Big Brother 11: Week 1 PoV Ceremony Results – Spoilers

The Power of Veto Ceremony is over in the Big Brother house. To find out if the Veto winner used the power to save either of the nominees click “continue reading” for the spoilers

Russell, the winner of this week’s PoV, did exactly as was expected. He used the Veto, saved Lydia from the block, and in her place Jessie put up Braden.

The plan is currently holding to evict Braden on Thursday, but there’s five full days before that could happen and things change on a dime in this house.

What do you think? Now that it’s down to either Braden or Chima, which of these two should be sent home on Thursday’s first live eviction night? Share your thoughts below.

You can also check in on the house and see what’s happening right now on the live feeds and try it for free. Right now some of the HGs are gathered at the pool, trying get out of the heat of the house!


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  1. I think that Braden will be evicted since the votes as of right now are against him, plus they dont see Chima as a real threat besides her being rude, so therefore Braden will go home

  2. @kevin: I agree. If the voting was tonight he’d definitely be gone. We’ll have to see how things go on M/T/W to see if Braden can talk his way out.

    Who knows, maybe Chima could start a big fight and piss off the wrong people. Probably not, but you never know!

  3. Dear ROnnie… Please stop doing your hair in a mohawk..It so does not fit you.. and it looks like your mom did it..

  4. i really dont think that Braden can talk himself out of this one,if i was in the game (which i plan on doing in the future lol), i would take him out to because he is quiet and could possibly be another Dan from season 10

  5. I just want to speak for the great state of Iowa- Jessie, u suck, stop wearing the Iowa tee’s- it’s not your game we hate, it’s just your douschy personality, your not even an enjoyable “bad guy”….your tired and we were over you 2 min. into your origional season!

  6. Ronnie’s hair was a fauxhawk, but you’re right, it was not cute. His hair is too long for it!

  7. I think Chima needs to leave the house. She is strange and very rude. I like Braden and hate Jesse anyway.

  8. I was a top finalist for BB11. I don’t watch television. After all too many friends telling me the house is filled with a bunch of duds, I’m contemplating watching the 1st episode to see my would-be roomies. (I think my friends are stupidly trying to make me feel better…even though I’m now ecstatic I didn’t go into the BB house). Since you guys are actual fans of the show, can you tell me if it’s worth the watch? I took a quick look at HG photos/bios. Difficult to say for certain from the headshots, but from the people I remember through the casting process @ CBS, I think I’m the only 1 (out of 4 LA finalists) they nixed :) Tattoo Girl and MMA Guy were definitely 2. I think Neuroscientist Chica might have been the last one, but she looks a bit different. I debated publically posting my article on the hilarious casting process, but here it is – Since I glazed over about 15-25% of the 100+ pages in disclosures I signed, I hope CBS doesn’t/can’t sue me.

  9. Chima needs to go! Did u see her crying in the corner like a sore loser? Or what about miss “i’m too diva for this” moment…too much attitude already! But Jessie is dumb as a rock so who knows.

  10. it could go either way braden could go or chima and she is the pawn and usualy the pawn ends up being the one that goes

  11. I would love to see Chima Go, i agree with tonya she wines too much, shes a sore loser,

    love the addition to the BB game HAVE/HAVE NOT GAME, interesting anyone??

  12. Wow, I think Lydia is going home… The reason is because the brains threw the competition… There is no way under GOD’s green earth they could have lost. There brain patterns are used for calculations, but they can’t put together pipes…please. They are smart, really smart not to uncover their hidden truth, in my opinion, they want to appear weak toward the beginning, fly under the radar… On a personal note, I LOVE JESSIE, he is from Tampa and I think he is funny… No one else may, but i do…ha ha ha
    That is all that matters, GO JESSIE…ha ha ha
    P.S… I spoke to the Universe and it said Braden was a Lesbian…Love ya

  13. What the heck? Russell frickin sucks. He’s the one who wanted Lydia up in the first place. I like lydia and everything and wanted her 2 stay I really did, but now somebody who should go farther in this game is gonna be cut short because Russell had second thoughts. I also dont see how Braden is a threat, yes he came in third in the HOH competition but in the “Have and Have Nots” competition he didnt seem to come of as that big of a threat. Jessie should have put up Ronnie because wether he knows or not in the end Ronnie will beat anybody.

