Tonight On Big Brother 18: Live Eviction & Endurance Competition In Week 9

Tonight on Big Brother 18 we’re expecting a very dramatic live show with a big choice eviction, returning Juror twist, and an endurance HoH competition that should leave the house shaken and the Feeds hot. And yeah, we’ll get to watch the HoH battle live on our Big Brother Feeds!

Big Brother host Julie Chen outside the BB18 house

Overnight the choice between Victor and Corey for eviction raged on but maybe not for the most important voter of the week. While Corey continued to sleep through the season that wasn’t the case for Victor as he and Paul devised a new plan to keep their Sitting Ducks alliance alive in the game.

We’ll find out tonight if it worked, but at this point I wouldn’t hold my breath. James will be the swing vote and as he’s explained clearly many times, his loyalty lies with Nicole. “Ten grand, ten grand, ten grand” says he won’t be flipping on that plan. But once that vote is over the real drama arrives.

One of the first five Big Brother 18 Jurors will get a shot to return to the game and now CBS has released more details that changes what we should expect. Previously the next ACP vote had been delayed until 10 PM ET suggesting they were waiting for the twist to play out so we’d know who was back and be able to include them in the vote. Now that timeline has changed.

CBS has announced tonight will be a live HoH endurance competition featured on the Live Feeds. Yes, you’ll be able to watch the whole thing play out live tonight so be sure to sign up in advance and get the Free Trial. Then at 10PM ET login and start watching it all play out. CBS is expecting this one to wrap up by 3AM ET (12AM PT) since that’s the new start of the ACP voting.

Live Endurance comp on Big Brother 18

I’d guess we’ll be watching a large group competition combining the six remaining HGs and the five evicted Jurors similar to what’s been done in the past. Last surviving Juror in the comp would win his or her way back in and the last overall HG (both of the remaining six and the five Jurors) would become the new Head of Household. It’s still possible that we’ll get a quick returning Juror comp followed by a separate endurance comp, but I’m expecting the combo endurance battle instead.

Whatever happens we’ll be here live at 9PM ET with our recap and results as it plays out so be sure to be here tonight and we’ll watch it together. James, Nicole, and Natalie are convinced there won’t be a returning Juror while Victor, Paul, and Michelle think it’ll happen. Looks like we’ll have a few surprised faces tonight!

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Join us back here at 9/8c as we live recap the eviction show to discover who was voted out and who is the new Head of Household. What do you want to see happen in each of those outcomes?


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  1. Wow, that would be great if Vic comes back in as HOH. I wonder what Nat will think of James then after he assured them that no one was coming back.

  2. So if Vic is evicted, it is possible that he could win the returning Juror and HOH in the same comp. Has that ever been done before?

    • I don’t think the returning player has ever gone on to win HOH in a combo battleback/hoh type situation.

      • Yeah but no past season has ever had Victor. I haven’t seen every season. Has a player ever successfully gotten back into the house twice? If not it may be a season of firsts.

    • Yes if he also wins the battle back by being the last juror standing and then wins HOH by being the last player standing. He could win all the way back to head of household.

  3. This was such a good week for Vic to experience being a HN. He will be weakened during the comp. Crap shoot for jury would mean though that anyone could come back. Will be an interesting night!

  4. According to Jokers, Gnat was giving a little push back to James about voting Vic out, right before the show came on TV last night. The next Jokers post, 42 mins later, the convo had changed of course. That is a few times that I have seen something like that happen right before a TV episode airs. It’s almost like it’s staged. I would love to see Gnat tell James that this is her HOH, that he said he would support her and do whatever she wants and she wants him to vote out Victor. We know his true colors, but it is time for Gnat to find out.

    • As of right now James is still set to vote out Victor. However at around 2-3am Michelle and Natalie continued to debate it and both want Victor to stay. Natalie plans to discuss it further so it’s possible things could still change but I wouldn’t hold my breath.

      • LOL. Yes that’s probably why I like Amazing Race the best. It’s all about how well you can do the tasks and get from point A to point B. It’s sad to learn production is messing around with the game so much.

      • I’m sure there will be many who can still enjoy it knowing that the outcome is influenced and manipulated at every turn, but that’s not the BB that I enjoy.

      • Me either. Honestly the only reason I’m still watching at this point is Paul and Victor. Even with them in the house live feeds tend to hang around the 2 couples which is unbearable to watch anymore.

      • I watch the whole thing every season whether I like the remaining players or not. It is a game and I get annoyed every season because my favorites don’t win.

