Big Brother 12: Week 2 Nominations Revealed – Spoilers

Last night on Big Brother 12 we saw power change hands from Hayden to the almost evicted Rachel. Now that Rachel and Brendon hold the power of the house we’re about to see who they want in the hot seat for possible elimination.

After last week’s nomination of a certain couple by Hayden could that same couple turn around and nominate the latest couple in the house? What? You didn’t know there was another romance blooming? Yep, Hayden and Kristen have been keeping each other up at night playing the “look at how cute we are together” game. Read on to see if their romance is in danger.

Big Brother 12 Week 2 Nominations:

  • Britney
  • Monet

When the live feeds returned Britney was sobbing and Monet was silent. Jump on the feeds right now to watch their reactions to being nominated. Hayden says the girls will hug it out now and start bashing each other in a few hours.

What do you think of Rachel’s nominations? Not a huge surprise, but early nominations are usually more personal than strategic as few of the HGs have formed those near-unbeatable alliances at this stage. Rachel told Brendon that Monet should go this week and Britney next week. Can they pull that off?

The Power of Veto competition will be held very soon, either Saturday or Sunday, so stay close and keep checking in for those spoilers too. Friend us on Facebook and get our free email updates to find out as soon as the Veto results are in.

Did you get a chance to watch the live feeds yet? I’m digging the new Flash-based delivery of the feeds so I can watch them in my regular ol’ web browser. Well done, RealNetworks, with the continued improvements!


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  1. those nominations are horse sheet. i like rachel and brendon, but they lost points in my book.

    playing the personal vendetta game to start week 2? thats ugly.

    i dont know who to pull for, i like them both.

    3 days ago they said this would be the worst scenario. well they were wrong. they forgot to add being on slop the entire week.

    thats messed up.

  2. Has Rachel ever actually watched Big Brother? She is taking things waaaaay to personally to seriously be hoping to win.

  3. If I were her, (thank god I’m not) Hayden’s ass for sure would have been put up.

  4. I wish people would get over their personal vendettas and start PLAYING the game.

  5. I agree with chick from louisiana, Hayden for damn sure would have been put up and Enzo right behind him!

  6. i mean im hearing rachel said caz of monet 10,000 and britney’s alliances. she doesnt have any. WTF?

    rachel or brendon hopefully wont last till week 5. THEY HAVE TO GO.

    ALL rachel did today was talking about playing a “Real” game and being a “real competitor” yet she puts up to noms over sum bullstuff.

    how bout playing the game and putting up hayden and kristin. she said she knows they are together cause they sleep in the same bed. so why not put them up? especially when she said to 4 people she couldnt read the both of them?!

  7. well, maybe they’re trying to backdoor hayden or Enzo, there’s always that possibility now guys………..

  8. Shocked!!! Not… Said this would happen

    Bren/ray/andy are together Bren/ray/kris/hay are together and hay/kris/andy are together…. Lane/matt/enzo/hay are together bri/money/kat are together

  9. Or realplayer could have done them in HTML5 so that you could watch them on the iPhone. Flash sucks!!

  10. they better back door someone cause what a waist. they could have got those 2 out anytime….

  11. Stupid move…Maybe Britney because she’s annoying and you can tell she’ll float to whoever has the power…But Hayden for sure..I mean he put her and her man up against each he’s a strong physical player…that was a dumb-ass move!!

  12. @Tz: Orrr, Apple could stop expecting the world to bend to its every whim and join the rest of modern technology recognizing Flash as the standard, like it or not. Sure, HTML5 would be excellent, but so would a lot of things that Jobs can’t will in to existence.

  13. I thought Julie said, we were going to find out that 2 people had a long history together , were we not suppose to find that out last night?

  14. @Ron: I don’t remember Julie saying that’d be revealed, just that the Sabo had announced it. I’m curious to hear if that was true, and if so who it is, or if that was a false lead to cause chaos.

  15. Oh maybe your right matt , I did hear it from one of them , maybe I jumped to conculsion , my bad

  16. so kathy is a stronger competitor than monet and britney #9?


    kathy, lane, andrew, and kristin are strongers competitors than the two hg’s that nearly won HOH this week?

    ima use a quote from enzo;

    “yous caca bro, get outta here!”

