Big Brother 18 Recap: Episode 16 — A New HOH Goes For An Old Target

After an epic Big Brother 18 endurance Head of Household competition (that would have been nice to see on the Live Feeds), Frank remains public enemy No. 1. Will this be the week the house finally gets the BB14 golden boy out of the door? We’ll see.


The episode picks up right after Victor re-enters the house and the game. Everyone is a little apprehensive about Vic’s return. Paul is worried because being close to Victor almost go him in trouble before. And of course Paulie is shaken a bit because he is responsible for sending him out the first time.

Frank, however, is seeing a potential ally to replace newly-evicted Tiffany. Frank takes no time to fill Victor in on how hard he’s been working to get Da’Vonne out.

Meanwhile Da’Vonne wants to know if the others want to send Victor right back out the door. Day says she would rather Frank still go. And Nicole runs right to Frank and tells him. Paul lets Paulie know that he’s going to get Victor on board with Paulie and to not believe anything Frank says.


It’s time for the Head of Household competition! And it’s an endurance comp. The houseguests have to stand, with one arm in the air while stepping over a moving rope. If your hand drops, you release a confetti and yourself from the competition.

Paul is the first person out after only 23 minutes. Nicole is out next at 1:19. And she’s sooooooo meeehaaaaaduh. Zakiyah and Michelle drop back to back not long after Nicole. Then after the 2-hour mark, Corey is out. Victor is out soon after all because he tried to catch a water bottle. Derp.

Frank drops at 2:46. That leaves Bridgette, James, Da’Vonne and Natalie. At 4 hours and 4 minutes, Natalie drops. At about 6 hours, James starts asking to make some deals. Bridgette says nah. And since Bridgette is still Frank’s puppet, he goes up to Da’Vonne trying to make deals. He asks what she wants and she says safety. Day says Bridgette will put her up. Frank says no.


With little to lose, Frank tells Da’Vonne that someone told him an hour before the competition that Nicole sold her out to him. Da’Vonne was supposed to drop if he told her, but she decided to stay up and said she’s screwed either way, so there’s no point in dropping.

Da’Vonne decides to bring the news out in the open. She tells the whole group that Frank just told her Nicole said Day wants Frank out over Victor. Nicole denies it and is so mad at Frank even though she keeps trusting Frank over and over and over.

Day and Bridgette make a deal to both drop and give it to James. So they do and James is the new HOH. And Natalie gives him their first kiss (for those of you who keep track of showmances). Frank is feeling OK because he’s pretty sure that James is going to “go with the house” and target Victor. Sure, Frank, all is forgiven I’m sure.

Nicole and Da’Vonne talk about what just went down. Nicole denies, denies, denies and turns it back on Da’Vonne for not trusting her. Day tells her everything Frank said and says she believes her but Day tells us in the Diary Room that she doesn’t really believe Nicole.

Once again Nicole tells us that she’s given Frank 10 chances at least and she’ll never trust him again. But she always does, so we’ll see.


Bridgette has a talk with Natalie, who asks if she’s going to be safe and Natalie says yes because James said he wouldn’t put her up if she dropped.

Paul goes to work getting the target off Victor’s back and even though Paul is making some great points, it’s nothing James and company doesn’t already know. The target was basically always going to be on Frank and Bridgette anyway. James didn’t keep his deal to Shelli last season and he doesn’t have to keep his deal with Bridgette this season.

Victor goes to James and Natalie and says he’s on board with getting Frank and Bridgette out. And Natalie is like huh? So James has to explain to Natalie that everyone wants Bridgette up. So James has some decisions to make, so of course Paulie comes in to seal the deal because Paulie can’t not have a say in it.


At the nomination ceremony James the only people surprised are Frank and Bridgette as this week’s nominees.


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  1. James proved two years in a row his word means nothing. Even in this type of game, that’s low-life. And for what? To be on the bottom of Paulie’s side of the house? Last year he was the favorite player. No more.

