Tonight On Big Brother 17: HoH Comp & Nominations

Tonight on CBS the Big Brother Houseguests take on another endurance competition that will decide who is in charge of nominations and whether or not the plan to target Vanessa will play out.

James Huling competes for HoH on Big Brother 17
James Huling competes for HoH on Big Brother 17 – Source: CBS All Access

When Thursday’s live eviction show left off the HGs were starting off in a new competition that required them to keep their focus and be ready to sprint across the room. Lots of pressure here as we’re getting down to the final month of BB17.

There should be plenty of new footage to see from the competition as CBS kept cutting away for long periods of time throughout the comp. We’ll get to see what happened in each HG’s elimination as it wound down to the winner. Jump ahead to our play-by-play HoH spoiler results.

Since then a lot has happened in the house as HGs have worked to make targets around them and prepare for the worst as there just aren’t many players left in the game to create a buffer zone away from the Block in these final weeks of the season.

Can’t wait for all the spoilers? We’ve got the results for nominations and the Power of Veto competition! It’s been a big weekend of excitement and drama already so there is going to be a lot to catch up on in the next two episodes.

Join us back here at 8/7c for the Big Brother 17 episode and chat with us and other fans throughout the show before we race back to see what’s going on the Big Brother Feeds.


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  1. I’m really hoping that when the show airs, we see James beating Austin and this has all been very bad nightmare.

  2. I’m sorry (actually I’m not) but Vanessa antics after winning POV totally drive me up the wall… she needs to quit sweating the ‘small stuff’. WHY doesn’t a HG wise up and tell her “Vanessa if you don’t stop the crying b*llsh*t you’re out of here”. Well, I’m not happy Meg didn’t congrat me & give me a hug after winning POV, big effing deal. Then start the interrogations of everyone “why was Meg crying?”.

    Here Vanessa… Meg is crying b/c you can’t be BD’d now… Boy Scout’s Honor, do you believe me? Now shut-up and go hole up in bed, maybe James will bring you food.

    Okay I feel better since I’ve got that off my chest… sorry Vanessa lovers, nah not really!!!

    • These are tactics…ammunition per se…that she will use in the event and HG is targeted…she’s tries to come across as a Mother Teresa of BB…helping those that need help…as long as you don’t dis her or lie to her…she’s only allow to do that!

      • I have to give V credit, I knew what was coming and she was masterful, I didn’t read how good she would talk her way out of going OTB… she must feel like she’s in the House with a bunch of little kids.

        Don’t understand when Van & Steve were arguing about which one was going up why they didn’t both demand it be James, who cares Austin has a pact w/James & Meg, he’s got more than 1 pact with each of them.

      • Haven’t watched the episode, decided to record and watch later. Vanessa winning POV knocked the air outta me.

      • I know, unreal isn’t it… she does amaze me at times, just too damn hard viewing/hearing her paranoia.

  3. I’m hoping tonight after we see the HoH comp results and the nominations the rest of the show is from the Jury House… unfortunately they don’t do the Jury House like they did in the past.

    This season BigBro is missing the boat if they don’t IMO. Guess we’ll see most of the HGs flip-flopping like’ fish out of water’ about who the target should be and JMac still playing the ‘dead fish’ strategy… “think I’ll throw the POV comp”.

  4. I just wonder with majority of viewers/fans dislike the Judases and Van Van, is that a good news or bad news for the BB production? Would they do something about it?

    • They may have already done something about it. Just look, for example, at Vanessa’s winning time in the POV face morph competition. That comp has certainly been played before, but never won in less than three minutes. Has Vanessa spent all her time in the house memorizing the memory wall? Of course not. So how do we explain her two minute win time then?

      • Vanessa is incredibly intelligent. I’m not surprised she did so well. There was no plan to backdoor her this week, so production had no reason to help her.

    • Those polls are about who is the most likable, not who is playing a good game. If the poll was asking who is playing the best, Vanessa would not score in the middle of the pack like she does now.

    • I think there’s a very big difference between the TV viewer fans and the devoted online ones. I think we’re all in the minority. “Regular” viewers (TV only) don’t know the stuff we know and they’re the ones who matter most because they represent ad dollars. If Production cared about online fans and if they actually “manipulated” the game chances are Vanessa would have been dealt with weeks ago. I don’t think they do anything like that though. They create storylines, but they don’t rig the game. The possibility of a lawsuit and the negative effect from that scandal would be too much to deal with and would cost them future ad revenues from this show, Survivor, Amazing Race and any other future shows for prize money. It wouldn’t be worth it. These shows are cheap to Produce and earn good ad bucks. I don’t think they’d risk that just to please some viewers.

  5. Dr. Will Kirby was credited for saving the BBUS … Judas or Van Van might be cited for destroying the BBUS. Oh well …

  6. This should be the show thread. I can confirm that “60 Minutes” started on time. So will BB.

  7. Better blowing the HOH comp than blowing the current HOH.
    Can’t believe I accidentally hit the post button.

      • Haha..You wouldn’t believe all of the stuff I type and then have second thoughts about hitting that post button. I have accidentally hit it before, but you’re right, I’ve been a baaaaud girl today.