  17. At first this morning I was thinking that bb12 made a mistake and just forgot , but it does make sense if it was the sabo…can’t believe anything she said….lol

  18. @Ron: Oh it’s entirely possible that CBS/BB promised to reveal that and just didn’t for whatever reason (maybe hoping to capitalize on that later in the season). I just didn’t recall it.

  19. one thing i cant stand and really the only thing cause i love this season is how the hg’s make fun of natalie from last season constantly. i mean it would be tolerable if the jokes were funny and were accurate to how she acted last season but ….. there not.

    im still scratching my head on why EVERYONE gave her a hard time. i mean she won the first HOH for goodness sake.

    but anyway, im glad that they told the hg about the saboteur’s identity. just so somebody doesnt get cheated out of the game like this or next week when the sab is out of the house ya know?

  20. i love it!!! that is great!! i hope britney is GONE… hate her!!!! selfish judging b@tch!!!

  21. dont like brit either but shes not a threat at all she sucks at physical comps and come on brains arnt getting her far either and gameplay does she have any???

  22. kimber she was in the final 3 for the last HOH comp that was based of brains. its not a SAT, but it is based off brains because they made it to the tie breaker. u cant guess right 8-11 times.

  23. sorry to me that wasnt really a brains comp it was a guessing comp just lucky lets see how she does in other real brain comps but havnt really seen a smart person out of her personally yet, just saying

  24. im not going to call her miss brains for getting a few q’s right out of a 50/50 based answer

  25. im not saying she is a genius. but that comp took some smarts. why? because ur answering on what the house would do, and u have to deal with numbers on how many of the houseguest will say what.

    im not gonna call her estein, but i dont think logcially u can her brains in the game totally lacking.

    i mean 2-3 questions, okay maybe u get lucky, but u saw how monet, and rachel had to really think about their answers. especially on the last one.

    rachel said she guessed. it wasnt a crap shoot

  26. i just think it would have been smarter to get out someone bigger the thing is most dont like brendon and rachel i do, but im a little dissapointed with the noms…

  27. im extremely surprised right now. britney just impressed the HECK out of me.

    not only did she go up their, and keep her tongue from rattling off names, but she still after giving her heart out to rachel she still backs up monet. i mean i havent seen that in 5 seasons. from this quick in the game

    i mean backed her the truck up.

  28. ur thinking though right? so thinking takes brains in THAT situation.

    u have to think quick because of the time limit and the chenbot and that it. but its still a mental game because ur asnwers are all based on memory, & thinking about statistics.

    she didnt win HOH, but she came 2nd. if she would not have changed her answer actually, rachel would have finished 3rd, monet would have finished 2nd and britney would have 1.

    so yea she didnt win, and i give some credit to rachel educated guess, but can u really compare her to lane or kristin who were like the first out?

  29. Britney is still crying…..come on. And Lane, Matt and Hayden are working out and hanging out in the yard, how does “smart” and my favorite Brendan not see the alliance? :(

  30. and….brendon is supposed to be one of the smartest people in the house and he was one of the first out…matt didnt will and hes a mensa member i dont feel that comp should base who is and isnt in smart comparisson

  31. the girl(brit) is annoying and stupid and thats my opinion and eats really annoying too gosh i hope they quit showing her eat reminds me of a cow or a horse

  32. well if u think she is a cow or a horse u dont like her for something that has nothing to do with her game.

    did brendon win? no. but its not college smarts that would have won u the game. brendon is practically a genius, but he didnt win because he didnt answer the questions based off the statistic of the hg’s answers, he answers based off his own thoughts.

    thats why he lost. there is a CLEAR difference between smarts in the classroom, and smarts in a game such as Big Brother.

  33. I still can’t see why Brachel put Britney and Monet. I think its a poor move on their part. I can understand why they think they’d be tough competitors in mental competitions but an endurance comp is obviously coming up. Monet and Brit def will not win an endurance comp over the guys. They should have taken out one of the stronger players so it’ll increase their chances of winning HOH next week.

