‘Big Brother 19’ Zingbot’s Zings Hit The Mark

Zingbot Zings away on Big Brother 19

Zingbot arrived this week on Big Brother 19 and we’ve got all his Zings gathered up here. As always, the punny prone bot was back as part of the Veto competition and got the party started with a series of grimace inducing jabs. Missed any of them? Read Zingbot’s Zings this season on Big Brother.

Some of these definitely took the low road, but no one said the Zingbot 9000 was a nice guy. There were jokes about being fat, doing make up like a clown, and having your biggest accomplishment as on-camera sex.

Zingbot Zings On Big Brother 19:

  • Mark, I think you might be bye-sexual. Every time you tried to get sexual with Elena, she said “bye!”
  • Alex, I see you have been forced to carry around a ton of dead weight or as I like to call it… Jason!
  • Poor Raven. You got the Clownitard. This is the worst punishment ever. Oh wait, that’s just your face!
  • Josh, my heart goes out to you. You shed so many tears this summer. Too bad you can’t shed any… weight!
  • Paul, you taught me so much last year, like how to have Friendship, how to be Pissed, and how to lose… a half million dollars.
  • Matt, congrats on making it so far in the game, especially since the only thing you’ve done is Raven!
  • Kevin, I hear you like to use Saran Wrap to preserve your youth. Newsflash. Too freaking late!
  • Alex, what do you call someone with bleach blonde hair, wears cat ears, and handles a lot of wieners. A *bleep*! [possibly suggesting a prostitute, loose woman, etc.]
  • Christmas, you’ll find no coal in your stocking this holiday season. However, you will find: ten shattered bones, nine weeks in a cast, eight surgeries, seven more x-rays, six years of rehab, five titanium screws, four hospitals, three pain pills, two crutches, and a guilty rodeo clown.

Who got the best Zing this season on Big Brother 19? Did any of them go too far? Share your favs below!


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  1. I liked Raven’s zing, mostly because she didn’t get it and everyone else knew what it meant, lol

    • Bwahaha😂 she’s such a dumb hill billy w***e! Oops, sorry Raven fans….NOT 🖕

  2. Raven’s was great! Josh’s was a little rough though. I wish Zingbot would have addressed Raven’s compulsive lying though! As much as I dislike Raven, Elena’s make-up reminds me more of the clown. Maybe it’s the large, red lips?

    • Unfortunately OF ONE’S going to TOUCH that subject! I don’t think Julie will address it at her eviction, but I do think she will during the season finale! I think maybe Julie and CBS are hoping someone else will bring it up, THEN she can FINALLY address the subject!

      • I wish someone would address it! I don’t believe her GFM account is still getting donations, (still accepting, just nobody donating), which means that most people have figured her out, but they need to expose her to the few that are still under her spell! I’ve had someone think that I am awful for talking about the “sick, dying girl”; and I am one of the most sensitive and empathetic guys you will ever know, but I don’t appreciate someone manipulating my emotions for sympathy. Thats where I draw the line, and she passed that about a mile ago!

    • I agree it was a little much, but after all the crap he pulled off at the beginning of the season, he deserved it. And let’s face it, he is overweight (aka fat).

      • I don’t like Josh at all but I’ve never thought he was fat. Seems he’s compared to the other guys in the house which would make him appear overweight but I don’t think he’s fat.

      • Hmm josh just doesn’t seem fat to me. His arms look really toned and he’s tall. Now I’ve seen FAT in my life and josh doesn’t come close

  3. Or maybe Zingbot won the election because he was running against a REAL robot — Hillary Clinton. Shocker that CBS gets biased political on the worst season of Big Bully ever.

  4. Mark’s reminds me of Caleb’s and James’s towards Meg. Too bad ZIngbot didn’t exist when Natalie from S9 was throwing herself at Matt. I’d love to see what Zingbot would say about that (although the restraining order zing on Danielle was good even though Shane actually liked Danielle).

  5. Congrats Big Brother! Zingbot’s opening remarks couldn’t have been more politically biased!

    Maybe in the future, leave your personal BS out of the show.

  6. When I heard Josh laughing at many of the zings I thought he was gonna get nailed badly and cry about it.

  7. I was shocked by all the zings but LOVED them all!!! Probably the best and most deserving zings to be ever dished out to BB houseguests. And let’s not even mention the missed opportunity to get Alex up for elimination. Duh, Christmas!

  8. Raven was clueless to what Zingbot was saying about her, but the rest of the house knew. Lol…And Matt had no shame in his game. Don’t think he will stop anytime soon. He was prod of the fact. Getting it on, and on, and on. After watching Mark in DR, I don’t know who cried more. Pot’s and Pan’s or him. Smh….

      • No sympathy for Mark, he brought it on himself. Now he can join his true love in the jury ….. Cody

      • Oh my, atleast Cody, Jess & Mark tried to play the game and make big moves. All Paul & Josh (if he says meatball one more time) ughhhhh…..did was bully them & yell at anyone who talked to them including Xmas) . Their childish & immature tactic of playing this game is pathetic ! Shane on them & CBS for letting it go in as far as it did 👎

      • Jess and Cody were playing but they made some idiotic moves. If memory serves me correctly after their failed plan to get Christmas out they started a ton of fights but idk, you have your opinion

    • I have noticed that Raven has been wearing lighter makeup. I think she is dumb, but acts dumber. Her feelings always get hurt and it shows on her face.

  9. Well,… I guess I will sit back and wait for the HOH comp. Let the BATTLE begin!!!!….Im pretty sure Paul will throw it. Keeping the blood off his hands. He is very confident in his safe zone.
    Will he get hit by a grenade?

