Tonight On Big Brother 18: Veto Competition & Ceremony

Big Brother 18 is back tonight with a new episode on CBS at 8/7c with the Power of Veto competition and ceremony leading us up to this week’s final nominations for Week 5 as we close in on the half way point of the season.

Frank & Bridgette stressing on BB18

At the close of Sunday’s show James had just turned on his former Vet ally and sent Frank to the Block along with his “Cabbage Patch Kid” Bridgette. Now they’ll have the chance to fight for safety but it won’t be easy as OTEV makes an appearance.

Yes, tonight is OTEV for the Veto comp and since I’ve had questions about what that is just read the word backwards. OTEV is a shape shifter who seems to come in a different form every season tonight we’ll get to see what he has for us this year as the HGS race through the backyard.

The house is stacked against Frank and his former teammate so no one will be fighting on their behalf. It’s going to be tense as we’ve heard this was a nail bitter competition. Definitely won’t want to miss it.

Can’t wait for the spoilers? Check out what happened at the Veto comp & ceremony this week.

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  1. I wonder if the “rules” restrict Frank from offering up his back in chance envelope to someone like Paulie (who would then have 2 chances) and who could also be the biggest influence in changing the vote?????

      • I don’t know if other ones are showing sorry. But BB Canada started March 2nd last season so I imagine the next one will be around the same time sob-sob. The Amazing Race Canada is on right now and it’s been really good.

      • You watch Amaz Race online? Thanx for this info, I need to look at a diff BB, bcz US is rocking my nerves.

      • It’s on Tuesdays at 8:00 on ctv, hope you can get it. I know what you mean about programs right now, they are not the best. The “Game of Thrones” is also starting on Aug. 8th. I could never get it but I kept hearing how good it is so I’m really looking forward to that.

      • I do like Amaz Race but I watch the US one or it may be the same one idk. Amaz race is a very good show. I keep hearing about GOThrones and I need to seriously watch that bcz I love movies and showing like Lord Of The Rings!

      • The Amazing Race (U.S. and Canada) and Survivor are my favorite reality shows. BB used to be as well but the last couple of years have just been awful (in my opinion).

      • I agree w/ Amaz Race, Survivor is the best. I only been watching Survivor for 3 years and I’m so mad I use to ask why people would watch this show, but now I know. I try to give BB a chance last few years, but I eventually stopped watching like the 2nd week, that’s how bad it was for me. LOL

      • I’ve been watching Survivor from the beginning, love it! I should have mentioned that I live in Canada, that’s why I have no problem getting TAR Canada and BB Canada on TV as well as all the U.S. shows. I think it sucks that the U.S. doesn’t have access to Canadian programs.

  2. Paul is a certified POS, the way he talked to Bridge about Frank. This girl is on the verge of a serious breakdown.

    • Frank was campaigning though. He was having Paulie campaign on his behalf. Paul told her all the things people said so she could try and make changes. It was definitely not the nicest way to handle it, but calling someone a POS for playing the game is a bit much.

      • He’s a POS every single minute and hour! The things he does to people and say is not human. If someone believes in this fool need psychological help!

      • I did not attack you, I just stated what I think. I did not say you believed in him, I stated whomever believes…so you just fell into that one! I need to grow up bcz I don’t agree w/you? Yeah, Ok try again!

      • Saying someone needs psychological help if they believe in someone is. Paul talks tons of crap, but never is nasty to the people themselves. He’s actually one of the kinder people in the house. He acts like he’s this hard guy when saying he’ll do this or do that, but he never does. So you’re basicly saying him talking crap about people makes him a POS and you’re doing the exact thing about people you don’t even know. There is no need to be nasty to each other.

      • Excuse me, I don’t know what Paul you are talking about? You must don’t have the feeds. I work in a field where I can say if a person needs psychological help and Paul is very mean. Paul is only nice to people if Paulie like them he is Paulie’s lap dog. Paul is a SOB and a POS! (there I fixed that for you).

      • I do have the feeds and I humbly disagree. You can feel however you want, but I wish people like you were not on the boards. Always trying to tear people down. I respect your right to your opinion though so I’ll stop trying to change your views.

      • I have right to my opinion, so why are you trying to correct my opinion? It’s one thing to play the game but somethings is off the limits. Bridge is on a verge of a breakdown but he still talks to her like she is sh*t, belittles her, bullies, talk what harm when Frank leaves like physical harm….I can go on and on. Any person that acts the way he acts and bullies is a POS! I don’t care about your opinion so plz don’t care about mine! Paul is a POS, always was and always will be! Carry on and have a nice day!

