Tonight On Big Brother 19: Zingbot Returns – Veto Competition & Ceremony

Zingbot delivers on Big Brother 19

Tonight on Big Brother 19 get ready to be Zing’d. That’s right, the Zingbot returns for what could be Mark’s last chance at safety as the house tries to Backdoor him off to Jury. Don’t miss tonight’s show on CBS and streaming live on CBS All Access starting at 8/7c.

Mark Jansen is in a bad spot and without the Temptation Competition around he didn’t have an extra shot at safety or a way to make sure he had a spot in the Veto comp. Will his chip be drawn and offer him a glimmer of hope or will he follow Cody’s same path out the door?

Either way, Mark hasn’t been one to give up in the game so watch for some attempts at maneuvering around the deep pit his associates left him in along the way this season. No one else is going to save him now.

Can’t wait for the spoilers? Check out what happened at the Veto comp & ceremony this week.

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  1. As of last night his fate is sealed right out the door. Alex just kept saying goodbye I’ll see you when I see you.

      • Alex is honest. Jessica was mean. There’s a difference with being straightforward and hurling insults.

      • Agreed. I’m no Jessica fan, but she was usually mean when someone came at her, not just out of the blue & for no reason. Alex, on the other hand, has become meaner & meaner over the course of the season. Good grief, she treats her “ride or die” like he’s a dog and if she treats her #1 like that, she’s just plain mean.

      • I’m willing to allow that the BB house & the insanity it causes in HGs by this point in the season may have made her meaner. But still, when someone is your #1, you should treat them a little better (Ahem, Elena!). That’s just my opinion, though. =)

      • They give it back and forth to each other. Like brothers and sisters. And confronting someone one on one is being upfront not mean. JMO.

      • if Alex is smart she won,t come within 100 miles of Jason,s wife ,i think she would beat the living hell out of Alex for the way she treats Jason

      • Might be in part because he is all over the place both personality and game-talk-wise. I like Jason, but he has done some things that haven’t been good moves for his alliance with Alex. As has she….

        Also, I think Kevin said something about Jason having “more than friendship feelings about Alex”

      • Which one? That Kevin actually said it, or that Jason has feelings for Alex? Either option, I agree with you. Or maybe Kevin said it just to stir things up…or maybe he was having an old man moment.

        Whatever, Jason has said to Alex “when you’re used to physical touch at home, it’s extra hard being in the BB house and not having anyone…” He was talking about how he likes to have some kind of physical contact (NOT sexual in nature) with Alex.

        And despite his dirty jokes, cheesy innocent flirting, and talking about having a hard time with his wife before leaving for BB, it looks like he genuinely loves her and is devoted to her.

      • Joking or not, I still had a little laugh at your statement. Done laughing, now nodding in agreement.

      • Me either, Maybe because Snitchy said something similar about Christmas and he doesn’t want to feel alone in disrespecting his wife

      • Maybe you should go back to week one and two and see how mean Jessica and Cody were for no reason.

      • I find it disturbing how Alex treats and talks down to other people. She treats Jason so poorly, can’t stand to watch their interactions, it’s painful to me.

      • I think production told her a while ago to quit hitting him. It was getting so aggressive and out of hand. She does have some slip ups but by and large she has quit hitting him.

      • Agreed about Jess. Alex has gotten into the “cool crowd,” and has let it go to her head. She wants to remembered for being petty, but all she will be remembered for is her unbelievable stupidity. She is just a little puppet, and will probably be sent to the jury house soon. So much for being a gamer.

      • Jessica was mean (only) when someone came after her ONLY¡!!!!!!! You and everyone has the right to voice there opinion,…..So my opinion of Jessica when she was saying the mean hateful bull to or about Josh or other house guest .., confused me a bit…was she being mean to them or was she being kind?¿????.

      • I was actually defending Jessica & saying that she was only mean when Josh or someone else came after her, whereas Alex is mean for no reason. Sorry to confuse! =)))

      • Wonder how the jury will feel, if she makes it that far, mean or honest?
        My bet is on mean.

      • If you remember though, Mark has had multiple instances of yelling at Alex and being rude to her. There’s no love lost between her and him, and I think she knows she’s probably not getting his vote if in F2.

        Edit: also, at least she’s being honest with him!

  2. Tried to watch BBAD.. had to turn the channel..Matt and Ravenare nauseating to watch. So phony. Raven really exaggerates her southern accent when she knows she’s on TV. And Matt is so using her for sex. That laugh..that darn texas shirt..I wish he was the one leaving tomorrow.

    • I was watching to when the feeds kept switching to the Maven sex show, it was trending in twitter. I looked at some of the tweets(yes somehow there are Maven fans). I rarely watch Maven on feeds but I guess Matt has told her they will be a thing after the show. I don’t know what that guy is thinking.

