Tonight On Big Brother 18: HoH Comp & Nominations

Big Brother 18 is back tonight with the cliffhanger results from last week’s HoH competition to control this week’s nominations that pitted HGs against one another in knockout style comp.

Paul versus Paulie in the HoH competition on BB18

The latest HoH comp was held late in the night after the Double Eviction had winded down but the fog of betrayal still weighed heavily on Paulie’s mind after seeing Zakiyah sent out the door. Now was his chance to turn the tables back after Corey’s HoH win during the night’s rapid events.

Houseguests faced off in a return of the emoji style comp like last year’s post-DE battle where they had to spot items on a screen and be the first to hit the right button. Looks like Benny the Squirrel was front and center for this installment’s theme of “Hollywood Squirrels.” Check out the Big Brother 18 sneak peek pics featuring the knock out pairings.

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Looks like we’ll have plenty of drama in tonight’s episode too as we’ve been promised footage of the fighting that took place leading up to the live show. Julie Chen mentioned there were extremely heated shouting matches and HGs have noted Paulie was raging so this should be very interesting.

The footage in the the preview clip below is from the night before the latest eviction though but if we have time to fill then they could go back and use it. If they do then it won’t be very flattering for Paulie who found himself in hot water with James and Bridgette for his body shaming comments against Natalie.

If you can’t wait until tonight’s Big Brother show then check out our spoilers with the HoH results, who was put on the block, and even who won the Power of Veto last night. Big moves ahead for the Houseguests this week.

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  1. Cody tweeted: Paulie has the round trip no doubt #notworried #neverworried #keephating

    Someone responded: “Round trip to Hell, where he came from. Ha!

    • Is/was Paulie married? I saw a picture on Cody’s Twitter of Cody, Paulie, and their sister and Paulie appears to have a wedding ring on.

      • I don’t think he was married, but apparently he proposed to a woman who turned him down. I wondered if that didn’t put this chip on his shoulder about women (and maybe all his “Jersey girls” comments).

      • Just like he figured he had won BB before he even entered the house he probably imagined he was married before he proposed

      • Nah…his type of misogyny (and narcissism) goes deeper than being turned down by one woman. Despite what kind of family you come from (because I can’t imagine Cody acting that way), Paulie has been this way for a looong time.

      • Yep. That’s what I read, too. And it doesn’t take a genius to figure out who it was with a little digging. (Although BB has made sure to turn off feeds when she is brought up in conversation). My guess she was/is a Jets cheer leader, which is how Paulie knows who Nat is. Her (ex fiance) friends that tweeted out about her returning the ring to Paulie’s mom the other night were/are Jets cheer leaders. I start researching and it took me literally seconds to start pulling up info on the net.

      • I wouldn’t actually be surprised to learn that he was, in fact, married at some point and it ended badly.

      • I saw her friends tweets that implied he doesn’t know yet that she returned the ring to his mother… And yes he cheated in her 5 times!

    • In response to Cody’s #’s.
      #not worried-I’m not
      #never worried-I’m not
      #keephating-I will…..cause he’s an a_ _!
      If he gets RT, he’ll go right back out!
      The way he has acted is worse than a 2 year old. He’s a bad winner and a sore looser! If he has, indeed, has been treated for psychological problems and lied, then admitting it, he should be disqualified. And, if not, he should be ashamed of himself for using a disability to gain sympathy. There are no excuses for his actions, absolutely none. And, if he wants to quit? Hell, somebody show him the door and hold it open so it dont hit him in the a_ _! Cry Baby, Cry Baby, Cry! No one cares. Get a grip and go on home where he definitely belongs!

      • As for Cody, all he was in his stay at BB was A_ _ wiping paper for Derrick. He probably still follows Derrick with a roll in his hand ready, willing, to wipe Derrick’s A_ _ when needed! He had an opportunity to win and still bent over for Derrick to take the prize. Both of them are true idiots! #wannabes! They need matching T-shirts that read on one side wannabes and Like Derrick on the back.

  2. We are all going to be disappointed because I am sure Paulie has the round trip. Production will make it so

    • Probably! When they really need to get him out of there for his mental health…and everyone else’s safety.

