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Tonight On ‘Big Brother 19’: F4 Veto & Live Eviction

Tonight on Big Brother 19 the last handful of Houseguests will face one more competition before another live eviction vote to reveal this season’s Final 3 HGs. It’s a milestone for sure but one of them won’t make it through the night. Ready to meet your F3?

Christmas, Josh, Kevin, and Paul were busy behind the Live Feeds Blackout this week and now it’s time for us to catch up. We’ll be watching as Paul makes his nominations official and they head out in to the backyard to compete for the Veto. Once that’s secured we’ll be ready for the night’s events with a special live Veto Ceremony and then the fastest eviction vote yet this season with just one HG making the VTE.

There will be only one vote and we’re anxiously awaiting who will come out on the losing side of this cut. Think you know who it’ll be? Share your guess below while we wait for the live show to begin! Want to know the spoilers? We’ve got Veto results here and have already heard from Paul on who he expects to go next.

Starting tonight at 9/8c on CBS and streaming live on All Access we’ll watch as the Final Four becomes the Final 3 and they prepare for the first round of the last HoH competition of the season. In past seasons we’ve been able to watch this first part of the final HoH since these are endurance battles and perfectly suited for the Feeds, but last year that did not happen. I do not know yet if we’ll be able to watch, but we’ll be ready with our live coverage if it’s available.

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Join us back here at 9/8c as we live recap the eviction show to discover who was voted out and who makes the F3 this year. What do you want to see happen?

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