      • I will think that the first couple of seasons of BB were mostly real, but after that it’s all about viewers and making money so it had to be scripted. I remember how BB was almost cancelled many times because of low ratings. The show is fixed and the ratings got better. Many people here want Paulie back to add excitement to the show, and that’s why reality shows want to add scripted drama so the viewers could enjoy.
        I personally rather watch a game show with no script and whomever does the best should win. As Fayt says that she likes the Amazing Race, well that is my favorite show and it is because the contestants eliminate themselves by not performing well and there is no beauty contest or favoritism.

      • I think it was mostly legit. I think things started to take a turn for the worse season 11. The Jeff/Jordan showmance was extremely popular and had a cout d’tat power given by a vote which wasn’t fair to most of the players that season. Then you had the Rachel/Brennan showmance S12 and things just went downhill from there trying to promote and protect them in future seasons. S13 again had R/B, 14 was returners getting the pass, 15 you had Amanda/McCrae, 16 was all about Frankie, last year the Twins/Austin, and now the year with 3 diff showmances.

      • All reality shows are scripted. I just don’t care for the game to be manipulated and show favoritism. Let the HGs play the game and if they choose to write in some drama, that’s fine, but the winners or those eliminated should not be chosen by production.

      • It is one thing for the show to have a premise and production having a part in that, but this year has become so blatantly so that production is actually another player in the game. Can’t stand the heavy handedness they have brought this year.

      • I sure don’t want him to even stay in the jury house. He threatened to quit, but is full of it. I wish he would. I do see the polls voting for him, many posts and tweets wanting him to come back.

      • A lot of people want Trollie to come back because it probably will bring some drama with it. Especially the feedsters, it won’t be so boring (probably) with Trollie back in the picture.

    • If she shows her true colors then James will vote to evict her. Then the honeymoon will be over.

  5. James is going to vote out Vic. Watch the live feeds and he is not going to change his mind. He knows Vic is a threat. Nat will listen to James and Vic will be sent to the jury comp.

  6. Natalie needs to realize this is not Jame’s HOH, it’s her’s and Michelle’s. If James truly cares about Natalie, he’ll do what she wants, because he didn’t win the HOH Comp, she did

    • Natalie’s HOH is over. 2 players are up and Veto was played. It is now up to James, Nicole and Paul to vote out whomever they choose. Unfortunately, I believe it will be Victor.

    • James does care about Gnat which is one of the main reasons he wants Victor out. He’s jealous that Gnat likes Victor. Wake up James, she likes you for what you can do for her in the BB house but beyond that you’re in the friendship zone. Hope that Gnat and useless Meech push for Victor to stay, Gnat has started questioning James on his loyalty to Nicole. Lets hope she pushes that further to make him explain himself.

    • That’s not how BB works even f the players whine about it. Soemtimes HOHs end up evicting allies because the other players didn’t do what the HOH wants. HH nomiunates, other players vote. It is not a dictatorship though OHs try to be which likely usually backfires in the long run.

    • It is her Hoh. She has done all the HoH can do. Voters never have to follow your wishes. And if she really wanted NiCorey put up, she could have done it from the jump.

      It is tough to be a hardline “do what I say” HoH when you are flip flopping.

      Besides which, given the information they have right now, she should not want Victor to stay. If they knew about the twist, different story, but still …

    • She was starting to flip flop on Victor last night. I don’t think she knows what she wants.

  7. I haven’t been on the band wagon regarding James the last few weeks as others have been, but I can honestly now say that I’m very disappointed in him and have lost all faith in him as of this week. I want one camera square on James’ face during tonight’s episode so we can all witness his reaction to a returning juror. And if Vic wins the juror return AND wins HOH…epic!

    • I would like to see Victor win as well. I notice a lot of people are saying Victor or Paulie will win but I wouldn’t sleep on Bridgette. She already stayed in one endurance comp this year 5 hours and has probably healed up quite a bit since her eviction. I love Bridgette but I worry she’d only help James and Natalie’s games so I’m not going to be rooting for her tonight.

      • lol yah it sucks because she’s a great girl. Actually I think Victor has to avoid eviction to survive tonight to be honest. He’s been a have not all week so bad sleep and not as much food as he’s used to. Plus all the stress of the game whereas the 4 jury members have all be resting and eating in relaxation. If I had to put money on it I’d take Bridgette tonight, but I hope I’m wrong and Victor pulls it out or somehow gets James to vote out Corey.

      • I could definitely deal with James voting out Corey. Especially since it’s Nat’s HOH. She needs to work on him today, and if he still votes out Vic, there will be some trouble in Paradise.. :) which I could deal with, too! Compared to the other HG’s, Vic is still stronger and more mentally stable even on the HN diet.

