‘Big Brother 18’ Live Feeds Week 9: Wednesday Highlights

Victor and Paul worked on some world-class campaigning effort in the Big Brother 18 house, but James continued to play his role of buzz killer throughout the day. Were Victor and Paul able to finally to pull of their plan or is James too set on what seems to be a pre-season alliance with Nicole and by default Corey? Read on to find out.

Victor and Baldwin on BB18

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Big Brother 18 Live Feed Highlights – Wednesday, August 24, 2016:

9:00 AM BBT – Paul is the only one awake and he’s doing a morning talk show.

10:00 AM BBT – Still all Paul. Rest are sleeping.

12:00 PM BBT – It’s still Paul. Only Paul. He’s still talking in the lounge.

12:40 PM BBT – Michelle is getting ready for the day.

1:15 PM BBT – Corey and Nicole have joined the living. Paul chatting with Nicole. He’s still perturbed by Michelle’s attack on his beliefs.

1:55 PM BBT – Nicole and Paul talk about living at home. Paul loves it. Nicole is ready to get out.

2:20 PM BBT – Nicole talks about the golden days of BB16 being like summer camp. (Explains her strategy / gameplay this season.)

2:25 PM BBT – Corey describes his DR sessions as energetic…

2:55 PM BBT – Paul and Corey discussing Paulie telling them about late night activities with Zakiyah but how they didn’t use condoms and can’t believe they wouldn’t.

3:35 PM BBT – HGs hanging around in the bathroom. Victor doing a faux nature documentary featuring the other HGs.

3:50 PM BBT – James suggests it’s way too late for anyone to be coming back.

4:00 PM BBT – Corey and Victor discuss the early lockdown and remember one of the two times so far this season was for the Battle Back comp.

4:10 PM BBT – Victor asks Natalie if they’re good for tomorrow. Natalie starts in saying she’s not voting this week and that’s up to James who she doesn’t control. She’s doing a poor job of dodging his question. Victor tries to back off as Natalie denies any previous promises that she’d help Victor stay safe if he remained on the Block. Natalie keeps suggesting James makes his own decisions and she isn’t responsible.

4:24 PM BBT – Natalie asks James if she really wanted Victor to stay would he vote to keep him. James says it depends on her argument. Natalie says keeping Nicole and Corey might be best for James’ game but not necessarily hers.

4:30 PM BBT – James won’t answer Natalie on the Victor question and then he gets upset and says she has a soft spot for Victor. James seems to be jealous. He tells her he would vote her way if she wasn’t playing with her emotions. He’s pushing the idea that Victor and Paul need to be split up.

4:38 PM BBT – Natalie isn’t happy that James is always defending Nicole. James says that Nicole is more trustworthy than Natalie thinks.

4:52 PM BBT – Despite Natalie’s thoughts and pleas James says he knows in his heart that evicting Victor is the right thing to do. Natalie has been mentioning a jury battle back and James says there won’t be one.

7:00 PM BBT – Paul talking to Nicole and Corey about next week. He tells them he knows Victor is going. He tells them that Natalie, James and Michelle are a trio. He tells them that if they get rid of him it’ll be three agains two, not in their favor.

7:07 PM BBT – Natalie talking about how much she wants Paul out. James says he’ll put up Nicole and Paul if he wins HOH then vote out Corey if Paul gets Veto.

7:21 PM BBT – Paul tells Nicole and Corey that James has made sure he’s the one telling evictees beforehand as Jury management. After Paul left Nicole and Corey whispered their reactions to Paul’s pitch. Nicole says, “Michelle is sketchy. I want her gone next.”

7:31 PM BBT – Victor and Paul going over what Victor is going to pitch to Victor about keeping him over Corey. Victor tells Paul that Michelle made a mistake this week and she’ll be the pawn until they don’t need her.

7:37 PM – BBT Paul suggests to Victor he go upstairs and be buddies with Natalie and James and he will go look friendly with Nicole and Corey to cause suspicions. They want Natalie and James to think that Paul and Victor aren’t as close as everyone thinks.

7:51 PM BBT – Victor take’s Paul’s idea and is lightly throwing Paul under the bus about teaming up with Nicole and Corey and suggesting it’s better they get rid of Corey.

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  1. What have I missed?!

    “Paul and Victor had a good plan but when it hinges on James turning against Nicole you can be assured it won’t work…and why would he when there’s a ten grand bonus on the line?”