  14. I loved last season but the cast this season leaves much to be desired, in my opinion….does anyone else feel this way? I’m not sure how long I’ll even watch this year. and jesse back, really?!?!? I hated him his 1st go round and nothing much has changed.. he seemed to get bigger so now he looks even more like a cartoon character. Let’s just hope he gets the boot VERY soon!! For this week, Chima should definitely be the one to go..

  15. @Amy: Every season I feel like I cross my arms and glare at the new group thinking they could never live up to great seasons of the past. Sometimes they surprise me (BB8), sometimes they don’t (BB9). I do think this group has potential, but it’s too early for me to throw in the towel on them.

    Heaven knows that at the very least they’ve been putting on an impressive show on the live feeds! I haven’t seen this much fighting this early on before. Just wait until cabin fever really creeps in after 2 months!

    And yes, Jessie looks like the Michelin man. All bubbly. But I think it was intentional, oddly enough.

  16. I hope that Chima goes home on Thursday. Because I can’t stand her and her laugh. So I hope Big Brother 11 houseguest see that.

  17. Lord I hope Chima goes,what a diva. Jessie next I couldn’t wait for him to leave last season. Russell is trying to pull a Brian,and we all know what happened to him.

  18. I agree with Rose about Russell trying to pull a Brian. Jessie knows what Russell is doing and when the cliques split up and Jessie wins HOH Russell will be up on the block no doubt.

  19. Chima should go….. If they keep her all we’re going to hear is crying and whining….. and eventually a mental breakdown !

  20. btw, Russell is a huge tool. Jessie, how ever much I despise him, is no fool. The first chance he gets he should scheme to crush and evict Russell “the love mussell” (I read somewhere he was showing off his 2 incher earlier this week; thus he should be called the love mussell)….

  21. Dont know why Braden is up.. maybe i missed something! Defiently dont think lydia should’ve been up! Chima needs to go home!! Kelvin’s hair is cute =) Jessie is eye candy but know he is bigger and more cocky! i guess he thinks he’ll actually win this time (lol). should be intresting Tuesday!! I think they all need to watch out for Ronnie. He’s a little sneaky to me…

  22. braden will go home his pretty-boy attitude will get annoying. I hope this season is not like last season where the house evicts whoever the HOH wants thay did that last year every week except jessies evition which was the best vote off last year.


  24. I think Chimo should go. Ronnie gives me the creeps. The way he walks in on anyones conversation so he can change it around so it looks like one of the other team members did something or said something against the others. Wake up people. What has Breden done to piss anyone off. I cann’t stand the way chimo looks, way to much botox…..

  25. I HATE JESSE. I think catwoman face needs to go. I’m glad Lydia gets to stay. So far my favorites are the “off beats”. I really wish Evil Dick would come back. Again, I repeat, I HATE JESSE… muscle headed bafoon.

  26. I agree with Chima needing to go 1st. Then “Bikini Girl” I wish they were the two up 1st. They are both equally annoying!

  27. I think Chima should go first. She is very annoying and she such a baby. She will be queen of the temper-tantrums for the show.

  28. This is the worst casting yet on BB. What a bunch of no personality unattractive losers. Let’s start with that big synthetic wig wearing Chima. That huge lip touches her nose when she whines. She says she’s a “diva” – did you see her house in the promos? Give me a break. Laura with those faned out teeth – constantly looking in the mirror. Those overgrown mammarys – so out of proportion. Oh God, that hairy stomach – looking like he’s pregnant Ronnie. He keeps trying to get the girls alone with him to discuss “game” – it’s really because he’s never actually been able to get a girl alone. What a dork. Lydia has the face of a baboon. She always looks like she’s on the verge of a good cry – and she always looks dirty. Then there’s poor ol Michele – so needy, so pathetic. Stuffing her fat ass into her polyester bargain bin dresses and vinyl pumps. Trying to get someone to look at her. Braden is obviously a switch hitter and isn’t attracted to anyone of either sex in the house. More later – I’m on the phone with Cox cable cancelling HBO. Watching BB afterdark was torture.

  29. @Lisa: You better call the cable company back and make that SHO2, not HBO, or you’ll be missing the next season of “East Bound & Down”!

    Ronnie is married, but yeah, hopefully he’ll get a chance to healthy-fy that belly this summer.