      • “so I need you to learn that everyone is going to differ in opinions, so I need you to find a board that everyone will agree w/you!”
        Immature (and needlessly redundant) indeed

      • You can tell some people are just as bad as the house w/all the following and don’t have a mind of their own. When someone differs of opinion they are immature! They can miss me w/all this today and tomorrow! I’m not a follower!

      • Frank is trying to stay In the house, Paul was implying he was throwing Bridgette under the bus (Lie). He was seeing where votes would come from and that’s it. There is not one conversation on the live feeds where Frank is campaigning in an unfair way or one that should concern Bridgette and their friendship outside of the house. Paul was implying Frank was lying to Bridgette and trying to put info out there to insure she goes home.

  3. Day, Frank, and Nicole just need to sit down and talk before Frank leaves. It would be Nic n Corey, Frank n Bridge, and Da! This would have been a good alliance and Paulie would’ve went home! Can’t keep thinking they will strike him later, bcz I think it’s too late and noone will go after Paulie even Da! When things get said everyone takes everything for face value and never go straight to that person. They just gave half mill to Paulie. The house rather just wait until Paulie send them home instead of playing big for themselves even if they are going home or not. People quick to say they trust so and so but forget they are playing BB!

    • How would that 5 be any different from the Day, Nicole, Corey, Paulie and Z 5? Day would still be the 5th wheel.

    • From watching this season I don’t think anyone should be in an alliance with either Day or Frank. Neither can keep their mouth shut and are prone to lies.
      How can their alliance recognize when D and F are telling them the truth or lying? They can’t.
      Plus, Frank and Day would be plotting to get rid of everyone in the alliance from day one.
      That’s just my opinion though and if I were in the house I wouldn’t want to align with either one of them after watching them so far this season.
      They’re both playing hard this season but not playing very well from what I’ve seen.

    • Need one more person to be evicted (goes home). After that, evictees go to Jury.

      12 in the house with Vic back. Minus Final 2 leaves 10 but only 9 go to Jury (odd number). :)

      • Are you talking about someone coming back from Jury? If so, that might be what the Ticket could be about.

      • I think one of the tickets is a round-trip…from out of the house and then back in the house. I will cra* a brick if Frank ended up with that ticket! :-)

      • There goes that sarcasm thing again. She was referencing you not sh*tting a brick in front of anyone. Not Frank

      • I said yesterday or the day before that one, that I had a gut feeling that Frank didn’t get it. We will know on Thursday for sure but I don’t see Frank going back in. With that said, if Paulie or DAY was smart (we know they are not), they should send Bridgette out this week and keep Frank until this twist is over to ensure 100% he doesn’t come back. Right now they are just rolling the dice.

      • It’s all a gamble and they’re taking the easier road than thinking he could come back and destroy those that went against him. He will be a beast they won’t be able to handle anymore and they don’t even want to address that very closely!

      • For putting him on the block??? I think he does and he already mentioned to Bridgette that if she wins HOH to put James on the block.
        Frank is probably just playing nice to James right now but I’m sure he blames James for being on the block.

      • Did he say that today because on BBAD, he told Brigitte to put up Da’vonne and Nicole and convince the hose to evict Nicole. Frank knows that James was just going with the house and he hates that James chose to put him up, but knows it was the HGs decision, not his alone.

      • No, this was about 2 days ago when he was after James lol.
        I see frank has changed his mind again. I haven’t caught up with Jokers yet but it would seem Day has made Frank mad and he’s out to get her now. Frank is go tiresome, I wish he could accept defeat a little more gracefully.

      • I agree. He is also probably really kicking himself in the ass for orchestrating the deal for Bridgette to throw the comp to James.

      • I had forgotten all about that with so much going on in the house but Frank has to feel incredibly stupid for brokering that deal. Didn’t Frank watch last season? Right, so Frank pretty much hates James right now I’m sure.
        At least Frank got Day to throw the comp so I’m thankful for that :D

      • Its true that he got Day to toss it, but in the end I think the results would’ve been the same. I am actually going to the eviction taping tomorrow and although it will be cool to see Frank, I wish it were Day.