    WTF is going on?!

      • That talk they had out by the pool about giving each other the 10K was not on the show last night. Production did not want that to air. The only people that know about that are feeders and others who may get on social media to check out what is going on in the house.

      • Actually they promised to give each one of the people in thier “Showmance” ie: Corey, Natalie and either James or Nicole if one of them wins. Nicole said she would give Corey a gift because he doesn’t need the money. As stated below and in every other post related to this Biggest of biggest scams in BB history (sarcasm) it is something that happens every year and even though they are told it is not allowed, after the show they can do whatever they want to do with their money.

      • Happens every year. Last season, rich Vanessa (she drove a Lamborghini pre BB) promised, too. Old news. All BB has to do, and did, is threaten to “Richard Hatch” them if anything comes up; i.e. prosecute. Besides, James goes back on ALL his promises anyway! It’s his way.

      • Doesn’t make it okay and lol I hadn’t thought about James and his “deals.” Didn’t he win $20K last year for AFP and then $5K at the veto this year. If he was gonna give Nicole $10K he could’ve done it already

    • Haven’t you noticed Nicole hasn’t been on the block at all and James only once I think. Maybe he hasn’t either. They have both been protecting each other by steering nominations toward someone else. No doubt the deal was made before they got in there.

      • Yes Nicole & James are the only ones who haven’t been on the block. Definitely not just a coincidence. I had my doubts about the supposed pre season alliance and production interfering but now it just seems so blatantly obvious that both are true to some extent, if not completely. James had offered up Natalie to go on the block early in the game but never agreed on Nicole going up. He had even said when it came time to start “clipping” their girls that Natalie could go first. If that doesn’t show who he’s really protecting then I don’t know what else to say. Maybe put Natalie and Nicole on the block together and see what he does. Oh that would make for some good live feeds!

      • That should be setting off all kinds of alarm bells. She doesn’t want Vic to go but was still able to put him up and James is saying he can’t put up Nicole??? Yeah I would’ve already started making new plans moving forward. How does she not see that?!

      • Remember James told her about the money bribe that according to James was between the 4 of them(that’s what Joker’s said anyway). Gnat needs the money. One aspect to look at.

      • Very true but they cut to fish before we could hear if he told her it was for sure money or just a “gift”. I was watching when Nicole had to go tell James she couldn’t “get him something nice” and you can tell the wheels were turning in Natalie’s head. She started asking James why didn’t they say anything about the times he said he would buy her gifts. She knew something wasn’t right but I don’t think she’s given any thought about it since then.

      • I went back to find that. This is how it was posted on Jokers 3 days ago.
        2:30 AM BBT..”About an hour ago James shared his and Nicole’s morning convo about sharing cash among their 4 with Natalie and FISH”
        I don’t know if this is the fish you were referring to, but the convo with Nat about the convo with Nicole had occurred an hour before this was written. I might me misunderstanding you, though. :)

      • That is it. What actually happened on the feeds was they were sitting by the hot tub and James said something like “I’m not trying to use this as strategy but me and Nicole made a deal that if me or her win we would give the other 3 a “care package”.” This isn’t word for word but as close as I can get off the top of my head. He for sure said he wasn’t using it as strategy and said care package instead of money or cash. Then you can hear Natalie say what did you agree to or something like that and that’s when it went to fish.
        But yeah Natalie knows they made some kind of deal with each other but I don’t think she knows it was cash. I only think that because if she did know it was cash then when Nicole went upstairs to tell James about getting in trouble it would’ve clicked for her. But instead she was baffled and kept saying why is it a big deal, James has said he would get her gifts and he didn’t get in trouble those times. She was constantly repeating that and that’s when James told her you’re not helping the situation lol!!

  2. James and Nicole need to be evicted over the GIFTS talk. Or at least tell the others. That would change everything. And give Victor a real chance.

    • Vanessa got shut down last season, too, for offering cash and to buy things to other players. No penalty other than getting talked to, I believe.

      • Vanessa was even asking the more gullible HG’s to give her their winnings and she would invest them by playing poker with them saying their winnings would then increase 10 fold or something to that effect. Now that was really disturbing to watch and it took forever for the DR made her stop doing that.

  3. Man i really thought that it was working. I wouldn’t of thought of coming up with something like that. I am not a fan of Paul but if he pulled that off I was switching sides. He is really playing hard.