  3. The best post I’ve seen so far….the Paulie story in a nutshell….”He ran the house for a good while then he was called on it. Then his “bros” turned on him. Sorry bud, but that’s Big Brother. He fears who is waiting for him in the jury house. He also knows he made an ass of himself on national TV, not to mention in front in friends and family. Now the poor baby is “fragile”. The next thing will be a big lawsuit claiming that his Big Brother experience scarred him for life.”

    • I would believe it. He may have made himself this way, but some body else kept him that way. 1-800-whocanIsue will be hearing from them.

  4. BigJacket says:
    August 13, 2016 at 9:12 pm
    Hey Paaaaulllieee. You must be real surprised to find yourself up on the block this week considering you were in a showmance and running this house up til now. But Paaaulllieeeee, the real surprise will be here in about 9 months. ZZZIINNNGGGGG!

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  5. I cannot say bad about Paulies family…..Cody their sister and their parents had/have no control over Paulies actions and words while he has been in the house. .Its not their fault Paulie has proven himself to be an ‘A #1″ self centered jerk of the highest order… I would say and have no doubt that Paulie has caused his parents a great deal of embarrassment along with Cody and their sister…I would guess that Paulie still has their support and love despite what has occurred in the BB house.. There would be no point in my making comments toward the family that would simply add insult to injury…

    • I agree that the family had absolutely no control over what any HG do in a given moment or really how they choose to behave in the outside world. However, he didn’t learn his entitled, abusive attitude in a vacuum. He was clearly taught how to be an abusive jagoff very early in life.

    • I agree with that to a point. They definitely shouldn’t turn their back on him. My problem with them is they are defending/ignoring his behavior instead of acknowledging that he made some bad choices. It just seems like they’re giving everyone the middle finger by the way they are handling it.

    • I agree. Paulie may be a complete scumbag, but at the end of the day family is family. I really don’t blame them for vouching for him. Their his family at the end of the day.

  6. Again, I hope he has to bake a pie every 2 hours. I hope he’s held accountable instead of taking a penalty. I hope the family of Natalee (or was it Michelle?) who heard him say his cousins would beat her up, sue him. That boy needs to be taught a lesson in accountability. Sorry, but I’m sick and tired of bullies. I’m also sick of enablers. I don’t know who they are in his life, but they all need to hold that child accountable.
    I said yesterday that I wouldn’t be able to watch until AFTER he’s gone. Changed my mind. Wouldn’t miss it for the world. Suck it up, pie-boy!

    • I’m sick of his enablers too, down to worrying about poor little Polly and his issues. I’m far more concerned about the HG who have been personally and repeatedly attacked by a another HG who never should have been there in the first place. He should not have had the right to jeopardize anyone’s chance at 500,000 out of pure hatred and misogyny. I’ve said it before, but, if he had targeted African Americans, Asians, or any other minority group in this same deliberate manner, production would have found a way to kick his azz out by now.

      • Couldn’t agree more. Who was it that he was talking about having his cousins beat up? Natalee? Anyway, I’ve been complaining about him and his bullying for weeks now. It’s sickening. I can not believe what he’s gotten away with. So yeah, I really am hoping that Natalee’s (?) family who heard him on the feeds, consider suing him. I know there are people who aren’t going to agree with me, but after I watched his pathetic, fake, ‘poor me’ act last night, I realized what a total pos he really is, and truly deserves what he gets.

    • It’s a little too late, his character is set, the damage is done. It’s up to him to change his ways, that is if he even thinks there is one.

    • No one’s all that likable this year. They’ve all done and said things mean and nasty to each other. I think the only reason I’m still rooting for Nicole is because I know what she’s like outside the BB house.

  7. What an arse! Paul and Victor are watching like they are in the movies. Corey applauded him, wow!

  8. Wow, that was riveting. He blew his whole game right. No wonder now that he going out this week.

  9. Well I will agree with Paulie on that one thing if you can’t take it don’t dish it out. She can flirt with all the guys and admits it but calls him out. Once again big hypocrite.

      • At least one or two of the clips they showed was Paulie very clearly joking. Poor choice of a joke, granted, but it wasn’t a personal attack. The personal stuff came later.

      • I actually watched those clips go down on the feeds, so yeah, he was joking about it. He wasn’t trying to be mean about it. And if it bothered her that he said that, Natalie should have said something then.

      • How he was flirting. Now I think it’s awful how he was speaking to her after she told Z everything but as for the flirting she was always flirting with all the guys. Just a week ago she was on the couch outside with Bridgette and Paulie was lifting weights and she tells Bridgette that’s my future husband. Wish they would show some of what she does. I’m tired of her getting a good edit.

