Tonight On Big Brother 18: HoH Endurance Comp & Nominations

Tonight on Big Brother 18 (8/7c on CBS) the cliffhanger results for who becomes the new Head of Household is revealed following Victor Arroyo’s return to the Big Brother house through the Battle Back arena.

Natalie Negrotti competes for HoH on Big Brother 18

By the end of the night we’ll have a new HoH and just two nominees on the Block this week now that the Roadkill twist is dead and gone. Settle in to see how it all played out and from what we heard this endurance comp was one for the books.

Yes, it was an endurance comp, and yes we were denied the joy of watching it on the Feeds. So far this season there have been two comps eligible for Feed viewing and neither have been made available to us Feedsters. Very disappointing. So now we’ll have to see what happened in the comp that lasted more than five hours and didn’t stop until the sun was starting to come up.

The competition reused the last stage of the Battle Back arena and had all the HGs, minus Paulie as the outgoing HoH, standing on a pedestal in various poses while a bar appears to pass along the ground level forcing them to step over it or be pushed around.

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If you can’t wait until tonight’s Big Brother show then check out our spoilers with the HoH results, who was put on the block, and even who won the Power of Veto last night. This could end up a heated week by the time we get to Thursday night.

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  1. Well it appears Frank will go home this week after all. I hate to see it happen but I am still holding out for a miracle LOL.

    • Yah imagine if he got the Coup D’etat power and then at live eviction pulls down him and Brigette and puts up Da’Vonne and Zakiyah on the block live. Would be pretty fun episode.

      • Last night on BBAD Frank once again threw Nicole UTB even though she was trying to help him stay.
        For the sake of Nicole/Corey I’m now hoping to see Frank leave. He just can’t keep his mouth shut and would make a poor ally imo.

      • Oh good grief Frank!!! Ugh…. you’re right =( I think anything said last night was said in anger and frustration but still. Ugh why Frank why?….. smh.

      • The thing is Valerie, Frank has done this to Nicole numerous times, she wants to work with him but he keeps telling everybody what Nicole has been saying even after he promises not to.

      • Do you think he has a motive for this??? I was just thinking as I read your comment, what if he’s doing that on purpose? He could be trying to get her isolated away from the rest of the house to where in the end she has no one but Frank to save her? Do you think??? It’s kind of like the Tiffany situation, except Day started all that. But do you think he would’ve figured that out to make that a strategy??
        I think he’s kinda doing that to Michelle also but in a different way. He knows she’s at the bottom of any of those big and small alliances and knows that if she really uses the veto on him that everyone will turn on her. Yeah they’re still trying to get people’s approval to use it but I think he’s gonna get her to use it regardless.

      • I’m still about 5 pages behind at Jokers so I don’t have the low down on everything that’s been happening but I’m absolutely livid that Frank keeps blowing up Nicole’s game to everybody.
        As to his motives; I believe he thinks Nicole is a weak woman who will bend to his will and he’s probably frustrated that she hasn’t yet.
        So yes, I agree with you that he is trying to isolate her from her safe, little alliance so she’ll have to turn to him in the end.
        Right now I wish Nicole would stop talking to Frank period! Every time she does he rats her out to everyone in the house. What a big bully; I’m ready for him to go this week now just for Nicole’s sake.
        As for Michelle, I think once Bridgette is gone she might be willing to work with Frank again since she’s a super fan of his. I suppose Michelle feels a little bit like a scorned woman that F. preferred B. over her – probably hurt her feelings. Plus I thought Frank talked to M. very harshly at times so she knows what’s in store for her if she returns to him.
        I don’t think M. will since she’s so tight with Day and Zak.

      • Now Frank is telling Bridgette to put up Nicole next week if she wins HOH. I don’t think anybody will be able to work with Frank if he stays.

      • If he keeps that up nope, definitely not. He gets on the right path then all of sudden just swerves off. Focus Frank!! Day and James AND eventually Paulie are your targets right now! Throw in Z up there for fun too because that girl has got to go!!

    • Truth is we really don’t know what secret holds but it is really nice to think about those two going on the block. Then again, it would be even nicer to have both Paulie and DAY on the block together. Paulie’s world would crush around him LOL.

  2. If anybody wants to have a headway in the house, they have to dismantle the showmances. At least remove one wheel, because right now those four people are literally controlling the house.