    • The problem is it is obvious what he is doing. So, everything he says is likely nonsense trying to save his buddy.

      • Not to mention the timing of it all. Geez Louise. How can anyone even think for a second it was legit?

        Props to him for playing/trying. With that bunch, it was worth a shot, I guess. Obv it worked for the 2 who don’t vote.

  4. “Corey describes his DR sessions as energetic…”

    ROFL dofaefjiaojffvnhroaefljk;refovro okay bud.. whatever you say lmao

  5. I just realized who Corey reminds me of…. Gomer Pyle … However, Gomer was quite a bit more energetic than Corey.

  6. “Corey describes his DR sessions as energetic.” Is he smoking crack? He’s the most boring person in that house!

  7. Gotta give it to Paul, he’s really playing hard! Can’t wait to see who comes back from jury and what shenanigans will take place.

    • I admire Paul’s game play, and his convo with Corey and Nicole last night had me cracking up. I’d totally be friends with him in the real world.

      I’m hoping Vic returns from jury but if not then it will likely be Paulie and while I’m not terribly thrilled about that, I think he’d target James and Natalie which I would be 100% okay with.

  8. Cute and Clueless won AFP for James last go round…sadly it isn’t working this time….why is he so sure there is no buyback or double eviction? His days are numbered…Nat has already set him up by telling Vic “James makes his own decisions”…..

    • I think it’s because she’s starting to finally see where his cards lie with Nicole. I would like to see her turn on him and they keep Vic this week.

      • She has no power this week anymore. James decides who goes home. She would need to be a wizard to t him to change his mind at this point.

      • If Natalie decided to ‘get physical’ with James I’m pretty sure that would change his mind :D

    • I don’t think he’s sure at all, I just think he’s in denial because he knows he’s screwed if Vic or Paulie (the two biggest comp beasts in both the bb and jury house) come back and he thinks if he says it enough times it’ll be true. I cannot wait to see his face when he finds out there is a returning jury member. Him and Nicole will be whining about how its “not fair” and I’ll be here with my popcorn.

    • He still may get it. Some people that vote don’t have bbad and do not read these feeds to know the truth about him. Production is portraying him as a saint.

  9. JAMES YOU SUCK! GET OUT OF THE HOUSE! He is so bad at the game and is individually destroying this season’s gameplay.

    • Actually, he’s being smart this week. You are just mad that he isn’t doing what YOU want him to do.

    • AND he is soo far up Natalie’s butt he can’t breath. That’s the real reason he wants Victor gone. He is jealous. And the fact he THINKs he has a chance with her. Proves what I’ve said all along. LOSER. didn’t like him before. Can’t stand him now.

  10. 1) Do you think Nicole is James’ ride or die, and he would dump Nat for her?
    2) Do you think James is Nicole’s ride or die, and she would dump Corey for him?

    • It wouldn’t matter Cause neither relationship is gonna last for very long outside the house…

    • I think James and Dingus plan to make it to F4 with their showmance. If James wins HOH , I think his goal would be to evict Doofus. If Dingus wins HOH, I think her plan would be to evict Gnat. I think from there on out, their plan is may the best man win because I really do not think they would want to go to F2 with each other. But I think they each think they could beat the other part of each showmance. I’m hoping the returning player puts a kink in their plans somehow.

    • Nope. In an F3 scenario (after they kill the Stay Puft marshmallow monster):

      I think James would take Natalie over Nicole to the end.
      I also think Nic would take Corey over James to the end.
      Those 2 crazy kids think their showmances are romances.

      I think Corey might take a dude over Nicole.
      I think Nat might take a girl over James.

      They may care for James/Nic but they’re not gaga over them.

  11. I am very convinced that Dingus and James had a pre-game agreement and that DR is very aware of it and even helped to advance them in the game. I think Derrick told Paulie and James both to protect Dingus. Nicole was between a rock and a hard place when James and Paulie were at odds right before Paulie was evicted, but she and James got that all worked out with their little money bribery scheme and all trust was reestablished. I think Doofus knows about it and is going along for the ride hoping to get to F2 and eventually being able to fight for more.

      • With all the BB events they do together – meeting vets from other seasons and all – it has to come up in conversation: “Would you do another season?” “Absolutely!” or “Only if I’m on All Stars” etc. It’s sort of a fraternity unless they hate each other for some reason, like Frank with Dan. Other than that, I think the tendency would be to work together unless they don’t like each other.