      • I don’t think Paulie feels anything for Z either. Guess we’ll just have to wait and see.

    • She should have said something to him earlier about it making her uncomfortable. I don’t think she had the guts at that time tho. And yes, she needs to cut down on the flirting. But there is a line we all hit, where flirtation can become creepy. And she must have been feeling it.

      • Yes, she should have addressed it sooner. That was a mistake on Natalie’s part, hence why I think some of this is her BS’ing just to make the situation worse. She could have said something to him before now. She didn’t.

      • Especially once she and james solidified their friendship. Wonder if that is why she latched onto James?

    • But he can’t take it himself, an even bigger hypocrite. He is a victim now he is on the block, he is threatening to leave if he is going to Jury House, he doesn’t want to make a pie.

      • He’s not the first to say that kind of stuff when facing eviction, and he won’t be the last.

      • I didn’t say he wasn’t. I don’t like him. But I’m calling Natalie out because she’s not the miss innocent that CBS shows her as.

  10. Psycho Paulie. And Corey is an ass too for applauding. I had to laugh at Paul for eating his Cheetos.

  11. Admittedly, Paulie’s not getting a good edit here (which was expected, since he’s the target), but the very beginning of the show did not give Nat the best edit, either.

  12. This is new, we didn’t see this. so he tried to intimidate them. He was aggressive…ha didn’t work with Paul. He was playing him. lol

      • I think America does. I gave her all my votes as I’m going to do with Corey this week. I sure don’t want Victor or Paul to get it. I want those 2 on the block. Those 5 talk about Paulie being a dictator. Well now they’re acting just like him. See what a little control can do to you.

  13. hehe Paulies tears hahaha. THIS IS THE BEST.


  14. Hey Paulie, Go BAKE A PIE! Suck it up! Stop crying like the little baby like you are, and go make a PIE!!!

  15. Oh no! Paulie is all emotional, worse waterworks this season. Their bromance is stronger than Paulie and Zakiyah and Corey and Nicole’s.

  16. That was a rough edit for Paulie. So much for the nice way he has been shown so far. Wonder what Cody thinks of BB production after that one…

    • If he’s been watching the feeds, I’m sure Cody expected it. Plus, production has to give a reason why he’s in danger of eviction. There’s only so much they can hide.

    • I heard he he had a few juicy comment on twitter. I think I’m going to go seach for that. I follow Cody.

      • Well, that’s something I’m hoping for, too. This week has been too good, and quite frankly, I’d want to see what happens if Paulie does indeed have it, and watch the hamsters lose their minds.

      • Oh, that’s not good. Lots of people are attacking Cody for his brother’s antic. He’s defending himself pretty good though.

      • And yet, they do. Because no one has any ounce of self control, it seems. People threatened Shelly’s family after she turned on Jeff in BB13.

        I hope it isn’t anyone on this site, because I’d like to think we all know better. Or, at least, the vast majority of us. After some personal jabs at me in the last couple of days, I know there are people who are mean just for the sake of being mean.

      • I hope you haven’t felt attacked by me. I’m definitely outspoken about Paulie, but I’d never go after his family or anyone on this site….and if you feel that I’ve been combative, PLEASE let me know. I don’t EVER want to make anyone feel uncomfortable. OK?

      • I honestly don’t believe anyone on here is that crazy…. for me, this is just entertainment. … my life isn’t wrapped up in these characters. i forget most from season to season.

      • But he gave Derrick 500,000. That’s the worst player to me. You should play to win, not make friends.

      • Anyone who makes it to F2 did something right, because you may not be the winner, but you still won something.

      • He needed more people in his bridal party…. Corey may just be in Paulie’s bridal party.

    • They have to do it. It’s really the vibe in social media/bb nation. They have a choice, but I’m glad they addressed it tonight.

  17. Maybe Corey isn’t so naive:

    Sun 5:09 PM BBTCorey
    to Nicole: Man, Paulie blew our game up. Nicole: No James did. Corey:
    No, Paulie did… If Paulie didn’t do all that stuff, – Harper_Lee
    then James wouldn’t have ever done that.

    Nicole: That’s true, so, really it’s Paulie’s fault.

    Corey: Yeah. I knew his mouth was going to get us in trouble at some point.

