Tonight On Big Brother 17: Power of Veto & Final Nominations

Tonight on Big Brother the Power of Veto comes in to play as Shelli Poole holds on to the HoH power and her pawn, John McGuire, faces off against Da’Vonne Rogers, the target, for a chance at safety.

Da'Vonne Rogers on Big Brother 17
Da’Vonne Rogers on Big Brother 17 – Source: CBS

Last we saw on CBS John had just thrown the Battle of the Block to keep Day on the path to eviction, but now here’s her chance to win the Power of Veto and disrupt Shelli’s plans. By the end of the night we’ll have the official final nominations of the week.

It’s been another very exciting time on the Live Feeds (Free Trial) but you never know what will make the cut with so many other main events going on. If you’re waiting to see the Last Laugh twist play out, that won’t be part of tonight’s show since it happened after the Veto Ceremony. We’ve got your twist spoilers on that though.

The mystery in tonight’s show may end up being who settled out as Shell’s final target for the week with a Power of Veto waiting in the wings. We watched as she shifted from one option to the next leaving the Twin Twist in peril. Want to catch up? Check our Feed Highlights for daily reports.

Join us back here at 8/7c for the next Big Brother 17 episode and chat with us and other fans throughout the show before we race back to see what’s going on the Big Brother Feeds.


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  1. The main reason I’ll be watching is to see how upset the house (and Becky) is when Shelli doesn’t backdoor Audrey. That could help us see just how close Day is to flipping the house on getting Meg out instead.

  2. I get so confused sometimes by this game (I’d be a lousy player!), but can the twins stay if they both make it through 5 evictions? Please help!

  3. HAPPY BIRTHDAY, CUDDLES! I was so busy with my grandsons yesterday that I forgot to mention it was Cuddles birthday. She had mentioned it on here before the season got started and I wrote it down on my calendar. Sorry to be a day late Cuddles, but HAPPY, HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!!! I won’t tell your age even though you mentioned it online. I’m 59 and 14 more years really isn’t that much. Hope you had a wonderful day!

    • Happy Birthday to Cuddles..she is one of my favorites on this site! Karen..we are very close in age..I will be 56 in September.

      • Awww, thanx Lynn ~~ you’re one of my favorites also and I sincerely mean that. Cya later ~

      • CUDDLES! Happy birthday, my friend! I love talking with you. You brighten my days! Hope you did something special for yourself! Lots of love to you—

      • Thanx Sharona my friend. I enjoy talking with you as well and you are, indeed, one of my favorites (Cy is high on my list, and then there’s Karendeer ~ lol). I did the best thing I could do for myself, I caught up on my sleep. (( hugs ))

      • September is one of my fav months, Lynn. Besides the beautiful East Tn. scenery and perfect weather, my 1st grandchild was born on September 25th.

    • I was down in the doldrums yesterday because you forgot my 73rd birthday (yes, I saw your backhanded way of telling my age: 59 + 14 ~ sneaky) I am now 73 + 1 day and feeling much better. A friend gave me rainbow colored flowers and a butterfly HB balloon ~~ I just sat and cried tears of happiness because it was so perfect. She knows me so well. Thanx Karendeer for taking time out of your busy day to FINALLY acknowledge my birthday ~~ you’re a gem.

      • Cuddles, I hope you feel better now that I feel bad. :( I’m out of my routine BIG time this week and couldn’t even tell you what day of the week it is, much less day of the month. All I know is today was pool day, tomorrow is arcade day, and Friday is movie day, the new Minions movie opens and we’re going to an early one…And everyday is ping pong tournament day. Cut me a little slack, I’m all played out!!! :)

      • Stop feeling bad and reread my post to you~ I knew your time at BBN was limited and I’ve read your recent posts. My wife died suddenly in 2009 ~ since then my life has had no meaning. I’m now downsizing and contemplating going into assisted living. Making a friend here at BBN is like a breath of fresh air! Enjoy your time with your grandchildren ~

      • Thank you, darlin’, I knew you were just kidding with me. There will always be a ray of sunshine peeking through the clouds on the darkest of days. Keep smiling and posting. People love you!