  34. and actually kimber to add to my point, they werent asking questions about mathematics, science research, and the harlem renaissance.

    they were asking questions from the 13 days spent previous with the former houseguest. it wasnt “well what does newton’s theorem calculate to if brendon and rachel take into account his first hypothesis and his second” did i just make that up? of-course i did. but i think u see my point.

  35. I agree, I might not care for Monet and Britney but they are NOT strong players……get rid of the strong ones first.

  36. Ok… watching this BBAD – someone needs to come up with a different phrase for “throw them under the bus.” I’m at a party right now and have to drink every time they say it. I’m afraid I may die from alcohol poisoning!

  37. thats nice you can read great cause i never said her eating had anything to do with her game i said it was annoying also nor did i say she was a cow or horse i said thats what i think of when she is eating big difference… sorry your such a brit fan as we can see but she wont win the game sorry to break it to you, and i would bet money on that one. we have watched the girl for a week and you can really count on saying she is a smart bb player, the day everyone starts ranting on how smart of a bb player brit is is the day i will be president, she hasnt even done anything to make her such a smart player, she isnt even in a strong alliance and shes rude people dont like rude people so she wont last long

  38. the best way to play this game, and i think all of u will agree is to not win alot, have other people take the fall in front of the players.

    monet is a threat, but she made the mistake of winning the money. she didnt want to, she waiting for someone to fall 3 times, but she still won it. wasnt smart.

    u gotta be buddy buddy from day one, and cater to everyone personalities. not game strategy, but personalities.

    u have to float. im not saying u pull a jordan from last season, but u have to float. why? because u dont have the power every week. there will eb weeks where someone from the opposite side of ur alliance or w/e will be in power, and u have to carry.

    and actually if u win only when u need to, u end up floating. natalie did that, kevin did that, jeff did that (last season)

    u have to leach off the ppl u will do dumb things in front of the house, but at the same time keep a safe distance.

    and u have to have somebody thats ur close friend. natalie had jesse AND kevin, AND chima. jeff had jordan. jordan had jeff AND michelle.

    wew im done!

  39. Hey can anyone recall a season where the questions were about things other than stuff about the current house or H G ‘s

  40. People are playing this game ALL wrong!! Come on!! Who puts up Brit?? A girl that can’t even compete!!!! If I were to be in the final, I’d want it to be against a ditzy weak player!!! Duh!

  41. gee come on rachel won hoh and that dosnt mean i think she is smart or a smart player, time will tell

  42. @Marcus #45… I agree. Float early, play hard late. (my post was a little shorter than yours!.. ha!)

  43. im not a big fan. im just breaking down to u because u clearly dont understand who has shown smarts and who hasnt.

    u said britney doesnt have any smarts or basically any type of gameplay. and its evident that u either didnt watch the last HOH, or u dont britney because of how she eats.

    when they have a eating competition, u’ll have a point…..not really.

    the last HOH took brains to win, and the fact that britney was one number off, and they lasted 10 rounds of questions based off statistics of the houseguest. matt will tell u….thats math.

    didnt she would win the game. but when i read ur comment that was so backwards, i had to say something.

    we agree to disagree.

  44. and what alliance does brit have. hayden enzo lane and matt have the only strong alliance beside the annoying couple but how does no one know about the brigade. like wtf! are they all effin stupid???

  45. Great choices Rachel!!!
    Those 2 girls are so annoying bitter bitches
    so glad that at least one of them could go
    I hope is Britney, she is more annoying everyday

  46. i dont see how jordan floated last season winning alot of comp…and floaters never win to my definition a floater wins no comps and gets by from others wins.. jordan won a bunch of comps so how is that floating

  47. kimber. i loved jordan but if it wasnt for jeff she wouldn’t gone as far as she did. but they are my faves so it doesnt realy bother me. but brendon and rachael bother me. eww. they are annoying.

  48. Yeah it doesn’t matter if Brit talks a lot of crap. She’s weak. She isn’t going to win anything. Monet will probably only win mental competitions. If either one of them leaves, I think it’ll be a wasted HOH week because all hardcore competitors will still be in the house.

