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Have you been following along with the season here on our site or CBS’ episodes but never quite sure what’s going on inside the Big Brother 14 house? If you’re wondering how your friends and other fans always seem to know what’s happening in the game then it’s because they’re watching the Big Brother Live Feeds.

The Live Feeds through Real’s SuperPass service give you unlimited access to everything CBS lets out of the house. You can flip between four different cameras and listen in as HGs plan betrayals and alliances and even attempt showmances.

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The Live Feeds are the only place you can watch HoH endurance competitions play out. Viewers who waited for After Dark last time only saw 10 mins of a 3.5 hour competition.

Did you miss a big event this season? No worries. The Big Brother Feed Flashback utility lets you treat the Feeds like a DVR and rewind to any day, hour, and minute in the past two seasons and watch it again like it’s live whenever you want.

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  1. For all those who talk trash and put the players down, I want you to remember karma’s is a bitch and I pray that it will bite you all in your behind so bad. for every bad word you say I hope 10 bad things happen to you. karma always come for pay back, so say whatever bad words you want about players it will just hit you back in worst way 10 times harder

      • Haha.. seeriously though karma is a fluke! I don’t care much about the trash talk of some of the houseguests! I’m more into the game.. like down the road when boogie screws over Frank.. because there is no way on earth boogie will win against frank.. none of them will he is playing the best. there has got to be a secret alliance between Dan and Boogie because their only chance at winning again is sitting next to each other at the end….I think after the silent 6 plus Ian get rid of the others and if boogie or Dan get a HOH win Frank may be the first target

      • @89a3e5dbf1fb0d59421e7ad36c0d99d3:disqus : I can’t wait for all that action either. Watching the tight alliances turn on themselves is one of the best parts of the season. Always interesting to see who becomes the toughest (or luckiest) in the group to come out on top.

      • Actually I don’t think is bad to hope bad things for bad people. so why we send killers to death row. she only hope for those who are talking bad. so don’t say bad things and you will be ok. don’t bash me now karma lol :)

  2. Danielle makes for great viewing with all her craziness……especially after finding out what her BFF said about her today. 

  3. How in the hell does Ashley get in & out of that hammock with a bad back??? THAT GIRL AIN’T GOT NO REAL BACK PROBLEMS..Get her sorry ass outta there production/Grodner…Let her get her dope elsewhere and let somebody else in the house that really wants to play the game….Ashley is pathetic and all the other HG’s should be raising all kinds of  commotion about it…..Remove her lazy ass from the game…

    • you can have back problems and still be able to function… its not like a bad back calls for a wheelchair… 

      • Well Well  if that is the case….Let her fuction by playing in comps…She manages to get to the kitchen to get food…She puts on her bikni and goes to the pool…She gets in and out of a swinging hammock..Looks like she is able to  “function” in a normal manner…She supposed to be able to do physical challenges when she signed on for BB…She either needs to play or get out…GRASP THAT THOUGHT…

  4. I was surprised about how many times they showed frank push Dan as a target. I had totally missed him saying how bad he had it out for him.

  5. im so sick of this darn ..we will be right back..message!!! it is on more than the feeds are. boogie planted the suit why is production hiding the action…WTFFF

  6. It seems to me after tonight’s show – one slip of the tongue by dan could see him being backdoored – now that would make for good drama – it would empower the house to then rid itself of Brit and Boogie

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