Tonight On Big Brother 18: Final HoH Round 1 & Memory Lane

Tonight on Big Brother 18 at 8/7c a special episode arrives with a look at the first round of the Final HoH competition to decide who moves on to the Final 2 on finale night next Wednesday.

Julie Chen hosts Big Brother 18

Corey is out the door leaving us with James, Nicole, and Paul as our F3 and each are fighting for their chance to win. After the Round 1 competition was blocked from the Feeds for the first time in years and years (gee, thanks Grodner) we’re waiting to see just how things went down.

Julie Chen described tonight’s episode as watching the final HoH competition kick off, so that may mean we only get a glimpse at the first round or it could be that we only get the first round since the other two parts have yet to happen. Expect the worst and hope for the best.

Along with any competition footage we’ll get a memory lane episode and if you remember the mid-season carnival episode, well yeah, those aren’t the most exciting shows. Either way, the Final 3 will gather around their new tiny table with a big breakfast spread and a lot of booze to get their celebration party started.

Meanwhile, back on the Feeds, we’ve already discovered the results from the first part so you can check out our Final HoH Round 1 spoilers if you can’t wait to find out who secured a spot in the third round on finale night.

Then for the second round, I’m expecting that competition to be held later today and we’ll get those spoilers for you as soon as they’re revealed.

Don’t forget that voting is now open for the Big Brother 18 Favorite Houseguest so jump over to and support your fav HG with 20 votes a day between now and Monday.

BB18 is nearly over, but Big Brother Over The Top is just around the corner with a Sept. 28th premiere date and this new series will be entirely on the Live Feeds so this is a good chance to sign up now for the Free Trial and use promo code FALLACCESS to get a full month free. That code expires today (9/16) so don’t wait on it.

Join us back here tonight at 8/7c and chat with other fans throughout the show then get ready for the last episode of the season on Wednesday, Sept. 21st!


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  1. The only memory I am interested in rewatching is Paul in his secret service role. That was hilarious and I particularly loved how he embraced it. Such a contrast to Paulie and his pie baking.

    • Most definitely. He’s had me hooting and hollering many other times when he’s not talking about his many travels to different parts of the world! hahaha

    • I liked it as well, but Paul is also hoping for AFP win along with 1st prize as well. He was really funny, but it was all an act. In today’s world it seems all of these young people are just interested in being liked and looking for fame. I wish they would remove the AFP from the show so they can have other aspirations, like winning half a Million dollars and actually playing the game.

  2. A complete waste of time. Last time there was a Friday episode it was just a bunch of boring footage that wasn’t even worth airing. Other than the actual HOH comp, there is no need for the rest. why not show us the Jury members and what they are up to instead.

  3. Survivor finally did away with the memory lane segments, when will BB? The finale would be so much smoother if they showed part 1 of the HOH comp on this episode.

  4. The puppet show with the eagle from bbad that Paul and Vic put on was pretty funny until production stopped it because they started goofing on them. Pretty entertaining hope they show it.

    • I agree with you Dreamer. You know CBS will give those Momma Braid fans plenty of sass and eye rolls for all to enjoy.

    • I’m watching the final episode of the season of Mountain Men. I DVR’d it last night. Never heard of Z Nation. I’ll check it out online to see what it’s all about. :)

      • I’m sure it is scripted to a degree just like everything else, but these are real people who live their lives in the backwoods without luxury. I like that. If I watched Zombie’s at night, I’d have nightmares. Same thing happens if I watch anything to do with snakes, therefore no more Dingus. lol

      • That sounds pretty cool. I bet I’d like that too. ?
        Lol @ nightmares about Dingus ?

        I can’t get enough of Zombies. I watch all the shows and movies. My favorite series is The Walking Dead. I can really appreciate the special effects and make-up. It’s just another art form and as an artist myself I love all forms of art. My husband always gives me a hard time about the gore. He says I must be demented. Lol But like I said, I just see it as art and it’s awesome. ???

  5. Ok, next to the last show. Let’s do this and go down memory lane. Hope they have interresting stuff to show us.

  6. omg! Really James?..You’re gonna be loyal to Paul all the way to the end?..I wanna believe him…seriously…that’s DR

    • James is a liar. That is the only part of the game he played. So, I expect him and 10g’s friend Nicole will end up together.

  7. James actually acts as if he has played the game. ” How did we get Paul, Nicole and james to the final 3?” Really James.

      • I’ve been thinking all season that there’s a lot of newbies behind the scenes. The early days of BBAD for the season were pretty bad. The cams would change and we’d still be hearing conversations from the HGs they had just flipped away from.

    • It’s DR, so her ‘motivation’ could have been taped later..Nothing wrong with. They do it all the time…so TV viewers could understand what’s going on.

  8. Well. Before the BB Finale, you better show up at Survivor Fandom for the premiere.

    survivorfandom dot com

  9. I said that it was going to be a waste of time, but I actually enjoyed the clips. Not so much the 2 seconds comp. There were some things I hadn’t seen before.

  10. How could you guys have watched this?
    This season was so ‘meh’ (with the exception of Vic and Paul), instead of watching tonight, I listened to Dostoevesky’s “Crime and Punishment.” In Russian. ;)

    Vote for Vic if you haven’t yet.

    • Episodes like this make me happy I never watch it as it airs. Fast forwarded through the entire thing. What a waste of air time.

  11. the only few good parts of that special memory episode were Paul and Vic segments(“how long have you guys been married”) Vic’s laugh,and anything with Paul…love those 2..

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