  49. Not taking any sides in a disagreement here, but just wanted to point out that Jordan did not win any competitions until very late in the game and then won only 2 (or maybe 3). But… one of them was “given” to her by her man. For the first 60 days or so, she totally floated.

  50. Not saying Jordan didn’t deserve to win… she did deserve it. She played very well and very hard late, and floated early. A pretty good strategy, I think.

  51. i hope and hope that andrew or kristin leaves.
    both of those guys would get all the wrong votes if u know what im saying.

    monet has to win this POV. i hope she does. if she does she will not use it, and then….no im kidding. she will take herself off and hopefully brachel….really brendon will replaced monet with andrew or kristin.

    their is nothing monet can say to…..(i pause cause monet just asked to speak with rachel) but their is nothing monet can say. rachel is SO focused on the personal vendetta the brigade could literally be exposed, and she wouldnt care.

    oh boy, one foot in the door and we got tears. her face is ugly when she cries hahaha. model that!

  52. OMG! Now Monet is up in the HOH room and saying the same thing… “under the bus, under the bus, under the bus”….

  53. Brendon and Rachel won’t put Kristen up. They have an alliance with her and Hayden.

  54. I just went to wikipedia for season 11 and counted the number of times people were on the block and Jordan was actually on the block the most 4 times and she still won.

  55. jordan didnt win anything till around day 60 but she won hoh then veto then second round of hoh for the finals then won the 3rd round of hoh comp then won the game

  56. brit dosnt have a strong alliance like jeff and jordan either though wow she has monet yay!!

  57. monet say something!!!

    haha she is sitting their not expanding on her points. rachel is giving her the road, and given her ALL the lanes to state her case.

    rachel is talking about howher and monet dont talk, and monet had a valid reason but she talks for 2 seconds, and then says “this sucks”

    u gotta go up there be extremely honest, and state ur case.

    if i was her, i would be like “i thought u didnt like me, u rolled ur eyes at me.” then expand on it. or like “if i would one, i would have thought of putting u up, but i really wanted kristin out” u CANT be like “well ya i know u thought i wanted u out….UGH! this sucks”

    she literally just wasted her time.

    my finals words tonight are;

    “meow meow”

  58. either way. brit and monet were not wise choices. i just dont get how the brigade is still a secret.

  59. @Kimber… true. As I said she played very well late in the game and earned the win (despite the first HOH being given to her by Jeff). But by floating for the first 60 days, it means you don’t have to compete against as many players to win. I like that strategy, and Jordan did it well. So, in my opinion, since it is early in this season, the current “floaters” may be on the right track so far.

  60. point exactly look who brit paired up with that makes me think she is such a smart bb player seriously there were bigger fish to fry thats for sure.

  61. So far, with Brit and Monet’s HOH visits, here is the count….. 23 “it sucks” or “this sucks”, and 17 “under the bus”.

  62. You’re right, Marcus… Monet’s HOH visit is a total waste. But, there’s probably nothing she could say to sway Rachel’s opinion. Ooooh, maybe I’m wrong… Rachel is currently telling Brendon she’s having second thoughts about her choices. Hmmmm?

  63. i dont think jordan really floated on purpose though i think she did try to win comps just lost, i mean she had a strong alliance with someone from very early on which brit dosnt even have that….kinda dont really understand how its been 1 wk and we can have floaters already has there been enough comps yet to consider anyone a floater

  64. Yeah… I’m totally wasted on the “under the bus” thing. But, you should see my girlfriend…. she has “it sucks”! Already passed out!

  65. yea rachel is realizing she messed up. it occured to me while she was crying to brendeon she barely even thought about putting up the ppl …. who put up her and brendon.

    monet had a great case and failed to follow through. britney did a wonderful job of stating her case. even backed up monet.

    rachel should feel guilty but brednon might coach her out of it.

    im really lost. rachel and brendon got had. think about it. hayden put them up, knowing their a couple. then made a deal to save him AND his girl kristin.

    he made the deal so he wouldnt be targeted and brachel bought that bullstuff. WTF? somebody hits u in the face, and u go after a witness rather than the person who knocks u in the face.

    i feel bad for rachel caz she is really nice, and a real person. she just messed up. she knows it. but i feel worse for britney, and especially for monet.

    monet didnt want to, but won the money. it was dumb but she did. if she is on the block come thursday, she will be gone. it will be a 9-0 vote. the 10,000 dollars will sway anyone.