    • I think James made the right choice. He won’t be a future target now! And I absolutely love paulie, he’s a smart player, cute, and him and zakiyah are adorable

      • She said earlier that she just wants to fight Bridgette at the wrap party…Zakiyah is just a waste of a space this season. Should have given her place to someone else.. Can’t stand her..I can’t stand alot of the players this season!!

      • She keeps messing w/this girl, catty Z is a mess and I hope her job fires her for being messy. She is going to underestimate Bridgette especially when she is backed into a corner.

      • Why wouldn’t he be a target? After Frank goes, they will pick off the stragglers one by one like last season. That means Bridgette, Natalie, James, Paul, Victor will be the next targets!

      • Yes Frank is a good target for Paulie since Frank is a strong competitor on the other side of the house but James still had the opportunity to work with either side of the house since he is low on Paulies totem pole and Frank will take anyone on his side at this point. So by targeting Fridgette he has fully decided to commit to Paulies side of the house where he is not A part of Paulies “inner circle”. So puppet master Paulie will probably pick James off around 5 or 6? And he showed the rest of the house that he isn’t good on his word(again).

      • That is a terrible mentality, “Hey, I’m not a target right now, so no big deal!”. Instead of being the most expendable to Paulie after the numbers thin out, how about form your own side? Set yourself up long term.

    • My favorite player vote goes to Donald Duck before I will give it to James, he played w/Nat in the have not car most of the time and I will not give this cat robber one vote of mine

    • When I see James I want to punch him..he’s a loser can’t even win a comp foreals needs to make a deal and then backstabs..his azz deserves to week no one cares about him

      • Yeah you’re getting a little too aggressive and personal over this. Wanting to punch someone you’ve never met over a game that they’re playing? Come on. James is still a vet of the us military and will always have my respect because of that no matter his game play. Thank you for your service James ??

    • Please, it’s Big Brother. No one’s word means anything. Dan, the greatest player in BB History made five hundred and fifty grand lying to people. Don’t act like it’s not a part of the game.

      • I agree, you are deceptive behind the scenes…. But when you make an open promise like this in front of everyone, you have to keep it….. Because now everyone KNOWS your word means nothing.

    • James lost what little respect I still had for him this week…. When you publicly give your word like that, you have to keep it. No way would I ever trust James if I were in the game, because he’s proven time and again that his word means jack $hit.

      The smart move would have been to put up Frank and Victor. I don’t think there would have been much push back over putting up Victor, and you would have been able to keep your word.

  2. It seems as if pack mentality rules the house. Yes I know it is just a game, but some of the fun comes with the back and forth play from opposing sides. I wish someone or group would step up and decide to go against the herd and play some real game.

  3. The whole game is a bust! Now they not gonna put up with campaigning to stay? If Frank goes, Im done. Maybe Paulie cam then pick the Pigeons off one at a time. No need for him to win a single comp. Whatever he says goes. Who he takes with him to final two will be the biggest ass licker!!! Which is Paul! And, no one can stand Paul. They just tolerate him! Worse season ever!!!!!!!

    • Agree. I have never had a season where everyone I like is gone before jury. If Frank goes, I go. Production likes to interfere, well why don’t they interfere and tell Frank how to find the secret room. Bb16 was most boring season ever because Derrick was hoh all season. Seems to be same with Pauline and Bb18.

      • If Frank finds the room, gets the power, we will have a game. The power shifts only if he puts day and Paulie on the block. Anyone else then we will be right back here. He has got to get Paulie gone and days mouth shut!!!

      • I agree too. I see Paulie easily as the biggest threat in the house but no one seems to want to target him. Day really does keep getting herself into trouble with her mouth. And no matter how long day is on this season for she still won’t win a comp ??

      • The question is, do they even know about the secret room? I know they have mentioned “pandora’s box is making drilling noises” but do they know they should be physically looking for clues into a secret room?

      • Hopefully Frank takes that initiative and starts looking or tells Bridgette to try and look for it.

