Hayden, to make sure Ragan gets voted out.

    • yeahhh sure they are OTEV that song is old

      Houseguests…was Evil Dick the Big Brother winner BEFORE or AFTER I was an embarassment on National TV wearing that Horse Sl(B)lanket??

      step down for after and step up for before


      same redundant crap

  18. Remember Hayden won the 5000.00 and the Hawaiian trip that he lied about and said Matt won!!!!

  19. after seeing the mentality of Enzo and that group from Jersey Shore I can see their tourism industry crashing…..I think Lane has more intelligence than both parties combined…

      • lmaooooooooooooo@ Sarah I agree I am staying on the Monkey thread

        the BB remaining hg’s, monkeys and evolution

        what’s the difference?????????? NONE

      • Monkeys are at least cute. And have an excuse for their picking and bad manners. These HG’s on the other hand…

      • the monkeys at least make use of their own urine like that one video of the moneky voiding and drinking it, getting properly hydrated

        unlike Enzo, who thinks voiding on his wife in the shower serves no purpose, other than show he is a skeeve degenerate, who has yet to evolve…

    • for the record Greg…lol THANK GOD, he does not “rep” the Jersey Shore…

      he is from the smelly, skanky, seaport city of he is repping North Jersey

      actually, people fleeing that part of Joi-zey may find refuge from him on the tourism may on the contrary, be booming

      until he shows up and wants to void on the beach or the boardwalk, and ruins it for everyone

      his actions remind me of an un-neutered male dog, who wants to piss all over everything and mark it…

  20. I loved watching enzo lose it and ride the penguin spaceship… I can’t stand brit but I think she is playing the best game she can. Lane, well let’s say just say he’s doing what he states he does best, schmooz ppl. I think he has done. A good job at that. Hayden, I’m shocked at the liar he has turned out to b. I mean its almost clinical, but hey, its got him this far. And regan… he’s a hypocrite. Rachels a slut but he brags about all the men he’s “hooked up” with. What does professional attire make the std itch less???

    • “clinical” you mean cynical or comical?? does he have a disease and need some penicillin??

      and Rach may be a slut and hooked up with a lot of men..but you surely meant “she’s” not he’s

      last I checked, she is female

    • Hayden’s dad is, I guess. From what Lane was saying to Britney in the HOH room. But they are not on the best of terms, or something. His mom is trying to, or did, buy a bar right outside of Lane’s town. His life must not be too bad because if he did the whole baseball thing in college and made less than 5 g’s in the last 4 years, someone was supporting him.

  21. No I meant he as in regan has bragged about the guys he’s slept with. And I meant clinical as in textbook sociopath. he lies with ease and without remorse. Of course he doesn’t talk about killing ppl so its almost clinical

  22. I think Enzo has seriously lost some of the few brain cells he had. He made a aluminum foil spaceship… using nail polish to paint it. Wow…

  23. I want to see a kareoke( yep didn’t spell that right) challenge that would be funny. Argh I hate typing on my droid

  24. so did the Droid “evolve” from the Blackberry ??

    is that common ancestor??

    lmao here we go again

      • sigh…I did….since Enzo is proof of non-evolution I figured we needed to continue on this

        I am still in utter “awe” that a contestant on a game show would “lie, cheat or steal”

        our elected officials do it, and the clones seem shocked that a rich bitch from Arkansas, or some other lab rat would lie to advance themselves..try playing noble..see where it gets you

      • maybe we need to get the “Dragonslayer” from Survivor in BB..he plays the game with honor and don’t lie….just ask him, he’ll tell u so

  25. sad…and they will pay the winner of this glue sniffing contest, this CBS lab experiment 500,000 for making aluminum aircraft and making it a nice shade of Revlon Rose….

    still don’t think Boeing, Airbus or McDonnel Douglas will be offering this wet mop a job

  26. <<<still not sure what back hair and vestigial nature has to do with anything, BUT, if I had my choice of being saddled with vestibule or vestigial back hair, I am glad my ancestors gave me that to keep me warm in lieu of the Chenbot slanket/horse blanket she adorned last year

    I would rather freeze than hafta be seen in that garb

  27. Has the network stop showing the evicted houseguest arriving at the jury house? Does anyone know what is going on>.

  28. @ Laura’s “Britney is pretty, and at first I thought her comments were funny, but seriously…I can not stomach her anymore! All she does is talk about Rachel, and flirt with Lane. It sickens me. That boy is drooling over, and the whole situation between them makes me want to hurl.”

    yep, I wanna hurl also…watching Lane sauntering after that like a lovesick pup is comical.

    beauty must be skin deep, because with the grill that Britney has, you could feed her corn on the cob thru a picket fence and she would gnaw it off

    that girl is uglier than homemade sin

    • actually I should say Britney is the most vile hg. Rachel said nasty things but said it to peoples faces where as Britney says the most hatefull, disturbing, disgusting things about people behind their backs.