  66. I think BBAD is expecting the makeup removal session to break out into a catfight!

  67. hahahahaha @rico!

    i know right? monet and britney said it like 100 times. their right but they said it so many times.

    i would love to know what exactly kathy said. i wasnt watching her when she was talking to rachel. if lane through britney and monet under the bus, then anything could have happened. i would not put it past kathy for one second.

    she floats HEAVILY because she is a weak competitor. what she fails to realize is that she doesnt need to float, because the majority of the house will keep her around because she is THAT much of a weak player.

  68. Goodnight everyone… I’m going to go throw myself under a you-know-what. I’ve got a golf tournament to play in 7 hours from now…. feeling pretty confident on a win! (but maybe that’s the alcohol talking)

  69. marcus the brendon and rachel trusting hayden is like a flash back to last season when jeff and jordan actually trusted nat, seriously so obvious he just didnt want to be targeted after being hoh and putting both of them up last week to me thats common sense i dont see how they dont see it…

  70. Monet was telling Rachel that Kathy wouldn’t even look at her after nomination ceromony.

  71. I never understood how winning alittle money puts a target on you… I know it does, for some reason.. But I think it’s a stupid reason to target someone. Just my opinion.

  72. Kristen seems to be playing a safe but good game look for her to go a ways in this game.

  73. LOL Rico have a drink and get out from underneath that bus and go to bed…….:)

  74. Hmmmm….I wonder if Kathy is really as she appears….I mean, she is older than the rest, and should be the wiser….maybe her game-plan is to appear as she is….until the end….Maybe she is playing weak, and making herself likable to stay under the radar until she has to pull out her guns….Just a thought as I grow tired, lol….

  75. ohhhhhhhh no.

    kathy is about to come up here and talk bullstuff.

    well rachel knows what she said.

    i have neve rliked the old ppl they put on the cast. didnt like jerry, and i dont like kathy. well i tried to like kathy, but she looks like she is full of it.

    mark my words-kathy will make it PAST jury house. caz she will float. not the good float. the float where nobody targets u because ur not a threat and they what u in the end caz ur easy to beat.

    POV is EARLY tomorrow. i highly doubt monet will win. and honestly thats her ONLY chance of staying in the game. which sucks as a fan of this season cause she is my favorite.

    the money thing is really going to screw monet. (no pun intended).

    i hope when i wake up tomorrow i read that monet has won POV. then kristin/andrew will go up.

    c’mon Monet!

    gud night everyone

  76. WFT? Now Brit the Bitch and Enzo and Monet are making fun of Momma Kathy…….Fuck them! I wish they both could go home!

  77. Well see you all later I gotta get up somewhat early to finish up plans for my mom’s 80th birthday party in the afternoon, see ya.

  78. Enzo is growing on me. He does make fun of people but damn if he ain’t funny while doing it.

  79. Yeah…he is a little too cocky though. Lol. Brachel’s nominations were basically for personal reasons. It had nothing to do with game play. Brendon keeps saying how rude and obnoxious Britney is, but so what. I don’t think she or Monet are big threats to them.

  80. Enzo is a douche ;) but I respect anyone elses opinion. I just can’t stand him. So much that he’s my least favorite. And that’s saying alot seeing all the douchebags in the house. I have to say though, I don’t want the douches to go!! They make it interesting!!

  81. Hey all, discovered something on another site…there is a youtube video with Kathy and Kristen modeling swimsuits together. I don’t know if this means they are lifetime friends as the sabo says, but it means they have met each other before….
    Luck of the Irish, pango pango swimwear… check it out!

