The Best And Worst Moments Of Big Brother 18 Week 4

Another week of Big Brother 18 is in the history books, but one houseguest is about to repeat history when they win the Battle Back and re-enter the house. That’s sure to be an Ahh moment during next week’s Best and Worst of, but before we jump ahead of ourselves, let’s take a look back at the best and worst moments of this past week.

Big Brother 18 Week 4's final nominees

There was a lot of gameplay and drama this week in the Big Brother 18 house, so we’ve got a lot to cover. Let’s get to it.

The Best and Worst Moments of Big Brother 18 Week 4

Ahh. Tiffany and Frank Team Up. Love them or hate them, you have to respect this move. I always love when enemies turn allies. And that’s not a move you see often in the Big Brother house. No one has done quite as well as Jun and Alison in Season 4, but I always respect when it does happen. Frank and Tiffany both knew they had no where else to turn, and even though things didn’t work out in the end, they gave it their best.

Eww. Mean Girls. OK, I’m going to sound a bit hypocritical here, but whatever. First let me say I like when the house is divided and we’ve got moments like Janelle’s classic “Give me that key, you b*tch” in Season 6. Love those moments. And I thought we were getting close to those kinds of moments this season, but instead we just get people like Michelle, Da’Vonne and Zakiyah talking trash behind Tiffany and Bridgette’s backs and completely shunning them. To be fair, I’ll remind everyone that Bridgette and Bronte were also guilty of this kind of thing, so it’s not like anyone in the house is innocent. It just gets a little uncomfortable when people like Tiffany get treated inhuman.


Ahh. Tiffany Wins The Roadkill Competition. I’m not a Tiffany fan, but I must say I was pretty happy she won the Roadkill and was able to take the power away from Frank. Of course Frank still helped Tiffany make her nomination decision, Corey, which leads me to my next Ahh.


Ahh. Nicole’s Sobbing Diary Room Sessions. I LOVE that Big Brother showed Nicole ugly-crying in the DR. Let me explain ugly-crying before someone misunderstands me. I’m not calling Nicole ugly, but I’m talking about that crying when your face gets all read and you’re sobbing and yeah. The fact that Nicole is already this upset over a boy she just met, makes her deserve to this edit she’s getting. I love it. Waaaaah.

James and Natalie curl up together on BB18

Eww. Too Many Showmances. Speaking of Nicole and Corey, this season is a little too showmance heavy. We’ve got Nicole and Corey, Paulie and Zakiyah and James and Natalie. That’s just too many. And if you watch the Live Feeds, you’ll know that 80 percent of this week was all about the showmances. We had bickering among them, cuddling among them, first kisses, first fights. It was nonstop showmance and I, for one, have had enough.

Ahh. The Teams Twist Ends. Yay! The pointless twist is over! The only thing this twist did was ensure the safety of too many people who did nothing to earn it. It was a huge flop of a twist. None of the teams really worked together and it never even felt like an actual twist. The only thing to come out of the whole thing was Frank and Bridgette’s alliance. Oh, and Corey and Nicole’s showmance. Gag.

Eww. The Roadkill Twist Ends. I actually liked the Roadkill idea. I think they could have continued that a bit longer, but they must have other ideas up their sleeves. Hopefully those twists Julie teased aren’t lame.

Da'Vonne Rogers and the facepalm

Eww. Da’Vonne’s Gameplay. OK, I love Da’Vonne. I think she’s hilarious and the best DR giver since Britney Haynes, but my girl is not that good at this game. She tells all the wrong people all the wrong things and it always blows up on her. And she has this terrible habit of pissing off people in power. Like why would she sass Tiffany and walk out on her when she knew Tiffany had to name a Roadkill replacement. And why would she tell James, who is in a showmance, that they need to break up the showmances. Day, Day, Day.



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  1. I’m really starting to dislike Nicole. She is being ridiculous. She doesn’t really know Corey and is all in. Same with Z. What is wrong with these girls?

    • I agree, but can see how these people get so attached to each other. They spend 24 hours a day together. When you first start dating someone you may spend 4 hours a night together and maybe 3 nights max a week. So basically, one day in the BB house with a “mate” is a weeks worth of dating.

      • I see that to a certain point, but they are spending constant time together in false circumstances. You only really get to know someone when he or she is in his/her natural habitat. That’s why the majority of these ‘relationships’ crash and burn. They really don’t know each other.

      • I’m going to be a heretic here and say I enjoy watching the young kids have showmances and the drama it brings.
        The showmances probably bring in a lot of younger viewers too.

      • As a young viewer I’m very annoyed with the showmances. The worst part as a female is to see the girls throwing their game away over boys while the boys are still trying to play the game.

      • Maybe not all young viewers think the same way about BB as you?
        Why do you think the guys are able to keep their heads in the game while in a showmance and the girls can’t?
        The HG’s aren’t robots after all just mere humans subject to their whims and hormones.

      • I can only talk about me so there may young people that like the showmances. I should say that I’m not completely against them but when it gets to the level where every decision or move you make in the house revolves around it then that’s a problem.

      • Exactly. Jeff and Jordan are an example of a showmance that ended up real. Married with a baby on the way.

    • That’s how needy people operate. They always have to have somebody….anybody…and it’s usually their downfall in this game. It’s good to have allies, but everyone knows that the floaters and allies have to break up showmancers towards the end. So it’s like putting a target on your back from the start.

      • Not so much needy as overly hormonal I think. Remember those days back when you in your early 20’s??