      • Amen to that, Day should’ve already been gone.
        I hope you’ll have a good time at the live eviction. What will you be wearing in case I see you in the audience :D

      • I don’t think it is a big deal since Frank will be right back out. Other than Brigitte, everyone else would put him up. He has thrown many comps, but even when he wants to win doesn’t, so I think he is not as great this season as his previous. I don’t think Brigitte is all that in comps either just because she won HOH and one Veto.

    • I think there has to be 9 people left in the house before Jury starts. I believe is 7 go to Jury and the final two left in the house. Or it could be 8 Jury.

  4. I don’t have feeds and rarely see BBAD anymore in my new time zone but from reading here, CBS, and reading some Twitter & Jokers, sounds to me like Nicole’s game is basically over. I had thought originally she would be one of a handful controlling most of the game. She may be in with Paulie’s bunch right now but that’s different.

    Perception of her is untrustworthy in the house by too many who matter.
    And, of course, she’s a girl, and Paulie (in charge, let’s face it) wants to go to the end with guys only. – Not any worse than Michelle & Nat saying they will vote for a girl to win. Just saying.

    • It doesn’t look good for her at the moment but depending on who wins HOH that could change. Paulie and Paul are effectively spread throughout the house covering everyone except possibly Natalie. I think Paulie has settled on Paul as his hitman alliance type person and corey/victor could take over the caleb role. Definitely trying to play Derrick’s game and so far he’s played the best game this season.

      • See I can agree w/you here about Paulie. The only thing Derrick did not show a big ego, made certain his social game was on point when that person went to jury for a vote, and he made everyone else think they was the one who thought of the plan to evict someone and was the head honcho when it really was Derrick all along the mastermind.

    • Day has been slandering Nicole left and right and she could be in danger now that Day hates her.
      Since I like Nicole, I’d like to hope that Nicole Corey and James Natalie and Bridgette might form a separate alliance to go against Paulie’s all men to the end group.
      Maybe even Victor would join as well since I’m sure he doesn’t like Paulie and seems to have a little crush on Nicole too.
      I think this alliance will be able to keep it’s mouth shut which could prove very successful for them.
      Anyway, I’m ready for a change this season.

      • I think they will have to if they plan to ever get Paulie out. Paul will never turn on him (not for weeks – then he would have to start winning some comps himself to get the others out & I don’t think Paul wants that burden just yet).

        It would take all of them to do that. Lol. I just don’t see Nic turning on Paulie right now. I think as long as she feels safe this season, she isn’t wanting to make a big move. Could be wrong but I don’t think she’s thought that far ahead yet.

      • I don’t see Nicole making waves just yet either; until she learns that Day has targeted her for eviction and that Paulie wants to get rid of the girls and go to the end with the guys.
        At that point she will have to do something. I suppose it depends on whether or not Corey really has her back and will choose Nicole over the Paulie pact.
        Since James currently believes he is in with Paulie and the guys (or else is just pretending) he will soon learn or already knows that the guys want Natalie out. From what I’ve seen of James he won’t sacrifice Natalie so it will be interesting to see what happens if and when Nat goes on the block.
        James has said to Nat that he would like to join up with the couples so they’ll be protected. I suppose it all depends on James if there will be any movement in the house.

      • He needs to get with Da’vonne and Michelle and pretend to be with Paulie until someone has the guts to put him up on the block.

      • Are you referring to James? The way Day has been lying about everything what makes you think she is good alliance material?
        Besides, he’s already snitched on Day to Paulie so I think J. is onto her.

      • James trusts Paulie and that is a bigger mistake than trusting Da’vonne. She doesn’t have many people to align with and I think she trusts James.

      • Paulie has made an alliance with James and said he will take him to the end.
        Once Paulie decides Nat needs to go home I don’t think James will be down with that. At some point James will even realize Paulie needs to be evicted but right now Paulie is a big meat shield protecting him.
        I’m my opinion Day is untrustworthy to align with since she has no loyalty to anyone but herself. I’m not saying that’s a bad thing but I wouldn’t want to work with someone who is disloyal to everyone knowing she’d be disloyal to me as well.

      • I may be wrong, but it seems as if Corey has the “Fraternity” mentality and will choose the boys over Nicole. She may be in some trouble when the girls start leaving unless somehow she can align herself with James and Nat.

      • I’m afraid of that too, especially after Corey didn’t tell Nicole the secret code # and was waiting for permission from Paulie I suppose. I can see Nicole working with James and Natalie if and when she loses Corey. It would be surprising to see Nicorey in the finale :D

      • I tend to agree, Gambler. Besides what India wrote below, I just think 3 months is long enough to tire of someone unless you are gaga over them like she is with him and like James is with Natalie.