        I would not doubt if most/all of them who want to do another season, do say things like, “Well, if we’re on the same season, let’s stick together” or “Let’s have each other’s backs”, etc. The vets stand a good chance of being targeted so it’s normal to think they’d want whatever edge they could get, spoken or not.

        If it happens pre-season, what are you gonna do?
        Only thing I know to prevent it would be all new HGs (no vets). But vets are popular and no doubt they’ll return and BB will likely have an All Stars again before its end.

        Think of it this way, too (this annoys me) – You have Paulie who is Cody’s brother (the siblings) and Natalie who knows of Paulie IRL and vice versa. I think Bronte knew a previous HG. Corey knows Clay. On and on. A number of the “new” HGs know previous HGs. I would like to see ALL NEW HGs who have zero connection to any previous HGs. Find some of them outside NY/LA. You could get 16 HGs all from different states even.

  12. I am sick to my stomach over the idea that CBS seems to be letting them (Nicole and James) get away with cheating (Paragraph 43 of their contract, to be exact) when they have been so, SO caught!

    It is disturbing and I really don’t want my trust in this franchise to go away but it is taking some major hits this season. I know, I know: so much has happened before and production has a longstanding record of being sketch, but it was never about money.

    Since the game is ultimately being played FOR money, this takes it to a whole new level.

    Money changes everything. If CBS does not fix this by tomorrow’s next game moves with HUGE sanctions or expulsion or FULL disclosure by or of Nicole and James, then it is going to be hard to ever trust Big Brother beyond the level of “pro wrestling”. It will be operating at the same level of credibility.

    Maybe it will give birth to a new trashTV genre: “Reality Gameshow Entertainment”

    And if so, no thanks.

    CBS? You’ve gone too far this time if you do nothing about this.

    It will also make me question the credibility of Survivor, Amazing Race and more.

    Fix this. Now.

    Is a bit of embarrassment now really worth the whole genre crashing down before you later?

    FIX IT!

    • “but it is taking some major hits this season.”

      CBS? You’ve gone too far this time if you do nothing about this.”
      This isn’t new. This kind of thing has been going on since forever.

  13. What Vic and Paul/Nat and Michelle are not realizing: If the duo are on the outs and Vic would go after Paul at the next HOH, then his fate is sealed since Paul would strike first and vote out Victor tonight since Nicole is already voting out Vic. Those girls are easy to lead. We know at least 2 who will NOT be the winner.

    • Actually they made the comment to Victor that he needs to keep up appearances with Paul or Paul may vote him out. Michelle and Natalie completely buy that Victor would actually go after Paul which is hilarious, but as of now James is still not buying it most likely because of the preshow alliance everyone is talking about for him and Nicole.

      • Maybe, unlike fans who root, root root fpr their favorite players, James realizes that the duo of Paul and Victor together in the house is more dangerous to his game than the duo of Dingus and Dufus.

      • Or maybe because the idea of Vic & Paul turning on each other at this point is ridiculous. I can’t believe ANYONE in that house would buy that. I just SMH. Dem girlz. Lol

  14. CBS has a Broadcast Feedback commentary on their website.. Any complaints or suggestions about the James and Nicole controversy should be voiced /written to the station..

    • Agreed! If they don’t want to kick James and Nicole out they could at least punish them by voiding their eviction votes tonight. Or better yet reset this whole week instead of a jury buy back

    • Doesn’t do any good. Bunch of people were commenting on their comment section the racism season. They only warned them. There was also another season. Every year I along with some others keep asking them to go back to food comps and a larger variety of contestants. Hasn’t changed anything yet.

      • That’s true. I still complain on their site. I just get frustrated with the same old crap every year. Love this show but it’s going down fast.

      • I loved my ex, too, and he fooled me over and over. I finally realized I would never be able to trust him. Maybe that’s why I’m not giving BB the opportunity to even try to play me for a fool again. Can’t trust them to play fair and keep integrity of the game intact.

      • Adam said it’s happened in previous seasons. They got a talking to like the others before them.

        Last season, Vanessa got shut down for offering cash and to buy nice things for other HGs. Don’t recall a penalty; just that they spanked her and told her to stop it.