  82. @ Abby: Crazy thing is, it seems to be a fairly recent video… neither of them look too much younger than they do now… IT could just be a coincidence that they’ve met before… but I wonder too…

  83. I’ve wondered that too..
    Well since L i v e F e e d s keep ‘bubbling out’ I give up waiting for more convo tonite–besides the hg’s were told to go to bed early for the comp tomorrow.
    I think this thread of conversation can get really interesting tomorrow…
    Night all

  84. I think its SILLY if anyone sees them as a power couple in that house….rachel is NOT jordan…jordan may have been “dumb” but she played the game, rachel is content with brenden…in the game or not…

    due to britt’s crying, I want her gone, I dont like monet…I am happy with both going early to avoid when they get bored…boy will we be bored if they get rid of meow meow early and keep brit to cry

  85. I agree Alex. I thought it was so dumb when Rachel said she’d use the POV on Brendon week 1 if she won it. Like seriously; is she there for a boyfriend or to win $500,000?!

  86. these two girls are never gonna win anything!! rachel is dumb for putting them up, i hope a someone gets backdoored! alex i agree with u, she needs to stop comparing herself to jordan cuz jordan would have never made such a dumb move!

  87. that scene on showtime where rachel walks brendon to the staircase is so lame!! brendon is so cute but so LAME!! seriously it has just been like 2 weeks!!!

  88. If you guys think about it… everyone is already going after rachel and brendan. It sounds crazy to put up monet and britney but they HATE rachel and rachel KNOWS that for sure. they shud have krysten working her magic on hayden and they can make a pretty tight alliance there. besides! it would suck to have the house split down the middle this early. it always goes back and forth and all the good ppl go 1st.

  89. Britney and Monet are both fake and have lied and thrown people under the bus but act as if some has as done the worst thing ever when it happens to them! So want both of them to go home!

  90. OMG, Britney and Monet? WHY? How about somebody from the “brigade”? Rachel is no only annoying, but she’s pathetic as well.

  91. Don’t forget about the Rachel/Brenden & Kristen/Hayden secret alliance the four have going that could take them far if they play it right. and Kristen & Kathy on that Pango Pango swimwear thing it’s not Kathy it’s actually another model named Britney, their actually at Pango Pango Swimwear website. that’s why Kristen has all them awesome swimsuits

  92. I guess all that crap from Brendon about I’m comming for you to Hayden was just talk, he is such a wimp. Or is it that Rachel is not as bonded to Brendon as we think. Either way she clearly is trying to be the polite HOH and not get to many people upset with her choices. Unless they really plan to back door Hayden after the veto, I say wimps for everyone!

  93. ^^^ Seems likely… They’re both from Arkansas, they look alike and the age gap fits…. Kathy was also the first to help Britney when she fell in the first HOH competition. Let’s see if thats another twist.

  94. 1st…….if Monet goes … do I and my black friends,

    we just hate it when only 1 minority is thrown in as a token.

    2nd…..Kathy and Rachel….previous friends.

  95. Let’s evaluate FLOATING, since it seems to be a topic here.
    Nobody thinks you are a threat
    You dont get on people’s nerves
    You dont go home
    You make it to the end
    Seems like a decent strategy to me :D

  96. @RayRay
    Sad that you are more intrested in the color of a players skin than the show itself. Ever notice there are no overweight or less than attractive people on the show. CBS is only interrested in rating and camera time. They pick the people who the camera likes best.

  97. First off, i like monet, but if she were to get evicted it would be her own fault. It has nothing to do with the color of skin. I think her problem started when she started hanging with britney. Britney has a mouth, and that’s what gets her in trouble. I liked Monet when she was the quiet one and I was secretly hoping she was the sab. But I do have to say, I was impressed by both her and britney not throwing each other under the bus when they had their one on ones with Rachel. Although the week just started and they could always turn on each other.

  98. She is planning on nominating Britney and Monet and then shes gonna try to win the veto herself or hope Britney or Monet win it and remove someone from the block and she is going to put up Hayden and try to get him out because he nominated her and Brendon before! She said she only nominated Brit and Monet cuz she doesn’t like them but they are weak and can’t do anything! They r just a pawn to get Hayden out, next week I hope Brendon wins HOH and gets out Enzo or Matt and the brigade will fall apart.

