Big Brother 11: Week 4 Wednesday Live Feed Highlights

Another big uproar broke out on Big Brother 11 yesterday when Michele played an unwise prank on Russell by telling others she had a talk with him on sexual dysfunction. Natalie and Jessie used this event to campaign for Ronnie by leading up another big fight and pitting Russell against Michele. Somehow all of that has made Russell, the HoH, seemingly giving his approval to keeping Ronnie. Find out how it all happened…

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Big Brother 11 Live Feed Highlights – August 5, 2009:

9:45 AM BBT – Jessie is going through a little ‘roid rage in the green room. He wants to pop the bubbles on the wall, but BB is telling him not to. Jessie doesn’t take this too well. I think this hamster is ready to get out of his wheel and run free.

10:20 AM BBT – Jessie and Natalie are talking about Ronnie’s chances to stay in the house. Jessie thinks he has a chance, but Nat doesn’t.

12:30 PM BBT – The fight over the alleged ED discussion starts up as Russell complains to Jeff about Michele’s lie. Jeff warns Michele to cut it out.

1:00 PM BBT – Lydia discussing with Michele how Jessie has left bruises all over her from the punches. Um, how is this not a problem, Big Brother?

2:30 PM BBT – Ronnie starts weaseling in with Russell. He tells him he wishes he could get the votes to stay so he could help Russell get Michele evicted next week.

3:30 PM BBT – Natalie now working on Chima, telling her that Michele lied to Chima and lied about Russell to keep her from being mad. Chima says she doesn’t care and isn’t interested.

3:40 PM BBT – Russell calls a house meeting to explain his side of the story over the sexual dysfunction lie from Michele. This meeting goes on for quite awhile and gets very heated. Chima is taking Michele’s side while Natalie is tearing into Michele and accusing (falsely) her of additional lies.

4:15 PM BBT – Michele and Chima trying to work it out. Chima really wants to trust Michele, but she’s not making it easy for her.

4:30 PM BBT – Russell says that if the Coup D’Etat power isn’t used this week then that must mean Michele has it. Um, that’s faulty logic…

4:45 PM BBT – Jessie and Natalie trying to convince Kevin that Lydia must go. Kevin isn’t buying this too much. Now Chima is telling Kevin that Lydia threw him under the bus. Hmm, does that mean now Chima will vote out Lydia and keep Ronnie?

5:30 PM BBT – Ronnie working Jeff for his and Jordan’s vote. Ronnie promises he’d put up Russell and Kevin or maybe Michele. He’d negotiate. Jeff isn’t agreeing to anything, just listening.

6:30 PM BBT – Natalie telling Chima that Jeff and Jordan might vote to keep Ronnie and then she should too. Chima agrees. Ohs Noes!

6:40 PM BBT – Chima tells Ronnie she hopes he stays but will stab him in the night if he betrays her.

7:50 PM BBT – Jordan telling Ronnie that he screwed them and she’ll never trust him again. So at least her and Jeff won’t be voting for him to stay.

8:00 PM BBT – The “Messages from America” start up in the house. This should be fun to hear!

8:15 PM BBT – Looks like it’ll be a buzz-in quiz game tonight for HoH. Big Brother has left a stand with a clickable light on it for them to practice. Natalie pushes the button and then scurries around looking for the reward treat but can’t find it. Okay, that last part didn’t really happen.

8:40 PM BBT – Natalie agrees to finally take a shower this week at 9PM. Yes, that’s right. Natalie did not shower for an entire week because she was a Have-Not and didn’t want a cold shower. Disgusting.

9:00 PM BBT – Yep, Natalie finally took her first shower in a week. You don’t need to watch that, just good to know.

9:30 PM BBT – Kevin, Jeff, and Jordan are trying to comfort an upset Michele. They assure her that Ronnie is going home and none of them will nominate her next week if they win HoH. She doesn’t quite believe them.

10:00 PM BBT – Jessie telling Chima that he is so close to keeping Ronnie safe this week. He’s looking for her support on this. Jessie then goes to Jeff who shuts him down on the idea.

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Will Ronnie be safe this week afterall? There are just 7 votes with no chance of a tie-breaker. How will they vote? Who do you think they should evict?

