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Tonight On Big Brother 17: Endurance Comp & Nominations

Tonight on CBS get ready for a new episode of Big Brother 17 as the game “resets” when the Battle of the Block ends and the Nolan twins officially enter the game.

Meg Maley on Big Brother 17 Episode 18 – Source: CBS

Yes, the twins are in and that puts a new number on the dominant side of the house, but can their dominance hold on for a fifth straight week? It’s time to see it play out.

Get ready for tonight’s show featuring the conclusion of the endurance competition to decide the sole Head of Household and subsequent nominations. Best part? No more ridiculous “Battle of the Block” and terrible “let’s throw this comp!” plans to deal with. Phew.

Can’t wait for all the spoilers? We’ve got the results for nominations and the Power of Veto competition! It’s been a big weekend of excitement and drama already so there is going to be a lot to catch up on in the next two episodes.

Join us back here at 8/7c for the Big Brother 17 episode and chat with us and other fans throughout the show before we race back to see what’s going on the Big Brother Feeds.

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