      • I just read about Paule/Zak at Jokers where Paulie complains to Nicorey about Zak’s jealousy and attempts to seduce him. Sounds like he wants her gone since she’s turned out to be bad for his game.
        Or else Paulie has started to like Natalie…

      • It was hurtful to watch…if she only knew. He’s just not into her. And her BFF Nicole is in on it. She was making faces with Cory as soon as Z walked in the room

      • Nicole told Paulie that she was pulling away from the 3 mean girls, d/z/m and doesn’t approve of the way they have been talking about other people in the house. so Zak’s bad attitude is starting to cause her a lot of trouble.
        Paulie said Zak was ignorant because she wouldn’t let paulie explain about being a student/athlete and she kept saying that SA’s are disgusting and the only way they can pass their courses is because the teachers gives them all A’s. Paulie was highly offended and Zak didn’t even notice it seems.
        Sadly, he wants her gone now – I hope it’s a backdoor because I don’t want to see her upset and crying all week. Nicole will have to find another bestie in the house. Bridgette maybe?

      • I can see her linking up with Bridgette but Bridgette would still essentially be alone because Nicole is always with Corey. She has to be foolish to think Corey will pick her over Paulie.

      • Paulie is also interested in bringing Bridgette into the group once Frank leaves. He’s probably noticed how loyal she has been to Frank and thinks he can use her now no doubt.
        Bridgette doesn’t really have too many options open at the moment since the 3 mean girls won’t talk to her and Nicole and Nat will.

      • If that happens I wonder how Nicole will handle Mean Meech and Catty Z in the aftermath of being friends with Bridgette. She does not like confrontation but that will show what side she is on and the house will be divided again.

      • Since Paulie has told Nicole that the 3 mean girls need to go out soon Nicole can still be friends with them while they remain in the house. Albeit a rather awkward friendship I’m sure, but if they’re on the block they really can’t tell Nicole not to talk to Bridgette.

      • Bridgette doesn’t trust Nicole at all and Nicole is actually a main target from what I understand.

      • For some reason Bridgette and Natalie have disliked Nicole since the very first of the game when Jozea was demonizing her.
        You’d think they’d want to go after the 3 mean girls instead of Nicole.

      • It doesn’t seem to add up, does it? You think it might have something to do with the fact they realize that the guys trust and like Nicole more than the others so they see her as the bigger threat? idk

      • You might be on to something…I do believe in Natalie’s case that she is jealous that Corey chose Nicole over her. Once Nicole is gone Nat will get more attention from the guys – poor James.
        As for Bridgette, I have no idea what’s going on with her since she never talks but giggles.

      • I’m sure Gnat thinks Nicole is cute but she herself is beautiful and can’t quite figure that one out. Maybe at first, Corey simply thought it would be advantageous to align himself with a vet from the aspect of insight and strategy. I might be naive, but I think he has grown very fond of Nicole and she has made it obvious she REALLY likes him. I hope he doesn’t hurt her. Although I think Nicole has made a few mistakes this season, she is still a very nice person, imo.
        I don’t think I could ever be a Gigglette fan. hehehehehehehe……hehe

      • God it’s good to be back home again! :-) But I did have some great quality time with my grandbaby, so it was all worth it! :-)

      • I so miss having toddlers around. My 11 and 12 yr old gs’s will still hug me… long as no one is looking. :(

      • My 2 1/2 yr old g was up this morning and took a diaper and wipes to our room for me to change her, but I slept on the sofa last night as there just wasn’t enough room for both of us and our daughter’s dogs too..LOL So hubby was it to do that doodie (duty)! haha

      • My husband never changed a diaper, ever, not one. From what I hear, he isn’t the only one that never did or does, so count your blessings.

      • I did my grocery shopping in the evenings when hubby was home. First time I left our daughter with him, she did #2 and he waited til I got home to change her. He paid dearly for that…and ended up changing gobs more afterwards! I would leave the baby with him on purpose several times more! :-) He’s much better now about it as a grandfather than he ever was as a father! :-) It’s fun seeing this side of him!

      • I hope Nicole doesn’t get hurt, but like you I’m starting to think he’s falling for her. I would hate for Nicole to be saddled with Bridge for the rest of the season too.

      • Michelle is really wanting Bridgette out of the house, that is until Paul made a point about what she said if she had to go to jury with a bunch of aholes! She had a good talk with Frank this morning at 4:45 a.m. So I’m waiting to see how that pans out this evening.

      • I’m sure Da had something to do with that. She was busy those first 2 weeks putting seeds in everyone’s ears.

      • For some reason, I just envisioned long braids growing out of everyone’s ears. Don’t ask; it’s just the way my mind works. :(

      • Hmmmm I see they’re more into their own heads so much, they don’t know who to trust at all.