  15. My ideal scenario for tonight is this plan of Paul and Victor actually works so we see Corey voted out. Then Paulie wins the jury battle back and Paul is the overall winner and HOH of tonight’s endurance comp. This would provide maximum Chaos moving forward because you’d have just separated Nicole and Corey so maybe we finally see Nicole out of bed and with Paul in power he most likely takes out James. Final 6 of Paul, Victor, Paulie, Nicole, Michelle, and Natalie could unfold numerous ways and FINALLY no stupid showmances on the feeds to watch. Also I’m a fan of Paul and Victor so naturally this outcome would be beneficial to their games moving forward.

    • I don’t like Paulie as a person but as a player I can see him being beneficial to Vic and Paul’s game. PP reunion??

      • If Paulie comes back I could see Paul trying to mend that fence. At this point Paul wants nothing to do with James, Natalie, and Michelle. If Victor actually survived the vote “The Board” alliance reviving would make sense to all 3 guys games moving forward for the most realistic chance at final 3. If Victor is gone I think Paul would be wary of the Paulie/Corey tie but would probably work with them initially until at least James is gone.

      • I’m sure Paulie could appreciate a strategic game move and not take it personally especially since him and Paul have the same targets. Plus now him and Vic are even and if I was Paul I’d tell him to look at it that way. Paulie said he felt most betrayed by James anyway and Nat blew up his game. I could see P&P working together to get those two on the block with meech as a backdoor option.

    • I LOVE the sound of that. I wish BB would make showmances off limits. Watching paulie and z made me sick. And then the way he talked about her was disgusting. And nic acts like a horny teenager. She should know better.

  16. I’m glad I read this. I jumped into the live feeds as Victor was talking to Nat and Michelle and thought they’d actually turned him against Paul. Glad it was an act.

    I initially wanted to believe James and Nat were the real deal as far as a showmance goes but you can tell James has a crush on Nicole and Natalie has a crush on Victor. They both got shot down and settled for each other.

    I think one of the showmances is going on the block next week and I hope it’s James and Natalie with James going.

    • I would love to see James gone ASAP. He’s a poor man’s Derrick who is only good at pranking and ruining thing for fans like blindsides and power shifts.

      • Seriously though. James was fantastic last year, now this year he’s a wet blanket. He only plays the game when he needs to protect Nicole.

      • James was awful last year. All he did was chase Meg around. He had no strategy or clue as to what was going on in the house.

      • James had a great social game and he split up Clay and Shelli who were running the house and convinced Vanessa to send one of his allies (Jason) home. He also won veto on a week where he was the target. Can’t stand his game this year though. Hes not doing anything

      • James has played pretty well this season. People just don’t like the fact he is not doing what they want him to do. Him targeting Paul/Victor over Nicole/Corey s the smart game move. PERIOD.

      • No he hasn’t played well this season at all. James has floated through this season and done nothing until he got power. Then when he did he did whatever the house and Natalie wanted. I was pulling for James until he started making unfair deals with Nicole. He’s only voting out Vic to protect Nicole and because he’s jealous that Natalie likes him. Nothing to do with his own game.

      • James doesn’t belong to be in the same sentence as Derrick. Not even close. James is more like a poor man’s Howie.

  17. Id say it is pretty clear to see that the writer is pro Vic/Paul…I mean it is glaringly obvious. For James to NOT evict Victor, he would be a total fool, a horrible player, and deserve to be mocked for being so. He has no choice — leaving Victor in the house with Paul means they are handed the game. So, I read the writer complaining about James squashing the idea to save Victor, but, really, why wouldn’t he?! FINALLY, I give James some credit…for once.

  18. I know I will probably get some haters for this , but here is my opinion… I understand the appeal of wanting Victor to win. He has certainly played with a lot of heart and seems to be an all-around good guy. If he is voted out and comes back I can certainly understand those who are rooting for him, it would be an epic event. That being said there is also a part of me that thinks it’s a little unfair for a person to have three chances in one of season to play and win the game. While Victor is certainly a beast at the competitions, he really is not a strategic player. Paul basically tells him what to do. Paul is Derek and Victor is Cody. I am probably one of the few that was still rooting for Paulie. Even though he was certainly an arrogant butt, he was playing the game great at competitions and strategic. At this point I’m torn who to root for the battle back. All I know for certain is anybody besides Corey and Michelle could win it all and I could live with it

    • I don’t really want Victor to win.