      • She’s definitely in for a rude awakening when she gets out into the real world and see’s what a JACKASS SHE’S MADE of herself, oh and what a JACKASS her own mother has made them both look like!! Sorry Rav, NO $ for your & YOUR MOM’S GO FUND ME acct.!!! BTW, did you see she was on the ELLEN DEGENERES show “panhandling” her illness!!?? Bitch, STFU! Go back to HOEVILLE where you & your exaggerated accent came & for the LOVE OF ALL GPS SUFFERERS, DON’T EVER SPEAK about the again! Your LIES CAUGHT UP to you, while we all watched you EAT YOURSELF SILLY, with NO GI ISSUES AT ALL!!! LIAR!

      • I couldnt agree more!! I watch her eat like a pig …and it makes me ill.. especially when she opens her ugly mouth and talks..thats even more disturbing….i cant stand watching any more feeds either, because just like last night all she did was parade and act for the camras..pukee!!

      • Oh my goodness are you telling us that she doesn’t have a GI issue¿?????? Is that. Truly true? I have no patience for a liar .none¡!!!!!! Sorry this was such a horrible surprise

  3. Mark now gets to creep on Elena while Elena creeps on Cody and Cody just moons over Jessica……the jury house personality IQ barely hits 100 now.

  4. I had to turn BBAD off last night when Josh actually said that Cody thought he was a bad ass but backed down when Josh confronted him. The only reason he backed off is because he would have been kicked off of the show for beating the crap out of crybaby Josh. Can’t wait until that d-bag is out of the house and back his familia.

  5. can’t wait to see the epic big move from Christmas tonight, which is actually doing nothing and following the house. LOL. What a joke her HOH has been.

    • Alex is playing Paul’s game for the same reason everyone else is playing Paul’s game. But I don’t know what that reason is.

      • Alex thinks she can get to the finals with Paul and beat him in the last comps. I hope her theory works out! The true heavyweight fight is her and Paul for the money. Raven, Matt and everyone else are just cannon fodder.

      • Because Paul is playing a great game and when playing the game you always make the other person feel good about themselves and let them know you care, which Paul is doing beautifully.

      • That is a good point. Dan was so sincere and honest when talking to the others. Never seen houseguests so bitter after they found out it was a big scam. No one likes being a joke. I wonder if the houseguests will feel the same about Paul at the end? His friendship, listening attentively and caring about their lives was just for the money. Bitter jury?

      • I think Paul is being sincere, more sincere than Dan ever was imo.

      • Then he probably deserves the money. Outwit, outlast, Outplay and don’t leave the jury a bitter mess.

      • At this point, Paul does deserve to win but I wouldn’t be totally disappointed if Jason or Kevin won, but Paul has worked the hardest and I think everyone in the house would agree.

      • Paul has been the best player still holding hope for my girl alex though its not looking good.:/

      • I’m team Alex as well but she doesn’t see whats coming. Paul seems to be lining the pawns to set her up. She’s a good player but is a step behind. Hopefully I’m wrong and she check mates him.

      • Once he gets out and learns the truth, he won’t. Paul’s a smart guy.

      • I’ve been trying to re-watch season 14 to figure out when/ how Dan “screwed up” in terms of jury management. That season was so good…except for the ending :( Annoying that Ian acts like he’s a genius (even though he technically is lol)…He’s not better than Dan!!

      • I felt and still feel sorry for Britney. The biggest victim of the funeral. Sure she still curses the name Dan.

      • I can only tell you where it was that Dan lost me… he had me right up until the end and then he told an unnecessary and gratuitous lie while swearing to it’s truth on his bible. Not just any bible either, the bible he took special from home, the bible he read every day, the bible he used as a blueprint to living a faith based life…

        I have no problem separating real life from the game. I have no problem bearing witness to behavior that’s distasteful inside the BB house. It’s all part and parcel, the remote control has an off switch, and no one’s coercing me at gun or knife point to continue watching.

        I never for two seconds took Janelle seriously when she’d swear on her “wedding ring”. She had a suitcase full of them and would hand them out like they were ring pops out of a gumball machine but that bible meant something to Dan. That he would treat everything it stood for so shabbily cut deep to character. Obviously and of course it wasn’t my decision to make because I wasn’t in the house or on the jury, but had I been? I think I would have had a hard time voting Dan after that.

  6. Does anyone have a date/time on feeds when Paul was HOH and read his letter? I can’t find it. Does anyone remember that something was said in his letter about his dog being old and at vets? This morning he was talking about that same dog saying he was 4. Hmmmm someone trying to tell him something in his letter. SMH.

    • I wonder if the letters are written before the game starts. I heard that but jasons letter makes me think not or maybe he already knew wife was pregnant? Just curious

    • He has at least 3 dogs. He breeded mom and pop and kept one from that litter (are dogs considered a litter or is that cats, lol). What did you mean by someone trying to tell him something in letter?

      • He was talking about his dog King I believe his name was that he’s 4 and whoever wrote the letter said something about King being old and the vets said keep an eye on him. Was that a clue about Kevin. I think it was.

      • Nice sleuthing Lg! No idea as I only got about 5 minutes today live feeds and can’t watch show right now as about to go out. Only thing I caught today was Hades is King and Olive’s (?, not sure on names) puppy. Kevin seems pretty harmless as a threat so don’t know why he would be warned about him. Also, letters from home were written long ago. Here is only threat I see from Kevin; Paul told him to make rogue vote early on and it seemed to be a big deal. Alex mentioned it recently. Paul should have fessed up long ago that he told Kevin to do so. That is only thing I see tripping him up. Gotta go, later 😊.