    Nicole: I know, I felt bad the things he talked about James, but I do think James blew us up too.

    Corey: Well, James did because of Paulie.

    But James was going to blind side us on DE night… I don’t care, he
    could have told us. James was mad about the fake boobs comment.

    You didn’t see It all though, James told Paulie to calm down and that
    Paulie was scaring people, because he was. Like, It was honestly scary,
    Paullie was freaking out.

    Nicole: See? I didn’t see that..

    Yeah, It was bad. It was aggressive. Overly aggressive. If I was a
    girl, I would have been scared. I thought he was going to get called In
    the DR and get evicted for hitting Michelle with the door.

    Nicole: Crap. If I saw everything, I would have felt different… James was just going to blindside us.

    Corey: Paulie was blowing up the entire time.

    Nicole: Ah crap, now I feel bad.

    Corey: If Paulie just shut his mouth, I don’t know If James would have ever done that.

  18. I really am liking Paul more and more:

    Sun 5:57 PM BBTPaul (probably referring to Paulie:) some HG’s have left anxious, sad, sore loser, crying about losing the game… if it’s your – planetmu
    time to go. Come to terms with it.
    The more you enjoy the experience the less you care what happens,
    ironically. It’s when you become a sore loser, whining, crying, etc. He
    says we are all adults. “At the end of the day” if you are here crying
    because you are losing the game, (points a finger)that says something
    about you, not the game and not the people playing the game. Coming
    from the youngest person in the house, Paul doesn’t feel he needs to
    tell the others this stuff. Sun 5:50 PM BBTPaul
    says Nicorey and Paulie have been up to no good, but they have been
    exposed. He will not roll over and die. He apologizes for – planetmu
    wearing sunglasses while talking to
    live feeder and he feels like a “huge douche-hole” for wearing them, but
    he is forced to wear them at all times except when in shower or
    sleeping. Sun 5:48 PM BBTPaul
    says you learn a lot about yourself and others in this house. It brings
    out the best and worst in people and you see it first – planetmu
    hand. He will gun to win HOH next week to keep Victor safe.

  19. I’m reading on twitter that Paulie is in the DR and it’s been a very long time, everybody in the house is worried. Will Paulie pull an Audrey on BB ?

    • Well, he’s been mopey for the last 2 days. Said that he lied on his application…that his psychiatrist said he shouldn’t go into the BB House…but see, all this stuff is just coming out now because he’s not cock of the walk. So, who knows. It’s not that I don’t feel for him. BUT, he knew what he was getting into. He put himself into this position. And now that things aren’t going his way—suddenly, he’s all sad. He just doesn’t want to go to jury. He wants to LEAVE. PERIOD. He doesn’t want to face those in the jury house. I. Know. This. Guy. If he can’t win, he doesn’t want to play anymore. If he can’t dominate his women, he’s done with them. Don’t be fooled.

      • His claustrophobia is going to suddenly go into effect as soon as he enters the Jury House, you know the tiny 4×4 jail cell Jury House. Puh-leeze, I don’t feel sorry for him. He is afraid to go into the house with Bridgette and DaVonne, two strong females (without any male back-up).

    • I believe that. I think I’ve read enough and have listened from ex-player talk about DR..some of them take naps there, if they have to…They could be there for hours.

    • He’s called right back in shortly after he leaves. Maybe they are worried buy he had caused everyone that has been evicted to leave and no one act like this.
      His pride had him acting like this. He got bamboozled and he can’t handle it

  20. Lord help me… It’s 9:25 and I’m still laughing about the Paul dance in the DR at shows end. Lol. Cracking up. Eyes are watering

  21. So tonight production finally decided to let America see the true Paulie. Thank God. I’m so happy everyone gets to see what the live feeders have been seeing all season
    Maybe they do read message boards lol

  22. BigBrotherLeak

    6m6 minutes ago

    @CBSBigBrother His envelop should be VOIDED if he did have the round trip and he should be docked pay from his stipend EVERY time he refuses

  23. BigBrotherLeak

    2m2 minutes ago

    Paulie has finally put on his punishment costume and is now in the kitchen cooking a pie. #BB18

  24. They’re all in the kitchen table. laughing, telling jokes. Paul is the master of ceremony, and Vic with the whore laugh. I think he’s making apple pie. He’s cutting apples. and not in the mood, just quiet, with a knife..Micheal Myers ha!

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