      • The other night Victor wanted to use the bathroom and he kept passing gas, rather than go and use it. I think his stomach hasn’t been feeling good eating slop. Nicole called him out and practically told him that he stank.

      • Bridgette does not like James and would go for a f3 with herself, Nat and Meech. Both she and Nat were adamant about a girl winning.

      • It did cross my mind how well Bridgette and Da did in the “watch your dub step” comp. Those two could pull out a surprise win in an endurance but they’d both protect James and Da might want to get back at Paul for sending her out, so as much as I love them both I’m hoping they don’t win.

    • I’m hoping for ALL of that! I wanna James’ reaction so bad! Then I want him and his chickie poo to get “boned” by Victor’s vengeance

  8. shocked it’s endurance for the returning juror. Could BB be any more obvious in who they want coming back? I’m so done with Paulie and just about this whole season.

    • Traditionally wall endurance comps favor small women like Bridgette or smaller guys like Paul and James.

    • First, it is not guaranteed (though likely) to be endurance for returning juror.

      Second, if anything that favours the girls. As Fayt said, most of the endurance comps generally use a person’s body weight against them. So Vic would be screwed. Paulie may still have a shot, being smaller, but I’d bet on Bridgette

  9. Last night shortly after Victor had wound up pitching his efforts to save himself, he was finally alone with James and still working on him when James was called to the DR. It was already obvious before this that James couldn’t wait to get to Nicole and talk turkey. Shortly after his DR session, he had Natalie and Michelle agree to get Nicole and Corey up to the HOH room. Then and there, the group switched back to Corey’s favor. Fast. Then the house went back to being dull again. It was disgusting if you’re someone who doesn’t like the James and Nicole show and want to watch some other outcome.

    • Exactly. This season is being manipulated openly and brazenly beyond belief. From inside the house and from the outside. It’s astonishing.

  10. Everyone here is on the same page about wanting Victor to continue in the game. We hope that stays true.

    James has been playing a very sneaky game. Hope Natalie is able to call him out regarding his allegiance to Nicole. Something isn’t right.

    • Still puzzled whenever anyone describes a players’ game as “sneaky” as if that is a bad thing.

      Good for James for being sneaky. The issue is he has been boring and passive.

      • And don’t forget he’s a cheater!
        Nana nana boo boo
        Stick your head in doo doo
        You can’t catch me. lol
        Well, he got caught but he got a get out of jail free card. And while HGs like Victor and Paul have had to work, strategize, and play hard for every step they have taken in this game, others have just sat back knowing since the beginning that they were protected.

      • It’s not the sneaky part that’s the problem, it’s him being a scumbag, coward,snitch, cheater, being disloyal to every single one of his allies including Natalie in favor of a pre-established alliance with Nicole, and being favored by production that’s the problem.

      • Personally, I think it’s always been there. It seemed as if it was lurking in the shadows, though. It has become more blatantly obvious in the last 1-2 weeks, however.

      • I believe they made a pre-game alliance that they would take each other to F2. They both had discussions with Derrick..he told them to stick together..but..the 10K…that’s a whole new ballgame and one that should have gotten them both evicted.

      • Exactly. When the goal of the game is to win money and they start using said money (money that they would ONLY have if they won the contest) as a bargaining chip, that is wrong. It’s also a violation of paragraph 43 of the contract that they signed. Among other things.

        It’s also very different than being openly given $5,000 And told very specifically “go bribe someone as part of the game.”

        The problem with the James and Nicole deal is that they’re playing with money that they don’t yet have. That’s what makes it wrong because the only way to get it is to do it through something called collusion which has been illegal on game shows and monetary contests since the 1950’s.

  11. Ive been taking a bit of a “break” from commenting because I feel its pointless with the way this game is being played lately. But I AM LIVID at the idea that James and Nicole have a previously made deal or one they made in the house, either way I feel its so wrong on many levels. They should be evicted, kicked out, whatever they can to get those two out. Production should’ve interfered so many times (imo) this season and they haven’t. Chima got thrown out a game for throwing a mic in the pool, but its okay to openly admit to making deals on the show, AND allow people to ignore what DR says, etc etc. This season will go down as the worst season ever in my book.

    • I think Paulie should have been thrown out the second he refused to do his punishment. I don’t know when the deal was made (before or during the show). Either way at this point it is just talk and by the way talk is cheap. They didn’t sign a agreement to do this so I doubt that any deal made in the house will hold up in court. People cut deals in the show on just about every level from keeping you safe to helping you vote someone out. Victor got voted out once but won his way back into the house so cudo’s to him. James is playing what is best for his game and by proxy, what is best for Natalie’s game but she either doesn’t see it or she doesn’t understand the game.