    Also Kathy is faking u guys need to watch the live feeds, after dark and the shows ALL the time, she is always acting so suspicious, she is a deputy sheriff do u KNOW how strong and smart she is, she is acting really stupid and weak so people keep her and take her to the finals, and she is a sheriff so they are obviously a bit intimidated by her, she will make it to the jury house period then shes gonna start trying super hard and shes probably gonna win HOH and take over the house, Kathy, Brendon, and Rachel should team up and make an alliance, they would be great together!!! I want either Kathy, Brendon, or Rachel to win, trust me Kathy is the next Jordan except she doesn’t have Jeff.

  99. kathy has a 22yr old son i remember her saying plus i remember brit on the first episode saying she just got engaged so possible brit is getting married to kathys son, that youtube video is weird cause at the end the models are at a bar and non of them look like the clips that looked like kathy they are all way younger

  100. so basicially the whole house is against B/m…cuz rachel seems to tell ragen and kat shed never put them up Blah blah! The whole house is split already it’s the brigade and the couples +andy and b/m kat will be another jerry so she doesn’t count.

  101. I hate watching ppl on the block not making logical reasons/points to stay..soo stupid I honestly think M will go home this wk because Ray doesn’t want the house to hate her when she’s powerless and so next couple of wks will be safe plyrs going home BRi next then ragen cuz no one will care if they leave. Unless alliances dissintigrate

  102. #121 Bruce – IMO – Britney is engaged to Kathy’s 22 year old. I know, I’ve said this before, but I’ll keep saying it until proven completely wrong and clueless!!!

  103. I know for a fact that Kathy is not Britneys mother. Britneys mom is on a board I frequent. She says Brit didn’t know anyone in the house before BB.

  104. The 2 noms deserve everything they get. They bashed Annie all week because of her behavior. Now they’re doing the same. Not to mention their upetty trash talk of all the HG’s. I hope 1 goes home!

  105. I understand that Rachel nominated Britney and Monet for eviction last nite. Who won the Power Of Veto today?
    Kevin Silvestris
    Worcester, MA

  106. Red headed bimbo nom’s the weakest players–How lame?? Get a grip and play the game! She should have put up Enzo and Kristen-Enzo most likely would have won POV and then they could have back doored Hayden.The longer Hayden stays in the house the harder it is going to be to get rid of him!!! Same with Kristen–they will both need to be back doored or they are running to the end!!

  107. Hmm. Interesting nominations. Perhaps Rachel is trying to back-door Hayden, but likely she is just putting her personal feelings first.

    It’s hard to root for any of these players this season. I haven’t yet seen someone actually “playing the game”!

  108. i’m a brenchel fan, but rachel is even starting to anny me now. first she makes the crappiest nominations ever and now she’s on the verge of losing her only true ally and bed buddy. why on earth would she nominate brit and monet, and then replace brit with andrew?? that makes no sense! wouldn’t you put up people who actually will get the chance to target you, like enzo? and what’s the deal with the showmances alliance? there’s no way hayden wouldn’t put up or back door brendon in a hearbeat. i think if he was really smart he’d drop the brigade instead. the 2 women have better relationships with the floaters than the guys and would probably keep them in the game longer. enzo is an idiot, lane is deadweight, and matt’s practically exposed himself to rachel as gunning for her. if a brigade member doesn’t get nominated in brit’s place it’s all over for brenchel.

  109. Rachel nominated Brintney and Monet out of emotions. I like Andrew but, I hope that Monet stays just to see the look on Rachel’s face. Also; since the Sabator has been reveled I am sure Big Brother has other plans and I hope that they will bring someone back and if I have a chance to vote it will be for Monet. Monet is a very quite person and she did not do anything to Rachel she just did not kiss her butt. In my opinion Rachel has a problem with drinking every time there is something to drink she is right there. She told them when she got the Patron that she would share and guess what her and Brendon drank it all. If you noticed he was not really all that excited about taking shots. As soon as she did she was all over him.

  110. heard that brit got the power of veto. who do you all think is going up in her place.????
    some say ANDREW?

    She should put up Matt. He wants her out.

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