    • AGREED! If Frank goes I’m done watching, the rest of those “players” are anything but that. These people don’t even care about the game, such a pathetic cast.

    • I’m only watching until Frank leaves. I can not stand to watch these misfits suck up to Paulie even the vets. It’s a snooze fest when Frank is not around.

  4. Some of you are wanting to keep frank! But I honestly hate Frank! He was rude to da’vonne and that wasn’t right at all. He can be funny sometimes but always rude and he lies so bye bye Frank! I want Bridgette to go because she’s with Frank! I absolutely love paulie he’s a smart player, cute, and him and zakiyah are adorable. I am all for showmances. I am happy James won job. I am also happy victor is back!

    • Frank did not think he was being mean/rude with Day and thought that he was just joking around with her and they joked back with him so how was he supposed to know that she didn’t find his comments/actions as a joke. You’re really going to call Frank mean with people like z, Meech, and day in the house? He also hasn’t been lying he tells too many people the truth. Nicole is one the bigger liars in the house. Paulie also wants to get rid of z soon.

    • If you like showmances, you do realize there are shows specifically dedicated to that, right? If you don’t like lying, you’re watching the wrong game.

    • You don’t like him because he lies? It’s Big Brother. You are as worse than Bronte, at least she got it eventually.

  5. James?? Total Loser! No balls! Just disgusting! Can’t believe I was pulling for him or Paulie in the beginning. Wished I’d never started watching!!! Again, wrose BB season ever!

  6. I don’t know why everyone is getting their panties in a twist. This is Big Brother for crying out loud!

      • Obviously, we’ve been watching a different version of Big Brother all these seasons. That happens all the time.

      • Right and no two seasons have been as one sided as bb16 and bb18. Of course ppl follow the leader but the two seasons I mentioned have been ridiculous. 17, 15, 14, 13 etc we’re not like that.

      • I do agree that everyone keeps doing what Paulie says, but why do you think that is? Frank was the same way until his game got blown. It’s only a matter of time for Paulie too.

      • I don’t think Paulies game is going to get blown up. All the people that he talks game to are very loyal to him. Z isn’t going to go against him. Neither is Paul. I don’t see Corey going against anytime soon. Paulie also doesn’t go around the house and tell everyone everything (Frank kind of shot himself in the foot there) I see Paulie coasting to Atleast final four if Frank goes this week and Vic doesn’t come to power. Vic might go after Paulie but I don’t think he will with how close Paul and Paulie are.

      • Oh yes BB15 was the Amanda/Aaryn show. The only GOOD thing about that season was the drama, but other then that it was so unbearable to watch because of the racist remarks said. BB16 was just annoying to watch and this season is even worse.

    • So true. The guy doesn’t keep his word in the game of big brother and people are starting to freak out. Isn’t that the point?

  7. So tired of this “going with the house” crap….so tired of watching Day braid and then re-braid her hair over and over and over…so tired of watching Zakiyah be the mean girl and put her make up on then take her make up off only to repeat the process tired of Nicole being wishy washy and trying to defend her lies with that little me? I am Nicole..I never lie…so tired of the words “pissed and friendship,” ..Paulie and his hypocritical ego..I could go on but I think I am just tired!! LOL! That is my BB rant for now…so disappointed with casting this season!

    • I seriously think everyone in that house has a mental issue, for example Paul he acts like a maniac, Meen Michelle acts drunk and like something is off, Da acts bipoar, James is not too fast in thinking mentally, Nicole is a compulsive liar right next to maniac Paul which is an obitual liar, Bridgette w/all the nervous giggle…..

      • They are all driving me nuts..I had to turn the feeds off earlier..just can’t take it tonight!!

    • I really don’t understand why they don’t screen the potential players better though. It really does seem that they are content with having half the house full of players who don’t even care about the game much less want to play it. There are some of us out here, like myself, that would play that game into the ground if given the chance.