      • Wondered when her venom would spread to other than Da and M! I really had hoped Z would be put up next to Paulie instead of B and F! :-) It’ll be fun watching F campaign. B doesn’t think she needs to. I hope that costs her dearly! But I really want to see her in jury with Z! LOL

      • I’ve heard on the feeds Zak has been extremely negative. Be funny if Zak ends up putting Paulie on the block hehehe. Should be fireworks when Zak finds out Paulie is no longer interested.
        Frank is fighting for his life but it might take a miracle (ahem) for him to stay.

      • Well I can only go by what he is telling the whole house and her, but she is the one coming back and the next few minutes crying bcz he don’t want her like she wants him.

      • She’s a pretty. No need to be so desperate. It can’t be that hard back home. At some point you have to take hint

      • Z complained that she needed to get rid of her baby fat! I was looking everywhere for it at that time and wondered what she was talking about. I’m pretty sure she doesn’t have a baby at home like Da does. Was she talking about getting rid of Paulie then? hahaha

      • I’m DVRing it tonight. Long day and longer one tomorrow. I’m going down with the sun tonight. Hope it’s a good one.

      • James wins! J/S! Told hubby who doesn’t like me talking about Big Brother to him that James’ wall comp was coming up and he’ll win HoH. Was I right or what??? hahaha

      • My husband doesn’t care much for BB season. Now, Tour de France has been on and that’s a different story.
        You were absolutely correct, Jonisita!!!

      • My husband is into tennis and King of the Hill more! What a combo, huh? hahaha He was dreading this weekend with me without any buffers around! Pfffft is all I could do when he would try to shut it down! Paybacks I told him are hell! :-)

      • You can get away with that. I’m not so bold. Sometimes we pick our battles, and since he wins most of them, I am very picky.

      • I let mine think he’s winning most! Until wham..I go to collect! :-) I’m ahead again now! :-)

  3. Big brother is fixed so paulie will find that secret room because paulie is supposed to win big brother 18

  4. Looks like they’ll all be awake for BBAD tonight since they’ve slept most of today away! haha Can’t wait to see what Mich is planning to do with Frank! :-)

    • That’s how it is with many of the girls this season it seems, more so the floaters up to now.

    • yeah, last night she was trying to get James to put up Victor , because now that he is back, Gnat might turn some of her attention back to Vic and off of James. And by the way speaking of the couples gaff she made to James, what she meant was that she would rather they go out before James and Gnat cause she would rather be sitting at number three with them than number 5 with the other two couples. This is just in case veto is used and James has been thinking about putting her up. lol

    • Last night on the feeds I couldn’t even here a conversation in another room because he has such a big mouth. And NEVER shuts up.

      • The big(volume) mouth could be indicative of a bit of a hearing problem. The big(incessantly speaking) mouth could be indicative of being foolish enough to believe he is entertaining, charismatic, and everyone loves to hear him talk.

  5. OMG I am soooo glad Frank Dimed out Nicole. Nicole has been getting away with too many lies in that house.

  6. After all the deals that have been made only to be broken during comps and all the lies told, the fact that Gigglette allowed Frank to make that decision makes me think they deserve what they get.

  7. Frank is just trying to survive..trying everything he could in this game. I don’t blame him.

  8. Just got here…didn’t realize that James didn’t actually win, but that they threw him the comp!

  9. Frank cracks me up. He begs Nicole to help him out all the time then throws her under the bus every chance he gets. All last week she was trying to flip the votes again to get Day out and save Tiffany. Then last night after he threw her under the bus for the hundredth time she said she would see what she could do to get the POV used and Day put up. Nicole’s only problem is trying to work with Frank. Frank is out for Frank and doesn’t know how to work with an alliance.

  10. It’s hard to respect Paulie’s game when he looks like Mr.T and and acts like Don Coleone.

  11. Well, I’m out. I’m off to find the guy who planted Jimmy Hoffa under the Pontiac Silverdome, so maybe he can get rid of “Paulie The House.”

  12. Ok well why couldn’t we have watched the last 4 hours after everyone else fell off? See ya’ll Wed.

  13. Someone needs to kick Paulie off his high horses! I’m sick and tired of seeing that smug look on his face every freaking time!

  14. Natalie must let all the guys feel her up.

    I couldn’t take all those guys grubby hands on me.

  15. I hope Day finds the room……if DR doesn’t start giving Frank and Bridget hints as yet or Nic.

  16. James is a puppet when Frank leaves he talks mess and when Frank is in his face he gets all tongue tyed. Ditzy Natalie got something on her hands!

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