      I think having him win battle back again would be hilarious, but even if he does I would not expect him to win the show.

    • I agree about people coming back in. Saying that though if he wins the battle back he deserves to win. He doesn’t know the game he admitted that when BB started.

    • Also, in principle, I dont find pre-jury buybacks to be unfair. Evictions early in the season are pretty random, and players come back in with a target on their back.

      But Jury buybacks I have always hated. Way too late in the game to give a defeated player another shot.

      But hey, at least it is a comp and not america votes.

    • You make some good points, and I do hate buybacks in general (either pre or post jury). If you’re out, you should be out. End of story.
      However, this season has been so shady, that they deserve the buy backs. James and Nicole we already collaborating before the show started, which such a disadvantage for all other players. Paulie, James, and Nicole all knew they were going to be on the show together, and all talked to Derek beforehand. Nicole and James offered each other $10,000 and should have been penalized. Plus the whole team nonsense was stupid and kept Nicole and Frank safe for weeks when the vets were vulnerable. Therefore, the buybacks are all fair game and anything that prevents these two cheaters from winning is fine by me.

  19. If Paul or Victor don’t win, I hope they at least get a chance at BB all stars.
    Their game plan last night was brilliant and would have probably worked had James and Nicole not already had a pre-alliance deal.

  20. The best thing that could happen at this point is for Paul (or the returning juror) to win HOH. Natalie needs to go up on the block vs Corey. This would force James and Nicole to either turn on each other (thus voiding their alliance), or… James and Nicole would stick together and evict one of their showmance partners, which would quite possibly destroy the other showmance in the process.

    Of course, if Nicole and James stick together, it would be up to the surviving Showmance HG to figure out what was happened and why they didn’t get evicted (and lets face it… Natalie and Corey are not the brightest bulbs). However, this seems to be the best plan possible in my mind, as its the only way to potentially break up more than one alliance.

    • I would love to see Nicole and James on the block together. Get out the remaining vets and the cheaters and split up one of the showmances. There might even be a tie breaker depending on who won hoh and who the returning juror is. We’re in for one hell of a week either way.

  21. Imagine if Amazing Race did a Big Brother edition. 11 pairs of dynamic duos from Big Brother racing it out. I’ll just list a few showmances and duos that come to mind. Victor/Paul, Nicole/Corey, Natalie/James, Liz/Julia, Cody/Derrick, Will/Boogie, Dani/Dominic, Rachel/Brendon, Jackie/Jeff, Jeff/Jordan, Dan/Memphis. Just food for thought.

  22. James is such a buzzkill. He spoils everything…Natalie doesn’t like how James is always defending Nicole? Well, then do something about that..keep Victor so he can go after her. James and Nicole should both be out of the house IMO..but, I guess that pre-bribe of 10K is no big deal to the powers that be. I really do not like James at all this time around. Please do not give him AFP!

    • Natalie can’t vote. She wants to keep Vic cus she (not so) secretly has the hots for him lol, if I were Vic and James wasn’t the deciding vote I’d totally use that to my advantage and flirt with her a bit.

      • I know she can’t vote..but thinking maybe she could sway James..but James is jealous of Victor and that is the main reason he wants Vic gone…I saw a little something last night when Vic was in the HOH room…Nat likes the guy.

      • I think she does to. Whatever happened between those two at the start of the season, caused her to be hurt, but I do think she still has feelings for him, the kind she will never have for James.

      • I’ve been hearing from multiple sources (including Paulie on bb after show) that Nat initially liked Victor early on in the game but he rejected her so she went for James. And you can tell she still has a thing for him. James is a hypocrite though because he seems to have a thing for Nicole. He seems to like girls that look like Taylor Swift. Like I said in another comment on here, James and Natalie are settling for each other.

    • We all know that the vote counting for things like AFP and CPs will be held to the highest integrity, just like the game has been.

  23. i wish the producers would go old school and stay out of the hg’s heads the first season was like a test subject no one knew what would work or how it would go down so little if any manipulation was needed everyone was just on the learning curve together and doin what they do, now i am half expecting maury to come out of the diary room and yell “paulie you are the baby daddy”…if it ain’t broke don’t “fix” it …

  24. It IS best for James’ game if Victor goes so he IS doing the right thing for HIS game. I’m not mad at him for looking out for himself. That is what he should do – not kowtow to all of Natalie’s whims.