    • But everyone loved Jeff and Jordan. Same thing. So who cares if they’re in a showmance. If it leads to something more outside of the house like Jeff and Jordan I say go for it.

    • I was so glad to see Tiffany go. I was hoping she wasn’t going to keep evading eviction like her sister did. I’m glad Paulie stuck to his guns and instincts. You would think that these long time fans would see how many people make this same mistake each season and get talked into saving the person they want to get out the most. It almost always bites them in the ass later on.

      It will be interesting to see who comes back into the house. Another problem with this ‘twist’ is that the person who gets back in the house is usually the next to be evicted again.

      • I am hoping that Tiffany wins the Battle Back and that Paulie gets evicted soon. Arrogance is not pretty.

  2. UGH! WHY DID YOU KEEP DA’???? She is the worst… Mean and hateful and then “Thanking God for everything”…. Mad at Frank because he’s doing things she doesn’t want her daughter to see…. Maybe you should look in the mirror first cause you sure don’t want your daughter to act like you… wow. And your exit video to Tiff just proves what kind of person you are… just like when you were laughing at her when she was crying. Da’ can dish it out but can’t take it. As soon as someone says ANYTHING she starts playing the victim card…. Sickening. Still not sure why BB brought her back. PLEASE GET DA OUT NEXT SO I DON’T HAVE TO WATCH HER ANYMORE…..

  3. I dislike how a lot of people are saying Tiff blew up Day’s game. No, Day blew up her game. Day was in a good spot but decided to unnecessarily stir the pot. People, mainly Nicole, were already on to her before Tiff did anything. The only thing different about her game play this year is that she hasn’t blown up on anyone.

    • Exactly right. AND… Tiff would of never been in the house to blow up her game if Da’ and her EGO didn’t get in the way…. “No one tells me what to do”, so she gets pissed at Frank and keeps Tiff just to spite Frank… Was really hoping Da’ would go last nite, would of been awesome… Hopefully she’s next.

      • I was hoping, too! Well, she’ll leave eventually. I don’t know who still trusts her in the game right now. Maybe Michelle, but she will more than likely fold if Nic and Zak decide to target her.

    • Just like Josea got himself evicted, Da is just as bad. She caused her own eviction the first time she played, and she’ll be responsible for her next eviction.

  4. Next year, they might wanna have Chuck Woolery host… It feels too much like “Love Connection”

  5. I wonder if any of HG’s family members ever make comments on here. Of course under a different name. I am sure they do.

  6. Branden, you and I may be kindred spirits. I liked Da at first and was glad she was getting another shot but she messed up. Lucky for her, she narrowly escaped eviction so will live to fight another day but she cannot keep playing like she has been, especially now. She’s on folks’ radar more than ever.

    I. hate. showmances. (in general). I was aggravated to see them showing the coo-coo’ing crap last night. I have never seen The Bachelor and I don’t want to see it here either. Gag. Jeff/Jordan and Rachel/Brendon were entertaining and special, I guess. Most are not. Stop that.

    I could have endured RK a bit longer.

    Tiff & Frank – YAAASSS! Love(d) them together. Balances the house.

    Mean Girls – Cannot stand Bridge, Bronte anyway but the way they shunned Tiff (all the ladies, from what I saw/read though I do not have the feeds, I admit) made me suck my teeth. Da laughing at her and Z giving her attitude burned me up. Annoying or not, spend less time with her but don’t shun her. And if you wormholes had played halfway nice with her after saving her last week, she would never have gone to Frank. She was not treated well at all. How much do you expect her to take. Just for that, there is not a woman on that show I want to win right now. I hope Frank wins next HOH. Jerks.

    • Crap. You had to mention Brenchel, thanks. I hadn’t thought about them in a long time. Ew ew ew ew ew.

    • Man, Triple B, you hit the nail On. The. Head! I am hoping that Tiff comes back and she and Frank can work together to stop production on “Mean-Girl-Nado.”
      I’ve been snarky and sarcastic, but truly MEAN to someone? I’d like to think I haven’t; and if I have, it was NEVER intentional. I’ve said this 1,000 times: mean girls made my life a living hell in high school. So, Da’ that send off you gave to Tiff was so over the top, and so NOT a good example to your daughter and so NOT a good example of a Christian…you need to go; or at least be taken down a peg or five.

      And the team thing; all that was, was a tricky take on the ‘Mentor’ thing of Season 14 (of which Frank was robbed of the win). Glad that’s gone, too

      Agree with everything you say BBB…always do! You’re always so insightful….and funny.

  7. Did anyone else see this discussion between Bridgette and Corey?
    B. Sometimes I wonder if someone was torturing me if they would rip off my fingernails.
    Corey: WHAAAT?
    B. Don’t you ever think about stuff like that?
    Corey: No

  8. Going forward I don’t think anyone should shun or isolate Day but just always have another person with them when talking to her so Day can’t twist everything they say to suit her diabolical agenda.

  9. Why can’t BB put in a mixer of ppl in the house say in their 20’s 30’and 40’s, single and married? Not these horned up hipster who know nothing about life outside of you tube and twitter?? Look for real fans of the game, not some dude or porn looking star off the internet!!

  10. Rooting for you bridge the to keep sane in the house those mean girls are really nasty and the I male servants. James obviously can’t think for himself and Natalie is a backstabber. If Bronte was in there she would include you with friendship. At least you have frank til Thursday. Those girls are ghetto trash.

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