      • I have the same naughty side, in fact, my mind sometimes embarrasses even me – have to really rein myself in sometimes. Don’t change a thing about yourself – you’re hysterical.

      • I think BB probably brings out that side in a lot of people. Thanks for the compliment. From you, it means a lot. :D

      • There was a big discussion, BB said John didn’t hit his button, but he said he did and they spend lots of time reviewing replay before they decide he was last anyway.

  8. I’m done with BB17 I stopped watching, will come to BBN for updates but I refuse to give my time and money to those morons!!!! And I’m talking about the producer choosing the worst cast EVEEEERRR

    • Same here. Worst BB episode tonight people. No body cares about Vanessa and Austin were on the hammock talking nonsense their kisses and butts and how perfect they are. So disgusting and appalling. Wake up CBS!!! For the love a God or higher power, this cast and production needs be tarred and feathered. Pawn that.

  9. The edit looks like Judas is on top of everything.We all know who’s running the he’s a yes maam.

    • It’ll be a cold day in hell or the last HOH before that’ll happen. He’s scared of her, plain and simple.

  10. Imaginarium. Perfect.
    I admit I’m enjoying listening to them talk smack about Vanessa. If you don’t get feeds or read here, CBS is leading you astray…like Vanessa.

  11. Steve is just GROSS! He thinks he is so much smarter than everyone else. He was to smart to have a conversation with Jackie so she had to go. He was to smart for Becky to tell him to “start playing the game”. Now he “wordplay” didn’t promise a final 2 with John so that’s the reason he shouldn’t be nominated next to John. Why is this “weirdo – creepy ass**le” still in the house? Nobody 4 NOW!!!

  12. I know lol This site is one of the only reasons I still care. The commentary is better than the actual show.

    • He has no personality, but it is a good BB player along with Vanessa and I wish they both left already.
      Vanessa and Austin at the finals and I think Austin will win it.

      • Oh Jello, that could never happen because he swore that if he wasn’t backdoored and made it to the final two he would tell the jury not to vote for him. LoL

      • I doubt that he would ever say not to vote for him. He wants the money just like the other HGs. Vanessa is hated by many of the HGs and all thee in the jury so it is possible that he will win if he makes it with her. Taking liz won’t be up to him unless he or she win Veto and HOH each week from now on.

  13. Since Steve loves Vanessas game play so much, he shouldn’t feel too bad when she sends him packing.

    • It’s like those dreams you have where you can’t scream. They all applaud her play but goose step to the sound of her voice right out the door.
      I’d be lying on her. Tell Austin the Timid that she just approached you that she’d save you (cuz Austin decided to evict you) if you align with her to get Liz out. That she said no one will get past those three and she was here to win. Etc.
      scare him for petes sake. Borrow her toolkit!

      • Lol Exactly. People keep saying she won’t win if she’s in the F2. Yes she will! All of those lemmings she led over the cliff are in admiration of her. Now that I see how idiotic these people are, I don’t mind her winning anymore.

  14. Austin is going to win BB17.
    The twins won’t put him up if they win HOH
    Vanessa won’t put him up if she wins HOH
    Idiot James won’t put him up if he wins HOH
    Austin has the majority of the house on his side and they will allow him to go all the way to the end.

    • I know it won’t happen but in a perfect “TV World” it comes down to Julia, Liz, Austin, Steve, Meg. – Julia or Liz win HoH and put up Meg and Steve. HoH wins Veto and back doors Austin. That would be amazing to see just for the expression on Austin’s face.

  15. Best episode of the season. Very interesting dynamics going on. Surprisingly, IMHO thought Austin handled HOH very well in this episode. Now we know why Steve got nommed. Screwed up big time with what appeared to Austin as a scared mouse who is loyal to JMac. V lied about F2 agreement between Steve and John, but the scientist’s behavior would have convinced me that V’s lie is true.

  16. CRAP… I can hear it now “Vanessa is the best player that didn’t win BigBro”. They’ve got her number unless she comes up with a whole new method she’ll be leaving for the Jury House… just be patient for a little while longer.

    Truthfully her play since last eviction has been masterful and her POV victory will be her last hurrah. Think about it a minute, when the power in HoH doesn’t favor her, she’s toast, she’ done, stick a fork in her. The ONLY thing that can save her is if she wins HoH and she makes a deal to be safe the next week and then the next after that she wins HoH again… and so on & so forth she’ll be safe. But it ain’t going to happen. Please reread paragraph 1. LOL!!!

  17. What an entirely boring episode tonight. It was exhausting. Austin and that alliance going around and around in circles. Plus the whining. Every week its a hard decision, they have to make choices, they have to get blood on their hands. Well boohoo. Suck it up buttercup ur playing for half a million dollars

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