Diary Room: Adam Poch’s Player Rankings: Big Brother OTT – Week 5

This BBOTT season has been so much better than the last few CBS Big Brother seasons – and this week has been one of the best so far. We had everything you can ask for – power shifts, alliances breaking down, new alliances forming, great strategic game play, everything! The power America had was also divided as the Ball Smashers got another Care Package but their lackey / wing man also got nominated. And for the first time in 2 weeks someone from The Plastics side will be going home.

Adam Poch on Big Brother 13

The upcoming week on Big Brother will probably expose everyone’s side alliances, and I really hope the HoH is an endurance comp so we can see how badly these people want the power. BUT FIRST – let’s take a look back at how each player did this week.

Danielle Lickey – 5 strips of Bacon – I said it a couple of weeks ago when Shane & Danielle were on the block, that getting rid of Shane was a bad move for the other side – and Danielle proved how much of a gamer she was by winning both the HoH & Veto this week. We knew she had some game to her, but was sidetracked by her showmance.

Even though Danielle was all over the map leading into the nominations & how she would use her veto – she eventually made the best decision and will be the one to get Scott out of the house this week. She listened to everyone’s suggestions, deals, pleas, but still made her own decision which is exactly what an HoH should do. She is still a target for the remaining Ball Smashers, but she will not go out without a fight!

Justin Duncan – 4 strips of Bacon – I am not sure if it’s dumb luck anymore – or if Justin really has a strategic side to him. He has known this whole time that his Social game would carry him, but he made some moves this week to ensure his safety, and was a big part of trying to get Whitney to cross the line in the sand, and start deserting her alliance.

If Justin was not so easily spooked, he could have won the Veto and taken Whitney off the block himself. Danielle winning it & doing exactly what he wanted/needed to happen was the better move in the long run. He kept blood off his hands, and is still in good graces with just about everyone. IF Justin steps up his comp game, he has the best chance of walking away with the $250K

Whitney Hogg – 3 strips of Bacon – Similar to Justin, Whitney is part lucky, and part strategic. Feeling the heat coming down on her as the expendable one in the Ball Smashers, she made a deal to keep herself safe. Sure – the deal was presented to her, so it was much easier for her to follow through on it, but she is aware that even though she is “part of a team” she needs to worry about herself first & foremost. She is getting branded with the “floater” tag which is fair, but in her case she is using it as a strategy, and not just there to collect a weekly paycheck.

Alex Willett – 2 strips of Bacon – OK, this was not the best week so far for Alex, but she kept herself off the block by convincing Danielle that they needed each other in the house as bigger targets. She will lose an ally this week regardless of what happens. Alex is fully aware that her bond with Whitney is cracked, and she is working hard to try to find a way to fix it. Even sending her lapdog Scott to go in and try to keep Whitney from totally flipping to the other side. This girl is playing hard and we see it – just wish she would own up to more in the DR – ESPECIALLY the Live DRs.

Kryssie Ridolfi – 1 strip of Bacon – Kryssie was lucky for sure this week by having Danielle have all the power – and she was not nominated by America. She toned down a little of her nasty attitude despite being a Have Not. So in all, she did not do anything herself to earn some bacon, but compared to how she has been acting the last few weeks – this was an improvement – so here is a strip of bacon in the hopes that she will keep it up. (I honestly doubt it once the power shifts back the other way).

They can’t all be winners this week. Read on for the rest of the Houseguests ranking this week…


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  1. Bacon for Kryssie?? No way. You did hear her claim she would have won the wall comp if she had just gotten that last question right on the first try? The rest of the rankings are great but hers – BURP!

  2. Eh, I don’t agree with ALL the rankings, but several of them are very fair. And, again, I appreciate that you actually take the time to share your feelings about the game and the HGs with us, something you don’t have to do, which is just incredible.

    Oh, and I agree, Shelby’s DRs are amazing. She’s just so fun to watch!

    1) Justin
    2) Morgan
    3) Whitney
    4) Shelby
    5) Alex
    6) Danielle
    7) Jason
    8) Kryssie
    9) Scott

    • Agree about Jason – but they keep thinking they can get him out later. May be too late next time they have a chance

  4. My pick to win at this point is Justin. I like Alex but she’s an obvious threat and her chances of winning are slim unless she pulls out more hail marys.

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