      • Aw. that was a cheap shot. So what if she has implants?! Who DOESN’T anymore? Get the freakin’ Paulie mentality outta yer head. ;)

      • It wasn’t a cheap shot, I’m simply repeating what she has been constantly talking about. She is the one keeping this front and center. No one else. And I don’t care what kind of boobs she has, fake or real. Doesnt bother me in the least. I wish she would stop talking about it. Has nothing to do with the game.

      • Gotcha. I guess the only one I ever heard talk about them was Paulie. But, I don’t have the feeds—and tend to block out what she says. But she’s pretty.

      • Exactly! I was expecting him to be taken out of the game for that. But noooo…. he gets a sorry a$$ edit, made the tv only people feel bad for him, and hes now in jury possibly on his way back in. I say they bring back Chima, lmao.

      • Or Frank just to be fair so everyone has a chance in the second Battle Back. Being one of this cry baby Parents because my kid can’t play LOL.

      • Paulie is just an idiot, plain and simple. I’m sure he was warned that if he didn’t make a single pie that he would be violating his contract which is why he begrudgingly made a couple of them with no respect to the game whatsoever while doing so. Now as for James and Nicole, please go to the thread about James and Nicole and you will find a link to the actual Big Brother contract and document that they do sign. It contains all of the rules. Look up paragraph number 43. Read It and Weep. Even an oral contract is against the rules. Writing it down doesn’t matter. It got documented when these idiots said it on camera multiple times. In this case, the oral contract is identical to a written one. And you can take that all the way to court.

      • At this point it doesn’t matter what was said or not said. They have to actually win the game first and honestly I do not see that happening. So the whole conversation about it is mute.

    • AGREED. the Integrity of this franchise is being tossed into the toilet. It’s so bad that I’m starting to wonder about Survivor and Amazing Race etcetera etcetera.


    Victor, has a HN can weaken his abilities to win the Jury Battle Back (formerly called buyback). That doesn’t mean he can’t win just means there is a chance that he may faulter.

    Paulie, some would say he is in the cat birds seat on this one. But he has been out one week and more than likely, if true as to what happened in the house with Z, he could be kind of worn down from his extra activities in the jury house. Not saying he can’t the win but again his game may faulter if Z and him were to say do the locomotion under the sheets.

    DAY, she couldn’t win a comp but she also hung on to the endurance comp that gave James the win. If the comp was running of the mouth she would be a shoe in. I don’t expect much out of her in this comp.

    Z, She is just happy to see Paulie in jury house. I don’t expect much from her but it would be a refreshing change to see her win at least one comp this year. Sadly I doubt she will.

    Bridgette, has been the underdog all season with her alliance with Frank. She is good at comps and has a win or two to back that up. I would be rooting for her to win tonight but I may be the only one other than Frank. She has been in Jury a couple of weeks now and should be well rested to hang in there for a endurance comp but I have my doubts. She may have gone soft on me and even though if she should win, I feel she will be one of the first ones out the door if she goes back in.

    There is my take, read it, think about it before you tell me I have lost my mind.

  13. I hope Vic gets the buyback because Vic and Paul are the most entertaining people left of this show!!

  14. I think Victor will win in an endurance comp. he’s proved, even with bleeding hands, that he won’t let go. Heart of a lion!

  15. I like to see James, Corey and Nicole gone. If victors comes back he deserves to stay, as he fought hard and if Bridget comes back be good for Paul. she is a great player of big brother. James is sneaky and hide behind his showmance. Corey is just all around dumb his has no game. Nicole she just in the corner hiding and plays a poor game. And her voice is rather annoying.

  16. “James, Nicole, and Natalie are convinced there won’t be a returning juror” nah that’s just wishful thinking on their part.

    Has Paulie ever won an endurance comp? Odds are starting to look good for Vic….or maybe that’s wishful thinking on my part ha

    • This isn’t good for Victor because he’s been a have not all week. He hasn’t gotten much sleep because of the bumper cars and it just seems to be that more fixing is in by the producers.

      • Yeah but Victor’s more than proven himself. If little Natalie can win an endurance comp with a bad neck I’m sure Vic can pull out the win. He’s a beast! He always seems to win comps at just the right time. His only real threat is Paulie (who I’m convinced would also target James), and as someone pointed out before, Paulie may be a little sore considering he and Z are in the jury house together….

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