  7. The video with Paul and Kevin shows how Paul is doing it. With sincerity. He’s attentive, a good listener and calm. Seems truly genuine. I can only imagine how the other houseguests feel when locked in a house with him for months. They must truly feel that he has there best interest at heart. Sincerity is a potent weapon.

  8. Omg it’s hilarious hearing the HGs talk about Raven’s darting eyes (the side eye thing she always does when she talks), and watching it on the Live Feeds “Quad” view….and seeing Raven on the split screen darting her eyes all over the room as she talks

  9. Sorry I’m late – just got home from dinner out with my cousins.

    Zingbot will be the highlight of the night.

  10. I feel this is the first time for the season I am seeing Raven actually do something on the broadcast?

  11. I’m actually really impressed by Mark right now…For all of the HGs I’ve ever seen in any season, I don’t remember ANYone seeming so calm and genuinely social while on the block – especially knowing there’s a 99.99% chance he’s getting voted out in 2 days.

    On a side note, sit down and shut up Raven.

    • You don’t like her?? WHY? It can’t be her shrill screeching, fake accents, snorting laugh, repeated sob story, showing off her daily injuries, empty eyes, and popping Matt’s zits, and butt out of her shorts 24/7 can it??

      • lol There’s one poster, weeks ago. Left me a comment. ‘Josh lover’ He sounds pissed! He hate Josh so much. lol I guess he was taking my posts/pics of Josh so serious, like I’m a die hard fan of Josh.

      • Is that supposed to be an insult? I love Josh, I think he is probably having the most fun in the house this season.

      • I know! His honesty in DR when he talks about how he apreciates his BB experience was cool to watch. He’s embrasing it. (Zing me) He’s like a little kid.

  12. Josh, you are not my boy and neither are you Paul. You can’t pull this off. Stop saying it.

  13. Taking the time to thank Captain555 for uploading all those Zings for those of us who had trouble understanding what the hell he was saying, lol.

  14. What is Xmas’ purpose? Like she cant do 95% of the stuff. I would take her to final 2 becuase I cant fathom how any one would vote for her

    • Remember, Zingbot ran for president last year. Plus, it’s CBS. Of course they were gonna get political.

    • Someone will start an online petition asking Zingbot to apologize for fat shaming, micro aggression, safe spaces and hurting someones feelings.

  15. If you’re eating dinner, don’t tune into the live feeds…Raven is popping Matt’s arm zits right now…

      • Wait – don’t you mean “Arthur-ritis” LOL…Kevin was saying today that she was calling it that, and he was saying “That girl is talking about having a dude named Arthur as a disease…That girl doesn’t have arthritis, she can’t even pronounce the word.”

        A good point though, since Kevin brought up the fact that if a person has a certain disease, they tend to know how to pronounce it.

      • That would work too lol! I just remember Kevin saying that she sounded like she was talking about a guy…although with Kevin’s Boston accent, his pronunciation of the R’s was a little hard to follow lol.

        Side note: I love Boston accents on guys…*swoon*

  16. Paul, Mark’s all alone and he only wins certain types of comps. He is not a “big threat.”

  17. Omg Mark…just stop. What is Mark’s obsession with Cody lol?

    Jason: “Cody said that he would never want to hangout with you outside the house”
    Mark: “Yeah, I know, but he told me he MIGHT want to hangout…”

    **So you’re sayin’ there’s a chance???**

  18. Ouch.idk why I feel bad for Mark..his crying..lonely pitch..depressing DR..he’s just hopeless. hehe

  19. #IHateZingbot #ILoveAlex #GoAlexGo
    Either Matt or Mark who cares they are both dorks.
    But I am sick of watching crybaby Mark. Man up kid.

  20. Zingbot could’ve zinged Paul better. Zingbot could have mentioned his bullying, rather the bullying he had others do for him. Zingbot could’ve also blown up his game by mentioning his F3 deals.:-)

    • I’m pretty sure they can’t have Zingbot say anything that would interfere with the game, hence why Paul’s was so tame. The more obvious zing would have been to call him the shepherd, but that would be giving his entire position in the house away.

      • As strategy ;-)

        Basically saying that he’s (a) going to help them get further, and (b) he’s not going to compete with them/ he’s not a threat

  21. Lol…

    Mark: “When Cody was saying that I suck whoever is HoH’s c*ck, is that not personal”
    Paul: “I don’t know”

    lmao unintentionally funny….

  22. Have you all noticed how Raven gets louder and louder when she knows the cameras are on her? And Matt acts like a 10 year old. Get rid of both of them and Mark out fast. Raven shut up.

  23. I don’t understand why Jason thinks Christmas would be on his side now that Cody and Jess are gone. He seemed upset that Alex wasn’t chosen for veto, but have they had any serious conversations about moving forward in the game? And not through Paul.

  24. UNDERSTATEMENT of the night:

    Mark (about Cody): “Maybe I have a soft spot for him”

    Really Mark? lololol…talk about a Captain Obvious moment

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