      • Blah, they’ve all done it. Britney’s done it to people’s faces just as much as she has behind their backs. Unlike Enzo and Hayden who do not do it to people’s faces at all.

      • I can honestly say, I think that Britney is, at the very least, being true to who she is. Whether or not people think that’s a good person or bad person, up to opinion. But I do think she’s being who she is all the time. It may even be hightned because there’s only so much to talk about in a house where you can’t talk about everything.

      • My vote is that Britney is the most vile houseguest this season. She’s just plain outright mean — actually vicious. And yes, I agree, this is just being true to herself. Which is even worse — it’s not just about trying to win a game.

  29. Lane have some balls put Brittany up!!! If u think u going to win with her around u are outta. Ur mind

      • I concur..but that’s the point, the whole cast has been useless

        at least his aloof nature and illusions of grandeur provide some interesting hindsight

        he isn’t whining like Ragan
        Ripping everyone like Brit

        he is just as useless as the other br-Gade members

  30. Sure they will… it could say u can fly with this or you can fly with that. (picture a boeing 747 beside his tinfoil goose)

  31. LOL they just called Britney to the diary room… when she was in a towel after a shower. That’s just.. weird. She said no, thank god.

  32. Yikes that reply was no where near nec comment. I do love my droid but the keyboard is really sensitive. Is the renom really over?

  33. What a boring, boring show this has become. BBAD is the perfect sleep-aid. . .

    I am so sick of how Brattney spends ever chance she gets to bash Brendon and Rachel. The girl is obsessed with them. Almost wonder as much as she brings up Brendon if she actually has a crush on him. I mean really. . . Some of the stuff she comes up with about him seems as though she can’t get him off her of mind. One example last night was when she was wondering about his pubic hair??? I mean really???? This is one mean-spirited and nasty girl. Oh, how proud her Nick must be.

    One thing I’m glad about is I was nice and rest this morning. The BBAD was so boring last night and after the few minutes of watching Brittney continue to pick at herself it escalated to a new all-time gross out when she started to scrape out one ear with her fingernail, played with whatever she pulled out, then the next ear, rolled that round, and then her pinkie moved into her nose!!! No kidding! The cameras moved away briefly and then two minuts later those same fingers were in her teeth!!! I don’t know . . . it’s just hard to imagine that this girl thinks she has room to talk about any one as being disgusting . . . She’s right there with Enzo and Matt playing with themselves and then rumaging in the kitchen. What a classless dirty bunch . . .

    • Well they all seem to have issues with picking pulling or pumping…Hayden was in the HOH room in the bed and was picking his nose..he was flicking it on the sheets..Hayden also has tendency to pick his ears and face..While Enzo is the king of (pumpers) Hayden did come in a close 2nd one morning at the breakfast table..Regan does have a tendency to pick at his body but it is occassional not constantly..Lane is to my knowledge the only one that does not have a picking habit..He does on occassion check the mirror for pimples but I have not noticed him doing it otherwise….So they all do it and I can’t see commenting on just one…

      • Well Graves — you just prove my point about how boring this show has become (BBAD) that you want to spend so much time debating what I stated grossed ME out and led me to turn off last night! LMAO! That Hayden picking his nose is gross but doesn’t change the fact that watching Britney last night roll around what whe dug out of her ears, picking her nose and then sticking that same finger in her teeth and chewing on that is no less gross to me! :)

      • Actually Torch it typically is Brattney and Ragan — the three stooges will just agree or laugh at whatever the mean-girls are saying or with whoever is leading the bashing.

    • I agree Richard. It is so disgusting that I had to stop watching the Live Feed. I just don’t get it. Are they THAT comfortable with the cameras now? What gets on my nerves is stupid but damn it is a pet peeve for me. When they burp and don’t say excuse me. I am so well trained in this that I say it even when I am alone. Can’t help it, my dad drilled that in me. Manners, try it HG’s, it goes along way……..along with cleaning……

      • None of em have manners ..none of em seem to have a sense of what is sanitary and clean…But I would have to say that Enzo’s and Hayden’s jacking off at the “eating” table and then fixing food and eating it without washing their hands was just a little stomach turning…They all have unsantairy issues..They are just nasty people..

  34. I’m pulling for either Lane or Hayden to win, simply because I dislike them the least. Thats not a good reason but what the heck this hasn’t been a good BB either.

    • I think I am right with you Sam-E. I’ve been trying to figure out from who is left who I’d prefer to see win and I think I agree with you.