  30. Chima should definitely be the one to go … her laugh and pouty expressions are drving me crazy!!!! Jesse is the biggest bore that was EVER on BB and whoever selected him to be a choice for another chance should have their head examined. Lisa, I agree with your comment about BB Afterdark … it is pure torture, but I hate it even worse when they all use 4-letter words and act like tramps on the live feeds. I am regretting spending my money on such trash. I am so sick of Jordan stopping around in that pink thing with her huge butt sticking out … makes me want to puke!

  31. i think chima should go home..braden hasnt rly done nething annoying..i think ronnie shouldve been added on the block he is soo freakin weird!!

  32. I think that Chima should still be the one to go. All she has done so far is to complain about the competitions and gripe about the houseguests and the situation that she finds herself in now. I say that if you are such a little princess and are afraid of getting “your hands dirty” then you shouldn’t be there to begin with.So Long Chima.

  33. I’m back. Off the phone w/Cox – cancelled BBafterdark – SHO2 (thanks Matt)!
    Sara – You’re right about Jordan – the first minute she could – she had her pants off on BBAD. Even Michele was giving crotch shots (Gross as that was). Jeff seems like he has a really bad temper that is hard for him to keep in check. He’s called all the guys “fags” and “homos” and it seems to me he’s been off his coke snorting habit for too long. Wasn’t it funny how Jessie couldn’t stand Laura right off the bat – because she’s just like him. They both need major attention and are showy.

  34. EXCUSE ME! Did someone say Ronnie is married? I thought I heard someone ask him about where he lives & he said with his mom. Please someone correct me if i’m wrong. I think he looks very creepy. Also I can not stand Jesse either. Please fire whom ever put him back on the show. Jessica should have come back, BOO-YAH! SHE-MALE needs to go & NOW! She is gross. I hope this season gets better or i’m outta here! BB11 not looking good.

  35. To Cyndi, OMG Ronnie did say he lives with his Mom. He is such a wierdo and I don’t know how he was even cast for the show. Whomever did casting this year should be fired because it’s the worst cast ever. You are right about Chima because without her wig she probably is a “SHE-MALE”!
    To Lisa, you are right on the money. Jessie and Laura have that similar need for attention and I agree with your previous observations as well.

  36. OMG@!!!!! Don’t have feeds at work, but according to a live feed update, Braden just went BONKERS on Lydia and Kevin, even calling Kevin a “beaner”???? What is a beaner??? They are all screaming and yelling, but the Lydia had the GALL to start dogging out Jordan for crying at POV yesterday, and not crying for HER!!! THEN yelling about JEFF not defending her (Lydia) OMG!!! CRAZY!

  37. here is what I think. the girls who show there bodys are asking to get thrown off, the other girls get feeling like there not as good ,so bye,bye and jessie just dont know how to park his concied, anyone can take steriods and get big. so get real jessie I like the teacher to win the whole thing

  38. they house in in turmoil now everyone is yellin about who knew when Lydia was oin to be put on the block, hey everyone has to go sometime. the show producders did a great job of getting houseguests how somehow haven’t
    left 9th rade in their heads!Need a break, the yellin is too much drama fdor me. later guys

  39. CHIMA is a congenital liar. She claims she was raped by a “serial killer” who got caught and then was executed.

    She’s not old enough to have been raped, and then had her attacker tried, convicted, and executed. . .. .

    She claims to have had a lot of boyfriends. . famous athletes. . .ect. . . If she was raped, I doubt this.. .. .she claims she was raped, but she is just normal. . .

    SHE is a liar. . . .these are not nomal harmless lies. . . ..these are pathalogical lies. She has a mental condition. ..she needs to go, NOW.

  40. I have to agree with many of you here that the casting this season SUCKS!!!! My favs are Kevin (gotta love the token gay guy), Jeff, and the spanish girl (forget her name). The most annoying are Casey, Ronnie, Russell the muscle, and Jordyn. I am undecided on the rest except for Jessie. The genius who decided to bring him back should be horse-whipped. He was annoying last time so he is double annoying now. I really would have liked to see Brian get a second chance or have Jessica back.

    Hey maybe the twist this year is that this cast is a joke and the real cast starts next week. YAHHHHH!!!!! One can dream right? LOL

  41. Where do I begin? First, I have a question, would Jessie survive if there were no mirrors? How would he live if he could not flex for his own enjoyment?