      • See I am on the same page here. Why do they keep casting people who are here for romance and just getting to jury when people like us would kill to play.

  8. I really hope all you Frank lovers that are saying you’re done if Frank gets evicted keep your promises to leave.

    But of course you won’t. Because hypocrisy.

  9. If America get a to vote for favorite player it won’t be James. Going back on his word was low. Not a fan of James. I hope he doesn’t win

  10. James proves once again that he is a spineless, untrustworthy coward more concerned with chasing girls (that are out of his league) than actually putting any thought into his game or any sincerity into his words. I’m already bored with his antics and am disheartened that we’re going to have to sit through anither season of this brain dead hick coasting and floating through another season as the closest things the houseguests have ever had to a pet dog. I hop either Frank or Bridgette find the secret room, get the special power, and use it to send this waste of space to the jury house, which is where he belongs…

    • Let me guess, you think Frank is cute? You couldn’t possibly that be this angry unless you thought Frank was cute.

      • Actually, that has nothing to do with. Rather, I’m disgusted by the way the majority of the girls in the house are treating Bridgette, combined with the fact that the way James (and Nicole) spend all their time in the house more concerned with their showmances than playing a good game…I hate to see both bullying and passive/non-existent gameplay rewarded season after season…

  11. BB needs to figure out a way to discourage this “going with the house” nonsense, it’s honestly killing the show, nobody has any courage to stand up for themselves anymore.

  12. If only there was some way to reward people for going against the house like some sort of secondary vote or something.

    …or what about some sort of twist where every few weeks there’s a competition and the last two to finish become the noms?

    That could instantly trash some entrenched alliances and/or showmances and would shake the house up practically guaranteed.

  13. James won because two stupid women gave up their chance on winning. Da’vonne could have gotten this one. She was going to put up Frank and Brigitte anyway, so I hope that if she has another opportunity to give up her chance, she won’t do it. Nicole was called out in front of everyone and I loved it, but Da seems to still trust her a little bit. Being in that house, it is difficult to know who is lying or not, but this is the second time Da finds out about Nicole telling Frank something she had said.

    • She doesn’t trust her. I think she’s just not in a position to call her out because she knows the #s are on Nice’s side and they want her out.

    • Well James was probably going to win that competition anyway. Endurance comps are just his thing

  14. I’m confused about this update. I thought Nicole told Frank a hour before the comp that she wanted Da’ out and that is what Frank told Da’ while trying to strike a deal?

  15. I love how people got bitter at James for breaking his word to Bridgette, yet nobody said anything when he did it to Clelli.

    Also this is Big Brother, no one honors deals.

    • I’m more just sad of his herd mentality and not wanting to save his own skin long term. Sure James is safe this week – and probably next. But I doubt him and Natalie will stay off the block for much longer.

  16. Everytime I hear “doing what the house wants” I die a little inside. I would make it a drinking game, but I’d probably die before the end of a single episode.

    Whatever happened to the “wow I am going to target the people who threaten my game!” – instead we just have battle of the lucky floaters and a few people actually paying attention to the game. I am going to miss Frank, he was on the ball all season, even if he did have a few stupid slip-ups.
    James is just bad at this point, he should have gone with Frank and Bridgette and gotten out Paulie while he had the chance. Paulie is just going to keep winning HOH against the lemmings in the house – and won’t hesitate to take down James and “little Nat Nat” who is at the bottom of his circle.

  17. Did anyone else notice the announcer say, “who will win the power of veto and will it be used to save Frank AND Bridgett?” He usually says “OR”. I bet this has something to do with the secret room power.

  18. James is a snake! Didn’t like him last season don’t like him this season. James you didn’t keep your word, you don’t honor your word. The only reason I am watching this season is because of Bridget and Frank. Otherwise, everyone else is lame. Paulie is a puppet master. The rest of the girls this season I can’t stand watching them. Tiffany was the only other girl I thought was great, go Bridget! Big Brother I officially will stop watching this season is the worst! James you suck!

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