      • Oh my darlin’ … oh my darlin’ … oh my darlin’ Karendeer! Thanx for your encouraging words. I don’t know about others, but I sorta kinda know where you’re coming from…Thanx!

      • Happy belated birthday Cuddles. I, like KSJB have had the best time with my grandson. So much so, I haven’t even watched one minute of BB or haven’t even been on this site. We just got back into town. I don’t know if I should watch back Bob shows or just start tomorrow. Kinda disappointed Audrey is still there. But if they can get rid of day, I will be happy. Hope you partied hardy!!!!!

      • U r very welcome. Haven’t watched the last three episodes been out of town. This is the first even being on the website. Is it worth it to watch? Or wait and watch tonight?

      • Cuddles..HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!. I wanna give a hug..really. If only you live here in LA, I will drive up there to see you. ..and maybe help you set up your’ll have fun.

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      • I was a secretary/admin assistant for over 40 years. When computers were introduced, I took 3 college courses to understand this new technology. Definitely not a hacker and I don’t download.
        I’m in sunny downtown Manchester, NH ~ the ‘Live Free or Die’ state. We have gorgeous mountains, wonderful countryside and small towns that are fun to visit. Google NH, Manchester NH, Franconia Notch, etc. and click on images (yes, I know you’re the puter expert ~ sit down and be quiet ~~ LOL~) It’s a scenic state with lots of attractions ~ check out Clark’s Trading Post. My 1st visit to Clark’s was about 1975 ~ was so great, I went back every year until about 2001 ~ no joke! Regards backatcha from Martha.

      • haha..”sit down and be quiet” I like that. I can see your face saying that..You know I get that a lot. I’m hyper, I…ok ok I’m writing all these down and google them, got to get me some blue dream first haha so I can be quiet.

      • Happy Belated Birthday, Cuddles. Your comments are always witty and informative and I’ve really enjoyed reading them. You might be 73 (I’m coming up on 69) but you have a really young heart and quick mind. You’ve got a lot of good years ahead of you and I hope you manage to get enjoyment out of them.

      • Thanx English, I appreciate your kind, pleasant, and thoughtful words. I am glad you decided to return to BBN this year. My mind and heart are doing alot better than my arthritis ridden body ~~ oh, to be 69 again! Thanx again …

      • OH, I forgot to say, I love ping pong ~ played alot years ago. Did u see my BB Wish List? … 9) Replace the pool table with a more energetic toy ~ like a ping-pong table. Good exercise Karendeer ~ enjoy your daily tournament!

      • aha! the accidental frustrating gutter balls! I had alot of them in my high school days, not that many in my adult life. Do you play on a league?

      • I love it, too, but I’m just a so-so player. My husband is very good, does a lot of that fancy stuff. He has never given the boys any slack, like allowing them to win. He’s brutal. It’s taken them two years , but they are getting good enough that they have beaten him a few times. I always get fourth place. And I agree, it would be a nice change and more fun to watch the HGs play table tennis.

      • That’s kind of a personal question, don’t you think, Cuddles? ;)
        No, but I’ve seen my husband and his friends do it. Crazy!

  4. I know this is off topic..but, guess what Frankie’s sister was caught doing in a donut shop…going around and licking the donuts..that were still for sale. Then she is caught on camera saying that she hates America and Americans..gotta love those Grande’s!!!!

  5. OK..that was pretty obvious to me that Clay threw that veto comp. That was the easiest one to remember..a big giraffe was missing..C’mon Clay!

  6. Who is Clay to call out Day on her hostile “attitude”?! He was the one who had an attitude.

  7. My cousin called from CA, so I missed the show. Guess I’ll find out what happened on BBAD and tomorrow on Matt’s recaps. Have a great night everyone!

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