    I have to agree with many of you–this is an interesting group of guests this year. I have not missed a year since the first BB episode. I look forward to seeing the twists and turns. Jessie and Russel are sort of odd–something must happen to you when you have too much muscle mass. lol
    J/K body builders…sort of…

    Something that I still don’t get is after so many years of the show–how do the guests (who have clearly watched previous years) not get that they should chill and not get so crazy with the he said she said conversations? Maybe it is the environment or maybe they are in various stages of “nuts” or maybe it is both.

    I hope they save Bradon and toss Chima-Chima-Bo-Bima out of the house.

  42. Yes, Save Braedon!! Goodbye Chima! Hmmm, who do you all think the next HOH clique will be??

  43. JESSIE is so boring it’s pitiful! I had my fill of him on BB10. I was hoping Brian or Jessica would be back in the BB house. I’d like to see Braeden survive eviction Thursday now that he has shown he’s not just another pretty face! I think the BB11 housemates are going to give us a lot to talk about, wait and see!

  44. You know what – I believe the only reason BB put Jesse back in (and yes, I believe that was contrived for him to be the one as the challenge was definitely geared for the “athletes” to win). BB KNEW he was “controversial” and knew they would get the masses all riled up. Just my HO.

  45. Why is everyone hating on Jessie? I think he is one of the best players ever in the big brother house. The only reason he was out early last season was because of libra

  46. “One of the best players. . .”. . .are you sheeeting me? He’s in the bottom 15 players in the history of this game. In addition, I have a theory, that

    people who are on steroids are not people this society ought to honor or hi-light. People on steroids ought to be scorned and belittled. .. .shunnned and made an outcast. Didn’t the Michael Jackson body disfigurement teach us anything?

    Jessie is s joke . .. ..he was out last season because he is stupid moron. He has a very limited vocabulary and his IQ can’t be more than 100. .. .. he’s a boardline retard. .

  47. just because someone is big doesn’t mean they are on roids. guess there’s always gonna be jealous haters.

  48. DanG, hes not on steroids u ignorant, jealous fool. Just because you probably have a female body as a male doesn’t mean you gotta hate on someone on tv at least say it to his face so he could make you look like an idiot.

  49. Jessie is on steroids. I am a conditioning coach at a Big 12 university and I know what IS and iS not possible for the human body. The muscle gains by Goddenz in the past year are NOT possible without chemical assistance.

    In addition, I watched him and that lunkhead Russell lift last night, and his muscle mass, if it was “natural” would allow him to lift MORE than he can. His mass is NOT natural. . .period. This is a fact. . .and nothing you can post will change the facts.

    Victor, your post is embarrassing and you have humiliated yourself with your ignorance.

  50. I think it’s hilarious when the players say they deserve to stay in the game. No one deserves to stay over anyone else. It doesn’t matter who goes between Chima and Braden, they are not game players anyway. I also think it’s laughable that some of you want Chima to go because she’s annoying, but I find no one more annoying than Lydia. What the hell is her deal? She has a disgusting personality and she thinks she’s flirting with the guys and that will save her but in the end they are going to make her look like a huge slut. I don’t see anyone besides Russel who looks like they can win it. Jessie will be out soon enough. He’s too stupid to win.

  51. DanG, you’re an idiot

    1. He only gained 20 lbs this year, which is easily possible naturally, almost all pro bodybuilders put on more then that in the offseason actually.

    2. He lifts so light on the show because he can’t really workout properly on the show due to not having enough equipment, so he probably only maintains and doesnt try to lift heavy and gain weight while on the show, also the show doesnt have like any weights if you look at the setup they got going

    So yes, you’re an idiot don’t assume every 200 lb muscular guy is on steroids because he’s not and he’s said he isn’t.

  52. I see some jealousy with Russell over Jessie. He said he wants to make sure that Jessie uses his idea’s and mainly his idea’s. that so far, is all I have observed. I don’t think that I have watched enough to really give good personal views. I expect there to be more personalities coming out in the next two weeks and then I can make a judgement.
    I still don’t know why braiden was picked to go on the block. was there a reason? any one know?

  53. @ Ron– Why do you say that Bradon is a racist?? I haven’t heard anything racial from him. (I don’t have the feeds either though) Do you? Is that why you say that??