    Do I like his game this season? No. But he is doing the right thing for HIS game. Good for him.

    Vic & Paul said next week that Nat & James go on the block. They plan to take Meech with them to F3. How is that good for Natalie’s game for Vic to stay? It isn’t. Is good for Meech – not Natalie.

    Vic is a huge comp threat. Ridiculous to think he’d EVER turn on Paul and vice versa. I can’t believe Michelle & Natalie would really believe that. Good grief.

    If you want someone “against” Paul – Corey is your guy. He isn’t the comp beast that Vic is but he’s a sure thing. He & Paul won’t “patch things up” next week.

  25. What happened to the pretty colored balls and the little rubber ducky in the pool (not the ridiculous duck float that has metastasized around Paul’s waist)?
    I miss them. There were pretty to look at…and calming. *sigh*

  26. I hope Nat wakes up and realizes that Jamesy is no longer playing with her. He didn’t support her this week when she won HOH and is doing what’s best for his game (and Nicole’s) which is okay but I hope Nat recognizes that from this point forward she’s pretty much on her own. She should team up with Meech, Paul and whoever returns to the game and take out the 3 slugs but I think that’s wishful thinking on my part.

    • Agree…this whole James/Nicole pre-game alliance..10K bribe..whatever you want to call it..has just kind of spoiled the season for me. It can’t be over soon enough…I want Vic to come back in tonight and win HOH and take out James or Nicole. If it’s an endurance..Bridgette has a good chance too…I just don’t want to see Mr. Ego Paulie get back in.

      • Well..Vic can’t win HOH..only a remaining HG’ can do that..but, I just hope he makes it back in…please..no Paulie win!

  27. Need Stop The deal of “Money Gift”…..BB18 should do something in Front of the show to let HG’s or further HG”s to know that is not happen in front of National TV Program…. That is good for us (TV Viewers) to enjoy this program…….

  28. This will be the best episode ever if Victor is eliminated and Paulie wins battle back! Yes! I believe!

  29. This show is so rigged anymore and i’m tired of the type casting they do and reusing old players so they can win it since they screwed up the first time they were on there.

  30. If nicole were to just walk out of the show right now….no one would even notice. i meeannnnnnnnnn how sheeeeeeeee drawssssssssss out everyyyyyyyyyyyy wordddddddd sheeeeee sayssssssssss.

    JUST SHOOT ME every time she talks. she is worthless. she cant win anything, she doesnt do anything.

    • I think she will be so embarrassed when she realizes she spent the majority of her time in bed with Borey, working him up instead of working the game.

      • I just watched last nights episode. I can’t believe her and Corey were diddling each other under the covers during the storm watch when they knew either of them would be plan B if Paul or Vic won. Idiots.

  31. I wonder how much different the game would have been if they hadn’t brought back the veterans? The people that audition must’ve really sucked. I mean think about it? The brought back 4 vets and a few of the people that made it onto the show didn’t even audition (Paul and Paulie). Also, I’m still confused on how the hell did Glenn made it on the show. Did they think he was going to be another Donny?

    I’m just thinking about all of this now because I’m noticing how boring everything has become since Paulie left.

  32. So Paul and victor actually are super smart!! This is the best thing to do to trick them into making victor stay!

  33. The whole reason the money bribe is rediculous is bc if another house guest heard James offer nicole 10k then Paul could be like well I’ll offer you 20k and then someone else could be like I’ll offer you 30k it’s just freaking rediculous. Anyone will and can say they’ll offer money out of the pot if the person sways in their favor and it’s dumb.

  34. I’m going to laugh so hard when James realizes there is a jury battle back he thinks he’s covered all corners but he hasn’t I used to like James but not anymore when he picks nicole over Natalie.

  35. Just thought of something tho how do they think that this will work if they get James to vote Corey out thinking Paul is changing ship and trying to make f3 with Corey and Nicole how do they think Paul won’t vote Vic out if that’s supposed to be true James vote won’t matter anyway. Cuz they could just as well assume Paul wouldn’t vote Corey out with this “new alliance”

  36. Pre-game alliance? Fine. Whatever. But why does James feel so certain that Nicole will cut Corey if the three of them get to F3? Nicole has no reason to think James would cut her, but I can absolutely see Nicole cutting James. If it is James, Nicole and Corey at F3 that is.

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