  35. I can’t stand I-Need-A-Haircut Hayden and I-Can’t-Win-Competitions Enzo. Both need to go. Lane and Britney in Final 2. Since Britney has enemies in the Jury House, Lane will win Big Brother 12. So predictable and utterly boring. I hope Big Brother has a big twist coming to spice things up. Here’s an idea for a twist: When Ragan gets evicted, he gets to take a house guest with him so that the previous Saboteur, Annie, can come back! That would be wicked cool.

    • Regan is gonna rat the Brigade out during his speech…But he should not have told Brittney anything..H/E/L will know what he is gonna say..

  36. If Lane knows whats good for him and if he really likes Britney, he needs to put Hayden up. Enzo will vote Ragan, Britney votes Hayden and Lane sends Hayden packing. Enzo will stand no chance next week in the comps leaving Ragan, Lane, and Britney. I would not at all mind that final three. Would be MUCH better than Enzo and Hayden.

    • It’s not so much thet he likes Brittney as HE NEEDS BRITTNEY TO WIN CAUSE HE TAKES HER TOO FINAL 2 THE MONEY IS HIS..

    • I think Lane has a good chance against anyone in the F2. But a better chance with Brit. It kills me to say that too. But BB is almost over so at this point it doesn’t really matter. Enzo needs to be worried, he wins one comp with help from his brigade and he thinks he is KING KONG of the POV. Really? Hell he is a grown man talking about how his little “plane” is a spaceship and how it will protect him at night and he is going to put it by his bed. Has the man lost his mind? I mean he spent alot of time on that thing. They really must be bored in that house……NOONE to really talk about……except the same old two and they are gone so get over it Brit and Ragan.

  37. It’s really too bad that the interesting houseguests…like freaky Andrew and bisexual Annie…were evicted early. I would’ve preferred to see more of them…and Monet…than the boring Brigade.

    • I agree with you Kevin. These hgs are completely boring….. and they have such a high opinion of themselves, they think they will have reality show offers after this. About his $5000 prize, Hayden said he hadn’t made that much $$ in two years. Really??!!! What does that say about the guy. Who’s paying his expenses? Enzo with his constant whining and yanking on himself…. and Lane, well, just being Lane. At this point, I’m rooting for Britney or Regan.

    • Andrew would have exposed the brigade of idiots if he knew about it the same way he exposed the two lovers.

    • Good job, Lane! Finally, you’ve begun to play the game! This is the first surprise so far, and I LOVE it! Bye bye Brigade!

      • Just an opinion but if Lane is smart HAYDEN will get the boot..Cause Hayden will boot Lane in the final 3 and vice somebody has to go and Lane may not get another chance..

      • Graves that would be a good idea but I have a feeling he won’t. Lane can be mysterious, IMO he is more loyal to Britney even though he say’s he’s not. Just to watch Ragan’s reaction if he didn’t get evicted would either be really funny or really nauseating, lol.

      • I said before..Lane needs to take Brittney to the final 2 to assure that he wins the big money..THESE 3 DUDES ARE GREEDY..They don’t want a slice they want the entire pie..Hayden has given Brittney a tear filled account of why he needs the money and she repeated it to Lane..Now Hayden doing (if I was Lane) that could be “considered” as throwing Lane under the bus but I am not sure how Lane took it cause he only told Brittney that she was gulliable and believed everything she was told..So in that we will just have to see what happens next..

  38. It would be so neat if we could vote on who got to stay in the house the next 2 times, not the hg’s.

    • in season #1 america got to vote out the HG and they had problems with that format when certain hometowns mainly chicken georges in week four would flood the polls with multiple votes per person.

  39. I really want Lane to win, who cares if he already has $$$ he is a decent guy, and stays true to what he says. I really hope he and Brit do not end up together, he deserves a nice girl.

  40. @Ashli Rae: I really liked your post today, It was great.

    I really liked the part were Lane said that he hasn’t EVOLVED yet, you can say that again.

    Enzo was making a spaceship last night, beacuse he wanted out of the BB House, Please BB give him his wish.

    Britney: What can you say I have dated a few women like her, Well one date, because after the first date, I didn’t want to repeat of an-other boring date. You can only tell they look nice so meny times, and you can’t have an intelligent convosation, because all they want to talk about is how they look.

  41. I’m for Britney. She is the only woman standing in the game and she has actually won competitions. Yes, she’s a little highschoolish but she’s also very young. Go Brit!

  42. Lane’s true intentions will be in how he tells Britney to vote. Maybe she will vote for Ragan? If Enzo doesn’t vote for Ragan than I’d be shocked. If Lane goes against the Brigade he loses major cool points in my book.

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