  54. he told kevin he was a beaner, even though he’s Japanese and African not Mexican and he told him to shove a banana up his ass lol

  55. Victor, sorry, you are wrong. If you had a degree in human physiology or kinesiology (I do) you would understand, a person with his physic could not gain 20 pounds of muscle, or undergo the physical changes he has in the past year without chemical enhancement.

    You are simply wrong, and to continue your denial is just to further humiliate yourself and focus your ignorance.

  56. Victor, didn’t Pete Rose say he didn’t bet? Didn’t Barry Bonds, Jose Conseco (at first)and other players say they didn’t take steroids? We’ve learned that we can’t even believe what are athletes say.

  57. Although we may disagree on any number of things concerning the HGs and BB11 in general, there’s no need to call each other names. Let’s be civil, please.

  58. Thank you, Kathy! So many people coomplain about how childish our contestants are being and then go off in a completely different direction that has nothing to do with why we’re all here watching and commenting. FOCUS PEOPLE!! (And, occasionally, spell check.)

  59. Dave, you might want to practice what you preach. There is nothing worse than a hypocrite. . .and people who complain about things that irritate them. .. .

    Focus, Dave, or you will appear more foolish than you do right NOW. Don’t complain again. . . Focus

    Bob, don’t project. . .

  60. Now then, impressions after two shows (and no feeds):

    Jesse – Still poses too much and still needs attention. PLAYER

    Laura – Used to getting attention and is confused when she doesn’t. NON-PLAYER

    Ronnie – Not nearly as smart as he thinks he is. Very much a wanna-be on several levels. PLAYER

    Braden – Also, not as smart as he thinks he is. Feels pressured very easily. Spoiled. NON-PLAYER

    Jeff – Over-shadowed, because of Jessie’s return. He would have been more formidable, if he hadn’t. NON-PLAYER

    Casey – Smart, but not an EVIL DICK. He can see and understand what’s going on, but doesn’t yet know how to effect things. NON-PLAYER

    Chima – Admitted diva. Whines and pouts FAR too much and doesn’t appear to have any talents. NON-PLAYER

    Jordan – Likes playing with others and having fun, but isn’t aware she’s in the Big Brother house. NON-PLAYER

    Kevin – Fun and sensetive. He has some work to do if he’s going to be anything but a slider. NON-PLAYER

    Lydia – Smarter than she let’s on. maybe a little too aggressive. PLAYER

    Michele – Book-smart, not Big Brother smart. Needs to be more aggressive, maybe team-up with Casey. NON-PLAYER

    Natalie – Needs to be more assertive. She’s on the biggest team, but has no voice. And stands a good chance of being run over by the rest of the house. NON-PLAYER

    Russell – Easily, the most aggressive player in the house. Needs to be smarter about his aggression, though. It’s hurt too many players, in the past (right, Brian?) The smartest players convince others to make their wishes come true. PLAYER

  61. David, I don’t want to argue, but your list is rubbish. Either you are punking the rest of us, or you have no access to the live feeds and don’t know that what you posted is a joke. Well, what is it?

    I am not going to counter you obviously bogus listing, but to say that Natalie is a “non player” is like saying OJ was a “Non Player” on June 12, 1994. .. She is very controlling, very aggressive, and very outspoken. You really need to get access to the live feeds before you post again.

    Casey is too spineless to get far in this game. He may float alone for a long time, but he has no chance when it gets down to the final 5 on in.

    He is an empty suit.. . .gutless, brainless and spineless. .

  62. i can’t wait till jessie gets the boot this season! and im glad that libra gave it to him last season! all he does is eat, sleep and talk shit!

  63. Dan, please look again at my post. Isaid I don’t have the feeds. My comments were solely based on the aired show. I agree that I should get the feeds, but I tend to get caught up in it, so I decided I wouldn’t do it this year.

  64. I have been a BB fan since the beginning, however I am really disappointed on BB after dark…to think I canceled HBO and switched to showtime for this JUNK….hope watching is more interesting…my choice is KEVIN…

  65. It is always near impossible to predict a vote in that house because we don’t know the real politics. . .especially in week ONE, but, Braden is going home.

    Mostly all of these HGs are weak characters that are followers and would never think about rocking the boat or going against the tide. And the tide was solidified the second that “beaner” came out of Braden’s mouth. . . and Kevin started complaining. . . of course, it was ok that lunkhead Russell called Kevin a “faggot”. . .. but Braden, caught Kevin behaving in a lying backstabbing manner and called him on it. . . .but made the game ending mistake of calling him a “beaner”.

