Big Brother 11: Big Ol’ Backyard Blow-Up – Braden VS Lydia & Kevin

Whoa! Big Brother 11 is blowing up in the backyard on the live feeds. Of course I stepped away and missed it, but bless the Live Feeds Flashback! I was able to jump right back to 12:50PM BBT and watch the fight explode between Braden, Lydia, and Kevin (now with Jordan too). Spoilerish info revealed below:

Apparently Braden is aware of what’s coming up. So he went over to where Lydia and Kevin were talking in the backyard to throw a few jabs at them. Braden started out by telling Lydia that her game was over for betraying him. I guess Braden thought Lydia should go, not him.

Things quickly escalated from there when Braden started telling Lydia to “get another tattoo on your ass” and for Kevin to get one on his, ahem, junk. Then Braden started calling Kevin a “beaner” (derogatory slang, usually referring to Mexicans). It goes on and on. There’s no way CBS can show this!

Now it’s spilling over to Lydia and Jordan (1PM BBT). Lydia is yelling at Jordan for crying when her clique-mate Braden was nominated but not when she (Lydia) was nominated. Um, there’s kinda a big difference there, Lydia.

Lydia starts returning the racial slurs calling Braden a “damn white gringo.” (~1:05PM BBT) Nice, apparently the Latino slams were so hurtful to her that she feels justified returning them. Classy!

Wow, quite a fight going on in there and lucky for you, with the Live Feeds Flashback it’s always live and you’ve never missed it. Jump on there now, crank up the Time Warp machine, try it for free, and I promise you’ll want it all season!

Hat Tip to Janet in the Diary Room on catching this on the live feeds!


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  1. I think when people start with the name calling, they’ve either run out of material to defend their arguement….or they let their anger take over their logical thoughts….Too bad Lydia had to have it pointed out to her that Jordan cried when Braden was nominated and not her….Lydia took the bait on that one huh….she feels she’s with the power group or something now….I agree with Braden on that one…big mistake….her game’s over

  2. Braden doesn’t seem to strong on being vicious with his attacks other than resorting to the slurs which was stupid altogether.

    Agreed that Lydia is letting herself being used in this situation and it’s putting her status overall into jeopardy.

  3. I am disappointed Lydia turned out to be such a weak player. I thought she was smarter than to let emotions take over. Hopefully all of this won’t come back to bite Jeff. I think he is a bit smarter than he lets on.

    Matt, they really came out playing hard this year, don’t you think?

  4. @BBHappy64: I’ve been stunned by how they’ve come out in full force. Hopefully they can keep up the momentum!

    Yeah, I thought Lydia would be the smart, cool headed player. I’m disappointed at the turns she’s chosen so far, but there’s still time for redemption.

  5. anyone ever notice that the only one who eats with their mouth open is laura…. drives me up a wall to see what she’s eating all the time

  6. Love this flashback feature. Awesome! Thanks to the people putting up the dates and times for us. I was watching the quad cam and missed the Russell thing. LOL! Must’ve run to the kitchen.

    I’m totally disappointed with Lydia. Why she can’t understand Jeff was not a part of the meeting that got her nominated is beyond me. Jessie and Natalie really set him up with that deal. Natalie is the one getting on my nerves. She’s based her whole game on a lie about her age yet she continually talks about how she’s playing the game straight up. Yeah right. Can’t wait to see her take the fall when the one no one likes vacates the HoH room this week.

  7. I kinda like Michelle….Jordan seems ok but I just don’t know yet…’s hard to judge this early cuz some people’s game or personality hasn’t really come out yet….probably cuz they’re very careful at this point….I mean just about anything can get you nominated, but as for right now….I’m liking Michelle….

  8. Beth is right About Lydia..I’m sure her attitude will change with the new hoh..and I blasted Natalie for her lie..but they’re buying it! Still dont like her though..good post!

  9. I like Lydia, but it is way too early in the game for huge fights like this. I will be dissapointed when she leaves early in the game. But then I can turn to Casey and Jordan! Maybe Kevin, too! :) Oh well, Lydia.

  10. Seriously, I HATE Russell. I hate hoe he steamrolls Ronnie. I hate how he started shit w jeff. I can’t wait for them to back door him. His personality is pig piss. Ewwww, totally hate him!!

  11. I think casey will win he helps keep everyone up beat.Russel and Jessie are meat heads. I hope jeff-jorden-braden and casey are the final 4

  12. I was the first Beth but since I see there is another one I changed to my old handle…

    Casey and Jessie know each other. Don’t remember what site had it (don’t think it was this one) but they put up video of Jessie judging a bikini contest and participating in a push-up contest where Casey was DJing the event. I’m not totally sure Laura wasn’t a bikini model in the same contest. There’s definitely another twist hidden here. Even one of Jessie’s tweets was that he had a secret in the house.

    And when Jordan talked to Casey tonight, about voting for Braden to stay, Casey insisted Jessie could not be put up next week. His reasoning was Jessie didn’t put him (Casey) up this week so he owed him not to put him (Jessie) up next week. Yeah, right. There’s some kind of gain if these two get to the finals undetected or something.

  13. Braden is so homophbic and racist, those comments are something he will regret when he gets out. as a gay latin man i hope all his hispanic neighbors, friends and fellow surfers as well as his gay connections from ‘Dantes Cove” yes, the gay soap that he guest starred on, take note! What a loser.

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