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  1. Holy cow – everyone thought Jordan had a tendency to run her mouth too much. Looks like Michele has taken that crown away from Jordan hands down after this.

  2. Oh and what the heck was Russell eating on BBAD? Was that some type of mustard? He sure used a lot. And it was creepy how he kept watching Jordan work out.

  3. Ok what happen lastnite with lydia and jess something about cutting? I know nat was mad at jess to for it. Details anyone please

  4. @Johnny: Lydia keeps discussing her past cuts (self inflicted) and how she thinks about wanting to do more. Hard to tell if she’s serious or just looking for attention. BB hasn’t pulled her over it so I’d say we don’t have to be too worried.

  5. OMG! What have i been missing? Michelle running her mouth a little to much now? WOW! Get a lil power and look what happens! I’m still hoping RONNIE the RAT will be walking out that b.b. door tonight. And when is the winner of the “power” going to be revealed? Someone??

  6. Ronnie has to go. He is beyond sick and creepy check out the following link Chip and Zach with Ronnie playing the lead part with his best friend who is a stuffed monkey hooked on sex which he has with Ronnie’s real life wife Michelle who plays his Mom and has sex with his best friend the monkey…CREEPY. It seems to be a sick spoof from person/persons with a warped mind(s) of Blue Clues. To think he is a teach is very scary. I have two daughters who go to the performing arts school in Florida and there is chance in hell I would allow him to teach my girls. He also needs to come out of the closet. He seems to have more gay tendencies then Kevin. Crying all the time, filing his nails and then last night painting them and then blowing them dry. He is very ODD

  7. After reading Russ’s HOH blog ive finally made my mind up about him. The guy doesnt have a clue. Anyone who thinks Jesse is a totally honest person is not thinking with a clear head. Honestly people, i ask you, is Jesse that good a liar? Although he does seem to have some good stuff to say about Jeff and Jordan, i dont think he fully trusts either one. Poor Michele. He ground her into the dust. He wont be trusting her at all after this eviction. And have to read that one for yourself. Very funny. A very interesting blog by Russ. Shows where his head is at. Im no longer a Russ fan.

  8. I still think Ronnie is going gome too. I seriously don;t think anybody will be changing their votes. And I don’t think Michele will be evicted next because evictions are never made personal like that. I’ve never like Russ that much due to his random outbursts.

  9. Awww Geez, Russ is back with Jess and Nat??? Are you sure? I was hoping he would stay with Jeef, Jordan and Michelle. I too want Ronnie gone this week. Hopefully Chima, Nat and Jess are close behind!!

  10. sorry yall. i WANT RONNIE TO STAY. yep i said it. he makes it interesting. this has to be the most schizophrenic bb EVER. its still watchable, but weird beyond all expectations. i also think RUSS is pulling everyones leg on his info. at least, i hhope so,…God, please dont let him be that stupid…. jordan cant take the competition for dumbest houseguest haha. also, NATALIE, please let her leave, i ll give everyone a half million to get her out next week….PLEASE. haha

  11. I don’t get all the hate for Ronnie. Yes, he’s lied and played one person against another, but so has most everyone else in the household.

    I think that some people just have a hard time supporting a guy who isn’t the macho alpha male type, like, Jeff, Russell, and Jessie. They’re macho, he’s nerdy, so some people in and out of the house don’t like him.

    Well, if it wasn’t for computer nerds (like Bill Gates, for example), you wouldn’t have a computer on which to discuss BB or anything else, for that matter.

  12. I dislike Ronnie for the same reasons i dislike Jesse and Nat. They get too much joy out of lying to people. I dont think lying and minipulation is the only way to win. How about winning competitions and HOH. How about being decent enough so that America votes for you to have a “special” power. How about being able to read people well enough to get on their good side. Those things have nothing to do with looks…just pure gameplay. Ronnie didnt do any of those things. He gleefully rubbed his little rat paws together and told his next lie.