        He doesn’t appear to be feeling her in that way and if he hasn’t by now, he probably won’t.
        Unless there is a falling out among the guys, I don’t see that changing.

    • I am so happy to hear this because I can’t stand Nicole and the way she is playing. Her voice alone will make me want to vote her out, but the way she is up Corey’s behind and my assumption is that he is just leading her on to end up hurting her. I don’t like her mostly because she kept snitching to Frank. First he told Michelle and now he told Da’vonne what Nic had told him and she just says she won’t give him another chance and does anyway. (stupid)

      • I still can’t believe Nicole keeps giving Frank one more chance to be good, and he promptly blabs everything to the whole house.
        Nicole was just trying to play BB by sounding out future potential alliances and nothing wrong with that. She definitely realizes now that Frank is NOT alliance material. Day has told an amazing amount of lies compared to Nicole though.
        But yes, Nicole needs to avoid Frank before she gets in trouble again.

      • They all lie. What is the big deal everyone is making about Da’vonne’s lies. Nicole snitching on those who have her back is worse in my opinion. She knows the majority want Frank out and yet she goes to him and tattles. Tiffany wanted Frank out along with most of the HGs.

      • For the 40th time, I already know that everyone lies in BB and I wish people would stop saying that. Yes I know, and I’m referring to the degree to which Nicole and Day lie.
        Day is a practiced and habitual liar and a very good one, while everyone can tell when Nicole’s lying.
        So it would be reasonable to expect that people would prefer to play with Nicole who can’t lie than with Day – the expert liar. Just common sense really. I certainly wouldn’t want to play with either Day or Frank for the reasons I’ve just stated.
        What I call Nicole playing the game is “tattling” to you.
        At least she now knows Frank isn’t alliance material – albeit the hard way. :D

      • lol. Ok. I am mostly a viewer of the show and watch some BBAD. I understand that you don’t like Da’vonne and I like her. I have yet to see on these shows or have hear what exactly is it that Da’vonne has done or said that is not playing the game. I don’t hear her insulting anyone or telling people something that everyone in the house is also not doing. I choose my favorite on how they are playing with my other favorites. I like Da and James so if they are working together, that’s great. I don’t like Frank and Nicole was supposed to be working with Da, but chose to snitch on her to Frank, that makes me not like her either.
        Is ok for you to dislike or hate Da’vonne for whatever reasons, but I will defend her as a fan.

      • Yes, I understand that by just watching the TV show and BBAD you might not have seen a lot of what Day has done that is distasteful to a lot of people.
        So I’m fine with Day having fans and I realize that I’m in the minority when I say I like Nicole – because I haven’t seen her do anything too awfully horrible.
        Not saying she hasn’t told lies along the way but at least she’s trying to play BB.
        Nicole had reasons to snitch on Day, this all happened a long time ago so I can’t give you the particulars but Nicole starting realizing that Day wasn’t being truthful during the 2nd week, probably when Tiff was blabbing away all the house secrets.
        Since Nicole realized Day wasn’t a good person to align with I don’t have a problem with N. trying to get rid of Day.She’s just trying to play the game.
        You might want to check Jokers Updates . com and read about it in their archives.

      • I agree with you and think that Nicole wouldn’t be in as tough a spot if she just told Frank, then STUCK with him. She flip flops to easily to depend on.
        1 thing I disagree with though is I don’t know how Day has any fans lol

      • Hahaha! I don’t think Day has many fans on this site right now.
        How was Nicole to know that Frank couldn’t keep his mouth shut and used all Nicole’s info to help him along in the game? Nicole had every reason to abandon Frank after he did that about 4 times after promising her that he wouldn’t do that.
        As you can tell I’m not rooting for Frank anymore – so tired of his immaturity. He’s a grown man in his 30’s and he’s acting like a big baby about going home.
        I would like Frank to show a little more dignity and stop picking on Nicole and trying to get her in more trouble.

      • You are right, there was no way to tell that Frank would be stabbing her in the back. Too bad for her, it looks like she just continues getting connected to the wrong people.
        It started off with the Vets being a team, but that went down as soon as they started their p*ssing contests. Then Corey, whom I believe is ultimately more loyal to the boys and will forget about Nicole like a drunken college chick at a party. Then she tried with Frank too who just took her down as soon as he was sinking. Its too bad because she may have had a shot if her and James weren’t so caught up in finding “love”.