    So, Braden is gone.

  66. Can’t wait until Jessie is gone. Didn’t like him last year and really can’t stand him this year. I agree whoever brought him back should be fired.

  67. okay seriously if they vote out braden then they are all really stupid..chima is the one who threw a temper tantrum about losing the have and have not competition funny that the smart people couldnt figure that out so i think that princess chima should leave it would make me happier

  68. I think Chima should go for being the biggest whiner yet,,then Ronnie because he annoys me with his continually acting like he is calling the shots and talking to everyone and then hopefully jessie.

  69. I don’t care what anyone says about Russell..
    If I was in that house, I know where I would be trying to sleep :)

  70. Jessie came back as the new HOH when the athletes won the first competition. The other possibilities were brian for brains, cowboy for off-beats, and jessica for populars.

  71. Janet: A “Beaner” is a slur on Mexican’s due to the fact beans are in their diet. The hateful terms should come back to bite people who say them. It takes about 3 to 5 weeks to care who wins or at least comes close to winning. Except of course “Evil” Dick he was my choice from the get-go. No one in this mix stands out yet. Jesse is a big baby for all his “guns”. I too feel he’s done steroids to bulk up. His ego is the biggest in the house. I thought at first Ronnie had a chance but he is too much a weasel to win. I’m really not rooting for anyone yet as it’s too early to decide. Hopefully someone will become outstanding soon.

  72. @JJ.. thanks for that, and BRaden was SOO wrong to use racial slur, but Lydia… she was doing SOMETHING to Jessie under blankets yesterday afternoon.. Last nite in SR, she said to Kevin “You would think that after my afternoon delight with him he would want to snuggle, but he is letting HER sleep in his bed”.. MMkay??? what does THAT tell you???

  73. I think Chima should go. She’s whiny and I just don’t like her. I figured out what it is about her that annoys me. Jesse is another one – I was so disgusted at the fact that he’s back. He’s worse this season then he was last. He was in love with himself last year and he seems to be more into himself now. He needs to go next. I hope they can get him out of the house.

  74. After Braden’s racial comments, I immediately thought “This piece of “work” has got to go!”
    However, maybe it would be in the players’ best interests to keep him in the house. After all, the fact that he couldn’t hold it together to make his point without having to resort to racial slurs really says a great deal about his intelligence (or lack thereof). So, outsmarting this “genius” later on in the game should be practically effortless!

  75. I really really hope Chima goes home. Cant stand her. She is very annoying and not so great to look at. Seems too much like a floater to me.

  76. This is second time around for Jessie. I guess people never watched Jessie on BB. Jessie’s boner is in his brain. The man is a dummie. Next he’ll put up Julie.

  77. I too think Jessie is a steroid junkie,he is a wanna be he can be so easily swayed by anyone. Russell another steroid junkie, big muscles why are they trying to over compensate?

  78. Isn’t Chima sweating under that nasty big weave – is that why her unattractive half man face is always shiny?
    As much as I hate to admit, there is something cute about Jessie. It is fun though to see his arrogance again and then see him shocked when he finally gets voted off. Jordan flirts with everyone – what’s with the touching of her breasts every 5 minutes (BBAD). Let’s have a prediction for the BB winner. I say Russell……….and you say?

  79. It’s interesting to watch our opinions firm and solidify as we see more and more of the hg personalities come out. So Russell, Lydia, Kevin, and Bradon have all thrown racial/sexual slurs already. Has anyone apologized besides Bradon? I want Chima to go. Her laugh grates on my last nerve.

  80. @Sweetbabe– I missed it! What slurs did Russell, Lydia and Kevin say?? (and who were they aimed at?)

  81. I don’t understand what happened on BBAD last night. Was is Ronnie playing both sides and so obviously at that. Ronnie told Jessie that the others came to him and asked him to keep Braden and he is acting like he’s keeping Chima. Which way is Ronnie really going. He is such a dork it’s hard to watch him. Also, Jordan keeps pulling on the sides of her hair – it’s no wonder she balding at her part line. She and Laura can’t stop looking in the mirror and adjusting themselves. Couldn’t BB have casted anyone of any substance?


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