    • I thought the same thing, but I was guessing he used p*ssy

      Why would CBS bother to beep out prostitute? Yeah, I feel like it was the P word.

      • Not sure, I don’t have them unfortunately.

        Wait, I just remembered… The feeds were down for Zingbot’s visit so we don’t know.

      • Don’t they (BB/cbs) then, after the black-out, put the feeds on and back-track sections that weren’t shown live?
        Geesh, if not, that’s a lot of competitions this year public and feeders don’t get to watch/see and comps are some of the most fun and interesting and entertaining things to watch !!!
        So what do the feeders pay for? Of course, it’s under $10, but that’s also a lot of false advertising for the 24/7, 24/7, 24/7 that’s not actually 24/7, 24/7, and 24/7 !!!

      • I think that’s they way they did in past seasons, but everyone seems to be complaining about the feeds being down this season. I want to say that some of the feeds (that were cut) are NOT being available for rewinding to watch after the feeds come back up. Makes you wonder if CBS isn’t even bothering to record what happens when the feeds are down sometimes. It doesn’t surprise me that there has been more production tampering claims this season.

        Even Matthew that runs this site has grumbled about the feeds this season. I think he went as far as to wonder what the people subscribing were paying for as well.

      • Yeah, and every time I think about possibly trying out the feeds… It seems like there are more complaints about them being down.

        Plus, to be honest, I’d probably watch them too much anyway, lol.

      • It’s so frustrating that the people who pay extra get less relevant content than people who watch for free. For $10 a month, we SHOULD get to see things like Zingbot in advance IMO.

      • Zingbot was blocked from the feeds so we didn’t get to see what was said. But much much worse is on the feeds all the time. On OTT the late night crew talks were just vile and vulgar. I had to stop watching the feeds the last 10 days and wrote CBS a letter and I know I wasn’t alone. I’m not easily offended , a joke is fine, guys swear like Josh fine, but it was just graphic vulgar lies for hours about house guests family members.

      • Yeah, and then Christmas basically insinuated in her DR session (that followed Alex’s zing) that if BB didn’t work out for Alex… There was always porn. Or at least, that’s what it seemed she was hinting at to me..

      • She was talking about her top almost coming out, and yes, I understood that’s what Christmas meant. She walks around with shorts up her behind all day, but others look trashy to her.

  10. Poor Typhoid Mary(Raven),went right over her head!,the girl is so lost,sorry Matt..you would be better off taking cold showers.

    • I would mention something about the towels but I never did see or hear or have descriptions of what happened.
      Am too innocent to know what guys do with or what can be done with “the towels.”

      • I think they are referring to Matt’s used kitchen towel. Raven and Matt were fooling around and he used a kitchen towel to wipe some man fluids off himself. He then went and put the dirty towel back on the counter. It was used by a few house guests, I think Paul wiped his nose or face with it and someone might have cleaned the counter or floor with the dirty towel. There were good screen caps on jokers, they are buried now, this was a few weeks ago.

      • Thank you anjealka. I had read before towels, counter, Matt but wasn’t as sure then as am now, TY again.

      • It was worse than that, Matt himself dried dishes with the towel, wiped the counters with it, folded the towel on the floor and then put it on the counter. I watched the video thanks to Captaine and I feel like I am scarred for life.

      • A dish towel!?!?! Just thought of using the dish towel and putting it directly in the dirty clothes is bad enough, but that just beats the case! It’s a dish rag!!!!! Even if it’s cleaned, who wants to wash/dry dishes with a rag that USED to have bodily fluids on it? Not to mention, using it with current fluids on it?!?!? And I’m a nurse and have a very strong stomach, but REALLY?!?!? And I don’t feel sorry for Paul for using it afterwards, because who wipes their 👃 on a dish towel?!?!? Trashy, disgusting people!

    • LMAO good one. I wonder if CBS has to pay the people that update this site to watch the live feeds and actually have to listen or watch her. Oye Vay every time they switch to her room I switch off, it is nauseating to watch or listen too.

    • Hey, he’s a good guy. I actually feel a bit bad for him, but hopefully he will start raising the bar when it comes to women moving forward.

      • Did not say he was a bad guy but this constant moaning about someone he just met a few weeks ago seems a bit too much,especially considering she was aloof and almost dismissive with him at times,so why all the tears?..you can bet the BB house she’s not sitting in the jury house doing the same.

  11. I am probably the only one that can’t stand zingbot. Can’t stand the voice and cannot understand half of what is said.

    • You’re not alone. I can’t stand the snotty little bot either. Matt, Brandon, Adam and at least half the people commenting here are funnier than anything that silver suppository has served up going back at least three seasons. There. I said it. The truth has set me free. ZZzzzing!

    • Totally 100% agree with you, I was really hoping they would call him out for some of the crap that spews out of his mouth.

      • If Zingbot had called Paul out on how he’s working the puppet strings with everyone in the house, it could have woken people to the reality of what’s happening. That would have spoiled everything.

  12. Reading the zings was better than actually listening to them; the delivery was awful – must be a new guy in the suit. What was with the ridiculous kowtowing? And Paul kneeling before it when it let loose the Paul zing? They were all acting sophomoric – Romper Room Rugrats. Having said that, the best and most innovative zing was Xmas’.

  13. Matt for the best. Did it go too far for some, yes. It always goes too far. There is nothing wrong with humor but the thing gets nasty at times. My husband despises zingbot and also can’t understand most of what it says so I have to tell him.

    • Matt’s was the best, I think they were almost too stupid to figure it out. There is a clip on Twitter trending where Raven talks about Jessica and Cody doing it so soon in the house and how shocked she is. She is such a hypocrite it makes me want to puke.

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