      • I’m afraid that Corey will go with the guys in the end and wants the money more than he wants Nicole. He doesn’t appear to be a passionate lover at all lol.
        Nicole does seem to have a problem recognizing jerks before it’s too late. Nicole might be in a better spot if Corey leaves.
        I’m hoping James’s infatuation with Nat will cause him to go after the guys alliance in order to save her. I definitely don’t see Corey doing this.

  5. After watching feeds last night wow Day went from being a target to the biggest snake in the house. She’s making alliances with everyone and throwing Nicole under the bus to everyone.

      • And Paul is right behind her. All the lies he told Bridget last night I really felt bad for her.

    • Hopefully it would work and Nicole doesn’t win HOH so she can be up on the block on Thursday.

      • Hopefully Da’vonne wins Veto and takes herself off. I know India ink doesn’t like her, but why don’t you? She is the best female player this season with the exception of winning comps.

      • I liked her the first week but by the second week she was throwing half of her alliance under the bus. When Tiffany didn’t go home she was part of the whole plan but makes it sound like it wasn’t her. Then she rats out her alliance of 5 to Tiffany. She has an alliance of 3 with everyone. She’s a bigger rat then Ronnie was. And Paul is right up there with her. She also has one of the worst attitudes in the entire house.

      • She does have a bad attitude, but has try very hard to keep it in. The HGs that want to win need to lie, lie, lie, pretend that it wasn’t them just like not so sweet Nicole has been doing , and most of all back stab.

      • Actually Nicole was true to her entire alliance until the 2nd week when Day was going around telling everyone to split the couples up. Then when Nicole found out Day lied to Frank about Tiffany wanting him out thats when Nicole didn’t trust her anymore. Tiffany was part of the alliance. So Day is the biggest back stabbing snake in the house with Paul right behind her. Nicole is a saint compared to her.

  6. James has been playing the same game as his season. His so called ‘big move is always back up by the entire house. It’s someone else ‘s movie he’s making.

  7. Why is Bridgette so stuck on Frank? It’s not a showmance… is he her “Uncle Frank”?

  8. WHY are they doing Otev now?? Isn’t that usually later in the season? This feels so wrong!
    Also….dope? N-n-n-n-nope.

  9. Michelle is not my favorite player or anything but I think it’s cool that a real fan won Otev. That must be such a thrill for her!

  10. Paul you look like an a*s on TV right now. He should be embarrassed with himself when he sees this. don’t know sh*t about this game!

  11. I hope Frank has the round trip ticket. Nicole wins HOH. Day and Paul go up on the block.

      • You know it. Chances are someone undeserving like Natalie, Z, or Michelle has it *cringes*.

  12. Like OMG! What a petty ridiculousness! Isn’t it up to Frank who he wants to be friends with? “You stole my man…”.

  13. I honestly can’t stand this cast! It seems like no one is really playing the game and is taking everything personal or is trying to find love. WTF! The only person that is playing the game aside from Frank is Paulie and that is likely who will this whole thing.

  14. Glad Michelle opened my eyes. She’s petty and immature because a dude she liked was showing more attention to another girl. Really??? OMG out of small minds come small ideas. When I think back on some of her reactions along the way she has had a serious problem not having a showmance like some of the other girls. Petty. I look forward to her exit.

  15. Gosh, I still don’t have a favorite. We have love seekers, summer vacationers, goal of just making it to jury… Just a few playing.

  16. Well…Briidge speech is always a bridge to nowhere…just no life there. The “we can talk about it over cheerios” was

  17. Oh yeah. Forgot to mention Paul’s meltdown. WTH? That dude is way too paranoid. It’ll be fun to see him on the block soon so he can have another one. Hey Paul, would you like some cheese with that whine?? lmao

    • He’s starting to worry Paulie with these episodes of paranoia. ?I think we are witnessing the cousin to Vanessa and Tiffany.

  18. To quote the immortal words of the great Jack Buck, “And we will see you tomorrow night!”

  19. Wow, please, no more Michelle centered episodes. I can’t believe she called Bridgette fake.That’s pot calling the kettle black. She also comes as very petty. (WAAAAAH Frank liked Brifgette better! :-( )

  20. NATALIE on feeds that Frank lied to her face about putting Bronte up and she can’t stand a liar like that…James laying next to her just listening…He lied to Bridgetts face when he said he would not put her up…double

  21. Paulie giving info that is really worrying James.. James is trying to be cool but his face shows a major amount of concern..

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