  13. Another view – I doubt most people don’t like Ronnie just because he isn’t “macho”. I like Kevin, and he’s definitely not “macho”. I don’t like Ronnie because every single thing that comes out of the kid’s mouth is completely untrue. I don’t mind some manipulation and lying in the game. It just gets old when someone lies about their life outside of big brother. Did you hear him talking about his bachelor party on BBAD last night? Even Jessie was rolling his eyes. He’s just plain annoying and not even that smart. If he was smart, he would not get caught in his lies like he has numerous times. Time for the rat to finally go home.

  14. I want Ronnie gone, but with the flip floppers, either Lydia or Ronnie could go home. I still hope Jeff gets the “wizard power”. Michelle I thought she was a little too quiet and didn’t know what to think of her now she just runs her mouth and I think she is the next to go. I am sooo tired of hearing Chima’s laugh. It’s soo annoying. Lydia just wanted attention from Jesse which is where the cutting thing came into play. Wake up Lydia..the only reason Jesse is interested in you is because you’re easy. Natalie-Casey called her Jesse’s “bulldog” she is more like an annoying chichuaha, sorry about the spelling. Jordan is a lot Clueless and it’s probably her favorite movie. Kevin too much of a floater.

  15. jessie is a cold fish who hates women. he is next to a wife beater. When he manhandles women even on the show you caN SEE WHERE HIS HEART IS.

  16. Sure, Ronnie tried to play both sides against each other early on in the game, but his only sin during his HOH week was trying to be honest with everyone.

    When he planned on backdooring Russell, that genuinely seemed to be his plan. His first mistake was being too honest with everyone and bringing too many other housemates into that conversation. Remember how he first said to a few other houseguests that they couldn’t tell anyone else? Then he ends up telling Jeff about the plan (and I do believe that was honestly his plan when he told Jeff and Jordan about it).

    But when he told Jessie about the plan, Jessie then manipulated him into getting rid of Laura. He hadn’t consciously lied to everyone else…his plan changed after speaking with Jessie.

    I’m hoping that he wins the power tonight and gets rid of someone who’s gunning for him, whether Russell, Michelle, or Jeff.

  17. @Lisa I just watched the youtube video with Rat Ronnie and what a CREEP.This guy should have never been cast. He is a freak. BB cast the most crazy (literally) people ever. How did they pass the psych test is what I want to know. I cannot believe that weirdo put Casey down for the things he did (being a teacher). He has to be the most hypocritical houseguest EVER. He and Jesse are two peas in a pod.

  18. Ronnie, Jessie and Natalie all 3 need to get the boot. Get those 3 cockroaches out of the house. I hope America voted for Jeff to get the secret HOH so he can take Jessie and Natalie out in one sweep. Natalie’s stupid relationship with Jessie is so irritating. I think she would wipe Jessies butt if he asked her to. You know what bugs me most about Natalie is she complains about other people in the house just floating along well what in the heck is she doing, I haven’t seen that girl win one compitition. The only thing she seems to be good at is being Jessies little servent. SICK. I am beginning to think no one in the house realizes just how horrible Jessie and Natalie are. I’m so sick of the houseguests going to Jessie and asking his opinion on what he thinks should be done. Think on your own people. Hmmm maybe Body Buiding is the wrong career for Jessie.

  19. wow, and jordan and jeff are great because they dont scheme or have any basis for taking people out?

  20. Go Jeff!!! Chima as HOH, ugh. I am sure the other HG’s will figure out that Jeff has the real power. I wonder if he will use it. We know Russell is going on the block this coming week and my guess would be with Lydia or maybe Jeff

  21. I think Jeff will use it to put up Nat/Jesse and people wont be able to get their votes together ahead of time. I sure hope it is Jesse that goes home

  22. after last night I was pleased that jeff got the power but somehow knew he would not use it until next week. If russell goes up on the block jeff may use it. don’t know yet what chima is going to do. she is strong and stuborn woman and will do as she feels strong about. I keep thinking she will put up michele and russell or michele and jordan. jeff will have to use it to put up who he wants to take out and put up then makes a mark on his back no matter what. so he may go to the jury then. I don’t think he cares one way or another. but he will get out who he wants before he goes. yea jeff!

  23. If Chima puts up Russell and Michelle or Lydia,Kevin Jeff will take them off and put up Jesse and Natalie. Next week if Russell,Lydia,Michelle or Kevin win They will not put up Jeff because he saved them from eviction. Sound good?

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