CBS is looking to put TVGN to even more use this season. Already the home of “Big Brother: After Dark,” TVGN will begin airing three hours of Big Brother 15 episodes every Friday night starting at 7/6c on July 19, 2013.

It gets even better on Friday nights though when TVGN adds an extra third hour of “Big Brother: After Dark” starting at 11/10c. Unfortunately that third hour of BBAD will only be on Friday nights rather than every night of the week.

If you missed any BB15 episodes so far this season then you’re in luck because TVGN will run a Big Brother 15 marathon tomorrow (7/19) starting at noon with the very first episode all the way up through tonight’s episode before flipping over to BBAD at 11PM for three more hours of fun. Wow, if any of you can sit through 14 straight hours of BB15 then you win the “most dedicated fan” award!

Remember, if you’re tired of all the censoring on BBAD then you can still watch the same content without all the bleeps and audio cut outs by jumping on the Live Feeds. If you’re not sure you’ll like it then get the Free Trial and test it out.


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